Argan oil treatment review: Why I Can’t Quit the Moroccanoil Treatment: Review


Why I Can’t Quit the Moroccanoil Treatment: Review

The Moroccanoil Treatment is one of the few hair products that have been a constant in my life. I remember seeing it in almost every magazine back when it first launched. So when I came across the brown glass blue labeled bottle at my first beauty internship at a magazine, I was ecstatic to finally try it.

Since then, many hairstyles later, this treatment has stayed as one of my go-to frizz fighters. The combo of argan and flax seed oils help manage hair while strengthening and protecting it. And no matter what condition my hair is in, I can always count on it to smooth the driest of ends, especially like the kinds in my current desert-like bleached mop.

I use it before blow-drying, after for any extra smoothing I may need, and most mornings to manage my crazy bedhead. Depending on the length and health of your hair, I suggest starting with a dime-size amount, working it through the hair and concentrating on the ends prior to blow-drying. (Since my hair is so damaged, I use a bit more product than most find necessary.)

Comb your hair to make sure it’s spread out evenly before going in with a dryer. I find that detangling is easier and it helps speed up drying time, meaning less heat damage. If there’s still some frizz after styling, use another few drops to help smooth it out. It’s fast-absorbing and non-greasy; even when I feel like I used a little too much, my hair has never felt weighed down.

Besides the results, my favorite thing about this product is its warm, nutty smell. It makes me want to dump the whole bottle on my head — which I have as a pre-shampoo moisturizing treatment. I let it soak in overnight and wash out in the morning. If your hair is on the fine and healthier side, I might skip the overnight, though I have done it when my hair was lightly highlighted without it feeling weighed down. If you’re paranoid about looking greasy, stick to a small amount, applying it from the mid-length to the ends.

Why You Should Be Using Argan Oil in Your Hair

When I was 19 and starting to feel the fallout of chemically straightening my hair, the one thing that kept my strands from completely breaking off was argan oil. Between castor oil, jojoba oil, and all of the other oils we’re constantly drenching our hair in, most can agree that the most beneficial one for our strands is argan. Extracted from the core of the argan tree, this popular beauty elixir is a common addition to our hair regimens that’s brimming with benefits. We know it’s rich in antioxidants and vitamins, but what exactly does this do for our hair?

To find out exactly what it is about argan oil that makes it wildly beneficial for our precious locks, we tapped into two celebrity hairstylists Andrew Fitzsimons and Kevin Hughes. Below, they’re breaking down everything there is to know about this miracle oil and all of the things it can do (spoiler alert: there’s a lot).

Scroll down to learn all about argan oil hair benefits.

 Liz deSousa for Byrdie

What Is Argan Oil?

Derived from the kernels of the argan tree, argan oil can be used in the kitchen (as it typically is in Morocco, where its tree is native to) or for cosmetic reasons. The oil itself can be found in its pure form, and because of its slew of beauty benefits, it can be applied topically to the skin, nails, and hair to hydrate and nourish (more on that later). While it can be easy to treat argan oil like a miracle worker (because let’s face it, in some cases, it really is), it shouldn’t be used as the primary remedy for conditions of serious hair loss—in cases like these, it’s best to visit your doctor.

The Benefits of Argan Oil

Both Hughes and Fitzsimons agree that much of argan oil’s magic stems from its composition: It’s rich in vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants. If you’re looking to make hair softer and more manageable (aren’t we all?), this can be your go-to oil.

“Argan oil is an age-old beauty secret that has many uses, namely helping to hydrate and soften the hair,” says Hughes. “With its high content of antioxidants, essential fatty acids, and vitamin E, the benefits of argan oil naturally help to increase hair’s elasticity and consistently restore shine to dull, lifeless hair.”

Fitzsimons agrees with the power of argan oil, adding that the vitamin E it contains is crucial to the health of our hair, as its rich antioxidant properties help neutralize hair damage from free radicals and other elements. “Whether we realize it or not, we put our hair through a lot of damage with everyday pollution, chemical treatments, and hot tools,” he says. “Vitamin E—which argan oil is high in—helps keep your follicles free from damage all while helping to prevent splitting and breakage.”

What to Look For in an Argan Oil Product

Argan oil is lauded for being a haircare wonder, but how can you tell if you’ve landed a quality one? Looking at color, scent, and potency will help you identify real versus fake, quality versus refined.

  • Color: Authentic argan oil should be a golden yellow hue. If it’s too pale, it’s likely that it’s either been mixed with other oils or has been filtered (which won’t do much for your hair). Its texture should also be smooth, not watery.
  • Scent: While hand-pressed argan oil will have some differentiators when it comes to smell, pure argan oil will almost always have a nutty scent.
  • Potency: To reap the full benefits, use argan oil in its purest form (meaning, the product is labeled as being 100% argan oil). When it comes to using the oil in shampoos, conditioners, and other hairstyling products, you’ll know if argan is the star if it’s listed as one of the first ingredients on the label.

How to Use Argan Oil

Depending on what your needs are, there are a number of ways to experience the goodness argan oil provides.

Watch Now: How to Apply Argan Oil to your Hair

  • As a nourishing conditioner: “Argan oil is rich in nutrients and vitamins such as vitamins A, C, and E; antioxidants; linoleic acid; and omega-6 fatty acids. Because of this, it’s a great ingredient for conditioning. The combination of all these super-nourishing ingredients leaves the hair strands softer, shinier, more manageable, and frizz-free,” says Fitzsimons.
  • As a protective spray: “When working on clients, I have to really make sure that their hair is in peak condition, so I look for ingredients like silk proteins to make sure the hair is as protected as possible while I’m using hot tools,” he adds. “I like argan oil as an ingredient in heat protection products because it’s very nourishing and conditioning for the hair, and it provides great slip that makes styling easier.”

Argan oil can be used on areas other than hair. Prone to dry patches on your face, body, or cuticles? Applying a few drops of argan oil may provide all the hydration you need.

  • As a hydrating hair mask: “An argan oil hair mask is amazing particularly if you have damaged hair. The vitamin E in the oil helps smooth frayed hair shafts and seal split ends while the omega fatty acids work to strengthen your hair. Leave it on for 15 to 30 minutes to reap the oil’s full benefits,” says Fitzsimons.
  • As a shine-inducing hair oil: “High-quality oil-infused products are essential to maintaining shiny, healthy hair because hair oils are made to penetrate into your strands (as opposed to serums, which usually sit on the surface of the strands),” notes Hughes. Use this if your strands are seriously parched.
  • As an effective styling product: “Argan oil provides excellent shine to the strands and has major anti-frizz benefits,” says Fitzsimons. “For those with textured hair, it can be used to help define the curls.
  • As a relieving scalp treatment: “Because argan oil is rich in antioxidants, it’s an effective scalp treatment,” advises Fitzsimons. “It can help reduce the scalp inflammation that leads to dandruff, itchiness, and other scalp issues.” To note though, it’s important not to leave any kind of oil on the scalp for a prolonged period of time, as the potency might lead to scalp sensitivity and inflammation over time. 20-30 minutes is plenty of time to absorb the benefits.

Our Favorite Argan Oil Products

Ready to incorporate argan oil into your haircare routine? Here are our favorite argan oil hair products to add to your wish list.

Moroccanoil Dry Texture Spray $28


“I love Moroccanoil’s Dry Texture Spray because there are so many ways to use it,” says Hughes. “It’s a dry argan oil-infused texture spray that lets you create effortless, undone styles with long-lasting hold. I can use it as a finishing spray for styles with carefree, textured volume, or I can also use it as a prep spray to provide foundational grip for no-slip braids and updos.”

Creme of Nature Perfect Edges $5


“I’m obsessed with this edge cream,” says Fitzsimons. “It has an amazing hold for even the most stubborn edges, is totally flake-free, and the argan oil provides so many nourishing benefits to the hair, so I feel good about using it on my clients.”

Briogeo Farewell Frizz Smoothing Shampoo $24


This lush and creamy shampoo features a mix of argan, rose-hip, and coconut oil to not only repair damage, but also keep tresses hydrated and strong.

