Annoying question: 25 Very Annoying Questions That People Love To Ask


25 Very Annoying Questions That People Love To Ask

No matter who you are, you’ve almost certainly been asked an annoying question at least once in your life. If you’re tall, then people would always ask you why you were so tall. If you’re short, people would always ask you why you’re so short.

It’s inevitable. There is always room for silly and annoying questions that are sure to annoy you. Some of you have likely heard the same silly question over and over again so many times that you have even come up with witty answers and comebacks. Even if you haven’t though, it’s very possible that this list is relevant to you.

You may even be the one asking the annoying questions but your friends have been too nice to tell you how annoying it is. Either way, you’ll probably relate to this list in one way or another. The only sure thing is that we all annoy each other somehow, and if you can’t stop annoying each other, you might as well have a good laugh about it. That’s exactly what we’re going to be doing today, so come on and get ready because these are 25 Very Annoying Questions That People Love To Ask!

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Uh…so do you want a scientific explanation?

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Do you play miniature golf?

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Because I love your company and everything that you do! Now can I have a job please?

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Because I’m a raging alcoholic.  Why do you drink?

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So you want me to zone out for the next 5 minutes to desperately think of something while I ignore what everybody else in the room is saying?

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I’m not sure about strengths but my biggest weakness is definitely not having a solid exoskeleton. It makes me vulnerable to attacks from pointy objects.

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Wearing glasses doesn’t make me blind.

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Because he doesn’t do anything to pass it.

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I’m from here. I was born here. My parents were born here. My grandparents were born here. My great grandparents were from Hong Kong. Where are you really from?

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Really? Puerto Rico is part of the United States. I was born a citizen, Einstein.

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Are you looking for reasons to hate me?

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I am. I’m just ignoring you.

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The others didn’t give me interviews.

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That someone somewhere has the largest appendix on Earth and doesn’t even know it. Honestly, probably 99% of my thoughts are just as underwhelming.

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*sigh* What do you want me to say?

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Nothing. That’s why they call it a disorder.

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Because I’m shy, and you put me on the spot.

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And this information is critical to your life because?

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Seriously? I don’t even know what I’m having for dinner tonight.

The 10 Most Annoying Questions People Always Ask

Everyone these days is tactless. There is no longer any tact. I’m not sure who or what to blame for this. Twitter? Donald Trump? Pokemon Go?

Whoever is to blame, the fact remains that most of us are forced to go through our days circumnavigating everyone else’s idiocy and answering dumbarse questions.

Here are 10 such questions that nobody except terrorists and insane despots should be subjected to.

Is something wrong?

This question is pretty annoying when there IS something wrong and really, really annoying when there ISN’T. The conversation usually goes something like this:

-Is something wrong?


-Are you sure?

-Yeah, I just said there’s nothing wrong.

-No need to snap at me, I was just asking.


-I knew you were upset about something. Want to talk about it?

Are you drunk?

In the same spirit as the first question, when asked this one you are either going to be drunk, in which case you’ll drunkenly deny it, or you’re not, in which case you will enthusiastically overstate your case for not being intoxicated and thus convince the person that you are, in fact, intoxicated.

Are you high?

Same as above but with more giggling.

When are you going to have kids?

There is no point in someone’s life when this is an OK question to ask. You have a friend who’s single? Really inappropriate; maybe they are desperately unhappy because they can’t find a partner and have kids. A friend who just got into a relationship? My god, are you trying to ruin it? A newlywed couple? Leave them the hell alone! What business of yours is their reproductive plans? If you want more cuteness in your life buy a baby otter.

Am I able to switch my tomato for avocado?

Yeah, sure, you can actually swap any ingredients on this menu for more expensive ingredients. One handy trick to save money is to order a slice of toast with butter but ask to change the butter for eggs benedict.

What do you want to do with your life?

Well, my dream is to flit around between different jobs with a variety of employers who will only ever give me short-term contracts, fret about not being able to afford a house, enter into a romantic relationship I can’t afford and eventually have kids I can’t afford to raise. Oh, one day I’d like a cute, expensive puppy too. Either that or I want to be the first person on Mars.

Oh haven’t you read ____?

Don’t get fucking pompous with me because I haven’t read a book and you have. Do you know how many books there are in the world? I would say at least a thousand. I’ve read a shitload of books but that is only a minute fraction of the total number, and everyone else is in the same boat. Oh wow, you’ve read Papillon and I haven’t? What a tremendous patron of the fine art of fuckwittery you are.

Do you need a receipt?

Can we just make it a rule that in the 2% of cases that people actually want a receipt for their coffee or cheese and bacon muffin, THEY ASK FOR IT? I have no idea who these people are who write their McMuffins off on tax, but I’m sure they’d agree to request their invoice to save the other 98% of us from having to say we don’t want a receipt for every purchase we make in our lives.

You know you’ve got a huge pimple?

Really? Colour me shocked! Oh that’s right, now that you mention it, I DID spend an hour this morning staring at it in the mirror, then another hour resisting the temptation to squeeze it, then giving in just before I walked out the door and squeezing it, thus making a terrible mess of my face and causing me great pain, discomfort and embarrassment. Thanks for pointing it out, though, fam.

Was it good?

YES! The sex was amazing. But even if it was terrible I would still tell you it was amazing. What the hell else would I say? It would be extremely awkward for me to tell you that the intercourse we just had was feral, since you’re still in my room and I have no idea how you’ll react to that. Maybe you’ll want to try again. Maybe you’ll smash a lamp over my head. Maybe you’ll start crying and then I’ll start crying because I made you cry. So just don’t bother asking and assume the answer is ‘YES! The sex was amazing’.

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93 Funny Stupid Questions To Ask your Friends❓

Life gets serious. Life gets long. Life gets boring. So to lighten the mood and add a little laughter to your days, it helps to be able to loosen up and focus on simpler things. Often, we find ourselves faced with life’s hard questions, and although it helps to exercise our minds and come up with the right answers, we don’t always have to be so serious.

If you were hoping to get a laugh and maybe share a few smiles with your friends, or if you were looking for a way to spark a fun conversation with a new friend, then this list of stupid questions to ask might be just the right remedy. De-stress and let loose – here are some silly questions to lighten your mood.

Random Nonsense Questions

Now, these questions beg for an answer, but the answers don’t have to make sense. Asking these random nonsense questions can lighten a conversation and make way for a few laughs, but they might also help you learn a little more about the person you’re talking to. Try asking these random questions while you’re sitting around and hanging out, or even over a meal. They’re sure to spark a fun conversation that will keep you talking for hours on end.

