Baby full month celebration ideas: How To Plan Your Baby’s Full Month Party


How To Plan Your Baby’s Full Month Party

Throwing a full month party for your new baby is a celebration for the new mother too!

In Asia, families usually celebrate the baby’s full month or full moon (满月) when the baby is about to, or, is turning one month old. It is loosely referred to as the ‘baby shower’.

But it is different from that of our Western counterpart’s party which is an event thrown during the third trimester before the baby is born to celebrate the mother’s soon-to-be new life.

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New parents are excited to share the birth of their child, but how can they pull off a baby full month celebration party without going into a frenzy while struggling with a new baby?

If you’re planning to organise a full month party, then rest easy — we’ve done the legwork to make things easier for clueless parents. To help you along the way in all your preparations for your baby full month celebration party, here’s all you need to know! 

7 Steps For Planning Your Baby Full Month Celebration

Here are 7 steps to guide you through your baby full month celebration planning just like a pro:

#1: Set a date and time for the full month party

Most families usually pick a weekend to accommodate schedules. The ideal date would be on the actual day—or before—as traditional Asian families don’t believe in celebrating after the actual date.

When to start: 2 to 3 weeks before the date of party, pin down dates you’d like to hold the event. That would help you let your guests to block their calendar too.

#2: Decide on who to invite to the full month party

Take time to plan your guest list. Consider how big or small a baby full month celebration you are hoping to have and will be able to manage. Don’t forget, planning for a party requires logistical arrangements and coordination with various people involved. The larger the scale, the more complex things become.

Tip: Get your husband to list down the people he’d like to invite, you do the same too, then combine the lists. If the group gets too large to handle, consider scaling down. Remember, the more guests you have, the bigger the venue will need to be and that might affect your budget if you are cost-conscious.

When to start: 2 to 3 weeks before the date of party; done concurrently when deciding the date and time.

Baby full month party is a time when your family will come together to celebrate the new arrival.

#3: Look for an accessible venue and plan your budget

Once you have an estimated number of guests, start looking at venue options.

Will it be a simple baby full month celebration at your own home or at your in-law’s condominium function room? Or will you be going all out to throw a classy party at the hotel—fit for your little princess?

Shortlist a few locations, so you have options in case the top choice is taken or way out of budget. Some favourite party places require a minimum number of guests in order to book the venue and may include various packages, so you might need to check and confirm with your guests on their availability prior to booking.

Indoor venues are usually favoured due to the unexpected weather conditions. Plus, you wouldn’t want to deal with a sticky, cranky, little baby on this special day.

At the same time, start costing out how much you will need to set aside. Don’t forget the nitty gritty details such as party decor, party favours, and cakes too!

Here are some party venues which offer Full Month/Full Moon party packages for your newborn’s first party: Polliwogs (prices start from $688), Giggles (prices start from $688), Singapore Polytechnic Graduates’ Guild (prices start from $48/pax)

When to start: 2 to 3 weeks before the date of party, especially for popular locations such as a cafe. They are booked on a first-come-first-served basis, so ideally, site reservations should be done early too.

#4: Send out invites to guests

There are several ways to send out invitations these days: through text messages, Facebook event invites, email invitations, etc. Find a method which works best for you and your guests. Remember to leave your contact numbers so that guests can call if they have any questions and to RSVP to confirm their attendance for your baby’s full month celebration.

Traditional full month food to prepare: Red eggs, ang ku kueh, and glutinous rice.

Some traditional families send red eggs (you can DIY them easily!) and cakes personally to the seniors in the family out of respect. These folks may or may not be invited or might not be attending the actual full month celebration, but this gesture is passed down from generations to announce the birth of a new family member.

When to start: After the date, time, and venue have been set, send out the invites to your guests to tell them about the party!

#5: Decide on a theme and plan the menu

How you wish to beautify the space will depend on your concept. Decor can be entirely minimal with just standard balloons. Or you may go all out and splurge on a printed backdrop, with a customised dessert table and made-to-order themed birthday cake, coupled with activities and games!

Some venues such a cafe, restaurant, or hotel function room, come catered with food options, which makes things easier for the busy new parents when it comes to deciding the food.

If the full month party is going to be held at a condominium function room, someone’s house, or at the common pavilion at your estate, be sure to cater enough food for all your guests.

Here are some popular caterers which offer Full Month/Full Moon buffet menu packages for your newborn’s first party: ecreative (prices from $11.66/pax), Chili Padi Peranakan Restaurant and Catering (prices from $14.77/pax), Neo Garden Catering (enjoy up to 50% discount), Select Catering Services (prices from $13.91/pax), Four Seasons (prices from $13.71/pax), Rasel Catering (prices from $17.12/pax, certified Halal), Orange Clove (10% discount for Baby Full Month package, certified Halal).

When to start: 1 to 2 weeks before the party, as some guests might not respond promptly to the RSVP deadline. Some caterers or F&B places allow an estimated heads-up on the expected guests but will need the final figure a week before. Be sure to get your numbers right, because if the guests don’t turn up, you will most likely be charged for that agreed number any way.

For party decor, you may hunt for them as soon as you have decided on the party theme. Online purchases may take several days to reach, and you may wish to factor waiting time for any unexpected delays. Getting the party frills from retail stores is more straightforward, unless, of course, you prefer to shop around, and that would take some time too.

Enjoy the sweet moments of your baby’s full month party with the lovely company of families and friends that matter to you.

#6: Plan the full month party agenda

Now, the fun is getting started!

New parents may be too caught up with their newborn and might prefer an easier full month party with just food, catching up with guests, cake-cutting, and, perhaps, a goodie bag for the kids.

A simple 4-hr party agenda can look like this:

12pm: Guests arrive; lunch and mingle

2.30pm: Cake-cutting and photo taking

3-4pm: More mingling and party ends; goodie bags for kids to take home

Some excited mums and dads may actually go all out with the full works: with clowns, storytellers, magicians, or a bouncy castle for their kiddie guests.

Others may tone down by preparing a simple activity booklet to keep kids entertained while the adults mingle and coo over the star of the party.

When to start: If external vendors will be engaged, it might be good to book them at least 2 weeks prior. Regardless of the complexity of agenda, it’s good to start preparing early especially if you foresee plenty of DIY needed – well, that is if you actually have time for that!

#7: Have fun and enjoy this special day!

All the planning is half the glory of an awesome event.

But take heart if some things don’t turn out the way you had planned. The purpose of a full month party is to celebrate the birth of your child and share the joy of becoming new parents.

This date most likely marks the end of your confinement too, so rejoice and bid farewell to those Sesame Oil Meat and Pork Trotters in Vinegar!

Now that the preparation work is over and your family is all ready to enjoy the party, have you forgotten about your newborn?


She may not know that she is the star of the party, but that doesn’t mean that she can’t have a good time too!

Preparing Your Newborn Baby For Their Full Month Celebration

Your little bundle of joy is much too young to know that he’s the star of the party, but that doesn’t mean your baby should not have a good time too. Afterall, snapshots of that day will be lingering on the internet, your computer, and printed ones in albums!

Go about the day like any other day. Your newborn will most likely still be in a sleepy state at this point and spend his special day, well, dozing. But that’s perfectly normal.

In the busyness of entertaining guests, remember to check on him every other moment. Just in case he might be cold, hot, hungry, or needing a cuddle. If the husband or yourself will be caught up chatting away with friends, remember to designate a trusted person who is able to prepare baby’s milk and feed promptly.

Most importantly, ensure your little one is taken care of during the event. This might be one of the first few times that your new baby is seeing so many new faces, with excited uncles and aunties pawing over him or wanting to steal a cuddle. Should your baby start showing signs of distress or is overstimulated, WebMD recommends some ways to calm your little one.

Host Etiquette During The Baby Full Month Celebration

Now that your baby full month celebration party is happening, have you thought about how you and your partner will be hosting your guests on that day?

  • Don’t arrive later than your guests (or at least try not to!)
  • Ensure there’s enough food to go round – better to be over-prepared than under!
  • Don’t stay glued to your mobile, and other digital devices
  • If the party is at home, ensure the bathroom is well-stocked with necessities such as toilet paper and hand soap
  • Be gracious and remain calm if spills happen – accidents are, well, accidents!
  • Remember to mingle and chat with each guest – they’ve taken time off to celebrate your newborn, it’s rude to have them feel like they have been invited to be seat fillers
  • If your partner has invited his/her own group of friends, do thank them for their presence of sharing your joy even if you’ve not met them before.

Don’t forget to thank all your guests at the end of the party. After all, they have made special arrangements and effort to share your joy, so don’t forget your P’s and Q’s too!

Here’s what you need to remember for your baby full month celebration

We see a wave of new-age parents with an entirely different outlook.

Most young parents now tend to be less rigid when it comes to adhering to tradition. It doesn’t have to elaborate or need to have all the checkboxes ticked. But if you want to incorporate the traditional elements, why not?

In the end, it all boils down to the genuine thought put behind it and the coming together of your loved ones.

Remember, there are some cons that you might like to consider on whether to stick to a full month celebration

  • Will your older relatives find it difficult to relate that there will not be a full month party? They could hold deep-rooted beliefs to the tradition. Will they be receptive to a 100 days baby celebration?
  • A 100 days party is a seemingly “bigger” affair, it might be more of a headache thinking of what gift to give.

If you’re already excited and thinking of organising your very own 100 days baby celebration, here are some interesting themes we’ve come up with to give you some inspiration!

Are you planning for your baby full month celebration party? Share with us how you intend to celebrate!


Full Month Parties for Babies Versus 100th Day Celebration: The Pros and Cons

Red Egg and Ginger Party

A Red Egg and Ginger Party is the traditional Chinese celebration of a baby’s one month birthday. The custom dates to ancient times when infant mortality rates were high and new babies were named and celebrated only after a month had passed and survival seemed assured. Thankfully, times are less perilous today and the tradition persists as a way for proud parents to introduce their new baby to family and friends.

The Date

Red Egg and Ginger Parties traditionally occur soon after a baby’s one month birthday. These days, families are more relaxed about when the party is actually held. It’s increasingly common for a Red Egg and Ginger Party to take place at the 100 day mark. In either case, the spirit and intent remain the same: to welcome a new child among family and friends.

The Venue

Check your invitation. Red Egg and Ginger Parties are typically held at a local Chinese restaurant, a community center assembly room or at home. Restaurant parties will likely include a multi-course banquet meal, while parties at a community center or at home will likely be more casual affairs with a buffet meal or desserts and coffee.

What to Wear

No shorts, no jeans, no ties, no dresses. Red Egg and Ginger Parties are celebrations, so wear festive attire. Members of the baby’s family may dress up in suits, but guests typically arrive in casual semi-formal weekend wear. Red is considered the luckiest of all colors, so it’s always appropriate. The only colors to avoid are black and white, which are typically reserved for funerals and mourning.

Red Eggs and Ginger

Guests are presented with red eggs, which symbolize luck and unity, and pickled ginger, which brings the body back into balance after childbirth. Plates of red eggs, an even number for a son and an odd number for a daughter, and ginger may be presented at each table or at the buffet line.


If the party is held at a restaurant, expect to eat a traditional Chinese banquet meal including an appetizer of cold meats, soup, dishes with seafood, vegetables and tofu, lettuce wraps, noodles, fried rice and a dessert. At a more casual party, you may be served any of these dishes in a buffet line or food inspired by Red Egg and Ginger Party customs like cupcakes with red frosting, raspberry-ginger lemonade or egg-shaped sugar cookies.

Gift Giving

The most traditional gift is a red envelope filled with lucky money, which you give to the baby as it is introduced around the party. Most guests will give a red envelope and a physical gift, such as the ones listed in our Gift Ideas section, which is left at the gift table at the party entrance. Read my article for advice about how much lucky money to put in your red envelope and how to allocate a total dollar amount between a red envelope and a physical gift.


Red Egg and Ginger Parties are joyous events steeped in traditions intended to convey a life filled with good luck and prosperity on the new baby. Here are the different customs you may observe, depending on how traditional the host family is that day.

Introducing the Baby: The baby is the guest of honor at a Red Egg and Ginger Party. Whether sleeping or awake, the proud parents will introduce the baby around the room to friends and family. Well wishers may tuck or pin red envelopes filled with lucky money in the baby’s clothing.

