Auriga spa review: Auriga Spa experience – Review of Auriga Spa, Sentosa Island, Singapore

Auriga Spa experience – Review of Auriga Spa, Sentosa Island, Singapore

I stayed at Capella Singapore in March 2013 and during my 2-night stay there, I visited Auriga Spa twice. Advance reservation is recommended and so I emailed Auriga Spa to make my first appointment for a hair and scalp treatment. I was very impressed by the prompt reply from the spa staff! A confirmation itinerary was soon sent to my inbox, very efficient and stress-free reservation process. Just before I checked into the hotel, I was thinking of having a second treatment on the second day of my stay, as I did not have Auriga’s phone number, I called the hotel instead and upon the first ring, the phone was picked up, super impressed! The lobby staff then put me through to Auriga spa and again, upon the first ring, a spa staff picked up the phone and my reservation for my second treatment, waning moon signature treatment, was soon confirmed. Prior to visiting the spa, I already had a very good feeling that I am going to enjoy myself.

My first treatment was the hair and scalp treatment. The staff was very warm and friendly and patiently explained the whole procedure before the start of the treatment. No awkward attempts to hold a conversation throughout the treatment and no hard sell or promoting of products and packages, I totally relaxed and almost fell asleep during the head massage. If you are doing this treatment, it will end off with your hair wet, if you are not a hotel guest, it will be good if you have some time to use the shower area to wash your hair and to use the hair dryer to dry your hair before leaving. The facilities at the spa will allow you to do so. After this treatment, I was offered the spa’s signature tea and was given some privacy to finish my tea, no hard sell tactics, no pressure to sign up for any packages, am very happy with the treatment and service!

On my second day, I arrived 45 minutes earlier to use the award winning spa facilities. A staff walked me through the facilities areas and explained to me how I can make use of all the facilities. After that, it’s me time!! There was no one else there and I had a good time by myself using all the facilities in peace, there was even a small clock nearby for you to take note of your treatment time. After using the facilities, my locker has a small plastic bag for me to keep my wet swim suit, how thoughtful! There is plenty of towels around so you can dry yourself before the start of treatment. Again, the staff in charge of my waning moon signature treatment patiently explained the whole procedure. This treatment is a detox treatment, including a scrub, wrap and massage, 3 hours in total. After the scrub and the wrap, I can shower in the treatment room, all prepared by the staff in charge. The massage was good and as I indicated that I prefer soft strokes, she took note of that and I had a very relaxing and comfortable body massage. After the treatment, I was brought to a relaxation lounge where I was offered ginger tea and some dried nuts and fruits. All these I can enjoy while lying down on a reclining sound wave chair, very comfortable and you can stay for as long as you like in the lounge to relax and rest.

The treatments are not cheap but I am happy splurging on them! It was money well spent for a once-in-a-while pampering session. I recommend Auriga Spa to everyone, especially those who need some peace and quiet amidst the busy city life, this spa is a heavenly getaway from the hustle and bustle! Thank you Auriga Spa for giving me such a wonderful experience 🙂

Review: Auriga Spa at Capella Ubud – A wellness oasis cocooned in the heart of a rainforest.

Ubud in the hills of Central Bali has always been one of my favourite spots on the island, thanks to its abundantly green rice paddies and serene temples scattered across the landscape. So when Capella unzipped the tents of its jungle camp property in July 2018, I was raring to check out the hotel. Unfortunately, due to high occupancy, I wasn’t able to book a stay this past July when I visited Bali — a year in, the retreat was proving to be an incredible success. So I settled for the next best thing: a spa experience at their renowned Auriga Spa which, in this particular property, is founded on Balinese and Hindu traditions.

At First Glance
Using Capella Singapore’s Auriga Spa as my reference point (one of the city’s best spas), Capella Ubud’s outpost blew me out of the water. The entire property is surrounded by idyllic lush foliage everywhere you look, giving you the impression that you are, most certainly, in the middle of the unspoiled rainforest.

A welcome drink of rosella tea and a refreshing towel at Capella Ubud’s Auriga Spa reception

Upon arrival at “The Station” — the hotel lobby — you’ll descend down a short flight of stairs to the open-air “Camp’s Post” bale, which is divided equally between the welcome reception and spa reception spaces. Another short walk along a brick-laden path will take you to the spa’s three treatment tents located one after the other on a slope.

