Asian makeup videos: What’s The Deal With Asian Transformation Makeup Products?

What’s The Deal With Asian Transformation Makeup Products?


MarC-a Isabel Carrasco Cara Chards

– December 3, 2018

We’ve all been amazed, intrigued, and even a little bit weirded out by these viral videos of Asian women revealing their extreme makeup transformations. But what is it about this practice that makes it so popular? The obvious answer is that it can make anyone look absolutely different with products we can find (at least most of them) quite easily without having to take permanent measures to achieve it. 

We could sit here for ages and talk about how these trends are outrageous, or how they respond to unreal beauty standards for women, or even how this particular trend is a symptom of Asia’s obsession with Western beauty standards. But actually, this trend is actually quite interesting to discuss, so, if you’re here to judge, you’re respectfully invited to leave before we start.

By @dope2111

One of the biggest criticisms this trend (actually called “sculpture makeup”) has received is that it deceives others by showing a face that’s not really yours. Let’s start with the fact that yes, it’s a bit drastic if you think about all the work it requires, but isn’t it the same thing we’ve always heard about makeup? As surprising as it might sound for many people, makeup is a tool to be creative and to please ourselves. 

I must admit I’m a big fan of contouring and highlighting, and yes, I might look a slightly different when I do it, but I don’t really care what others think. For many, makeup isn’t a mask to hide behind, but rather a way to feel better about ourselves. Also, do you think that if these girls really wanted to fool people they would show their “real selves” on camera? Didn’t think so. 

Now, these videos, as shocking as they might look, are actually made and edited to make viewers feel that way. Seriously, take a close look and you’ll realize that most of these have a filter that helps create a more dramatic look. This is something we all do as well, only with Snapchat and Instagram filters. 

About the notion that Asian people are obsessed with Western beauty standards: if you really think about it, this trend doesn’t appeal to them. It’s literally about making ourselves look like a classic anime cartoon. This involves sharp v-shaped jawlines, huge eyes, tiny lips, and even tinier, straight noses. Yes, the manga and anime illustration style did take some elements of Western comic illustration techniques, but this trend doesn’t really aim to replicate western people’s real features. 

The interesting thing here is what is happening the other way around: the West is looking at these techniques and incorporating them into their own beauty routines. Today, we can find lots of these products, and many have become a crucial part of our everyday life. So, who’s copying who?

Another really important issue that I barely mentioned is that one thing is what we see in these viral videos and another different thing is what regular people do in their everyday lives. Yes, many do use some of these techniques, but not in that dramatic way. Most of these videos teach you how to change some parts of your nose, like the bridge if you have a slight bump, or even if it’s crooked, which is something I’m actually willing to try to make it look straighter (which, again, a bit of contouring can do the trick as well).

When you think about it, these things are just techniques to create effects we all do with regular makeup but in a more creative way. More importantly, whether you want to change some aspects of yourself or you just want to have fun with it, it’s fine! It’s time we really understand that the only person we need to make happy is ourselves. It’s also time to start minding our own business instead of judging people for their looks or what they do to achieve them. Now, please, someone tell me where I can find that nosewax!


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Cover photo by @ponysmakeup

10 Of The Best Youtube Makeup Tutorials For Asians

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Best For: Winged Eyeliner For Monolids
Better known by her screen name, @heyclaire, Claire Marshall is considered one of the OGs of YouTube. In this timeless video, Claire shares her favorite products and techniques for achieving the perfect winged eyeliner for monolids in foolproof steps.

Best For: Smoky Eyes For Monolids
A step-by-step guide on how to recreate Crazy Rich Asians star, Constance Wu’s makeup look on the cover of Harper’s BAZAAR Singapore, Californian beauty guru Sandy Lin, shares her favorite makeup products and tools for achieving the coveted look in simple steps that everyone can follow.

Best For: Smoky Eyes For Hooded Eyes
Makeup artist turned beauty guru turned entrepreneur, Tina Yong, created this foolproof guide on nailing the smoky eyes look for hooded eyes. She explains how matte eyeshadows are the best when it comes to hooded eyes along with other super easy tips and tricks.

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Best For: Mascara On Short, Straight Asian Lashes
YouTube beauty guru and blogger, Jen Chae, shares her favorite tips and tricks to overcome the challenges of applying mascara on short, straight Asian eyelashes. She also discusses topics from choosing the right eyelash curler to mascara formula and application technique, which make for an uncomplicated and easy to follow tutorial.

Best For: Cut Crease For Monolids
It’s Jen Chae again, and in this video she shares her tried and tested methods of creating a cut crease eye-makeup look in fuss-free steps. She elaborates on her favorite products and techniques to achieve the perfect cut crease without all the added hassle.

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Best For: Contouring For Asians
It’s another Tina Yong tutorial, but this time on how she contours the face. There’s lots of contouring videos out there, but not many featuring n Asian face, which is what makes this video so great. In this video, she demonstrates step-by-step on how she does so, using affordable drugstore makeup products, high-end product recommendations and thoughtful techniques. The best part? It’s really easy to follow.

Best For: Achieving Immaculately Groomed Brows
Michelle Phan has been synonymous with makeup videos on YouTube for as long as I can remember. From grooming to the actual application of makeup, Phan’s eyebrow tutorial, from back when she was still making videos, is filled with step-by-step demonstrations, product recommendations and tips for achieving flawless brows. We miss you, Michelle!

Best For: Adding Depth And Definition On Asian Eyes
Makeup artist to the stars, Monika Blunder, perfectly demonstrates her expert knowledge on adding depth and definition on Asian eyes. She carefully explains the rationale behind her choices in products and techniques, making this video super easy to follow and replicate.

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This weird Asian beauty trend is going viral and you’ll be so confused

7 November 2018, 17:43

YouTube/dope211/screenhot/Compilation Plus/Screenshot

By Nicky Idika

You’ll be in awe of these drastic beauty transformations.

If you’ve spent any amount of time on the Instagram explore page, chances are you’ve seen some pretty dramatic beauty transformations.

People going from 100% make-up free to red carpet ready is always fascinating to watch. However, a new trend originating from asian beauty lovers called “viral asian makeup transformations” will put every run-of-the-mill beauty challenge to shame.

People are drastically altering their features with the help of products like spray-on sunscreen, tape, and scar wax. They’re also flexing those beauty muscles with very skillful contouring and eyebrow shaping. With the help of an app called Meitu, they’re also changing the size and shape of their faces, making the transformations look even more exaggerated.

Basically, in mere minutes, some of those participating in the makeup transformation challenge appear to morph into completely different people.

Beauty YouTuber dope211 explained step by step how she pulled off the viral look and it’s extremely elaborate.

First, she taped down the sides of her jaw to make her face look thinner. She then applies a spray on sun screen that makes her skin look paler. Next comes a scar wax to reshape her nose and then it’s all down to eyelid tape and a whole lot of makeup.

The most surprising part usually comes at the end when the transformations are reversed and viewers see from end to start just how drastic the changes are.

Obviously this is all in good fun and meant to show off what people can really do with make up and improvised tools if they want to achieve a certain aesthetic.

Would you have the patience to perfect this? In case you weren’t sufficiently blown away, here are a few more transformations that will have you shook.

Beauty lovers, what do you think of these shocking transformations?

Korean makeup tutorial for beginners (2021 edition)

Besides K-pop idols, dramas, and perhaps kimchi, what else do you think of when you hear the word “Korea”? If you are a makeup junkie, you will most probably be thinking right now: “Korean makeup, of course!”

From their super cute packaging to their multi-tasking benefits, many people are in love with Korean beauty. Korean makeup looks have been trending for some time, and it looks like beauty junkies’ love for K-beauty is still going strong, even in 2021.

While there are Korean makeup trends in 2021 that you can look forward to and follow, this Korean makeup tutorial for beginners we’re putting together for you is suitable for newbies to makeup. You’ll be able to learn the basic trends of Korean makeup and how to do it without needing professional techniques.

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What is the Korean makeup look?

To understand what the “Korean makeup look” is, just observe pictures of popular female Korean celebrities such as Song Hye Kyo and Krystal from f(x). Notice anything in common?

It is their flawless complexion, dewy skin, and youthful vibe that really makes the “Korean look” so desirable to just about everyone across Asia! They keep their makeup look natural too, so they always look effortlessly gorgeous.

To help you achieve the look, we’ve put together a quick and easy Korean makeup tutorial that even beginners can follow along with.

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1. Prep your skin by moisturising it

The Koreans are most famous for their dewy, radiant skin – but it is not created entirely with highlighters and high coverage foundation!

The key to achieving Korean ‘glass skin’ is actually making sure that your skin is moisturised and hydrated – or ‘chok chok’ as they call it in Korea. Hence, it is important to always moisturise your skin in the day and night. If your skin is on the dry side, you can consider using a leave-on night mask cream that will give you the extra moisture boost that you need.