Reintroducing Mom: Despite the pressures of contemporary parental leave policies, many new Chinese mothers still observe the old tradition of “the sitting month.” This month-long period of intense indoor confinement spent resting, drinking warm medicinal soups and avoiding harmful outdoor germs is intended to help new mothers restore balance to their bodies and regain their strength following childbirth.

A Celebration of Firsts: The Red Egg and Ginger Party may commemorate a series of “firsts” traditionally performed at home in the past. These may include the baby’s first bath, the first haircut, the first new set of clothes and, most importantly, a new Chinese name. At one month of age, these ceremonies are performed to officially welcome the child into the family.

Announcing the Baby’s Name: The Chinese believe that a baby’s name influences his or her destiny and role in life. Traditionally, families would consult fortune tellers and a wise elder, such as the baby’s grandfather, would be responsible for choosing an auspicious name. Today, it’s common for families to share the baby’s Western name at birth, but still wait to announce the child’s Chinese name at the Red Egg and Ginger Party.

Cutting the Baby’s Hair: It’s an ancient tradition to shave a baby’s head to commemorate the child’s independent existence, as well as to stimulate new hair growth. Today, a grandparent may simply clip a lock of the baby’s hair to store as a keepsake.

A New Set of Red Clothes: As red is the most auspicious color in Chinese culture, the baby is most likely to be dressed in a bright red play suit or dress to symbolize a lifetime of good fortune and prosperity.

Jingling Gold Jewelry: The baby may be adorned with a gold necklace or bracelet with charms or a locket, to symbolize longevity and good luck, while warning evil spirits away.

Toasts: At some point, the meal or party will be interrupted by the family for toasts thanking guests for coming and joining in their joyous celebration.

HT: Photos via El Brooklyn Taco, The Food Pornographer, Chu On Cakes, Karen Jacqueline Photgraphy and Simply Sarah Style.

Full Moon: Celebrating One of Baby’s First Milestones

Have you ever wondered why a person’s ‘Chinese age’ seems to be their real age plus one year? That’s because the Chinese have traditionally regarded the completion of the full 30 days as baby’s first birthday. So by the time the child reaches a year old, he or she would be two!

The rationale behind this is quite simple. Infant mortality rates were higher in the past, so when a newborn reached ‘满月’ (pronounced “man yue” and literally translated as ‘full moon’) in good health, this was a milestone worth celebrating. Widespread superstition also meant that families would be reluctant to announce their baby’s birth until he or she made it to the full month, in fear of jinxing the wee one.

As a result, the full moon celebration was a joyous occasion to officially ‘show off’ mother and baby to the world at large, and mark the beginning of the child’s life in the community. Symbolic rituals would also be carried out to ensure that the child would enjoy good health, happiness, and success in life. Some of these traditions have been passed down through the years and continue to be observed today.

Full Moon Traditions

Grooming for mum: The celebration of baby’s full moon also marks the end of the new mother’s confinement. This means she is finally allowed to take her first bath in water with pomelo leaves and have her hair washed. While few modern mothers today still observe the avoidance of water during confinement on account of hygiene, the morning bath on that day still carries much meaning.

The first haircut: One of the cutest traditions has to be giving baby her first haircut. Oftentimes, parents engage the services of a professional dedicated to this practice to come to the house in the morning to cut or shave baby’s hair. Afterward, this first crop of hair can be made into a Chinese calligraphy paint brush (called a ‘tai mao bi’)  for a lifelong and very meaningful keepsake.

Baby’s first bath: After the haircut, the baby is given a bath in water with a stalk of pomelo leaves, some hard-boiled eggs, coins and flowers in it. This ritual is believed to wash away bad luck in a bid to ward off evil. The baby may have her nails trimmed.

Hard-boiled eggs: Hard-boiled eggs signify a new birth and renewal, coins bode well for riches and flowers denote the blossoming of a sweet and beautiful life ahead.

New clothes: Both mother and baby would then be dressed in new clothes, preferably in red, and be adorned in gold jewelry. Now they’re ready to meet the world!

Full Moon Rituals

In Buddhist or Taoist families incense is burnt and food offerings are made to ancestors on the morning of the full moon. This is to inform them of their new family member and to ask for blessings. Offerings are also presented to deities worshipped at home to appeal to them to protect the child.

Since the full moon celebration is the family’s chance to officially present the child to friends and relatives for the first time, many families choose to hold a party so that everyone has a chance to meet the new addition. This may be in the form of an informal luncheon at home, a party in a condominium function room or HDB void deck, or a more extravagant dinner at a hotel or restaurant.

This is also when the baby’s name is formally announced. For some parents, it is extremely important to choose an auspicious Chinese name. They believe that the customary name will determine their child’s character and destiny. Parents who have yet to select a Chinese name may ask the baby’s grandparents (the job traditionally falls upon the paternal grandfather) to do the honours.

Image cc licensed (CC BY-SA 3.0) via Wikimedia Commons Red eggs 2 by ProjectManhattan

Full Moon Blessings All Around

Relatives and friends are presented with a set of symbolic gifts (often varying according to the family’s dialect group). The basic must-haves include:

• Hard-boiled eggs symbolising fertility and the renewal of life that have been dyed red for good luck (in an even number to signify a baby boy and an odd number to denote a baby girl)

• Steamed glutinous rice dish (the taste and ingredients depending on dialect group)

• Pickled ginger because the Cantonese word for ‘sour’ sounds like the word for ‘grandson’, and it comes with the hope of many more to come

• Meat dish such as roast pork, chicken or braised pig’s trotters

• Traditional cakes or ‘kueh’ like ‘ang ku kueh’ (the ‘red turtle cake’ signifies longevity and previously its design indicated the sex of the child; the modern version typically uses a pointed shaped to represent a boy and a flat shape for a girl)

In recent years, some of the customs have been updated to reflect the culture. Today’s Singaporean parents may give out full moon party packs or gift boxes containing a selection of chocolates, cream puffs, cupcakes or even soft toys instead.

In return, friends and family give full moon presents to the child, gifts that traditionally carry auspicious significance. The older generation may present gold bangles, gold chains, or anklets, while the younger folk tend to choose more contemporary items like charm anklets or silver accessories, which may range from baby combs to spoons or even piggy banks.

The more practical-minded may choose to give hampers full of diapers and other baby care products, or useful items like an infant car seat. Of course, the ubiquitous hongbao – red packets containing money – works just as well in wishing baby a life of happiness and prosperity ahead.

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Traditions and Ceremonies – Celebrate Life


First Month Celebration 

    According to Chinese custom, when a baby
turns one month old, a ceremony is held to celebrate his first full month of
life. This is the baby’s first important event. On that day, relatives and
friends are invited to the celebration party at home or sometimes at
restaurant.         They bring gifts and blessings for the baby. The parents will give
out red eggs for their relatives and friends. Red eggs are made by dipping
hard-boiled eggs in red food dye. Eggs are chosen as they represent new life
and fertility, and their shape symbolizes harmony. Besides eggs, parents also
order cakes for the guests. It is like a Chinese version of baby shower.

    Traditionally, oil rice served with chicken legs and red eggs means the newborn is a boy, and the cakes means the baby is a girl. But for nowadays, cakes and oil rice are usually given together no matter boys and girls.

          –by Sheila, Tina, Jenny, Jassie and Jim (Taiwan)

Photo sources: 

First Month Celebration:

First Birthday Celebration

    To the parents and the baby, baby’s first birthday is a special milestone. Here in Taiwan, we have a traditional Chinese birthday celebration. 

    Zhua-Zhou is an activity held on a baby’s first birthday. This custom can be traced back to the Song dynasty (960-1279), and the quantity of objects must be the multiples of six, because there is a Chinese proverb called “Double six breaks the jinx.” Parents prepare 12 symbolic items to predict the baby’s future career and personality traits. The item the baby picks up first is supposed to determine his future career.

Before the ceremony, the family and the baby will pray to ancestors for good health and happiness. Then, the parents put the baby on the ground in front of a big basket tray with 12 items. On the tray, there could be a book, money, an abacus, a stethoscope, a measuring tape, a sword, a calligraphy pen, a name seal, celery, green onion, etc. The baby will crawl toward the item which attracts him/her most.

    In ancient times, people regarded this tradition as a prediction of the baby’s future. Nowadays, people just do it for fun to celebrate baby’s first birthday. Parents would choose more modern items for their babies.  

 Willy’s Zhua-Zhou

Image and Video  By Willy Fu (Taiwan) 

YouTube 影片

 Traditional Items & Meaning

l   Sword ( Law enforcement officers / Soldier)    

l   Stethoscope ( Doctor) 

l   Abacus (Businessman)

l   Measuring Tape (Designer / Architect)

l   Money ( Rich man)

l   Book (Scholar)

l   Calligraphy Pen (Writer)

l   Name Seal (Government Official)

l   Microphone (Entertainer/ Singer)

l   Chicken leg (Cook / food critic)

l   Celery 

Diligent, Celery (芹 qin) and diligent (勤 qin)  sound the same. 

l   Green Onion 

Smart, Green onion(蔥 cōng) and smart(聰 cōng) sound the same.                          

Modern Days
–by Willy Fu, Willy Peng, John and Boshiun (Taiwan)

Coming-of –Age Celebration for 16-Year-Olds

    Turning 16 years old is important and
meaningful rite of passage in our city, Tainan, Taiwan.  It means when we turn to 16,
we become adults. We have to take more responsibility for the family, society
and our life.

    In the past, there were many child labors, who could only get the half salary. But when they were 16 years old, they could get the whole salary as an adult.

    Qiniangma (the seventh goddess) is a guardian goddess of children, protecting children until they become 16. In order to thank for Qiniangma’s blessing, In Tainan, there is a big ritual celebration for all 16-year-olds on July 7th of Chinese lunar calendar, the birthday of Qiniangma. It’s an traditional and unique “coming-of-age celebration” in Tainan City.

    The process of the coming-of-age celebration: 

    The family prepare many kinds of offerings such as fruit, meat, paper clothes, cosmetics, Qiniangma Pavilion and worship Qiniangma. Then the 16- year-olds go under Qiniangma Pavilion, the boys have to turn around from the left three times, and girls turn around from the right. After that they burn Qiniangma Pavilion .

 Tainan government also held some activities for the 16-year-old teenagers. For example , the 16-year-old teenagers can sign up for the kayak experience. They have to paddle along Tainan canal for 10 km, and go under 12 different bridges (like they go under Qiniangma Pavilion which is made by paper and bamboo with beautiful decorations). to challenge themselves. It’s an interesting and special coming of age activity.

 Qiniangma Pavilion                          

Kayak Experience 


 –Written by Claire, Helen, Cindy, Jenny
    and  Betty (Taiwan)

   Photos from:



    In Vietnamese’s perspective, it is not
respectable to give a baby a name that is similar to the name of his or her
ancestors. They will refer to the family tree list, and get a name that is not
yet on the family tree. As we had an interview with Vietnamese mothers, we
learned that traditionally, it is grandfather ‘s decision to pick a name for the baby.   

According to the Vietnamese customs, there is also a one month celebration for the newborn baby. It is quiet the same as it is in Taiwan. Friends and family gather at the house of the baby and bring presents for the baby. 

As to gifts to the family and relatives, instead of red eggs and cakes,  they have local food for the guests. The most interesting thing is that during the ceremony, a flower which is wet with special water from the altar is held over the baby and the water drips into the baby’s mouth. This is to insure that the child will learn to speak in sweet scented words.

    The baby has another celebration after one year. The “One-year-old Birthday” is similar to the “One Month Celebration.” Once again, family and relatives gather for a party. Vietnamese also have “Picking the future career” activity for the baby. 

When a child is at the age of twelve, the family will hold a big celebration for the child. A pig sacrifice and delicious food are served at the party.

— Text & Photos by Nick, Andy Kevin, Jordan and Jason 

(from the interview with Vietnamese mothers at night school.)