The Story
Capella Ubud is the only luxury hotel in the Keliki Valley in Ubud, Bali. The spa itself, opened in Spring 2018, is set within the tranquillity and peace of the compound’s surroundings, reflecting the sanctuary of privacy and rustic luxury that is offered to guests when they come here.

Based on the philosophy that the phases of the moon impact our bodies in different ways, every aspect of Auriga’s spa experiences are designed in harmony with these varying energies of the lunar phrases to align, balance and restore your wellbeing. Other holistic therapies include Balinese cleansing rituals, meditation, yoga and sound healing.

The Hollandia tent from the outside

The Room
There are a total of three luxurious treatment tents dedicated to the spa. I was ushered into the Hollandia tent, which could accommodate two people. Designed and furnished by Bill Bensley of Shinta Mani fame, the space was adorned with two wall paintings depicting shelves of curios like Buddha statues, jars of varying shapes, exotic fruits, and even a trident. Plastic sheets for windows, just as you would expect in a typical camping tent, made up the other “walls”, where one could overlook more greenery.

The double vanity area, with the other wall painting behind it

Featuring a small foyer area, double copper vanities, a rain shower with ornate woodwork, and a toilet that’s literally built like a wooden throne, it was the most eclectic, whimsical spa room I’d ever been in.

Like 19th century Europe meets the Balinese jungle camp.

The Hollandia treatment tent

The Treatment
I was told that my New Moon treatment — for renewal and introspection — was meant to enable me to “reach [my] higher potential and [set] new intentions”.

It began with a foot scrub and bath, followed by a massage of my feet — “my foundation”. Next, the body portion followed with a muscle massage that successfully unravelled the knots that had been weighing down on me — and even some that I didn’t know were there. There’s a spot on my back upper arm, just above my armpit, that I’d only recently learnt was the point of much tension; thanks to hours of working on my laptop and fiddling with my phone. In my experience, most massages don’t give these pressure points the attention they deserve. Thankfully, this massage was not one of them.

The spa uses The Organic Pharmacy products, as well as organic solutions exclusively blended for the hotel

After 1.5-hours of kneading, probing and pushing with a heavenly massage oil courtesy of The Organic Pharmacy brand, a quick Carrot Butter Cleanser facial followed to gently awaken me.

As I climbed off the bed, I truly felt lighter on my feet and clearer of mind, body and spirit.

The Hospitality
With 7-years of experience under her belt, my therapist, Agung, was deftly effective in massaging out knots in my upper back and shoulders — the most problematic parts of my body. She was truly one of the best I’ve experienced. Be sure to request for her.

Even though I’d opted for no music but the sounds of the outdoors during the session, I wasn’t once bothered or taken by surprise by unexpected movement sounds or heavy breathing (as I have experienced before). The entire duration was more than pleasant and peaceful.

If you’re an in-house guest, I’d highly recommend booking yourself into a treatment. Since there are only three tents available at any one time, slots can be snapped up quickly so do make an appointment in advance.

If you’re not a guest, you can still come in for some pampering. The car ride duration depends on where you’re coming from on the island, although the hotel is fairly far away from most places (a small price to pay, you’ll realise, once you get there).

But, if you wish, you can arrange for a private transfer in a Wi-Fi-enabled luxury car.

For Your Consideration
The entire property is built on slopes (guests are handed walking sticks when they check-in) and the bricks that line the paths are laid a brick space apart from one another. If you’re not comfortable navigating such bumpy terrain, this might not be the place for you. If you desire somewhere sleeker, clean-lined and less “into the wild”, you’re better off picking another spa.

The room was adorned with two wall paintings depicting shelves of curios and, even, a real jackfruit tree

The Noteworthy
There was a real jackfruit tree — with one huge, ripe fruit — in the room. And even though I knew that I was in a tent (essentially), I often forgot this fact in light of the hardwood floors, interior design and general sturdiness of all the facilities.

The Summary
I’m already looking forward to my next visit. That says it all, doesn’t it?


Attentive and obliging

Innovative rustic luxury

Note– The critic was invited by the hotel. But all the opinions expressed herewith are her own.

Where: Capella Ubud (A member of The Leading Hotels of the World)
Jl. RY Dalem, Keliki, Tegallalang,
Kabupaten Gianyar, Bali 80561, Indonesia
Phone: +62 361 2091888

Luxury Spas in Singapore: Auriga wellness Spa at Capella Singapore, Sentosa

This retreat takes pampering sessions seriously and provides everything you expect for an afternoon of disconnecting and unwinding

How does one relax? While short weekend vacations to neighbouring countries beckon, sometimes, as I recently discovered, all you need is an afternoon to unplug and recharge. The next question is: What should I do, and where should I go? To that, I highly recommend paying Auriga Spa, at Sentosa Island’s Capella Singapore a visit.

