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From newborn to toddler – bibs are seriously an amazing thing! But when it comes down to finding a way to organize your baby’s bibs it’s harder than you would think! Babies are messy and if you want to save those cute little baby outfits, well… then you gotta keep the bibs handy! It is important that you store the ‘everyday bibs’ somewhere that is both simple and efficient. Having bibs within arms reach of the highchair will also make your life so much easier!

Check out these unique and functional solutions for storing and organizing baby bibs!

#1 Giraffe Paper Towel Holder

This little guy is so cute! I looked all over to find out what exactly the “giraffe” was – and it’s this awesome paper towel holder re-purposed into the perfect bib storage solution! And what’s better… they come in not only giraffe, but dinosaurs too!

#2 Command Hooks Inside Cabinet

Hanging stuff inside of cabinets is a great way to make use of I have seen so many ideas lately I have tried to put some off brand hooks on the inside of my cabinet before, but they never held very well.

Maybe real command hooks would work better – it’s definitely worth trying out because this idea is this is I think it would work for me I would totally try to hang bibs in my cabinet door!

#3 Back Of The Highchair Bib Storage

Another great use of command hooks! Just put one large command hook on the back of the highchair and hang your bibs!


#4 Toy Links Attached To Highchair

Those little toy links are super useful! We used them to lock cabinets, attach toys to the car seat and sippy cups to the stroller. I love how the bibs are exactly where you need them at all times. But – once baby starts walking or even crawling you may want to move them to somewhere a little higher up so they don’t all end up in the floor.

#5 Re-purpose Your Old Coffee Pod Carousel

Honestly, I can say that this would have never crossed my mind. I had to add it to the list because it is unique and pretty nifty – so if you happen to have one of these k-kup holders laying around you should try it out to see if it is a practical bib storage solution.

#6 Over-the-Door Closet Organizer

This is perfect for those special occasion bibs, like for holidays and birthdays, or the ones that match specific outfits. You probably wouldn’t want to store the bibs you use daily here.

#7 Hang Bibs On A Hanger

This is a great way to store those bibs that you don’t use often like for holidays, special occasions or ones that match certain outfits. I would also do this in the laundry room to hang bibs on as soon as they are clean. I’m sure this would have saved me a huge hassle of trying to fold them or lay throw them in the dresser drawer.

#8. Back of Highchair Bib Storage Using a Piece of Cloth

I have the same exact highchair and this has to be the best bib storage solution for this highchair. Why didn’t I think of this?! You could use any piece of cloth or fabric that is long enough to loop through the top two strap holes (see below image). You could use a scarf or even cut an old t-shirt to make this work for you!


#9 Velcro Inside Cabinet

So smart and simple! Just place a piece of velcro inside your cabinet door or wherever you would like and then velcro your bib to it!

#10 Hanging Shower Caddy / Organizer

I have seen people use these shower organizers to create a bottle drying station before, but using it for bottle and bib storage is genius! So neat looking and look how many bibs it holds!

Don’t forget to Pin your favorites so you can come back to them later!

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Everything You Need to Know About Bibs – Gerber Childrenswear

Along with bottles, bodysuits and blankets, bibs are another one of those big B’s that every parent needs. Buying and using these mealtime essentials may seem simple, but the baby bib game has really evolved over the years. If you’ve noticed a variety of different products and styles at the infant supply store or online, you may be wondering why there are so many types. We’ll help you uncover the mystery behind their features and care tips so you’ll feel like a bib master in no time. 

Types of Baby Bibs

Your parents probably raised you on the standard bib—a rounded, cloth or towel-like garment that went around your neck and snapped in the back. While these tried and true stain preventers are still available and useful as ever, there are a few more varieties that have made it to store shelves. Since we’ve covered the standard original, let’s break down a few more basic types:

  • Drool/Dribbler Bibs—Yes, these are the ones that may look like a hanky, or even a hipster’s fashion accessory. If you don’t like that style, there are also drool and dribbler bibs that look like the regular kind. If you’re not graduated to solid food yet, they’re the perfect size to use while nursing or feeding a bottle. They’re also comfortable enough for baby to wear around the house or while you are out and about. Since infants tend to dribble all over the place, their saliva can quickly make a fresh shirt or bodysuit look like it’s been worn for days.
    Instead of doing more laundry, you can put a drool bib on them and their clothes will stay cleaner for hours.
  • Feeding Bibs—When your little one graduates to baby food, it’s a whole new (messier!) ballgame. Keep little bits of carrots and peas from falling on your clean kitchen floor by using a feeding bib. The top looks like the original bib, but the bottom has a pocket sewed onto it. The pocket catches both liquefied and solid foods, which protect your household efforts, as well as clothing.
  • Smock Bibs—Also known as the “long-sleeved bib,” smock bibs are worn like a shirt. They cover your baby from neck to knee, which makes for foolproof mess prevention at mealtime. They’re great for protecting fancy dresses and beautiful white baby clothes. They’re are also a lifesaver if you’re feeding at a restaurant or someone else’s house. While a bit bulkier, they have an open back, so you can roll up food bits into the material before they get everywhere.
  • Disposable Bibs—While they may not be practical for everyday use, they can come in handy if you forget one while you’re on vacation or are attending an event where you want to be able to throw away anything that is messy. They’re especially helpful when you know you won’t be able to get home and clean or spot-treat the material for several hours or days.

Best Bibs by Age Group

While some quality baby bibs can be used for months and even years at a time, others are most appropriate for certain situations. Children from 0-6 months will benefit most from regular and drool bibs, since they’re usually not eating baby food until they reach around six months of age. Once they hit the 4- to 6-month mark, you will want to start looking for feeding bibs. These can be used as long as you want. Combine these with droolers, so your child’s clothes are protected no matter what activity they’re doing. Smock bibs aren’t practical for newborns, but you may find a purpose for them as they grow older and begin eating fruits and vegetables.

Baby Bib Care Tips

No doubt about it, bibs are one of the most stain-prone accessories you will ever buy as a parent. If you want to make them last as long as possible—and we know you do—we have a few helpful tips for pre-treating, washing and cleaning each type you buy.

  • Read the Product’s Care Label—Materials used for bibs range from organic cotton to rubber. Be sure to read the care label (or the box) to see what type of cleaning methods the manufacturer recommends. Some can be thrown in the washing machine, while others need to be spot-treated and cleaned. If you’re not into multi-step cleaning processes, you may want to check the tag out before you buy it.
  • Treat Stains as Quickly as Possible—Whether you have spit up or prunes on the front of the bib, you’ll want to get the stain off as soon as you can before you officially wash it. Keeping in mind care instructions, many materials will require rinsing or soaking in cold water and then pre-treating the spot with a special stain spray. Afterwards, you can throw it in the wash with your baby’s laundry detergent.
  • Hang Them up to Dry—This practice is essential for plastic or rubber bibs, but also makes sense for most cotton and cloth ones. Unlike your dryer, the sun will help take the peskiest stains out. Feel free to hang them in a dry, well-ventilated room inside your home or, better yet, outside on the porch. Many spots will lighten up or disappear completely.

Making Life Easier with the Right Bib

Now that you know which type will keep your child clean and happy, you can stock up on the cutest bib styles. There are plenty out there that come in adorable patterns, fun sayings and vibrant colors. Whether you want to make a statement, or just keep baby’s clothes protected, there is a practical, functional and adorable bib out there for everyone.

Bibs, bibs for newborns

Baby bibs-bibs: a neat baby – a happy mother

Even before the baby is born or in the first days after its birth, parents should pay maximum attention to the formation of the children’s wardrobe. And bibs for newborns should become an integral part of the “dowry”. They will be needed already in the hospital: even a breastfed baby spits up milk from time to time. In addition, babies often experience increased salivation.And in order for him not to stain a new blouse or undershirt, a so-called bib is needed.

When else do you need a bib?

Ensuring neatness during the first meals of a newborn is not the only purpose of this wardrobe detail. It will be useful to you in the future, for example:

  • when feeding a baby from a bottle, as well as a spoon – from a cup or plate;
  • at the first attempts of the child to learn to eat and drink on their own;
  • when eating in unusual conditions – on the street, at a party, on a trip;
  • with active teething with profuse salivation;
  • when drawing crumbs.

From all of the above, an unambiguous conclusion can be drawn: bibs for newborns must be purchased in sufficient quantities – after all, on difficult days, a child can “disable” up to a dozen bibs!

Bibs for babies: varieties and characteristics

The manufacturers of these products offer models for every taste and in accordance with any request. Today on sale there are plastic and textile, single and double layer bibs for newborns, with sleeves, collar and pocket for food, with a neckline or tied with a braid, absorbent and water-repellent, disposable or reusable.