If you still struggle to find a moisturiser that works for you, check out the following guides we created for you:

20 facial moisturisers that are the missing ingredient to your skincare routine
13 best moisturisers for combination skin with raves from reviewers

23 best moisturisers for oily skin that will do wonders for your face
19 best Korean moisturisers that will suit Asian skin and give you the “chok chok” look
7 ways to make your moisturiser work harder for you

Regular misting is another way to make sure that your skin remain hydrated and radiant. Consider investing in a good facial mist that you can carry around with you in your bag or leave at your work desk.

Koreans prefer to do more natural makeup, hence they focus a lot more on skincare that can give them radiant, glowing skin even without BB cream.

That is why it is important to build a skincare routine that works for you first, before learning how to do Korean makeup looks.

If you are completely new to skincare, why not take a few tips from your favourite Korean celebs to achieve their flawless look – for example, did you know that ASTRO’s Cha Eun Woo has an elaborate skincare routine?

2. Suncare

This is one of the most important steps for any makeup tutorial, especially when the sun is an unavoidable element in Singapore’s tropical climate.

Many Koreans, place huge importance on protecting their skin from UV rays. That is why you will see that many K-beauty brands carry facial sunscreens. Even famous Korean makeup artists such as Pony and Risabae have often talked about the importance of using sunscreens, and their makeup tutorials will always include one step for sun care.

There are many reasons why you might be tempted to skip this step in your routine: some think it’s unnecessary since many foundations and BB creams nowadays come with SPF, while others simply don’t like that tacky feeling that some sunscreen formulations leave behind.

Either way, we strongly recommend applying sunscreen before you do any makeup, just to really make sure you’re fending off all those harmful UV rays which will make your skin age faster.

Sunscreens also come in different textures and finishes, so don’t give up on finding one that works for you and your makeup routine. If you need help finding a sunscreen that doesn’t feel sticky in Singapore’s weather, you can check out this helpful list.

Another thing to take note: you have to reapply sunscreen! Sunscreen cannot actually protect you for the whole day, so it’s important that you reapply it once every two hours if you are out in the hot sun.

Also, don’t miss out areas like your eyelids, undereye, neck, and ears. These areas are often neglected but it’s important to protect them in order to prevent skin cancer and uneven skin tone!

3. BB cream or cushion compacts

Since the main aim of this Korean makeup tutorial is to be quick and easy, we recommend that you check out BB cream or cushion compacts if you haven’t already done so.

Both combine makeup and skincare into one convenient formula, so you’d be able to moisturise your skin while applying foundation and concealer at the same time.

The small, all-in-one packaging of BB cushions are especially handy if you’re the sort that travels frequently, or just want to touch up your makeup on the go!

BB cream has been one of the most sought-after makeup products when it first emerged in the Korean beauty scene, and it’s since made waves all around the world. If you are looking for something lightweight but which can also cover blemishes, you can use BB cream in place of foundation and concealer.

Another thing to take note is that some K-beauty BB creams and cushion compacts work better for Korea’s seasonal weather. If you need help finding one that can work for your skin type in Singapore’s humid weather, we have a guide for you.

Cushion compacts are slightly more popular than BB creams in 2020, and while many people love using it, there are a significant number of people who also get the application method wrong.

Use the patting motion to apply cushion. This will prevent streaking and give you a dewy look.

If you still prefer liquid foundation, choose a hydrating formula. Start by applying a light layer of foundation – just enough to cover your entire face with a thin layer. Then, build it up slowly by focusing on areas that require more coverage.

This method ensures that your final look will be airy and lightweight – exactly what you see on your favourite Korean stars.

DV Tip: When applying BB cream or BB cushions, work under natural light, such as near a window. You’ll be better able to see exactly how much of the product you are applying on your face and this can prevent you from accidentally piling on too much coverage. Always remember to extend your base makeup past your neckline for a more natural look.

4. Concealer

Many of us aren’t blessed with perfect skin, but that’s okay because there is always concealer to save your day.

To achieve that flawless complexion, you’ll probably need something a little more intense for those stubborn blemishes that are still slightly visible even after using base makeup. It can also hide those dark eye circles, acne scars, or even redness on your skin.

If you want to make your cheekbones and nose more prominent, you can also use concealer as a highlighter. Opt for a concealer that is one shade lighter, and apply it as you would with highlighter.

But take note that concealer is not always necessary in a Korean makeup look. If you don’t have significant blemishes, instead of using a concealer, simply pat on a little more foundation on the targeted area. This way, your makeup will be less likely to cake.

Suggested read: Skin dehydration doesn’t stand a chance with this hyaluronic acid-powered lotion, now enriched with amino acid and ceramide.

5. Eye makeup

In Korea, eye makeup is also known as point makeup as they want their eyes to be the main “point” on their face.

Some of the distinctive Korean eye makeup looks include the “puppy eyes” eyeliner and aegyo sal (cute eye bags below your eyes) – check out our beginner’s guide on how to do Korean eye makeup!

For eyeshadow, Koreans prefer to keep colours on the eyelids to a minimum as they prefer a more natural look rather than having makeup too obviously piled on. As such, it is recommended that you use neutral or light colours, such as brown, pink, or coral. 

A tip for choosing the right eye shadow is to explore and find colours that suit your skin tone. Head over to drugstores or Sephora and swatch different shades of eye shadows to find shade that complements or accentuates your eyes.

Many Koreans prefer to use brown eyeliner as it will give you a softer and more natural look, since black eyeliner can look harsh and fierce. To achieve the puppy eyes look, line your eyes in such a way that the outer end extends outwards and downwards, instead of upwards (which is done in cat-eye looks).

Eyelid tape is another tool you can count on to make your peepers stand out. You can also look younger with anti-ageing eyelid tape, which is why it is so popular among beauty enthusiasts.

Many Asian women lament about having short and straight eyelashes, but that’s what eyelash curlers and mascaras are for. Choose a mascara that is waterproof and smudge-proof to prevent yourself from looking like a panda nearer the end of the day.

DV Tip: Use a lash primer or mascara fixer so that your curled lashes will be held in place for the entire day.

6. Brows

Did you know that brows play a huge role in shaping your face? Another element to the youthful, innocent Korean look is to have straight brows with a slight arc at the end. If you look at pictures of Korean female celebrities, you will notice how they tend to draw their brows in a straight manner!

However, these days you will find that fewer Korean female celebrities spot straight brows, but opt instead for a more natural arch that frames their face. Bae Suzy, for example, has replaced her straight brows with naturally curved ones:

Whichever you prefer, you have to remember that brow shapes look different on everyone. You can check out our article on the different types of eyebrows and how to draw your eyebrows easily here.

If you are confident that the Korean straight brow is for you, you can attempt to pluck away those stray hairs and slowly shape it. However, if you doubt your own skills, you can always entrust your brows to beauticians in eyebrow salons and let them know the shape you wish to have.

Source: Makeupbysaero

The next step is to fill in your brows. Begin with light strokes at the start of your brows and slowly work your way to the end, tapering it down to a point. You can choose to work with a eyebrow pencil or eyebrow powder, whichever you’re more comfortable with.

Even if you are going for a straight eyebrow look, there should still be a very slight arc near the end of the brow, and the arc should begin around the outer corner of your eye.Remember to blend out any harsh edges with a spoolie.

Some Koreans also like to use eyebrow tints to lighten their brow colour so that it will match their skin and hair colour better, especially if they have dyed their hair a much lighter colour. Give it a try and you may be surprised with the result!

7. Blush

Now that we are done with your base makeup, we need to add some healthy glow back onto the face. To do so, you can use powder, cream, or liquid blushers, depending on your preference! For beginners, we recommend using powder blushers as they are generally easier to blend.

Apply them from high points of your cheeks (commonly termed as the apples of your cheeks) towards your temples and blend it to look as if the glow is coming naturally from within. In Korea, women prefer to use blushers in the shade of coral and rosy pink as it complements their skin tone.

Don’t be afraid to apply more colour as well – although the Koreans advocate for natural makeup, they do like more colour payoff with their blushes so that they get a healthy, radiant glow!

But if you’re new to blusher, consider starting with a smaller amount of product first, and slowly build it up. It’s always easier to add on than to remove. Feel free to use your fingers – instead of a brush – to blend out the pigment too. Most newbies find it easier to control the product when they get hands-on.



The gradient lip makeup trend has taken over the world but it actually originated from Korea. It makes your lips look fuller, and also makes them look tantalisingly just-bitten. The basic principle behind a gradient lip is to use a darker shade on the inner lips, and then use a lip brush, a cotton bud, or your finger to blend it outwards to create a gradient effect.

Gradient lips have become so popular that many Korean makeup brands (and even non-Korean brands) have come up with two-tone lipsticks which claim to help you achieve the gradient look with one swipe and without blending.

