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Celebrating Baby AJ’s Full Month

My fav corner at the entrance of our home, adorned with a poster frame given by a dear friend…

At the blink of an eye, baby Alexander turned 6 weeks today. We threw him a small full month celebration 2 Sundays ago to introduce him to our family and close friends. Due to my work schedules, I had only a week to put everything together. I decided on the colour scheme, designed the invite and thankfully, everything fell into place from there.

The invite


To the Chinese, it’s customary to have two items as part of the full month celebration: 1. Red Eggs to symbolise birth and new life 2. Ang Ku Kuehs (literally translated from Hokkien as ‘Red Turtle Cakes’) to symbolise longevity and good luck. I wanted to perpetuate this Chinese tradition so I googled for Full Month gift packs to be distributed to our guests.  After some research, I ordered these gorgeous looking ‘Full Month’ celebratory boxes from a rather new local start-up (Lulu’s) to support local entrepreneurs.

Each Lulu’s celebratory box contains 2 Red Eggs, 2 Pointed Ang Ku Kuehs (for baby boys) and 2 yummy Swiss Rolls. All packages come with a personalised baby photo message card in a generous 4R size with glossy photo quality printing (see below). When the boxes were delivered, I was wowed by its quality. It’s very presentable, modern and yet traditional at the same time – just what we wanted.  The items inside Lulu’s celebratory boxes are halal, making it an ideal gift for colleagues, neighbours and friends. It’s also priced reasonably at SGD5.90 per box.  We all know that with a newborn, the expenses increase exponentially so if we can get an attractive Full Month gift box for relatives and friends at a non-exorbitant price, why not?

Each box comes with a personalised message card in 4R glossy photo quality printing!
Freshly baked, beautifully packaged
Tasty and tasteful!
Great way to spread the joy of your baby’s Full Month!


With the venue booked at the outdoor poolside pavilion at our condo estate,  I wanted to dress it up with yellow and grey to align with the invite.   I contacted Most Wonderfully Made, a Mumpreneur who runs a local online party supplies store. She graciously helped me conceptualise and even hand-draw the layout of the decorative lanterns and pom poms. As I contacted her very close to the party date, I had to supplement some of the decor items from Give Fun, another local online party store. Both vendors were very friendly, very professional and went out of their way to ensure the party was a success. I was very touched to receive such personalised service.

The preparation went into overdrive with all hands on deck on the day of the party. The hubby drove me to the nursery to pink up bunches of yellow roses and white astromelias to accentuate the venue. I printed food tags and roped in the daughter to write the labels. My mother-in-law helped me unfurl each pom pom layer by layer (didn’t know it was so tedious!). The banner was printed and strung together.  An hour before the party, the hubby was also tasked to go collect the 50 helium balloons from our favourite balloon vendor, Balloon Blasters, at The Grandstand.   All these done while we took turns to tend to the baby. At 5pm, as the last lantern and pom pom were being hung, our first guests arrived…phew!

Yellow roses and lanterns give it a summery feel…
Tiny white daisies in mason mugs…
Food labels lovingly written by the Big Sister…
A frame and a table floral centerpiece for the long table…
A poolside party…
The dining pavilion all dressed up…
Love how the yellow and greys blend so well together…


Due to the lack of time, I wanted the buffer dinner to come from a reliable and tried and tested caterer – Neo Gardens. I had specific requests for my table cloth (silver on black), the set up (two food lines), the type of cutleries to be used (biodegradable cornwares etc) etc. The customer service I received surpassed my expectation. Even though I was indecisive about my menu items, the sales executive, Ms Kah Men patiently attended to my queries.  Her email correspondences were always polite and prompt. The night before the function, an SMS was sent to inform us who the driver would be. On the day itself, another confirmation was sent. We had engaged many caterers before for family functions but Neo Gardens has surpassed them all in terms of service delivery. Our guests were impressed with the food presentation and quality too.  That was my biggest relief. As a host, the party food must be good. I was pleased to have chosen the right caterer for this celebration.  One of the best dishes I enjoyed from this spread is their Teochew Yam Paste – so so good (I helped myself to multiples after the guests left)!

Buffet Spread
Red Eggs, hand-dyed by AJ’s maternal grandma…
Traditional snacks for a dose of Chinese heritage: Ang Ku Kuehs and Glutinuous Rice…
Braised Ee Fu Noodle with Seafood…
Sumptuous Steamed Siew Mais…
Broccoli with Abalone Mushrooms and Grilled Snapper with Mango Salsa…
Wasabi Prawns and Pork Ribs Deluxe with Longan…

As the sun sets and the last guests took their leave, my sister’s family and my Mum stayed on to assist us with the clearing up. It was time-consuming and energy zapping to throw a party but seeing so many of our loved ones come to share our joy in AJ’s arrival made it all worthwhile. In the course of planning for the full month party, I spent considerable amount of time compiling this list of useful contacts. Hopefully, it will serve as a good reference to fellow parents planning for your own celebrations.

Thank you aunties and uncles for coming!

Useful Contacts for Party Planning

1. Full Month Gift Packs | Lulu’s Celebratory Boxes

Contact Number: (+65) 66933160
Email: [email protected]

2. Lanterns | Give Fun

Contact Number: (+65) 81123719
Email: [email protected]
Quote ‘DANAXGF’ for a 10% store-wide discount with no minimum purchase!  

3. Tissue Pom-Poms | Most Wonderfully Made

Email:  [email protected]

4. Balloons | Balloon Blasters

Contact Number: (+65) 64661268
Email: [email protected]

5. Customised Party Banner | Etsy


6. Catering | Neo Gardens 

Contact Number: (+65) 68967757
Email: [email protected]

7. Ang Ku Kuehs | Ji Xiang Confectionery

Contact Number: (+65) 62231631
Email: jixiang. [email protected]

8. Glutinuous Rice | 146 Famous Bukit Merah Ang Ku Kueh

Contact Number: (+65) 62735159
Email: [email protected]


The kind folks at Lulu’s Celebratory Boxes is sponsoring 3 Lucky Princess Dana Diaries Readers a SGD50 Lulu’s voucher each! Simply leave your name, email, with a comment why you would like to win the Lulu’s voucher.  This giveaway is only open to readers residing in Singapore and ends midnight of 30 August 2014.  Winners will be notified by email.

Terms and Conditions:

* Voucher code must be used when making the online order.
* A minimum order of 50 boxes is required.
* This e-voucher is valid for 1 year till 31 July 2015.
* This e-voucher can only be utilized once by each winner.

Disclaimer: We thank Lulu’s, Give Fun, Balloon Blasters and Most Wonderfully Made for their generous discounts / sponsorships. No monetary compensation was received. All opinions and photos are ours, as usual.

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Celebrating Baby’s Full Month – 满月

In Singapore, there is a Chinese tradition of holding a full-month party for a baby after the first month of birth. The Chinese tradition of celebrating the first month of the baby dates back to ancient China at a time way before modern medicine was available. During those times, the mortality rate of infants was high and so it was considered really good news for the parents if their baby could reach its first month safely. Furthermore, confinement period for the mother would have ended by this time making it ideal for celebration!

Celebrating Baby’s Full Month

There are different ways of celebrating the baby’s full month. Typically, the family holds a party and invites some guests. Guests come with red packets, toys, baby hampers, and gift vouchers for the baby, like a baby shower. The party can be arranged at home, function hall of a condo or even at restaurants. It has now become common for families in Singapore to hire a food caterer to set up a buffet for their guests.

There are several traditions that should be observed during this celebration, though not many are following them anymore:

  • The baby’s head will be shaved to symbolize shedding of the “birth hair”. In modern times, though, just a little bit of the hair is cut.
  • Both mother and child will be bathed in water with pomelo leaves to ward off evil.
  • Dressing the child in clothes that are gold in color before presenting him/her to ancestors at the family altar
  • Choosing the baby’s Chinese name by the paternal grandfather or a fortune teller
  • Receiving red packets and/or jewellery from relative and friends. This tradition never died out 🙂


Traditional Food Served

Other than the symbolic dishes during New Year, there are also few symbolic dishes for the Chinese full-month party, traditional food that are a must are:

  • Ang Ku Kueh – literally “Red Tortoise Cake” in Hokkien, these are cakes that are sticky and chewy often filled with either peanuts or mung bean. These are believed to signify a long life, like a tortoise.

    Ang Ku Kueh

  • Eggs Dyed Red – Some believe that red eggs are a symbol of happiness and new life. Others believe it symbolises fertility and harmony.

    Red Eggs

Other traditional foods include peanut candy, traditional cake, chicken, roasted chicken, and savoury glutinous rice.

Food Catering for Baby’s Full Month

For all those who are celebrating baby’s full month, we have a variety of delicious food items in our menu which is just perfect according to the occasion.  We have a few different packages and here is what the most basic one looks like


Lemongrass Thai fish cakes

Specialty Boiled Red Egg in the Chinese Red Basket

Glutinous rice with dried shrimp and mushroom and Red Ang Ku Kueh

Hot savoury

Chicken curry with potatoes, signature sweet sour fish, vegetarian fired bee hon, oriental fried rice, and Deluxe Mixed vegetable

Sweet and dessert

Crystal glass jelly with Longan and Selasih


Aloha fruit-punch and Apple Cordial

This package is for $11.80 min 30 pax.

>> Click here for more choices!

A Happy Mum | Singapore Parenting Blog

Since Asher was born on 20th Dec, we were pretty much busy with Ariel’s birthday, Christmas parties, New Year celebrations, and Angel starting primary school when we got home. Things were a little chaotic initially as expected but as soon as we settled down a little more, we started to plan for our baby boy’s full month party! Yup, since the sisters both had a full month celebration, it was only natural that we did so for our third child too.

However, we didn’t want to make it overly elaborate so we decided to keep things fairly simple. Together, the hubby and I did up the guestlist, sent out an e-invite, counted the numbers and started sourcing for the venue, food, cakes, tables, chairs and other equipment. We panicked a little after selecting our buffet dishes with our usual caterer, only to be told that they were fully booked that day and couldn’t accommodate our timing. So three days before the event, yes very last minute I know, we stayed up late to search for an alternative caterer and thankfully, everything went smoothly from there.

For the venue, since our house was much too small to fit all our guests which amounted to near 80 people, we approached Town Council to rent the use of a nearby sheltered pavilion for a day. I must say it was really a good choice because for merely $50, we had a good location just beside our house which was cosy and spacious enough to accommodate over a hundred people.

The hubby also rented tables, chairs, electric fans and guess what, even a portable toilet! Yes, we had to consider every guest’s needs and since we had both the elderly and young, we’d better make sure everyone was well taken care of.