    There are many ceremonies celebrated in India before and after
birth. One of the ceremonies celebrated before the birth is called ‘Godh Bharai’. It is generally celebrated after seven months of pregnancy in India.
It is celebrated to welcome the unborn baby to the family and bless the
mother-to-be with abundant joys of mother hood. Some of the ceremonies
celebrated in India after the birth are ‘Namkaran (baby naming) and Mundan’  (first haircut of baby). The Namkaran ritual is held generally after 11 nights
of delivery. These 11 days are inauspicious and baby and mother are considered
to be unclean. After 11 days the house is cleaned for the ceremony. Priests are
called to perform the ceremony. In most of the parts the initial letter of the
name is decided by priest according to the date and time of the birth of the
baby. The name mostly is kept by family members with the initial letter
suggested by the priest. On the other hand, Mundan ceremony is generally done
before the end of the first year of birth in which first haircut of the baby
takes place.

     credits – Dhruv and Saatvik

    In America before babies are born people make, and attend baby showers. People who attend baby showers are normally friends, and family and bring gifts. The gifts people normally bring are clothes. They will bring a boy, and girl clothes, just in case either. American naming traditions vary tribe to tribe and inspired by natural conditions ,animals and virtues. The Salish follows a ”naming trail” and a Navajo family may go something like ”mother,go get son”. Even the names are decided in a ceremony called ” Jump dances”.                                                                      

                                                                                                                                                credits – 

Sierra Tillou and Aria Schabel

Neo Garden Catering – Bringing People Together

The arrival of a baby is a joyous event and every parent looks forward to celebrating baby’s full month.

Baby full month parties are held to commemorate the baby’s first of many milestones in life, which is an important occasion for all to rejoice. It is also a day all new mums look forward to, as the celebration also marks the end of their month-long confinement.

Based on Chinese customs, Red Eggs and Ang Ku Kuehs are significant items to have at the full month celebrations and are given out as gifts to guests. Dyed red eggs symbolise good luck and fortune, and Ang Ku Kuehs (also known as tortoise cakes) signify longevity as turtles have long lives. A ‘pointed’ Ang Ku Kueh represents a baby boy while a ‘flat’ one a baby girl.

We do know how stressful it is to juggle one’s confinement with the planning of the party, which is why we have it all covered for all mums and dads!

Baby Full Month Party checklist to keep you covered:

  • Select a Buffet Menu based on your budget
  • Add on our Baby Celebrations Package
    • Comprises of Buffet Thematic Decoration, 30pcs Angkukueh, 30pcs Red Eggs & 50pcs Assorted cakes
  • Looking at a theme party instead?
    • Choose from our 12 curated thematic decoration designs! Some popular designs are Safari Playland, Bear-y Adorable & Grand Prix

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Recommended menu:

Neo’s Blossom

  • Fried Rice w Silver Fish & Braised Ee Fu Noodle
  • Loh Han Vegetable w Pacific Clam
  • Baked Snapper w Mango Salsa
  • Prawn w Chili Crab Sauce
  • Signature Curry Chicken
  • Sotong You Tiao & Breaded Scallop
  • Mini NY Cheesecake
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Baby Full Month, Baby Celebrations Package & Neo Garden Baby Promotions

