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Difference Between Car Grooming And Car Detailing Singapore

To most people, car grooming and car detailing are the same thing. However, it should be noted that although both procedures are aimed at improving the appearance and performance of vehicles, they are quite distinct. As a motorist, these are important car maintenance and improvement procedures that you will need sooner or later. Therefore, it is just in order that you know the difference between car grooming and car detailing.

What is Car Grooming?

Car grooming mainly entail a series of procedures for cleaning the car or keeping it looking good. There are several car grooming procedures that your car can be treated to including, car wash, car waxing, car polishing, paint protection treatment, carpet cleaning, window and windscreen cleaning, car rims wash and tyre shine. These procedures will not only improve the hygienic conditions in your car but, also its general appeal.

Regular car wash is one of the key car grooming processes that helps in removing build-up of dirt, bird droppings, grim and snow. Car waxing and polishing on the other hand, works by protecting the surfaces and giving a shiny touch to the vehicle. Carpet cleaning helps in fighting dirt and pathogens, ensuring that the interior is clean and fresh. Car rims wash and tyre shine is important in cleaning the wheels for better traction on the road.

Cleaning the windscreen and windows of your car is also a key auto grooming procedure for better visibility and safety on the road. Besides, car paint protection treatment will help in preserving the condition of your vehicle’s paintwork. The procedure helps in protecting the paintwork from effects of light scratches, cracks and UV rays. This will not only keep your car looking good for longer but, also reduce costs of regular car repair and maintenance.

Considering all the car grooming services discussed above, the procedures can be performed on the body as well as interior parts of the vehicle. For cleaning the car body and interior, shampoo is one of the most recommended products. This is because, it is made with a strong formula that can effectively wipe out dirt and stains faster. On the other hand, shampoo is also safe on the car and environment. For cleaning the interior, shampoo can still be used together with other procedures like, vacuuming.

Of all the car grooming procedures, there are some that you can easily perform on your own like, car wash, carpet cleaning and car rims wash and tyre shine. However, others like, car waxing, polishing and paint protection treatment usually require expertise and special tools, which you may not possess. Instead of struggling on your own, simply find a car grooming expert to work on your vehicle.

What is Car Detailing?

Unlike car grooming, car detailing is usually more specific and focused on areas that cannot be easily addressed by the former. Even with regular and proper car grooming, there are several imperfections that you may not be able to effectively erase from the car body and interior. Car detailing is meant to rectify and iron out any mistakes on the car body and interior. Car paint rectification is one of the key car detailing procedures that you can perform to correct swirl marks and other imperfections that cannot be effectively removed through polishing and waxing.

Just like, the name suggests, car detailing is usually more comprehensive. The procedure can be focused on parts of the vehicle that are not easy to reach during cleaning. As a result of this, the engineers may have to remove the specific parts of the car that you need to be detailed like, the wheels, seats, dashboard among others. Due to the focus on specific parts of the car, detailing ensures thorough cleaning.

Although car detailing also entails various kinds of procedures, it is not usually conducted regularly like, most car grooming services. In fact, car detailing can be performed even monthly provided the car is washed regularly. However, this should not be taken to mean that car detailing is not an important procedure. Both car grooming and car detailing are integral car care and maintenance procedures that your vehicle should consistently undergo to keep it in the best working condition.

Final Thoughts

The main difference between car detailing and car grooming is the attention to details. Car grooming is mainly focused on the entire vehicle while car detailing usually targets specific parts or components. In order to get the best car detailing and car grooming services, it is always advisable that you find a professional company to handle the job. Car Grooming Singapore is the right place for professional car grooming services.

Auto Grooming Services – Car Detailing (Mandurah) | – Join and Benefit

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Business Information

Trading Hours:
Monday – Saturday 8.00AM to 5.30PM
Closed on Public Holidays

Address: Unit 1/74 Reserve Drive
Mandurah WA 6210
Mobile: 0406 677 473
E: [email protected]
W: www.

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Auto Grooming Services is a family business founded in year 2000. We specialise in detailing private vehicles, car sales yards and large mining fleets.

Auto Grooming Services is based on the belief that our customers needs are of the utmost importance. Auto Grooming Services is committed to meeting those needs. As a result, a high percentage of our business is from repeat customers and referrals.