  1. What are three things you could buy at a grocery store to make the cashier give you weird looks?
  2. If you could replace all of the grass in the world with something else, what would it be and why?
  3. If animals could talk, which species would be the rudest of them all?
  4. If you could merge two different animals to create the ultimate animal, what two animals would it be and what would be their product?
  5. Would you rather own a horse the size of a cat or a cat the size of a mouse?
  6. If you were suddenly arrested for no reason and your face was flashed all over the news, what would your family and friends assume that you did?
  7. If you were to appoint a president of the internet, who would it be and why?
  8. If you were put in charge of creating a brand new global holiday, what would you name it and how would it be celebrated? What time of year would it be held?
  9. You can make one of your body parts detachable without any negative repercussions. What body part would it be and why?
  10. Your life is now a video game. What are some of the cheat codes you can use and what do they do?
  11. How many chickens would it take to be able to kill a lion?
  12. Brushing your teeth or wiping your butt – you have to give one up. Which one would it be and why?
  13. The zombie apocalypse has begun! You have an SUV and a baseball bat. Where are you going first?
  14. What’s the worst tag line you can think of for a brand that sells wart removal cream?
  15. What outrageous conspiracy theory do you think might actually seem like a logical argument?
  16. During the apocalypse, would it be better to live on your own or in a community?
  17. A witch has cast a spell on you turning you into an inanimate, non-electronic object for a year. To be changed back into human form before the year is up, you need to be able to get at least a hundred people to touch you. What inanimate object would you be?
  18. You’ve been tossed into an insane asylum. What do you tell the people there to prove to them that you don’t belong inside?
  19. You found a time machine that took you back 600 years. All you have are the clothes on your back. How do you tell the people that you’re from the future?
  20. What is the worst thing that a person can put on their bio on a dating app?
  21. Would you rather have a disease that makes you say every thought that ever crosses your mind, or a disease that makes you react very inappropriately to all the interactions that happen to you and around you?
  22. You’re now a superhero with an unlikely power. Is it the ability to shoot meatballs out of your nostrils, or the power to create force fields but only around ants?
  23. If your pet could talk, what’s one thing they could say that would completely ruin your image?
  24. What’s something that doesn’t really smell great, but you keep wanting to smell it anyway?
  25. You’re now the president, but you can only make changes that improve the lives of cats in your jurisdiction. What three things would you change to support the felines in your community?
  26. You’ve just won an all-expense paid trip to anywhere in the world, but you can only go if you take three of the people you dislike the most with you. Who are they and where are you going?
  27. If you had three extra siblings, what would be your birth order and what personalities would you like them to have?
  28. You’ve been alone on a desert island for nearly a decade and you’re finally brought back to civilization. You’re handed the keys to the presidential suite in a 5-star hotel. What do you do first – use the bathroom or sleep in the king-sized bed?
  29. You’re homeless and only have one choice of clothing – a tattered, oversized white shirt with very thin fabric and lots of holes, or an extremely tight flesh-colored set of underwear. What’ll it be?
  30. You are now banned from the local library. What would be the reason for it?
  31. If you could change your name at this very moment, but it couldn’t contain any of the odd numbered letters in the alphabet, what name would you choose?
  32. If you could change what falls from the sky every time it rains, what would it be and why? Note: it can’t be anything of significant value.

Ironic Questions

Unlike the previous list, these questions don’t really ask for answer because they’re really just ironic. Perfect for breaking the ice or for making a boring conversation more interesting, these ironic questions might just be the ideal way to give your friends a well-deserved laugh so they can loosen up after a serious day.

  1. Can blind people see their dreams?
  2. Why is it called ‘shipping’ if it goes by truck? Why is it called ‘cargo’ when it goes by ship?
  3. How do bankruptcy attorneys make any money?
  4. If an ambulance hits someone on the road while transporting someone to a hospital, do they bring that person with them too?
  5. If a doctor has a heart attack while performing a surgery, will the other doctors and nurses present work on him first?
  6. If you throw your cat outside, will it be called kitty litter?
  7. If roses are red, why are violets blue?
  8. If a Smurf starts to choke, what color it will it become?
  9. If prunes are dried plums, where do they get prune juice from?
  10. Why do they say ‘like taking candy from a baby’ when babies tend to be greedy with candy? Wouldn’t it be easier to take money from a baby?
  11. Why do round pizzas come in square boxes?
  12. Why do we say that an alarm clock goes ‘off’ when it actually tuns on?
  13. If someone owns a piece of land, how deep does their ownership go? Do they own it all the way to the center of the earth?
  14. Do hummingbirds hum because they can’t remember any of the words?
  15. Is it possible to see someone’s tears underwater?
  16. Why are there things called unsolved mysteries? Shouldn’t they be unsolved in the first place to be called a mystery?
  17. Do penguins have knees?
  18. Why do they say ‘giving my two cents’ when it’s only a penny for your thoughts?
  19. If you pamper a cow and give it lots of stuff, does it produce spoiled milk?
  20. Why is drowsiness listed as a side-effect for sleeping pills?
  21. What was the first person to milk a cow trying to do?
  22. Who came up with names for things? Like, who stood in front of a door and said ‘hmm, this is a door’?
  23. Why is it that when people are asked what they would bring to a deserted island, they never answer ‘a boat’?
  24. Do mermaids give birth to live children or do they lay eggs?
  25. Do Roman nurses and health care workers refer to an IV as a four?
  26. What symbol represents zero in the roman numerals?
  27. If people from Poland are called Poles, do you call people from Holand ‘Holes’?
  28. Why are chickpeas called chickpeas when they’re neither chicks nor peas?
  29. Why do the words ‘overlook’ and ‘oversee’ mean different things when look and see are nearly synonyms?
  30. If a person suffering from amnesia was suddenly cured, would they remember that they had no memory?
  31. Where did dictionary makers look to find the meanings for the words before dictionaries were in existence?
  32. Why do we say ‘after dark’ when it’s actually really after light?
  33. Do you need to set an appointment to see a psychic or will they be expecting you?
  34. Why does a grapefruit look and taste nothing like a grape?
  35. Why are there self-help groups if it’s supposed to be SELF help?
  36. Is the sea salty because the shore never waves back?
  37. If an unidentified flying object fell to the ground and people were able to identify what it was, would it be called a flying object?
  38. What do you call a male lady bug?
  39. Can atheists get insurance policies that cover acts of God?
  40. If you can say that you’re speechless, doesn’t that mean that you were able to talk, and are thus, not speechless?
  41. What makes the difference between a wise man and a wise guy?
  42. Why do we say that something is ‘out of whack’? what is a whack in the first place?
  43. Why do people say that something sells like ‘hotcakes’ if they sell out fast? How fast do hotcakes sell?
  44. Why do we say that we have the weight of the world on our shoulders, but when we try to express it, we say we have to get it off of our chests?
  45. If you decide to describe yourself as indecisive, are you decisive or indecisive?
  46. Why is room temperature used as a measurement of warmth when not all rooms have the same temperature?
  47. What does ‘ok’ actually mean?
  48. Why do super heroes wear their underwear outside of their clothes?
  49. If eating your dessert before a meal will spoil your appetite, then won’t eating a meal before your dessert ruin your appetite for dessert?
  50. Why do women and men’s shoe sizes have to be different? Why can’t it be one size chart that just goes through all foot sizes?
  51. Why didn’t they list the word ‘gullible’ in the dictionary?
  52. Is it possible to blow up a balloon while you’re under water?
  53. Why is it that you can’t hum while your nose is plugged? Do we hum through our mouths or through our noses?
  54. Why do we say that people work like a dog if they work all day when all dogs do is lie around?
  55. Do people with a stutter also stutter in their thoughts?
  56. If all of the world is in debt, where did that money go? Who do we owe money to?
  57. Why is it necessary to nail down a coffin’s lid? Are we expecting what’s inside to try to break free?
  58. If a boy named after his dad is called junior, what do you call a girl named after her mom?
  59. Why did they name Donkey Kong that way if he’s a monkey and not a donkey?
  60. When they say that a specific dog food has a new and improved flavor, who tests it?
  61. If a piece of gum is 10 calories, does that include just the chewing or if you swallow it, too?