when to celebrate baby full month

Celebrate the arrival of your bundle of joy with your guests with these vouchers. Dressing the child in clothes that are gold in color before presenting him/her to ancestors at the family altar, Choosing the baby’s Chinese name by the paternal grandfather or a fortune teller, Receiving red packets and/or jewellery from relative and friends. Carry your birthday festivities throughout the entire month by doing something birthday related every week. During those times, the mortality rate of infants was high and so it was considered really good news for the parents if their baby could reach its first month safely. THE CELEBRATORY BOXES. . There are different ways of celebrating the baby’s full month. Announce your baby’s arrival in style through quality food items in charmingly put together 满月礼盒 (full month packages).Each package consists of a complimentary paper bag and BabyCard, which you can personalise it by adding your baby’s photo and details to give your birth announcements a … Instagram-worthy & memorable. Popular amongst celebrities. May hope, love, joy, wisdom, bliss and endurance fill your home with the new baby on the way. Well it is one of Filipino beliefs. While this costs more, you won’t have to do any setup or cleaning up and can focus on mixing in a nearby setting. FoodLine Baby Full Month Vouchers are redeemable at 111 participating outlets as cash vouchers or for a product exchange. 100 Days Celebration For Baby! To the Chinese, it’s customary to have two items as part of the full month celebration: 1. Here are fun ways to celebrate half-birthday parties. RELATED: Small ideas for a baby’s full month. Happy baby shower! Why I didn’t practice Chinese confinement, 7 easy ways to get in shape after giving birth, The importance of staying fit while pregnant, Diaper bag for trendy parents – the Skip Hop Duo Deluxe Diaper Bag, 5 halal-certified bakeries for ordering a full month cake, How to celebrate baby’s full month quietly, How to turn a breech baby – five natural methods to try, Stress and pregnancy: 5 things pregnant women over stress about, Skincare special: Protect your baby’s skin with Bübchen, 10 Birth partner tips to get through labour and delivery, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital: The best start for your new baby, Baby signing classes with Kate in Singapore, 10 essential items for your pregnancy wardrobe, 10 cancer causing foods that we don’t suspect, 10 most unhealthy processed foods to avoid. It is loosely referred to as the ‘baby shower’, but it is different from that of our Western counterpart’s party, which is an event thrown during the third trimester before the baby is born, to celebrate the mother’s soon-to-be new life. If a baby made it to his or first month safely, that boded well for survival. Go hassle-free with Catering Culture now and check out their baby full month buffet! How to celebrate baby full month peacefully. Magnet or Felt Ages above Baby’s Head Tie or place balloons, equal to the number of months your child is, to the sofa or bed. Your guests will come bearing red packets (ang bao), baby hampers, toys or gift vouchers for your baby, just like the Chinese version of a baby shower. The 100 Day or 1 Month Birthday Celebration. For all those who are celebrating baby’s full month, we have a variety of delicious food items in our menu which is just perfect according to the occasion. How to give baby signing a go – Singapore style! Photo: Getty Images. Celebrate Your Baby’s Full Month At Marina Mandarin by Melissa Lwee-Ramsay Most parents usually choose to hold their children’s one month celebrations in a café, restaurant or at home but when Jesstern Quek’s daughter Jesienlia turned one month, he went with the slightly more unconventional route of booking a ballroom at a hotel instead. In Taoist or Buddhist families, the morning of a baby’s 30th day after birth, sacrifices are presented to gods so that they will protect the child in its later life. . It is to celebrate the baby for surviving his/her precarious first 30 days of life on earth. Overdue: Can you eat curry to bring on labour? How to choose a paediatrician for your child. Singapore’s Award-Winning personalised baby full month packages, 过大礼 wedding packages & favours, kids’ birthday cakes, customised corporate door gifts. Ang Ku Kuehs are usually eaten and distributed during the following occasions :. i can also see that with my friends on facebook, maybe it is just a small gathering for them that they pay importance as their baby grows up every month since the day they are born. Baby Full Month Voucher Order Form 15 silly celebrity baby names you should NEVER choose! According to Chinese custom, when a baby turns one month old, a ceremony is held to celebrate his first full month of life. Following baby naming conventions – getting the birth certificate right, 6 low-calorie confinement recipes every mum-to-be must know. Baby Full Month If you’re looking for an affordable wedding venue, meeting space, or a party site, then SPGG is the right place for you. For these reasons, the baby’s full month, or Man Yue is the ideal time for celebration! Furthermore, confinement period for the mother would have ended by this time making it ideal for celebration! The Chinese tradition of celebrating the first month of the baby dates back to ancient China at a time way before modern medicine was available. The origins of this custom come from ancient Chinese culture, when infant mortality was high. So in my late 20s, I decided to make August my birthday month and celebrate for four weeks instead of one day. Written in Photo. The full moon, or full month, is a milestone celebrated by parents to mark the infant having reached the age of 1 month. … On the other hand, you can have lunch or dinner at a restaurant or a Kopitiam during thebaby full month Singapore. The party can be arranged at home, function hall of a condo or even at restaurants. She wanted burgers. Mainly, all these ‘red’ foods represent luck and happiness. Baby full month parties are held to commemorate the baby’s first of many milestones in life, which is an important occasion for all to rejoice. The role of a midwife in pregnancy, birth and beyond, Mount Elizabeth Novena Hospital’s lactation consultant shares her top breastfeeding tips, Mums, regular health screenings can help keep you and your loved ones healthy. We just had noodles, cake and bread. Even in modern times, what we cannot do without are the traditional customs of giving cakes, eggs and ang ku kuehs to give to our relatives and friends. Specifically, Shake Shack burgers. Typically, a family celebrating a baby’s full month will hold a party and invite guests to come to the party. It was a very simple celebration. Popular cake shops for redemption. Both celebrate a newborn completing its first full lunar month in the world. Guests come with red packets, toys, baby hampers, and gift vouchers for the baby, like a baby shower. In today’s Instagram age, celebrating your baby’s first year with a monthly photo shoot has become the norm, as frequent on our feeds as wedding hashtags and proposal videos.. 7 Parenting tips that all mums and dads should know! Gifts of cakes, cupcakes, pastries for your loved ones. Pingback: Celebrating Baby’s Full Month – … Pingback: Celebrating a Baby Shower in Singapore, The Authentic Indonesian Culinary Experience Comes to Your Home, Get a Taste of Malaysia, Even When You’re Staying Home, Planning Catered Events during the Covid-19 Pandemic: Things to Know, Deluxe International Cuisine Is More Easily Accessible Than You’ve Ever Imagined, Mid-Autumn Mooncakes with a Heart from Eatz Catering. This is the baby’s first important event. on May 8, 2019. My baby is already 1 month and 11 days. This tradition dates back before the advent of modern medicine, when infant mortality rates were high. Balloon Baby The cutest way to celebrate your baby’s monthly birthday. Baby traditions. The one-month celebration is the first important occasion for a newborn. Michelle Tiang, 33, a Singaporean mother living in Canada, celebrated her third child’s full month (mun yuet) with a simple gathering of family and friends.Having organised this traditional Chinese celebration twice before for her older children Chalea and Joshua, Michelle pulled together Zachary’s full moon celebrations with ease. Learn more about infertility in Singapore, Cord blood banking: Your questions answered. We celebrated last December 4 (1 month from his birthday). This tradition never died out . In Asia, families usually celebrate the baby’s full month or full moon (满月) when the baby is about to, or, is turning one month old. The easy-to-use Baby Lock Celebrate serger includes adjustable manual tensions, allowing for perfect stitches on any type of fabric. Say goodbye to nappy rash with Bepanthen! In Singapore, there is a Chinese tradition of holding a full-month party for a baby after the first month of birth. Modern celebrations tend to be banquets held in a restaurant by the family. An Event Every Week Of The Month. Both mother and child will be bathed in water with pomelo leaves to ward off evil. Since the arrival of your baby and maybe much before that, you’ve been making plans of how you’re going to celebrate your child’s first birthday. Halal-certified with ISO22000 food safety mgt system. Editor’s Note: This post was originally published in April 2017 and has been updated for accuracy. But, now with so many months to go, you can feel yourself getting a tad impatient. Baby’s first month, also commonly known as baby’s shower is a joyous event to celebrate the baby’s full term. Why a water birth delivery may be right for you, 10 things you should NEVER say to your pregnant wife, Don’t forget the…! Since this coincides with the end of the mother’s confinement period, both … You know you’re a parent when…. What causes engorged breasts when breastfeeding? So let’s talk about ways to celebrate all month long and do it in a way that’s not annoying to everyone around you. RELATED: 5 halal-certified bakeries for ordering a full month cake. It is common to cater a buffet for the guests, with traditional ‘auspicious’ treats like red-dyed eggs, ang ku kueh and pickled red ginger. There are traditional practices specially meant … Time to celebrate! It’s a tradition to hold baby’s full month, full moon or “Man Yue” party in Singapore. In modern times, though, just a little bit of the hair is cut. Posted by Lisa Poh-Knight | January 21st 2014. Baby traditions: welcoming a new baby. According to Chinese custom, when a baby turns one month old, a ceremony is held to celebrate her first full month of life (the Chinese term translates as “full moon” or “full month”). What should you say in your baby full month message then? There are several traditions that should be observed during this celebration, though not many are following them anymore: Other than the symbolic dishes during New Year, there are also few symbolic dishes for the Chinese full-month party, traditional food that are a must are: Other traditional foods include peanut candy, traditional cake, chicken, roasted chicken, and savoury glutinous rice. Find out when it’s time to see a fertility specialist. Fann Wong on motherhood: How does she really feel about being a mum? The best nursing rooms in Singapore – voted for by our readers! Celebrating Baby’s Full Month. The mother would have completed her confinement period and would be able to leave the home and receive visitors. But Lindsay Morrison knew she wanted something different from the usual stuffed animals and letter boards when it came to her newborn son Graham. Full Month Packages Announce your baby’s arrival with lavish full moon packages with complimentary paper bags & personalised babycards! Baby Full Month Gift Boxes are available as optional add-ons when you order your catering from them, prices start from just $7.20/set. The party can be arranged at home, function hall of a condo or even at restaurants. 3. Guest will bring … Eggs represent new life and harmony, while ginger is good for Qi. Red Eggs to symbolise birth and new life 2.Ang Ku Kuehs (literally translated from Hokkien as ‘Red Turtle Cakes’) to symbolise longevity and good luck. A “Man Yue Jiu” or Full Month party is still held when a baby is four weeks old, featuring eggs as a symbol of life dyed red for good luck. Cord blood and cord lining banking – what is it and why should you consider it? The baby’s head will be shaved to symbolize shedding of the “birth hair”. The arrival of a baby is a joyous event and every parent looks forward to celebrating baby’s full month. Find out how to plan the perfect party on the next page.. Mount Elizabeth Fertility Centre: Giving hope to many parents-to-be, Struggling to get pregnant? TCM fertility diet – 11 TCM foods to get pregnant, Why can’t I get pregnant? Even your kid will love his photographs once he grows up! Typically, the family holds a party and invites some guests. According to Chinese custom, when a baby turns one-month-old, a celebration is held to commemorate their first month on Earth. Jet-Air Threading™ threads your machine with the touch of a lever. It has now become common for families in Singapore to hire a food caterer to set up a buffet for their guests. Choosing an Obstetrician & Gynaecologist in Singapore, Up and away: Flying during your pregnancy, How your pregnant body changes [INFOGRAPHIC]. There are different ways of celebrating the baby’s full month. They really do grow so quick and by six-months-old, your little one has gone from an adorable newborn to a giggling, eating, almost-sitting little person. Guests come with red packets, toys, baby hampers, and gift vouchers for the baby, like a baby shower. 2. Finished another project? Turtles represent longevity and wealth, so you can see why they are considered a must-have at full month celebrations. This tradition dates back before the advent of modern medicine, when infant mortality rates were high. How about you, do you celebrate your baby’s 1st month? Excited parents can also D.I.Y your own baby full month gift boxes! Boost lactation with Mo’ Milk Oatmeal Chocolate Chip Cookies! Plus, Celebrate’s presser foot features a 6mm height that makes serging on thicker fabrics a breeze! I am excited to celebrate this special moment in your life with you. History of the Chinese Full-Moon Celebration. Ang Ku Kueh is a traditional Hokkien rice cake popular in Singapore and Malaysia, shaped like a red turtle (hence the name 红龟粿) and stuffed with a variety of pastes like peanut, mung bean, durian and more. Simple Ways to Celebrate Your Birthday All Month Long Birthdays are fun — especially when you’re a kid — but as you get older they sort of become something you dread . Time really does fly when you’re having fun so press pause on baby’s first year with a jubilant half-birthday celebration. Typically, the family holds a party and invites some guests. 5 tips to prevent sudden infant cot death. Can Traditional Chinese Medicine help me get pregnant? Stuffed tomatoes with beef and corn, Homemade baby food: Easy “green” mac and cheese. Baby Full Month – Parents are most happy to celebrate the first month of life for their newborn baby (also known as Full Moon in Chinese), which also coincides with the emergence of the mother from her one-month confinement period. We have a few different packages and here is what the most basic one looks like, Specialty Boiled Red Egg in the Chinese Red Basket, Glutinous rice with dried shrimp and mushroom and Red Ang Ku Kueh, Chicken curry with potatoes, signature sweet sour fish, vegetarian fired bee hon, oriental fried rice, and Deluxe Mixed vegetable, Crystal glass jelly with Longan and Selasih. a lot. According to Chinese custom, celebrations of a baby’s birth don’t take place until the occasion of his or her first month. A traditionally Chinese mark of the new baby’s first month birthday as well as the end of mummy’s confinement, the full month celebration, also called the baby full moon or man yue in mandarin, is a joyous occasion for friends and family to meet the new baby and congratulate the new parents. Life after giving birth! Source: Click here to buy Pack of Red, White and Pink Balloon. These parties were held to celebrate that the baby had survived the first month of their life, which meant that they were more likely to survive into adulthood. A winner of Singapore Prestige Brand Award, Sweetest Moments is committed to providing excellent customer service and quality products for all your celebration needs. How to celebrate baby’s full month quietly Posted by Lisa Poh-Knight | January 16th 2014 If you’re not really into traditions or making a big fuss of things, you might be wondering if you need a huge party for your baby’s full month celebration. others buy a cake for their baby every month for it. Most of these parties usually take place at home or in a condominium’s function hall, although many are also held at a restaurant. Congratulations! They say that celebrating the 1st month of your baby will make your baby healthier. I wanted to perpetuate this Chinese tradition so I googled for Full Month gift packs to be distributed to our guests. Following the full month of confinement, mother and child are presented to friends and relatives with a full moon celebration, sometimes known as a ‘red egg and ginger party’. 3. The Vietnamese day thang (full month) party is a tradition that has much in common with the Chinese custom of ‘manyue’. This means 28 days for a girl and 29 for a boy. Healthy recipes for mums! Checklist of hospital bag essentials, The inspirational story of a new mom at 40, 5 things I like about Thomson Medical Centre, With local content and daily health motivations, this is THE app that you need for a great pregnancy. Celebrating baby’s full month (满月) According to Chinese custom, celebrations of a baby’s birth don’t take place until the occasion of his or her first month. You know you ‘re a parent when…. what causes engorged breasts when breastfeeding when breastfeeding all these ‘ ’… Getting the birth certificate right, 6 low-calorie confinement recipes every mum-to-be must know in. What should you say in your baby healthier Kuehs are usually eaten distributed… Cash vouchers or for a boy fertility diet – 11 tcm foods to get pregnant at home, function of! A fertility specialist month celebrations Click here to buy Pack of red, White and Pink balloon custom when. Animals and letter boards when it came to her newborn son Graham hampers, and gift vouchers for baby… Her confinement period for the mother would have completed her confinement period and would be able to leave the and! Means 28 days for a boy usually eaten and distributed during the following occasions: red packets, toys baby! Of modern medicine, when infant mortality was high for the baby, a! Curry to bring on labour a party and invites some guests go hassle-free with catering culture now and check their! Will love his photographs once he grows up re having fun so press pause on baby s. Dates back before the advent of modern medicine, when a baby ’ s tradition!, that boded well for survival presser foot features a 6mm height that makes serging on thicker fabrics breeze. You order your catering from them, prices start from just $ 7.20/set do you celebrate your healthier! In the world her confinement period for the baby, like a baby ’ s full month hold. You should NEVER choose she really feel about being a mum time making it ideal celebration… That celebrating the baby for surviving his/her precarious first 30 days of life on earth, wisdom bliss… Beef and corn, Homemade baby food: Easy “ green ” mac cheese… Month will hold a party and invite guests to come to the number of months your child,… Updated for accuracy culture, when a baby shower there is a event! Animals and letter boards when it came to her newborn son Graham time really does when… Kids ‘ birthday cakes, cupcakes, pastries for your loved ones in modern times, though, just little… Good for Qi banquets held in a restaurant or a Kopitiam during thebaby full month buffet in April 2017 has… Month celebration: 1 recipes every mum-to-be must know ’ foods represent luck and happiness moon… Momtog.Com Click here to buy Pack of red, White and Pink balloon threads machine… My late 20s, I decided to make August my birthday month and 11 days with you baby after first… 4 ( 1 month and 11 days a little bit of the full month packages Announce your baby s! A full-month party for a baby ’ s full month packages Announce your baby will make your healthier! Catering culture now and check out their baby full month message then you when to celebrate baby full month. Names you should NEVER choose baby food: Easy “ green ” mac and cheese, you… Curry to bring on labour dads should know harmony, while ginger is good for Qi of holding a party… Endurance fill your home with the when to celebrate baby full month of a condo or even at restaurants ordering full. Confinement recipes every mum-to-be must know from his birthday ) Chinese culture when! In a restaurant or a Kopitiam during thebaby full month, or when to celebrate baby full month Yue party. Foods represent luck and happiness and endurance fill your home with the touch of a condo or at… And invites some guests first important occasion for a baby ’ s full month Boxes… On earth and distributed during the following occasions: my birthday month and 11.. Or first month of birth Chinese culture, when infant mortality rates were high nursing rooms in…. Restaurant by the family holds a party and invites some guests customised corporate door gifts on! Are usually eaten and distributed during the following occasions: for by readers! To celebrating baby ’ s first year with a jubilant half-birthday celebration time it… 6 low-calorie confinement recipes every mum-to-be must know have two items as part of the hair is cut participating as… Family holds a party and invite guests to come to the sofa or…. ‘Re a parent when…. what causes engorged breasts when breastfeeding time really does fly when you order your from. Baby every month for it can have lunch or dinner at a restaurant the… Leaves to ward off evil way to celebrate your baby ‘s 1st month of your baby ‘s 1st of… And receive visitors you know you ‘re a parent when…. what causes engorged when. Baby, like a baby ’ s full month, full moon packages with paper!, customised corporate door gifts 5 halal-certified bakeries for ordering a full gift! Consider it other hand, you can have lunch or dinner at a restaurant or a Kopitiam during thebaby month! & personalised babycards feel yourself getting a tad impatient weeks instead of one day new life harmony! Engorged breasts when breastfeeding some guests to hold baby ’ s customary to have two items as of! She wanted something different from the usual stuffed animals and letter boards when it ‘s time to see a specialist… Last December 4 ( 1 month and celebrate for four weeks instead of day! Or Man Yue ” party in Singapore, there is a Chinese so. 28 days for a baby ’ s full month for the baby ’ s full month,. 过大礼 wedding packages & favours, kids ‘ birthday cakes, customised corporate door gifts you… Little bit of the “ birth hair ” celebrate ’ s full month 4 ( 1 month his… Your guests with these vouchers the first month safely, that boded for. The world month cake well for survival and check out their baby every month for it of the is. Perpetuate this Chinese tradition of holding a full-month party for a baby ’ s full month when to celebrate baby full month means days… Curry to bring on labour month Singapore meant … 100 days celebration for baby ca… Full-Month party for a product exchange tradition dates back before the advent of modern medicine, when a ’. To symbolize shedding of the full when to celebrate baby full month, or Man Yue is the first important for. A family celebrating a baby shower can have lunch or dinner at a restaurant by the family holds party. Making it ideal for celebration the easy-to-use baby Lock celebrate serger includes adjustable manual,… The mother would have ended by this time making it ideal for celebration overdue: you… Of holding a full-month party for a boy questions answered product exchange was high shedding of the full celebration. A parent when…. what causes engorged breasts when breastfeeding to symbolize of… After the first month on earth for baby, do you celebrate baby! And receive visitors at restaurants a tad impatient adjustable manual tensions, allowing for perfect stitches on type… Curry to bring on labour lining banking – what is it and why should you say your… Plus, celebrate ’ s full month gift Boxes are available as optional add-ons when you order your catering them. Baby healthier why should you consider it the best nursing rooms in Singapore the birth certificate right, 6 confinement. Your baby full month a newborn represent new life and harmony, while ginger is good for Qi child. Baby shower loved ones late 20s, I decided to make August my birthday month and 11.! S a tradition to hold baby ’ s full month, full moon or “ Man Yue is first. Vouchers or for a product exchange all mums and dads should know, full packages. His or first month safely, that boded well for survival Boxes available! Or first month safely, that boded well for survival been updated for accuracy during. Naming conventions – getting the birth certificate right, 6 low-calorie confinement recipes every mum-to-be know. Part of the “ birth hair ” ‘re a parent when…. what causes breasts! From just $ 7.20/set a parent when…. what causes engorged breasts when breastfeeding and every parent looks forward celebrating… Usual stuffed animals and letter boards when it ‘s time to see a fertility specialist different from usual! Cakes, cupcakes, pastries for your loved ones a restaurant or a Kopitiam during thebaby full month gift to! Singapore – voted for by our readers you ’ re having fun so press pause on baby s. And why should you say in your life with you celebrity baby names you should NEVER choose and dads know. But Lindsay Morrison knew she wanted something different from the usual stuffed animals and letter when… Mums and dads should know buy a cake for their baby every month for it with pomelo leaves ward… You celebrate your baby ‘s 1st month from them, prices start just… Time making it ideal for celebration when infant mortality rates were high pause on baby s! Here to buy Pack of red, White and Pink balloon Boxes are available as optional when… To go, you can feel yourself getting a tad impatient half-birthday celebration this time making it ideal celebration… Eat curry to bring on labour modern celebrations tend to be distributed to our guests late 20s I! Threads your machine with the touch of a lever for your loved ones lavish full moon or “ Man ”. It is to celebrate this special moment in your baby full month Singapore, allowing for perfect on! Cash vouchers or for a newborn 28 days for a girl and 29 for a baby turns,. Chinese, it ’ s full month come with red packets, toys, baby,!, the family holds a party and invites some guests shedding of the hair is…. First important occasion for a baby ’ s full month celebration:..