The difference between Mobile Detailing and Stationary Detailing

Mobile Detailing

Mobile Detailing may seem harmless. The car is exposed to the elements and during detailing, this is not very good for the car. Instead of being in a controlled environment, the car is out usually in the sun and the heat which can cause some products to not function as well as they were designed.

Stationary Detailing

Stationary Detailing gives more flexibility than Mobile Detailing. With Stationary Detailing, you have all of the required tools under one roof. Instead of having the car exposed to the elements, the car is shaded and can be carefully detailed.


Our List of clients:

  • Hyundai
  • Jeep
  • Chrysler
  • Suzuki
  • Kia
  • Lane Ford
  • Peel Cars & Commercials
  • Mandurah Panel & Paint
  • EmbroidMe
  • Camera House
  • Logi West Express

    We would welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and deliver you the best service in the industry. So Please come down to the new workshop location in Mandurah so we can take car of your automotive detailing needs.

    Price list: (Price subject to change, please ring the management for the most up to date price)

    A) Wash, Vacuum & deodorise $100.00,

    B), Exterior ONLY,wash/ cut/polish/detail/engine steam-clean $175.00,

    C) Interior ONLY, vacuum/shampoo seats & carpets (if Required)/pro-shine/clean inside windows/deodorise $175. 00,

    D) Full Groom = B & C $350.00. The prices above are based on sedans only, prices will vary as vehicles get larger in size eg: Station Wagons, Ute’s, 4X4 etc etc.

    *Conditions apply, see in store for details.

  • Car Grooming Services | Mobile Auto Detailing Christchurch | Car Wash

    Now you can have professional car grooming services in Christchurch. We have experts that use eco-friendly and high-quality car washing products. We do not only offer you full detailing services, but also exterior and interior options.

    CleaningPro is a company that provides clients with top class auto grooming services. We are experts who have had years of experience in the industry, and we take full care to make our customers happy.

    The appearance of the car is the first thing that most of the customers feel to be great and work on. Moreover, the best treatment is given to your vehicles under our car detailing experts, rather than just a quick car wash. 

    As mentioned before, how much customers look forward to the appearance of the cars. Just like you cherish the first day of getting your brand-new car for the first time out of the shop. CleaningPro assures that it should not be your first and one time feeling only and ensures that you get that feeling again after getting our car grooming service. You can restore the new look of your automobile after being provided with exceptional detailing and cleaning services across Christchurch.

    Customer satisfaction is the first priority that we are working on and we have our full attention on the kind of products we are using to satisfy your needs. And customer safety is one other thing that we keep in our consideration. The products that we use, are eco-friendly, high- quality, and extremely safe to use. Let the products be that from cleaning the vehicle inside out, to the wheel’s protection. All are used to provide you the best service of all time and meet your needs.


    For the best service to provide you, we have highly trained and professional experts that give the best treatment to your vehicle. They have years of experience in their area, due to which we have many satisfied customers that visit us again and make their names in the list of our loyal customers.


    You can share their preference from our great four mobile car grooming packages mentioned below:


    1. CleaningPro Standard – Quick Clean Inside and Out

    Price for Small Car valet $95.00

    Price for Large Car or SUV $115.00


    • Exterior Cleaning
    • Wheels and alloys cleaned
    • Chamois dry
    • Tires dressed
    • Windows cleaned inside and out
    • Mirrors cleaned inside and out
    • Interior Vacuum
    • Boot Vacuum
    • Door jambs wiped
    • Boot openings wiped


    1. CleaningPro Valet – Standard + Interior Detailing

    Small Car Grooming $135.00

    Mobile Auto Detailing Large Car or SUV $155.00


    Everything in the standard package

    • Dash and console cleaned and dressed
    • Vinyl and all plastic trimming dressed
    • Door trimming dressed


    1. CleaningPro Polish – Standard + Exterior Hand Polish

    Small Car Grooming $155. 00

    Mobile Auto Detailing Large Car or SUV $175.00


    Standard package plus these services:

    • Boot openings wiped
    • Full exterior hand polish
    • Bumpers and Guards dressed
    • Exterior plastic mouldings dressed


    1. CleaningPro Premium – Interior and Exterior

    Small Car Grooming $195.00

    Large Car Wash or SUV $215.00


    Standard Package Plus below services:

    • Dash and console cleaned and dressed
    • Vinyl and all plastic trimming dressed
    • Door trimming dressed
    • Full exterior hand polish
    • Bumpers and Guards dressed
    • Exterior plastic mouldings dressed


    **Please note, our cleaning services are not for mobile cars but at our Service Centre. You can have the choice of either dropping it off at the Service Centre or being charged for an additional $80+GST if being picked up by our team.