For a step-by-step tutorial on how to get gradient lips, you can read our article here.

DV Tip: Lightly pat a tiny bit of concealer over your lips before you begin doing your gradient lips. This will make the colour and the gradient look more obvious from the contrast! You can also choose to top off your gradient lips with a clear lip gloss to give your lips a juicy, succulent look.

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Unfortunately, eye makeup tutorials aren’t one size fits all. As we’ve talked about before, how you apply eye shadow and eyeliner depends in large part on your eye shape. That means if you have Asian eyes and try to follow a tutorial that wasn’t written with your eye shape in mind, you’re likely to end up feeling a bit frustrated or having to rework all the instructions to better suit you. But don’t give up, instead, seek out eye makeup ideas specifically for Asian eyes. Or, better yet, simply read on for an easy eye makeup tutorial we think every Asian girl should try.


The first step of any good eye makeup look? Some makeup primer, of course! An eye primer will ensure your look stays in place day and night since we doubt you want to be doing any midday touch-ups. Don’t have an eye primer on hand? No worries! Simply apply a dab of concealer or foundation onto each lid.


When it comes to your eye shadow application, things are going be a little different than you may have been taught previously. For your eye shape, it’s all about creating an ombré effect. First, apply a medium brown shade—like the L’Oréal Paris Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Matte It Up—to your lid, rounding the color where your crease would be. Then, apply a nude shadow, like the L’Oréal Paros Colour Riche Monos Eyeshadow in Mix and Matte just above it. Blend the two colors together with a blending brush for a seamless look. Hello, faux crease!


Grab your eyeliner—but keep your eyes open. Seriously! Instead of applying liner with your eyes closed, you’ll want to keep them open. This will allow you to see exactly where your eyeliner is being placed and ensure it doesn’t end up being hidden once your eyes are open. A slight cat eye will help to open up your small eye shape, so reach for the L’Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner in Black and line your upper lash line. Gently wing out the liner, then smudge the color for a subtler look. Next, line your waterline with a nude eyeliner, like the L’Oréal Paris Pro-Last Waterproof, Up to 24HR Pencil Eyeliner in Nude, to brighten and enlarge your eyes even more!

For a nighttime look, consider opting for a sharper wing. Use the L’Oréal Paris Voluminous Lash Paradise Liquid Eyeliner in Black to create a precise wing that will help lift your eyes. As for your lower lash line, feel free to apply some pencil liner, but be sure to still line your waterline with a nude shade to maintain that wide-eyed appearance.


Asian eyes tend to have short, very straight lashes, so a good mascara is a must. First, use an eyelash curler to curl your lashes. Then, apply a few coats of the L’Oréal Paris Unlimited Lash Lifting and Lengthening Washable Mascara for an instant lash-lift effect.

Editor’s note: Want an even more dramatic eye look? You may want to opt to use false lashes, which can really help open the eye when you’re working with a naturally short fringe. Even just a few individual lashes placed at the outer corner can make a major difference!


Next, you’ll want to define your eyebrows. This will help draw attention to your eyes and give your overall look more depth. Use the L’Oréal Paris Unbelievabrow Longwear Waterproof Brow Gel to fill, shape, and perfect. First, fill in any sparse areas using the doe foot applicator. Then, sharpen your shape using the angled brush. Finish your brows by brushing through them with the spoolie to blend out the product.

Want to learn more ways to fine-tune your makeup application based on your eye shape? You certainly aren’t limited to this one look; here’s The Perfect Smoky Eye for Every Eye Shape, and The Best Eyeliner Look for Your Eye Shape.

Chinese makeup artists explain the secrets behind their transformations into Eastern and Western celebrities

Celebrity transformation videos have become a popular trend on Chinese social media. Photo: IC

Ding Lan is sitting in front of her smartphone camera, gently brushing makeup over the left half of her face and quickly applying shades and highlights under her nose, her left eyebrow and left cheekbone.

Every move she makes seems soft and delicate, but also confident and determined.

And meanwhile, she speaks with her audience from time to time to introduce the techniques she is using and the features of her makeover.

Half an hour later, it is time to reveal the results of her work. She covers up the left side of her face. The right side shows the face of an ordinary Asian woman who is probably unskilled in applying makeup. And then she covers the right side of her face with one hand, revealing the look of a Caucasian beauty, and holds up her smartphone, which shows a photo of Ivanka Trump, the daughter of the US President Donald Trump.

The resemblance is so great that the audience types comments on the live-streaming interface saying, “Oh, you look just like her.” “That’s unbelievable,” and “Now you can go undercover and trick the US President!”

“I think Ivanka Trump is a powerful, beautiful woman,” Ding said. “The key to this is to observe her carefully and look for the distinctive features in her face and makeup.”

During a live-streaming video on February 21, Ding, a video blogger from Hebei Province’s Shijiazhuang, in her 30s, managed to transform into Ivanka Trump, one of the dozens of celebrities that she has successfully imitated with her outstanding makeup skills.

The transformation subculture has recently become prevalent on multiple social media platforms in the country. Makeup artists and video bloggers gain great popularity through live streaming or releasing short videos of themselves working the magic of a makeup brush to become celebrities from both in and outside of China.





Makeup artists Ding Lan as Ivanka Trump, Wang Jiawen as Anne Hathaway and Hu Yichen. Photos: Courtesy of Ding Lan, Wang Jiawen and Hu Yichen

One person with 1,000 faces

Dubbed the “Queen with 1,000 faces” by her more than 1.5 million followers on Weibo and Douyin, a short video-sharing app, Ding does not put on makeup to attract men or look good at work; she does it to transform herself into celebrities.

Ding is in the cosmetic products sales business and creating transformation videos has been extremely helpful for her career. But doing celebrity transformations is not easy work. Ding remembers once she undertook a really difficult transformation in the evening that took her hours, and she did not get to bed until 5 am.

According to Ding, certain facial features are seen as advantages and more transformable, such as monolid eyes, eyes that do not have a crease on the eyelid.

In some Asian countries such as China, South Korea and Japan, many people consider having double eyelids to be more attractive and using plastic surgery or cosmetic methods to create double eyelids is popular.

“But with monolids, you can adjust eyelid tape to shape the eyes according to the celebrity’s eyelids. It would be more difficult if the makeup artist has double eyelids,” Ding said.

Hu Yichen, 27, who lives in Shanghai, a male blogger in the community, thinks a face without distinctive features can be advantageous in the growing competitive makeup blogger community.

“I think the plainer one’s face is, the more he or she is suitable for doing transformation makeup, leaving more room for the makeup artist to apply his or her skills,” Hu said.

Hu has done makeup transformation videos of more than 20 celebrities, with the most popular one being seen by more than 3 million people. Because of the popularity of his videos, Hu started his own cosmetics brand HYC. Most of his followers are women between 18 and 30 from first- and second-tier cities.

According to Hu, having an educational background in art or fashion design will also be an advantage for the makeup artists if they want to look exactly like the celebrities they imitate and stand out in the community.

The key to transforming into Western celebrities lies in the eye makeup. Photo: IC

Becoming Beyoncé and Rhianna

When Chinese bloggers like Ding use makeup to transform into Western celebrities, one of the challenges is the distance between the eyebrows and eyes.

“The margin is much smaller in many Western faces than mine, so it’s quite difficult,” Ding said. 

However, Wang Jiawen, 24, from Sichuan Province, thinks it is easier and more fun to do foreign celebrities.

She has done transformation makeup of more than 10 Western stars in the past month, including Beyoncé, Rhianna, Katy Perry and Taylor Swift.

The one project that Wang is especially proud of is of her beloved character Max Black, played by Kat Dennings in the American sitcom 2 Broke Girls that premiered in 2011. “Many viewers say it’s one of my best works and that even my temperament resembles her.”

There are advantages for Asian bloggers to recreate Westerners, she said.

For instance, Westerners tend to have taller noses and deeper eye sockets; an Asian makeup artist will be able to apply color and shading to achieve the resemblance on their own faces.

Both Wang and Ding think the eyes are the key, and if the shape of the celebrity’s face is different from theirs, they will use shading or work their hair curves to solve it.

“Celebrity transformation is a skill that requires a lot of research and practice to know how one person’s face is different from another’s,” Wang said. 

A worldwide trend

Wang is a big fan of Pony’s, a South Korean makeup artist with millions of followers who is well-known for her celebrity transformation makeup. In many other countries, including Japan, the US and Italy, there are also such makeup artists active on many social media platforms.

Their viewers, according to the celebrity transformation bloggers interviewed by Metropolitan, are mostly in their 20s and 30s from all over the country, with female viewers being the majority. Some are just in it for the fun of the moment when the transformation is complete and some consider it a more interesting way to learn new makeup tricks.