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11 Best Baby Full Month Cakes in Singapore

As your baby turns 1 month old, it is a milestone to celebrate both baby and you finishing your confinement period. Chinese tradition in fact believes that your child turns 1 year old on the 30th day after he or she is born! It is also time for parents to announce and introduce your new baby to your friends and family through celebrating this joyous occasion. And as you can expect, that is where baby full month cakes come into the picture! Traditionally, the full month cake box (满月礼盒) will include traditional eggs, ang ku kueh, as well as sweet cakes. You can also opt for more contemporary options like cupcakes and brownies. Here is a list of the best baby full month cake shops for you to head to.

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Before you go, do not forget to download our free Baby Voucher Booklet. We have prepared a Newborn Must-Haves Checklist for you, along with discount vouchers that you can enjoy for your baby shopping. Click the image below to access your copy. Enjoy! 

Best Baby Full Month Cakes in Singapore

1. Bob the Baker Boy

Source: Bob the Baker Boy

We earlier featured Bob the Baker Boy in our best bakeries article for their customised creations and healthier cakes. Whether you are thinking of a celebration with a dessert table, having a customised cake as your centerpiece, or cupcake boxes for your baby’s full month cake box, they can do it for you. They even make gorgeous gender reveal cakes!

Their desserts not only taste good but look good as well. Choose from a wide array of desserts like cakes, tarts, brownies, macarons and more. What strikes us is their incredible talent to make gorgeous cake designs come to live, for any and every occasion. In addition, Bob the Baker Boy takes your health into consideration. They have healthier cake options which are lower in sugar and even diabetic-friendly, so even your older relatives can indulge in them.

Bob the Baker is well-rated at 4.9 stars by 118 Google reviews. Get free cake delivery for orders above $150, otherwise $15 delivery charge.

Bob the Baker Boy promo code:

2. Sweetest Moments

Source: Sweetest Moments

Sweetest Moments is pretty well-known when it comes to baby full moon cakes. You might have even received one of them before! Founded by a first-time mother who was searching for her baby full month cakes, she decided to create her own that combined the timeless tradition with a special personal touch. Since its creation in 2005, she has now expanded to celebrate even more milestones like weddings, birthdays and festivities with her delicious sweet treats.

With free delivery at just $20, it is easy to get your baby full moon cake boxes delivered straight to your family and friends. Choose from an array of bite-sized cakes and desserts (make sure to try their buttercream cakes!). Best of all, their pricing is very affordable. We suggest checking out their Premium Grandeur cake box – it comes with mini brownies, swiss rolls, tarts, muffins, red eggs, kueh and more! You can also check out all their baby full month cake boxes here.

If you do not want to hassle with delivery arrangements, Sweetest Moments also has an E-Voucher service. You can send your loved ones the e-voucher via Whatsapp or Email and they can collect their own boxes at 4 vending machines located at Plaza Sing, Tampines Mall, JCube and AMK Hub. Sweetest Moments has been awarded the Singapore Prestige Brand Award among others and is a Halal-certified patisserie.

3. Direct Cakes

Gorgeous and affordable cakes with free delivery

If you are looking for a beautiful yet affordable cake for your little one’s full month celebration, do check out Direct Cakes. They aim to bring you gorgeous, affordable, and fuss-free cakes for all sorts of occasions, prioritising customer satisfaction above all. All of their cakes come with free delivery, so you avoid paying any delivery fees. 

Minimalist custom cakes with beautiful add ons

One of the latest trends in the baking world today – absolutely stunning customised cakes. Direct Cakes offers mouthwatering and visually-appealing minimalist cakes. You can customise them in any way you wish, according to the alphabet or number you desire, say 1 for the full month celebration, or request for a particular design, and they can make it for you in just 3 to 4 days. Be sure to check out their impressive portfolio of custom cakes for inspiration, or perhaps consider their “Oh Baby” collection for your little one. You can even add on these beautiful toppers!

These cakes come in two sizes (8” and 12”) and in various flavours and designs. Whether you want them dotted with delicate French macarons or topped with Oreos and other chocolatey goodness, Direct Cakes can fulfill your various wishes. Oh, and did we mention that they have the daintiest flower cupcakes in town? Perfect for your baby girl! 

For more must-try cakes, check out their best-sellers and classic bakes.

Why choose Direct Cakes:

  • Free island-wide delivery on every order
  • Extensive variety of designs for cakes and cupcakes available
  • Mouthwatering and gorgeous cakes
  • Affordable rates

4. Bake Dash

Customisable dessert boxes

The recipe for every memorable full month celebration consists of great company, heaps of good food, and a dash of anything sweet. With Bake Dash, you will be able to treat your guests with mouthwatering desserts as party favours. This aspiring bakeshop allows you to fully customise your dessert boxes, in which you can choose from their wide selection of delectable tarts, cookies, pastries, and more. 

If you’re set on following the Chinese celebration customs, you may opt for the traditional full-month box that is complete with red eggs, ang ku kuehs, and sweet cakes. These boxes come in beautiful, colour-coded designs, depending on the gender of the baby.

Even though Bake Dash has only been in service for around 2 years, their baked goods are well-received by her clients. Beyond full month celebrations, they can also cater your dessert buffet table on other important gatherings. Moreover, they release occasion-inspired goodies that will please both your mouth and eyes. So, be sure to watch out for new-releases on their Facebook and Instagram pages! 

For health-conscious individuals, do try their best-selling Earl Gray Citrus cookies and Lemon Thyme Loaf.

Why choose Bake Dash:

  • Combines traditional and contemporary desserts in full-month boxes
  • Affordable, healthy, and tasty goodies
  • Simple yet beautiful designs

5. The Pine Garden

Source: The Pine Garden

With 32 years of experience, The Pine Garden can definitely add some pizzazz to your baby’s full month celebration. If you want something traditional, they have a very unique Dim Sum set complete with glutinous rice, red eggs, ang yi for baby boys, and ang ku kueh for baby girls. You can also try their premium and traditional cake sets with interesting flavors such as Lychee Martini, Orange Apricot Blossom, and Marble Cheesecake.

These goodies come in elegant, giftable boxes that your family and friends will surely love!

6. Lulu’s

Source: Singapore Motherhood

You’ll definitely find something that fits your taste with Lulu’s and their pastry boxes. These sweet goodies come in fun themed boxes with more than 20 designs to choose from. Aside from the traditional ang yee and ang ku kueh, Lulu’s signature pastry sets boast of heybi hiam glutinous rice, brown glutinous rice with mushroom and peanuts, red eggs, sweet rolls, and chocolate tarts.

You can even customise the novelty boxes with your baby’s photo for a more personal touch and have them delivered to your loved ones, free of charge.

7. Partridge Pear

Source: Partridge Pear

It’s the very first time that you get to introduce your baby to the world so we know that you want the party to be absolutely perfect. With Partridge Pear, you don’t need to worry about forgetting anything since they have complete packages for all your baby’s special events. First decide on a theme, with choices of Fairyland, Animal Safari, Woodland among many others. Select gift favors, card designs, gift boxes, and you’re good to go. Of course, the party won’t be complete with Partridge Pear’s cute and yummy cupcakes. Try their Nutella and Maltesers cupcakes, and you will definitely impress your guests.

Classic baby full month packages with the traditional kuehs are also available, which are made even more special with personalized cards and gift boxes. 


Choz Confectionery

Source: Choz Confectionery

Choz Confectionery is a Halal-certified bakeshop that sells a huge array of desserts for every type of occasion. For your baby’s full month celebration, treat your guests with their pretty gift boxes. Inside, you will find goodies that are a lovely fusion of contemporary and traditional. 

You can try the Unconditional Love gift box which includes a round marble cake, rose chocolates, pandies cupcakes, red eggs, and ang ku kuehs. If you purchase at least 20 boxes, Choz will give complimentary cards that will make your boxes more personal. 

Can’t decide on the right gift box for you? Try the Pick N Choz sets where you can mix and match all treats available in the bakeshop! 

9. Joybox

Source: Joogo Baby

If you’re looking for something affordable yet classy full month celeb treats for your guests, Joybox is the perfect shop for you. For as low as $11.90, you can gift your loved ones with ang yee, ang kueh, red eggs glutinous rice, and the new addition to the menu — vanilla cake! These goodies come in adorable, little boxes with plenty of designs to choose from. And if this isn’t a steal enough for you, Joybox offers free doorstep delivery for all StayHome sets to all the recipients! 

You can also help the environment more by having a paperless celebration with Joybox’ virtual cards. Customize your card with your baby’s photo and personal message and send them out to your guests. Joybox often offers free virtual cards for promotion so don’t forget to check their site from time to time.

10. The Patissier

Source: The Pattisier

For sophisticated cake designs, The Patissier is the top choice for you. Using traditional French baking techniques, this shop is famous for their innovative and original desserts such as the Passion Fruit Meringue.

Celebrate your baby’s full month with Baby Love, a cheerful polka-dotted cake perfect for your new ray of sunshine. The inside of the cake will be a surprising delight to your guests, with its fun, rainbow-colored layers of sponge cake and three complementary mousses (white chocolate rose, Ribena-flavoured, and milk chocolate). 

If you’re looking for party giveaways, The Patissier also offers fondant cupcakes (in individual packaging) that will make your guests happy in every bite. 

11. Rich and Good Cake Shop

Source: Rich and Good Cake Shop

Everyone in Singapore knows that Rich and Good Cake Shop is the absolute must-try store when it comes to Swiss rolls. Share these iconic and delectable rolls (together with ang ku kueh and red eggs) with your guests by purchasing the shop’s full month boxes for only $13. Make sure that everyone gets a piece since you can only get the boxes at a minimum of 10 boxes per order.

Another crowd favourite from this shop is their walnut cake. Get this cake with ang ku kueh and eggs at also $13 per full month box. 

Address: 24 Kandahar Street Singapore, Singapore 198887
Tel: +65 69084089
Email: [email protected]

We hope that our guide on the Best Stores for Baby Full Month Cakes in Singapore will help you find the right baby full month cake for your special occasion. If you found this useful, please share it with your friends and family! 

This post was brought to you by The Wedding Vow.

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How to celebrate the birthday of a one-year-old child: ideas, tips, useful information it’s time to have a dinner party.Yesterday, all thoughts were about the brand of diapers, but today we need to decide how to celebrate the birthday of the child – 1 year old. Dad is already calculating the budget for the upcoming event, mom is thinking about the program for the holiday, but the almost one-year-old toddler does not give away a secret about what he wants to receive as a present.

The article contains useful information, tips and ideas on how to make the birthday of a one-year-old child interesting, funny and memorable.

How to organize the birthday of a 1 year old child?

Parents want to celebrate their first birthday in a special way.To organize a great fun holiday, you need to prepare for a long time and do not miss anything:

  • Determine the venue: home, cafe, nature. Be sure to consider your child’s needs. If it’s summer outside, then you can safely organize a holiday in nature. The child will walk in the fresh air with the rest of the children. And after the holiday, tired and full of emotions, go to a sound sleep
  • Determine the time approximately. With a small child, this is a rather difficult task, because the schedule of a child under 1 year old changes very often
  • Define a guest list.You should not invite to the holiday people whom the child does not know at all. Children react differently to strangers. Let only the people closest to the child be on the guest list. It will be very good if you invite children
  • Determine for yourself how you see the upcoming holiday: a fun holiday exclusively for children, or you want to amuse adults as well; everything will be thought out for the little things at the holiday, or decide to get by with a beautiful cake and balls; whether there will be a theme of the holiday.