Open your eyes and mind to the sights and sounds as you walk to the spa

Like travelling, the art of relaxation isn’t the destination; it’s a journey. And here, it’s one that starts way before your treatment begins. As your car pulls up in the private driveway of Capella Singapore, the magic begins. The leaves rustle, birds chirp, and the soothing burble of water in the reflection pond put you into a trance-like state before you even step foot into Auriga. A treat for the senses, indeed.

I arrive an hour before my treatment, which gives me enough time to make full use of the spa’s facilities. For optimum post-treatment results (also known as attaining nirvana in this instance), Auriga recommends putting your body through a series of ‘shocks’ involving drastic temperature changes. It’s 3pm on a Tuesday, and I’m the lone soul there. Auriga has become my personal haven.

The wellness centre comes with a herbal steam room (which unfortunately lacks an hourglass so you’ve to make do with counting down on your own), an ice fountain, a vitality pool with a swan neck shower to massage your shoulders, as well as cool and warm shower experiences, both infused with fruity aromas. Here’s a tip: Don’t skip on the swan neck shower or the cool shower mist.

At the end of my DIY spa where I hop back and forth between stations, I’m fully relaxed and am ready for a nap. While Auriga is most known for its luna-themed treatments, I’m here for the new 90-min Kundalini treatment that includes crystal stone therapy and a facial. My therapist, Lee Wai Mun, talks me through the session prior to beginning.

If you’ve yet to pay a visit to Auriga, be prepared to expect an atypical massage room. The suite comes with an outdoor garden patio (perfect for lounging post treatment), but that also means the room will be lit with natural light, making it a tad brighter compared to what you’re used to.

The Kundalini treatment doesn’t start with the usual welcome footbath ritual. Instead, I’m taught breathing techniques. Keeping a steady breathing pace is key to gaining the most out of the session. Lee rings the Tibetan singing bowl and hovers it across my body; its ringing puts me into a hypnotic state. She then starts on the pressure points on my feet before expertly gliding her hands to my calves with slow, steady strokes.

I weave in and out of consciousness and do my best to stay awake, aware that should I fall asleep, this review would end up being a one-liner disaster: Best massage ever, but don’t ask me what went on because I knocked out for the entire duration.

Two warm moonstone globes are then rolled over my body, from my lower back to the neck, and then my arms. The heat is fairly soothing, but nothing can replace Lee’s deft palm strokes that are gentle, yet firm. It’s said that moonstones help release deep tissue tension, but I’d pick Lee’s skills over a moonstone’s healing properties any day.

The massage slowly draws to a close as Lee pampers my face and decollete with a Carrot Butter cleanser and Double Rose Cream from The Organic Pharmacy. She goes on to tap my lymph nodes rhythmically to activate them and drain toxins. Aiding the process are two chilled rose quartz wands that are rolled over my shoulders, neck and face.

If my earlier DIY spa treatment was a prediction of what’s to come, it’s that the Kundalini massage also goes back and forth with temperature changes. Lee drips warm oil over the crown of my head — a similar to Shirodhara, a form of Ayurveda therapy — before gently massaging my scalp.

I’m told that the session is meant to increase positive energy and awaken my chakra. While I’m skeptical of how Kundalini treatments and the use of crystals can awaken positive energies and aid in removing toxins, I’ve to say I enjoyed every single minute of my session. Well, except when I heard the Tingsha bells to signal the end of the session.

The Kundalini massage is available at a special rate at $230++ per person from now until 31 August, after which it’ll be on the spa menu at $260++. In line with this experience, Capella Singapore is also organising a three-day Yogic Beauty Secrets Weekend with Guru Jagat from 10 to 12 August.

Auriga Spa
Capella Singapore
1 The Knolls
Sentosa Gateway
Singapore 098297
Tel: +65 6591 5023

Auriga Wellness at Capella Bangkok Offers a Journey for the Senses

Auriga Wellness, the in-house spa at Capella Bangkok, promises guests nourishment for the body, with a unique menu of signature treatments.

Set in a lush location along the legendary Chao Phraya River, the 1,074 square metre Auriga Wellness, at the newly opened and exceedingly luxurious Capella Bangkok, is a wellness centre as well as a place for pure pampering indulgence.