For me, I was in charge of the entertainment. For the kids’ corner, we set up our colourful tent and placed toys inside for the little ones to play with. The good thing about this venue is that there is a playground and a fitness area right beside it, so with a little bit of luck, the weather that day was breezy and cool, perfect for the kids to run around and have some outdoor fun.

Besides displaying Asher’s 30-day collage and our lovely photoshoot album from Orange Studios for the guests to take a look, I also came up with the idea of renting a projector, screen and sound system so that we could blast some party music and showcase the pictures in a slideshow at the same time. I mean, it would be quite boring if the whole place was quiet, right?

I also played some Just Dance videos so that the kids could have fun dancing and moving to the beat! This turned out to be a hit with many and of course, the two sisters were ecstatic! This was a pretty good way to keep them occupied while we were setting up the place too! In fact, I played some new songs for them to learn and one of the soundtracks was Price Tag by Jessie J, after the party, the two of them kept singing “Yeah b-bling b-bling” which made me laugh out loud.

For the party favours, we gave out full month packages from Sweetest Moments and cake vouchers from Bengawan Solo. I chose the Classic Treats package which combines tradition with a modern twist and includes red eggs, glutinous rice, ang ku kueh, cakes, mochi, confetti donuts, and a customised card. For the vouchers, I roped in my little helper Angel to help and she was the one who inserted the vouchers and sealed all the envelopes.

So, what is one of the highlights of a full month party? Why, FOOD, of course!

We chose to go with Elsie’s Kitchen this time round and to celebrate his son turning full month, the generous hubby decided to choose the most expensive buffet menu which was the Supreme buffet that consisted of 13 dishes and cost $22.36 per pax. I protested initially because I felt it was too expensive and there wasn’t a need to, but well, I decided to let him have the final say in such matters instead of kicking a big fuss over it.

So, here were the dishes chosen.

1) Thai Pineapple Rice
2) Hong Kong Noodle
3) Superior Broth Poached Spinach With Egg Trio & Wolfberries
4) Honey Baked Chicken Drumlet
5) Steam Fish With Chef Sauce
6) Large Oats Prawn
7) Sambal Sotong
8) Slipper Lobster Thermidor
9) Golden Seafood Beancurd
10) Assorted Japanese Sushi
11) Fresh Fruit Platter
12) Honey Sea Coconut
13) Fruit Punch

Sounds not bad, right? Not surprisingly, the lobster thermidors were the most popular and were gobbled up very soon! Other than the rice and noodles, the rest of the dishes were also quite well-received and the wastage was not as bad as we feared, much to our relief.

My favourite part of a full month party is the chance to catch up with friends and family, especially those that you seldom get to see now that everyone is so preoccupied with life. It wasn’t just a catching up session for me, it was a gathering for my friends themselves too as they talked about the latest updates like who just gave birth, who got pregnant, who’s getting married and when, who just changed job and so on.

Alright, let’s get started!

So what’s the first thing that we have to do when planning a full month / 100 days party?

1. Pick a date and time 

Common sense isn’t it? But of course you can’t decide on the date until the baby is born. So I remembered after I delivered baby J, the next day I told our parents that her full month celebration will be on xx day. Get their consent first! 🙂 

We chose weekend of course. Next would be the timing. Timing could be quite tricky. It depends on majority of your guests’ schedule as well as the venue itself, as some places do have fixed timing to host the event. Hubby and I were certain that we wanted it to be earlier in the day, like a lunch celebration. So that baby J is still rather awake and won’t disrupt her bedtime too. 

2. Guest list

It’s true that as you’re planning the celebration, it’s going to feel like you are planning for another wedding banquet! Haha! 

So the guest list will depend on how big do you want the celebration to be? We thought that managing the baby would already be a challenge, so we decided to just keep to a small scale one.

3. Venue

Now that we have a rough estimate of the number of guests, we started looking for suitable venues. Of course it would be ideal if we can host it at our own place. So much more convenient as well when comes to diaper changing, napping and feeding! Yes, everything planned to meet baby’s needs! But our nest is not going to be able to accommodate our ~70 guests! 

If you plan to save venue budget, Condominium function room is a good idea! We do have relatives that could help us with that, however it isn’t near our place and we are not keen to travel far. 

So I simply Googled “venues for baby full month celebration”, you can do that too! Quite a number of options came up and in the end I chose a function room at Safra.  From experience, before you confirm on the venue, do consider your nursing options! Are there nursing rooms available? Where will your baby be napping at? Check out this website, it gives you a detailed guide to the nursing rooms around Singapore! Definitely a great help when you bring baby out. 🙂

4. Decide on a theme

Well, this is completely optional. If you have the budget, why not? With a theme, it definitely beautifies the venue and makes great photos for memory sake! 🙂 

For me, I knew all along that I wanted a customized dessert table for baby J. So even before I delivered my baby, I was already looking around for potential vendors and also gathering ideas for the theme as well! Do note that if you were to choose your venue to be at a cafe or restaurant, they might be able to do the dessert table for you, otherwise you would have to source for yourself. 🙂  

“Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” 

Yes, the theme to baby J’s full month celebration! We engaged @oneandonlygallery to help us with the dessert table and certainly we were more than happy with the result! I simply told the team the theme that I’ve in mind, the colour combination that I’m looking for (pink & gold) and ta dah~ They did the magic for me!

It makes a great backdrop for photo taking as well! 

A closer look at the dessert table! 

How gorgeous! <3


I love how everything is being customized for baby J! 


Look at her name on the pastries! 

The cake fits the theme so well!  

Therefore, if you have the budget, dessert table is definitely a good idea! My guests were so impressed! The little ones of course couldn’t take their eyes off the sweets too! Haha! 


We had catered with Neo Garden on numerous occasions, so we are confident with the taste of the food. The curry chicken is like a must order!

Anyway, we also got to know that Neo Garden now has 3 awesome deals for you to celebrate your baby’s special day with them! 

1. Neo Bao Bao

Simply code <NBB15> to get 15% off buffet catering for your baby’s full month or 100 days celebrations!

2. Baby Celebration Package

– $88 Combo: 30 x Blissful Red Eggs, 30 x Ang Ku Kueh, 50 x Assorted Mini Cakes

– $200 Combo: 30 x Blissful Red Eggs, 30 x Ang Ku Kueh, 50 x Assorted Mini Cakes, Baby Boy/Girl Themed Buffet Setup

– $150 per Baby Boy/Girl Themed Buffet Setup

3. Neo Garden Baby

If you celebrate baby full month / 100 days with Neo Garden, you get to enjoy 20% for baby’s birthday celebrations from 1 to 6 years old!

We had the $200 celebration combo package!

There are 12 themes to choose from for the decoration! 

Also, it comes with 30 x Blissful Red Eggs and 30 x Ang Ku Kueh.

Ps: The ang ku kuehs were so well received! 

A closer look at the spread that we had. 

Yes, the curry chicken was being missed out by my camera but my stomach definitely didn’t! 😀

6. Photographer

Again, this is entirely optional and depending on your budget. 

I wanted baby J to be able to look back at all the photos when she is older, so we decided to engage a photographer, Little Love Tree, to help us capture all the beautiful moments. :’)

My curious baby couldn’t stop looking around after she woke up from her nap! Haha! 

Aiyo! I miss her being this smaaaaaaaallllll!

Be healthy always, my little angel. <3

Jennifer from Little Love Tree went round to capture our guests and also our little family. :’)

We are very thankful for all the precious photos that were taken for us to keepsake and for baby J to look back when she is older. :’) 

All in all, we had a cozy celebration with our loved ones and we were so touched by the love that were showered on our baby.



5 Budget-Friendly Ways to Plan a Baby Shower in Singapore

By Priyanka Elhence, 06 November 2020

A baby shower is a very special occasion, especially for first-time parents. It’s a great way to celebrate a pivotal life experience and share this joy with friends and family. 

In some parts of the world, a baby shower usually takes place during the third trimester of pregnancy so that mum-to-be can enjoy some pampering before the baby arrives. For many Singaporean families, a baby shower is also known as the Full Month Celebration. This is when the baby is approximately a month old, which is considered a major milestone for most families. 

While it’s a blessing to celebrate your baby’s arrival with loved ones, don’t make this day the most expensive day of your little one’s life. Without a budget in mind, baby showers can get pricey very quickly.

Here are some budget-friendly ways to celebrate a baby shower in Singapore.


Host the party at home 

It’s tempting to get caught up in the hype of celebrating at a hotel, restaurant, or hip rooftop venue. However, baby shower venues can takeup most of the budget, with rates starting at $125 an hour without catering. 

The simplest and most high-impact way to save money is to host the party at home, especially with COVID-19 safety regulations limiting your guest list. Even a 3-room HDB flat can comfortably hold a few guests without feeling too cramped. Celebrating at home also makes it easier to cook and save on catering, although getting food delivered would still cost far less than a restaurant or hotel venue.

If you’d like to hold the shower somewhere more spacious, consider asking family or friends who stay at condominiums if they can book a function room on your behalf. 


Have an intimate celebration

Don’t feel pressured to hold a large baby shower – holding a more intimate celebration will help you manage your food and beverage costs. Aside from your close family and friends, here are some questions that can help if you and your partner feel conflicted about whether or not to invite someone:

  • How involved will this person be in your baby’s life?
  • Do you celebrate other major life events with this person?
  • Will this person be a positive influence on your family?
  • Do you feel comfortable having this person around your baby?


Make it an alcohol-free (or BYOB) event

Even with a small guest list, serving champagne, beer, and other alcoholic drinks will set you back several hundred dollars. Manage your guests’ expectations and let them know in advance that you won’t be serving alcohol, or that this is a bring-your-own-booze event. 


Avoid meal times

If you hold the shower at breakfast, lunch or dinner, your guests will naturally expect a full meal (ie. more food). Consider hosting the baby shower in between meal times so that you can serve finger food and snacks as opposed to a full meal.

A good time to hold the shower would be between 2 to 5 pm. Right after lunch, people would not require much to eat and you can serve a simple but delicious spread of sandwiches, snacks, kueh kueh, desserts, and coffee or tea. 


Ask for help

Caring for a baby in the middle of a pandemic is not an easy feat. Your loved ones understand that you have a lot on your plate. So don’t be afraid to request for their help with planning, or delegate some tasks to them. Instead of hiring a photographer, perhaps a family member can document the party. If you don’t have time to source and buy affordable decors, see if a friend who enjoys party planning or decorating can make your party venue look festive.

Getting loved ones involved with the baby shower is a rare opportunity for them to bond with you and your baby. Make this once-in-a-lifetime event more memorable with their participation.


Protect your little one with baby insurance

While welcoming a baby brings more joy into your lives, it also means more responsibility. As parents, we are responsible for protecting our little ones from unforeseen circumstances. 