However, the reason behind the popularity of this subculture is that people like to see the possibility for ordinary people to look exactly like superstars without having plastic surgery, Ding said.

“I think the trend will continue to grow,” Wang said. “People like to see that an ordinary girl can transform herself into the stars they love. They like it more so when we do foreign stars because it’s even more refreshing.”

As celebrity transformation videos get more popular, Wang finds her followers are getting more demanding. “They also want me to make the same facial expressions and make eye contact like their idols do. It’s challenging for me but I’ll do my best.”

Newspaper headline: Human chameleons 90,000 Asian Makeup: Big Difference Before and After | Coco Flannel

It’s no secret that makeup changes people. But Asian makeup is something incredible! Girls use false noses, eyelid and chin stickers, dental veneers. Colored lenses will help you easily change the color of your eyes, and stickers will solve the problem of the impending eyelid. And voila, this is a very European image or an Asian puppet. By the way, the effect of Asian makeup is like plastic. Cheap and cheerful!

Different girls?

Source: video

Source: video

No, there are not two different people in the photo, this is the same girl with and without makeup.It’s just an ordinary make-up without makeup, but like a different person.

The groom was unlucky …

Source: video

Source: video

Asian brides, like everyone else in the world, want to look stunning at their wedding. Most likely, this bride made such a splash that even the groom was shocked. Firstly, the girl began to look 10 years younger. Secondly, without glasses and with makeup, she looks much more attractive. Thirdly, the girl seems to have tried on a wig.We hope my husband didn’t run away the next morning)

How many years will you give?

Source: video

Source: video

It doesn’t matter how old an Asian girl is. Makeup even turns an older lady into a young beauty. A wig, accessories, even tone and bright makeup helped the brunette to become a charming young blonde.

From a nondescript mouse to a bright beauty!

Source: video

Source: video

A girl with makeup is a typical image that Asian girls dream of.It is also called “anime” because of its resemblance to anime heroines: big eyes, narrow triangular face, small neat nose and chin, lips “bow”.

Typical beauty

Source: video

Source: video

The girl on the left needs a lot of makeup to transform into the girl on the right. But this is how typical Asian beauties look (as on the right). And most often, such beauties visited the office of a plastic surgeon.

Get to know me on the street!

Source: video

Source: video

Make-up has changed the girl’s appearance so much and hid the imperfections of her skin that rarely any loved one recognizes her.Not to mention the acquaintances on the street. This is a whole art!

Excess weight is not a hindrance to beauty!

Source: video

Source: video

It turns out that with the help of make-up you can hide not only imperfections of the skin of the face, but also, it turns out, excess weight! Lenses, a little plastic makeup – and the extra pounds are gone!

Yeah, Asians are striking more and more: they invent weird devices, they invent games, then they put on makeup, which, instead of plastic surgery, changes their appearance.Cheap and cheerful.

More details about the transformations of Asian girls can be viewed on video . Happy viewing!

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Makeup for Asian Eyes video

It seems that using such a tape is very simple, but still, before you can properly stick it and give your face the popular V-shape, it will take some time to practice.In this article, we will talk about one of the most common facial features – the overhanging eyelid of narrow or Asian eyes. Their makeup corrects facial features, makes the look lighter and more open, visually enlarges the eyes, emphasizing their exotic beauty. When drawing the upper eyelid along the lash line, step back a little from the edge, do not draw the arrow too close to the lashes.

Watch video

Be that as it may, cosmetics is a great force, and those who know how to use it are real artists.Makeup for a flat / impending eyelid / visual enlargement of the eyes yulia andreeva pereglyadiv 1.9 million 4 rocky hello everyone!

Asian Eye Makeup Video

A professional make-up artist will give you a real master class on applying dark and shiny eyeshadows. You must know all your shortcomings, but not in order to be ashamed of them, but in order to be able to professionally disguise them. It is best to choose the shade from those that most resemble a natural blush, but at the same time look darker than the color of the cheeks.Applying a light shade to the movable eyelid and a dark shade to the outer corner of the eye and the lower eyelid.

Brown and green eyes can be favorably emphasized with shades of cream, pink, beige or light brown. This option is ideal for an evening out or everyday make-up, the only difference is in the shape of the arrows and the intensity of their application. For example, why do they glue some kind of tape to the neck, how do they make their eyes so big and what do these girls put on their nose if part of it has to be literally picked off? In some cases, you can not use shadows at all when creating makeup, or you can place very little emphasis on the outer corner to make your look appear more expressive.Makeup for an Asian eye shape has its own nuances, knowing which you can create an alluring and sexy look.

Makeup for Asian eyes step by step instructions choosing eyeshadow

The corrector has a wide range of colors, which is purposefully selected for certain problem areas. It is not surprising that obeying spontaneous decisions or trying to keep up with fashion, both blondes and brown-haired women often dye their hair, trying to give the curls a radiant honey tint, rich red and even red.For bridal makeup, be sure to use an eyelid primer to keep all the shiny textures and eyeshadows going all day. In China, Japan and some other Asian countries, women still strive to whiten their skin, just as was the practice many centuries ago. To refresh and create a more attractive look, makeup artists recommend applying a little peach, pink or bright coral blush to your face.

For daytime make-up use shadows of natural natural tones: yellowish, golden, bronze shades.There are many more options for evening make-up that can make a girl with an Asian type of appearance a real beauty. Foundation Asian makeup, like any other makeup, begins with smoothing the skin of the face with foundation. But if the eyes are narrow, yes, besides, there is such a drawback as an overhanging eyelid, it is better to forget about pink shadows. Some owners of blue-gray eyes prefer to insert contact lenses of a different color, hiding such beauty from others.

90,000 Makeup From Easy to Hard: Makeup Tutorial

How To

Flacon Magazine

Arrows of all shapes and directions, nude, perfect lip contour, fashionable makeup artists – take sponge brushes in your hands, sit down comfortably.Begin!

Yes, there may be more than one accent. And yes, it looks great. Check it out for yourself!

Natural makeup with “spider” eyelashes. Minimum funds and only three minutes.

Makeup artist Aiza Anokhina and teacher of Ai LAB School Artemy Ismyakov showed how to effectively combine graphic arrows with bright lipstick.

Star makeup artist Elena Yasenkova convinced us that two products are enough for a full-fledged makeup with all these arrows and gradient lips.See for yourself if you don’t believe.

Digital artist Aryuna knows how difficult it can be to decide on an everyday make-up, so she offered a choice of two completely different options. And she taught me how to do them quickly.

Make-up artist and creator of the Shik brand Natalia Shik showed how to work correctly with makeup brushes in order to complete it in five minutes, and not ruin your face and mood in the process.

It happens that some kind of make-up technique doesn’t lend itself well. And it’s not that you have your hands from the wrong place, but a lack of understanding of the process.We explain step by step.

We hope you have already completed our first lesson in drawing lines in front of your eyes and have worked the skill in practice. It’s time to pump further – draw a shaded arrow.

Cat’s eye, bright arrow with curves, classic black, graphic and (where without them) life hacks from TikTok. Teachers are makeup artists and one editor.

The beauty industry cheated: it sold us a bunch of lipsticks and tints with the fashion for Asian makeup, but didn’t teach us how to use them other than for the effect of “kissed lips”.And sometimes you want to be a femme fatale. Here’s how to do it.

Heavenly shadows all the way to the eyebrows are fine, but if you’re looking for a more up-to-date use of them, this is the place for you.

The most socialite of all socialite women gives a master class on arrows: how she draws them and what products she uses. Even if you are not particularly interested in makeup, look at Victoria – she is gorgeous, as always.

Learn more by tags:

Flacon Magazine

It will be interesting You will be interested You will be interested You will be interested You will be interested

Make-up for Asian eyes.Instructions for 20 photos and videos.

Oriental appearance, with its specific features, challenges make-up artists – this is a special cut of the eyes, a clearly defined shape of the lips, and yellowish skin color with black hair (color type “winter”), and short eyelashes and a more massive upper eyelid. But it is precisely on such an exotic face that the master can most of all reveal his talent and show his abilities.

Make-up for the Asian type of face is distinguished by a special technique designed to emphasize the advantages of the appearance of an oriental woman, hide flaws and make the face even more attractive.

Day Makeup for Asian Eyes

First you need to apply a foundation on your face to remove all minor imperfections. In addition, the cosmetics will lay down more evenly on the tonal base and will not roll off.

When working with an Asian type of face, try to avoid pinkish tints of the foundation. For such leather, beige, golden, caramel colors are more suitable.

Day makeup for Asian eyes should be discreet in an oriental way.It is best to ditch pearlescent and glittery eyeshadows and opt for more matte pastel shades. Dark shadows are also acceptable, but in minimal quantities, and only in order to emphasize the expressiveness of the eyes. You can apply a dark shadow color to the outer corner of the eye, while shading them well.

Technique for applying daytime makeup for Asian eyes.