Nature Lab Tokyo Perfect Smooth Hair Oil $16


“I have a couple of clients who prefer when I use cruelty-free products, so I’ve been testing this new hair oil infused with argan stem cells (in addition to argan oil), which sounds so futuristic and cool,” says Fitzsimons. “This is a really great oil because it totally smooths out frizz and adds amazing shine.

Josie Maran 100% Pure Argan Oil $49


This 100% pure natural and organic argan oil doesn’t discriminate against skin type—anyone from the oiliest to the driest and even the most sensitive will find it healing. Best part? It’s multi-use and can be applied anywhere you’re lacking moisture.

OGX Renewing Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner $6


Made up of argan oil derived from the Mediterranean argan tree, this conditioner is chock full of strand-loving properties. Vitamin E and antioxidants are meant to smooth out hair while also giving it a protective barrier from future damage.

Creme of Nature Argan Oil Heat Defense Smooth & Shine Polisher $9


We do a number on our hair when we regularly rely on hot styling tools. To protect it from hot temps, use an argan-infused heat protectant spray on damp hair. If you want extra shine, spritz some post-styling.

Hask Argan Oil 5-in-1 Leave-In Spray $8


This multi-functional leave-in does it all: detangles, eliminates frizz, induces shine, promotes strong strands, and restores hydration.

Product Review: Argan Oil Treatment (4 oz.) by Agadir

Argan oil is known for its culinary and medical usage in Morocco and other African countries. For thousands of years, argan oil has been a beauty “industry” staple.

The oil contains Vitamin E, phenolic compounds, and unsaturated fatty acids.

Studies indicate that Argan oil makes an excellent moisturizer and treats a myriad of hair conditions such as dry and frizzled hair.

Argan Oil hair treatment hydrates, conditions, shines, and smooths hair. It can be used with heat-based appliances such as flat irons and blow dryers.

This product seems to repair and adds elasticity to fizzled and dry hair. It protects hair against chemical damage and heat.

The product claims to work almost instantly, and a 4-ounce bottle can last for three months depending on the specific usage.  We wanted to find out more about Agadir.

Formula & Ingredients

The leave-in hair treatment contains a blend of active and inactive ingredients. The argan oil extracts are one of the main and natural ingredients in the product.

The hair treatment has a unique formula that contains one of the world’s rarest oils, Argania Spinosa or Argan Oil. It is 100 percent certified organic and natural.

The leave-in treatment is instantly absorbed into the hair, it’s non-greasy, and it nourishes and strengthens the hair. It is alcohol free and has ingredients that moisturizes hair as well.

The active blend of ingredients helps to repair split ends, prevent color fading, and unwanted breakage. However, the product contains silicone elements that do not work well on fine and light textured hair and are some cause for alarm.

The specific ingredients in Agadir Argan Oil Hair Treatment include:

● Cyclopentasiloxane
● Cyxlpmethicone
● Dimethicone
● Argan Oil
● Phenyl Trimethicone
● Caprylyl Methicone
● Benzyl Benzoate
● Citronellol
● Coumarin
● Geraniol
● Hexyl Cinnmal
● Coumarin
● Alpha-Isomethyly Ionine
● Fragrance

Comparison to other hair treatments

Argan oil hair treatment contains 100 percent freshly pressed, high-grade argan oil.

Argan oil is well known to revitalize dry and frizzy hair among a host of other health benefits. Additionally, you can apply the treatment before or after washing the hair.

Use the treatment before shampooing, hair color application, blow drying, styling, or curling. Apply a few drops on your hair before swimming and to protect the hair against sun damage.

The argan hair oil offers incredible results compared to many of the chemical treatment options, despite its high price tag. Most of the industrial beauty products contain harmful chemicals such as plasticizers, carcinogenic substances, and toxins.

Studies reveal that 40 percent of products listed as “natural” were linked to toxic chemicals that can cause cancer. If you are keen on preserving your hair without exposing yourself to chemical dangers, Argan oil hair treatment works very well.

It only takes a few drops to create a huge change in your hair treatment routine.

The products are clinically and scientifically tested. There is a lot of documented information on the benefits of argan oil on the hair and skin. Also, the users’ testimonies provide ample evidence of the product’s general effectiveness.

Product/Brand Guarantee

Argan hair oil treatment is a product of Agadir International which is a reputable company with 50 years of experience in the hair and beauty industry.

The company deals with other hair care products such as spray treatments, shampoos, and styling tools.

The company has salons and wholesale distributors. Also, they sell their products through third-party sellers such as Amazon and other online retailers. The product is available on their website as well. 

The company and its other retailers and suppliers have a responsive customer care team. Clients can reach out to them via email, local and international calls, or live chat support any time of day or night. Our test message was returned quickly.

The manufacturer offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. However, the client pays for return shipping. The seller covers purchase price and original shipping cost.

Product Value & Pricing

Different sellers have different prices. However, the product ranges from $24- $39.

Despite the varying prices, the hair treatment tends to display the same reliable effectiveness. Compared to other hair treatment brands in the market, Argan oil hair treatment contains natural ingredients and works almost instantly.

Although it contains silicone, it does not contain harmful chemical elements such as plasticizers that affect the quality of hair. It is worth the high price tag, and very few products on the market match its effectiveness.

Product Effectiveness

Agadir Argan oil hair treatment is a 100 percent certified and pure argan oil product intended for hair treatment.

The product claims to soften tresses, encourage hair growth, and reduce drying time for wet hair.

It is a leave-in moisturizer with various application techniques and is best used for the treatment of strands and not a mane/scalp treatment.

The majority of Agadir Argan oil treatment users loved the results, even those with coarse hair.

The hair of the users showed improved texture and shine for those who used the product consistently.

However, some customers used the product as a conditioner instead of a leave-in treatment. All in all, they seemed to be happy with the results.

Sadly, other people felt cheated with the addition of silicone in the product. Silicone does not work well for women with fine and light colored locks.

However, those with dark and coarse hair types reported in the product’s favor when reviewing effectiveness. For best results, use the product as recommended.

Customer Satisfaction

Based on the users’ reviews, Argan oil treatment is a life saver. According to users, the product works best on wet and dark coarse hair.

When used as a conditioner, it detangles the hair making it easy to comb. Unlike other Argan oil or different hair treatment options, this particular argan hair makes the hair stronger, shinier, and softer.

Some of the users loved the fragrance of the oil as well. They liked this product.

Some women felt the perfume was too strong and the product was too expensive.

Others distrusted the claims that the product was entirely 100 percent natural.

The majority of the product users would re-purchase the product in the future.

Some have used the leave-in treatment for as long as five years. However, others found the product effective but said they’d rather buy an alternative hair oil treatment option because of issues such as the fragrance and/or price.

Final Thoughts

The leave-in treatment has a blend of ingredients that works magic on the hair and contains no alcohol. Despite its high price, few other products matched the effectiveness. It is a product most hairdressers and experts would recommend.

However, the product is not ideal for people with fine and light hair. Silicone causes the hair to become oily and wears it down.

Silicone is known to cause heavy and waxy build up. Dark and coarse hair will not suffer that fate.

Use the product consistently and as directed for the best results.

Superdrug Argan Hair Therapy Heat Protection Oil Treatment Review

Overall score: 82/100

Tested September 2018

This Superdrug hair oil contains a unique blend of argan, Kalahari melon oil and Tahitian Monoi coconut oil to give the hair a smooth feel with a luminous finish. The oil is specially formulated with a UV filter to protect the hair from heat damage and environmental stress and also increase colour vibrancy. The formulation is a non-greasy formula that claims to leave hair looking healthier after just one application. The product is packaged in a compact 50ml deep orange bottle with a red pump dispenser and transparent red cap. It’s a perfect size for travel and its added UV filters makes it a holiday must-have. The formulation has a fruity coconut scent with sweet berry notes.

