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Apple Festival, Farm Raised, Farmer John’s, Apple Picking Time and more; Sale Fabric and Free Projects below

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Apple Themed Fabric

Apple Festival
Panel 1517 48 Cream

Apple Festival
Border Stripe 1521 48 Cream

Apple Festival
Tossed Baskets 1522 88 Cream

Apple Festival
Packed Apples 1524 48 Cream

Apples Farm Raised
Tossed Baskets 1980 98 Black

Apples Farm Raised
Tossed Baskets 1980 Cream

Apple Picking Time
Motifs 03368 77 Black

Apple Picking Time
Bicycles 03363 07 Cream

Apples A la Carte
51889D X

Farmers market
apples 0100 1 Red

Farmers market
apples 8046 1 Red

Farmer John’s
Organic Apples 120 0491

Apple a Day
Panel 24″ x 44″ 68759 472

Apples Tossed
Little Red Ridinging Hood 50301 5 Yellow

Apples Tossed
Little Red Ridinging Hood 50301 3 Green

Apple a Day
Border Stripe 68760 724

Apple a Day
Assorted Apples 68763 375

Apple a Day
Red Apples 68763 335

Simple Life
Apple Panel 39052

Simple Life
Apples 39057

Simple Life
Birds 39055-3 Cream

Apples Appletree Farm
Panel C8891 Red

Apples Appletree Farm
Scenes 8896 Cream

Autumn Festival
Border Stripe 7925P 44 Yellow

Apples Food Festival
260 Red

Tossed Apples
Cream 8325 07

Tossed Apples
Black 8325 12

Apple Vineyard
Apples & Vines 74737 Green

Apple Vineyard
60″ Border Stripe 74523 Green

Apple Vineyard
Tossed Apples 74518 Cream

Farmer John’s
Garden Party Apples 13351 Red

Traditional Apples
Cream 21630 E

Traditional Apples
Dark 21630 J

Funky Fall
Panel Y0762 24 Olive

Funky Fall
Apples Y0766 8 Light Yellow

Apples Green 32176 3

Berkshire Farm
Dillon Apples 45607 E

Harvest Town
Apple & Blackbirds 19902 BEI

Apples Gold 32176 5

Schoolhouse Fancies
Apples 04604 44 Green

Fruit Basket
Fruit & Apples 22342 Black

My Farmhouse Kitchen
Apples& Blueberries 98152 374

Apples Colorful
9685 41 White

Metro Market
Apples 10346 1 White

Let’s Eat Apple
s 15690 205 Multi

Cider Mill
Red Apples Teal 03720 84

Apples and Words
Moss 03723 48

Apple Picking Time
Apples 03364 77 Black

An Apple a Day
Patchwork 02501 88

An Apple A Day
Blue Patchwork 02501 55

Cider Mill Road
Small Apples Brown 03722 77

Sale Fabric

Pink Apples


Apples and Pears

An Apple a Day
Patchwork 02506 44

Pattern and Books

Art to Heart
Book- Cider Mill Road

Summer Towels
#127 Pattern for 6 designs

Apples Apples
117 Small Quilt Project Pattern

School Books

TWB P19 applique pattern

Fruit Cocktail
Patterns MLD-FC2
6 Tea Towel Designs from Marcia Layton

Harvest Applique
218 Pattern apple, pumpkin, acorn

Six Teas
BL139 Applique Pattern

II #122 applique pattern 12 designs

Free Patterns and Ideas

Idea for Apple Border Stripe

Table Runner

Free Apple Picking Time Project
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Free Simple Life Project
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Apple updates their ‘Smart Fabrics’ invention to emphasize the creation of Fabric items with ‘Virtual Buttons’


Yesterday the US Patent & Trademark Office published a patent application from Apple that relates to the creation of bags, furniture, clothing, electronic devices, and other items using materials such as fabric and more specifically constructed smart fabric with electronic circuitry.


More specifically, Apple’s patent covers a fabric-based item that may include a housing that is covered in fabric. The fabric may include conductive strands that form touch sensor circuitry. The fabric may include portions that are patterned differently and that have different properties.


For example, the fabric may include areas that transmit more light than other areas or are more opaque than other areas or may include areas that are smoother than other areas or that are coarser than other areas. Button labels and other features may be formed by weaving or otherwise intertwining strands of material in the fabric with desired patterns, by processing fabric through application of heat and using other processing techniques, and by applying ink or other materials. A good example is the Smart Keyboard Folio for the iPad Pro.


Areas of the fabric such as areas with enhanced light transmission, button labels, distinct textures, or other attributes may overlap input circuitry such as button switches, touch sensor circuits, force sensors, proximity sensors, and other sensing circuitry. The fabric-based item may include control circuitry that gathers user input from the input circuitry and wireless communications circuitry that the control circuitry uses to transmit remote control commands and other wireless signals in response information from the input circuitry. Remote control commands may be used to remotely control electronic equipment.


Apple’s patent FIG. 1 below is a schematic diagram of an illustrative fabric-based item; FIG. 4 is a diagram of an illustrative touch sensor formed using fabric; FIG. 5 is a cross-sectional side view of an illustrative fabric layer overlapping electrical components; and FIG. 16 is a side view of an illustrative fabric-based item with deformable housing walls.



Patently Apple first covered this invention back in 2018 in an IP-report titled “Apple wins a Major Smart Fabric Patent Aimed at Future Products like an Apple TV Remote, Smart Clothing, MacBooks and more. Apple’s original work on this invention, that wasn’t made public until it was granted, dates back to June 2017.


Apple’s patent published yesterday wasn’t a new invention application but rather a continuation patent wherein Apple is updating and/or adding specific technology, features and/or methods that they want to legally extend into their current granted patent. Any change and/or addition to this invention is restricted to Apple’s patent claims.


So, What’s New in this Fabric’s Invention?


In the 2018 granted patent, Apple’s patent claims were broken down into two distinct segments: 1) the first 13 patent claims were specifically for a fabric-based Apple TV remote, and (2) the other 7 patent claims covered a “fabric-based item” in general.