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The Most Annoying Question on Earth


One of my grandsons learned to ask, “Why?” soon after he learned to say, “No!” and well before “Please.” He is a sweet boy whom I love dearly, but, frankly, I find his single-word reply to whatever answer I might give annoying. Too often, I end up replying, as my father before me, “Just because.”

Why? Because “Why?” is both inquisitive and challenging. It asks to know more and it accuses its target of holding back, of giving an insufficient answer.

Why is the topic of this blog. Why? Because “Why?” is simply the most important question that can be asked. Why? Because it is both inquisitive and challenging. Because it is unsatisfied. Because it demands thought and commitment to an informed opinion.

Why answer “Why?” when “How?” is much easier. After all, “How?” deals in facts, not opinions. Augmenting a thorough “How?” answer with a “What?” answer makes for consistent bids, consistent deliverables and iron-clad specifications. We, the experts, know that if you will just do this with that at a low price that we will be happy and you will get paid.

“Why?” asks some control system integrator engineer who has obviously not matured beyond the age of 4, and whose experience is not with your process, but from other industries entirely. “Why do that?” they ask.

To which the response is too often: “Just because… That’s how we do it here.” True, it is easy to waste time explaining something to someone who knows much less. But it is also true that game-changing improvements come from individuals unencumbered by detailed knowledge.

Why do I ask “Why?” First, to satisfy my insatiable desire to learn. Second, because I have met many other engineers honest enough to respond, “I don’t know.” As often as not, my contribution is only to question, not to offer an answer. Third, because I have seen results from my asking. Clients reduce cost, eliminate waste, improve quality or deliver faster.

Why? Because I was either smart enough or dumb enough—take your pick—to ask, “Why?” Perhaps my grandson will be an engineer someday.

Tim Matheny is president of ECS Solutions Inc., a certified member of the Control System Integrators Association (CSIA). He is also the author of a paper on the subject of model-based control, presented to the ISA Food and Pharmaceutical Industry Division in 2014. To obtain a copy of Tim’s paper, or for more information about ECS Solutions, visit the company’s profile on the Industrial Automation Exchange.


10 Irritating Questions To Never Ask Women

You’re standing in front of a woman — maybe she’s a relative, or a new acquaintance, or a perfect stranger — and you’re about to ask her a question. Something to spark a conversation, illicit a response.

Now, before the words stumble out, ask yourself one thing: Is this a good question, or an annoying question?

Here’s how you’ll know the difference: A good question is thoughtful, interesting, engaging. It’s rooted in whatever is happening in that moment, rather than randomly spewed from a grab-bag of generic conversation starters. Those are more likely to be annoying questions. Empty, boring, unoriginal.

Annoying questions can be fully rooted in ignorance, or they might be clouded with passive aggression and judgment. Our eyes roll just the same.

Now, I know what you’re thinking: you don’t mean to be irritating. It’s small talk. And maybe we’re all being a little overly sensitive with these “What Not To Say” posts littering the Internet.

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I’m with you on all that, but you’re missing one glaring problem: Your questions suck.

Sure they “shouldn’t” irritate us; they’re just words. We “should” let things roll off our backs, even the questions we hear over and over and over. Bigger person, and all that.

But you could also ask better, less annoying questions.

Here are 10 questions to never ask a woman, under any circumstances:

1. “Are you tired?”

What she hears: “Damn, you look terrible.”

No one aspires to look tired. You don’t see us asking Sephora employees for help with that “exhaustion” eye makeup trend. Generally, we’re buying makeup to cover up the fact our eyes are sunken into purplish puffs, and our skin is dull and parched.

And so, if we’re not all that tired (maybe we just skipped the mascara this morning), we’re left thinking: What’s wrong with my face?


“How do you do it all?”

What she hears: “You do do it all, don’t you? Your life looks so perfect… isn’t it? You have it all together… right?”

Of course we don’t do it all! What kind of question is that?

Do you know how much “all” encompasses? Can you narrow your focus, just a smidge? We either end up listing our sacrifices and shortcomings in some kind of uncomfortable rebuttal or we laugh it off, internally remembering all of the ways we’re falling short.

It’s just an unnecessary, annoying question with no real response. Skip.

3. “What are you waiting for?”

What she hears: “Hurry!!!”

Why aren’t we married? Why haven’t we had a kid yet? Why don’t we have another kid yet? We need to have a girl (or a boy, if we already have girls at home), we need to freeze our eggs, we need to find a husband, we need to start that business… what are you waiting for?!

Whether it’s our family size, fertility decisions, career goals, or marital situations, we don’t need to justify or explain our personal choices — and we sure as hell don’t need to be pressured into them.

4. “Wowza, is it that time of the month?”

What she hears: “Your emotions and thoughts hold less weight because, ya know, periods and all.”

Nothing invalidates a woman’s feelings like this clever question — as if our bodies are momentarily snatched by blood-leaking zombies who strictly operate to their hormonal coding. As if the blood is coming directly from our brains, and can’t… form… rational… sentences.

Ignore us. Check back in 3 to 7 days.

5. “What do you do all day?” (said to a stay-at-home mom)

What she hears: “Wow, your life sounds boring.”

What are you expecting to gain from this question? A run down of her daily stay-at-home-mom duties? A hushed admission that, yes, just as you suspected, she secretly does nothing all day long — you got her!

Are you trying to make her stutter defensively, weep out of sheer insecurity? Are you really looking for a daily play-by-play, or maybe — maybe! — you want to pick a better question?

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“Aren’t you a little young/old for that?”

What she hears: “Psssh. You can’t do that.”

The fascinating thing about being a woman is realizing that there’s a very small 3-to-4-year window where a woman isn’t “too young” or “too old” — a brief period between “slow down!” and “hurry up!”