Available from:

Price when tested: £4.99

GHI Expert Verdict

Testers loved how lightweight the oil was, with over 85% of them agreeing that their hair did not feel weighed down. The scent didn’t linger after the hair was styled allowing testers to layer their other fragranced products. Over 85% of testers found the oil made their hair feel smoother and also noted that this effect lasted for a few days after applying. It helped reduce the tangles in some testers’ hair and also held the style when used with styling appliances. Some even noticed that the drying time was reduced when the oil was used!


  • Ease of use: 5/5
  • Design: 5/5
  • Instructions: 5/5
  • Performance: 4/5

    We Liked

    • Left hair feeling silky
    • Hands were not left greasy
    • Hair was controlled

      We Didn’t Like

      • May be more suitable for those with straight hair
      • Those that dislike coconut fragrances may find the scent a little strong
      • Testers with light blonde hair may find the yellow coloured formulation a little dark

        All product information provided by the manufacturer is correct at time of publication.

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          BaByliss Pro Argan Oil Treatment 3 oz

          BaByliss Pro Argan Oil Treatment 3.4 oz
          This amazing oil is one of the rarest oils in the world. Argan Moroccan Oil is a “stand-alone” product that provides a multitude of benefits. It is the perfect product for styling, finishing, smoothing, and conditioning hair.

          We are excited to introduce this extraordinary Argan Oil Treatment for your hair. This alcohol-free, non-greasy formula provides instant shine to hair, resulting in tresses that are silky smooth, very manageable and healthy-looking.


          • Derived from the Moroccan Argan tree
          • Rich in essential fatty acids, Omega 6 and Vitamin E
          • Alcohol-free
          • Non-greasy, light texture
          • Absorbs instantly into hair
          • Only a small amount is needed to consistently obtain optimal results
          • Use on towel-dried or dry hair
          • Use on natural hair, wigs, or extensions
          • Can be applied in coloring/chemical processes (coloring, highlighting, straightening, or relaxing)
          • Will not stain blonde hair
          • Ideal for all hair types
          • Pleasant scent

          Directions for Use

          Apply a small amount to wet or dry hair.


          Dimethlcone, Cyclopentasiloxane, Dimethiconol, C12-15 Alkyl Benzoate, Fragrance (parfum), Argania Spinosa, Kernel Oil, Yellow 11, (CI 47000), Red, 17, (CI 26100).

          What is Argan Oil? What makes Argan Moroccan Oil such a treasured commodity?

          Argan oil is produced from the fruit of the Moroccan argan tree (argania spinosa), which grows only in the southwestern part of the country in an area covering 700,000 to 800,000 hectares. Within the area, there are approximately 21 million trees.

          The argan tree lives as long as 200 years, and it reaches heights of 8 to 10 meters. Perfectly suited to region’s harsh environment, its roots reach deep into the soil to withstand intense heat, drought and poor soil conditions.

          The Argan tree’s fruit has a green, fleshy exterior similar to a large olive. The fruit’s hard pit, or nut, houses as many as three almond-shaped kernels. Argan oil is derived from these kernels – a lengthy and labor-intensive process. Although mechanical practices have been put in place to simplify production, the most consuming part of the process, cracking the nuts to remove the kernels, is still done manually.

          Instanatrual Argan Oil Hair Treatment & Elixir Review

          Thanks for sharing!

          Disclosure: I received this product as part of an advertorial.

          Argan Oil is an example of something that I didn’t know that I needed (or even existed) until I tried it. 

          Now I’m not sure how I’ve lived without it my whole life! 



          It’s common knowledge that heat is bad for hair. Keeping blowing dryers, straighteners, and curling irons to a minimum can help your hair stay healthy. If your hair is dry from heat damage, over-processed, or unhealthy from using certain hair-care products, etc… this Argan Oil can help reverse some of that damage. It can be used as a leave in conditioner, overnight hair treatment, or heat protectant.

          The Intstanatural Argan Oil is made from a blend of Argan Oil, Olive Oil, Coconut Oil, Jojoba oil, Shea Butter, Sunflower Oil, & Grapeseed Oil. It reduces damage and dryness on hair and scalp, removes frizz, adds instant shine and softness. It can also be a treatment for weak, limp, and lifeless hair.

          When I first applied the Argan Oil to my hair I was pretty suspicious. I have really long hair, and it is naturally oily. I have to wash my hair every single day or it looks pretty gross. So when I applied the Argan Oil it made my hair look like it hadn’t been washed in weeks. It was way oily!! The bottle says you can apply the oil for 10 minutes, a couple of hours, or even overnight. So I choose to try the overnight method first. I was thankful that I had applied it right before bed and not before I was leaving to go somewhere.

          The next morning I showered and washed all the oil out of my hair, then let my hair air dry.

          I was so impressed with the results after only one use! 

          My hair looked much healthier, shinier, and softer! 

          I used it three nights in a row and the results were amazing! 

          I tried this at just the right time. I was thinking to myself that it was almost time for me to get another hair cut, because my ends were starting to split and they were looking a little unhealthy.

          Now, I use it several times a week to keep my hair looking amazing and super healthy. 

          My hair isn’t ‘dry’ or ‘frizzy,’ so I can only imagine the results for people that have these issues. 

          While the Argan Oil was in my hair, my hair looked pretty messy and oily (duh, I put oil in it!), so I would never use this while styling my hair.  I will only use this overnight and will always wash it out before styling. Although, someone with dryer hair might be able to use it for styling purposes.

          My hair is pretty low maintenance and I don’t use any hair products beside hair spray and occasionally moose when I’m up to curling my hair (about 3 times a year…maybe). I am definitely adding Argan Oil to my hair supplies! It will (and already has) extended my time between hair cuts–which is actually going to save me money!!!

          My Mom also tried this product and she totally agrees with my conclusions.  She said that this product really makes her hair look great and recently someone asked her what she was doing to her hair because it looked so silky, shiny and healthy!

          If you would like purchase Argan Oil for yourself you can find it on Amazon here: Instanatural Argan Oil


          I received one or more of the products mentioned above for free using Tomoson. com. Regardless, I only recommend products or services I use personally and believe will be good for my readers.

          Thanks for sharing!


          Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment Review

          Moroccan Oil Hair Treatment

          Hi everyone,

          My love for Makeup made me a makeup junkie and slowly I am graduating to become a hair and skin care junkie. 🙂 This treatment was suggested by my hair dresser when I got rebonding done for the fourth time on my poor hair but I was not totally convinced to buy it on that particular day. I thought it’s his job to recommend products and on the contrary I had some other range of hair care products in mind. Some days went by and one day I was reading a particular magazine that I really enjoy. I came across an article on this product and how it has become a rage among “hair lovers”. So, i went all the way to my saloon specially to pick this beauty!!

          What the company claims about the product

          Moroccanoil® Treatment’s versatile, nourishing and residue-free formula can be used as a conditioning, styling and finishing tool. It blends perfectly with other products and even speeds up drying time. This treatment for hair completely transforms and repairs as its formula transports lost proteins for strength; fatty acids, omega-3 oils and vitamins for shine; and antioxidants for protection. It absorbs instantly to fill gaps in hair created by heat, styling and environmental damage.

          cyclopentasiloxane, dimethicone, cyclomethicone, butylphenyl methylpropional, argania spinoza kernel oil, linseed extract, fragrance supplement, D&C Yellow-11, D&C Red-17, coumarin, benzyl benzoate and alpha-isomethyl ionone.

          INR 2160 for 100ml

          My experience with the product
          I was discovered this product very late but I am glad I did. I have damaged my hair in a lot of ways , rebonding has become a necessity for me and I love little highlights here and there too. I have been using this product for three months now and still a lot is left because a little goes a long way. Whether I style my hair straight or curly this helps ease out the frizz and gives my hair a healthy shine, which means a lot to me because they have become a bit dry with all the chemical treatment. I mainly apply this oil on the ends of my hair as this is a thick oil and my hair feels greasy if I overdo it, for my shoulder length hair maximum two pumps are enough. There is no funny smell and the pump on the bottle is nice.

          But, ladies here is the catch.. I did a little research and came to know that ”Argan oil” is listed after many other ingredients in the product which are chemicals and bad for hair. There is no ingredient list on the bottle and I remember neither they were mentioned on the carton. I found the ingredient list online while writing this review.