A simple way to do this is by getting baby insurance as soon as your little one arrives. Consider plans like Income’s Enhanced IncomeShield, easily purchased online or with the help of an Income advisor. Having your little one well protected will give you peace of mind and allow you to focus on celebrating all their precious milestones.


Important Notes:

This article is meant purely for informational purposes and should not be relied upon as financial advice. The precise terms, conditions and exclusions of any Income products mentioned are specified in their respective policy contracts. For customised advice to suit your specific needs, consult an Income insurance advisor.

This advertisement has not been reviewed by the Monetary Authority of Singapore. 


Red Egg and Ginger Party

Welcome to Red Egg and Ginger Party, a site with everything you need to know about attending or hosting this traditional Chinese celebration of a baby’s one month birthday.


You are about to attend a traditional Chinese celebration of a baby’s one month birthday. Red Egg and Ginger Parties can range from full banquet meals at restaurants to small family events at home. Guests receive red eggs, which symbolize luck and unity, and pickled ginger, which brings the body back into balance after childbirth.

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Gift Ideas

You should bring a gift for the baby when attending a Red Egg and Ginger Party. Gifts are traditionally given to wish the baby good luck and protect it from bad spirits. Today gift giving is much more casual, though you can still strive to incorporate these traditional themes.

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Your Red Egg and Ginger Party invitations should be fun and unique, bounded only by your own time and creativity. Parents can design and print their own invitations or go online to find ideas that incorporate both traditional and contemporary Chinese designs.

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You may choose to thank guests for attending by sending them off with the customary hard boiled red eggs or packages of pork biscuits. However, you can also thank those who attended the celebration with a more creative gift that still has a touch of tradition in it.

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Party Ideas

Your Red Egg and Ginger Party will introduce your new baby to family and friends. Red Egg and Ginger Parties can be traditional affairs full of symbolic rituals or casual gatherings that feel more like a contemporary baby shower. Either way, don’t be overwhelmed by party planning during your early, sleep-deprived days of parenthood.

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Have a question that you don’t see answered on the site? Use the Ask a Question page to get in touch!

HT: Photos via Ang Weddings and Events, White Lemon Designs, flickriver and Sugar Mama Cookies.

90,000 US Citizens Have A Trick To Get A Good Pension

According to a recent study by the Federal Reserve Bank of New York, the number of Americans planning to work after moving to the respected category of “senior citizens” (senior citizens – as retirees are called in the United States), fell to a record low of 32. 9%.

Usually, in “peacetime”, financial advisers recommend that US residents continue to work until at least 70 years of age – then you can count on the maximum retirement pension.And if, in addition to this, you managed to accumulate certain savings, then you will not be lost.

But now – not a “peacetime”, and many do not finish not only to the cherished 70 years, but simply to the full retirement age, which, depending on the year of birth, ranges from 65 to 67 odd in the United States. More Americans are retiring early in their retirement age at 62, losing at least a quarter of their retirement benefits. But there are reasons for such a decision – and this is not only the threat of death from the coronavirus.

How much is needed for a comfortable old age

As of August of this year, the average social insurance old-age pension for those US citizens who worked to full retirement age was $ 1437 per month. Those who retired at 62 years old – $ 1130. Can you live on this money? You will answer this question yourself if you compare the above figures with the average rent – about $ 1100 per month.

So how do American retirees make ends meet? Who is like.One option is to have a service pension from the company where you worked for a long time, in addition to the state, social insurance. True, only a few have this option – those who are lucky enough to work in government agencies or large corporations such as Boeing, Ford, General Electric …

You can also stay afloat if you have substantial pension savings in addition to your social security pension. Many American companies create 401K retirement plans for their employees, in which both the employee and the employer contribute money (sometimes in a one-to-one ratio, sometimes in some other proportion).In addition, people invest in targeted retirement term deposits and other similar accounts that can be purchased from financial institutions.

All money invested in retirement savings is deducted from taxable income – this is a good incentive to save money for old age. Pension savings must not be touched until the age of 59 and a half, otherwise a penalty will have to be paid.

It’s a good thing, but not everyone can afford it: tens of millions of low-paid US citizens live paycheck to paycheck, saving nothing at all.A report published by the Center for Fiscal Priorities found that only half of Americans near retirement age (55 to 64) have earmarked retirement contributions.

The same report said that on average Americans have $ 134,000 in their retirement accounts. Again, let us ask ourselves a question: is this a lot or a little? Looking from the Russian bell tower, it may seem like a lot, but for America it is hardly.

According to the calculations of the financial corporation Fidelity Investments, a retired couple should have at least $ 295,000.Moreover, this amount does not include the fee for a possible stay in a nursing home (which is sky-high). In addition, the estimate is last year’s. Over the past year, the inflationary spiral in the United States has unfolded to 6%, in connection with which the indexation of social insurance old-age and disability pensions is expected to be at least 5. 8% next year.


In general, so that a married couple does not feel the need and is not forced to cut expenses after retirement, she must have savings in the amount of one and a half dollars.Very few succeed in this.

To impoverish is profitable

Fidelity Investments’ cumulative arithmetic gives men $ 7,500 a year after retirement, and women 7% less (since they live longer, the same amount is divided by more years). This arithmetic assumes that they will start using their savings at the age of 65 and that they will not leave for an early, reduced pension at the age of 62.

Someone will not leave at either 62 or 70 years old and will work up to “putting their feet forward” (if they do not get fired earlier), even if the pension budget allows them to have a well-deserved rest.Americans are textbook workaholics, they are brought up like that from infancy. In addition, for the most part, American retirees are single people, they see adult children and grandchildren only on Thanksgiving or Christmas …

Others continue to work after reaching retirement age, not by desire, but by necessity – otherwise it is impossible to make ends meet. It is estimated that 37-38 million Americans live below the official poverty line, and more than 12 million are so-called working poor.(For reference: the US population is over 333 million). This is the worst of all: the salary does not reach the real cost of living, but is considered “too high” to receive social assistance from the state.

But there is a third category of American retirees – those who purposefully seek to impoverish and retire as early as possible with minimal income and assets. What for? To understand this, let’s continue with our calculations. The average monthly pension of $ 1,437 with “kopecks” on an annualized basis is $ 17,250.Add to that the average savings income of $ 7,500 per year. It comes out $ 24,750 per year.

Federally set official poverty line for 2021 is $ 12,880 per person or $ 17,420 per year per married couple. More often than not, the income of a retired person or a couple of retirees exceeds these absolutely beggarly income thresholds by American standards. But is it good? Exceeding the poverty thresholds deprives low-income people of the opportunity to receive social assistance for the poor.Although in fairness it must be said that there are all sorts of options (in different states of the United States they are very different) housing, food assistance, preferential medicine – including for those who, although they do not live below the poverty line, have not risen much above it either.


In general, for a normal life in retirement in America, you have to be either a wealthy individual with serious savings, or to smithereens a beggar who shows empty hands to the state and asks for help. In light of this dilemma, many of those who “fall between two chairs” on the threshold of reaching retirement age go to a financial consultant, and he says with a sigh: “You, sir, I will recommend the option of” elegant impoverishment. ” You need to get rid of assets, minimize income, and then you will be all right. ”

A place in the cemetery helps to survive

It is not easy to become indigent: an applicant for this status must show social security officials an absolutely minimal income, the absence of any significant savings and other assets – real estate, expensive cars, jewelry … Then it will be possible to apply for subsidized housing, food aid, a supplement for the poor to retirement , free drugs, free health insurance for the poor (Medicaid), etc.At the same time, you can have your own house if this is your place of residence and the only real estate. You can have one modest car. You can drive your assets into a trust, which will be disposed of by someone else.

To reduce savings, you can fully pay off all mortgage, car loans, credit cards. You can pay for funeral expenses in advance, buy a place in the cemetery. You can pay a life annuity for your spouse. You can pay upfront for your home care services.

Of course, it is far from always possible to “impoverish elegantly” without breaking the law. Many are faced with the dilemma of “obedience to the law or survival”, and here no financial consultant will take a choice in one direction or the other – you have to choose for yourself. Someone wants to sleep peacefully, someone wants to live with dignity, and someone chooses the third option – to leave the United States for some cheap country where you can live quite comfortably on the most modest American pension.

But there are still a lot of legal ways to live in retirement in the United States without being a millionaire.”Senior citizens”, for example, often use credit on a large scale – they accumulate large debt on credit cards, take out bank loans . .. Often they knowingly know that they will not repay these debts. Their creditors have to write off debts at a loss after the death of the debtor. But in the financial industry there are perverse lending incentives: the loan is “snatched” to anyone at a high interest rate, and then for this “snatch” they also receive bonuses and promotions.

Life of retirees in numbers

One way or another, American retirees are surviving, and mostly okay.According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics of the US Department of Labor, persons aged 65 and above spend on average $ 48,106 per year, or $ 4,008 per month, on living. This is below the US average of $ 61,749 per year, or $ 5146 per month.

If we talk about the distribution of costs, then we need to start with spending on housing (payment of mortgages for a house or rent, taxes on real estate and its insurance, operating costs, etc.). In 2021, Americans over 65 spent an average of $ 4,847 per year on these purposes.To this must be added the costs of heating, electricity, telephone, etc. – another $ 3743 per year. “Other expenses” related to housing is another $ 1219 per year.

It should be borne in mind that these averages are made up of very different values: in America there are many places where you can live very cheaply (but you hardly want to live there), and there are expensive coastal areas of California, New York, New Jersey, Massachusetts …


Americans spend a lot on short and long journeys – an average of $ 10,160 per year is spent on travel costs.People over 65 spend significantly less – $ 6,618 per year.

But in the field of medical expenses, retirees are ahead of the average citizen: if on average Americans spend on healthcare (doctors, hospitals, medicines) $ 5204 per year, then persons of retirement age – $ 6719 per year.

As for food (at home and outside the home), then retirees lag behind the average American statistics: if the average US resident consumes food in the amount of $ 7923 per year, then a pensioner – $ 6303 per year ($ 525 per month).The older a person is, the less he spends on food.

In terms of spending on entertainment, American retirees lag just a little behind younger people: the national average is $ 2,482 per year, and a retiree’s spending on museums, theaters, movies, and hobbies is $ 2,282 per year.

And the main thing, of course, is not the item-by-item expenses of a pensioner, but life expectancy, so that there is when to spend money, big or small. According to statistics from the World Health Organization, the United States is ranked 40th in the world in terms of life expectancy – 78.4 years.The place is not very honorable, but better than that of Russia, which in this WHO table (for December 2020) was in 97th place with an indicator of 73.2 years. And another interesting statistical comparison: the gap in life expectancy between women and men (in favor of women) in the United States is 1.8 years, and in Russia – 7.9 years.

New York.