In yesterday’s continuation patent, all 20 patent claims fell under the one category of “The fabric-based item.” Each of the patent claims differ from the previous granted patent. The 20 new patent claims are as follows:


  1. A fabric-based item comprising: a housing; a fabric layer covering a majority of the housing; a light-emitting component configured to emit light through the fabric layer in a pattern for a virtual button; wireless communications circuitry; and control circuitry configured to transmit wireless signals with the wireless communications circuitry.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 1, further comprising: a touch-sensitive component that is configured to detect touch input in an area on the fabric layer associated with the virtual button; and a haptic device that is configured to provide tactile feedback in response to the touch-sensitive component detecting the touch input.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 1, further comprising: a touch-sensitive component that is configured to detect touch input for the virtual button.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 3, wherein the touch-sensitive component comprises touch sensor electrodes that are overlapped by the fabric layer.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 3, wherein the touch-sensitive component comprises touch sensor electrodes that are formed by conductive strands in the fabric layer.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 3, wherein the touch-sensitive component comprises an optical touch sensor that operates through the fabric layer.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 1, further comprising: a force sensor that is overlapped by the fabric layer.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 1, further comprising: a haptic device that is configured to provide tactile feedback in response to input at the virtual button.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 8, wherein the light-emitting component is configured to emit the light through an area of the fabric layer in the pattern for the virtual button and wherein the haptic device is configured to provide the tactile feedback at the area of the fabric layer.
  2. The fabric-based item defined in claim 9, further comprising: a touch-sensitive component that is configured to detect touch input in the area of the fabric layer.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 1, wherein the pattern of light emitted through the fabric is a button trim pattern.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 1, wherein the pattern of light emitted through the fabric is a symbol.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 1, wherein the pattern of light emitted through the fabric is an alphanumeric key label.
  1. A fabric-based item comprising: a housing; a fabric layer covering a majority of the housing; a light-emitting component configured to emit light through the fabric layer for a visual status indicator; wireless communications circuitry; and control circuitry configured to transmit wireless signals with the wireless communications circuitry.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 14, wherein the light-emitting component comprises a light-emitting diode.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 15, wherein light-emitting diode is part of an array of light-emitting diodes.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 14, wherein the visual status indicator is a power status indicator.
  1. A fabric-based item comprising: a housing; a fabric layer covering a majority of the housing; an array of light-emitting components configured to display an image through the fabric layer; wireless communications circuitry; and control circuitry configured to transmit wireless signals with the wireless communications circuitry.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 18, wherein the array of light-emitting components comprises an array of light-emitting diodes.
  1. The fabric-based item defined in claim 18, wherein the array of light-emitting components comprises a pixelated display.


Apple’s continuous patent application 20200270777 that was published yesterday by the U.S. Patent Office was filed back on May 11, 2020.


Although some aspects of this invention have already been used with Apple’s Smart Keyboard Folio for the iPad Pro, there are many more that could make their way to market in the future with a specific date unavailable to us.  


Below is a photo of a user wearing a Levi Strauss jean jacket that is using smart fabrics associated with the Levi Strauss-Google Project Jacquard. Where the young lady is touching the cuff of her jean jacket could very well be an area where we may see either a virtual button or simple touch in the future as Apple has described.



As for Google, at present they haven’t exactly delivered smart-fabric yet. They cheat. They place a gadget you integrate in the jacket to make it smart but even then it’s still not working all of the time. Yes, it’s still a work in progress and will likely take Apple to get it just right and actually functional. 



Freshly Picked Fabric Apple Banner

Apple Banner

It is finally starting to feel like fall in Indiana! Our days are still hot, but our mornings and evenings are cool. And our midwestern sunsets over the harvested wheat fields can’t be beaten. My boys have been in school for about a month, and I am settling into a new routine of being home by myself during the days for the first time. Ever. I look forward to them coming home every afternoon, and we are getting accustomed to sitting down and doing homework together each evening and using our new (to us) chalkboard. I love to decorate it as much as I like to use it, and with fall quickly approaching, I thought it needed a little something new. So, I got to work and made this cute apple banner, and I’m happy to share the quick and easy tutorial with you so that you can make your own!

    • HeatnBond Lite Fusible Adhesive
    • Fabric for the apples, leaves, and shiny spot
      • 1/2 of a fat quarter for the apples, scraps for the leaves and shiny spot
    • Cute fabrics for the bottom of the flags
    • Black thread
    • 1/2 yard muslin or linen for the background
    • 1 package of double-fold bias tape
    • Rotary cutter, small ruler, fabric-safe marking pen, and iron

  • Cut the background fabric into eight 5″ squares.
  • Cut the backing fabric into 5″ x 7″ rectangles.
  • Cut the apple fabric into a 7″ x 15″ piece. Cut a piece of HeatnBond to the same size. Fuse the HeatnBond to the back of the red apple fabric. (This will allow you to make all of your apples at once!)

  • Repeat this process for the leaf and shiny spot fabric.
    • Cut a 1.5″ x 11″ piece of green fabric and HeatnBond
    • Cut a 2″ x 4″ piece of white fabric and HeatnBond
  • Trace the apple template on the paper side of the HeatnBond. Trace the leaf template on the back of the green, and trace the shiny spot template on the back of the white.

  • Cut out each shape along the drawn lines. Remove the paper backings.

  • Place one apple shape on each of the 5″ background squares, lining up the bottom of the apple about 1/2″ from the bottom of the square.

  • Place the leaf on the right side of the apple and the shiny spot on the left. Using your black thread, stitch around each shape and add a stem if desired.

  • Next, make the bottom of the flag. Cut your cute fabric into eight 3″ x 5″ rectangles.

  • Fold each rectangle in half, matching up short ends, and make a mark ON THE FOLD 1″ from the bottom.

  • Draw a line from the mark to the opposite corner.

  • Repeat this process for the backing rectangles so they look like this:

  • With right sides together, sew the colorful flag bottoms to the apple squares.

  • Press seam open. Repeat for the other seven apple squares.

  • With right sides together, sew the flag fronts and backing together along three sides, leaving the top open. Clip corners and clip center of flag bottom as well.

  • Turn right side out and press. Topstitch close to the edge.

  • Cut the bias tape into a 54″ strip. Leaving a 5″ tail on each end, insert the flags into the fold, leaving about 1″ in-between, and pin them in place.

  • Fold in the ends of the bias tape, then stitch along the entire length of the banner.

  • If desired, make a loop with each end of the bias tape for hanging.

  • Hang your banner and enjoy!

I hope you enjoyed this tutorial. Happy fall!


by Stephanie Cunnyngham | 1 Comment

Apple examining use of knitted fabric for iPhone cases – like the iPod Socks

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Apple is examining how to produce iPhone cases from knitted fabric instead of molded silicone, similar to not just the braided Apple Watch band, but also potentially like the long-gone iPod Socks.

Put the thought of iPod socks out of your mind. Apple’s newly granted patent about fabrics, textiles, and knitting, is for making snap-on cases like its silicone ones. Just made from fabric, and also with options for knitted designs on the back.

“Custom fabric cases for electronic devices,” is concerned with providing an alternative to existing types of case — and even gets a little critical of plastic ones.