          So, If you all are aiming for natural hair care like me and want to reap the benefits of Argan oil than you can put your hands on 100% Argan oil which I believe will be more beneficial for hair in the long run. This oil can give instant results but then the chemicals in this product are a complete turn off for me!!


          • Gives hair a healthy sheen immediately
          • Gets absorbed quickly
          • Good for color treated hair also
          • Can be applied on dry or wet hair
          • Rich in anti-oxidants
          • No funny smell


          • Loaded with chemicals
          • Regular serum
          • Over hyped product
          • If gone overboard can make hair greasy

          IMBB Rating : 3/5

          Will I repurchase the product
          The product is as good as a good quality serum ..I think I will buy 100% pure Argan oil next time to treat my hair with a power dose of anti-oxidants 🙂 !!!

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          90,000 what is useful and how to use

          Everyone knows that natural oils are most useful for hair. And the champion is argan oil. It heals the hair structure, accelerates hair growth, helps get rid of dandruff and more. Below is everything you need to know about this miracle cure.

          Why argan oil is useful for hair

          • Argan oil is very beneficial for hair and nails due to its balanced content of nutrients.Argan oil helps to strengthen hair, stimulates hair growth, “sticks” split ends and gives shine to curls.
          • Oil consists of 80% unsaturated fatty acids, among which are indispensable helpers of female beauty: linoleic, palminic and oleic acids. The phytosterols contained in the product are almost entirely composed of alpha-tocopherol, a vitamin that protects hair from oxidative processes and supports its main protective functions.
          • Shottenol and alpha-spinasterol in oil stimulate cell regeneration, which makes the product widely used to accelerate hair growth and treat dandruff.In addition, the product contains triglycerols, which are important for the restoration of lipid metabolism.

          How to use argan oil for hair

          Argan oil can be used for hair treatment in its pure form. True, it is better to apply it only on the ends, otherwise the hair will quickly become greasy. However, if you want to make a hair mask from pure argan oil, then it must be heated to room temperature and only then distributed over the entire length of the hair.At home, you can make other hair masks with argan oil.

          READ ALSO: Hair injections: what they are for and how the procedure is performed

          Mask for the growth and strengthening of any hair type

          Mix equal parts argan oil and burdock oil. Warm the mixture to room temperature and distribute through the hair, rub well into the scalp. Cover your hair with plastic and a warm towel. Soak the mask for at least an hour and rinse well with shampoo.To make your hair grow faster, do this mask 2 times a week for 2 months.

          Mask for damaged hair

          Mix 1 tsp. argan oil, one egg yolk, 2 tsp. olive oil, 5 drops of sage essential oil and 10 drops of lavender essential oil. Warm the mixture a little to room temperature and massage into the scalp and hair. Soak for 30 minutes and wash off with warm water and shampoo.

          How to choose argan oil

          • Argan oil is squeezed from the seeds of argan trees, which grow only in Morocco.And since the export of the seeds of this tree is prohibited by law, real oil is produced only domestically. All bottles with the product must be marked with the country of origin.
          • Real argan oil is quite expensive, so all products based on it simply cannot cost less than 200 UAH, especially the oil itself. It is important to pay attention to the bottle in which the oil is placed – the filling agent should be kept in dark blue or brown glass bottles.
          • You also need to pay attention to the color of the oils. Sunshine oils look attractive, but they are fake. Real argan oil has a rich amber hue. Its consistency is also quite thick, it should not be as runny as other natural olias.

          We have selected the best hair products with argan oil.

          Hair serum with argan oil ING Professional Treat-ING Crystal (202 UAH)

          Oil-spray against dryness with argan oil KayPro Special Care Antifrizz Spray Oil (283 UAH)

          Argan oil for hair Cosmofarma JoniLine Classic Argan Nutri Oil (437 UAH)

          Argan oil for hair Lakme K.Therapy Bio Argan Oil (714 UAH)

          Argan oil against split ends Inebrya Ice Cream Pro Age Treatment Argan Oil (335 UAH)

          90,000 uses, properties, popularity of argan oil – House of Nature

          Argan Oil is an organic product extracted from the kernels of the argan tree, which is native to Morocco and known as the Tree of Life.

          Argan oil for face – an irreplaceable component in cosmetics for aging skin.It is renowned for its anti-aging and anti-inflammatory properties. The natural composition of argan contains many useful substances that are aimed at solving skin problems

          In Morocco, the only place where the Argan tree is found naturally, the amazing healing properties of the oil have been revered for centuries. In the southern regions of the country, pure Argan oil is used in everything from soothing redness to the treatment of rheumatism.

          • Protects, heals skin infections,
          • Removes acne,
          • Removes eczema,
          • Rapid recovery from chickenpox,
          • Heals cracks, burns.


          • Fragrance – Has a nutty smell that actually disappears within seconds after contact with hair or skin.
          • Texture – Non-greasy, smooth, slightly dense. Light in weight, quickly absorbed by the skin.
          • Color – Has a pale golden hue, and the one used for culinary purposes is deep gold.


          • Tocopherols
          • Squalene
          • Carotenes
          • Sterols
          • Phenolic antioxidants


          There are two varieties of Argan oil: culinary and cosmetic.The culinary version looks like cold-pressed sesame oil, exceptionally good for the internal organs. The cosmetic grade offers outstanding benefits for the largest organ in the body – the skin.

          Pure Argan Oil, used internally, has been shown to fight cancer, cardiovascular disease and inflammatory disorders. When applied externally, it heals everything from scars to infections to ligament ruptures to stretch marks.

          Superior Superfood

          Dr. Philip Steig, Ph.D., MD, professor and chair of the Department of Neurological Surgery at Weill Cornell Medical College and Neurosurgery at New York Presbyterian Hospital, said experts are identifying the benefits of Argan oil as the newest Super Food.

          “Typically, about 30% of your diet should come from fat,” Stig said, “no more than 1⁄4 of saturated fat such as meat and butter.” The rest should be from healthier, mono- and polyunsaturated fats.

          Identified sources of these healthy fats include:
          • Nuts
          • Fish
          • Sesame, sunflower, olive oil

          The Moroccan product outperforms each of these other food sources.

          It contains healthier omega-3s than olive oil, more vitamin E than sweet almond oil, and many antioxidants to fight cancer


          • Lowering cholesterol levels,
          • Improved blood circulation,
          • Stabilize blood sugar,
          • Mild pain in rheumatism and arthritis,
          • Strengthening the body’s immune system,
          • Prevention of various types of cancer,
          • Decrease the body’s resistance to insulin, aid in the treatment of diabetes,
          • Protection of the body against cardiovascular and inflammatory diseases.

          Besides, the butter is delicious. In Morocco, it is eaten with bread, couscous, salads, etc.


          1. For deep hair conditioning – Simply apply a few drops to washed hair and comb through it. Leave it on for as long as you want for deep conditioning. Wash with a mild shampoo for soft, shiny hair.

          2. To eliminate stretch marks – Add 3 drops of argan to the palm of your hand and apply to the affected area and massage gently in a circular motion.Use it regularly to relieve stretch marks and soften the affected area.

          3. For Skin Moisturization – Apply 3 to 4 drops to face and neck. Massage using your fingertips in a circular upward motion. Do this twice a day.

          4. For nails – Add 1 tsp. argan in a small bowl. Wipe down your cuticles and nails. Do this once daily, preferably before bed, to get healthy and strong nails.

          Cosmetic properties

          For skin, hair and nails:

          • Dry Skin: nourishes and moisturizes dry, scaly, flaky skin and protects against infection.
          • Oily Skin: regulates sebum production to keep the skin’s natural oils at healthy levels.
          • Irritated / Itchy dermis: Protects the skin from allergens that can cause itching.
          • Acne: controls the overproduction of acne sebum and soothes the inflammation caused by acne; Also prevents ugly scars
          • Aging: stimulates epidermal cell renewal and increases elasticity while smoothing wrinkles and lines.
          • Sun protection: Rich in antioxidants that protect cells from ultraviolet radiation.
          • Hair: Improves the condition of damaged hair. Moisturizes, prevents split ends while restoring shine.
          • Increases hair growth and helps control, treat and prevent dry and itchy scalp.
          • Scalp: A few drops will help prevent dandruff.Keeps hair roots hydrated, protected.
          • Nails makes strong, healthy. Restores natural shine, easily solving the problem of brittle nails.