90,000 In Georgia, ruling and opposition parties celebrate victory in municipal elections

The campaign was competitive and the vote was valid.The Georgian Central Election Commission sums up the results of the second round of municipal elections. After processing almost 100% of the ballots: in most cities, including Tbilisi, mayoral candidates from the ruling party win. Georgian Dream celebrates its success. But the losers promise protests. The opposition and Mikhail Saakashvili personally hoped for a completely different scenario.

As soon as the polling stations closed, both parties – the ruling Georgian Dream and the opposition United National Movement – began to celebrate their victory without waiting for the voting results.According to the exit poll, commissioned by the government TV channel Imedi, the leaders of the current government were.

“It was important to bring our victory to the end. And we did it! Thanks to our people, we have won in all municipalities! ” – says the chairman of the party “Georgian Dream” Irakli Kobakhidze.

The results of another exit poll, ordered by the opposition channel Mtavari, were exactly the opposite: the opposition won.

“Apart from Tbilisi, we are leading in other municipalities, and this is a turning point for the whole country.In an unequal struggle, the voter managed to defeat violence, hatred, filth and injustice! ” – says the representative of the opposition party Elene Khoshtaria.

Despite the fact that the elections were municipal, they received increased attention. Local legislatures and heads of the largest Georgian cities were elected: Tbilisi, Batumi, Kutaisi, Poti and Rustavi. In the conditions when the country has been actually split into two camps for a long time – supporters of the ruling Georgian Dream and the United National Movement, founded by Mikhail Saakashvili, these elections were viewed as a referendum on confidence in the current government.

Back in April, Georgian Dream signed an agreement with the opposition and promised: if its candidates in local legislative assemblies are in the minority, early parliamentary elections will be announced. The stakes were high.

Apparently considering that this chance should not be missed, eight years later he returned to his homeland, or rather, even to say, ex-President of Georgia Mikhail Saakashvili made his way. Of course, knowing that he would be arrested, tk. several criminal cases were brought against him. For two of them, the politician has already been found guilty and sentenced in absentia to three and six years in prison, respectively.Once Mishiko’s whereabouts were established, he was taken into custody. According to the country’s authorities, the ex-president was preparing a provocation.

“On election day, Saakashvili was supposed to appear in the center of Tbilisi along with his supporters. His detention would lead to confrontation. According to our information, the assassination of several opposition leaders was planned. And they would blame the authorities for this. There would be a complete deligitimation of our government. Naturally, the results of the elections would also raise a huge question.Then there was a plan to take the building of the Central Election Commission, the parliament building, the chancellery, and the country would be engulfed in complete chaos, ”says the Prime Minister of Georgia Irakli Garibashvili.

Saakashvili began to actively portray the victim. He went on a hunger strike. Supporters gathered thousands of rallies in support of him.

However, Saakashvili’s calculation was not justified. According to the CEC data, after processing 100% of the ballots, representatives of the ruling party win in all municipalities, including the capital. And in just one city – a candidate from the “united national movement”.The opposition, however, has already announced that it does not recognize the results of the elections, believing that they were falsified. And already from Monday he promises to start actions of civil disobedience in the country.

Moscow said goodbye to Igor Kirillov – the legendary announcer of Central Television

His voice embodied the country and time. For decades, it was he who reported all important events to millions of viewers, broadcasted from Red Square and “New Year’s lights”. I treasured the trust of the audience as the greatest value.And his always accurate intonations will remain in the memory of several generations. Igor Leonidovich was 89 years old. Because of the restrictions, today only relatives, friends and colleagues could say goodbye to him, many of whom learned a profession from him.

Many people came to say goodbye to Igor Kirillov, but many more people would like to do it. For several generations, he was his own, close person, whose face and voice literally everyone knew. With the departure of Igor Kirillov, a whole era has really gone, and it’s not just about television.

Farewell took place at the Novodevichy cemetery. Relatives, friends and colleagues followed the hearse.

Until the last day, Igor Kirillov was associated with domestic television, the embodiment of which many still consider him to be. On his own channel, he was always in demand, was interested in the projects of Channel One, and more recently discussed a new project with his participation, which was planned to coincide with the celebration of his 90th birthday.

“In our country in the 20th century there were only two main male voices.The first was heard from loudspeakers and radio sets – it was Yuri Levitan, and the second had a face – it was Igor Kirillov. This voice embodied time and country. This person reported the first flight of a satellite, the first manned flight into space. His voice, which sounded and will continue to sound before a minute of silence, recalling the millions who died in the Great Patriotic War. His voice that will stay with us forever. Let’s remember him, keep quiet a little, let his voice sound inside us. Thank you, Igor Leonidovich, for being there, ”said Konstantin Ernst, General Director of Channel One.

For many of those who today came to Novodevichye to say goodbye to him, Igor Kirillov was a teacher. He hired them after a very strict, three-day selection process. And after this test, the leader became a friend, always a supportive friend. And gratitude to him still unites his colleagues in the television workshop, especially in the legendary announcer workshop of Soviet television.

“We had a very good relationship after the department was closed, the relationship is friendly.And it was confidential, sincere and warm with him, ”recalls Alla Danko, an announcer of the USSR Central Television.

“The profession of an announcer is rather strange. Appearing on the screen, you are like under an X-ray. If an actor can hide behind a winning role without showing it, then the announcer, with the whole range of his character traits, is in front of you. And you immediately understand. Knowledge, intelligence, understanding, the ability to communicate with the viewer – he was so inherent in all this to the highest degree, so he was loved and remembered forever “, – said the announcer of the USSR Central Television, Honored Artist of the RSFSR Yevgeny Kochergin.

“60 years side by side, shoulder to shoulder. Of these, 40 years have been active work. Together we received awards. Together they received criticism. Experienced together. They were simply orphaned without him, ”she said in 1978-2003. Kaleria Kislova, chief director of the Vremya program.

“It was always possible to talk to him about something. He belonged to the category of people who, if he understood that he had done wrong, knew how to ask for forgiveness. And this is a great quality. Igor Leonidovich, thank you for everything, ”says Angelina Vovk, TV presenter, People’s Artist of the Russian Federation.

Eduard Sagalaev recalls the time when television was rapidly changing after the whole country. He, the editor-in-chief, who addressed his subordinate by his first name and patronymic, Igor Leonidovich, had to explain that he would no longer run the Vremya program, but he would be able to run … the Vzglyad youth program.

“It was not easy for him, but he was sympathetic to this, he did not mind. He said: well, if it is necessary, then it is necessary. He was absolutely in demand, he hosted concerts, he hosted “New Year’s Lights”.He sat with the guys in the Vzglyad studio and hosted several programs. And he looked quite organically there, in this program. And he also had the appearance of a real Russian intellectual, at the same time close to every spectator. He knew how to convey to the viewer as if he was talking to a specific person, ”said the President of the National Association of Radio Broadcasters Eduard Sagalaev.

Igor Kirillov had and still has loyal viewers, for whom he is associated with his own youth, with hopes and faith in the best.For them, parting did not happen today – the voice of this person remains with everyone who heard him.

The Gunpowder Plot and the Gingerbread Gingerbread: Guy Fawkes Day in British Culture

It’s amazing how distant historical events are sometimes reflected in popular culture. And they remain in it for centuries. For a long time no one remembers the details and few people are interested in them, the very essence sometimes turns upside down: “good – bad”, “serious – funny”. There remains only a reason to have fun, hung with original attributes.

The Gunpowder Plot is my favorite example. Its cultural footprint has stretched for more than four centuries, and its political meaning has long since given up under the pressure of the carnival. But the celebrations associated with it are repeated from year to year, and in our multicultural times it is a rare holiday, English to the ground. And it’s not so important how it all started.

But, if you really understand, it was like this. In 1605, a group of conspirators tried to assassinate King James I in an extremely effective way – by blowing him up along with Parliament.The Big Bang was scheduled for November 5, and everything was ready for it: barrels of gunpowder were already waiting under the Parliament building for the right moment to blow it to shreds. The conspiracy was uncovered at the very last moment: on the night from 4th to 5th, the barrels were discovered, and the conspirator who was with them, who was supposed to set fire to the fuse at the appointed hour.

The conspirator’s name was Guy Fawkes. He was not the main one among the “terrorists”, but he became famous most of all – because he was caught (and under torture, surrendered the rest).As a result, he went down in history at all levels – from linguistic turns and ending with complex cultural and political associations.

Perhaps this would not have happened without the influence from above: initially, a holiday in memory of the events of November 5 was instituted artificially, at the state level. The law, passed shortly after the disclosure of the conspiracy, prescribed to celebrate November 5 as “a joyful day of thanksgiving for salvation.” All these events (starting with the conspiracy) had a powerful religious overtones – the eternal confrontation between Catholics and Protestants.And the holiday was originally about the same: to strengthen the position of the Protestants, to threaten the Catholics with a finger. But by the middle of the 19th century, religious battles had subsided, and in 1859 the November 5 law ceased to operate. And the tradition has remained. After all, if you put aside politics and religion – it was a lot of fun to celebrate!

© Gareth Fuller / Getty Images

Day (or “Night / Evening”) Guy Fawkes is also called the Night of Bonfires or Night of Fireworks. These names speak for themselves. Guy Fawkes’ companions did not manage to arrange a grandiose “fireworks” – but the cannonade of explosions now sounds on this day every year! And the culmination of the festivities is the burning of the effigy of the famous conspirator.

1947, and portrait-likeness effigy of Guy Fawkes

Festive bonfires, noise, crowds of people, explosions of fireworks – a spectacular decoration for fictional dramatic events. And the story of the failed conspiracy itself is so vivid that it inspired more than one creator.

There is a version that still began with Shakespeare : some researchers claim that he wrote his Macbeth on the wave of public interest in various conspiracies caused by the events of November 5, 1605 (debatable, but possible).And a thread from those events stretched into our time.

I don’t know about you, but I first learned about the Gunpowder Plot from the movie “V for Vendetta” , based on the graphic novel of the same name by Alan Moore . Its plot directly refers to the events of 400 years ago, and the main character wears a stylized Guy Fawkes mask, which became a popular accessory and a symbol of protest around the world already in the 2000s. And this hero named V also aims to blow up Parliament.

But, of course, the literary rethinking of the events around the Gunpowder Plot did not stop for four centuries. In 1626 John Milton dedicated the poem In Quintum Novembris to them and then more than once went through them in later work.