“Electronic devices such as cellular telephones, computers, and other electronic equipment are sometimes used in conjunction with external cases,” says the patent. “Removable cases may also be used to personalize electronic devices.”

“Plastic cases may be satisfactory in certain situations,” it continues, “but some users may desire a case with different aesthetics. As a result, fabric cases have been developed.”

However, Apple doesn’t think much to existing fabric cases either. The patent claims that there are limitations over just how much customization has been possible before, and proposes new solutions.

“There are challenges associated with forming fabric cases for electronic devices,” it says. “A user may have limited choices when it comes to selecting a fabric case for his or her device. The user may be able to select a desired color, but may otherwise be unable to customize a fabric case according to the user’s preferences.”

Every example drawing in the patent shows quite rigid cases, far closer to the design of Apple’s silicone ones than its previous socks. That’s because although Apple does specifically talk about textile machines, it also wants to be clear that its method of knitting strands together can apply to countless materials.

“[The case] may be formed of plastic, glass, ceramics, fiber composites, metal (e.g., stainless steel, aluminum, etc.), other suitable materials, or a combination of any two or more of these materials,” says the patent. “[The casing] may be formed using a unibody configuration in which some or all of [the] housing is machined or molded as a single structure or may be formed using multiple structures.

“The fabric for a removable case may be woven, knitted (e.g., weft knitted or warp knitted), or braided, or may be formed using other strand intertwining techniques,” it continues. “For example, fabric can be knit using a knitting machine.”

Detail from the patent showing a rigid snap-on kind of case, rather than a sock-like envelope

Apple does say that cases can be designed, and that “the designer may be a user… or a manufacturer.” Still, it’s not likely that Apple means a home knitting machine. Especially not if the materials are stainless steel, or glass.

However, the way that Apple proposes to make these cases more customizable does involve producing what it describes as “knitting instructions.”

A user or manufacturer could choose or provide a digital image, and then Apple’s process would convert that into a program to create a customized design for the back of the case.

“The back panel may include a knit image of a digital photograph or other design [and the] design of the back panel may be customized according to the designer’s tastes,” says Apple.

“The case may be designed and constructed using computing equipment and knitting equipment,” it continues. “The computing equipment may receive a user-selected digital image from the user. The computing equipment may use image processing software to reduce the resolution and the number of colors in the digital image according to the specifications of the textile machine.”

“Fabric pattern design software may convert the digital image into knitting instructions,” says the patent. “The knitting instructions may be executed by knitting equipment to produce a back panel for a fabric case.”

Detail from the patent showing one example of how fabric may be woven

The patent describes different processes for creating a fabric case, but apart from when the material is glass, it isn’t clear just how rigid this casing is expected to be. Yet as presented, it’s more than a protective slip-on sock, because it’s not a wraparound kind of case, and is instead more of a snap-on one.

That’s what really makes this a manufacturing process rather than a home knitting one. Whatever the material, though, Apple is determined to make ever more customizable designs for users.

This patent is credited to four inventors, including Jessica J. Lu. Her previous related work includes iPhone cases that can charge AirPods.

And in case you were wondering, an unused set of iPod Socks routinely sells for over $100 on eBay.

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Styrofoam Apples Decoupaged With Fabric Strips For Rosh HaShana!

Introducing a cheerful fall apple craft just in time for Rosh HaShana! And of course, they’ll look great in the Sukkah too, hanging or as a centerpiece. So gather your supplies, and have fun creating some new decorative accessories that keep well from year to year, though you may just love them so much they’ll never get packed away.

Anyone remember my crocheted doily bowl? I think it’s the perfect container for these apples, and if you make them together you can do an even better job color wise than I have. How about an apple green bowl and apples in patterns in shades of magenta and aqua, could be gorgeous! 

Choose a selection of lightweight quilting fabrics that you love, and have fun bringing colors and pattern into your home that you wouldn’t dare to use on something larger or more permanent. If you live near a large craft supply store, the best way to choose some great fabrics is to go to the quilting selection and buy fat quarters……there are so many to choose from that it can be a little difficult to choose.

You’ll Need:
  • quilting fabric, or any very lightweight cotton (preferably) fabric
  • fabric stiffener, like mod podge fabric, Paverpol, or even woodworker’s glue diluted with water
  • styrofoam apples
  • sticks to make the stems

How To:

Cut fabric into 1/2″ strips that are long enough to go around the entire vertical circumference of the apple. Dip fabric into fabric stiffener, run the strips between pointer and thumb to remove as much of the stiffener as possible and apply to apple by starting at the underside of the apple, and running the strip up the side of the apple, over the top, and down the other side. One can do this with shorter strips, but you’ll get a much cleaner look by hiding the ends on the underside. Continue to apply strips until apple is covered, and set aside to dry.

Once apple is dry, make a hole in the top for the stem. Dip end of stem into some glue, and insert into hole.

Enjoy displaying your apples around the house or even make a bunch as place card holder/party favors! And for those of you who missed the link in the first paragraph, check out my crocheted doily bowl, and enjoy.

Apple Craft with Yarn (Free Apple Printable)

Transform everyday items into craft apples using textile art this fall! This fall-themed art and craft project works well for so many ages and is amazing for building fine motor skills as well as exploring new textures. Turn cardboard and yarn into a neat way to create and learn about textile art while making a fun apple craft for kids. Try out new kinds of art this fall and explore creative ways to enjoy classic themes like apples.



Fall marks a special time of year when the scent of cinnamon and spices creates a warm fuzzy feeling and thoughts turn to arts and crafts with mugs of cider and crunchy apples!

I’m excited to share more arts and crafts projects this season that all pair with an interesting style of art! This apple craft is all about creating textile art. Although there’s a finished project to enjoy and display, this apple craft is still all about developing kids’ creativity and skills.

Also, make yarn pumpkins or yarn leaves…

Plus, it’s pretty easy to make with younger kiddos as well as older kiddos and it’s not that messy! Make multi-color apples or pick your favorite type of apple. Around here, that means Honey Crisps!


Textile art is the process of creating something using fibers gained from sources like plants, animals, or synthetic materials. This textile art project is great for fine motor development and can be used to work on developmental goals, functional skills, and dexterity. Plus, it’s fun and the result is an amazing fall theme decoration.


Grab your free fall apple project and get started today!


What else could you wrap around the cardboard apple? Try ribbon, fabric scraps, or even raffia.


STEP 1: Print and cut out the apple template or draw your own. Then trace the template onto cardboard and cut it out.

TIP: If you are doing this activity with multiple kiddos or a larger group, you might want to cut everything out ahead of time! This is particularly helpful if you are low on time or don’t have enough scissors for everyone.