    Each service will first remove the dirt and stains from the car’s surface. Then for maintaining the restoration for longer periods, they will place a protection layer.

    Above all, we are friendly to your pockets, give high-quality services, and make you satisfied with our work that you recommend to your friends. 


    Extras (Not included in our Car Grooming)

    • Pickup/drop off $80 Extra
    • Engine Clean $40
    • Headlight Restoration / Polish Headlights $75
    • Leather Polish $75
    • Seats and Mats Shampoo $95
    • Exterior Machine Cut Polish $95

    Full interior shampoo and mould treatment are also provided with vehicle washing. You can call us for your bookings.


    You can check our other services too.

    *We will be needing access to your water and power supply.

    **For cars requiring extras, the CleaningPro team may revise the car grooming quote after on-site assessment.

    ***Parking is the customer’s responsibility, wherever parking is not available. The costs that will be incurred for parking will be paid by the customer.

    Car Valet in Hamilton | One Stop Auto Ltd


    Auto Grooming and Car Valet Services in Hamilton

    Our Hamilton car valet services make sure that your vehicle looks good, inside and out. Our expert team will inspect your car to determine the best possible services. We provide polishing, cleaning, waxing, drying, vacuuming, dressing and others to suit your needs.

    Comprehensive, reliable and top of the line; these are the promises we make and uphold to all our customers.


    This is our most popular valet offering a comprehensive service catering to most people’s needs.


    • Engine Cleaned and Dressed
    • Exterior Paint Machine Polished
    • Wheels Cleaned & Alloys De-Scaled
    • Wheel Arches Cleaned
    • Door Jams Cleaned
    • Exterior Plastics & Trims Dressed
    • Exterior windows cleaned
    • Tyres Dressed


    • Interior Vacuumed
    • Seats, Carpet & Boot Shampooed
    • Interior Windows Cleaned
    • Dashboard, Air vents & Centre Console Cleaned
    • Interior Plastics Cleaned & Dressed
    • Ashtrays & Storage Compartments emptied & cleaned
    • Mats Cleaned


     Our Standard Groom is an efficient valet service for vehicles that are relatively clean and need a quality interior and exterior valet.


    • Hand wash wax & dry
    • Exterior windows cleaned
    • Wheels cleaned & alloys De-Scaled
    • Tyres dressed
    • Exterior plastics & trims dressed


    • Interior seats, carpets & boot vacuumed
    • Interior windows cleaned
    • Dashboard, air vents & centre console cleaned
    • Ashtrays & storage compartments emptied & cleaned
    • Mats cleaned


    Interior valet involves a thorough shampoo of seats, carpets and boot.
    Great if you want to freshen up your vehicle’s interior.

    • Interior vacuumed
    • Seats, carpet & boot shampooed
    • Interior windows cleaned
    • Dashboard, air vents & centre console cleaned
    • Interior plastics cleaned
    • Ashtrays & storage compartments emptied & cleaned
    • Mats cleaned


    Please Note:

    Smoke, dog, urine, water leaks, damp, mould, fuel, milk and vomit are the most common odours. Because it is essential to remove the sources of the smell additional odour removal treatment may be required especially in the case of cigarette and pet odours. Although the vehicle appears clean extra attention to gaps and hard to reach areas could make all the difference.

    Elite Grooming Crew – Car Interior Cleaning Services Auckland, Cheap Car Wash Auckland

    Incidental Damage: We are not responsible for any incidental damage that may
    occur while your vehicle is being vacuumed or washed including but not limited
    to: any damage related to pre-existing conditions (tears, scratches, dents,
    discoloration, rust, bad paint jobs etc.) damage to automated windshield wiper
    systems, wiper blades rear window wipers, loose trim or exterior moldings, exterior mirrors, trailer hitch caps, roof racks, power
    antennas, insignias, aftermarket accessories (bug shields, sun visors), magnetic
    signage, running boards, hood ornaments, alloy, chrome or mag wheels,
    headlights, rear lamps, or reflectors.