Charles Dickens recalls the Gunpowder Plot in his novel The Life and Adventures of Martin Chuzzlewit , jokingly proving the antiquity of the Chuzzlewit family:

It can be considered as a general rule that the longer the line of ancestors, the more murders and robberies in the family history, because in the old days these two types of entertainment, combining healthy exercise with a sure way to correct the upset state, were both a noble craft and a useful rest for the nobility of our country.
And therefore it is very comforting and gratifying to remember that during all periods of our history the Chuzlwits took an active part in murderous conspiracies and bloody battles …
There is not the slightest doubt that one of the Porokhvits , and maybe the arch-traitor Fox himself was a scion of their wonderful family … It is known that in our time many Chuzzlewit, having failed in other fields, went into the coal trade, without any reasonable reason and without the slightest hope of getting rich, and month after month sullenly contemplate their more than modest stock of goods, not even having a chance to bargain with the buyer.The striking resemblance between this occupation and that which the great ancestor of the Chuzzlewites indulged in under the vaults of the parliamentary cellars at Westminster is so obvious and significant that it needs no comment.
In addition, oral legends of the Chuzzlewit family have established quite accurately, although it is unclear to which period of their family history this refers, that there was once a person of such a hot-tempered nature and so accustomed to dealing with fire that she was nicknamed “burning “What nickname, or nickname, has been preserved for her to this day in family legends …
would doubt its wealth) there was a secret lantern of undoubtedly ancient origin, all the more remarkable because in appearance and shape it did not differ in the least from those that are used in our time.So, this gentleman, now deceased, was always ready to swear and more than once stated in the most categorical way that his grandmother often used to say, contemplating this venerable relic: “Yes, yes, yes! This very lantern was carried by my great-grandson on November 5, when he was Guy Fawkes.

William Ainsworth in 1840 made Guy Fawkes the hero of the novel of the same name. In it, the famous conspirator, perhaps for the first time, was “humanized” and appeared as a character, if not positive, then at least deserving of interest and sympathy.The novel’s artistic merit was controversial, but the public’s success was unequivocal. And from that moment on, Guy Fawkes confidently stepped into popular culture. Over the following decades, he was a popular character in penny dreadfuls (I don’t know if there is a correct translation for this type of print). The common people read his adventures – but once a year they still consistently burned his stuffed animal.

Reading for the working class

Is it any wonder that the holiday itself, with its bonfires and fireworks, appears in literature almost more often than the hero who gave birth to it.

Such references are not always easy to recognize. For example, Lewis Carroll alludes to Guy Fawkes Day in the first chapter of Alice Through the Looking Glass .

– Do you know what will happen tomorrow? – said Alice. – You yourself would have guessed if you sat with me in the window in the morning. Only you were busy – Dina washed you. And I watched the boys collect wood chips for the fire. You need a lot of wood chips for a fire, Kitty. It was terribly cold, and then it started snowing – they had to go home! But don’t be sad, Kitty! Tomorrow we’ll go and see the fire!

This suggests that the events of the book take place on November 4th.The assumption is confirmed later when Alice says that she is seven and a half years old “exactly”, and we know that she was born on May 4th. Therefore, the fire for which the boys collected wood chips is the very festive one.

But there are, of course, much more detailed descriptions. I really love the beginning of Agatha Christie’s story “Murder in the Walkway” , because there are so many characteristic details in it at once.

– Penny on a scarecrow, sir? – The grimy boy smiled charmingly.
– Well, no! Snapped Scotland Yard Chief Inspector Japp. – And that’s what, son …
A paternal inspiration followed. The dumbfounded boy asked a snatch, shortly and expressively throwing his young friends:
– Damn me! So get in – a cop in disguise.
The company followed him, chanting at the top of their lungs:

We remember, we remember not in vain
The fifth day of November
And the gunpowder conspiracy.
Let the memory of him be
And night and day
Always stays with you!

The inspector’s companion, a short man of not his first youth with an egg-shaped head, smiled into his lush mustache.
– Très bien, Japp, – he said. “You are a great preacher, congratulations.
– Guy Fawkes Day is just a rampant begging!
“An interesting relic,” Hercule Poirot said thoughtfully.- Fireworks rockets are still exploding with a crash in the sky, although the man, in memory of whom they are fired, and his deed have long been forgotten!
The Chief Inspector nodded:
– Yes, these kids hardly know who Guy Fawkes is.
– There will be confusion soon. Why is there a fireworks display on November 5? For glorification or shame? Was the attempt to blow up the British Parliament a terrible sin or a valiant feat?
Japp laughed:
– Many, many will agree with the second.
They turned off the highway into the relative silence of the courtyard. Having dined together, good friends decided to walk to Poirot’s apartment and chose this, the shortest, way.
But even here came the crackle of crackers, and golden rains fell in the sky.
– The perfect night to kill! Japp said with professional interest. – For example, no one will hear the sound of a shot.

In the original, the boy utters the phrase: ‘Penny for the guy, sir?’ – and it would be more correct to translate it not as “penny for the scarecrow”, but as “penny for the scarecrow.”The scarecrow itself was also supposed to participate in the scene. This old tradition, now completely (or almost) extinct. And earlier the children themselves built a scarecrow of Guy Fawkes out of all rags, walked the streets with him, knocked on houses and begged strangers for money to buy fireworks (as if on behalf of the scarecrow). That is, it is as if Guy Fawkes himself pestered passers-by, begging for trifles to implement his pyrotechnic ideas. As a result, money was collected, fireworks were bought and launched, and a scarecrow was burned.Here it is – justice!

But why is the scarecrow called guy ? In honor of Guy Fawkes, right. Why with a small letter? Oh, this is my favorite, from the English etymology. The modern English word guy really comes from the name of a famous conspirator. First, they began to denote a scarecrow, then – a poorly dressed person. Over time, the word got into American English, where it was used as a colloquial term for any young man.Well, it later returned to British English in this capacity.

By the way, since we are talking about the name, I will say a few words about the surname. Have you ever thought about the fact that in the books about Harry Potter Dumbledore’s phoenix is ​​named after Guy Fawkes – Fawkes? Phoenix is ​​a bird associated with fire, so there is nothing surprising here.

But back to Agatha Christie’s story. Another characteristic detail is the ballad about the Gunpowder Plot that sounds in the text. In the original, it begins like this:

Remember, remember
The fifth of November
Gunpowder treason and plot.
We see no reason
Why gunpowder treason
Should ever be forgot.

This is probably the most famous literary reflection of the events of 1605. The same lines sound in “V means vendetta”, repeating a refrain.

Poirot’s reflections on the forgotten meaning of the holiday are also interesting. The tradition of Penny for the guy is still alive (the story was first published in 1937), but for the boys this is just an excuse to have fun, and no one thinks about the events of ancient times.If he knows about them at all.

And, of course, Japp’s insightful remark: “The most suitable evening for a murder” is fascinating. How he looked into the water!

Bonfire Night is generally a great time for dramatic events – not only Agatha Christie has noticed this. So in the TV series “Sherlock” poor Watson almost burned to death in a holiday fire. In general, the entire series (3×1 “Empty Hearse”) refers us to the Gunpowder Plot, because events unfold on November 5 and Sherlock is trying to prevent a bomb explosion in the London subway, under the parliament building.

A rather detailed description of the Guy Fawkes Day festivities can be found in the novel by Joanne Harris “Gentlemen and Players” (also not without drama). Here’s a small snippet:

We saw the glow from the road, not yet reaching the park gate. The crowd had already gathered, and at each entrance they were checking tickets, and outside the gates there were even more people – thousands of people, a bristling mass of heads and faces.
A fire was already burning behind them, soon this tower of flame will reach the sky.Halfway to the pile of firewood, in a dilapidated armchair, sat another Guy, who seemed to be the main one on this stage, like the Prince of Riots.

And in this same book there is something about the traditional feast.

We walked a mile to my house; by then it was dark and the air smelled of gunpowder. Several early fireworks went off over the Abbey Road block, the air humid and surprisingly soft. There were gingerbreads and sweet mulled wine at home, I lit the fireplace in the living room and brought two matching cups.

In general, today’s holiday is not one of those that can boast of a special gastronomic abundance. Still, it takes place mainly in the fresh air – this is not the case when the whole family gathers solemnly at the table. Naturally, all sorts of fair treats are in use – for example, apples in caramel and the same mulled wine. But there are still a couple of special dishes associated with this day. Today I will tell you about one of them.

Parkin – gingerbread from the north of England. First of all, it is associated with Yorkshire, but it is known and baked in neighboring counties, in particular in Lancashire.

I have already written more than once about how different English gingerbread pastries are (everything that can be described by the word gingerbread). For example, when I talked about the Grasmere gingerbread. And here’s another example, completely different from the previous one.

Parkin is not a crunchy cookie, but rather a cupcake, but quite dense. What we might call a gingerbread.I published a recipe for a certain “average” English gingerbread here a long time ago, and I still really like it. The English North Park, on the one hand, is somewhat similar to it. But there are also fundamental differences.

Firstly, the essential ingredient in parkin is crushed oatmeal. In the North of England and in Scotland, oats are generally the most important product, and primarily in this form, and not in the format of flakes. By the way, Scottish oatmeal is also cooked from crushed, not crushed grains.

Secondly, a significant amount of dark syrup is used in the parkin. Sometimes in pure form, sometimes mixed with golden syrup, but still its presence is very noticeable.

This is usually just a treacle in old recipes. I used to think that this is an analogue of modern black treacle (black molasses), but, apparently, not everything is so simple. Just when I was reading about parkin, in Dorothy Hartley’s book Good Things in England I came across an interesting remark: “Take 2 pounds of molasses (either old-fashioned reddish liquid molasses, or black molasses and golden syrup mixed in equal parts).”It was a real revelation for me! Obviously, the properties of molasses have changed with the development of cane sugar refining technologies. If we compare this with the fact that golden syrup (light molasses) as a separate product appeared on the market only towards the end of the 19th century, it can be assumed that until that moment there was no division of molasses into dark and light, and there was a product on sale representing are essentially a mixture of them. That radically changes the approach to many historical recipes. But now I am in too much of a hurry to publish this text on November 5, so I will leave a detailed investigation of the issue for later.For now, let’s get back to our gingerbread.

There is no unequivocal understanding why the park was closely associated with Guy Fawkes Day and the celebrations around it. But it is definitely a pastry with a very rich history, and at some point the fate of parkin intertwined with Bonfire Night in this part of England. Similar baked goods should, in principle, be baked here at this time of the year solemnly and in large quantities, because historically the first half of November is a whole string of holidays, starting with All Saints Day and ending with St. Martin’s Day (November 11).On St. Martin’s Day, fairs were traditionally held, and where there are fairs, there are gingerbread. And in Yorkshire gingerbread has long been oats as the most common cereal here.

In the south of England, parkin is little known or unknown at all, but in the north it is the pastry for which every housewife has her own recipe. In Florence White’s book Good Things in England (1932), I counted eight different recipes that ordinary readers kindly shared with the author. There are no two closely alike among them, but some regularity can still be traced.