Named after a constellation in the Northern Hemisphere, Auriga combines bespoke design with sumptuous interiors and sophisticated services. On offer are traditional Asian treatments and invigorating thermal bathing, alongside an Oriental tea lounge and an open-air spa arrival courtyard. Other facilities include five single treatment rooms, two spa suites for couples, a gym, and a mind and body studio.

There’s also a unique area overlooking this landscaped tropical spa garden equipped with luxury massage chairs for a foot massage and express treatments. Meanwhile, the separate male and female spaces for heat and water experiences include steam rooms, saunas, and a vitality pool.

The spa celebrates nourishing the body holistically, with a varied menu of signature treatments incorporating locally-inspired techniques and organic, natural ingredients. Traditional Thai therapies include Tok Sen, a massage technique first brought to Bangkok by trading migrants from the ancient Lanna Kingdom in which rhythmic tapping along the body’s energy lines allow vibrations to resonate across pressure points that relax muscles and dislodge built-up tension. By contrast, Chi Nei Tsang, inspired by centuries-old healing therapies developed by Taoist monks, focuses on deep, gentle abdominal organ massage to reduce physical and emotional toxins. The result is ultimate relaxation while also helping to strengthen the immune system and correct postural tension. Nuad Bo Rarn, with its roots in Wat Pho – the birthplace of Thai massage – uses a unique combination of yogic manipulation and acupressure to align energy lines and restore flexibility.

Auriga Wellness will be officially unveiled and open to the public as of December 1st, 2020.

Prestige Picks: Celestial Black Diamond Non-Surgical Lift Facial

An incredibly intensive facial, this 60-minute treatment uses science-led formulas with diamond powder to increase the absorption of active ingredients to ease fine lines and wrinkles. It also follows steps that utilise surgically inspired masks and aesthetician-grade exfoliating acids, not only leaving the skin lifted, but smoother and brighter as well.

To find out more, call 0 2098 3888, or email [email protected]

Capella Singapore – Hotel Review







How did it strike you on arrival?
If you’re looking for tranquility you can find it in a tropical oasis on off-shore Sentosa Island. This Norman Foster-designed hotel is partly housed in colonial buildings, and the standing lamps, rugs and 20th-century-style travel trunks in the low-key lobby project old-world charm. What’s the crowd like?
Mostly couples and families with young children (the rooms are spacious enough to accommodate active kids). The good stuff: Tell us about your room.
My Premier Room (the lead-in categor)y was generously sized, with a great view of the hotel’s verdant gardens. I suppose you could call the furniture modern plantation-style – lots of warm browns and cream, with clean lines accented by tropical touches like rattan on the chairs. Bring us a Planter’s Punch already! We’re craving some deep, restorative sleep. They got us?
The bed was huge – a super king, 20 percent bigger than a regular king – and wrapped in silky smooth Pratesi linens. Didn’t want to get out of it. Pity the pillows were on the soft side. How about the little things, like mini bar, or shower goodies. Any of that worth a mention?
I liked the fact that stuff like the curtains, lighting, and air conditioning could be conveniently controlled with a tablet, placed on the bedside table. All the more reason not to leave that bed! No need to steal anything from the mini-bar – everything inside (non-alcoholic drinks like Coke and juices) was free. Please tell us the bathroom won’t let us down.
His and hers sinks, great rainshower, tub with a view. The generous range of rejuvenating Aesop toiletries (Classic Shampoo and Conditioner, Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser, Rind Concentrate Body Balm and Body Cleansing Slab) made bath time a real treat! We all need some good Wi-Fi. What’s the word on that?
Free in rooms and public areas. All my devices worked well with it. Anything stand out about other services and features?
There’s a shortcut from the hotel to Sentosa’s Palawan Beach; be warned that the walk back up is rather steep. The property has three pools – one for adults only, one for families and a lap pool. Hotel guests get to use some of the award-winning Auriga Spa’s facilities, like the steam room, for free. What was most memorable—or heartbreaking—about your stay?
It’s like staying in a tropical oasis – what’s not to like? The bugs I guess? Bring mosquito repellent. Bottom line: worth it?
Capella shows off a different side to Singapore – away from the hustle and bustle of the business district and the shopping strips. It’s one of the most expensive hotels here, but it’s also a great escape from the daily grind – and isn’t that priceless?