          For hair

          It gives a healthy shine to hair, and restores hair, makes it stronger.

          It is used in the treatment of dandruff or scalp eczema.

          Makes dry hair elastic, smooth and shiny.
          The easiest recipe is to take two tablespoons of argan oil, mix with egg yolk and apply the mask for 20 minutes.Rinse off with warm water.

          It becomes a very useful addition to almost any natural mask.

          • Care products based on it have a general strengthening, regenerating and nourishing effect.
          Name Description
          For hair growth

          Mix burdock and argan oil in equal parts.Distribute the mixture through the hair and rub well into the skin. Keep warm for at least an hour and rinse well with shampoo.

          For dry and damaged hair

          Mix one egg yolk, a teaspoon of argan, 2 teaspoons of olive, 5 drops of sage essential oil and 10 drops of lavender essential oil. The mixture is slightly heated in a water bath, applied to the skin and hair with massage movements, and kept for up to 30 minutes.Wash off with warm water. After the mask, for the best effect, rinse your hair with Rose water.

          For strengthening hair

          Spread a small amount of argan oil over the palms and rub it into the scalp using gentle massaging movements.

          Cover the head with a plastic bag, wrap it on top with a towel. Withstand such a mask for 1 hour, wash off with shampoo. Such a mask should be done 1-2 times a week for a month.

          For medicinal and prophylactic purposes, natural argan oil is used 1-3 times a week for 1-2 months.

          For healthy and shiny hair

          Lubricate palms with oil, apply along the entire length to clean hair. Leave it on for 15-20 minutes, then rinse thoroughly with warm water.

          For nails

          Take some oil, mix it with lemon juice and rub this mixture into your nails before bed.They will become hard, strong and beautiful, and you will forget about their fragility.

          • Suitable for daily care of nails, hands, is a part of creams, emulsions.
          • It is used for moisturizing baths from equal parts of Argan, hazelnut, chamomile.
          • It is used to strengthen brittle, exfoliating nails: a mixture of equal parts of Argan and lemon juice is rubbed into the cuticles, nail plates, and left overnight.

          The procedure strengthens nails, gives them shine.


          Restores skin elasticity, strengthens weakened skin tissue. The body is tightened, looks smoother. In combination with other ingredients (extracts and essential oils), it is used to combat cellulite and stretch marks.

          Name Description
          Skin inflammation

          The triterpenoids found naturally in argan oil provide amazing skin health benefits including treating mild acne and healing acne-related scars.Reduces sebum levels in people with oily skin, improving appearance.

          High content of linoleic acid helps to reduce inflammation caused by acne by helping to heal damaged skin cells.

          Fight against dermatitis

          Effective in reducing rashes and itching, it can minimize outbreaks of dermatitis such as eczema by moisturizing the skin.

          For Arthritis and rheumatic conditions

          The oil is considered very useful for arthritic or rheumatic conditions.The high linoleic acid content increases the production of prostaglandins, which are also known to help in rheumatological conditions.

          To relieve muscle and joint pain, massage a few drops of pure Argan oil into the skin on the affected area.

          Prevents stretch marks

          It can be used to prevent pregnancy stretch marks, rapid hip growth or rapid weight gain by softening and firming the skin.It works by helping to improve the elasticity of the skin and keeping it hydrated, making stretch marks less likely. Apply it by warming a few drops in the palm of your hand and rubbing it gently on areas such as the thighs and abdomen where they are likely to develop.

          Argan oil cosmetics: Roster
          Name Result

          Conditioner hair mask with argan oil, rose water 250 ml.- Bulfresh, Bulgaria

          Conditioner hair mask with argan oil, rose water – Bulfresh Cosmetics, Restores the level of hydration without making the hair heavy.

          The high content of essential fatty acids helps to restore the natural strength and shine of the hair.

          Bedouin Oil Blend for Damaged Hair Repair 12 in 1 – Adarisa, Kuwait

          Its rich composition includes the best oriental oils of the highest quality obtained by the first cold pressing.

          They level and smooth hair for a well-groomed look.

          Day cream with argan oil, D panthenol, 50 ml. – Bulfresh, Bulgaria

          Possesses incredible abilities. The use of healthy products of natural origin at the heart of this delicate day cream with soothing and protective properties.

          Cream with 100% pure Bulgarian rose oil, pure Bulgarian Damascus rose hydrolat gives instant results.

          Anti-wrinkle cosmetic oil for the face, 60 ml. – Nefertiti Egypt

          As a result of regular use, the skin regains its characteristics. Fine lines around the eyes are smoothed out and deep lines are less visible.The skin becomes soft and velvety. A healthy complexion. Vitamins, which are part of the oil from fine wrinkles, restore the processes of cell metabolism and blood circulation.

          Olive Oil of Greece regenerating hair balm 300 ml. – Bio Fresh, Bulgaria

          Formula for intensive care of hair, both in depth and along its entire length.Thanks to its antistatic effect, the balm makes it easier to comb, style the hair without weighing it down, giving it perfect smoothness. elasticity.

          Argan oil for hair: benefits, reviews about the application

          You will not find any hair and skin care products better than natural argan oil. This is the rarest and most healing remedy in the world, it is especially popular in the country of its origin – in Morocco.It can be used to treat split and loose curls, as well as brittle colored or dry ones, as its regenerating nourishing formula helps breathe new life into tired curls.

          The composition and benefits of argan oil

          Argan oil is rich in useful acids and vitamins. For example:

          • Vitamins F and A relieve dryness of the scalp, normalizing cell regeneration. This is the prevention of dandruff and split ends.
          • Vitamin E , present in argan oil, is essential for hair in summer, as it protects it from aggressive sunlight. It also slows down the processes that lead to the appearance of gray hair.

          In addition to vitamins, argan oil contains polyphenols and sterols . The former are antioxidants that help preserve the color and structure of the hair (especially important for dyed hair). The second, that is, sterols, slow down the processes leading to the formation of gray hair

          Argan oil also contains acids: palmitic and oleic.They slow down the aging process, which is why the product is so beneficial for the skin of the face, hands and body in general.

          Due to its rich chemical composition, argan oil helps to cope with various problems of the scalp and hair. It:

          • nourishes the scalp, reducing hair loss;
          • helps to cope with the problem of split ends;
          • nourishes hair and makes it shiny and silky.

          Argan oil can be used on any part of the body, not just to heal and revitalize hair. For example, its beneficial properties have a positive effect on the condition of the skin. Does argan oil help restore skin? reduces inflammation? helps to get rid of scars. Also, argan oil helps to slow down aging and get rid of the already appeared small wrinkles on the face and neck.

          How to use argan oil for hair?

          Argan oil has a lot of useful properties, therefore it has a positive effect when used for hands, face and body. However, the maximum benefits of argan oil are seen when applied to hair.

          Argan oil for hair can be applied:

          • Pure. Apply to damp hair to length, or to dry ends;
          • As part of homemade masks: recipes contain additional ingredients, such as an egg, aloe honey juice, etc.;
          • As part of cosmetics. There are many masks, balms, hair shampoos with argan oil in the composition;
          • As an additional component in a cosmetic mask. Argan oil can be added to a store-bought hair mask (a couple of drops) if it is not included in the product.

          Argan Oil for Hair Strengthening

          Mask with argan oil for hair growth may contain additional components, it can also be used in its pure form.

          Pure Argan Oil Application:

          • 2-3 times a week, apply it neat to the hair roots with massaging movements;
          • After that, wrap the head with cling film or a plastic bag and a towel;
          • Mask holding time – 20-30 minutes;
          • Then wash off with shampoo.