What should be the ideal bib for your child? These are the main characteristics that he must have:

  • strength – both in tension or shrinkage, and at break;
  • Environmental friendliness: priority is given to products made from natural or non-toxic synthetic materials, in the production of which natural dyes were used;
  • convenience – the bib should not hinder the movements of the baby and rub the skin of the neck;
  • functionality – select the model in such a way that it reliably protects all “risk zones” when feeding;
  • ease of care – minimum time spent on washing and drying, as well as the ability to quickly remove the most stubborn stains are significant signs of a quality bib;
  • aesthetics: it is often very problematic to pull a bib on a small fidget. But if it looks bright and attractive, it will be much easier to do it.

Masha-shop online store: choosing bibs together!

We present to your attention a wide range of stylish and colorful, fun and practical bibs for babies from a few days to a few years old. A huge variety of models and varieties will make it easy to pick up products for both boys and girls.

Having studied the commodity items of our catalog, you can buy bibs for children in the online store Masha-shop both in the amount of one or several units, and in whole sets.Affordable prices, confirmed by official certificates, impeccable quality from manufacturers proven by long-term cooperation, as well as assistance in choosing and fast delivery to the address indicated when placing an order – we are ready to offer all this so that this necessary and important purchase will leave you only positive impressions.

Printed organic cotton bibs (5 pcs)

Our soft bibs keep your baby clean and dry. The set consists of five bibs with prints of lions and leopards, with images of zebra and birds, as well as solid colors. Made of natural cotton, from the seamy side – terry cloth

Detailed description
More details:
– Clasp: button
– 5 pieces in the package
– Keep away from fire
– Organic cotton: grown naturally for the health benefits of our soils, ecosystems, wildlife and farmers
– 100% cotton
– Lining – 80% Cotton, 20% Polyester
Care instructions
– Wash at 40 ° C
– Do not bleach
– Tumble dry at an average temperature of
– Iron at an average temperature of
– Do not dry clean

Which delivery method do you prefer?

Please pay attention: the official online store Marks & Spencer in Russia offers all possible delivery methods for your convenience.

Arranging delivery methods in ascending order of cost, we get a list:

  • Russian Post
  • Delivery to the pick-up point
  • Door-to-door courier delivery

Payment methods

You can pay for the order in a convenient way for you: on the website or upon receipt. Available payment methods: credit card or cash. Gift cards are not accepted for payment of orders.

Cash payment

Payment for the order in cash is carried out upon receipt of the order from the courier, at the point of issue of orders or at the post office.

Payment by credit card

Payment for the order by credit card is carried out on the website when placing the order. You can also pay for the order by credit card upon receipt of the goods from the courier or at the points of issue of the order only if they have such a technical capability.

In the production of Marks & Spencer products, the highest quality standards are observed so that the item will serve you for a long time and give you maximum comfort in use.

If the purchase does not meet your expectations, you can make an exchange or return in a convenient way for you.

IKEA recalls the Metvro baby bib in Russia because of a ripped button – Moscow City News Agency

The IKEA company recalls the Metvro baby bib in Russia because of a tear-off button

08.10.2019 13:50

Tags: Children , Clothing , Ikea , Trade

The Swedish company IKEA has withdrawn from sale and is recalling the Metvro baby bib in Russia due to a tear-off button. The agency of city news “Moscow” was informed about it in the press service of the company.

“IKEA is recalling the Metvro baby bib all over the world, including Russia. We ask customers who have purchased the Matvro baby bib (blue / red) to immediately stop using it and return the item to an IKEA store, where they will be fully refunded. Metvro bibs (fruit / vegetable pattern, green / yellow) are safe to use due to different designs and materials. Baby bibs “Metvro” can be returned to any IKEA store and received the money paid for the product or exchanged for a similar product, ”the press service said.

A company representative also clarified that the bibs were no longer available for sale.

“The reason for recalling the bibs is that the button with which they are fastened at the back can come off.We understand that if there is the slightest chance that it will come off and the child will choke, it is the responsibility of the company, ”IKEA explained, noting that the number of baby bibs sold is unknown.

The company emphasized that the safety of the buyer is the priority of its activities. “The safety of our customers is a top priority in our business, so we decided to withdraw the Metvro bibs (blue / red) as a preventive measure,” the press service added.

Earlier, the media reported that IKEA would recall more than 8.

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