STEP 2: Color the stem and leaf of the cardboard apple with markers. Alternatively, you can also use green and brown yarn to wrap the stem and leaf if desired!

STEP 3: Spread a layer of glue over the cardboard apple.

STEP 4: Choose your yarn color and tape the end to the cardboard.

STEP 5: Start wrapping the yarn…

STEP 6: Keep wrapping the yarn! Change colors if desired. The more you wrap the yarn, the puffier your apple will look!

You can use different shades of the same color or look for a variegated yarn in your favorite apple color!

This apple themed textile art project makes for a fun fall decoration!

Looking for easy to print art activities for kids?

We have you covered…



Click on the image below or on the link for more fun apple activities for kids.

Apple body type – what to wear and how to dress stylishly? Photo examples 2022

The Constitution is a powerful force. This does not mean the basic law of the state, but the type of physique. If nature has not rewarded with a chiseled waist, and it is almost impossible to get rid of a protruding tummy, then you have an apple type of figure. Young girls torture themselves with diets, adult ladies refer to hormonal disorders and age, and wise women turn an oval silhouette into a graceful number 8 with the help of clothes.Follow their example, learn to love yourself and create a stylish wardrobe for your body type for all occasions.

In this Article:

Apple shape: main features and subtypes

Do not criticize, do not praise, but just look at yourself in the mirror as at an unfamiliar person. If the reflection matches the description for all or most of the points, take it for granted that you have an oval or apple shape.

Special Features:

  • The waist is weak or simply absent;
  • shoulder width, bust and hip measurements are approximately equal;
  • arms are thin or massive in the upper part;
  • chest and back are wide;
  • Rounded or flat buttocks;
  • legs proportional to the body or long.

Traditionally, the apple shape is associated with plump women. But it is not always the case. The O-silhouette figure is divided into two subtypes, and a thin girl can recognize herself in one of them.

Directly apple:

  • medium-sized breasts;
  • the widest place is the waist;
  • small buttocks;
  • the main volumes are concentrated in the upper body;
  • The problem area during weight gain is the abdomen.


  • large bust;
  • the waist is poorly defined;
  • 90,018 thighs equal to the volume of the chest;
  • buttocks are large, slightly protruding or flat;
  • fat is deposited on the sides.

This type of apple is easily confused with a rectangle. But there are differences – a large chest and a rounded belly, which is present regardless of build.

Attractive features and problem areas

The apple body type looks a little heavy. The task of clothing is to visually stretch the silhouette, add grace and lightness to it.

A big plus is that the basic proportions of the body are not disturbed. The second important advantage is slender, long legs.Noteworthy is the chest. As a rule, “apples” have a good shape. If this parameter does not suit you, pay more attention to the selection of linen, and everything will fall into place.

Many apples have a short neck or sloping shoulders. There are many female tricks to mask these zones. The main problem is the protruding belly. The main recommendations in clothing will be aimed at visually eliminating this deficiency. You will learn to choose styles in such a way that the rhetorical question “Where are we going to make the waist?” will no longer stand upright.

How to dress: apple style from A to Z

So, we are learning to pack a juicy fruit according to all the rules. Naturally, clothes for a fat woman will differ from a skinny woman’s wardrobe. The main thing is to understand the principle of selection and gradually create your own, unique style.


Fashion dictates general rules, and it is up to you to choose clothes according to your figure, closing your eyes to the proposals of this capricious lady. Forget about baggy and tight pieces.Actual styles of dresses:

  • asymmetrical and oblique fit;

  • bustier dress.

Semi-fitted models are preferable to straight ones. An empire-style evening dress is the perfect choice for special occasions. For summer – flying sundresses. On narrow straps, if the shoulders are in order, on wide – with massive shapes. They well mask excess volume in fake dresses that combine different colors or textures of fabrics in equal proportions.

Tops, blouses, cardigans

Classic shirts – no, blouses and tops on a yoke, with draperies, flying styles – yes. Layering and combined options are suitable. For example, a form-fitting top and a loose blouse. If it’s a shirt, then on top is a vest, a Chanel-style jacket, an unbuttoned jacket. It is also better not to fasten the top buttons on the collar.

Choose oversized sweaters or loose cropped sweatshirts, extra-long cardigans without a belt.Wear tunics that create a mystery in the problem area and present your legs in a winning light. Avoid tight-fitting turtlenecks, noodle sweaters, knitted sweaters with a through fastener. If the neck is short, opt for collarless models.

Pants, jeans, shorts

Trousers for women with body type apple are an indispensable item in a wardrobe. Slim thighs and slender legs allow you to wear almost any style:

  • classic with arrows;
  • high waist;
  • chino with pintucks and low waist;
  • straight and tapering to the bottom.

It is better to choose a loose top – top, blouse, tunic, falling in light folds. Flare – with care, only from thin fabrics.

Jeans are selected according to the same principle. Boyfriends and skinny suits with a loose T-shirt or tunic, classic straight lines with a blazer jacket. But flared jeans, especially from the hip, can make the silhouette heavier.

Slim apple shorts and sweatpants offer unlimited choice.Any model will do. As with girls of average build, if the top is not too tight. For ladies in the body, it is better to prefer knee-length bermudas, pants made of thin fabric or dense knitwear with a small amount of decorative elements.


The main thing when choosing skirts for the apple shape type is not to emphasize the waist. If the model is narrow, the blouse is worn outside, the fluffy one is tucked in, but it is advisable to put on a short jacket, vest, blazer on top.

Winning styles:

  • trapezoid;
  • tulip;
  • pencil;
  • with a smell;
  • straight with slot or cut.

A year’s skirt is not the best choice with flat buttocks, flared sun – with a noticeably protruding belly. If these areas are not satisfactory, you can wear these styles as well. The recommended skirt length for the apple figure is slightly above or below the knee, but there are no particular restrictions.


In the cold season, the apple shape can turn into a ball or become two sizes slimmer.It all depends on how you dress. Combine warmth and elegance with:

  • jackets – Chanel style, long single-breasted, men’s blazers;

  • raincoats – A-silhouette, straight trench coat without belt and collar;

  • jackets – any shortened models that exactly match the size;

  • coat – straight, double-breasted jacket, balloon, oversized;

  • fur coats – from fur with a short nap, straight, autolady.

Large buttons, belts, voluminous hoods are undesirable in outerwear. Trapezoidal and straight cut, jacket collar or open neck are preferred.


One-piece swimsuit – the optimal cut for the apple figure. From several options, choose the one that has the most advantages. It is:

  • Wide neck straps or ties;
  • V-neck or square neckline;
  • non-gloss fabric, plain, with a small pattern;
  • side contrasting inserts;
  • bright longitudinal stripes in the central part.