          Hair growth mask with argan oil and additional ingredients:

          • Mix 1 st. l. argan oil, burdock, castor oil;
          • Heat the composition in a water bath to 30 degrees;
          • Apply a mixture of oils to the hair roots and distribute along the length with a comb;
          • Wrap hair with a bag and towel;
          • Wash off the mask after 50-60 minutes.

          Argan Oil Hair Growth Mask

          In order to accelerate growth and finally regrow very long hair, it is important to double the care for them, since slower growth is usually associated with improper or insufficient care.

          Vitamin mask for hair growth:

          • Mix 1 tsp each. argan oil and castor oil;
          • Add 1 tsp each. lemon juice and liquid honey;
          • Then – 10 drops of Vitamin A;
          • Mix all the ingredients and apply the composition to damp hair;
          • Dry your hair with a hairdryer without rinsing off the mask for growth;
          • Wash your hair one and a half to two hours after that.

          Mask for oily hair

          Many people mistakenly believe that for oily hair, the use of any homemade masks with argan oil, olive oil, burdock, etc.are contraindicated as the problem will only get worse.

          In fact, there are special recipes for masks for oily hair containing argan oil. They help to normalize skin secretions and improve the condition of the hair and scalp.


          • Mix 1 tsp each. argan, grape, cedar oils;
          • Apply to hair and massage into scalp;
          • To sleep in 20-30 minutes;
          • Repeat the procedure 1-3 times a week.

          Firming Mask with Egg and Argan Oil

          To strengthen hair roots and reduce hair loss, you can periodically apply a firming mask at home.


          • Mix 1 tsp each. argan and burdock oils;
          • Whisk 1 egg yolk;
          • Add the mixture of oils to the bowl with the yolk and stir the ingredients;
          • Apply the composition to hair for 15-20 minutes;
          • Wash off with warm water and shampoo.

          How to Apply Argan Oil for Split Ends?

          It is impossible to cure split ends, but you can mask them and somehow improve the situation. Argan oil is suitable for these purposes. It can be applied to damp hair before blow-drying or used after styling to soften and solder split ends. In this case, apply a small amount of oil to your fingers and distribute it from the middle of the hair to the ends.

          Cosmetic products containing argan oil: Top 5

          The most famous brands that use argan in their products are: Loreal, Estelle, Garnier, Avon, Oriflame, Rive Gauche, Yves Rocher, Londa, Pantin, Planet Organic and others.Among the most popular organ oil products are the following:

          • Londa “Velvet oil” – gives shine and restores structure;
          • Gosh Argan Oil Moroccan Hair Oil – smoothes the surface of the curl and makes it soft;
          • With Keraplastic Hydro hyaluronic acid – hydration, shine, thickness, sun protection.

          “Maroccan Argan Oil”

          Hair Care Line from Advance Techniques “Maroccan Argan Oil” is perfect for hair restoration.It includes shampoo, balm and leave-in serum. It will provide good protection, give lost health to curls. One drop is enough to treat all split ends.

          The product is inexpensive, for such a price the effect is simply surprising. The main thing in the process of use is to observe the correct application. Its action lasts about 8 hours after application.

          “Constant Delight”

          Serum “Constant Delight” is specially designed for repair and treatment of split ends in colored hair, as they are more fragile and damaged.Intensive nutrition, protection from external factors and a dazzling shine are provided.

          The manufacturer of this product is Italy. Apply the serum in the same way as indicated in the enclosed brochure.

          “Merging with nature” – balm from PantenePro-V

          Balsam-conditioner with argan oil “Merging with nature” PantenePro-V will be a real salvation for any type of hair. Such a product provides comprehensive care, but only with the combined use of shampoo, balm, mask and serum.The substances contained in it have a very beneficial effect on both the scalp and its curls.

          Serum “Kapous”

          Serum from the Russian company Kapus, which has not ceased to delight customers with its new products since 2001, has truly amazing properties. This line contains not only balms and serums, but all kinds of hair care products, even special dyes. Use Argan Oil only after washing your hair.

          “Makeover” by Garnier Fructis

          The popular manufacturer of hair care products Garnier Fructis also presented a series for hair based on argan oil – “Transformation”. Elixir from this line of cosmetic products is suitable for all types (dry, brittle, oily, split ends).

          It provides nourishment, protection, restoration, volume and hydration to hair. This spray is simply irreplaceable in your cosmetic bag!

          Reviews of argan oil: before and after photos

          Like any cosmetic product, argan oil has received many reviews from girls, women and even men.It is noteworthy that the feedback on the results after using argan oil is overwhelmingly positive. Its effectiveness and properties did not leave anyone indifferent.

          Anna, 34 years old:

          Very split ends of the hair after the age of 30. I have tried everything to combat this problem: expensive masks, special serums, balms and emulsions. However, the most effective and effective remedy was argan oil.It is great for both face and hair. After daily use, I completely forgot about the dryness of the strands, and it also turned out to restore the hair structure. I am proud of shiny, beautiful and healthy hair again!

          Christina, 18 years old:

          I am a student. I was very nervous about the upcoming exams, so my hair was falling out a lot. I tried to drink vitamins, but I needed a faster and more noticeable result, so I bought pure argan oil.The tool helped a lot! I rubbed it into the roots, applied it to the ends of the hair, even made special homemade masks with it – the result was not long in coming. Now the hair is smooth, shiny, no longer falls out and is pleasing to the eye!

          Irina, 26 years old:

          I was always proud of long and thick hair, but recently due to constant stress at work, hair has become brittle, dull and dry. The strands practically hung in a lifeless mass and fluffed strongly.As a result, I decided to try a new remedy, which was advised by a friend. I bought the pure argan oil from the pharmacy and applied it to the hair on the same day. The effect was weak, but I didn’t give up. After four days, the result showed itself and it is truly a miracle! The hairs straightened, became obedient, smooth, even a slight lamination effect was observed. I have been using argan oil for several months now, and I also bought a mask and balm with its addition. I am very happy!

          Inna, 28 years old:

          I never thought about using additional hair care products, except for shampoo and regular balm, which I took in the kit.On the recommendation of a friend, I decided to experiment and bought a mask with argan oil. How I regretted that I had not done this earlier! The hair has become more voluminous, does not get greasy as quickly as before, the ends practically do not split. Now I intend to purchase the entire line of argan oil products and get serious about hair restoration!

          When preparing the material, the consultation was conducted by:

          Andrey Krupitsyn (trichologist). Certified Trichologist.Deals with the diagnosis and treatment of all types of hair loss and changes in the structure of the hair shaft. Also provides treatment for skin diseases.

          Popular questions on this topic:

          ✅ How to use argan oil for hair?

          Pure Argan Oil can be applied to the ends after styling to “mask” split hairs.

          Argan oil can also be used to strengthen and grow hair.In this case, it is better to mix it in equal proportions with burdock and almond and apply it to the hair. Wash off after 20-30 minutes.

          ✅ How to properly use argan oil for hair?

          It is best to apply argan oil to the hair roots with massaging movements and do not rinse for 20-30 minutes. It is recommended to wrap your head with cling film and a towel to enhance the effect.

          This procedure will help:

          • improve the condition of the scalp and hair;
          • get rid of the problem of split ends;
          • restore hair structure;
          • to strengthen them and accelerate growth.
          ✅ How to Apply Argan Oil to Hair

          If you are making a mask with argan oil, it is applied to the roots and then spread along the length with a fine-toothed plastic comb.

          If you use argan oil on dry, washed hair, apply it from the middle to the ends to avoid creating the illusion of oily hair.

          ✅ Why is argan oil useful for hair?

          Argan oil has a number of beneficial effects on the hair and scalp:

          • adds shine and silkiness;
          • slows down the formation of gray hair;
          • relieves dandruff;
          • eliminates split ends;
          • strengthens the structure;
          • promotes rapid growth.