As a rule, the main ingredients are crushed oatmeal and wheat flour in a 1: 1 ratio (less often – with a preponderance in favor of oatmeal). This is followed by molasses. Brown sugar and fat are almost always added to it (butter in pure form or in half with lard). Milk to additionally moisturize the dough and, in rare cases, the egg. Of course, ginger and optional spices. Finally, a baking soda. The proportions are different, all of the above is not always present, but in general the picture is the same, and the ingredients are named plus or minus in order of decreasing their share in the dough.

I will say a few more words about some of them.

Shredded oats in Britain come in a variety of sizes. Most often in old recipes, medium oatmeal is found – medium-sized grains. Less often, fine oatmeal comes across – small grains. Unfortunately, we do not have much choice in Russia. But it’s good that chopped oats, in principle, have appeared on the wide sale in recent years, so you can buy it – look for “chopped oats” (available from Nordic, Myllyn Paras and other brands).I baked my parkin with Myllyn Paras oats – it seemed to me that it was large, but not critical.

With molasses, there are also some options, except for “bring from abroad.” First of all, this applies to molasses. Fortunately for us, it is used for the production of rum and appeared on the Russian market primarily thanks to amateur moonshiners. Google “cane molasses” – and you will be happy. If you’re lucky, you might even be able to find it in a small package, and not in a four-liter canister.Unfortunately, I don’t have such life hacks about golden syrup.

Therefore, I will say about loosening the dough. Older recipes usually use baking soda as a baking powder. In the dough, it reacts with molasses, which is acidic, so you don’t have to worry about the unpleasant soda aftertaste. But you should not expect miracles from soda: the dough for parkin is quite dense, additionally weighted with oatmeal, and besides, it does not contain eggs (in my version, which in this matter does not contradict most of the historical prototypes).In general, the parkin does not rise much, and when it cools it tends to settle down slightly – this is normal.

In modern recipes, instead of soda, baking powder (baking powder) appears more often. I don’t know if this change fundamentally changes, I can only say that the option on soda suited me completely.


It is better to plan the preparation of parkin in advance: these are baked goods that need time to ripen.Let it sit for a week in an airtight container and it will change noticeably (for the better, of course). You definitely do not need to eat this gingerbread on the same day that you baked – let it lie down at least overnight, well packed so that the moisture in it is evenly distributed.


  • 150 g flour
  • 75 g butter
  • 150 g crushed oatmeal
  • 75 g brown sugar (demarara)
  • 0.5 tsp soda
  • 1 tsp ground ginger
  • 1 h.l. mixture of sweet spices *
  • 75 g black molasses (cane molasses) **
  • 75 g golden syrup
  • 75 ml milk

* Only ginger is required in the park, but something else is often added to it. Here nutmeg, cloves, cinnamon, allspice will be appropriate – for which you have enough imagination. You can compose your composition or use a ready-made mixture. The British call such a mixture a mixed spice, it usually includes all of the above, as well as optionally coriander, cumin, cardamom, etc.e. In Russian realities, a mixture of spices for tea and coffee can be an approximate analogue.

** Parkin on pure black molasses has a very intense flavor, so in my recipe it is used in half with the light one. But you can skip the molasses if you are in the mood – then use 150 g of molasses / molasses. This is especially applicable if your molasses is not English, but Scandinavian: the dark molasses from the Nordic countries have a different composition (in fact, it is a mix) and the taste is softer.

In order to confirm all this with a clear conscience, I baked both versions: on pure black molasses and on black molasses in half with light. The first option reminded me of Westmoreland Peppercake – the same intense, uncompromising taste, and you can’t eat more than one bite. The second option is quieter, although the character is still felt. Perhaps, for myself, I choose it. In the photo he is on the left.


  1. Grease a square dish 18×18 cm with butter and cover with baking paper.Preheat oven to 160 ° C.
  2. Pour flour into a large bowl and add diced butter. Rub the butter into the flour with your fingertips until you get the consistency of bread crumbs.
  3. Add all other dry ingredients: oatmeal, sugar, baking soda, ginger and other spices. Mix.
  4. Add molasses (both) and milk. Stir to make a homogeneous dough.
  5. Place in prepared dish, smooth carefully.
  6. Bake for about 40 minutes (check doneness with a toothpick).
  7. Allow the finished sauce to stand in the mold for 10 minutes, then carefully remove and cool on a wire rack. after complete cooling, pack in a hermetically sealed container (or wrap tightly first in baking paper, and then in foil). Let it stand at least overnight. Ideally, let it sit for a few days or a week before cutting and tasting.

Serve on a chilly autumn day, accompanied by some warming drink.

How to properly dress a newborn in the fall for a walk | Reima Blog

Contents of the article

1.Features of heat transfer in newborns
2. Wardrobe for a child for autumn
3. How to understand that a baby is cold or overheated
4. What you may need for a walk

Autumn is associated with falling leaves, cozy family evenings and romantic dates in the park. At this time of the year, the air is no longer so hot, and the insects are not so intrusive, which creates ideal conditions for walking with the baby. They help to strengthen the immune system before the coming winter and to stock up on vitamin D, the deficiency of which is observed with the onset of cold weather.Here we will show you how to properly dress your child for walks in the fall in order to get the most out of it.

Features of heat transfer in newborns

Normal body temperature is a condition under which all vital processes in the body take place. The thermoregulation system is responsible for its maintenance, which, as a result of complex physicochemical processes, generates and gives off heat. In adults, heat production and heat transfer are balanced, while in children, temperature constancy has not yet been established.That is why they easily overheat and freeze. To avoid this, parents need to know how to dress their child in the fall or at any other time of the year.

Heat production in newborns is supported by reserves of brown fat, which, when oxidized, releases heat. Unlike adults, they cannot actively move, contract muscles, and tremble. Because of this, during hypothermia, children cry, move their arms and legs to start heat production. For this reason, you need to dress your child warmly for walks.Closer to 3-4 years old, you can reduce the number of layers of clothing in favor of outerwear, which will allow the child to actively move and warm himself during a walk in autumn or winter.

However, heat production is only one of the thermoregulation mechanisms. The generated heat must be dissipated to the outside so as not to cause overheating. If perspiration is foreseen in an adult organism, in children, heat loss is possible due to respiration and evaporation from the surface of the skin.The cold air cools the evaporated moisture, which makes the baby freeze. To remove it faster, with age, you need to dress the child in thermal underwear.

Wardrobe for a child for the fall

Pediatricians recommend dressing a newborn warmer than a baby at 6 months or 1 year of age. At the same time, you need to choose clothes made from natural fabrics that allow air to pass through, absorb moisture, and do not cause irritation. Cotton, flannel, linen and other natural materials are preferable.

In the child’s wardrobe for the fall, you need to include:

  • multiple diapers,
  • romper and undershirts,
  • Comfort T-shirts,
  • short and long sleeved bodysuit,
  • lightweight jersey overalls,
  • Warm jersey and fleece overalls,
  • Knitted sweaters and sets of natural wool,
  • light hats and caps,
  • warm beanie with ties,
  • lightweight and knitted socks or booties.

It is better to use a warm blanket, envelope or overalls as a top layer of clothing. The overalls can be lightweight or insulated with waterproof impregnation. The first is suitable for dry and warm autumn, the second – for rainy and cool weather.

As they grow older, it will be possible to dress the child in membrane overalls, jackets and coats. They are made from innovative materials that wick moisture away, but prevent it from entering from the outside.

From these things you can make kits for any weather. For example, during a dry and warm autumn, you can dress your child in a diaper, cotton rompers and undershirt, warm knitted jumpsuit, and a thick hat. In cold weather, a knitted jumpsuit can be replaced with a fleece or knitted one, and instead of a thick hat, put on a light cap and a knitted hat.

In a rainy autumn, you cannot do without a demi-season overalls made of moisture-resistant materials.If the newborn spends more time in the stroller, you can put a raincoat or cover over it. In case of heavy rain and a piercing wind, it is better to refuse to walk. In this case, pediatricians recommend dressing the baby warmer and sending him to sleep on the balcony.

How to understand that the baby is cold or overheated

If parents dress the child incorrectly for a walk in the fall or at other times of the year, this leads to hypothermia. Its symptoms are:

  • skin blanching,
  • restless behavior,
  • retarded reactions,
  • Blue skin in the area of ​​the nasolabial triangle.

Cold hands and feet do not indicate that the baby is cold. Just because of the peculiarities of nervous regulation and blood circulation, their temperature is lower than the temperature of other parts of the body. The quickest way to warm your baby is by undressing and hugging him to you. When this is not possible, you need to wrap it in a blanket or blanket and go into the room.

If the weather is dry and calm in autumn, it is not necessary to dress your child in a hundred things. Otherwise, it will lead to overheating, which is accompanied by:

  • excessive apathy,
  • with a violent attack of anxiety,
  • crying,
  • the appearance of red spots on the skin,
  • skin moisture,
  • breastfeeding.

It is possible to understand that the child is overheated only with a pronounced painful condition. Overheating is more dangerous than hypothermia also because it leads to dehydration and decreased immunity.

What you may need for a walk

Changeable weather is typical for the beginning and middle of autumn. At this time of the year, parents “catch” every warm day and try to spend it outdoors. To be ready for any weather conditions, you need to not only dress your child correctly, but also know what to take with you for a walk.In a walking bag you need to put:

  • a light blanket, bedspread or rug that will protect your baby in the event of a sudden cold snap or increased wind;
  • special means for protecting the delicate skin of an infant from the aggressive effects of the sun’s rays;
  • replaceable diapers and diaper;
  • bag for used hygiene products;
  • dry and wet wipes;
  • handkerchief;
  • still water bottle.

For walks in the fall, you need to choose a stroller with high sides, which will protect against sudden gusts of wind. In addition, it should be equipped with a cover or raincoat, which will be needed when the temperature drops and rain.

In warm autumn weather, you can abandon the stroller in favor of a sling or an ergo backpack. It is convenient to carry children of the first months of life in a sling with rings. As soon as the baby is 3-4 months old, you can use more complex designs and backpacks.They will correctly fix the hip joints and help the baby to more actively explore the world around him. Slings are also convenient because you can feed your baby in them. If necessary, such a cape can be replaced with a regular diaper or towel.

If the parents think that the child is cold, hot or uncomfortable while walking, you need to touch his nose, arms, legs, neck or shoulder blades. Pale skin and blue nasolabial triangle indicate hypothermia.Wet, hot, and red skin indicates overheating. To avoid both, you need to dress your child in accordance with the weather and climate conditions.

90,000 November 6, 2021 – Orthodox Church Calendar



New style



Icons of the Mother of God “Joy of All Who Sorrow” (1688).Mch. Arepha and 4299 martyrs with him (523);
St. Zosima (Verkhovsky) (1833).

Prpp. Arephes (XII), Sisoya (XIII), and Theophilus (XII-XIII), the hermits of the Pechersk, in the Near Caves;
blzh. Elezvoi, king of Ethiopia (c. 553–555);
mts. Synclitics of Negra and her two daughters (VI);
St. Athanasius I of Constantinople, patriarch (c. 1315);
isp. Georgy (Karslidis) (1959).