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So please don’t judge our accomplishments, goals, or choices based on our age; it’s been done, ad nauseam. In fact, any question circling around our age deserves a big fat pass.

7. “You’re not a feminist, are you?”

What she hears: “Wanna have an uncomfortable argument?”

This question is either followed up by a debate on what, exactly, the word “feminist” means (as we have some convoluted definitions), or it shuts down all future conversations forevermore.

In reality, this question only deserves one response: “I do think women and men deserve equal protection under the law, which, technically, is feminism.” The end. So why bother starting it?

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8. “You know what causes that, right?” (said to a pregnant woman)

What she hears: “Too stupid for birth control, dummy?”

Maybe you see a visibly pregnant woman pushing a grocery cart with three small kids trailing behind and you decide to be cute or witty with your little zinger. (And what are you expecting in return? “No, I’m not sure how I managed to get knocked up again, please, please, give me the answer!”)

But before you say it, think. Then remember you don’t have to be a condescending jerk today.

9. “Should you be eating/drinking that?”

What she hears: The noisy static of judgment.

Mind your business around my food. Whether it comes from a well-meaning friend or a judgy frenemy or a die-hard vegan, it’s always an irritating question, in all of its varieties.

10. “Are you pregnant?”

What she hears: “Are you growing a human or just getting hefty around the middle?”

Listen to me carefully. Never, under any circumstance, ask this question without accepting that you might hear this dreaded response: “I’m not.”

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Michelle Horton is the founder and editor of Early Mama — a site that proves young motherhood doesn’t have to define or limit us. Follow her on Twitter for more.

The most annoying question online

Story highlights

  • “Have you heard from ____ yet?” is pointless to ask on social media, writers say
  • Your friend will update with new information when they do hear back
  • Ask what medium your friend is monitoring and pick a different one to say hello

We humans are curious monkeys, hungry for novel information as we go through our days.

From the time we’re toddlers, we’re pestering those around us with plaintive demands for explanations, and as we get older, that drive to know doesn’t disappear — it just changes shape.

Queries such as “Why do fireflies light up?” and “Are we there yet?” are really not so different from an epically annoying question, typically delivered through digital means: “Have you heard from ____ yet?”

And that, dear readers, is one of the single most annoying English phrases you can text/tweet/post on someone’s wall/Tumblr or, for that matter, relay via smoke signals from mountaintop to distant mountaintop. And yet we utter it so often, all well-intentioned, when a friend is waiting to hear back from a new love interest, or about a new job, or about a contest for which she’s a finalist, whatever.

But instead of helping, the eager little question just annoys the hell out of the recipient.

Why, you ask, you inquisitive creature you? First off, asking such a question is pointless — if you’re close enough to feel entitled to check in, then you should be at the top of the list of people said friend will update when there’s news.

The odds that he’ll answer, “Shucks, I wasn’t going to tell you, but now that you’ve asked, they offered me the position and I accepted so I’m moving to San Francisco next week! What’s new with you?” are slim, to say the least. Much more likely: You’ll get a pained expression and a “No, nothing yet,” and you’ve just ruined your buddy’s night. Well done.

Popping the question via phone call or text poses an additional problem — your stuck-in-limbo friend has probably been staring at her cell for hours, praying it will ring or beep, and your little ring-a-ling or text likely shot her blood pressure up by a solid 200%. Sending a check-in text to a friend who’s waiting for a text isn’t just pointless — it’s downright cruel.

But you, being a good friend/mom/mentor/frenemy/whatever, can’t just sit on your hands while your loved one sits on her hands, right? With that in mind, here are a few tips for not being a social networking pest while your friend awaits important news.

1. Pick a medium that will not cue a stroke.

Figure out what channel your friend is expecting the news on and pick a different one to say hello. If she’s waiting to hear back from a dude about a second date, figure he’s going to call or text (unless he is completely awful and only communicates with her on Facebook, in which case — abort! abort!), and use a totally unrelated medium for checking in, such as e-mail. (True, some people have their smartphones set to get an alert anytime anyone tweets at, e-mails, tags or makes a Words with Friends move against them, in which case any contact you attempt will give their phone a jolt. But that’s their own fault.)

2. Say something encouraging.

Bite your tongue and avoid asking for an update. Assume there isn’t one. Instead mention the situation at hand in a positive way — for example, if your buddy’s waiting to hear from HR with bated breath, you can say something reassuring about how strong a candidate he must be and how you’re looking forward to taking him out for celebratory beers once this or another gig works out.

3. Change the subject.

Anyone in communication limbo is wishing, nay, aching to take her mind off of the waiting. Any topic will do — “Twin Peaks” episode summaries, your prattling list of new blog ideas (“Bad OKCupid Messages! Overheard at Walmart! Something with Something To Do With Hipsters!”), a discussion of theoretical physics, you name it. Just get the ball rolling in another direction, ask some questions and voila, your friend’s heart rate will creep back into the normal range.

The Most Annoying Interview Question That Interviewers Need to Stop Asking

It’s surely the most annoying and predictable interview question that ever gets asked: “What is your greatest weakness?

I’ll start out by saying that I hate this question. Everyone hates this question.

As various techniques, styles, and technologies for hiring come and go out of fashion, this question persists like a cockroach. So I thought I would take the time to document my advice on dealing most effectively with this question.

Why do people ask this question?

Interviewers ask this question for a few different reasons.

  1. They are actually interested in getting a rounded perspective of the candidate.
  2. They know it’s a standard interview question so they ask it without any particular purpose or desired outcome. Yes, they’re aksing it and just checking a box.
  3. They want to try and trip you up by asking you an annoying question that puts you on the defense to see you you’ll react.

In all of these cases, from my experience interviewing personally, as well as when I interviewed other candidates, the best answers take the following form:

  • First, re-iterate your strengths.
  • Then note the areas where you do not have strengths.
  • Talk about how you manage the associated risks and shortfalls.
  • End on a high note

I think this covers all of the above interviewer goals quite nicely.

Remember: Don’t let this question throw you or put you on the defensive. Prepare for it.

“What is your greatest weakness?” 

Here is an example of how I have answered this question:

“So Patty, What is your greatest weakness?”

  • Step 1 — Think: I expected this and I have an answer that I am comfortable with…
  • Step 2 — Say something like, “Well as we discussed, my strengths are in building teams that can execute, executing strategy, and communicating. That involves excellent strategic and operational skills, team building, organizational development, as well as strong communication and motivation skills.” You need to keep this brief enough that it does not seem like an evasion. (Actually it’s important to articulate this brief description of your strengths whether or not you get asked the weakness question.)
  • Step 3 — Also add, “The areas where I lack strengths are in being a visionary technologist, and, being a deep financial analytical person.
  • Step 4 — Then say, “The way that I overcome this is that when I build a team that can execute, I make sure to always have (or recruit) a strong technology visionary and a strong financial analyst.” 
  • Step 5 — Close with, “No one person can be good at everything, but a team can. In this manner I make up for my own weaknesses by putting people on my team who are stronger in those areas than I could ever dream of being, and I create an environment where they can truly thrive, because creating a productive work environment IS a strength of mine.”