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          Organic Argan Oil Product Overview

          Manufacturer’s description

          Natural organic argan oil sourced from Morocco. It contains 35% linoleic acid, which is an excellent building material for skin cells.This acid cannot be synthesized by the human body; its reserves must be constantly replenished from the outside. Linoleic acid produces a pronounced antioxidant effect, therefore argan oil is indispensable in the fight against skin aging. In addition, argan oil contains rare sterols that are not found in any other oil, they have a pronounced anti-inflammatory effect. Argan oil has a high content of vitamins E and F, thanks to which it has a regenerating and tonic effect.It nourishes and refreshes aging skin well, increases its elasticity, firmness and prevents its further aging. Argan oil is a powerful antioxidant and is called the “liquid gold of Morocco”. Organic argan oil can be used at night for intense hydration and healing, or as a makeup base in the morning. It is very easily absorbed and leaves no greasy residue, and can also be used to care for the sensitive eye area. Before use, you must cleanse your face with a special product suitable for your skin type.Then rub your face with toner or rinse with cold water. Using your fingertips, gently apply a few drops of argan oil to your skin. Massage your face to help the oil absorb well and penetrate deep into the skin. For body care, simply apply argan oil to your skin after a bath or shower. For nail and cuticle care, lubricate your hands with a mixture of argan oil and lemon juice. Such a composition will not only soften the cuticles and strengthen the nails, but also give them a healthy shine.For hair care, you can make a hair mask with pure argan oil.


          Ingredients: 100% Organic Argania Spinosa Kernel Oil


          Liquid transparent oil, light consistency. It has a weak, barely pronounced nutty aroma. Enclosed in a dark glass vial with a convenient pipette.It can be used to dispense the oil drop by drop and apply it to the skin.

          Experience –


          I use argan oil for both my face and hair. I don’t have wrinkles yet, but I use it as a preventive measure, because mimic wrinkles appear very early. The oil is wonderful because it does not leave a greasy sheen on the face at all. I use it instead of my regular cream. I smear it all over my face, especially the nasolabial triangle and the delicate skin of the eyelids.The oil is absorbed very quickly, and the skin becomes very smooth and soft, it just shines with health! This is an amazing feeling. I am delighted with argan! Argan oil is also very beneficial for hair. It not only nourishes them, making them strong, healthy and beautiful, but also protects them from the effects of any adverse factors. Usually, before washing my hair, I apply oil to the hair along the entire length, wrap it with a towel and keep it for several hours, and then wash my hair with shampoo. Sometimes I take a drop of oil and rub it in my palms, then run it through clean hair.They become obedient and radiant. Just shine!

          90,000 Spas and Thalassotherapy in Morocco | Review of the best spas with prices

          A traditional hammam, visited by all Moroccans weekly, can be found in any residential area. It is divided into male and female halves, indicated by corresponding drawings. The hammam consists of 2-3 rooms with different temperatures, in which visitors most often sit directly on the floor. Men wash in their underwear, women – most often without clothes.Going to such a hammam, you need to take everything you need with you: a bucket, a ladle, a bench or oilcloth for the floor, a Kessa mitten, black soap and other cosmetics, a towel, slippers. There are no hairdryers in traditional hammams, so people leave with a towel wrapped around their head. The entrance to such a hammam costs about 1 Euro, for gommage and massage you will have to pay an additional 5-8 Euro to the attendant or the attendant. This is an interesting cultural experience, but it is not suitable for every tourist, because the standards of hygiene and the level of comfort in such hammams leave much to be desired.

          Hammams for tourists are full-fledged spa centers with a cozy relaxing atmosphere and a wide range of services: from the Moroccan hammam ritual to massage, cosmetology and beauty services. Here customers will find a high level of comfort, hygiene and privacy. Service is provided by appointment in individual hammams, and each guest is provided with everything they need: disposable slippers, bathrobes, towels, scrub mittens and necessary cosmetic products. After the hammam and massage, clients are invited to the relaxation area and treated to tea or fruit cocktails.The cost of a hammam with gommage and an hour massage in such spas is about 60 Euro.

          Luxury hammams in Morocco can be found in luxury hotels. They are designed for the most discerning clientele and offer high-level professional services in fabulous interiors. Here, hammam treatments often include access to the pool and jacuzzi. For a hammam with gommage and massage, you will have to pay at least 150 Euros, but it is truly worth it. Some luxury hotels offer affordable day packages that include a hammam with gommage, pool access and lunch.

          for growth, against dandruff, masks, reviews

          The search for a suitable cosmetic product for hair care does not always end with success. Some balms, masks and conditioners may not be suitable for women due to the nature of their composition. But there is a universal product – argan hair oil, which can be used by the fair sex with different types of strands.

          From this article you will learn:

          Argan oil for hair: application, properties and benefits

          A miraculous remedy that can moisturize curls and restore damaged strands.It does not allow ultraviolet light to destroy their structure. Argan oil for hair strengthens follicles and accelerates their growth. Now the problem of split ends will bypass you, because the elixir is able to completely restore them. In addition, the product is rich in vitamins A and E, which are considered the main “beauty ingredients”.

          Properties and uses for argan hair is a question that has been studied by professionals for a long time. They argue that it is easiest to do an oil wrap. It is enough just to warm up a small amount of the product and distribute it along the entire length of the strands.To accelerate the growth of hair, the product is rubbed into the scalp with massage movements.

          Argan oil for hair

          What is the method of using the product for those with oily hair? In this situation, it is better to add a few drops of it to shampoos or balms. It absorbs well, so you can wrap a towel over your head and leave it overnight. In the morning, wash your hair with warm water using your usual shampoo.

          Natural Argan Hair Oil is used as the main ingredient in various masks.You need to combine this product with other esters in order for it to give the desired results.

          The use, properties and benefits of argan oil for hair are now clear to you. But how do you use the tool so that it gives the desired results?

          How to properly apply argan oil to hair?

          Not everyone knows how to apply argan oil to hair so that the effect of its use is noticeable. So let’s take a look at the basic rules and steps:

          • Apply a small amount of the product to the palm of your hand.Then rub it into your skin with gentle, gentle strokes. Repeat the action to distribute the product to all strands;
          • special attention should be paid to the area at the roots and tips of the curls, since it is these areas that suffer most often;
          • After rubbing in the ingredients, carefully wrap your head with a warm towel. Also, plastic wrap is suitable for such purposes;
          • it is necessary to keep the oil for an hour, but in order for it to give the desired effect, leave it overnight.

          Now you know how to use the tool correctly. But what kind of argan oil hair mask is there? We’ll look at how to make healthy blends next.

          Hair masks with argan oil at home

          Hair masks with argan oil at home

          Many women know that a variety of products can be prepared even at home from available ingredients. Argan oil hair mask is no exception, since there are many variations of it.To prepare the right mixture, decide on your problems and the type of curls.

          Dry and brittle hair

          To prepare a mixture for dry strands, you need to take:

          • ylang-ylang extract – ml;
          • almond and argan oil – 20 ml each;
          • lavender ether – 1 ml;
          • macadamia ether – 20 ml.

          Combine the ingredients in a small bowl and heat in the microwave. But you don’t need to heat them for too long, as you risk burning the delicate scalp.Spread the mass over the entire length of the strands. Wrap everything in a towel and wait half an hour. Then wash off the composition with warm water and shampoo.

          Oily strands

          Mass for oily hair is prepared from the following products:

          • argan – a tablespoon;
          • grape seed extract – tablespoon;
          • cedarwood ether – 1 ml;
          • peppermint – 1 ml.

          Mix all the components in a prepared container and warm them up a little. Apply the mixture evenly to the curls.Roll your head over with a towel and wait 25 minutes. Then everything must be washed off using a natural shampoo.

          Moisturizing and Nourishing Blend

          This is an excellent blend for the ends of the hair, for the preparation of which you need to take:

          • honey – 20 ml;
          • argan – 20 ml;
          • yolk – 1 piece;
          • castor and olive oil – 20 ml each.

          Whisk the yolk until a foamy mass is obtained. Heat honey in a water bath. Place it in a bowl of whipped yolk.Mix the ingredients thoroughly. Mix the prepared oils and heat them in a water bath. Pour the mixture over the eggs and honey, stirring well again.

          Apply the mask before washing hair with gentle massage movements on the root zone. After that, distribute it along the entire length of the strands. Cover your head with a towel and wait 60 minutes. Then wash your hair with warm water using a natural shampoo.