Sshmchh. Lawrence (Knyazeva) , Bishop of Balakhninsky, Alexy Porfiriev , presbyter and martyr.Alexia Neidgardt (1918);
isp. Arefa (Mitrenina) , hieromonk (1932);
sshmchch. John Smirnov and Nicholas Nikolsky , presbyters (1937);
sshmch. Peter Bogorodsky , presbyter (1938).

The meaning of human life. Priest Daniel

Saturday, All Saints

Troparion on Saturday, to all saints, voice 2

Apostles, martyrs and prophets, / sanctuary, sermons and righteousness, / the dedication of the accomplished and the faith of observance, / boldness is for Salvation, / for us Togo, I pray thee, save me, soul

Translation: Apostles, martyrs and prophets, saints, saints and righteous, who valiantly performed the feat and preserved the faith, having boldness before the Savior, Him for us as good, pray, pray, for the salvation of our souls!

Kontakion on Saturday, to all saints, voice 8

Like the rudiments of nature, to the planter of creatures, / the universe brings Ti, Lord, martyrs;

Translation: As the first fruits of nature, the universe brings God-bearing martyrs to the planter of all creation, Lord. Through their prayers and intercession of the Theotokos, Thy Church – Thy people in the deepest world preserve, Most Merciful.

Saturday, for deceased

Troparion on Saturday, for the dead, voice 2

Remember, Lord, for it is good, Thy servants, / and, if you have sinned in your life, forgive: / no one is sinless, then Thou, // may and give rest to the dead.

Translation: Remember, O Lord, as Good One, Thy servants and everything in which they have sinned in life, forgive: for no one is sinless except You. You can give rest to those who have passed away.

Kontakion on Saturday, for the dead, voice 8

Rest in peace with the saints, / Christ, / your souls are Thy servant, / where there is no sickness, no sorrow, / no sighing, // but life is endless.

Translation: With the saints rest, Christ, the souls of Thy servants, where there is no pain, no sorrow, no groaning, but endless life.

The Most Holy Theotokos in front of Her icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow”

Troparion to the Most Holy Theotokos in front of Her icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow”
, voice 4

To the Mother of God, now we are a father, / of sin and humility, and we fall, / in repentance is calling from the depths of the soul: / Sovereign, help, you have mercy on us, / sweat, we perish from many times of misery./ Do not turn your slaves away, // You are the only hope for the Imam.

Translation: Today we, sinners and humble ones, will zealously resort to the Mother of God, and we will fall to Her, crying out from the depths of our souls in repentance: “Lady, help, having taken pity on us, hurry up, we are perishing from a multitude of sins! Do not let Your slaves go empty-handed: for in You we have the only hope! ”

In troparion to the Most Holy Theotokos in front of Her icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow”
, voice 8

To the ever-flowing source of mercy, the Most Blessed Virgin the Mother of God, / father, all people, the priests and monks, / man, and wives, and chada, to the Lord of Thy, to the Lord of God, crying and reigning / manifest as good Thy glory, / always strive to be merciful to us, / ask for the cleansing of our souls and bodies / from the Source of our life, God, // He begot Him, He is blessed, one is blessed.

Translation: To the current always source of mercy, the Most Pure Virgin Theotokos, let us all people, priests and monks, men, women and children, healthy and sick, crying in repentance and humbly saying: “Lady, help your sinful servants, as Blessed manifest Thy glory, be always merciful to us and ask for the cleansing of our souls and bodies from the Source of our life, God, Whom Thou hast given birth, the only Blessed One. ”

In troparion to the Most Holy Theotokos in front of Her icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow”
, voice 4

We will never be silent, Mother of God, / Thy power to glorify unworthiness: / if you wouldn’t be praying, / who would have saved us from some misfortunes; / who would have kept the dons free; / we’re not discernible, Save your bo servants from all the fierce ones.

Translation: We, unworthy, will never stop proclaiming Your power, Mother of God, for if You had not protected us with Your prayers, who would have saved us from so many troubles, who would have kept us free until now? We will not depart, Lady, from You, for You always save Your servants from all calamities.

In troparion to the Most Holy Theotokos in front of Her icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow”
, voice 4

Today, the most glorious city of Moscow flaunts the most glorious city, / having the miraculous icon of our Lady of God: / that bo, faithful miracles, / sends down beneficial gifts./ For this sake and we are praying with faith, / and looking at Your most holy image, / as we see our Sovereign Our Lady, the Mother of God, for the Mother of God, for the Mother of God, for the Mother of God, for the Mother of God, for the Mother of God, for the Mother of God, for the Mother of God, for the Mother of God, for the Mother of God, for / as Thy is seen on the icon, / and give joy to all those who grieve, / to those who are sick from all ills, healing and deliverance from troubles, // as Thou art the soonest Representative of our souls.

Translation: Today, the most glorious city of Moscow, which has a miraculous icon of our Lady of the Theotokos, is joyfully rejoicing today, for she, showing miracles to believers, sends down healing gifts.Therefore, we also kneel down with faith and, looking at Her most pure image, as we see our Lady Our Lady, the Mother of God, alive, and humbly cry: “Look, Mother of God, with a glance of mercy, stretch out Your most pure hands to us as it is depicted on Yours. icon, and give joy to all those who grieve, to those who are sick from all diseases, cure and deliverance from troubles, since You are a quick Intercessor for our souls. ”

Kontakion to the Most Holy Theotokos in front of Her icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow”
, voice 6

Not imams of any other help, / not imams of any other hope, / for thee, O Lord./ You will help us: / in You we hope and we praise in You, / Yours are my rabbi, // let us not be ashamed.

Translation: We have no other help, we have no other hope but You, Lady. You help us: we hope in You and we boast of You, for we are Your servants; let us not be ashamed!

Prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos before Her Icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow”

Oh, Most Holy Lady and Mother of God, Highest Cherub and Most Honest Seraphim, God’s Chosen Child, who perished Punishment and all those who grieve for Joy! Give comfort to us also, in perishing and grieving those that are; Because for You there is no other refuge and help for you.You are one in our joy Khodataitsa, and as the Mother of God and the Mother of Mercy, who stand at the Holy Trinity, can you help us, no one will flow to You, shamed. Hearing you and us now in the day of perished and grieved before Thy image of those who fall and pray to Thee with tears: to drive away from us the sorrow and troubles that have come upon us in this time of majesty and unhappiness that Thou shalt not be exceedingly quick ours.Amen.

Second Prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos before Her Icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow”

Oh, Most Holy and Most Blessed Virgin, Lady Mother of God! Behold your merciful eye on us, who stand before your holy icon and pray to you with tenderness; raise us up from the depths of sin, enlighten our mind, darkened by passions, and heal the ulcers of our souls and bodies.Not imams of any other help, not imams of other hopes, except for Thee, the Lady. You bear all our weaknesses and transgressions, we run to Thee and cry: do not leave us with Thy heavenly help, but present us appropriately, and by Thy indescribable mercy and mercy save us and have mercy on us in abundance. Grant us the correction of our sinful life and save us from sorrows, troubles and illnesses, from sudden death, hell and everlasting torment. Thou, the Queen and the Lady, the fast Assistant and Intercessor to all who come to Thee, and the strong refuge of sinners who repent.Podazhd DRC us Preblagaya and spotless Virgin, the Christian end of the life of our Mirren and nepostyden And grant us thy petition vselitisya in the Abode of the Heavenly, idezhe incessant voice celebrating the joy praising the Most Holy Trinity, Father, Son and Holy Spirit, now and ever, and unto ages of ages … Amen.

Third Prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos before Her Icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow”

Oh, Most Blessed Lady, Protector of the Christian race, refuge and salvation for those who flee to You! We, verily, we are, for those who have sinned and anger, Merciful Lady, the birth of God from Thee, the Son of God.But imam many images before me who angered His mercy: publicans, harlots and other sinners, who were also given the simplicity of their sins of repentance for their sake and confession. You are the images of the blessed ones with regards of my sinful souls, representing also the only mercy of God, which I have received, beholding, I am bold and I sinful will come to the repentance that is good for you. Oh, All-Merciful Lady! Give me a hand of help and ask your Son and God with your mothers and your holiest prayers for my grave sins for simplicity.I believe and confess, as the One who gave birth to Him, Thy Son is truly Christ, the Son of God living, Judge of the living and the dead, reward to whom according to his deeds; I believe the packets and confess You to be the true Mother of God, the source of mercy, the consolation of those who weep, the excuse of the perished, the strong and unceasing to God, the goddess, the greenly loving and submissive Christian; Truly, there is no other help and cover for us, for you, Mistress, Gracious, and no one, trusting in Thee, when I am ashamed, and by You pleading with God, no one is left to be quick.That for your sake and I am your unaccountable blessing I pray: open the door of your mercy to me who have gone astray and who have fallen into the depths of the depths, do not abhor me scornfully, I do not disdain me from my sinner, I have no prayer Blessed by Thee, Thy Son and God of mercy, may he forgive my great sins and forgive me from my lips, as yes and I, with all who have received simplicity, I will sing and glorify the merciless and merciful …Amen.

Fourth Prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos before Her Icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow”

Bestowing my Queen, my Hope, Mother of God, Friend to the Sir and to the strange Representative! Grieving Joy, offended Patroness! See my misfortune, see my sorrow: help me, as I am weak, feed me as a country.I will insinuate my weight, permit that, as you do not; for I will not give any other help to you, neither of the Representative nor the blessing of the Consolator to you, O God, for you may preserve me and cover your eyelids. Amen.

Hieromartyr Lawrence (Knyazev), Bishop of Balakhinsky

Prayer to Hieromartyr Lawrence (Knyazev), Bishop of Balakhinsky

Holy Martyr, Episcope Laurentia! We pray, you are unworthy of your chade, in the sinful and long-suffering land of Russia, in which you have endured suffering and torment for the sake of Christ our God! Save our souls, strengthen our souls in salvation works.The prayers of the Lord God to remove us from the temptations of this sinful world, pray to Him to grant us the power and conditions for fulfilling His commandments and commands! Moolim thee, holy martyr Laurentia, help in the salvation of our souls and bodies, our relatives and all Christians in Russia.

Troparion to Hieromartyr Lawrence (Knyazev), Bishop of Balakhin
, voice 4

svyatitelstva grace decorated, nor is one day leave his flock his willed Thou, yuzhe give you your Shepherd Christ Emuzhe to the bonds of prison and death, vzem cross, followed Thou, the crown of martyrdom in heaven married Thou, svyaschennomucheniche Lawrence Our Father, pray to Christ God our souls will be saved.