Avoid light colors, colorful patterns, horizontal stripes. Leotard dresses and tankinis can be a real salvation for overweight ladies. It is better to complement separate models with a pareo, a beach dress, a wide-brimmed hat, which will distract some of the attention.

Take it off immediately

We figured out what to wear, now about what needs to be thrown out of the wardrobe once and for all or used with caution.

The lion’s share of attractiveness is taken away:

  • for true representatives of the type – any belts, for vases – narrow belts;
  • for ladies with a short neck – voluminous and tightly buttoned collars;
  • Out of size clothing – overly puffy or tight;
  • transparent and rough textured fabrics;
  • large floral and geometric prints;
  • dresses are cut-off and absolutely straight;
  • puffy sleeves and flounces;
  • deep rounded neckline.

Mini skirts and low-waisted trousers are suitable only for skinny apples and girls with long legs. It is undesirable for full ladies to wear cropped jackets. The sheath dress should not be too tight.

The right shoes, stylish accessories

It is advisable for the apple type to stand on the heel. Ideally, this is a hairpin, but not necessary. Visually stretch the figure and a small glass of 3-4 cm. Do not get carried away by massive heels and platforms. If you want stability, choose a wedge.Flat shoes – for summer and slim girls.

The bag should not be bulky or very small. It is better to give preference to the average size of the geometric shape and wear it on a long belt. It’s great if the bag is in harmony, but does not match in color with the shoes.

Bright accessories – large brooches, chains in several rows, original earrings will help draw attention to the neckline. Scarves, stoles, shawls only for a long neck, and not tightly wound, but hanging freely.

Troubled waist will not be conspicuous if the belt is worn slightly higher or at the hips. Bright, shiny, narrow, too wide belts and massive buckles are not comme il faut. The best choice would be the golden mean.

Color and texture

Much depends on the type of fabric. She can create additional volume, regardless of the style, or gracefully stretch the silhouette. Rough, textured, transparent, elastic materials are taboo. Your element is soft, well-draped, smooth fabrics:

  • thin linen;
  • cotton;
  • knitwear;
  • wool crepe;
  • silk.

When choosing a color, give preference to dark tones (brown, blue, saturated green, burgundy, deep purple, black) and refuse pastel shades. Avoid contrasting top and bottom combinations.

Large and small prints make you look fat. In extreme cases, they can be located above and below the problem area. On the figure of the O-silhouette, peas, a narrow longitudinal stripe, an oblique cage, contrasting vertical lines, an asymmetric combination of colors look good.

Slimness every day

It is advisable for appetizing apples not to be led by nature, but to maintain their weight in a relative norm all the time. Not much effort required:

  • fractional meals 4-5 times a day;
  • less flour and sweet;
  • more fiber, fish, lean meat;
  • mandatory – fermented milk products;
  • undesirable – salty cheeses, spices;
  • you can drink – green and ginger tea, coffee without sugar;
  • not allowed – carbonated and alcoholic drinks.

There is a desire to go in for sports – great. It will be difficult to get rid of the belly, but a strong muscle corset will make it fit and less noticeable. Advice for passive ladies is to get carried away with the popular Scandinavian walking. Promotes weight loss and does not strain the body too much.

Star Apples

So, the accents are set, the direction is set. If your head is still confused, borrow images for the apple shape type from the stars. They do an excellent job with this task:

  • Britney Spears;
  • Drew Barrymore;
  • Kate Winslet;
  • Catherine Zeta-Jones;
  • Jennifer Hudson;
  • Jessica Simpson
  • Angelina Jolie;
  • Oprah Winfrey.

Beauty does not require sacrifice, but love for your body. Get your own style and be the most charming, elegant, feminine.

90,000 country of origin. Review of satin kits, eurokits and other company kits, reviews Bed linen brands

If before bed linen was the privilege of only wealthy people, today it is a necessity.The textile market is full of different types of bedding sets, so the choice is not always easy. A wide variety of fabrics, designs, sizes … you also need to be able to figure out what’s what. It is not difficult to choose a color option for your taste, but it is much more difficult to decide which fabric to take a set from.

Verified brands use in their production only high-quality materials, both natural (satin, calico, poplin, etc.) and synthetic (polysatin, artificial silk, microfiber, etc.).origin. Turkish home textile brands have always been renowned for their excellent quality and excellent durability.


Boris is a trusted manufacturer of quality bedding. Country of origin – Turkey . The company has been on the market for a long time and is in great demand among buyers. Boris’s bedding is manufactured using natural fabrics and a blend of synthetic fibers with good quality characteristics.

The satin used in the production, which consists of double weave cotton fibers, is environmentally friendly and hypoallergenic. Due to its structure, the fabric has a glossy surface, which looks very aesthetically pleasing.Such fabric perfectly retains its color, does not stretch after washing, and also practically does not wrinkle.

In addition to satin, polysatin – a fabric based on polyester and satin – is used for the production of economical bedding sets. She has absorbed the best qualities of both materials.The front side has a glossy sheen, the fabric is silky to the touch and glides a little. Thanks to synthetic fibers, polysatin products practically do not need ironing. Both fabrics are durable and durable. Bedding sets made of satin or polysatin will serve you for more than one year.

The main thing is to take proper care of them, and for this it is imperative to read the recommendations for leaving the manufacturer. A large number of Boris bed linen designs allows you to find a set suitable for all declared parameters.The range of products includes sets of a wide variety of colors, all of them have soft shades and are decorated with a variety of patterns: classic patterns, geometric shapes, creative and floral prints, etc.

Description of assortment

Boris bedding sets are the perfect combination of style and quality .In the product catalog, there are varieties of bed linen for a young couple who loves minimalism and creativity, and for a middle-aged couple who prefer classic floral prints and patterns. Below we will consider several Boris bedding sets of various compositions.

Bed linen from satin

  • Family bedding set. Includes a sheet, 4 pillowcases, 2 duvet covers.Bed linen in muted yellow shade with floral print. Perfect for a bright bedroom. The set is made of top quality satin, thanks to which it is durable, retains its color even after many washes and has a presentable appearance.
  • PBC Boris Dense BORD187. Stylish 2-bedroom set made of high quality satin, consisting of a duvet cover, sheet and 2 pillowcases.The original checkered design is perfect for both a guy and a girl. Good quality fabric ensures the strength and durability of your bedding.
  • Boris Dense binder with elastic band BORDR031. Beautiful euroset in cream satin with floral print. Composition: duvet cover (200×220 cm), sheet (180×200 (+25) cm), 2 pillowcases (70×70 cm). A comfortable elastic band, sewn on the rim of the sheet, fixes it well on the bed, so there is no need to constantly correct it.
  • Bed linen Boris 057. Delicate pink set with images of dandelions from natural satin. Differs in high quality and stylish design.

