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Asian weddings are not just about the bride groom or family, it is as important for bridesmaid as well. Finding the right Asian bridesmaid dress is something very difficult these days, it can be either traditional dresses or indo western dresses.

And if you are looking for some trendy Asian bridesmaid dresses then Andaaz Fashion is the one stop destination for you, from Trouser suits to sarees, the collection is huge and it is easy for people who live in south Asian countries to go out and purchase these outfits but if you are living in western countries like UK, it is very difficult to take out time and go for a shopping spree for these dresses but Andaaz Fashion bring these fashionable outfit at your doorstep in just couple of days.

Our collection of Asian bridesmaid clothes is not just elegant and classy but can be worn in any south Asian weddings, parties and get together.

Among this collection, our most popular category is no doubt Asian bridesmaid outfits. These Asian bridesmaid dresses are available in variety or colors, designs and silhouettes.

We often buy these Asian bridesmaid outfits for a special event but somehow we can always style these Asian bridesmaid dresses in a different way to the next wedding like styling with a different dupatta or wearing a palazzo instead of churidar. You can find these stunning outfits at

Andaaz Fashion in not just huge collection but with the best quality and variety as well.

We deliver Designer Asian bridesmaid dresses for Ladies & Girls all across the globe including major city of the United Kingdom including Bradford, Croydon, Newcastle upon Tyne, Southend-on-Sea, Stoke-on-Trent, Oxford, Sheffield & more along with other foreign countries like Denmark, Belgium, Ireland, Netherlands, Germany, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland and others.

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7 Different Wedding Dress Color From Around the World


They say white color brings peace and tranquility. Due to the fact that wedded couples try every possible thing to bring serenity to their new life, white gowns became

popular. Apart from this fact, Victoria has great influence over popularity of white wedding dress.

But, gone are the days when people used to get confined with white color. Today, brides invest an ample amount of time and energy in looking their best. In this context, the most prioritized thing is the multiple colored wedding dresses. Shade makes the entire environment look beautiful along with the bride.

Besides the desire of the bride to look attractive with beautiful colors, it is also the tradition of different countries that has contributed to colorful wedding gowns. Tradition asks wedding dress to go beyond white and the veil, since each country attaches diverse meanings to each color.

Cultures around the world have tied the loop on a variety of pulsating colors. Different wedding gown colors due to the tradition of individual country are listed below:


Different Wedding Dresses Color from Different Country



In China, brides pick not one wedding dress, but three. At first she wears a red dress because the Chinese believe red is the color of joy and luck. Later, bride swaps into a white dress and finally she wears a gown according to her own choice of color.



Americans didn’t always consider white as traditional wedding dress color.

Usually, American brides are dressed in red to symbolize sovereignty the Colonists desired. Besides red, some brides also carry purple, which represents tribute and bravery during the Civil War as a mark of respect to the war dead.



Moroccans support wedding dresses in bright yellow, because they believe the color scares away the evil eye. If not yellow, in Morocco, wedding dresses come in green. It is to represent greenery and respect to the motherland. In addition, green is supposed to bring good luck according to Morocco tradition.



Kimono is a traditional dress of Japan. So, to keep their tradition Japanese brides wear a white kimono lined in red. The mixture of these two colors symbolizes happiness and a new beginning. Shifting into additional gowns in gold, silver, gold, red and white is common.



In India, wedding is bounded by rituals and ceremonies. Bridal outfit is generally made of silk embroidered with golden thread. Depending on the region, the silk is red or white with a red border or a combination of yellow, green and white. Indians believe in making the environment colorful during wedding, which is why they mix multiple colors in wedding gowns.



In Korea, brides wear Wonsam over the traditional wedding dress, the Hanbok. Wonsam is usually lime-green in color. The Wonsam is embroidered with flowers and butterflies. It is banded with red symbolizing paradise, indigo for terrain, and yellow for compassion. The bride’s hands are covered in white, the symbol of esteem.



When the entire world is behind colorful wedding dress, Spanish tradition does not necessarily follow the trend. Spanish brides wear black gowns and lacy mantillas. The black color is to represent the devotion of brides to their partner until death.



Tradition gives identity to every bride, so it is good to follow it. The above mentioned wedding dress colors from 7 different countries represent their own tradition. Your choice of wedding dress color will reflect your personality traits.


If you are confused about your wedding dress color, first go with your favorite color. The color you choose is an indication of how you envision your future marriage.

In order to design a wedding dress that matches your traditions, you can always rely on TK Designs. We will create a unique, stunning wedding gown for you. Call us at (404) 943-0037 today or view our gowns online.