The benefit of this approach is that you are not evading the answer because you are giving a good answer, and, you are also saying something positive and action oriented. 

Note to interviewers: Stop asking this question!

If you want to learn something real and interesting about the person in non-ideal situations, don’t simply ask, “What are your weaknesses?” Instead ask them something more interesting about actual, challenging situations. For example:

  1. Tell me about a time where you had to deal with a very difficult or unfair situation, or a difficult person.
  2. Tell me about the most painful surprise in your career and what you learned from it.
  3. Tell me about a time when you were wrong. What did you do about it?
  4. Tell me about a time when you really struggled with a work situation or project. What happened, and what did you do about it?
  5. Tell me about a failure in your career and how you handled it?

By the way, weak performers will be scared off by these questions and strong performers will be excited to tell you their stories — especially Question No. 5.

By the way, strong performers have a mindset that failure is not personally damaging — it’s instead a great opportunity to grow.

High performers will not only NOT-avoid this question, but they’ll jump in with, “Let me tell you about a real disaster!” with a smile on their face.  In fact, strong performers always see failure as a learning opportunity, and they’ll learn something really important that they are more than happy to talk about.

There are plenty of opportunities to make your interview more insightful and useful if you ask more insightful and useful questions than, “What is your greatest weakness?”

How to politely answer a person if he is not into his own business.

Sometimes people around forget about tact and ask questions that are baffling with their arrogance. There is no desire to answer them frankly, and this is not necessary, because there are many ways to get away from the answer and avoid an awkward situation, while remaining within the bounds of decency.

You can listen to this article. Play a podcast if that’s more comfortable for you.

Diplomatic answers

Sometimes inappropriate questions come from completely strangers, with whom, nevertheless, there is no need to spoil the relationship. And even more so, you shouldn’t satisfy their curiosity. Quite politely, but firmly, let them know that you do not intend to develop a discussion on the topic raised. Here’s how you can answer:

  • I hate to talk about it.
  • Sorry, but this is personal.
  • Doesn’t matter. Oh, well, what’s the difference.
  • Long storytelling.
  • Difficult question. I can’t answer it straight away.
  • What are we all about me! Let’s talk about you better.
  • Sorry, I can’t tell you that.I hope you understand.

By the way, the phrase “I hope you understand” works wonders. It makes your opponent realize that you consider him to be a polite and tactful person who knows himself why you cannot keep up the conversation on the topic raised by him.

Your words will sound kinder if you say them with a smile.

Answers for the especially curious

What is tactless for some, for others can be a healthy curiosity, in which there is nothing to be ashamed of. Such people do not even realize that their questions have hurt you in some way. They are waiting for a sincere answer and will probably repeat their question if you try to hush up the conversation. Hints won’t get you anywhere either.

For example, if you respond to an inappropriate question with a counter meaningful “Why are you asking?”, Be prepared for the fact that it will not work and the person will not understand that he asked too much. It may also happen that you will receive an answer that is stunning in its simplicity: “I’m just interested.”After that, they will continue to wait for an answer from you. In this case, you have to say bluntly that you do not want to discuss this topic.

The dialogue may not end at this point, because your interlocutor will quite sincerely ask why you do not want to talk about it. And if you have the time and patience, it will be useful to really explain why you think the subject of the conversation is inappropriate. You will have to answer simply and directly:

  • Because we discuss this issue only with our family and with no one else.
  • Because I hate this topic.
  • Because this is personal and only concerns me.
  • Because I promised not to talk about it.
  • Because I don’t like to share these things.
  • Because I don’t want to.

It is very important to say this in a calm tone, without a challenge in your voice. Let the other person know that you are not hostile, but you will not allow yourself to violate your boundaries.

It is more difficult if your interlocutor is not just curious, but deliberately seeks to embarrass you.In this case, there is no choice but to say directly that you will not answer this question and this topic is not discussed.

Answers with humor

The first reaction to a tactless question is shock and indignation. However, the person who asked him may not have done this to offend you or provoke a quarrel, but simply without thinking. Most often, this is the sin of friends and relatives, who are sure that we will always understand them correctly and will not be offended. To avoid conflict in such situations, try to laugh it off:

  • Is this an interrogation? I need a lawyer!
  • How much do I get? And is it not only food that is given for work?
  • This is a secret.Can you keep secrets? I can do it too.
  • I, of course, can tell you, but after that I have to kill you.
  • When are you married? Probably I won’t be in time today. Maybe tomorrow.

This is how you throw the ball into half of the field of your interlocutor. Now let him think about how to react to your joke.

Did you ask? We answer!

How much do you earn?

  • Enough for life.
  • Thank you, not complaining.
  • I would like, of course, more, but who would not like, right?

When will you get married / have kids?

  • Everything has its time.
  • When we are ready to take on that responsibility.
  • As soon as possible.

Why were you fired?

  • Long history. Better tell me how you are doing.
  • Oh, everything is so complicated there, I don’t want to burden you with details.
  • Because everything ends someday and it’s time to move on.

Are you dating someone?

  • Every day! Today, for example, we met with you.
  • I’m not complaining about loneliness.
  • I’ll tell you later.

In addition to evasive answers, jokes and polite refusals, there is another option – not to say anything. You can just smile silently and let the question hang in the air. Chances are, your opponent will feel uncomfortable and want to change the subject.

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Biden scolded a journalist over a question about vaccination

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Biden called the journalist over the issue of vaccination

Biden scolded the journalist over the issue of vaccination – RIA Novosti, 27.07.2021

Biden called the journalist over the issue of vaccination

US President Joe Biden jokingly jerked the journalist over the question of the mandatory vaccination of certain groups of health workers. The transcript of the conversation is presented on … RIA Novosti, 27.07.2021

2021-07-27T18: 44

2021-07-27T18: 44

2021-07-27T21: 10

in the world



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covid-19 coronavirus

mustafa al-kazemi

/ html / head / meta [@ name = ‘og: title’] / @ content

/ html / head / meta [ @ name = ‘og: description’] / @ content

https: //

MOSCOW, July 27 – RIA Novosti. US President Joe Biden jokingly jerked the journalist over the question of the mandatory vaccination of certain groups of health workers. A transcript of the conversation is posted on the White House website. The question was raised during a meeting between Biden and Iraqi Prime Minister Mustafa al-Kazemi. One of the journalists unexpectedly asked the American leader to comment on the statement of the Minister of Veterans Affairs Denis McDonough, who had previously made mandatory vaccination against coronavirus for doctors working in the department. “You are so annoying,” Biden remarked. The journalist said that she took the remark as a compliment. The President, in turn, stressed that the question “has nothing to do with the topic of Iraq.” “But we have known each other for a long time. I will answer the question,” Biden concluded. vaccinated.