    We are responsible for any damage directly
    caused by our equipment while your vehicle is being washed, so long as the
    damage does not involve a prior condition of your vehicle or is caused by another
    customer’s actions.

    Limit of Liability: Elite Grooming Crew entire liability for providing services is
    limited to the invoice amount for the service we provide, except for any damages
    that directly results from our equipment. Further Elite Grooming Crew Ltd will not
    pay for litigation costs or attorney’s fees in any claim or law suit against us.

    Elite Repair Policy: Should your vehicle suffer damage directly caused by our
    equipment while your vehicle is being washed, so long as the damage does not
    involve a prior condition of your vehicle or is caused by another customer’s
    actions; we will provide you a reputable auto body shop to have an estimate
    prepared and for repair of your damage. Should you choose to obtain an estimate
    or repairs from a different body shop, Elite Grooming Crew Ltd reserves the right
    to reimburse you for the reasonable costs of your repairs.

    Thank you for your cooperation


    General Manager

    Alapati Afoa

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    This company registered office address is 297A Thomson Road, Singapore 001130.

    Entity Number: 52836261E Entity Status:
    Street Address: 297A Thomson Road
    Singapore 001130
    Issuance Agency: Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA)
    Entity Type: Business Issue Date: 2008-09-10
    Street Name: THOMSON ROAD Postal Code: 001130
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    90,000 Comprehensive car care services

    Nowadays, the car has become a mirror of the owner’s social status, his financial condition, place on the career ladder, well-being in his personal life.

    Most owners strive to achieve maximum match between the appearance of the car and their own image. But the outer gloss and inner charm pleasing to the eye do not appear on their own. This requires constant expert care, including washing and polishing, cleaning and processing of external and interior elements.The best solution for this range of tasks can be considered the appeal to the services of detailing.

    What is this?

    The concept of detailing, which comes from the English word detail – a detail, a trifle, in the general case, implies a comprehensive complex processing of all parts of the device, without exception, to give them the necessary appearance and operational properties. In our word, the country has taken root, in fact, only in the field of car service.

    Speaking of detailing, they mean bringing paint and varnish coatings, chrome, blued, nickel-plated and other metal surfaces to an impeccable condition, perfect care for leather, wood and other interior details. To provide a full range of detailing services, it is necessary to use a wide range of effective chemicals, a rich set of specialized tools, the use of which requires a high level of qualifications of specialists.

    Outdoor detailing

    When exterior detailing, or exterior detailing, the following types of work must be performed:

    • Professional sink
    • All types of varnish coatings, including abrasive, protective, etc.d.
    • Restoration of damage to body parts – straightening, priming, painting and other procedures.

    There are no trifles in outdoor detailing. Experts are well aware of the range of tasks – to clean the paintwork from contaminants that ordinary washing cannot cope with – glue, bitumen, gasoline and oil, lime and wood resin, to polish chrome-plated and nickel-plated parts, remove shoe dust from wheel rims, bring rubber and plastic exterior elements.

    Internal detailing

    Details and elements of the interior decoration need qualified care in the same way. Cleaning, washing, polishing with the use of an appropriate set of chemical and special tools is carried out both for leather, textile, plastic, wood and other interior parts, as well as for the air conditioner, trunk, glass, engine compartment and engine.

    The use of any chemical care products for the elements of external and internal design, as well as the use of products that ensure the protection of paint and varnish and other coatings and surfaces, must be agreed with the client.

    Autotechcenter ARZ-5 is engaged in the art of modern car care, which combines the work of professionals and advanced technologies.