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Capella Singapore hotel | Sentosa Island, Singapore

Need to know


A total of 112, including 11 suites, 38 villas and two colonial manors.


Noon, but flexible, subject to availability. Earliest check-in, 3pm. There are some smoking rooms and designated smoking zones.


Double rooms from £499.16 (SG$913), including tax at 17.7 per cent.

More details

Rates exclude breakfast (SG$48), unless you’re in a One-bedroom Palawan Villa or Colonial Manor (which include breakfast at the Knolls). All rates include personal assistant service, in-room soft drinks, newspapers and priority Sentosa Golf Club bookings.


Capella has a programme of various bookable activities running throughout the week. Here’s a small sample: on Tuesdays, there’s cocktail making at Bob’s bar, where you’re learn how to craft a signature Capella tipple as well as getting to create your own; on Saturdays, unleash your creative potential in one of the family canvas painting sessions on the lawns; on Sunday afternoons, there’s a tour of all the specially commissioned artworks around the resort. Please note: parties are not allowed.

At the hotel

Spa, pool, 24-hour fitness centre, library of books, DVDs, board games and magazines (with free daily refreshments and snacks), business centre, tennis court, sculpture garden, free, high-speed WiFi throughout, laundry (guests get five free pieces pressed per stay). In rooms: flatscreen TV, DVD player, Bose sound system, iPod dock, Nespresso coffee machine, minibar with free soft drinks, juices and bottled water. Bathrooms are stocked with Aesop products.

Our favourite rooms

All rooms have an urban vibe: smart and fuss-free, in soothing earth tones, devised by Indonesian designer Jaya Ibrahim. Constellation rooms have capacious patios and outdoor Jacuzzis (Rooms 517 and 510 offer sea views). For a sumptuous home away from home, opt for a stately, three-bedroom Colonial Manor, which comes with a raft of extra privileges, including arriving and departing in style in a Rolls-Royce (Contemporary Manor guests also get the swish transfers).


The three tree-shaded, lounger-lined swimming pools come with South China Sea views. All villas have private plunge pools; manors have their own lap pools.

Packing tips

Despite the air of elegance, flats are a sensible option if you plan to explore the large estate the old-fashioned way. There are several nature trails on Sentosa and a pedestrian path along the coast is a great running track, so pack trainers.


Colonial Manor guests enjoy Rolls-Royce transfers, breakfast for six, a personal butler, groceries, laundry service, SG$500 food and drink credit a day, a 60-minute daily Auriga spa treatment for two and four hours in a luxe chauffeur-driven car a stay.


Small, well-behaved dogs (under 6kg) are welcome, but not allowed in the hotel’s dining areas, cascading pools or villa plunge pools. See more pet-friendly hotels in Singapore.


Although they are welcome, this chilled resort is better suited to adults and older, low-maintenance children.


Although they are welcome, this chilled resort is better suited to adults and older, low-maintenance children.

Best for

Low-maintenance, well-behaved older children.

Recommended rooms

Some rooms – the one-bedroom Sentosa suites and neighbouring Premier rooms – can be connected. The larger villas and manors are perfect for accommodating extra family members, and they all have private pools of differing dimensions.


Sentosa Island has a host of family-friendly attractions, including Underwater World and Dolphin Lagoon, the Sentosa Luge and Universal Studios.

Swimming pool

There’s a wading pool but no lifeguard on duty. BYO floats, arm bands and water toys.


High chairs are available at the Knolls and Cassia, as is a kids’ menu. Expect oatmeal with maple syrup and French toast fingers for breakfast, and chicken noodle soup, hamburgers and grilled chicken breast with potato and veg throughout the rest of the day.


S$25 an hour for a minimum of four hours, and an additional S$40 transportation fee. Book in advance.

No need to pack

High chairs.


You’ll need to bring virtually everything if you have a baby.

Hotel Review: Capella Singapore | TravelAge West

According to Chinese feng shui principles, peacocks — with a “thousand eyes” embellishing their magnificent tails — not only symbolize beauty and attraction, but also promote luck and fame. And so, catching sight of these elegant birds strolling Capella Singapore’s meticulous grounds felt like kismet. 

I had grasped my good fortune long before actually arriving at Capella Singapore’s flora-lined private road that leads to 40 acres of rainforest, gardens, pools, accommodations and shared spaces. A Changi Airport employee had greeted me at my gate, rather than the baggage claim, and personally guided me throughout Singapore’s arrival process. Not long after, I rolled up to the luxury resort in a Range Rover equipped with refreshments including San Pellegrino and cold towels.