RIA Novosti

internet-group @ rian …ru

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FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

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RIA Novosti

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FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

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ru-RU /docs/about/copyright.html

https: // xn – c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn – p1ai /

RIA Novosti

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FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og. xn--p1ai/awards / 0:3072:2048_1920x0_80_0_0_98e259b1ad3ebfe859afde4c44648b7a.jpg

RIA Novosti internet-group5

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: // xn – c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn – p1ai / awards /

RIA Novosti

[email protected]

7 495 645-6601

FSUE MIA “Russia Today”

https: //xn--c1acbl2abdlkab1og.xn--p1ai / awards /

in the world, vaccination, usa, joe biden, denis mcdonough, coronavirus covid-19, mustafa al-kazemi

18:44 07/27/2021 (updated: 21:10 07/27/2021)

Biden scolded the journalist from- for the question about vaccination

How to remind a recruiter of yourself | Career | DW

So, you are going to work in Germany, and your resume, which took so much time and effort, has been sent.The next step is for the HR department: the recruiter will have to look through the documents of the person who wants to get the job and decide whether to invite him for an interview or immediately reject his candidacy.

This will of course take some time. And the applicant for the vacancy only has to wait for a phone call or an envelope in his mailbox. But how long should you wait? Is it possible, while waiting for a response, to call the company and ask how things are with your application? What questions should be asked, and what should not be asked categorically?

Not in three days, but in two weeks

Experts warn: do not grab the phone receiver without thinking carefully about when to call and what to ask! Better yet, take an interest in the advice of professionals, so as not to induce the personnel officer, who is annoyed by phone calls, to reject your candidacy, without even reading the contents of the resume.

Pressure on the recruiter will not help the case

If you decide to inquire about the course of consideration of documents already three days after they were sent, you will demonstrate to the potential employer a lack of patience and tact, as well as incompetence in relation to work processes at the enterprise, the authors of the Bewerbung argue. de, which highlights the specifics of employment in German companies.

They advise making inquiries no earlier than two weeks after sending the documents.If your resume was mailed, take another couple of days for delivery. Do not forget to write down the date the documents were sent to avoid confusion. It is best to inquire about your resume and the chances of being invited for an interview by phone, because the HR officer will have to respond to an e-mail request in writing, and this is an additional time consuming, which does not delight anyone, experts at the portal warn.

No empty phrases!

“There is one simple rule,” says Maren Lehky, HR consultant, in her column on Zeit Online, which advises readers early in their professional careers.- The larger the company, the more often resumes are received there, and the less often you should contact it with questions. In small and medium-sized enterprises, the situation is different: there you are, perhaps, one candidate out of ten. ” my resume. “Firstly, the chances that your letter was lost are minimal, at least in Germany. Secondly, it is clear and without further ado that this is not what you are interested in at all, writes Maren Lecky.

Another common question that impatient job seekers ask is something like: “I would like to know when I will be invited for an interview. I was offered another job and I have to quickly decide whether to accept the offer or not.” More often than not, this is not true, the author of the column claims, which is perfectly understood by your interlocutor in the HR department. Moreover, the recruiter knows that the purpose of this question is to put pressure on him. Who likes it? Of course not to anyone!

The human factor and patience will help

Both questions are empty phrases.Therefore, it is better not to ask them at all, but to turn to the interlocutor so that a normal human conversation ensues, advises Maren Lecky. First, ask if he has time to answer your question, and if not, when is the best time to call back. And then tell me honestly why you are calling. It might sound something like this: “I know that you have a lot to do without my resume. But I look forward to hearing, all run to the mailbox and check my email every five minutes. Please tell me what are my chances of getting an invitation. for an interview “.

Keep in mind, the expert warns that no one can instantly answer your question without having your documents in front of them. They must first be found and viewed, and the recruiter will need some time to do this. Ask, therefore, when you can be called back.

Don’t worry about having to wait again. After all, the process of considering documents does not depend on you in any way. The wait seems to be exhausting for you, while for recruiters who sift through hundreds of resumes a month, time passes quickly.Sometimes, such is the disappointing conclusion of Maren Lecky, the applicant has to wait weeks for an answer, and sometimes months.

90,000 “What annoys you about work?” – Work. ua

If you answer this question correctly, next time you will have to work with less annoying colleagues.

You might think that this question was taken from a profile on a dating site.But recruiters can ask you what annoys you about other people, how easily you get annoyed, in order to understand whether you can calmly relate to the habits of existing employees and integrate into the corporate culture. traditionally offers to prepare an answer in advance in order to look and feel more confident during the interview. The main direction of the answer is not to criticize every habit that annoys you, but to choose one thing and try not to scare off a potential employer.

Be honest about your concerns

Each of us has reasons for irritation, and when the working tension reaches the limit, this feeling begins to interfere with our effective teamwork. Don’t tell the other person that everything around you is annoying.

For example, about what is considered annoying by default – about a colleague’s attempt to appropriate the results of your work.

This does not happen often, but it annoys me when people pass the results of teamwork as their own.I want every employee who has contributed to the common cause to receive what he deserves .

Show indifference to little things

At the same time, employers do not want to hire employees who find a reason to be annoyed in the smallest details, so you should emphasize in your answer the fact that the little things do not bother you.

Try to frame your answer so that the other person does not think that you are unable to interact with people who prefer a different style of work.Answering this question, many applicants unwittingly demonstrate a lack of understanding and intolerance towards others, in which they fail.

I am concerned about major bugs and problems that affect the team as a whole. For example, I would be very upset if one of my colleagues could not meet the deadline for a collective project. It would be unfair to other members of the team .

Demonstrate tolerance for stimuli

Finally, you must prove your ability to be calm about what annoys you.Do not go to extremes, such as criticizing someone overly or trying to please.

Talk about how you deal with misunderstandings by talking to people. Emphasize that it is very important for you to come to a consensus, solve the problem, and not revel in it.

“I know how annoying it is to meet deadlines, so I always strive to make sure all colleagues have a clear understanding of common goals. If overlaps do happen, I try to figure out what can be done differently so that the situation does not repeat itself . “

You may not need this advice and recruiters will never ask you this question. But you should arm yourself, I am sure, no matter how you feel about this approach of interviewing.

Based on materials:

Please send a comment, you need to leave.

90,000 To scratch or not to scratch, that is the question.Scientists answer

Photo author, Getty Images

There is not much scientific knowledge about itching and scabies, but this underestimated field of medicine can reveal surprising facts about the human brain.