A Showcase of Asia’s Most Beautiful Wedding Dresses

Photos from and Belle The Magazine

Although the white wedding dress is a prominent feature of many weddings, these white wedding gowns did not exist. Well, at least not until the year 1840, when Queen Victoria during her marriage to Prince Albert broke the tradition of wearing fashionable colors like red and opted for white. From then on, many brides across Europe, America, and Africa have adopted the white wedding gown ‘culture’ making the white dress the epic wedding symbol it is today.

And like marriage itself, wedding attire continues to evolve. We are just incredibly lucky to have such a diversity in this area apparently because of a great deal of cultural variety of the world we are in. Asia in particular offers the most magnificent and intricate wedding dresses considering its rich indigenous art, culture and natural resources. Hence, a great benchmark for brides who wants to take a non trivial approach to their wedding look in the destination weddings market.

India Photos from and

The Indian wedding fashion dates back to the Indus Valley Civilization, and entails a wide variety of decorative styles and colors, with the red silk being the main fabric. Typically, the bridal appearance includes the midriff baring blouse known as the choli, the skirt or lehenga, the sari and the dupatta which is a versatile scarf. Besides the exquisite garments, the Indian bridal fashion requires the bride to have lavish embroidery and beauty accessories like the head jewelry known as the tikka, or the bindi.

The bride’s hand and feet also must have flowery Henna or Mehndi decorations.

Thailand Photos from

The Southeast Asian country is renowned for its attractive tropical shores, ancient palaces, and ever cheerful people. However the country is attracting the global spotlight for a different reason, her figure flattering cotton and silk garments. The Thai fashion is mainly silk and mostly influenced by Queen Sirikit, arguably the best-dressed woman on earth. The Chut Thai Phra Ratcha Niyom is the official Thai national dress, and it comes in a variety of designs subject to the occasion. For a wedding, the Chut Thai Pra Yook dress is a fashionable and tasteful selection. The dress features the wrap-around sarong and a matching Sabai or silk shawl. A notable feature of Thai bridal fashion is that the garments have pastel and creamy shades.

Vietnam Photos from

Despite being ruled by foreign powers like the colonial French and the Imperial China, the Vietnamese managed to conserve part of her rich cultural heritage. The country’s national costume is the Ao Dai, a long silk, chiffon, or lace tunic worn over the pantaloons pants. The dress is a design modeling the court ladies of the Nguyễn Dynasty attire. In contrast, to many wedding traditions, the Vietnamese bridal fashion consists of pants and a hat or khan đóng, which is a distinct up turning round headdress. To represent the wedding couple, the garment of the bride has a phoenix embroidery while that of the groom has that of a dragon. Lastly, since the Vietnamese believed that the color red brings the couple good luck, the bridal garments are often red in color.

Afghanistan Photos from and

Being landlocked and located along the Silk Road in the South Central part of Asia, Afghanistan has rich and exciting history and culture, influenced by the Middle East and Asian countries. Part of the country’s heritage is its traditional dress, molded from the nomadic Kuchi tribe. It is a brightly colored garment with geometrical patterns and intricate Khamak (thin threaded embroidery). At times, the clothes would have metal coins and metal. The Afghan bridal dress is often green symbolizing paradise as per the Islamic custom.

Korea Photos from and

North and South Korea share not only their history but also the distinctive national costume, the hanbok or Hollyebok. The traditional costume consists of a polychromatic gown, a tight-fitting jeogori (a double ribbon jacket) and the high-waisted chima skirt. The modern hanbok costumes molded after those in the Joseon era, have an unmistakable baggy high-waisted chima skirts. For her hair, the Korean bride can ornament it with a crown known as jokduri or with the binyeo, traditional hair pins. What many brides appreciate is that no two hanboks look the same as they are custom-made. A bride should, however, be cautious about the choice of color since hanbok shades like blue, red, pink or multi-colored hold different meanings.

Indonesia Photos from www. and

Indonesia has diverse ethnic groups, each with their unique cultures. As a result, each ethnic grouping has its distinct tradition and wedding garments. However a common feature of the Indonesian bridal fashion is the kebaya batik dress, kebaya shirt, and, kebaya skirt. The kebaya is a colorful and festive fabric entirely decorated with sequins. The bride’s skirt or dress is often long, with a tail stretching to the floor and lavishly decorated with embroidery, jewelry, and, laces. The bride could also adorn a headdress draped in gorgeous gems, gold, flowers and jewelry.