Restored military buildings from the 1880s act as an anchor for the resort.
Credit: 2020 Capella Singapore

When Capella Singapore’s parent company, Capella Hotels & Resorts, decided on the location of the 112-room property, it looked beyond Singapore’s pulsating, metropolitan center in favor of neighboring Sentosa Island. On the isle, biodiversity prospers in a rainforest ecosystem, and tranquility is on demand. As I shopped around for an accommodation in Singapore, I found these considerations in line with my own goal of rejuvenation. (Moneyed locals, too, often flock to the hotel on weekends for a sumptuous staycation.)

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Singapore’s architecture is known for its duplicity: that of the traditional Malay dwellings and shophouses, alongside the more contemporary art deco and Brutalist-style edifices. Capella Singapore references this dichotomy by also marrying the city-state’s colonial past with modern flair.

Restored military buildings from the 1880s — called Tanah Merah, or “red earth” in Malay — contain many of the resort’s communal areas, including several restaurants and The Living Room. Formerly the setting for extravagant merrymaking by British officers of the Royal Artillery, The Living Room now gathers guests for daily complimentary afternoon tea, as well as workshops led by on-staff Capella Culturists, who delight guests with the resort’s storied past.

Afternoon tea is complimentary and served in The Living Room.
Credit: 2020 Capella Singapore

Bookending the two Tanah Merah buildings are modern extensions of the resort, whose curving structures frame a garden courtyard and encompass guestrooms and suites. Rows of three idyllic swimming pools, rainforest foliage and one- or two-bedroom villas (each with an outdoor terrace and private plunge pool) are artfully positioned on the resort’s sloping site — as if cascading down to the public beach below.

Guests can choose from three on-property pools.
Credit: 2020 Capella Singapore

I stayed in a Premier Seaview Room that, at first, appeared deceivingly simple: natural materials, a muted color palette and the like (though definitely equipped with premium-quality materials and accoutrements). But within minutes, I realized the guestroom’s full potential, from a bedside iPad that served as a control panel for room functionalities, including lighting, air-conditioning, curtains and blinds, to a state-of-the-art Bose surround-sound system. Indeed, luxury was available at every touch point, including Aesop toiletries and gorgeous views (the shower and separate tub looked out toward a spacious balcony and the island’s seascape).

A Premier Seaview Room at Capella Singapore
Credit: 2020 Capella Singapore

Clients who place a premium on exclusivity will appreciate The Manor Experience, a recently launched package that features a stay in one of the resort’s spacious Capella Manors. Like luxurious private residences, each Manor can host up to six adults and one child, and amenities include large outdoor terraces with a private lap pool, in-manor kids’ activities, a dedicated villa host, a personal chef and more.

The Manor Experience features an ultra-luxe stay with a dedicated villa host, a personal chef and more.
Credit: 2020 Capella Singapore

No matter where guests choose to stay, however, most will make at least one stop to Auriga Spa. Appointed Five-Star status by Forbes Travel Guide, the on-site retreat offers signature treatments in accordance with the moon’s lunar phases. Waxing Moon, for example, focuses on healing and nourishment, while Waning Moon aims to detoxify. Thinking again of my intent for a refresh, I chose the New Moon treatment, which focuses on renewal and introspection. And regardless of whether clients actually give credence to such “celestial rhythms,” it was the best massage that I have ever experienced — and made me a believer.

(Editor’s note: Traveling to and from Sentosa Island requires access through a security gate, as well as proof of an overnight stay at Capella Singapore, which is provided for hotel guests. Capella Singapore also offers guests a complimentary shuttle service, available every 30 minutes, to VivoCity, Singapore’s largest shopping mall.)

The Details
Capella Singapore

Auriga Spa at Capella Singapore

The stories about the power of the moon’s energy are far from a myth, but a truth about which little is known so far. The unique energy of the moon arises during the four lunar phases, each of which has its own unique characteristics, and affects the activities of the body in a special way.

First procedure. New Moon – Beginning – Duration 120 minutes.

The new moon phase is a great time for introspection and recovery, to reflect on the true goals and develop a certain strategy for unlocking potential.The procedure begins with a massage of the feet, which are pre-lubricated with oils of juniper, rosemary and fennel. It helps to awaken the soul. A seaweed and eucalyptus salt scrub and body wrap is used to restore balance between body and mind. This is followed by a body massage with eucalyptus and rosemary oils and a refreshing tonic. After such a stimulating procedure, the body regains its vitality.