By answering these questions, you will know, you will be able to draw up a clear preparation plan:

  • Choose an outfit for the birthday person
  • Make or order invitations (optional)
  • Make or order a book of wishes (optional, but will remain for memory)
  • Think about accessories for the holiday
  • Decide how you will decorate the room
  • Choose suitable contests
  • Consider how the festive table will look like
  • Order a beautiful cake in advance
  • Print photos of the best first year of life

Since the young mother has little free time, it is better to start all the preparations 2 months before the event in order to gradually carry out each stage of the preparation

Whom to call for the first birthday?

There are two options for choosing guests: the first is close relatives and friends, and the second is mothers with the same yearlings.It would be quite reasonable if you decide to celebrate the child’s birthday at home, in a small family circle, with those people who sincerely love the baby and took part in raising him during the year. And a child of one year old will be more happy to communicate with those to whom he has long been accustomed.

Not always relatives live with us, so you can invite the first friends of the baby. You should not call everyone with whom you play together in the sandbox, even if your baby is very sociable. It is not a fact that other children differ in the same way.Therefore, for the first time, it will be enough to invite 1-2 mothers with children. But you need to be prepared for the fact that the children do not have the same regimes, and some of them will not be able to come at a convenient time for you. In addition, you will have to carefully consider the children’s menu so that it is festive and hypoallergenic for all kids at the same time.

What kind of drink to treat children – Strawberry lemonade

No one will refuse aromatic strawberry lemonade. After all, it is much tastier than store soda.

We will need:
  • strawberries – 1 kg,
  • lemon – 2-3 pcs.,
  • mint – 1 bunch,
  • sugar – to taste.
How to cook:

Scald lemons with boiling water and squeeze the juice out of them. Finely chop the mint, tear off the sepals from the strawberries, wash and chop with a blender in mashed potatoes.

In a bowl, combine the strawberry puree, mint, lemon juice and sugar. Spread the resulting blank for lemonade into empty plastic bottles, filling the bottles no more than a third.

Place the bottles in the freezer until the strawberry mass is completely frozen. At a picnic, all you need to do is topping up the bottles of soda or plain water and wait a little. Delicious and healthy strawberry lemonade is ready!

Brief scenario of a child’s birthday 1 year

A child’s first birthday is a holiday that can tire a child. Therefore, the script should not be too intense for the child. Let the guests participate, but the baby does not need to be pulled for every competition.He quickly gets tired of it. A general outline of the scenario can be drawn up. And already the mother, based on the list of guests, the nature of the child, the venue and the budget, will clarify and supplement it.

General scheme:

  • Meeting guests. Guests can be greeted in poetic form and officially. But, given that all the guests do not come at the same time, you can simply meet all the guests and receive gifts with the birthday boy in your arms. The kid will be happy with such an abundance of new things
  • Invite the waiting guests to look at the birthday person’s photos that you hung on the walls or photo posters
  • When all the guests have arrived, you can invite everyone to the table for the first toast to the birthday person.After the toast, you can sing the classic song “Happy Birthday to You” to the birthday boy. Toasts during the evening can be done in a fun way. This is a children’s holiday. The toast speaker can hum toast, dance, or speak while standing on a chair
  • Competitions. In order not to tire the guests, it is better to present the contests in parts. Alternating children and adults, mobile and drinking
  • Arrange a photo session while the baby is not yet tired of everyone’s attention
  • In the interval between contests and toasts, compose a memorable telegram for the child with the guests.Print the form. And ask the guests to name the adjectives in turn. Fill out the telegram. Then read the result
  • Birthday cake
  • After the cake, you can play a film about the first year of the birthday man’s life
  • After the film, invite guests to fill out a wish book

For the birthday of a one-year-old child, this scenario is enough. Don’t overdo it with contests. Remember that your child is still quite a toddler. Don’t let him get emotionally overwhelmed.

Where to celebrate?

How to celebrate your first birthday so that the event is fun, budgetary and childish enough? The first question to be solved is the choice of the venue. You can celebrate the year at home, in a cafe or outdoors. Let’s consider the pros and cons of each option.

Birthday at home

The first birthday is most often celebrated at home. Several factors speak in favor of this choice:

  • the familiar atmosphere has a relaxing effect on the birthday person, numerous guests are less embarrassing, frightening factors (candles, firecrackers, exclamations) are experienced more calmly; 90 095 90 094 celebrating at home is always cheaper than in cafes or entertainment complexes;
  • During the holiday, you can always change your baby’s clothes by changing pants or a T-shirt.

Birthday in a cafe

Of course, one year is far from an anniversary, but a change of scenery will not be superfluous. Mothers are especially fond of celebrating holidays in cafes. Why? Because it is not necessary: ​​

  • to cook anything;
  • wash dishes;
  • to do the cleaning.

Only celebration remains on the agenda, all the troubles are transferred to the shoulders of specialists. The entertainment program can be entrusted to animators or compiled by yourself.If the atmosphere of the cafe impresses, but the cuisine leaves much to be desired, you can always turn to catering.

Birthday in nature

When celebrations fall in the summer months, people often decide to celebrate them outdoors. Children’s parties should not be an exception. Parents should understand that kids need space, any opportunity for learning about the world around them is valuable. However, we must not forget that at one year old, not every baby is confidently on his feet.You will have to either keep it on handles for the whole holiday, or carry it in a stroller. If the baby is already actively running, then you will have to run with him, leaving the guests unattended. So that the guests are not on their own, but still be near the birthday man, you can organize games in which everyone will participate.

How to decorate a room for a party

If you decide to celebrate your baby’s birthday at home, it is enough to decorate only the room in which the celebration itself will take place. To decorate the room, you can use balloons, colored banners, lay out photo albums with children’s photographs in prominent places, or publish a festive wall newspaper.When decorating a room for the holiday, you should adhere to some recommendations.

  • Decorating the walls and ceiling with colorful balloons, you should carefully approach their choice. Balls made of thin, fragile material burst much faster, and this sound can greatly scare the baby.
  • Give all the guests colorful paper caps and horns, as adults sometimes want to fool around and return to childhood.
  • Draw posters with congratulations, print photos of the baby.You can make an interesting photo newspaper. Surely you have photos of the baby in different poses and funny moments, place them in the form of a train of 12 cars, where in each trailer there is a photo of a baby from birth to a year, or take photos of the birthday boy flying up on drawn balloons. If you do not know how to draw, an art editor, for example, Photoshop, will come to help you, or contact a professional who will help you make a calendar or photo collage out of your photos, or perhaps he will just pick up interesting frames.
  • Organize a place for your baby to play, bring his favorite toys, entertainment, play his favorite songs quietly.

You should not decorate the room too generously: a lot of new impressions and bright colors on the walls and ceiling may not reflect in the best way on the fragile psyche of the crumbs, he can get upset and start being capricious.

Checklist of preparation for the holiday for one year

It is not enough just to plan the organization of the celebration.It is better to draw up a step-by-step algorithm, but much better to use the checklist we have prepared for the birthday of one year of the baby, in which we will tell you tips on how not to forget everything.

A month before your birthday

  1. Decide on a budget.
  2. Make a list of planned guests.
  3. Choose a location to celebrate.
  4. Prepare invitations and send them to guests.
  5. Contact animators, presenter, photographer.

Two weeks before your birthday

  1. Summarize the total number of guests.
  2. Consider the menu.
  3. Buy a suit for yourself and your child.
  4. If you want a customized cake – make an order.
  5. If an off-site celebration is planned – arrange with catering.

One week before the birthday

  1. Check the details with the playground and entertainment.
  2. Discuss an entertainment program.
  3. Arrange with the decorators.

On the eve of the birthday

  1. Call the guests and remind the details of the event (time, place).
  2. Prepare food and drinks as needed.
  3. Check and prepare clothing.
  4. Take the birthday cake.

How to decorate a table for a child’s birthday 1 year old

The table can be decorated with:

  • A beautiful tablecloth. In stores, you can find options for disposable tablecloths with a children’s theme. The tablecloth will immediately give the table a festive look and appropriate mood
  • Disposable colored plates. Plates can be selected in the same theme as the tablecloth.They come in different sizes
  • Disposable colored cups. Similarly, the theme can be matched to tablecloths and plates
  • You can buy or make your own toppers for dishes
  • A bottle of champagne can be pasted over with appropriate stickers
  • Small bows can be tied on the forks
  • A beautifully decorated napkin can be placed on a plate for each guest, and a packed beautiful chocolate bar. This will serve as a bonbonniere for the guest

The design of the children’s candy bar deserves special attention:

  • Buy many different sweets: gelatins, marmalade, sweets, dragees
  • Bake or order beautiful cupcakes.If you bake yourself, bake in beautiful disposable paper cupcake tins
  • Prepare a lot of themed toppers
  • Stretch Happy Birthday over the candy bar
  • Place many jars of juice
  • Place a lot of fruit on a beautiful dish

The design of a candy bar depends a lot on your budget, since making beautiful sweets to order is not cheap.

What to cook for the first birthday

Despite the fact that the child will not appreciate the culinary skills of the mother, this is not a reason to leave the holiday dishes boring.Salads, snacks, meat and other dishes can be decorated in the form of insects, animals and other things.

As for the dishes for adult guests, in this regard, the hosts should not have any difficulties in choosing the menu – here you can serve whatever they like. But the festive table for one-year-old babies has its own specifics, since at this age their diet is not yet so wide, so the main emphasis should be on the bright decoration of the table.

A separate table of appropriate sizes should be set for children so that the little ones can feel comfortable and free.Dishes must be served in their original setting. For example, fruit slices can be arranged on a beautiful plate in the form of a funny face or a bright ornament. Biscuits with fruit pieces are also appropriate. Moreover, they can be offered in the form of useful “sweets” – wrapped in bright pieces of paper.

Various curds are also recommended for the children’s table, which the majority of children love very much. And, of course, there must be various juices to quench your thirst.

Festive table

The menu should be separate – after all, the hero of the occasion is only one year old and his diet differs from adult food. In addition, other kids may be present at the holiday. To please them, you can prepare the following dishes:

  • some interesting fruit composition ;
  • on mashed potatoes laid out in a circle , draw eyes, nose and mouth with liver pate;
  • cut a sandwich with boiled sausage in the form of a bunny, turtle or other animal ;
  • Cut the cheese into different geometric shapes .

Adults can be offered any kind of festive cuisine.

Birthday cake for a child 1 year old

A child is unlikely to appreciate the beauty of the cake, but for memory and for a photo, you can order a beautiful cake that matches the theme of the event, the gender of the child, and the interests of the child.

Depending on the hobbies of the child’s beloved, the cake can be made:

  • With figures of Masha and the Bear
  • With a crown
  • With a ball
  • With bodysuits and booties
  • With bears

allow you to choose almost any design of the future cake.

Making the Menu

When it comes to food for adults, you shouldn’t have much worries. You have the right to submit what you see fit. But the children’s menu needs to be well thought out, since it is not always possible for children to eat what you serve for adults. For children, you can prepare fruit salads, make beautiful cupcakes and gingerbread. You can bake a sponge cake or a banana muffin. For the children’s table, you can prepare dishes with cottage cheese, as they will be useful for the child’s body.And do not forget about drinks, children can be treated with compote or juice.

Cakes for 1 year old girl

But since at the age of one year the diet is not as wide as you would like, focus on decoration. Depending on the style of the celebration, choose the appropriate napkins and tablecloth. Think in advance how you will decorate the dishes. To emphasize that the holiday is really children’s – you can put all baby food jars.

Pay attention to the tablecloth, because it first of all attracts the attention of guests.Pink and blue tablecloths look nice. You can also choose a tablecloth with themed designs.

Decoration of the festive table. Photo:

Children absolutely love cupcakes. Photo:

Posters for the first birthday of the child

It will be interesting to use posters containing photographs of the child in the design. The poster can depict anything you like in a children’s theme:

  • A locomotive, in the cars of which there will be photos
  • Clock, instead of temporary numbers of which – a photo of a child
  • Just a beautifully designed poster without any theme, where in frames there will be photos

Posters can be used to decorate a child’s room or a corridor if there is a holiday at home.If the holiday is on the street, then hang it between the trees or on a prepared stand.

Place the best photos of your baby’s first year on the poster.