Latest Asian Bridal Wedding Gowns Designs 2021-2022 Collection

In today’s world, fashion is not considered as a confined term. It has gone beyond the versatility of creativity. Now you cannot even mark some boundaries between most of the emerging fashion trends these days. The heavy influence of cultural fusion can be seen everywhere in our dressing styles. Whereas in an eastern part of the world, Pakistan and many other nations show a diversity of their fashion trends. Now, this diversity has even touched our long old traditions and wearing trends. So much that the old wedding lehengas are getting replaced by beautiful, elegant and western style wedding gowns. However, our most eminent fashion designers have created an amazing emulsion of the western and eastern wedding gowns and brought out a great series of variant and stunning wedding gowns. Here we will share the Latest Asian Bridal Wedding Gowns Designs.

So ladies! Get yourselves immersed in this great useful insight, we are going to reveal in this article. This article is full of new and latest unique wedding wear gown trends for the year 2018. With the launch of much bridal couture by Pakistan’s most famous designers like Deepak perwani, Sana safinaz, Nomi Ansari, Tabassum Mughal and many others, it can be told that this year is going to bring revolutionary series of bridal gown dresses for girls and women of all ages. Keep your expectations go crazy because the latest buzz regarding these wedding gowns is going to blow your mind with their amazing hues, cuts, styles and embroidery works. All the latest collections of these bridal gowns are adorned and embellished with beads, laces and stone work.

Latest Asian Bridal Wedding Gowns Designs & Trends Collection 2021-2022

Gown dresses have ever been the part of our wardrobes especially when it comes to the dresses for formal occasions. But due to their sheer elegance and stunning outlook, now girls can’t refrain themselves from carrying them even on their wedding day. The latest and hottest collection of these bridal gowns is great for walima ceremonies, Barat days and mehndi functions as well as for the wedding reception. The long gowns with heavy work in striking hues give the bride the most alluring appeal. Latest Asian Bridal Wedding Gowns Designs with the long tail and a little flare are also on trend these days. The front of these gowns is kept heavily embellished whereas the back is kept simple with a motif and decent embroidery on the borders. Gowns are usually kept straight but as some girls like it with a little volume so they can create it with the suitable heavy fabric.

One of the many perks of carrying this apparel on your wedding day is that it is so easy to carry yet look as stunning as lehenga. The flares it has the look as classy as the traditional lehenga and sometimes, even more, elegant. The cutwork on the Latest Asian Bridal Wedding Gowns Designs contains numerous beautiful intricate patterns. Some are given double and multihued fabric, either with the shimmer or without it. The combinations are overall kept bold and glitzy to give you an outstanding bridal appearance. With a perfect makeover and a western style hairdo, these bridal gowns are the perfect choice for your dream ceremony.

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This Bridal Brand Is Celebrating the Crazy Rich Asians Premiere With a Red Wedding Dress

“A lot of brides have been telling us they want to wear red, but they don’t necessarily want a traditional red qipao,” Kang explains. “They still want something classic and easy. I think a lot of it [reflects how] women and men are rejecting the rules of weddings now. They want to incorporate their cultures and make it feel really personal, and they don’t feel pressured to do things a certain way anymore.” In the past, a bride may have felt she had to choose between an ultra-traditional wedding or a run-of-the-mill ceremony with a white dress, white roses, and a string quartet playing the bridal chorus. Floravere’s red gown will appeal to women envisioning something in between those two extremes.

“The couples we’ve met in our showrooms are often multicultural or multiracial, which we realized is still quite new [in our society],” Jin said. “So they might want to incorporate a few different cultures. I have a friend who is Indian, and Indian weddings traditionally involve a whole week of outfits that are hand-embroidered and beaded, so she was saying it would be really nice if we eventually offered a dress that nodded to that aesthetic, too.”

From the start, Floravere has called itself “radically accessible,” from its under-$3,000 price range to its extended sizes—every gown is available in size 0–24—and this fresh commitment to cultural inclusivity. The brand also offers an at-home try-on service, which lends itself to brides who are crunched for time or simply prefer to test things out at home as opposed to a high-end boutique. Kang and Jin have showrooms in New York, Los Angeles, Seattle, San Francisco, Chicago, Boston, and Washington, D.C., where you can see the gowns IRL, but the at-home model is revolutionary for brides outside of those cities who haven’t always had access to nuanced, made-to-measure gowns. Wherever you are, you can get started now by browsing their selection—including the new red dress—at

Photo: James Dimmock / Courtesy of Floravere

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Chinese Wedding Dress White

Medieval traditions

In Europe in the Middle Ages there was no tradition of sewing a separate dress for a wedding – this was not done in the circles of commoners. The girl simply chose the most beautiful of those dresses that she had, and went down the aisle in it.The dress might not be new, it might just be festive, she might wear it on special occasions both before and after the wedding. Only wealthy families from about the 15th century began to give their daughters out in dresses specially bought for this.