Second procedure. Waxing Crescent. Sowing seeds. Duration 120 minutes

The waxing moon is the best time to redirect energy, nourish the body, achieve the necessary goals, and unleash potential.The procedure begins with an acupressure massage of the feet using various oils. A scalp massage is performed to awaken creative energy. During the massage, both feet and head are lubricated with rose and jasmine oil, and an exfoliating scrub of various petals and sea salt is applied to the body. This is followed by a nourishing jasmine mask and a full body massage. To improve the effect of the procedure, a nourishing tonic and various additives are offered.

Third procedure. Full Moon – Height – Duration 180 minutes.

The full moon is great for realizing your potential, it is a great time to live your life to the fullest. It has long been known that nothing restores mental balance better than a rose. Rose oil is used as the main ingredient in this treatment. To begin with, a traditional foot massage: the legs are smeared with rose oil, and then wrapped in a warm towel, an exfoliating rose petal scrub is applied to the body. This is followed by a wrap using rose oil, which nourishes the skin with minerals.Finally, a relaxing body massage and lymphatic facial massage with stimulation of acupuncture points. To enhance the effect of the procedure, at the end we offer rose petal tea, tonic and various additives. This procedure will tidy up the internal balance.

Fourth procedure. Waning moon. Cleansing. Duration 180 minutes.

The waning moon is perfect for cleansing. Cleansing procedures carried out during this particular phase are most effective and affect the deepest levels of the body. Let the forces of nature renew your body. The treatment begins with an acupressure massage of the feet using detoxifying oil, which helps to remove toxins from the body and stimulates the internal organs. Body peeling is done with special silk gloves that create a warm feeling in the muscles. This is followed by a seaweed wrap and lymphomassage to cleanse the body. The treatment ends with a facial massage, tonic and detoxifying additives for deep cleansing.After such a procedure, you will feel completely renewed.

Laser installation Auriga XL (holmium 50 W laser) with accessories, manufactured by Boston Scientific Corporation, USA


According to its technical parameters, it is ideal for use in the field of urology, orthopedics, gastroenterology, as well as for direct and endoscopic interventions in general surgery. High output laser power and balanced parameters are suitable for both lithotripsy and BPH treatment. A special ablation mode allows you to work on soft tissues.

Indications for use:

  • Lithotripsy:
    – Lithotripsy of stones in the kidney, ureter or bladder
    – Stone Dusting Technique
  • BPH
    – HoLEP
    – Transurethral Prostate Incision (TUIP)
    – Bladder Neck Incision (BNI)
  • Ureter and urethral strictures
  • Ablation and resection of tumors of the urinary bladder, ureteral or urethral strictures
  • Condylomas


  • High Power Output – 50 Watts
  • Maximum frequency – 50 Hertz
  • Maximum pulse energy – 4200 millijoules
  • High output pulse power for lithotripsy
  • Three modes with different preset operating parameters:

– Lithotripsy mode: short interval between pulses
– Ablation mode: average interval between pulses
– Coagulation mode: long interval between pulses

Intelligent fiber recognition

  • The Auriga XL Laser works with LightTrail ™ fibers, including LightTrail ™ 270 um fiber, capable of operating at 18 Hertz.
  • Console recognizes fiber type and size
  • Precise optical connection of fiber and arm to reduce power loss and prevent fiber breakage
  • The console allows you to select only those settings that can be designed for the inserted fiber

Functional design

  • Low-footprint mobile console
  • Adjustable pilot beam brightness
Easy-to-use software
  • Touchscreen with intuitive menus
  • Images on menu buttons for easy orientation

Auriga XL – Holmium Specialist – Multiple Applications.

Although the Auriga XL laser was developed for urological procedures, it is also used in other specialties, including gastroenterology, ENT, gynecology, arthroscopy, general surgery and pulmonology.