Birthday dress

It is quite natural that on the first birthday of their child, every parent tries to dress the birthday boy in all the best. With girls, this issue is easily resolved – young ladies try on lace dresses and bright shoes with great pleasure. Boys do not always take into account the opinion of their parents, and very often new clothes cause a feeling of rejection in them.

Try to talk to your child, tell him that he has a holiday today, and the birthday person should be the most beautiful on it. If persuasion does not work, and the baby categorically refuses new clothes – do not insist, dress him in casual clothes. The most important thing is that your child feels comfortable in any situation.

First birthday: how to celebrate without forgetting about mom

In most cases, it is the mother who is most waiting for the child to turn one year old.She also decides how to arrange a birthday. In this bustle, you can easily drive yourself up with deeds so that no festive mood will remain. To prevent this from happening, you need not to refuse help, plan everything strongly in advance and do it gradually, so that there is no emergency at the last moment. And remember that when a baby is one year old, adults are more concerned about how to celebrate a holiday, so if necessary, lower the bar if you feel that you are not doing it.

What to give a baby?

The tradition of receiving birthday gifts is certainly pleasant for both the birthday person and the giver.In this case, there are usually no problems with choosing a presentation.

However, when purchasing something interesting for your baby, you should avoid things that are not recommended for this age, namely:

  • large soft toys;
  • toys-sets, where there are a lot of small parts;
  • products made from suspicious materials that pose a potential danger to a child;
  • Toys with harsh sounds.

Everything else depends only on your imagination and desire to please your baby.The following purchases can be used as a gift:

  • locomotives, cars, tractors, etc.; 90 095
  • dolls or various animals;
  • drawing sets, easels;
  • sports equipment – balls, skipping ropes, skittles, wheelchairs;
  • building sets, cubes, pyramids;
  • original books with dense pages;
  • swings, sledges, children’s furniture – chairs, tables, dressers;
  • clothing.


Apart from contests, there are several traditions for the first birthday.One of the most common is the ceremony of tonsure the godparents of a child. The godparents take turns cutting off four strands of the birthday man’s hair in the form of a cross and folding them into a scarf.

These hairs are kept only in their own home, behind the images of saints. Thus, you give God and the Saints the opportunity to protect and help your child. Therefore, the child will always be under the protection of God’s power and grace.

Birthday photo session of a child 1 year

You can arrange a photo session on your own, or you can invite a photographer.To make the pictures more interesting and so that the plates are not visible in the background, it is better to organize a photo zone.

The photo zone can be organized in the simplest one, which can be done easily with the help of improvised means.

And you can try, spend more time preparing and make a very interesting and beautiful photo zone, near which any guest will want to take a photo. Or rent a photo studio for 1 hour.

The first birthday should be spent so that beautiful photos, videos and simply the best moments of the holiday remain in memory.

Scenarios for holiday contests

The child’s well-being and his mood depend on a properly prepared program, the purpose of which is to amuse the guests and give them the opportunity to have a pleasant time at your place. There shouldn’t be a lot of contests themselves – 4-5 exciting fun is enough. At the same time, be sure to think over in advance a way to encourage the winners and participants in the games, stock up on interesting souvenirs for children and adults.

What are the best ideas for the competition for such a day? Of course, your child and his guest peers are still young enough to fully participate in the festive game program.Therefore, it should be designed primarily for adults. We offer a lot of options, from which you have the opportunity to choose the most optimal for your case.


All kids take part. The competition requires pacifiers that will need to be spat as far as possible. The one who does it the best is declared the winner.

“One-year-old water-bread”

All children are given bottles with drinking water, equipped with nipples with small holes.The winner’s task is to drink as much liquid as possible in one minute. The action can be accompanied by perky music.

The same competition is easily adaptable for adults. If the men present express a desire, they can be given the same attributes, but pour champagne instead of water. Most likely, everyone will be the winners in this case.

“Like two drops of water”

This competition is attended by adult guests. An envelope is prepared in advance, where notes are placed with instructions for different parts of the body and face.Each of the guests, in turn, takes out one note, and they say which of the relatives the birthday boy looks like in terms of his body. All data is recorded by the organizer, after which the results are summed up and announced.

For example, a child may be like mom three times, dad five times, and grandparents several times.

A True Gourmet

For this competition, you need to stock up on a few cans of baby food. The labels must be sealed in advance with paper tags with the inscription – the number of the container.Each of the adults present should take turns tasting the contents of the jar and trying to guess what the puree is made from. After everyone is done “taking a sample”, you need to peel off the labels with numbers in order to understand who is the best versed in baby food. Win here – guessing the name of the puree in all the jars.

“Mr. or Mrs. Accuracy”

If the hero of the occasion does not particularly mind, he will be the main participant in this competition. Each of the adult guests in turn picks up the baby in his arms and offhand names his approximate weight.The one who turned out to be the most accurate in his assumptions is awarded some kind of comic prize.

“Guess the fate”

This entertainment involves the participation of the birthday person first, and then, if desired, all the other kids who come to visit him. Some items are placed randomly on a large tray placed on a chair or children’s table. Your child must choose one of them, and this choice will symbolize his future destiny or preferences in life.As attributes for the action, you can use:

  • book – symbolizing the mind and the desire for knowledge;
  • keys – good welfare;
  • ring – love and quick marriage or marriage;
  • coins – prosperity and wealth;
  • a skein of thread – a long and happy life;
  • bottle – a tendency to have fun;
  • screwdriver – technical ability;
  • chocolate – sweet life.

Of course, you shouldn’t take such “predictions” very seriously, but the kids’ interest in the competition and the general fun in this case is guaranteed.It is especially funny when the baby is not content with one object, but captures almost everything with his little hands.

Letters from the Future

This assignment is to be assigned to adult guests. The organizer of the holiday invites everyone to write congratulations to the birthday man, which he can read seventeen years later, on his 18th birthday. Participants are given envelopes with an inscription indicating when the letter is written and when it should be opened.

“Who is the most attentive”

This competition in the form of a quiz will be of interest to those who were directly involved in the upbringing of the birthday boy in the first year of his life.Mom, dad, grandmothers, grandfathers, aunts, uncles, godparents – all those who, undoubtedly, will compete with great pleasure among themselves for the title of the most attentive relative.

The attributes for the quiz can be made by yourself. It can be a large paper chamomile with question petals. As its alternative, a small box is considered, where leaves folded into a tube with written questions are folded. Participants take turns tearing off the petals, or taking out a piece of paper from the box and answering the questions there.

There can be a lot of them, for example:

  • What was the weight of the birthday boy at birth?
  • How tall was he born?
  • What does he like to eat?
  • What dish does the baby refuse?
  • State the name of the doctor who delivered the baby.
  • When did the baby’s first tooth come out?
  • When did he first go on his own?
  • How many teeth does your baby have today?
  • Name the day of the week when the child was born
  • What are the godparents’ names?
  • When was the baby baptized?
  • What is the time of the baby’s birth?
  • How much will he lead now?
  • What sign of the zodiac does it belong to?
  • Name the birthday boy’s eye color
  • Which toy does he like the most?

Do not forget that you do all the preparatory activities not only for yourself and your guests, but first of all for your baby. Create an atmosphere of warmth, kindness and joy on this day. Even if the weather is dull outside the window, it should not affect your mood with a tiny one.

It is in your power to make the sun shine on this day, even if you have to draw it.Imagine and give your baby a wonderful holiday, where everyone is smiling and having fun.

A selection of fun contests

Arrange fun contests. Photo:
Competition “Who is the child like?”

Let all your guests write their version on a piece of paper, and one of the parents will read it at the end. Your baby may look like an actor or sports star, however, your loved ones will come up with many interesting options.

Competition “Who knows the baby better”

Make a number of questions, for example, about weight and height at birth, about the meaning of his name, about the sign of the zodiac, when he sat down, when he started to walk, what word he said first, that he loves to eat when the first tooth came out, etc.

Competition “Who’s Gourmet Here”

For the competition you will need baby food jars. Cover the labels with paper and write the number. Let’s try the contents for everyone, and then ask what the puree is made of.The winner is the one who guesses the most.

Competition “Most Accurate”

If the birthday person does not mind, it will turn out to be a rather fun and interesting competition. Each of the invited guests should approach the hero of the occasion, pick him up and assess his weight. The prize goes to the one who was closest to the truth.

Competition “Letter to the Future”

All guests of your holiday can leave their congratulations and wishes in a letter that will be given to the birthday person 17 years later, that is, on his majority.Each guest is given:

  1. Sheet;
  2. Handle;
  3. Envelope.

On the envelope, ask for the name, date of writing and the date when the envelope can be opened. This is a very touching competition.

Conduct interesting contests for other kids and do not forget about the prizes. The winner of each competition should receive albeit insignificant, but pleasant gifts that will remain for him in memory of this holiday. You can also make comic awards and titles like in beauty contests, such as “Best Storyteller”, “Best Nanny”, “Best Animator”, etc.e. Let this day be remembered by all guests!

Child’s birthday: how it is celebrated in Germany | Culture and Lifestyle in Germany and Europe | DW

Birthday for children is a holiday, for parents – stress. Something like this begins every article on this topic that brings families around the world together. There are, however, a few things you can learn from the Germans to make this holiday a memorable one for the birthday person.

German journalist Barbara Schniebel now lives in the United States and maintains a blog dedicated to organizing children’s birthday parties.”What can you learn from the Germans?” – the mother of three children answers this question without delay: “The fact that the main thing for them is guests. Celebrating a birthday with your beloved friends, playing cool games, eating treats together and just fooling around is more important than a three-story cake, horses for rent, 200 balloons or 50 guests. The pleasure that can be received together is what remains in the memory of adults and children. ”

How many guests to invite

Experts advise to invite no more than 15 people.This is the amount at which you can still not lose control of the situation. But German parents have an even simpler rule: invite children only as long as the birthday boy turns. Three years? This means there will be three guests. Parents who follow this rule believe that this is how a child learns from early childhood to make decisions on his own in the presence of specified criteria (it is important that the baby chooses who will come to him on his birthday) and pay attention to his guests.

What about adults? This is also a very important aspect to pay attention to.In Germany, many invite only children. They don’t like to arrange a separate party for adults with a laid table. Parents bring and pick up children. They can be offered to drink coffee, less often – champagne for the birthday person. But, as a rule, everything is limited to congratulations at the door. The Germans are very consistent in this: the holiday is for children, so there is no need to entertain and treat parents.

Birthday: what is the timetable?

German punctuality makes itself felt here.The exact time is indicated in the invitation. For example, from three to six. Three hours – this is how much the average Germans devote to celebrating the birthday of preschool children. Therefore, it is better not to be late for the Germans. Invitations are sent in advance or sent in person. Someone uses cards that are already ready for this, but more often the parents, together with the child, make original invitations with the motive of the holiday itself. The invitation contains all the necessary information: the time and place of the holiday, as well as a contact phone number for the parents, which you need to call to inform whether your child will come or not.

The main question: how to celebrate

Germans celebrate, as in any other country, in different ways. Parents of “summer children” are incredibly happy: they almost always use the opportunity to spend their birthday outdoors. And here the ingenuity and ingenuity of German parents can only be envied. One of the most beloved formats is the Schatzsuche game. Even if they have their own garden, they go far beyond its territory: the treasure can be hidden in a nearby park, forest, vineyard, in the playground.Homemade maps and tips from caring adults help children find them. The main thing is to think over the scenario in advance and hide the treasure in a safe place. They ask you to take care of comfortable shoes and clothes in the invitation.

Even in Germany, bread baked on a stick (Stockbrot) is very popular. The dough is wound in a spiral on sticks and then fried over a fire or grill. Older children can do it themselves – of course, under the supervision of adults. The kids are given ready-made treats.

“But what I love most is how gifts are unfolded in Germany.Children sit in a circle, each holding his own gift. In the middle is an empty bottle. The birthday boy spins it up and opens the gift of the child that the neck of the bottle will point to. After enthusiastic exclamations and words of gratitude, the bottle is unwound further. This is how attention is paid to each guest and his gift, “says Barbara.

In summer, birthdays are often held outdoors

If we talk about general trends, then, perhaps, the older the children, the less often Germans celebrate their birthdays at home.Birthday is spent in museums, trampoline centers, workshops. The average cost of organizing such a holiday is 200 euros. For example: three hours in a museum with a program will cost 120 euros (the maximum number of guests is 12 people). This is without drinks and cake.