    Nano-coating of anti-rain car windows

    Polishing with nanoceramic

    Liquid glass polishing

    Salon dry cleaning

    90,000 Articles :: Detailing services – gentle car care

    The detailing service is rapidly developing and gaining popularity among car owners of different manufacturers. A set of measures is aimed at professional car care outside and in the cabin. At first, the service was required only for those cars that were planned to be used for various exhibitions, but over time, it began to be actively used for private vehicles as well.
    Each detailing service company offers an individual list of proposals for restoring the attractiveness of the car. The most common of these include dry cleaning of the interior and polishing the body with the application of protective agents.
    Salon dry cleaning
    Professional car interior care involves the elimination of various contaminants and the treatment of elements with detergents. During the cleaning process, specialists use various chemicals to remove stains, destroy germs and bacteria.
    Salon dry cleaning is subdivided into complex and local. The task of complex dry cleaning is to provide high-quality processing of absolutely all interior elements. To complete it, the craftsmen dismantle the seats in order to get the maximum result. This format helps to keep the car tidy.
    Local dry cleaning is aimed at combating obvious contamination that must be removed. Processing of doors, floor, ceiling and car seats is carried out. Sometimes a local dry cleaning is carried out before an urgent sale of a car.
    The need for dry cleaning of the car depends on the period of operation of the car, the accuracy of the driver and passengers. With moderate vehicle use, it is sufficient to dry-clean the interior once a year.For those drivers who regularly use the vehicle, the detailing service must be used at least twice a year.
    Body polishing
    During the operation of the car, various scratches, chips, defects are formed on its surface. Car polishing will help restore the integrity of the protective layer and maintain the attractiveness of the body. There are different options for polishes, their choice depends on the degree of damage to the body. Preventive polishing is used to preserve the existing paintwork, while restorative polishing is used to eliminate various defects on the car body.

    90,000 Understanding Auto Care Services

    Sometimes we just need a car wash, and sometimes our cars need a lot more. We understand this, and that is why car washes and detailing centers offer many different services where professional auto chemicals are used, so that you can take full care of your car.

    First you need to understand how often you should wash your car.

    It depends on your lifestyle and how you use your vehicle.Visiting a car wash and keeping the car clean protects paintwork, plastic and chrome elements from dirt, corrosion, stains.

    Wheel rim cleaning

    Rims are where brake dust can accumulate and the appearance of your rims deteriorates. Removal requires a special tool (rim cleaner). Non-contact car shampoo will not cope with such dirt. Choose this service to preserve and restore the former look of your disks.

    Blackening tires

    The cost of the service is not great. After blackening the tires, you will immediately see how the car’s appearance will improve. Do you clean your shoes? The same is true for your tires.

    Underbody and chassis washing

    Washing the undercarriage and underbody of a car helps to clear accumulated and clogged dirt, reagents and other road contaminants that can cause corrosion.

    Waxes, quartz coatings, polymers

    When you choose a protective coating service, be sure that the protective coating will enhance the shine of your car and the car will become more attractive and protect the body from external factors.Hydrophobic properties will appear and your car will be less dirty.

    Manual car wash, detailing car wash

    A manual car wash and detailing car wash, in contrast to a contactless car wash, pays more attention to detail. Your car will be cleaner.

    Engine wash

    Accumulated dirt, oil deposits and other contaminants in the engine compartment adversely affect engine performance. If you plan to sell a car, make engine repairs, or like cleanliness, then be sure to choose this service.


    In rainy weather, anti-rain is especially relevant. Improved visibility in bad weather means comfort and safety!

    Car interior dry cleaning

    It is pleasant to be in a clean salon. Cleanliness is not only aesthetics, it is also getting rid of allergens that accumulate with dust over time and also removing bacteria. Therefore, dry cleaning ensures health safety.

    And also skin care, plastic, chrome …

    These are not all the services that car washes provide.All these and other services offered by car washes are aimed at taking care of your car. When visiting detailing centers or car wash complexes, ask what they can do for your car.

    Everything for car washing, chemicals for self-service car washes and other chemicals for car care from the manufacturer is available for ordering online on our website, (official store of professional chemicals).

    CARWELL – high quality car care products.
    We invite you to cooperation!


    We asked the experts where they prefer to repair their cars and what products they buy to take care of their personal vehicles.

    SHASALIM SHAGALIMOV , 37 years old
    Chairman of the Alliance of Clubs Astana

    SCT-service has professional staff, a wide range of services, ranging from grooving discs to repairing undercarriage, availability of a large assortment of oils and consumable spare parts and, which is important, reasonable prices and efficiency.