We have collected 12 facts that will make you scratch your head.

1. You scratch about 97 times a day

Photo by Getty Images

According to research, each of us itches about 100 times a day.Probably, you have something itching now. Scratch it, nobody will notice.

2. The urge to scratch is caused by toxins left on the skin by animals or plants

Photo Credit, Getty Images

Toxins trigger the release of histamine, which is part of the body’s immune response. As a result, nerve fibers begin to send “itchy” signals to the brain. The simplest example is meeting a jellyfish.

3. Scratching has its own nervous system

Photo author, Getty Images

itching is answered by certain nerve fibers.

4. Signals that itching somewhere are transmitted very slowly

Photo author, Getty Images

Nerve fibers have different speeds:

  • Touch signal transmission speed – 321 km / h
  • ” fast pain “(which you experience if, for example, accidentally touched a hot plate) is transmitted at a speed of 128 km / h
  • the desire to scratch” crawls “at a speed of 3.2 km / h – slower than you are walking

5.The urge to scratch is contagious

Photo Credit, Getty Images

Scientists have proven this by showing groups of mice videos of other mice scratching themselves. The watching group also began to scratch themselves.

6. The suprachiasmatic nucleus is responsible for infectious scratching.

Photo Credit, Getty Images

Neuroscientists do not yet know how a tiny part of our brain called the “suprachiasmatic nucleus” is involved in observing scratching and arousing the desire to scratch.

7. The urge to scratch is the best way to deal with itching caused by insects or plants

Photo Credit, Getty Images

It helps to get rid of all pesky insects or poisonous plants, and also dilates blood vessels, allowing leukocytes and plasma to wash away toxins. It is because of this hot flush that the skin becomes red and blotchy.

8. Scratching is pleasant because it releases serotonin in the brain.

Serotonin is a neurotransmitter that scientists attribute to feelings of well-being and happiness.The more serotonin circulates throughout the body, the happier you feel. Unsurprisingly, it’s sometimes hard to stop itching.

9. The nicest place to scratch is the ankle …

Photo by Getty Images

At least according to a study published in the British Journal of Dermatology in 2012.

Results show that itching is felt most intensely on the ankle, but it is also where the pleasure of scratching is felt the most and lasts the longest.

Have you scratched your ankle just now to test the findings of the British scientists? Honestly.

10. The more you scratch, the more it itches

When you scratch your skin, histamine is released into the bloodstream and more itchy signals are sent to the brain.

11. The cycle of scratching and combing is dangerous for people with skin conditions

Photo Credit, Getty Images

These patients suffering from eczema, psoriasis and other skin conditions are often prescribed antihistamines to try to reduce the intensity of itching sensations.

12. Chronic itching is as debilitating as chronic pain

Photo Credit, Getty Images

Scientists have found that people suffering from persistent itching experience the same levels of discomfort and depression as those with chronic diseases …

According to a study published in the Archives of Dermatology, people who suffer from itching for weeks, months, or even years feel as bad as those who suffer from chronic pain.

In fact, the study authors say that chronic itching is the cutaneous equivalent of pain.

Moreover, persistent itching should not be ignored, chronic itching can be associated with many diseases such as liver disease and lymphoma.

How to Protect Your Account

Quitting WoW, Hearthstone and Overwatch is easier than it sounds. It is enough to see the inscription “Invalid password entered” 10 times in a row in the login window in joke, of course, is not funny, but the situation is terrible: if you remember the password correctly, but the account was hijacked, then it may not be easy to return everything that was acquired over the years of grinding. So it is better to insure against such a scenario. Our instructions will help you with this.

Blizzard Account Security

Scammers do not care if you have taken level 60 in WoW and if your name is on the Hearthstone leaderboard – they will gladly steal any account. For example, to sell it or use it to trade in-game currency and other prohibited activities.To protect your account from hacking, you need security settings. To access them, log into your account in a browser and open section Security .

How to Change Password in

Pay attention to the password first. It must be unique – do not protect your account with the same combination of symbols as profiles in other services. Also, a good password is long and unpredictable. Any pa $$ word and batman2003 will not protect you, you need something more complicated.

To change your password, open section Security and in block Password click Update .

How to change the security question

Security Question is a good way to protect your password from being reset. However, it is easy to turn it into a loophole for an attacker. If the cracker finds out or guesses the answer, he will gain access to your account. And this is often not so difficult, because users themselves publish a lot of information about themselves in the open access on the Internet.

If you can find out the answer by examining your profiles, say, in social networks, be sure to change the question to something more tricky:

  • Go to Section Security Question and press Update .
  • Select the appropriate security question from the drop-down list.
  • Enter your answer and press Save .

In order not to forget what kind of top secret answer you came up with, you can use encrypted notes in the password manager.Of course, this program will also help with storing passwords.

How to Set Up Two-Factor Authentication in

Another useful setting is two-factor authentication. By default, when you try to log into your account on a new device, will email you a code. But mail is often attacked by cybercriminals, because through it you can reset your passwords.

Therefore, it is better to connect the Blizzard Authenticator app. And if you wish, you can also set up receiving codes in SMS – this will allow you to change your password, unlock your account and log in without access to Blizzard Authenticator.

To enable two-factor authentication via app or SMS:

  • Install and open the Blizzard Authenticator app (iOS, Android).
  • Press Configure Authenticator .
  • Enter your Blizzard username and password.
  • Enter the security code sent to the email associated with your account.
  • If you want to receive codes in SMS, on the opened page press Registration .
  • Enter your phone number and click Next .
  • Enter the verification code sent by SMS.
  • If you do not want to link your phone to your account, instead of Register press No thanks .
  • Just in case, write down the serial number and recovery code – they will come in handy if you need to recover your Blizzard Authenticator.

How to make sure that only you have access to your account

Are you afraid that you have been hacked, or cannot remember if you logged out on someone else’s computer? Check your authorization history and log out of your account on all devices except the current one.To do this, in the security settings:

  • Go to section Recent login activity .
  • Check out the authorization history. If you notice unfamiliar devices in the list, click Log out from all devices .

It is better to immediately change your password and set up two-factor authentication so that attackers cannot log into your account for sure.

How not to drain your password

Sly fraudsters by hook or by crook are trying to get other people’s passwords, so you shouldn’t rely entirely on security settings alone.

To prevent your account from being hijacked, be careful not to enter your credentials anywhere. Someone shared a link to a discounted game, but you need to log in on the page that opens? Wait. Check first what the developer writes on his page. If the discount is real, most likely, you can find out about it not only by the link from the message.

Received a message supposedly from Blizzard that you need to go through a “security check” on the site at the link? Most likely, this is phishing: you should not click on such a link, and it is better to ignore the message.But if you really want to make sure that everything is in order, check it in your personal account by manually entering the address of the official website into the browser line or by opening the mobile application.