Day makeup for eyes of the Asian type.

Options for daytime makeup for Asian eyes.

Technology for creating daytime makeup for eyes of the Asian type.

The lash line must be emphasized with a pencil or eyeliner. The inner corners of the eyes should have a thinner eyeliner than the outer corners. Eyelashes in makeup for Asian eyes require special attention. It is preferable to choose mascara with a lengthening effect.

Eastern women often want to give their appearance a European touch. To do this, they apply special glue or apply adhesive strips to the eyelid. Then the eyes seem larger, and the gaze – more wide open.

Evening makeup for Asian eyes

Evening make-up for Asian eyes brings more variety in the palette of eyeshadow colors.

First of all, apply the foundation to the skin. These can be caramel, beige and golden shades. For evening makeup, choose a foundation color that is slightly lighter than your natural skin tone.

Step-by-step evening make-up for Asian eyes.

Step-by-step application of Asian-style evening eye make-up.

Evening makeup for Asian eyes.

Evening makeup for eyes of the Asian type: before and after.

  • To begin with, the entire surface of the eyelids is covered with a base color such as lavender.
  • Apply dark shadows to the inner and outer corner of the eye – the look will become more expressive.
  • A thin line is drawn above the lash line with a pencil or eyeliner. You can use classic black eyeliner, but if you’re ready to experiment, try other colors – dark blue or dark brown.
  • If you wish, you can stick on false eyelashes, or dye your eyelashes with several layers of mascara. Try the famous “smoky eyes” too, they are very suitable for an oriental look.

Wedding makeup for Asian eyes

Wedding makeup for Asian eyes must be persistent, go through all the stages of the wedding ceremony, and remain in its original form by the end of the evening.

Before applying makeup on Asian eyes, apply a foundation on your face. For wedding makeup, beige and golden tones of the foundation are suitable.

You can make a monochromatic make-up using one shadow color, but a combination of several tones will look better.Green, brown, beige, dark gray and pearl shades look most impressive. You choose light or dark colors – let it be only matte textures.

For wedding makeup, you can use liquid eyeliners and eyeliners of various colors – black, blue, brown, purple. Eyelashes should be painted over with black mascara with a lengthening effect.

Wedding makeup for Asian eyes.

Light bridal makeup for Asian eyes.

Beautiful wedding makeup for Asian eyes.

Natural bridal makeup for eyes of the Asian type.

A variant of wedding makeup for Asian eyes.

Asian type wedding eye makeup.

For visual enlargement of the eyes and getting rid of swelling, makeup artists recommend using two basic techniques:

  • An imaginary fold is drawn on the upper eyelid, making the eyes appear larger and more expressive.
  • Apply shadows of light tones, such as peach, to the hidden movable eyelid, and dark shadows are used for the upper fixed eyelid.

Make-up for Asian eyes. Step-by-step instruction.

Make-up for Asian eyes is not complicated, and following the basic rules, you can create a bright and memorable look quickly and easily. Let’s take a look at how to apply makeup for Asian eyes step by step.

Technology for applying makeup for Asian eyes.

Step-by-step makeup technique for Asian eyes.

Step by step makeup application for Asian eyes.

Technology for creating bright makeup for eyes of the Asian type.

If you do not even out the complexion, then all the work will be in vain. Choose a suitable shade of foundation – caramel, beige, golden or brownish yellow. The main rule is that the shade of the foundation should be one tone lighter than the skin color.

On the upper eyelid above the crease, apply a peach-colored shade with a thin brush. On the area under the eyebrows with a large brush, in a circular motion, shades of a peach color with a copper overflow are applied. For the upper corner of the eye, use a plum shadow and blend it down to the crease line.

Bring the lower eyelid with an eggplant pencil, and bring the line a little further behind the eyelashes. Using the thinnest brush, apply a silvery or light beige shade to the moving eyelid. Most often, Asian eyes are framed by thin short eyelashes. Apply false brushes to your lashes and wait for the glue to dry.

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Video Makeup For Asian Women – Telegraph


Video Makeup For Asian Women
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Makeup for Asian women. Make up for asian – YouTube
Asian makeup: the big difference before and after | Yandex Zen
Asian makeup: how to change beyond recognition in 20 minutes
Videos Asian makeup and beauty | VK
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It’s no secret that makeup changes people. But Asian makeup is something incredible! Girls use false noses, eyelid and chin stickers, dental veneers. Colored lenses will help you easily change the color of your eyes, and stickers will solve the problem of the impending eyelid. And voila, this is a very European image or an Asian puppet. By the way, the effect of Asian makeup is like plastic.Cheap and cheerful!
No, the photo is not two different people, it is the same girl with and without makeup. It’s just an ordinary make-up without makeup, but like a different person.
Asian brides, like everyone else in the world, want to look stunning at their wedding. Most likely, this bride made such a splash that even the groom was shocked. Firstly, the girl began to look 10 years younger. Secondly, without glasses and with makeup, she looks much more attractive. Thirdly, the girl seems to have tried on a wig.We hope my husband didn’t run away in the morning)
It doesn’t matter how old the Asian girl is. Makeup even turns an older lady into a young beauty. A wig, accessories, even tone and bright makeup helped the brunette to become a charming young blonde.
From a nondescript mouse to a bright beauty!
A girl with makeup is the typical look that Asian girls dream of. It is also called “anime” because of its resemblance to anime heroines: big eyes, narrow triangular face, small neat nose and chin, lips “bow”.
The girl on the left needs a lot of makeup to transform into the girl on the right. But this is how typical Asian beauties look (as on the right). And most often, such beauties visited the office of a plastic surgeon.
The make-up changed the girl’s appearance so much and hid the imperfections of her skin that rarely any loved one recognizes her. Not to mention the acquaintances on the street. This is a whole art!
It turns out that with the help of make-up you can hide not only imperfections in the skin of the face, but also, it turns out, excess weight! Lenses, a little plastic makeup – and the extra pounds are gone!
Yeah, Asians are striking more and more: sometimes they invent weird devices, sometimes they invent games, sometimes they put on makeup, which, instead of plastic surgery, changes their appearance.Cheap and cheerful.
You can watch the video for more information about the transformations of Asian girls. Happy viewing!
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The idea of ​​creating million-plus cities in the Far East or utopian or corrupt

Ivan Pankin and Georgy Bovt discuss the boy who corrected Putin, the idea of ​​building million-plus cities in the Far East, Ukraine’s dreams of compensation for Crimea and the oppression of Russians in Kazakhstan


– Hello friends! In the studio of Radio Komsomolskaya Pravda Ivan Pankin, on Skype Georgy Bovt, famous Russian journalist and political scientist . Georgy Georgievich, hello. By the way, you were not at the school line on September 1, did you take anyone?

G. Bovt:

– I have already left school age and brought everyone out of there.

I. Pankin:

– Yasnenko. I deliberately passing by the school on September 1 decided to watch the ruler and, you know, no one raised the Russian flag there to the sound of the Anthem.But last week we discussed such an initiative that can be introduced. Remember, yes, this flag-raising procedure.

G. Bovt:

– When we discussed, we agreed that we must first create regulations, because you can’t just pick up and raise the flag. It is necessary that instructions were written by the ministry officials and they will write these instructions for a whole year, so they will be prepared for next year.

I. Pankin:

– But then you said that on September 1st they would most likely introduce it.But they did not enter, they did not enter.

G. Bovt:

– Well, they didn’t enter it, because, you see, I was mistaken. I thought that they would write the instructions faster, but they failed.

I. Pankin:

– How is it, Georgy Georgievich? Your first prediction, probably, which did not work out? Or maybe not the first one?

G. Bovt:

– Perhaps it was you who walked past a school where you did not raise the flag?

I. Pankin:

– A normal school, you know, not far from the center of Moscow, I want to tell you, so I don’t know which one then….

G. Bovt:

– Maybe the director is a liberal?

I. Pankin:

– Director is a liberal, do you think so? Is he the same liberal director as the one who chastised the student, who corrected Putin?

G. Bovt:

– Well, this is not a liberal.

I. Pankin:

– Well, let’s tell everyone, maybe many have missed this moment? Putin spoke to schoolchildren and made a slight mistake with the wording – he confused one war with another, the Northern one with the Seven Years.Or vice versa? By the way, I’m already confused myself. And one of the students corrected him. Well, of course, as I understand it, the student then flew great. Even Peskov had to answer this question, that it is not necessary, it is not necessary, it is not necessary to scold this poor boy – the boy is smart, good, and Putin loves to be corrected. Well, it is clear that not everyone can correct Putin. But the students, I think, can correct Putin.

G. Bovt:

– Children under 18 can correct Putin. But for children after 18 years of age, it is better not to correct him.