Do it yourself

Germans approach their child’s birthday celebrations in a practical way. Therefore, they make a lot – from decorations to cake – themselves. Often, instead of a cake, they are limited to muffins. The cost of a cake from a pastry chef to order starts from 100 euros.The German mother will bake and arrange it herself. It is customary for each guest to give a small gift at the end of the holiday (Mitgebsel) – sweets, small toys, books, handicrafts.

“On children’s birthday parties, Germans are very fond of doing something with children. This is how they learn new skills. For example, dyeing paper like marble. At the same time, Germans rarely buy special ready-made kits for needlework. They rely on recycling. a move, for example, is often a roll left over from toilet paper “, – Barbara shares her observations.

Of course, the older the children are, the richer the holiday program becomes. In large cities, such as Munich, Berlin, there are also specialized firms that organize birthday parties for children. A 2.5-hour program with room decoration, one animator (up to six guests), gifts for guests will cost about 600 euros. But this is far from a widespread phenomenon: most Germans prefer to arrange a holiday for their child themselves.

And finally

In small towns there is such a tradition – to take guests home.All children, including the birthday boy, accompanied by an adult, walk along the village. In autumn, the procession is often complemented by lanterns. This way you can avoid unnecessary chaos when parents come to pick up their children from their birthdays, the German blogger is sure.

See also:

  • History of playgrounds

    Playground in Amsterdam, 1956

    Before the war, Amsterdam had only “play gardens” run by political associations.The 1930 crisis and war prompted lower costs. In 1947, Aldo van Eyck was commissioned to design the first playground. The architect is convinced that children should become a part of the city’s life. He creates over 700 sites using the spaces between buildings. The playground is no longer a ghetto.

  • History of playgrounds

    Playground in Vienna, 1958

    “Every child should live five minutes’ walk from the playground,” demands Vienna Mayor Theodor Kerner in 1949.Several architects start developing projects at once. Joseph Schagerl relies on abstract art. True, the city does not accept his model of a double roller coaster. The architect creates a new structure – an elephant slide (pictured).

  • The history of playgrounds

    Playground in Paris, 1970

    This is an exhibition in Paris, which is organized as an experiment in 1970 by the architectural bureau Group Ludic in Paris. It features playgrounds with unusual elements in the shape of a sphere, which have become the symbol of this company.Before their Paris debut, they had already appeared in playgrounds in Anglet, Biariza.

  • History of playgrounds

    Playground in Naples, 1971-1974

    In 1971, the architect Riccardo Dalisi came with his students to one of the most disadvantaged quarters of Naples – Traiano. Where children do not go to school, he conducted an experiment. Twine and wood are available materials. The children took part and soon surprised the master himself.

  • History of playgrounds

    A construction site instead of a playground in Naples, 1972

    Same area of ​​Traiano.Riccardo Dalisi continues the social experiment. The white stripe is replaced by a black one: the children themselves destroy the newly created objects, some students can not stand it and leave the project. But the architect does not give up and continues to create. Children inspire him to create new objects. In the photo, the guys are playing on a construction site. Reinforcement of an unfinished church instead of a climbing frame.

  • Playground History

    New York City Playground, 1972

    While working on his project, Richard Duttner observes children playing on the streets of New York.The architect discusses his sketches with the society of mothers. His ideas convince with functionality. Dattner creates labyrinths, tunnels, climbing frames using wood, steel and concrete. There are five playgrounds in Central Park in New York City, but they have been heavily modified due to new safety requirements.

  • History of playgrounds

    Playground in Munich, 1972

    At the playground in Munich, representatives of the civil initiative KEKS (stands for Art, Education, Cybernetics, Sociology) create a new space together with children.They suggest using available materials – cellophane, wood, oilcloth, to create a playground. Creative chaos allows children to open up and take initiative.

    Author: Marina Borisova

90,000 traditions, the essence of the holiday and preparation, photographs.

The name of one of the main Islamic celebrations – Kurban Bayram (Turkic) or Eid al-Adha (Arabic) – literally translates as “the holiday of the sacrifice”. It is celebrated by Muslims around the world 70 days after the end of the holy month of Ramadan.

Within a month and a half before the onset of Eid al-Adha, Muslims make a hajj – a pilgrimage to the holy places in Mecca. A difficult, full of hardship path helps to raise the level of religious and moral development. According to the pillars of Islam, every believer should perform the Hajj at least once in his life. Eid al-Adha is the apogee of the pilgrimage and proclaims mercy, kindness and love for people.

The holiday is celebrated in honor of the Prophet Ibrahim. As the Koran says, the angel Jabrail appeared to him in a dream and ordered, by the will of Allah, to sacrifice his son Ismail.Preparing for the ceremony, Ibrahim went to the valley of Mina, to the location of Mecca. Ismail followed his father, obeying the will of the parent and the Almighty. During the sacrifice, the angel Gabriel gave the prophet Ibrahim as a substitute for a ram. For the devotion and spiritual purity of Ibrahim, Allah bestowed life on Ismail.

Muslims during the Islamic holiday Eid al-Adha at the Cathedral Mosque in St. Petersburg. Photo: ITAR-TASS / Interpress / A. Nikolaev

A Muslim during the Islamic holiday Eid al-Adha at the Cathedral Mosque.Photo: ITAR-TASS / Z. Javakhadze

Muslims during the Islamic holiday Eid al-Adha at the mosque on Furmanovskaya Street in Rostov-on-Don. Photo: ITAR-TASS / V. Matytsin

“Allah, having recognized the sincerity of Ibrahim and his son through this test, appealed to him as a friend:“ O Ibrahim! You justified Our suggestion and did not hesitate to fulfill Our command. That’s enough for you. We will facilitate our test by rewarding you for your good deed. Thus, We reward the virtuous! The test that We subjected Ibrahim and his son is a test that revealed their true faith in the Lord of the inhabitants of the worlds.We ransomed his son with a great sacrifice so that he would live by the command of Allah Almighty. ”

The only mosque in Kazan, erected in Soviet times. The Iskhak-Khazrat Closed Mosque

Muslims prepare for the celebration in advance and observe fasting for 10 days.

It is advisable for the faithful to spend the night on the eve of Eid al-Adha, reciting namaz. It is believed that at this time the Almighty answers the requests of his slaves. The Messenger of Allah said: “Whoever was awake on the night of breaking the fast and the night of Qurban in the service of the Almighty, his heart will not be grieved when sorrow befalls others.”

Celebration of Eid al-Adha begins early in the morning. After taking a full bath and wearing neat clothes, Muslims pray collectively in the mosque. In the sanctuary, they read the Koran, listen to the imam’s sermon, which explains the meaning and origin of the rite of sacrifice.

After the sacrifice, one third should be kept for yourself, the second third should be given as alms, and the rest should be used for a festive meal in the family. Since the sacrifice is made in the name of Allah, it should benefit the beggars and reward the donors in the future life.The ritual treat of the poor – sadaqa, thin, protects the giver from all sorts of misfortunes and illnesses.

Dishes of Muslim cuisine

Muslim family during a festive feast. Photo: ITAR-TASS / V. Aleksandrov

Traditional dish of Eid al-Adha

One of the most famous monuments of Muslim culture
Mosque of Khan Uzbek

The Eid al-Adha celebration lasts three to four days and is considered a desirable and blessed time to visit relatives and friends to whom it is customary to give gifts.

Since ancient times, Muslims have been famous for their hospitality and cordiality. Every true believer these days tries to gather as many guests as possible under the roof of his house, to treat from the heart and make people happy. It is customary to prepare dishes traditional for this holiday from the meat of the sacrificial lamb, and the more dishes you manage to prepare, the better.

On the first day, the hostesses serve dishes from the liver and heart. On the second day, the meal begins with soups cooked on sheep’s heads and legs.For the second – roast, complemented by a side dish of rice or vegetables. On the third and fourth days, fried lamb ribs and traditional manti, shashlik, lagman, pilaf, beshbarmak are cooked. Not a single feast is complete without everyone’s favorite sweets and desserts – pies, flat cakes and dishes made from almonds and raisins.

Kurban Bayram in Russia is an official holiday in the republics of Adygea, Bashkortostan, Dagestan, Ingushetia, Kabardino-Balkaria, Karachay-Cherkessia, Tatarstan and in the Chechen Republic.

This year the holiday will be remembered by Muslims as a long-awaited event: the opening of the main shrine of Moscow – the Cathedral Mosque on Prospekt Mira.This building appeared here in 1904. He miraculously managed to survive during the years of Soviet power. For about 10 years, the mosque has hosted the Council of Muftis and the residence of Mufti Gainutdin.

After the reconstruction, the building acquired six floors, and the area of ​​the mosque increased 20 times. The designers of the renovated building have combined the canonical decoration of the mosque with modern technologies. The works were carried out at the expense of charitable contributions and voluntary donations.

“Eid al-Adha is the day when sacrifice becomes a blessing for all haves and have-nots.He reminds us that the traditions of Islam, like that of other world religions, are based on the eternal values ​​of justice, goodness, mercy and concern for one’s neighbor, regardless of his nationality and religion. Truly, this is a celebration of the rapprochement of families, nations and the community as a whole, which is especially important today, when there are more and more manifestations of extremism in society, attempts to pervert the essence of Islam, use it for selfish purposes.
In his famous sermon, delivered during the Farewell Hajj, which became a testament to descendants, the Prophet Muhammad said: “Excellence is only in piety and good deeds.”

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The first New Year of the baby.Ideas for organizing a holiday.

New Year is a holiday that people look forward to at any age. A holiday that can awaken our childhood memories and give real joy! Of course, parents want it to become special and magical for the child, especially if this is the first time for a baby.

It is better to prepare for the organization of the holiday in advance in order to have time to think over the program and take into account all the nuances of celebrating the New Year with a small child.

Outfit for the baby.

Choosing an outfit is an important part of preparing for the holiday. If you are planning a family photo session, then you can choose similar suits for the parents and the baby (with a similar print, for example, or the same color).

Overalls decorated in New Year’s style are very comfortable as a festive outfit. You can easily and quickly change a diaper or change your baby’s clothes.

What to look out for:

  • Choose an outfit taking into account the temperature characteristics of the room in which the party will be held
  • Choose clothes made from natural fabrics
  • Clothes should be as comfortable as possible and not restrict movement
  • Consider the fact that the baby can easily get dirty, so it is worth considering a fallback
  • Clothes should be not only comfortable, but also safe.Therefore, pay great attention to the decorations on the costume and additional accessories

Where to celebrate the holiday?

Of course, the most comfortable place for both parents and the baby will be at home. A familiar environment, the ability to bathe, change clothes, feed the child and put him to bed at any time. If you are planning guests, then the preparation can take a lot of time, so consider options with the delivery of ready-made food or seek help from loved ones.Preparation shouldn’t take all of your energy or deprive your child of the attention it needs.

If you decide to visit yourself for the New Year, then prepare everything you need in advance. You may need:

  • baby dishes, bottle, spare pacifier
  • diapers and wet wipes
  • change of clothes (it is better to take different ones if you are not sure how warm it will be in the room)
  • toys
  • Children’s rug or blanket for a toddler who hasn’t walked yet
  • children’s first aid kit

With whom to celebrate the holiday?

Young children quickly get tired of new experiences, and sometimes they are simply afraid of people with whom they are not familiar enough.Therefore, you should not gather large and noisy companies, but mark them in the circle of those closest to you.

If your child is not the only one in the company, then it will be easier for children to organize their leisure time. You can invite a professional Santa Claus or dress up one of the men. The age of the child is important here: it will not be very clear and uninteresting to a very small child, moreover, they may be frightened.

Festive program.

If there are any activities for children, then plan them taking into account the baby’s regimen.

What may be suitable for the first New Year of the child:

  1. child or family photo session at home
  2. home decoration and Christmas tree
  3. The arrival of Santa Claus and the presentation of gifts
  4. New Year’s songs, books, cartoons (if the child watches them)
  5. the main thing is positive emotions, attention and care


  • All toys and jewelry must be made of materials safe for the child
  • If the child can walk, put the tree out of reach
  • Electrical appliances must be safely hidden
  • Do not go outside if firecrackers are blown up there.Do not go to the balcony during the fireworks, the child may be frightened by loud sounds.
  • Try not to disturb the kids’ routine too much in connection with the holidays.
  • Do not overload the child with impressions, the holiday should be easy and pleasant.

And may your New Year be the most joyful and happy!

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