Accordingly, medieval wedding dresses could be of any color, brides could rely on bright or dark colors, no one chose white. It is worth remembering that dust and dirt on medieval streets did not contribute to the cleanliness and safety of clothes, and sewing a dress only once was a waste, even for wealthy families.

A modern take on wedding dresses

Gothic wedding dress

The snow-white dress of the bride, according to modern views, speaks of her purity, symbolizes innocence. In the past, such dresses were worn by the “brides of Christ” – the girls leaving for the monastery. And white also symbolizes perfection, a celebration of life. Thus, a white dress is by no means an ancient, but a very beautiful tradition, and whether to follow it is up to each bride to decide for herself. Many follow, because white bridesmaid dresses are offered in a wide variety of styles today.

Why is the wedding dress white – interesting video

If you find an error, please select a piece of text and press Ctrl + Enter . 90,018 90,000 examples of doll looks and unexpected transformations

Asian weddings delight with color and exciting traditions. Unusual ceremonies from time immemorial continue to exist, despite the freer mores of the world as a whole. The wedding night in the east, as well as the customs before and after the wedding, differ from those we are accustomed to and often seem strange.The same applies to the wedding image of the bride. Today the portal will tell you what secrets are hidden in Asian wedding makeup.

Asian bridal makeup: what is it?

Brides with a specific oriental appearance, both for marriage and for a regular evening out, adhere to certain features in the make-up. Inhabitants of Asia, in principle, are very fond of painting their faces. For example, any unmarried Arab bride “in the world” almost does not make up, but for the wedding celebration she can “roam” to the fullest, paying special attention to eye makeup.

What makes Asian bridal makeup different from European?

  1. Darker tonal base. The rather dark skin of an Asian woman, in contrast to a European girl, requires the choice of a successful combination of foundation, concealer and blush.
  2. Slightly raised eyebrow shape. To make the look more expressive, the makeup of Asian brides is done with an emphasis not only on the eyes, but also on the eyebrows.It is necessary to smooth out the effect of the overhanging upper eyelid and visually enlarge the area of ​​application of shadows. Anatomically, the Asian eye seems to be too sunk inward, so a slightly “surprised” eyebrow shape will be an ideal option for creating a successful accent on the bride’s gaze.
  3. Expressive eye makeup. Oriental girls are distinguished by their unusual cut of eyes and a special structure of the face. Therefore, the main task in makeup is to find the right combinations that will visually enlarge the eyes of Asian brides, making them more expressive.Based on this, it is highly undesirable to make an eyeliner or contour around the entire perimeter of the eye, as you can achieve the opposite effect. For a clearer and more expressive look, you should apply a lighter shade of shadows under the eyebrows, a more saturated shade in the crease of the eye, and a little highlighter in the middle of the eyelid. As for the color scheme, traditionally the wedding makeup of Asian brides is shades of coffee or more contrasting ones – plum or dark green.

Asian Makeup: Top Touches

Above, we examined in detail the nuances of creating a successful Asian makeup for a wedding.However, there are often cases when the image of the bride looks, to put it mildly, ridiculous. We will find out right now what strange methods oriental beauties use to stand out on the day of a Chinese, Korean or Indian wedding.

Porcelain face

In an effort to make a wedding symbol of purity and purity out of their faces, Asian brides are fond of unnatural makeup, becoming like porcelain dolls. It looks especially strange when the face turns out to be too white, and the neck and décolleté area remains dark.To avoid a sharp transition and color heterogeneity, it is worth applying a tonal foundation not only on the face, but also on the neck, and, if necessary, on the collarbones and even on the ears.

Wide eyebrows

Believe it or not, one of the traditional attributes of a bride in Indonesia and Thailand is wide eyebrows. To do this, the girl is hired a make-up artist who approaches the task with all responsibility. And how do you like this “cult of wide eyebrows” at a wedding?

False Eyelashes

No, we are not talking about neat bunches, but fluffy “fans” in front of the bride’s eyes.The goal of such an aggressive way to highlight the eyes is to strike the groom with a glance. We hope that men who are waiting for their loved ones at the altar do not lose their speech at the first impression.

Contact lenses

Continuing the killer look, Asian brides do not stop at bright makeup and use contact lenses to change their eye color in their wedding look. A light iris is considered their standard of beauty.

Gold, gold and more gold

As a bonus, we cannot fail to mention the immense amount of precious jewelry.One gets the impression that the Asian bride wants to wear all the jewelry in the house on her wedding day.

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