          For moisturizing and cleansing

          The recipe for this mixture is very simple.You need to prepare:

          • argan – 20 ml;
          • homemade yoghurt – 40 ml.

          Pour the yoghurt into the prepared container. Add oil to it and mix the ingredients thoroughly. Comb through the curls and apply the ready-made mixture to them along the entire length. Massage your head to stimulate blood flow to the follicles. Then wrap your hair with a towel and wait an hour. Rinse off the mass by drying your head naturally.

          Against hair loss

          The baldness mixture should be applied to the strands within a week.For cooking, you need to take:

          • argan – 28 drops;
          • cocoa powder – 14 gr.;
          • ginger – 6 gr.

          Add spice and oil to the powder, mixing all the ingredients. Add a little decoction of nettle and mix everything again so that you get a mass that looks like sour cream. In case of hair loss, rub the mixture into the roots for three minutes. Then wrap your head up and wait 10 minutes. Rinse everything off with a decoction made from citrus fruits.

          Growth stimulation

          Hair growth agent affects the follicles.To prepare it, you need to take:

          • mustard – 12 gr.;
          • milk – 20 ml;
          • Argan – 23 drops.

          Heat the milk slightly and dilute the mustard powder with it. Enter argan oil. Apply the mixture only to the root area using a special brush. When 8 minutes have passed, wash off the mask using a natural shampoo. If your hair is too thin, apply a keratin balm.


          Anti-dandruff composition will moisturize the skin and eliminate the main problems.It can be prepared from the following products:

          • pyridoxine – 1 ampoule;
          • argan – 28 drops;
          • honey – 17 gr.;
          • wheat extract – 11 drops.

          A scalp mask can be prepared by melting honey, adding oils and an ampoule with a vitamin to it. The mixture is applied to dry strands, covering them with a warm towel. Wait half an hour and wash off everything with a decoction made from grapefruit.

          Damaged hair

          Treatment masks for hair based on these ingredients work wonders, because after their application the hair becomes soft, shiny and obedient.To prepare the mixture, you need to take:

          • argan – 7 ml;
          • jojobu – 2 ml;
          • cognac – 7 ml;
          • quail eggs – 3 pieces.

          Whisk the eggs thoroughly. Add heated oils and an alcoholic beverage to the mixture. Argan oil is applied to the hair overnight, spreading the mass before going to bed along the entire length of the strands. Be sure to wear a warm hat on top. Wash your hair in the morning with a sulfate-free shampoo.

          Colored curls

          Using argan oil for hair is indispensable if you often dye it.To prepare a mask, take:

          • argan – 27 drops;
          • olive oil – 6 drops;
          • rye bran – 20 gr.;
          • mok aloe – 14 ml.

          Steam the rye bran with linden broth. After that, mix the ingredients in a blender until a smooth paste is obtained. Add aloe oils and juice. Spread the finished mass over the entire length of the strands and wrap everything with a warm towel. After 25 minutes, wash off with an organic shampoo.

          Against fragility

          The beneficial properties of Moroccan hair oil are also associated with the fact that it saturates the curls with vitamins and valuable organic acids. To cope with the fragility of the strands, prepare a mass of the following ingredients:

          • brewer’s yeast – 15 gr.;
          • argan – 26 drops;
          • egg yolk – 2 pieces;
          • rosewood ether – 4 drops.

          Dilute brewer’s yeast with slightly warmed chamomile infusion.Add butter and egg yolks. Beat the ingredients with a whisk until a homogeneous mass is obtained. Add rosewood ether to it. Step back three centimeters from the roots, distributing the product along the entire length of the strands. When half an hour has passed, wash your hair using shampoo with baobab extract.

          These are homemade argan oil hair masks that can be prepared from available ingredients. With their help, you can cope with the main problems associated with the condition of the curls.

          Shampoo with argan oil

          In modern stores, there is a wide range of care products that contain this ingredient. But they do not always meet the expectations of the girls. It is better to prepare shampoo at home so that it gives an opportunity to cope with problems.

          Add argan oil to your usual shampoo. Ten drops of this amazing ingredient are enough. But remember that the shampoo should not contain sulfates and other harmful components.Otherwise, argan will not give the expected results, since it will be powerless.

          How to properly apply argan oil to hair

          Argan oil shampoo should be used regularly. They wash their hair as usual, but leave it on the strands for 10 minutes. After that, the product is thoroughly washed off with warm water. You can use a special balm that will improve and consolidate the results.

          Argan oil for eyelashes

          A similar substance is often used by women to whom nature has not given long and thick eyelashes.In practice, it has been proven that argan oil for eyelashes makes the look more expressive and attractive. Now you don’t have to go to eyelash extensions or apply multiple coats of volumizing mascara.

          First, make sure you are not allergic to the ingredient. To do this, apply it to a small area of ​​your skin. If after an hour you do not have redness or irritation, you can use a product for the care of eyelashes.

          Apply argan oil for eyelash growth with a cotton swab.Spread the cleanser gently over the edge of the eyelids. Apply the remainder to the eyelashes, but do it very carefully so that the composition does not get on the mucous membrane of the eyes. Blot the remaining ingredient with a cotton pad.

          On the market you can find mascara with argan oil, which also gives great results. In the process of applying makeup, you will have a positive effect on hair growth. But you need to choose products from well-known manufacturers, because only in this case you are guaranteed their high level of quality.

          Argan oil for eyebrows

          The ingredient is used by women whose eyebrows are not thick and dull enough. It can be used to make them beautiful, shiny and attractive. Apply argan oil to the eyebrows using a cotton swab, evenly distributing the product along their entire length. It is better to apply the component in the direction of hair growth.

          After 10 minutes, you need to remove the remains of the product using a cotton swab. You need to repeat the procedure every day for a month.You will definitely notice the results of your work, because your eyebrows will become thick and beautiful. Now you can easily give them any shape, giving up the unnatural painted hairs.


          There are no specific contraindications for the use of the product. But make sure you are not allergic to it. Only in this case will it bring maximum benefit to your curls, eliminating the harmful effects.

          Advice from experts on the use of the product

          The beneficial properties of argan have been studied by professionals for a long time.They recommend applying it to your strands regularly to eliminate dryness, brittleness, or oily sheen. Also, cosmetologists advise you to pay attention to shampoos with this ingredient if you suffer from dandruff.

          But in the case of using an eyelash product, you need to make sure that you are not allergic to the component. Otherwise, you will experience irritation and redness. These moments are uncomfortable, so be extremely careful.

          Quality Argan Hair Oil is an essential product for women.It will help to cope with those problems that have arisen with your curls. You can use the product regularly, since it will not harm the strands. Try preparing a mask to see if the product works.

          15 of the best natural hair oils

          Natural oils are an excellent hair care product in every respect. Due to their complex chemical composition, they are striking in efficiency, but at the same time they do not frighten the sky-high price, and it is absolutely easy to find the coveted bottle on sale.With the help of oils, you can literally transform your hair – make it healthier and stronger, get rid of brittleness and dryness, give it a glossy shine and nourish it with useful substances.

          An excellent confirmation of the magical effect of oils can be thick, strong, long and shiny curls of Indian women – women of this country traditionally use natural oils for hair care.

          Types of natural oils and the rules for their selection

          Natural oils are base and essential .But the latter, due to their high concentration and activity, cannot be used as an independent agent – only in composition with basic oil.

          By consistency, all base oils are conventionally divided into liquid, thick and solid (which are also known as butters). All of them penetrate well into the hair follicle and hair shaft, nourishing and restoring it in all areas.

          But it is not easy to choose the best hair oil among hundreds of bottles – each of them tempts with its valuable properties, promising to show wonderful results.And if your head starts to spin from the assortment in a store or pharmacy, you need to pull yourself together and focus on two criteria: hair type and problem , which should be eliminated.

          So, for weak hair falling out the best oil is burdock. It will also cure dandruff and get rid of the itchy scalp. Damaged, thin, lacking volume hair will be grateful for avocado, jojoba, argan, cedarwood oils.

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