    Service center SCT- service

    Address: Abay Ave., 60/1
    Working hours: Mon-Sat 9: 00-19: 00, Sun 10: 00-18: 00

    Changing the engine oil – from 1500 tg
    Replacement of antifreeze – from 4500 tenge
    Replacement of spark plugs – from 2000 tg
    Running gear diagnostics – from 2000 tenge

    Contacts: 545 054

    I invite all motorists to think about switching to gas fuel, it is economical.And the necessary equipment can be installed by the guys from AGS-ECO.

    Technical Center AGS- ECO

    Address: Bogenbay Batyr Ave., 26/2
    Working hours: Mon-Sun 10: 00-20: 00

    The cost depends on your vehicle. Consult the specialists on the phone numbers below.

    Contacts: 8 777 870 47 76, 8 775 820 60 95

    Installation of sound equipment Quantum Sound

    Address: specify by phone
    Working hours: Mon-Sun 10:00 – 22:00

    Replacement of speakers – 5000 tenge
    Replacement of a tape recorder – 5000 tenge
    Car soundproofing – from 75,000 to 200,000 tenge
    Installation of a subwoofer – 15,000 tenge
    Installation of the amplifier – 20,000 tenge
    Installation of a rear view camera – 18,000 tenge

    Contacts: 8 777 880 13 87

    VICTOR LAZAREV , 28 years old

    I really like how the Kristall car service works, they are really good craftsmen who know their business.

    Automotive Technical Center “Crystal”

    Address: Zhubanov Ave., 26/1
    Working hours: Mon-Fri 9: 00-19: 00, Sat-Sun 10: 00-18: 00

    Wheel geometry – from 4000 tenge
    Starter and generator repair – from 4000 tenge
    Computer diagnostics – from 5000 tenge

    Contacts: 939 707, 731 202, 8 701 250 55 05

    I’ve been doing wheel geometry at Vega for several years now: favorable price-quality ratio.

    Autocomplex “Vega”

    Address: st. Zhubanova, 20A
    Operating hours: Mon-Sun 9: 00—20: 00

    Diagnostics – from 1000 tenge
    Wheel geometry – from 1500 tg
    Tire fitting – from 600 tenge

    Contacts: 347 060, 486 265

    ARTEM DANILOV , 26 years old
    car service worker

    I use chemistry from AUTOLAND.It was originally created for professional use, but then it became available to everyone.

    Automotive chemicals for interior care from AUTOLAND


    Address: Zhubanov Ave., 24/2
    Working hours: Mon-Fri 9: 00-19: 00, Sat 10: 00-17: 00

    Spray for upholstery, 0.75 l – 1320 tg
    Insect remover, 0.5 l – 1415 tg
    Foam for upholstery, 0.4 l – 1465 tg

    Contacts: 500 500, 918 777, 8 701 526 70 70

    Oils from MOTUL

    Shop “TOP GIR”

    Address: ave.Saryarka, 24
    Working hours: Mon-Sun 9: 00—20: 00

    Synthetics, 4L – 3300 tenge
    Semi-synthetics, 4L – 2200 tenge

    Contacts: 309 434

    Means for car dry cleaning, interior dry cleaning and many other useful things

    For motorists, today, it is not a problem to keep their car in proper condition. A huge variety of cleaning and detergents, when applied correctly and in a timely manner, can remove almost any dirt and odor.

    Means for dry cleaning of cars in Rostov

    Particular attention should be paid to the very means for dry cleaning cars in Rostov. They are designed in compliance with strict requirements for toxicity and general safety, if they are used according to the instructions, then the use will be absolutely safe for the health of the washer and vehicle passengers. Their cleaning properties are higher than those of conventional products, and the variety allows you to process all existing materials for finishing and car decor.

    Car interior dry cleaning in Rostov

    The process of dry cleaning of a car interior in Rostov is very time consuming and requires professional knowledge and skills, not to mention the availability of special tools and devices. It is possible to produce it yourself, but whether you are satisfied with the result, and you cannot return the money spent, it is possible and serious harm to the car if you do not choose the right funds, or use it not according to the instructions. Sometimes you can do without expensive and proven preparations, for example, “leaks” on the upholstery of the seats are removed with an ordinary steam cleaner, but only professionals in dry cleaning of a car interior can know all the nuances and subtleties.Hence, we conclude that this work should be entrusted to specialized car washes.