Laser type

AURIGA XL class 4 solid state holmium laser (EN / IEC60825-1)


2080 nm

Pulse energy (distal)

Max. 4200 mj

Pulse frequency

Max. 25 Hz

Radiation transmission

Fiber System

Target beam exit

Diode 532 nm <1 mW


Touch keypad, LCD


Integrated water cooling system with water / air heat exchanger


220V – 240V ± 10% ~ 50Hz

power supplies

220V ± 10% ~ 60Hz 16A (max.3 kW)


84 x 35 x 104 cm (L / W / H)


AURIGA XL: approx. 75 kg Cooling water: approx. 5 kg

Electrical safety class

Safety class 1 (according to EN / IEC 60601-1) Safety class IP 20 (according to EN / IEC 60529)

Type of use

Type B (according to EN / IEC60601-1)

Operating conditions:


18-28 u C

Air pressure

700-1060 hPa

Air humidity

20-80% non-condensed air

Standards and Regulations

EN / IEC 60601-1

CE 1275 Kennzeichnung

Medizinprodukt der Klasse lib nach EG-Richtlinie

93/42 / EEC (MDD 93/42 / EEC)


StarMedTec GmbH

Kreuzstrafte 22; 82319 Stamberg; Germany

Scope of delivery:

Order number







Holmium laser generator Auriga XL





LightTrail reusable laser fiber, 230 µm





LightTrail reusable laser fiber, 365 µm





LightTrail reusable laser fiber, 600 µm





Power cable for generator, modification for Russia



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90,000 International hotel operators continue to expand their presence in Olympic Sochi :: Company news :: RBC Real Estate

Within the framework of the Conference on Investments in the Hotel Business in Russia and the CIS (RHIC), which took place from 17 to 19 October at the Radisson Royal Hotel, the management company NBB-Development signed new agreements with the hotel operator West Paces Hotel Group. The parties officially announced the opening of 2 more hotels and a spa center under international brands for the 2014 Olympics in Sochi: Solis, Solis Suites and the Auriga spa center in Gorki-Gorod.

Conceptual hotels Solis for 121 rooms and Solis Suites for 50 luxury rooms will open in the seventh quarter of Gorki-Goroda at an elevation of 960 meters above sea level, not far from them will be the Auriga SPA center. Solis will become the center of the high life of the quarter. On the territory of the hotel there will be a restaurant, conference rooms, an apres ski cafe, as well as a shopping gallery adjacent to the hotel.Due to the location of the hotel on a steep slope, guests of Solis can enjoy panoramic views, and the ski slope can be accessed from the roof of the hotel.

A feature of Solis Suites is the concept of All Suite Hotel, but the guests of this exquisite hotel will be offered not only comfortable rooms of a large area, the design of which will be made in the tradition of neoclassicism, but also the opportunity to combine active recreation in a mountain resort with unique complexes of health programs. Pamper yourself with luxurious treatments, combining the latest world achievements in the spa industry, at the Auriga Spa.

Architect Maxim Atayants took traditional Roman baths as the basis for the Auriga design concept, which was reflected not only in a wide variety of “water” themes in the interior, but also in multicolored mosaic floors and stylized antique wall and ceiling paintings. International hotel and spa brands Solis, Auriga and previously announced Capella will appear in Russia for the first time at the all-season resort Gorki-Gorod in Krasnaya Polyana as part of the West Paces Hotel Group’s global expansion strategy.All three facilities have signed a License Agreement, management agreements, centralized services and marketing agreements. The Memorandum of Intent and the Technical Support Agreement were signed earlier.

“Sochi and Krasnaya Polyana is a picturesque all-season resort that will pleasantly surprise travelers from all over the world with its distinctive culture and beauty of these places,” said Bob Warman, President and CEO of The West Paces Hotel Group. Solís, we will create an excellent opportunity not only for traditional recreation, but also for exploring the sights of southern Russia, its rich culture and cuisine.It is a great honor for us to be among the first international hotel operators to present their hotels in Sochi. ” ), Vice President of The West Paces Hotel Group. “This is an ideal place for the opening of the Auriga SPA center.”

“The Olympics are the best advertising that mankind has invented to make a tourist brand recognizable,” said Evgeny Kaplun, member of the board of directors of Krasnaya Polyana OJSC, Deputy General Director for Development MC “NBB-Development”.- In order for the all-season resort of Sochi to get the maximum effect from this situation, a lot still needs to be done. The expansion of the presence of leading international hotel operators in the south of Russia testifies to the serious intentions of the leaders of the world tourism industry to develop their business here in the long term, and also sets a high bar for the players of the domestic market. Today, all participants in the Sochi tourism and recreation market recognize the need to promote this all-season resort brand on the international arena.I am confident that joint efforts in this direction and the combination of the unique international management and marketing experience of our partners with our knowledge of the national specifics of the market will yield results, and tourists from all over the world will be able to appreciate the advantages of the best resort in the country. ” .

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