Other kits

  • Boris polysatin bedding set. Stylish 1.5-bedroom suite with a geometric pattern is the perfect addition to a modern bedroom. Due to the peculiarities of the fabric, the laundry does not need to be ironed, and also dries quickly. Composition: duvet cover, sheet, 2 pillowcases.
  • PBC Boris Dense BOR057. Bright green and white double-sided set with stars. Consists of 70% cotton and 30% microfiber. Perfect for a teenage girl.The original design will decorate the child’s room. And the durable and wear-resistant material will not be afraid of constant washings.
  • PBC Boris Dense BORD170. This colorful polysatin set will definitely appeal to a little girl. A bright print will add more colors to the children’s bedroom and will cheer up. The excellent quality of the material will delight you with its wear and strength indicators. Even after many washes, the product will not lose its original color.

The Boris bedding brand does not have poplin sets among its collection: can be confused with satin, but satin wins significantly over it in strength, silkiness and color variation.

If there is a choice between a satin or poplin bedding set, you should give preference to the first one, although the price for it will be higher, but you will definitely not regret it.

Review Review

Reviews of those who have already bought bed linen of the Turkish brand Boris, almost all positive. Customers note that it is smooth and delicate to the touch, that it is pleasant to sleep on it. In care, it is not picky: it is enough to set the delicate wash at 40 degrees and the linen will not fade or lose its color, and most importantly, it dries very quickly after washing.Others are not very happy with their purchase: the laundry turned out to be a little dimmer than in the photo. And the composition is far from satin, it is electrified when ironing. However, the rest of the people are happy with their purchase.

Many were struck by the variety of choices, which made it difficult to decide on an option. Those who use the bed linen of this company for more than a year note that the linen has not lost its original color, no pellets have formed.

There were also those who bought Boris sets for a gift, since it is not a shame to give underwear of this quality to loved ones.

90,000 Arguments and facts in Nizhny Novgorod: news and main events of the day on

Question answer

A Tanzanian citizen became the first African to win the most prestigious literary award in 20 years.

To know Books

Question answer

On the transit of Russian gas through its GTS, Ukraine earns up to a quarter of the state budget revenues.

To know Market

Question answer

Strong vibrations while driving not only reduce driving comfort, but also directly affect the resource of a number of technical systems of the car.

To know Service

Question answer

Former Deputy Minister Marina Rakova surrendered to the investigation on October 6 and after interrogation was sent to a temporary detention center overnight.

To know Corruption

Question answer

Health Minister Mikhail Murashko told AIF about plans to combine influenza and COVID-19 vaccines.

To know All about the coronavirus

Question answer

The Ministry of Internal Affairs approved changes to the rules for the departure of minor children abroad.

To know Right

Question answer

Residents of the capital will be able to take out the old refrigerator, bathroom and other bulky items free of charge.If necessary, the movers will take everything out.

To know Moscow

Question answer

Valery Garkalin, 67, was hospitalized with coronavirus in Moscow. The disease complicates chronic heart disease.

To know A person

Question answer

Thailand is gradually opening up to foreign tourists, including from Russia. We will tell you what you need to enter this country.

To know Personal money

Question answer

The Ministry of Labor has developed amendments to the Labor Code, which clarify the rules for calculating the duration of vacations and the amount of compensation for unused leave upon dismissal, as well as the standard for the duration of working hours.

To know Right

Question answer

In Moscow, it is planned to begin an experiment on mass rapid testing for coronavirus in public places and schools.

To know All about the coronavirus

Question answer

The new head of the Office of Financial Control under the US Treasury may be a native of Kazakhstan.

To know In the world

Question answer

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to two scientists from the UK and Germany who independently developed an eco-friendly tool for building molecules.

To know The science

Question answer

If during the year the mortgagee is more than three times overdue in the payment of the home loan, the bank may go to court with a demand to collect the apartment.

To know Personal money 90,000 DIY OWL Craft (77 ideas for children).

Good afternoon, today we will make an owl with our own hands – in a variety of techniques. This article is the largest piggy bank, where owl crafts are categorized by topic and material from which they are made. You will see simple crafts for kids in kindergarten or elementary school students. You will also find ideas for adult crafts on the theme of an owl, worthy of decorating the interior of a house or apartment.

  • Owls with their own hands from natural material.
  • Owls-leaf appliques.
  • Crafts of an owl from felt and fabric.
  • Owls from kitchen utensils.
  • Quilling Owls
  • Owls-crafts made of paper and cardboard.
  • Owl mosaics made of buttons and tiles.

Let’s start making an owl with our own hands.

Craft owl FROM WOOD.

Very beautiful owls can be made using thin cuts of logs. Ordinary firewood and a hacksaw in the determined hands of a designer can create an adorable owl craft. As we can see in the photo below, we need one large saw cut (here you really need to work hard with a hacksaw) and several smaller saw cuts (this work is already fast).

A large saw cut will be the basis of the owl’s torso, and smaller saw cuts will serve as the eyes and feathers on the owl’s chest. They can also become wings. Either a wing can be made from a cone or a piece of bark, birch bark from the same firewood (trim the bark with scissors giving it an oval wing shape).

If you do not have large cuts, you can use small cuts and make a beautiful little owl with your own hands. Eyes can be made from buttons (as in the photo below). Draw the wing pattern with a felt-tip pen or ordinary pharmaceutical iodine.Or the drawing of the wings can be made with a burning device – the legs can be molded from plasticine, fluffy wire, birch twigs, or cut out of cardboard.

Tall owls can be made from wood logs. With large eyes and a bump nose. Such owl crafts will decorate your summer cottage. Or they can become part of a festive autumn composition to decorate a celebration – for example, a wedding in the yard.

Craft Owl

from the bark of a tree.

Even ordinary pieces of bark can become an owl-shaped craft.You just need to give the piece of bark an oval shape with two pointed corners at the top (to get the contours of the ears). And then we make the eyes and nose. The eyes are large and the nose is small, pointed downwards. Eyes can be from acorn hats, from cuts from a thick branch, from buttons, round cuts of apples dried in the sun. Of two large flowers (eg asters). From any natural material that has a round shape or a round cut.

Wings for such an owl bark craft can be made from ordinary leaves or paper (fabric) cut in the form of an autumn leaf.As we can see in the photo crafts below.

Crafts-wreaths with owls

do it yourself.

We have already said what beautiful autumn compositions in the form of wreaths can be made with your own hands as crafts for a competition for a school. In the same way, we can decorate our autumn wreath in the form of a large owl. And all this should be done from autumn natural material.