Translation: Holy Hierarchy adorned with grace, you did not want to leave your flock for a single day, which was entrusted to you by the Chief Shepherd Christ, you followed Him even before imprisonment and death, taking up the cross, you followed, crowned with a martyr’s crown in heaven, Hieromartyr Lawrence our father, pray to Christ God for the salvation of our souls.

Kontakion to Hieromartyr Lawrence (Knyazev), Bishop of Balakhin
, voice 3

In the hour of the difficult and sad his cross leaving bore, Whose hand you Shepherd Christ Emuzhe to prison and death followed Thou, the crown of martyrdom in heaven married Thou, Svyaschennomucheniche Lawrence Our Father, molisya Holy Trinity congregation Nizhny Novgorod in orthodoxy to observe and make our home your Pechersk keep it even to the end of the century.

Translation: In difficult and sorrowful times, he did not leave his cross, which the Chief Shepherd Christ entrusted to you, you followed Him even before imprisonment and death, crowned with a martyr’s crown in Heaven, Hieromartyr Laurentius, our Father, pray to the Most Holy To preserve the Trinity flock of Nizhny Novgorod in Orthodoxy and preserve your Pechersk monastery until the very end of time.

Martyr Aref of Negra and others like him

Troparion to the martyr Arefa of Negra and others like him
, voice 1

He courageous in Christ against the godless king, / the martyrs of the holy, / and that the unbelief of the Jews in Christ was exposed, / he received torment and the heads of truncation; // as if praying for our souls.

Translation: You fought in Christ against the godless king, saints martyrs, and condemning his Jewish unbelief in Christ, you endured torment and beheading, therefore the angels praised you, and generations of believers glorify you, Aref, and those who suffered with you, as praying always for our souls.

Kontakion to the Martyr Arefa of Negra and others like him
, voice 4

The fun of the hodtay to us is infused / the light-hearted day is a passionate celebrant, // he is doing it, we glorify in the Highest of the Suschago Lord.

Translation: Today is the intercessor of our joy, the luminous feast of the martyrs, and by celebrating it, we glorify the Lord in Heaven.

St. Athanasius, Patriarch of Constantinople

Troparion to St. Athanasius, Patriarch of Constantinople
, voice 1

Purity of life with the light of passionate death I burned up with tears / and with the flow of tears I gave drink to the fruitless earth, / abundant nevus soul, / Afanasié ́ despiréné, patriarchyu

Translation: With the light of purity of life, you burned the thorns of passions and watered the barren land with streams of tears, making the spiritual field abundant, Athanasius, the blessed luminary of Constantinople, adornment of the patriarchs, pray to Christ God for the salvation of our souls.

Kontakion to St. Athanasius, Patriarch of Constantinople
, voice 2

Having clothed in the light sacred clothes, / mentally in the Heavenly He joyfully reached the Kingdom./ By this, perceiving thee the village of the righteous, / where there is unspoken joy, / and words, and all holy faces, / to the saint Athanasius, // prayers ceaselessly for all of us.

Translation: Having put on the light garment of the priesthood, you spiritually reached the Kingdom of Heaven with joy. Therefore, you were accepted into the dwelling of the righteous, where inexpressible triumph, and prayer hymns, and all saints gathering, Saint Athanasius, pray ceaselessly for all of us.

To the Monk Zosima (Verkhovsky)

Troparion to the Monk Zosima (Verkhovsky)
, voice 8

Thou hast touched the love of Christ, reverend, having rejected the whole beautiful world, labored by the movement of silence, the virtues of the Divine acquired thou; The wisdom of God is a partaker, father of our Zosimo, pray to Christ God and the Blessed Virgin the Mother of God that our souls will be saved.

Kontakion to the Monk Zosima (Verkhovsky)
, voice 6

Chosen of God and older than all wise, our admonition Zosimo, from youth by the path of faith, clothed in clothes of meekness and patience.Today, in the hearts of the saints in Heaven, rejoice, praying unceasingly for those who honor your holy memory.

To the Monk Aref, the hermit of the Caves, resting in the Near Caves

Troparion to the Monk Arefe, the hermit of the Caves, resting in the Near Caves
, voice 2

Thy spiritual wealth to destroy although the enemy, / has darkened you by the most corruptible riches, / but the Lord save everyone / the richness of the hypocritical permissive, / hateful and hateful, unhappy

Translation: Your spiritual wealth the enemy wanted to destroy and at first darkened you with corruptible wealth, but the Lord, who saves everyone, allowed the theft of earthly wealth, but preserved his soul intact, revealing you as the heir of Heavenly treasures, Aref, therefore we honor and glorify you.

Kontakion to the Monk Aref, the hermit of the Caves, resting in the Near Caves
, voice 2

Job is patient-hearted, jealous of thanksgiving, / he endured the stains of his own corruptible name, if you were grateful, reverend Arepho, / with him he will receive an incorruptible name in Heaven, // pray to God for all.

Translation: Job patiently imitating thanksgiving, you gratefully endured the theft of your corruptible property, Reverend Arepha, therefore, together with Job, you found incorruptible wealth in Heaven, pray to Christ God for all of us.

Blessed Elezvo, King of Ethiopia

Troparion to blessed Elzvoy, king of Ethiopia
, voice 4

Alone by Divine penance, he moved / to avenge the shedding of the blood of the righteous, / as David from Samuel, / you are from Zeno the forerunner, / prophetically, you will come true, you will be blessed with the same prediction, / and not promised / by the same promise / by no means with the postponement of the kingdom / of the last villages of the mountain, make your life, the Elephant to the king, / pray the Heavenly King Christ // save our souls.

Translation: Love for God prompted you to avenge the shed blood of the righteous, like David from Samuel, so you received a prophecy from the famous Zinon, who predicted what should come true, and with his blessing and vow you made to him, you won the victory over enemies, after which, leaving the reign, you went to a monastery and spent your life in fasting, King of Elezba, pray to the Heavenly King Christ for the salvation of our souls.

Kontakion to the blessed Elezvoy, king of Ethiopia
, voice 4

height zemnago kingdom, the crown and the crown of Grace / and scarlet otlozhshago love for the sake of Christ the King, / from more useless in heaven glorious crowning, Elezvoya mudrago king, / others like corruptible kingdom and passed by the Kingdom of Eternal izmenshago, / in teaching righteousness pesnennyh praise // The prayer book for the world is great.

Translation: The height of the earthly kingdom, and the glory of the crown, and the mantle of one who rejected for the love of the King Christ, from Him in Heaven crowned with glory, Elezvoy, the wise king, who exchanged a corruptible and temporary kingdom for the Eternal Kingdom, in prayer songs we glorify , a great prayer book for peace.

The Fifth Blessed Virgin Mary in front of Her icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow”

Fifth Prayer to the Most Holy Theotokos before Her Icon “Joy of All Who Sorrow”

Intercessor, Ostinous, Blessed Lord Mati, I run to You, accursed and most sinful man; listen to the voice of my prayer; hear my cry and hear my groaning.For my iniquity has surpassed my head, and I, like a ship in puchin, am immersed in the sea of ​​my sins. But Thou all-good and Merciful Lady, do not disdain me who is desperate and perishing in sins; Have mercy on me, who repent of my wicked deeds, and turn my lost, accursed soul into the right path. On You, my Sovereign, Mother of God, I lay all my hope. Thou, Mother of God, preserve and keep me under Thy blood, now and ever, and forever and ever. Amen.

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(Acts.4: 23-31; John 5: 24-30)

“And those who have done good will go forth into the resurrection of life, but those who have done evil into the resurrection of condemnation” (John 5:29). This is how it will end! As rivers flow each into its own sea, so the course of our lives will ripen, at last, each into a place according to its own character. And those who are resurrected into life will be on trial, but the judgment will only seal their justification and determination for life; while others will be resurrected only to hear the condemnation of eternal death.

Their life and death are still characterized now, because some do living deeds, while others do dead and deadening deeds.Those living deeds – which are done according to the commandments with the joy of the spirit, for the glory of God; deadening deeds are those that are done contrary to the commandments, with forgetfulness of God, for the sake of oneself and one’s passions. Dead deeds are all that, although in form are not contrary to the commandments, but are done without any thought of God and eternal salvation by any kind of self-love. God is life; that is only alive, in which there is a part of Him. And now whoever has only dead and mortifying deeds, he goes straight ahead and on the last day he will go out to condemn death; but whoever has all living things, he goes and on the last day will go out to receive eternal life.

One philosopher gave Bishop Evagrius three gold pieces and took from him a receipt that he would receive them from the Lord in his future life. He commanded his children to put the receipt in his coffin, and the children fulfilled his will. On the third day, the philosopher appears in a dream to the bishop and says: “Go and take your receipt, I received everything in full from the Lord on it.” Then the bishop asked his children about the receipt, and, indeed, after the opening of the coffin, they found a receipt in his own hand signed: “Thank you, Bishop Evagrius, with a greater profit I received everything from the Lord.”
The same words are confirmed by the Gospel: “Pack up for yourselves treasures in heaven, where neither moth nor rust destroys, and where thieves do not break in and steal, for where your treasure is, there your heart will also be” (Matthew 6: 20- 21).

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Fundamentals of Orthodoxy

Topic 310. Can the holy fathers disagree?

The Holy Fathers, of course, agree on dogmatic issues that constitute the essence of the Orthodox faith. This is what is called the consensus patrum – “the consent of the fathers.” However, on other issues – even on private issues, although concerning the doctrine, but not revealed to us in detail from above – the holy fathers could express different opinions, and we should not be confused by this. It goes without saying that we are talking about such opinions that meet one of the criteria: the criterion of admissibility (consists in consistency with Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition) or the criterion of truth (expressed in accordance with Holy Scripture and Holy Tradition).

“Automatic writing” – when a certain spirit simply guides a person by the hand, completely pushing away his personality – this is an occult, not an Orthodox practice. The Holy Spirit gently guides a person to the truth, preserving his freedom of thought and creativity. Therefore, the fathers, glorified by the Church, may well have had different opinions on some issues.

Practical advice

How to spend Sunday without breaking the 4th commandment of the Decalogue?

Every Sunday for an Orthodox Christian is the most important day of the week! A day of rest does not mean a day of inactivity, but a rest from vanity, inner peace, concentration on God.Sometimes it is believed that the fulfillment of this commandment is limited to participation in the Sunday Liturgy, but this is a narrow interpretation. An unnecessarily broad interpretation, when it is believed that after the Liturgy, any activity should be avoided petty, it is considered impossible to even wash the dishes.

For each Christian, according to his spiritual age, there can be a different order of the Sunday. After the Liturgy and Holy Communion, it is useful to read the Gospel, spiritual literature; visit those who need our attention and support; spend time in soul-saving communication.

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