    Other services and facilities

    If you have not yet chosen the means for dry cleaning of cars in Rostov, then you will be interested in another type – dry cleaning. With this technology, the car remains dry, with the exception of the floor. High efficiency is achieved thanks to cleaning agents and devices of the world leaders in this field. Wet and dry vacuum cleaners, seat cleaners, steam cleaners and a variety of detergents.Washing the engine compartment is another area of ​​complex dry cleaning. Specialized products are also used here that effectively dissolve oil and dirt spots and cover engine parts with an anti-corrosion film. The Tornador apparatus copes with this perfectly. Washing the engine compartment with special means will provide an excellent result. And all rubber and plastic elements are additionally treated with a special compound, which preserves their performance for a long service life.


    Whichever of the car care services in Rostov you choose, it is better to entrust it to professionals. After all, they have experience and everything necessary for this.

    Marafet Detailing Center | Car detailing services in Yaroslavl

    We guarantee high quality!

    3 years warranty for ceramic coatings!

    1 year lamination warranty!

    6 months local paint guarantee!

    We guarantee body polishing without holograms!

    All new cars, regardless of brand, are taken to us for protection!
    Why pay a dealer several times more?
    Quality, guarantee is MARAFET

    Auto detailing is a wide range of services for caring for the exterior of its body and interior.Such services came to the Russian market relatively recently, and on the territory of the Yaroslavl region they are completely unique today.

    Being aimed at improving the car, detailing also transforms the life of its owner – it helps to stand out in society, confirm or achieve a high status.
    Find out how you can improve your status …

    MARAFET is your pass to the world of the auto elite.
    We have been providing detailing services in Yaroslavl for over 10 years.
    Seriously and for a long time on the market!

    MARAFET is detailing

    In our work, we rely only on high-quality European-assembled tools
    This results in high quality.

    Our employees have experience in handling complex
    and equipment rare for auto repair shops,
    allowing to perform complex works in a short time.

    We are not an ordinary car service.

    We are a detailing center.

    Once upon a time, our auto center existed as an ordinary car service in Yaroslavl. But the desire to provide clients with luxury services made us reborn.

    We were the first in Yaroslavl to seriously engage in detailing.In this we are helped by a rich experience in car maintenance, the ability to work with modern equipment and materials, as well as the desire to raise the level of services of auto centers in Yaroslavl. The status obliges us to keep the quality of services at the highest level in the city.
    Let’s get to know each other better?

    Today MARAFET is a large detailing center providing
    a wide range of services for working with the appearance of cars
    any brands, mainly of the premium segment.

    Our clients are car dealerships and local elite

    Do you want to become one of them?
    Sign up now!

    90,000 brake disc cleaning

    In addition to the traditional car body wash, the car wash will offer you various car care services ( cleaning car parts from dirt), for example, cleaning the brakes or high-quality cleaning discs using special chemicals and a set of brushes

    disk cleaning

    The services of motorists are offered processing of plastic elements and car parts, blackening rubber on wheels, mechanical cleaning chrome car parts, dry cleaning of car seats and so on.The proposed number of proposals combines both separate types of services and various, for example, a seasonal package of services, in this case the price for a complex of services will be significantly lower.

    rubber blackening

    By choosing the comprehensiveness of services, you thereby save your money. The most popular service is considered to be a car body wash, cleaning and cleaning disc , interior, plastic and glass processing, interior cleaning and so on.For each car, we will apply a special set of services, which will be selected individually by specialists.

    If you are used to keeping your house clean, wearing clean and ironed clothes, then the car (you shouldn’t forget about it), as a “full member of the family,” also needs it. We ourselves will be pleased. A clean, washed car pleases not only the driver himself and his passengers, but also bystanders. And the car enthusiast himself will feel much more comfortable behind the wheel. This used to be – the driver had to arm himself with keys, gloves, rags, a bucket of water, various liquids and a lot of time, and the car was washed and polished.But today, time is money, so more and more drivers are turning to specialist services.

    Car wash is an ideal option for those who understand and value their time and money. A high level of service, discounts for regular customers, an individual approach, a quality guarantee, so today a car wash is the best option for car enthusiasts. Here you can wash not only the body and interior of the car, but also order dry cleaning of the interior, as well as other services that will be aimed at making the car shine with cleanliness.


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