All we need is a large sheet of cardboard (from pizza or from a packaging box from household appliances).And we also need a glue gun (it is sold very cheaply in the craft and construction departments of the store – it costs a couple of dollars).

Cut a donut ring out of a cardboard box. This will be the basis for the future owl. And now we attach pieces of natural material to this cardboard calcum with a glue gun. In the wood shed there are always a lot of wood chips, chips, bark and birch bark – everyone walks around idle. And we will attach everything to the craft. We attach this natural debris to our cardboard ring. Add bright circles of eyes from colored cardboard, beak, elements of wings (optional) and legs.

The eyes can be cut in the shape of flowers. How to cut beautiful paper flowers and many patterns for them you will find in the article “Paper Flowers”. The wings can be oak leaves – real or also cut from cardboard.

A variety of dry leaves, herbs and flowers can be a source of owl crafts. You can cut a solid circle out of cardboard (no hole in the center) and fill the entire circular space with natural material. You will get a rich autumn do-it-yourself owl craft – which will decorate any exhibition at school or kindergarten.

Crafts-owls from cones

do it yourself.

Beautiful cones – large and small – can be a source of beautiful crafts in the shape of an owl. We take a large spruce cone (or even better cedar, but it is not so easy to get it in the city) and a small pine cone. The spruce cone will be the body, the pine head.

With a glue gun (or on plasticine) we attach a small bump to a large one – at an angle. Do not worry if the place of gluing turned out to be sloppy – it will be covered with large owl eyes.Next, you need to put craft on your paws – we make them from dried bean pods (we also attach it to glue from a gun or plasticine). Next, we cut the sides of the cone-body with a knife, take out a row of ingots on the left and right, or move the scales apart, and into this slot we insert bundles of birch thin branches onto the glue from a pistol.

Eyes are bunches of small straws (or dried stigmas from corn, or hairs from ears of corn) that were collected in a bunch – then this bunch was tied with a thread in the middle .And from this middle-bandage fluffed up the bundle in a circle . And this circular fluffy spread was fixed with glue – pressing an eye-button on top.

Your children can also make a little owlet from one pine cone. Eyes made of cardboard, beak from dried orange peel. Wings can also be made from the peel. The ears are made of leaves, the forelock on the head is made of a piece of moss. Moss can be brought from the forest. And on this moss bump and plant an owl craft – you get a wonderful autumn composition.

Even the most mossy bump can be used to make an owl.And the scales from the cone will be the feathering of the wings. Eyes – caps from acorns, nose cut out of birch bark, legs too.

And if you have pieces of felt at home, you can make such beautiful owl crafts.

And you can also gut the lump – pull out all the scales with tongs. And from these scales lay out the outlines of an owl like a jigsaw puzzle. Put all this on a tinted canvas made of a piece of plywood – fasten it with glue from a pistol. Complement the composition with a branch with dry leaves.

And also small cones, acorns, chestnuts, nuts and branches of a Christmas tree can be thrown into a transparent glass jar (let the child collect whatever his heart desires in the jar). And together with it, it remains to arrange the surface of the can in the form of an owl. You will also get an owl craft made of natural material.

From the remains of acorn and chestnut caps, you can make little owls with your children. Attach all parts to plasticine or sharp toothpicks.

Crafts-owls from LEAVES

do it yourself.

Leaf applique is another technique that is very suitable for creating any bird, including an owl. The rows of leaves resemble plumage, so the leaf appliqué owls look very realistic and artistically beautiful.

First, you can cut out a large owl from the packaging cardboard – the outlines of a future craft. And then cover it with feather leaves on a glue gun.

You can lay out the application of an owl from the foliage of coniferous plants – fir, spruce, pine.The base for the application can be a sheet of cardboard, plywood or a saw cut from a thick log. Line the edges of the applique with twigs. And then in each sector of the craft – on a layer of glue – put the needles and paws of fir.

It is very interesting when not only dry leaves and flowers are used in the application of an owl made from natural materials, but also a more uniform filling: poplar fluff, dry grass, pieces of moss.

You can also make PHOTO CRAFTS, this is when you work with fresh material that cannot be glued and sealed off.Perishable handicrafts can be fixed only by means of PHOTO-SHOOTING. That is, on a table on a white background, we lay out our craft – without glue just like that – and then we take a photo in good quality and print it, put it in a frame and it serves as an interior decoration. Such photo crafts with owls can be used as gift paintings or greeting cards.

Household items

in making an owl craft.

Regular bottle caps can be turned into cute owls. Very cute mini owl crafts your kids will love. They will be happy to play with them, settle them in a dollhouse, ride in a Barbie Cadillac.

And if the cork is cut into round cuts, then an owl can be made of them like from a geometric mozaka. Nice and interesting craft owl for children.

Any household items that have already served their kitchen age faithfully can turn into pets – cute and cozy little owls.The lids from the can and from the beer will give the craft-owl expressive eyes, eyes with eyelashes. The wire wrapped around the perch-perch will become the tenacious paws of such an original owl.

A chipped saucer that you were about to throw away, cups with broken handles, old can openers – all can become the basis for an owl craft. Bright, beautiful and non-standard.

You can also twist a beautiful owl craft from household twine (as in the photo below).We inflate two balloons – a larger one for the body and a smaller one for the head. We throw the roll with twine into a bowl, where glue (silicate or pva) is already poured – we wind the threads smeared with glue on balloons. Dry by hanging on a chandelier. We pop the ball, separate it from the thread web. We get two spiderweb balls – we put them on top of each other and form the rest of the owl’s elements – ears-ties, eyes, cotton pads with pupils made of cardboard, a nose and an elegant tie on the neck with a bump or a twig of acorns.

You can make an owl from an ordinary plastic bottle with your own hands.It is necessary to cut off the lower part of the bottle (this will be the top of the head) and the upper part, cutting off the neck from it (this will be the lower half of the owl). We dress two parts on top of each other and paint them with paints. If you do not use acrylic, but gouache, then after painting and drying you need to fix the paint with hairspray.

Ordinary corrugated packaging (cardboard boxes from a TV, etc.) can become a source of material for do-it-yourself owl crafts. The easiest way for children to do this is to cut out the silhouettes of owls and glue bottled drink caps on them.Bright colored plastic lids will be even more elegant than metal beer ones.

Corrugated cardboard craft can be supplemented with colored paper inserts.

And the technique for making such an owl craft can be different – both on a flat cardboard base, and using twists-rolls from corrugated cardboard, as in the photo below.

We simply cut the cardboard into strips – we twist them into rolls, fixing them with glue and from such twists we make a craft.And from the wire you can make the legs of an owl.