How cybercriminals hunt in WoW

Privacy settings

It is unlikely that you want, say, teammates or raid participants to google your name and add them as friends on social networks. To avoid this, use the privacy settings.

How to hide real name and surname in

If you do not want strangers to know your real name, turn off the function Real name . For this:

  • Sign in to your account in a browser.
  • From the settings side menu, select Privacy .
  • Under Account Confidentiality , click Refresh .
  • Uncheck the box next to item Enable Real Name function .

Other users can now only see your BattleTag, the nickname used in games and on the Blizzard forums.

How to protect your game data

By default, Blizzard shares your gameplay data with third-party developers. The company can share with its partners, for example, a list of your friends and chat recordings. If you do not want outsiders to store this information, prevent Blizzard from sharing it with third parties:

  • Go to Game Data & Profile Privacy and click Refresh .
  • Uncheck the box next to Send my game data to community developers .
  • Press Save . Client Settings

Not all privacy settings are available in the browser. So after you secure your account, hide your name and get rid of spammers in PM, you should go through the settings of the client. There is also a lot of useful information: for example, there is an option that allows you to hide the list of purchased games from outsiders, which can tempt scammers. Or get rid of annoying notifications.

How to hide the list of games in

If you do not want to share information about your games with other users, the client allows you to limit the visibility of this information.

To configure the desired settings on the computer:

  • Click on your name in the client in the upper right corner of the screen.
  • Select View your game profile .
  • Click on the pencil icon next to Games .
  • Uncheck option Show on profile for each game you want to hide from the list.
  • Press Save .

You can also change settings in the mobile app:

  • Click on the profile icon in the lower right corner.
  • Press Rev. profile .
  • In section Games , turn off the display of those that you do not want to show in your profile.
  • Press Save .

How to hide game profile information

If you want to remain a mystery to everyone, you can completely hide the profile.To do this on the computer:

  • In the client, click on your name in the upper right corner.
  • Select View your game profile .
  • Click on the pencil icon next to Profile Settings .
  • In the drop-down list Display profile , select I only .
  • Press Save .

To do this in the app on your smartphone:

  • Click on the profile icon in the lower right corner.
  • Select Rev. profile .
  • Scroll down to section Privacy .
  • In block Who can see my profile select Only me .

Now no one can see information from your profile, except for the BattleTag and avatars.

How to turn off notifications

Pop-up messages, for example, that someone is logged into the network or chat, can be annoying. Fortunately, the Battle allows you to disable all unnecessary. To do this on the computer:

  • Click on the Blizzard logo in the upper left corner.
  • In the drop-down list, click Settings .
  • From the sidebar, select Sounds & Notifications .
  • To completely disable notifications, uncheck the box next to Allow Pop-up Messages .
  • If you do not want to receive notifications about certain events – for example, that a friend has appeared online – set the appropriate settings in block Events .To save the changes, press OK .

To get rid of unnecessary notifications in the mobile application:

  • Click on the profile icon in the lower right corner.
  • Click on the gear in the upper right corner.
  • Select Notifications .
  • Disable events you are not interested in.

Not single

Congratulations, you have gone through all the circles of settings for your account – now it is completely intact, like all your Tracer skins.And what about other accounts? Remember to protect your Steam and Twitch accounts?

90,000 How to cure residual cough after coronavirus

The new COVID-19 infection has become a real challenge for humanity. The disease did not bypass Russia, too, in the country many fell ill, having received complications of varying severity. One of them: a cough that does not stop for months. It is no coincidence that the question of how to treat a cough after coronavirus is so popular in our time.

To understand the problem, you need to know the causes of cough, remember the traditional and innovative methods of its treatment.Choose among them safe ones, for example, physiotherapy.

Proven medical technology has been shown to be effective in the treatment of many ailments.

Causes of cough after coronavirus *

There are many reasons for coughing of varying degrees of intensity. The choice of treatment method depends on their understanding. As a rule, it is a dry cough that follows those who have recovered from the coronavirus for a long time – up to three months in the recovery period. The condition is often accompanied by shortness of breath, sore throat.Doctors talk about the following reasons:

  • Changes in the structure of the lung tissue, which after the disease are observed in 40% of patients. Bringing the lung tissues back to normal takes time, during this period the cough persists;
  • Chronic obstructive bronchitis (COB) and other chronic diseases of the patient are another reason that a recovering person is constantly coughing;
  • Psychosomatic changes also cause this condition – a person is so scared of the further development of the disease and complications from COVID-19 that he constantly coughs;
  • A lingering cough after coronavirus is characteristic of those whose body remains fragile after suffering an illness.Any physical activity leads to coughing.

* Lists common causes of cough in a person who has had coronavirus. They are individual for everyone, the diagnosis must be made by the attending physician.

Timely treatment as a guarantee of the absence of complications

Cough is such an annoying and unpleasant phenomenon that a person is ready to do anything to recover. This condition is especially acute after covid and may be accompanied by a sore throat.

Traditional means are used: tablets, sprays, capsules. Unfortunately, medications are not always effective, they have a negative effect on other human vital systems (for example, the stomach or kidneys). Medicines require taking only under the supervision of the attending physician.

Folk remedies: decoctions and tinctures have a good effect on health. However, their effect on cough after COVID-19 is rather weak, especially since you need to be well versed in the properties of herbs.

Respiratory exercises, diet and massage are also recommended.These methods require effort and time, are good during the rehabilitation period, when the coughing attacks are over.

When the cough is still bothering you, physiotherapy will help: a reliable and effective technique that has been used for decades. During this time, equipment was produced that successfully fights infectious diseases. Physiotherapy devices show themselves on a good side, especially in the treatment of the effects of covid.

Devices “Solnyshko” for the treatment of the consequences of Covid-19

If you have a question of how to treat a throat after a coronavirus, it is recommended to pay attention to the innovative physiotherapy apparatus “Solnyshko”.

For 30 years, the research and production company has been producing ultraviolet devices based on mercury-quartz lamps. Medical equipment has bactericidal and magnetotherapy effects.

The devices are easy to use and do not cause side reactions. The patient periodically irradiates the nasal and pharyngeal mucosa through special tubes. The effect of therapy is not long in coming.

The medical equipment “Solnyshko” has visible advantages:

  • medical equipment is used, which has received certificates of safe use in hospitals and at home;
  • for the implementation of procedures, the kit contains everything you need: nozzles, a biodosimeter, safety glasses;
  • devices are compact and durable, as well as multifunctional – in addition to treating the consequences of infections, they also disinfect the room;
  • The main purpose of the equipment is the treatment of acute respiratory viral infections, tonsillitis, sinusitis, severe cough against the background of inflammation of the mucous membranes of the throat, nose and bronchi.

Medical products “Solnyshko” have established themselves as a reliable medical tool, including in the elimination of the consequences of the coronavirus.

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