I. Pankin:

– I agree, absolutely. Indeed, only Vladimir Vladimirovich can correct everyone else and, by the way, I agree with that. But I was confused by one formulation of Peskov, just when he was answering about this student. He said that Putin has a phenomenal knowledge of history and here I stopped a little, to be honest. Because it is unlikely that Vladimir Vladimirovich, despite the fact that he really has a great interest in history, he is really interested in it and understands it well, but so that he has a phenomenal knowledge of history? Even Bovt does not have a phenomenal knowledge of history, although he is a historian by training, right, Georgiy Georgievich?


– I will not compare my knowledge of history with the knowledge of Putin’s history, I will only say that, in my opinion, it was a slip of the tongue, not a mistake. Sometimes it happens, you know, that one thought jumps over another and you make the most elementary mistakes, which just somehow automatically fly out, and this does not mean that a person does not know something. There are such cases. This is a quirk of human consciousness. Therefore, I would not give Putin a two at once in Russian history for the fact that he made a reservation in this terminology.Because, of course, this belongs to the category of elementary knowledge. The Great Northern War of Peter the Great and the Seven Years War, which we fought under Elizaveta Petrovna already. Well, in about half a century. Although the North lasted 21 years, so it counts half a century there, depending on where it comes from. Therefore, I would not give him a deuce for that. Well, it happens that a person makes a reservation and that’s it. He knows with whom Peter fought, he still fought not with Prussia, but he still fought with the Swedes in his Northern War. And here he was not mistaken.


– It’s obvious, yes, that he just had a slip of the tongue. And the student, by the way, did the right thing. And the teacher, how do you think, her reaction, how do you?

G. Bovt:

– There at school, I saw that opinions differed. The headmistress, of course, as an administrative unit, stirred up and called it audacity …

I. Pankin:

– I was frightened, frankly. I got scared.

G. Bovt:

– Yes. And the teacher behaved correctly, she said that the boy was talented and did the right thing, that he corrected.Just imagine that if no one had corrected him and it would have been left hanging in the air and everyone would have started pointing fingers, that Putin does not know history, and so on and so forth. And so they corrected it and he really agreed, the reservation was corrected – and we drove on. And so it would be even worse simply, it seems to me, if no one dared to correct.

I. Pankin:

– But remember, when one boy asked Putin about the borders, he answered him – Russia has no borders …


– This is a poetic image.

I. Pankin:

– I agree.

G. Bovt:

– Vladimir Vladimirovich meant, of course, the divine borders of Russia, which it really does not have, it is unlimited. As a phenomenon.

I. Pankin:

– I agree with you completely, let’s move on. Indeed, in the Far East, they decided to create the first million-plus city. In general, we did not talk about the Far East, and yet Shoigu also wants to settle these territories and build cities there.As far as I understand, he has already lobbied for this issue, and cities will be built, among other things, and this million-plus city in the Far East will also arise. Georgy Georgievich, tell me, please, is this not a utopian idea – to build big cities in the Far East? After all, there is an opinion that people will reluctantly go there.

G. Bovt:

– It is either utopian or corrupt. Because in order for a city to emerge in an open field or to sharply grow a city that already exists, economic conditions must be created for this.In recent decades, the population of the Far East and Siberia has been declining by 300 thousand people a year. Think about this figure! There, in the post-Soviet years, a fifth of the population who lived there left there. Why should it suddenly turn around and go back, no Shoigu has yet brought this argument. Maybe they will be escorted there, I don’t know. Maybe prisoners will populate these cities in millions? But so far there are absolutely no economic conditions for people to return there.The state is really making great efforts in this area. Funds are invested there, they are trying to organize all sorts of advanced development territories. A special ministry of the Far East has been created; it is supervised by a special deputy prime minister by the name of Trutnev. This is a program that has received a lot of attention. Indeed, some money goes there. There is a Far Eastern hectare program. But not so many people took advantage of it – only a little over 85 thousand people. These are not millions, as we understand them.Today Putin, I heard, said that it is necessary to introduce an automatic system of subsidizing air tickets. This is a good thing. Because the problem of the territorial isolation of the Far East exists. It is necessary to fly there cheaply and fly away cheaply from there, then it will be more connected with the mainland. This is the correct program. But whether it alone will be enough for people to return, I’m not sure. Recently, the program for the construction of the BAM was expanded – this is also a good thing. But will the double-track railway be enough for millions to go there again? Again, I’m not sure.You see, this should be some completely different strategy. All that is being proposed now, all I see, is this kind of technocratic fine-tuning. Add some loot, create some kind of tax incentives, fence in a high fence, create a growth point that will not become a growth point – and these territories of advanced development did not become points of growth. It’s just that large enterprises began to close around them and people began to move to these territories, business began to move to these territories of advanced development.Because there are tax breaks. And these TOPs did not at all begin to distribute around themselves some kind of prosperity and economic growth. And in general, all these efforts have not yet led to a reduction in the outflow of the population from the Far East. Therefore, under what will it be built? Maybe the Chinese will be settled there? Do not know. But the Chinese, in general, are also not all cities that were built by the Chinese Communist Party, they did not populate all of them. It seems to me that for now this idea is cheating. Well, of course, it smells like a lot of dough that you can saw.But I believe in the best, I believe that this is just a rosy dream, which they want to realize without any corrupt thoughts. Such pure and honest people – let’s believe it, everything is friendly, and you first of all.

I. Pankin:

– But this dream has some basis under it. I mean, really, the population of Russia needs to be somehow distributed over the territory of this country? And then the whole population rushes only to Moscow and this is probably not very good? It would be nice if people had somewhere to go at least at the time of construction of these cities.Is not it?

G. Bovt:

– Well, okay, here is the thesis that people need to be distributed somehow. Good. What is it like? I know that the foresters have a program for the resettlement of anthills. They take an anthill or part of it and move it to another part of the forest so that the ants can perform their useful function there. But you can’t take and, say, surround the Maryino district in Moscow with NKVD troops, drive everyone out of the house with their belongings, put them in wagons and send them to Siberia to populate million-plus cities? Those times, it seems to me, are over.Maybe they have not come yet, maybe they will come back again, but for now I can hardly imagine such an operation. People need to be interested so that they go there. And if we look at the history of our home country, we will see only two models.

I. Pankin:

– Well, if these cities are really built, people will go there, what do you think? Should the construction sites be organized properly?

G. Bovt:

– People do not go to Moscow, they go where it is better.Better now in Moscow. That is why they are going to Moscow.

I. Pankin:

– Is it possible to shift this center of the Universe to other territories of Russia, albeit so cold? Or not?

G. Bovt:

– This requires an economy to emerge there.

I. Pankin:

– Is the construction of a city an economy?

G. Bovt:

– A city built in an empty field is not an economy.This is money laundered on reinforced concrete. Construction campaigns, of course, will benefit from this. Well, what will people do there? So they built a city, they were settled there, or builders were brought there, and then they were left to live there. What will they do next? Question.

The history of the development of Siberia in Russia followed two paths. Not simultaneously, but alternately. Historically, Siberia was settled by Cossacks and all sorts of fugitive serfs. Why did they go to Siberia? Because they fled from serfdom. They fled for freedom and new entrepreneurial opportunities.The continuation of this trend was the Stolypin agrarian reform and the destruction of the peasant community. When the peasants who moved to Siberia were given lifting allowances and they also went for freedom. For freedom from the community and for free enterprise. They wanted to start a new business, the government gave them a lift, helped them settle down, and transported them there. And so these freedom-loving people went to Siberia. Then another model emerged. Let’s call it Stalin Gulag. When Siberia began to be populated with convicts, who were arrested and sent to hard labor in fact.They worked there in hard labor. But as soon as Stalinism fell, they began to scatter from there, because this economy, created by forced labor, firstly, and secondly, in places where there were no economic and market conditions for this, it began to collapse. So many people cannot live in the city of Norilsk. It is not favorable in terms of climate, occupation, there is the Norilsk Mining and Metallurgical Combine – that’s all, and there is nothing else there. Therefore, it can be serviced on a rotational basis. And the company that owns this mining and metallurgical plant spends a lot of money to relocate all these people who have nothing to do there to the southern regions of Russia.Spends billions. Because there is no economy for this life. And in Magadan there is no economy for this life for so many people. Therefore, there is a sociological poll, which shows that 60% of Magadan residents want to leave there. And in total, according to polls, more than a third – 40% of the population want to leave the Far East and Siberia. 40 percent of the population wants to leave the Far East! Because they do not see prospects there. If you create these perspectives for them and designate these parameters, they will remain.But it is necessary that they, firstly, believe in it, and not just that Shoigu came and built a city there. There are already cities there. You make it so that you can live there. I have already said that I was in the city of Bratsk, which at one time was created around this Bratsk hydroelectric power station on the Angara, it was created as a dream city. Now it is fading, 5,000 people leave there a year, because there is nothing to do there, there are no prospects. And this was a dream city. Not like Shoigov’s all these people. So far, there are no parameters that made this project attractive.In general, not a single word has been said about why people should go there. Well, it would be nice if they went there. What’s next? Let’s go on, develop your thought. Or will the prisoners just go there? Then so it should be said. Or maybe the Chinese will go there? Or maybe new citizens will go there, who will be given citizenship in a simplified manner from Central Asia? Then, too, I must say – they will be populated. Probably, some Tajik and Kyrgyz beggars will go to our Far East, because it is richer than their impoverished Tajikistan and Kyrgyzstan.Probably. But then we must also announce this.