You can buy a real children’s ornamental corrugated cardboard and make more neat crafts out of it – owls as in the photo below. Children will like such an owl with their own hands – it is beautiful, quite simple and elegant. And in the New Year it can be hung like a toy on a Christmas tree.

Owls do it yourself

in quilling technique.

Quilling is a technique for making crafts from thin paper strips, which are twisted in the form of twist modules.Modules are given different sizes and shapes, and from them, like from puzzles, crafts are assembled – flat or volumetric.

Below we see a very small do-it-yourself owl using this technique. We wrap strips of black paper around a thin rod. Then we wrap these round black jackets with white paper strips, then blue ones – we get three-color eyes.

The body is the largest roll of white paper.

Eyebrows are round twists – which were first twisted tightly around the rod, then they were allowed to unwind to relax, and then rolled into the shape of long wavy modules.

The wings and nose are also round twists, which were slightly relaxed and then given a teardrop shape with the fingers.

You can twist an owl from oval narrow long twists as in the photo below. The ears are the same round twists that have been triangular with the fingers.

We can lay a quilling owl with our own hands on a cardboard base – arrange it in the form of a regular application-picture.

DIY paper owls.


The simplest children’s craft-owl is an applique made of paper and maple leaves. For a kindergarten of the younger group, such a craft is the most suitable. And simple and fast and the children really like it.

Silhouettes of owls may not be outlined at all – in the form of a cloud with uneven edges, made of unevenly torn paper, from fluffy scraps of cotton wool or padding polyester.

Crafts of an owl can be painted with paint applied by poking with a piece of foam rubber (photo below).

Children of the middle group love to make break applications. First, you need to tear a sheet of paper into thin strips – and then each strip into pieces of paper. Having made a bunch of such blank pieces, you can start making an owl with your own hands. The color can be brown, black or white, if against the background of the night sky.

Senior kindergarten groups or younger students can make such an autumn owl craft. A tree trunk is a sheet of paper that was folded in half lengthwise and again in half – only 2 times. Then unfolded and got a sheet of paper, divided by fold lines into 4 parts. We glue the two extreme parts with each other overlapping – and the two central parts as a result rise up with such an angle – forming a convex log. Use scissors to cut a hole in the hole . At the bottom of the hollow we glue a spring made of paper (I have already told you how to fold two paper strips cross-on-cross into a spring). And on this spring that rises above the bottom of the hollow, we are already gluing an owl made of paper or cardboard.

Ordinary paper bags can be used to make an owl very quickly. We put a wad of crumpled newspaper in a bag – we tie the bag with twine. We glue the nose, eyes and paws on it and get a simple and quick DIY owl craft.

You can also make an elegant owl craft out of ordinary cardboard. Roll up the cardboard with a tube – attach it to the stapler (staples), because the glue will not hold. Next, in the upper part, press the cardboard tube with your finger – front and back – and we get owl ears.

It remains to figure out how to decorate it. The beak, eyes and legs are understandable. But you can also add wings from paper fans or paper cupcake molds. From the same molds, you can make lush owl breasts – as in the photo below.

Owls do it yourself


Any fabric is suitable for making an owl. Your line trousers. Remains of upholstery fabric. A ripped floral print blouse. Any trimmings can very quickly become beautiful do-it-yourself owls.

Even ordinary socks can turn into cute owls. The toe is cut off. And from above it is notched in the shape of a triangle. This triangular projection flips forward to form the ears and beak. Sew eyes and wings from felt or pieces of the same sock.

Flat DIY felt appliques in the shape of an owl is also an interesting topic for children. Here you need to carefully cut out all the details and sew them on a thick fabric stretched over the embroidery hoop.

DIY felt owls can be made in a variety of styles. It can be a charming young lady-owl – a pure barrel-organ – or an artifact in the shape of a bully owl.

Felt owls will be able to complement elegant autumn wreaths for interior decoration.

Also, your children will be happy to make a whole tree with small owls from felt .

In the shape of an owl from felt, you can make both a keychain for keys and a fragrant pendant in the car (if you fill it with the contents of a sachet for clothes – dried lavender, etc.)NS.).

Also, a case for a phone or a notebook can be sewn in the shape of a cute owl with your own hands.

And even the table setting can be decorated in the theme of owls – to sew cutlery covers with owl-winged pockets.


Children’s crafts.

You can also make DIY stickers from stained-glass rubber paints with your own hands. Draw a sketch of an owl on a sheet of paper. We insert a sheet of paper into a transparent office file – and outline the outlines of the picture with stained glass paints for children.Dry on the cupboard – one night. And peel off the frozen dense owl pattern from the cellophane and glue it on a window or mirror. Beautiful do-it-yourself owl craft.

With ordinary paints – gouache or acrylic, you can draw bright cartoon owls cu. It is very simple here – the shape of an owl can be any – the main thing is that it has ears, eyes and a beak. Everything else is up to your taste and imagination.

The main thing (pay attention to the photo) is that each painted element of the owl should be outlined with a separate color .Then the drawing will be expressive and not vague.

You can draw a whole owl tree. Draw with a pencil first. And then ask the children to decorate with all colors. They will love this DIY coloring.

Owls do it yourself


Children are very fond of to play mosaic . And what if this mosaic is made of colored buttons and beads. And offer them the outlines of an owl drawn on paper.Children will be happy to add these owls. If the applique is successful, you can take a photo of it, then remove all buttons and repeat the craft from the photo using hot glue from a pistol.

Buttons are an expensive pleasure these days. To make the craft require less money, you can order cheap sets of buttons on Ali-express (Chinese site). You can also use buttons only in some elements of the owl – and fill the rest of the space with beads (so cheaper) – as is done in the photo below.

You can add the contours of such a mosaic from long sticks of glass beads – as in the photo of the craft below.

You can make an owl mosaic with your own hands from broken ceramic tiles . We break the usual facing tiles with a hammer (wrapped in a towel so that the fragments do not scatter).

Prepare a flat tray. Put cement or gypsum mortar on it – a mixture for laying tiles will do. On this wet mortar, draw the outline of an owl with a sharp stick and lay the mosaic.

It is very good to use old CDs in such applications – they are simply cut into fragments with scissors. It turns out very nicely (photo below).

You can also use large beads, rhinestones and glass decorative stones from a decor store in this mosaic applique.

For such a mosaic craft, you can make a substrate from a kitchen board. And then this picture with your own hands can decorate your kitchen.

And you can also not throw away the broken service, but use it in the manufacture of your own owl craft.

Here is such a piggy bank of ideas for those who themselves want to make a real beautiful owl with their own hands.

Successful crafts this season.

Olga Klishevskaya, specially for the site “Family Kuchka”

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