I. Pankin:

– That is, your idea is that it is better to invest this money, with which they now want to build these cities, is it better to invest it in existing cities?

G. Bovt:

– Of course.

I. Pankin:

– Why do you think this has not been done? Why is there no such thought? Why do they want to build new ones, if there are a bunch of other cities already existing?


– Because the urban development complex must process billions of public money.

I. Pankin:

– So cities can be expanded. By the way, ad infinitum. Like Moscow.

G. Bovt:

– Cities can be expanded, but in order to expand existing cities, you need to offer some kind of mortgage program, you need to have home buyers who are solvent. And when you have a large state program that we are building a city and we do not care at all whether someone will live there or not, then the urban planning complex and all construction companies, of course, begin to lobby powerfully for this idea, saying that we over, let’s build a city.Because they will receive state money for this under the state program, and then at least the grass will not grow. And let this city then build empty, and they already beat off their loot.

I. Pankin:

– By the way, there are ghost towns in China that have already been built, beautiful, but no one lives in them.

G. Bovt:

– That’s right.

I. Pankin:

– Given that China has one and a half billion population, not 147 million like ours.

G. Bovt:

– While China has not only one and a half billion people, urbanization has not yet ended in China. There is a fig of the rural population, who would be happy to move to cities, but they don’t even go from their villages to these new cities. And in China there is also the Communist Party, which knows how to act not only by methods of persuasion, but also by methods of coercion. And even these methods of coercion do not help populate these Chinese ghost towns. That is all that can be said about this dizzying program proclaimed by Comrade Shoigu.

I. Pankin:

– Why was our Defense Minister Shoigu the first to come up with this idea? There are specialized departments, there are specialized ministers, there is Putin himself…. But Putin supported, not initiated. The first was Shoigu.

G. Bovt:

– He came up with this idea for a long time, several years ago he proposed a similar idea, he proposed to move the capital to Siberia, and, in addition, it must be remembered that under the leadership of Sergei Kuzhugetovich Shoigu are construction troops that, for example, build BAM.And it would be good, of course, to load these construction troops with some new powerful work. And get an allocation for this. But I do not think that Shoigu is selfish in his given vision. I think he just wants a big project. Here by itself.

I. Pankin:

– And go down in history.

G. Bovt:

– Well, including, yes, go down in history. Therefore, I think that this should be separated – such a primitive cut from some big ideas, even if they are lying, but they seem quite fruitful to the authors of these ideas.It happens. It’s OK.

I. Pankin:

– By the way, Putin also called the growth of the population of the Far East a historical task. In this sense, he acts more cautiously. Population growth does not mean building new cities. Population growth – listen to the wording.

G. Bovt:

– Well, strategically, of course, the head of state should worry about the fact that the population in the eastern part of his huge country is decreasing.It has been decreasing for more than a decade. I have already mentioned the numbers. In the post-Soviet years, a fifth of the population left there. And 300 thousand people leave a year. Fertility does not cover this. But here’s the paradox. Even with such a low birth rate in the Far East, there is a shortage of places in kindergartens. Do you know about this? I recently found out. There are 660-something places in kindergartens for 1000 children. This is despite the fact that there is a low birth rate, that there are significantly fewer children under the age of 10 than children aged 10 to 20.That is, it was even worse with kindergartens there, but it does not get better there. This is wildness!

I. Pankin:

– Wildness. But let’s hope that the situation will somehow stabilize and change.

Well, okay, you and I promised to help the government of Ukraine recount the country’s losses in Crimea. Let’s help. So, Deputy Prime Minister of Ukraine Oleksiy Reznikov reiterated his position that Crimea cannot be returned by force. Let’s go further. The Ukrainian authorities, according to Reznikov, intend to re-evaluate the economic losses that the country suffered after the reunification of Crimea with Russia.So, he says – no one will give the final figures. This requires a full-fledged audit with our presence in Crimea. This can be done after complete de-occupation. For obvious reasons, they will not and will not be able to return by force, but after de-occupation … I wonder what de-occupation is meant? But – he named preliminary figures. On assets alone, their damage is up to $ 135 billion. Is this a lot or a little for a country like Ukraine, Georgy Georgievich?


– 135 billion dollars for Ukraine is a lot. But it seems to me that assessing Crimea not as compensation, but assessing Crimea at such a price is ridiculous. This is a very small price to pay. That is, if we imagine, for example, that we would sell Crimea, like the Americans did Alaska. That is, it cannot be sold for $ 135 billion, of course, because it is very cheap. But this is a blasphemous formulation of the question. It seems to me that Ukraine is simply accustomed to calculating its GDP in rather modest figures, so it has set this estimate.These are all figures taken from the ceiling, they do not matter. No one will pay any compensation as long as the Russian state is alive. And if he suddenly does not, then all the more he will not pay. Therefore, all this talk about the fact that Crimea will be de-occupied, well, this is an exercise of the mind for Ukrainian politicians. In practical terms, it makes no sense to discuss this issue in the foreseeable future. And in the boundless future, we can imagine an invasion of aliens there, we can imagine some kind of geopolitical catastrophe, a global new nuclear world war, as a result of which all states will disintegrate, and suddenly Ukraine is left alone on earth, and then it will take Crimea.In a science fiction novel, you can write not such scenarios, of course.

I. Pankin:

– I want to clarify. You mentioned the Ukrainian GDP and I googled it. But there is data only for 2019. And it says that almost 154 billion dollars. And they estimate Crimea, as we have noted, at $ 135 billion. I did not have time to agree – this is the property of companies, individuals, bank assets, lost property rights. But this is a very rough figure. That is, Crimea is like the rest of Ukraine, it turns out, right? This is according to their rough estimates.

G. Bovt:

– No, well, after all, you were talking about Ukraine’s annual GDP, which is $ 150 billion. Thus, they estimated the Crimea in approximately the annual GDP of Ukraine, which once again confirms, in my opinion, my assessment that this is a very small price, cheap.

I. Pankin:

– As for these estimates – when will they calm down with these estimates? My colleagues and I recently discussed, but this is a utopian idea – to talk about the return of Crimea.It’s time to focus on some other tasks. Here Zelensky meets with Biden, probably counts on something, although, probably, there is still nothing to count on, you need to focus on some kind of domestic policy, think about how to develop the economy, how to develop ourselves, and not remember about Crimea for the past eight years.

G. Bovt:

– Wait. If we take the point of view of Ukrainian politicians, then Crimea was taken away from them. From the point of view of Ukrainian politicians and Ukraine’s domestic policy, not a single politician can recognize the seizure of Crimea as legal if he has any expectations for his political future in Ukraine.Why do this, I don’t understand?

I. Pankin:

– Why discuss this every day? Eight years have passed, Crimea will not return – that’s what I’m talking about.

G. Bovt:

– This can be discussed as long as it resonates with the Ukrainian electorate. If they are discussing it, it means that it resonates with the Ukrainian electorate. This means that the cultivation of anti-Russian sentiments on the basis of the weaning of Crimea, on the basis of the war in the Donbass has political prospects.And if you look at how Zelensky behaved after his election, then evolution is noticeable. After all, he came to power as a somewhat more moderate politician than he is now. But then he realized that such an indistinct position – either peacefulness towards Russia, or an attempt to reconcile, or something else – does not bring him political dividends. And then, approximately starting from the beginning of last year, after the Paris summit in the Normandy format, he took a much sharper position in relation to our country, in relation to what is happening in the Donbass.And public opinion polls immediately showed that this aggressive, hawkish, one might say, position, it brought him political dividends. His popularity began to grow. These are the laws of politics. Therefore, the Ukrainian society, unfortunately, is evolving in the opposite direction from us. There are fewer and fewer people who love us. This is the result of propaganda, but propaganda feeds itself on this state of the Ukrainian society, so there is nothing surprising here. From the point of view of politics, I say it again, everything is happening quite logically.Any politician who now begins to call for peace with Russia, which took Crimea away from them, he is doomed, he has no chance of success. That is why the popularity of Medvedchuk, who was removed …

I. Pankin:

– … who is called Putin’s godfather.

G. Bovt:

– Yes. Removing him from active political life is accompanied by a drop in his popularity. And at the moment when his channels were closed, at the moment when the real persecution against him began and to a certain extent all the foundations of freedom of speech were trampled on, he had a pretty decent rating, he could count on second place.

I. Pankin:

– Yes, I am watching the poll for March 4 this year, Medvedchuk overtook Poroshenko and for the first time took second place in the presidential rating.

G. Bovt:

– Quite right. And at that moment he was slammed. And since he was deprived of the air, he was deprived of the information field, his popularity has decreased and now he can no longer claim any second place.

I. Pankin:

– And in general he cannot apply for a place.

G. Bovt:

– Well, yes, it’s also good that I’m free. So it all works, unfortunately.

I. Pankin:

– This is really sad, because I liked Zelensky’s opening words. When he said that I would not want, answering Lyashko, who told him – why do not you address us in Ukrainian, Zelensky answered him – because I do not want to divide the people, and our people speak two languages ​​…


– Yes, and just two years later, the Russian language was recognized as second-class in Ukraine.

I. Pankin:

– This means still the second. It is recognized as undesirable.

G. Bovt:

– Well, you can say that, yes.

I. Pankin:

– Let’s talk about undesirability, let’s move to Kazakhstan and Kyrgyzstan. A lot of news comes from there all sorts of Russophobic. Either a boy of some kind there will be offended only on the basis of the fact that he is Orthodox, then some other news.Just the day before, Kazakh veterans of hot spots threatened State Duma deputies with death. Among these State Duma deputies are Zhirinovsky, Shperov, Nikonov and Fedorov. One of these people – the chairman of the Kazakh Veterans’ Union and a participant in hostilities on the Tajik-Afghan border and military conflicts and the head of the unregistered El Tayperi party, Murat Mukhamedzhanov and Nurjan Altayev, threatened these very deputies with death. But it all started just with the appeal of the “Officers of Russia” organization, who wrote a letter to the President of Kazakhstan Tokayev that this is unacceptable – infringement of the rights of Russians in the republic, and a group of Russian citizens is ready to go there, to the republic, in order to somehow help sort out all these situations, which are pitting two fraternal peoples – I quote.Then these two, the Kazakhs I have already designated, came up with these threats – in my opinion, absolutely inadequate … And there are many such sentiments in Kazakhstan, as I understand it. What do you think they are connected with?

G. Bovt:

– In all post-Soviet republics there are a certain number of nationalists, among these nationalists there are a certain number of crazy nationalists, on the verge of extremism, and this is such an objective phenomenon that exists here. Nothing can be done about it.All these states are building their new statehood to one degree or another on denial. Hidden or open, aggressive or not very aggressive, denial of the Soviet past and subordination, as they say, to greater Russia. This is political speculation, and here are some of them flirting with, you see, to what extent. So, alas and ah.

I. Pankin:

– Does Kazakhstan have something to fear from Russia?

G. Bovt:

– Not now.


– What do you mean now, no? And what, yesterday or tomorrow will there be something to be afraid of?

G. Bovt:

– I don’t know how relations between Kazakhstan and Russia will develop tomorrow.

I. Pankin:

– What do you think they are now?

G. Bovt:

– Now they are good and quite friendly. But there are some worrying trends. If these aggressive nationalist sentiments prevail there, then relations will deteriorate.And if relations deteriorate, accordingly, this can have many different consequences, up to border conflicts, for example. Because if we imagine that aggressive nationalists will gain the upper hand in Kazakhstan and begin to slaughter the Russians, would it be right for the Russian state to stay away from this massacre? I’m fantasizing, of course, but we’re talking about such a hypothetical, distant future and, perhaps, an incredible future, but nevertheless. So I say no now. And how our relations will develop in the future, I do not know.Nobody can guarantee that our relations with Kazakhstan will be forever friendly, can they?

I. Pankin:

– You are probably right. These news, which periodically appear now in the information space, should they alarm us? And how do we really need to react to them? How did the Officers of Russia react? Did you write a letter to Tokayev? By the way, Tokayev reacted that he would react.

G. Bovt:

– You know, you can do without the “Officers of Russia”, but you can do without our Russian Foreign Ministry raising these issues in a less affective and passionate form, perhaps on the sidelines, not leading to an open conflict in public space, but somehow resolved these issues.While they can be solved behind the scenes, without unnecessary noise, dust and irritation, it is better to do it this way. And what the “Officers of Russia” do is usually called interference in the internal affairs of a sovereign state in our country. Therefore, in general, this is not their business. This is the business of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

I. Pankin:

– How to react then?

G. Bovt:

– Wait a minute. We either allow interference in the affairs of a sovereign state, or we do not.Let’s define.

I. Pankin:

– But the Russian-speaking population lives there, for which, in theory, we must intercede.

G. Bovt:

– So we admit it?

I. Pankin:

– I don’t know, I have not been to Kazakhstan. I don’t know anything about this country at all, except that it exists. I was in Kiev, I was in Minsk too …

G. Bovt:

– This is a question for the Foreign Ministry. Right now, Sergei Viktorovich Lavrov is conducting an election campaign under the banner of United Russia and is making a lot of statements, including quite strange ones, in my opinion.For example, he said today that our athletes may start to steal the United States abroad. At the same time, Sergey Viktorovich Lavrov does not react in any way to what is happening with the Russians in Kazakhstan. And in Kyrgyzstan too. Here he carries some of this very selective …

I. Pankin:

– This is rhetoric, Georgy Georgievich.

G. Bovt:

– Yes, the rhetoric is selective, but for some reason he does not pay any attention to these questions. And it seems to me that you can pay attention to it and draw it.And do not delegate these issues to the “Officers of Russia”, because what the “Officers of Russia” do, our Foreign Ministry usually calls interference in internal affairs and calls such foreign organizations undesirable and prohibits. And also blocks their sites. You just have to be consistent.

I. Pankin:

– Well, thank God, Tokayev does not reason like you, he replied that there will be no Russophobia on the territory of Kazakhstan and he will prevent this in every possible way.


– It would be nice if some deeds followed.

I. Pankin:

– What are you doing? How can this be resolved? Do you need to pursue some kind of policy? What to do?

G. Bovt:

– He can not beat these politicians on the square in Astana, but he can also somehow influence behind the scenes. He has methods of influence. Many political processes do not need to be made public, they do not get better from this.Maybe some questions, in order not to quarrel our peoples with such news, maybe it is better to solve them without unnecessary noise and dust? I am still a supporter of such tactics. Until it got too far. And if it goes too far, then it will be necessary to act by some other methods. I would not like to bring this up.

I. Pankin:

– There is no such city as Astana. There is a city like Nursultan!

G. Bovt:

– But I just want to pronounce it like Astana.

I. Pankin:

– They may be offended there. To misunderstand.

G. Bovt:

– Well, let it be.

I. Pankin:

– Well, how’s it going? Here you are already giving a reason for possibly interethnic strife and interethnic conflict, if you like.

G. Bovt:

– “Officers of Kazakhstan” let me write a letter.

I. Pankin:

– Can you imagine if Moscow is called somehow differently there? Or will St. Petersburg be called differently? It will offend us, right? We love to be offended, as you know … Okay, let’s move on.I also wanted to talk about the Baltics. You know that a survey was conducted among Latvians and 37% of the inhabitants of this Baltic country want to shoot those who are considered guilty of the country’s troubles. This study was published by the head of the Center for Market and Public Opinion Research Arnis Kaktins. He is said to have shared the results of this poll on his Twitter. What is this survey talking about?

G. Bovt:

– That conspiracy sentiments are strong not only in our country, but also around it.

I. Pankin:

– But 37% is close to half. That’s really a lot.

G. Bovt:

– Listen, if we conduct a similar survey …

I. Pankin:

– But this is Europe – that’s what I mean!

G. Bovt:

– Well, listen, if we conduct a similar survey on a similar topic, we will have even more people who want some powerful investigations of some Masonic conspiracy.

I. Pankin:

– Do you know, we still argue – is Russia Europe or not?

G. Bovt:

– Why argue? Russia to the Urals is Europe. And Russia after the Urals is Asia.

I. Pankin:

– I’m not talking about geography. I remember that there were even videos that famous people said that for them Russia is Europe. And they explained why. That is, there is a certain precedent over which they argue whether Russia is Europe or not Europe.Here we are talking about mentality.

G. Bovt:

– There is a terrible thing in Russia. There are several civilizational cultural structures in Russia, one of which is European. And other structures are not European. There is a patriarchal way, there is an archaic way, there is an Asian way. Many different ways can be invented, but part of the population of Russia is quite a European people. This part constitutes a smaller part of the population of Russia.

I. Pankin:

– Well, in short, Russia is Europe – is it about mentality – or not?


– As a nation state, Russia is not Europe.

I. Pankin:

– Sadly. Ivan Pankin and Georgy Bovt, famous Russian journalist and political scientist were here and were satisfied.

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