Animation laser light: 4in1 ILDA DMX animation laser light+3D animations+ kaleidoscope animations+Twinkling laser for stage disco party entertainment|Stage Lighting Effect|


4in1 ILDA DMX animation laser light+3D animations+ kaleidoscope animations+Twinkling laser for stage disco party entertainment|Stage Lighting Effect|

1.  In order to minus your import taxes, please note this product will be decleared with USD60/pc in your shipment.

2.  Remarks for Brazil buyers only:  According to Brazil Custom Policy, from 2018/08/27, you need to pay 3.5USD for each parcel, and you need to pay 

import tax when the parcel is declared more than 50USD. So for this RGBY LASER show system, you need to pay import tax because it is declared

with USD80. If the parcel is declared with very low value, the Brazil customs will request the buyer pay high penalty.

3. Important Shipping Note: This Laser show system is very big, gross weight 4KGS, the shipping cost is expensive, it will be sent to your country by China Post/DHL/UPS/EMS. Sometimes, you choose DHL, but it maybe sent with UPS or EMS or China Post, because DHL cost too much. Thank you for your understanding.

​4. The video is not HD, the actuall laser show effects will be more beautiful than the video.


Model: L4D1WRGB

Description:  4-in-1 3D Animation Laser Light 

4-in-1: single animations, 3D fat-beam single animations and 3D kaleidoscope animations and twinkling animations. 

Laser power: 1W RGB (Red:300mW,Green:100mW,Blue:700mW 450nm) 

Scanner speed: 10kpss 



◆Feature: Pre-programmed with 128/256 beam show and animated graphics show patterns. Five functions: Auto, Sound Active, DMX512, Master/Slave and PC control. In Sound Active mode, the unit will shut off when the music stops. Under DMX mode, this light supports pattern selection, color change, X/Y moving, dimmer, rotation, zoom in/out, drawing and rolling. 

◆Scanning:  High-speed optical scanner, big angle scanning (0 to 30°) 

◆Play Mode Sound Active, AUTO-Beam, AUTO-Animation, DMX512 (14 channels),  Master/ Slave, PC ILDA 

◆Interface 3 pins XLR jack for DMX or Maser-Slave linking 

◆Power Supply Bi-Voltage 110V to 220V-250V, 50/60HZ, 30W  


◆Accessories: Included: User’s Manual; Power Supply Cable (UK, USA, EURO, AUS, BRZ). 

◆ Applicable place: logo projector, company advertising, superstar fashion show, DJs, Bands, Bars, Pubs, Clubs, Roller skating rinks, KTV, Family Party, etc.  


Graphic & Animation Lasers | Phantom Dynamics

Graphic Lasers

Graphic laser projectors are designed to display and project fast and smooth laser animations, graphics, text and or logos. Graphic lasers have optical high speed scanners that are much faster than aerial laser and that makes them more suited for the faster projections needed for graphics.

Graphic laser projectors are optimal for trade shows or commercial special effect applications, they also also very capable of doing both aerial lasers affects as well, however the edge for aerial lasers effects would go to aerial laser projectors. Graphic lasers can be controlled via, DMX, ILDA computer software interface (most common) and in some systems sound active.

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    Club Lasers Series 15 PRO RGB 15W Laser Projector / FB4

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    Club Lasers Series 15 RGB Full Color Laser / 15 WATT / ILDA

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    Club Lasers Series 20 PRO RGB 20W Laser Projector / FB4

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Animation Laser Light Manufacturer, Laser Special Effects Lighting, Beam Laser Light

New Feel F8 Series 1- 5W provides entry level show laser light solutions for very low prices, all systems are equipped with fast 15-20kpps scanners with analog/TTL modulation. Each projector comes with fast scanners for smooth projections. 128 patterns and animations are built in the motherboard. Which makes the New Feel NF-F8 show lasers suitable for various indoor laser show. New Feel has 10 years experiences in stage laser light, NF-F8 was invented 6 years ago, after years of development, which make it in very good and stable quality, but in very competitive price! Idea for KTV Party Small bar or some other entertainment places.


1, Laser source: Full pure laser diode, high stability, long service life

2. Laser design: There are power protection system devices, dust-proof, moisture-proof, anti-corrosion, anti-rust, and a good sealing system,

3. Made of analog/TTL laser modulation. Users can dimmer the laser brightness linearly to makes the laser light more colorful.

4. Can perform dynamic 3D beam, animation performance, suitable for small size indoor laser show.

5.  Graphics selection

(1) Beam mixed: sheet, circles, waves, boxes, points.

(2) Cartoon mixed: KTV, Halloween, Christmas, Wedding, Animals.

(3) Invert Mode Set.

(4) Lasers Type Set.

(5) Color Type Set.

(6) TTL or Analogue setting.

(7) Graphic Size Set.

(8) Scan Speed Set.

(9) Velocity Set.

(10) Sensitivity Set.

6. DMX mode: pattern selections, laser diode brightness adjustment for analogue modulation, color change, X/Y movement, dimmer, animations rotation, zoom in/out, drawing, etc.

7. Lay Mode Sound Active, AUTO-Beam, AUTO-Animation, DMX, Master/Slave.

8. Scanner: High-speed optical scanner

Application: KTV/Party/DJ/disco/ballroom/wedding/clubs/small bar etc.

Power Supply

AC90-240, 50-60HZ

Laser Power


Rated power

less than 100W

Scanning system Small lens (7 * 12mm) 15KPPS galvanometer scanning system
Laser pattern

128 patterns and animations are built in the motherboard.

Laser modulation signal: analog modulation or TTL

Laser wavelength red 638nm, green 525nm, blue 450nm
Control mode

DMX512 / Auto / Sound active/ master-slave

Dimensions 315*275*250mm (L x W x H)
Weight kg

Optional Parts

a. Scanner speed: 15kpps 25kpps 30kpps 40kpps

b. Package: The default package is carton box, Flight case package optional (Our machine size is small)

c. Port: DMX canon port or DMX RJ45 port (if want both, here also have a convertor for you)

Customized products accepted, pls free feel contact us for the details.

Product Parameter

Power: AC90-240, 50-60HZ

Rated power: less than 100W

Laser power: 1-5W

Scanning system: Small lens (7 * 12mm) 15KPPS galvanometer scanning system

Laser pattern: 128 patterns and animations are built in the motherboard.

Laser modulation signal: analog modulation or TTL

Laser wavelength: red 638nm, green 525nm, blue 450nm

Control mode: DMX512 / Auto / Sound active/ master-slave

Working environment: indoor (10-35) degrees

LCD display operation

Cooling system: forced cooling by fan

Would Like Others Laser? Clink It As Follow!

1. F and M series Mini laser Light (500mw-5w):

Application: KTV/party/small bar/clear bar/ball room/disco room

2. NF series Small-scale indoor laser shows (3-10w)

Application: Nightclubs/dance club/DJ/disco/live gigs/pub/theater/Concert/TV Show/Stage performance/Event/Theater/Wedding

3. NF2550/F4500/F5500 Series Large-scale laser show (10w-40w)

Application: Dance clubs/ Medium size event /Large scale event/indoor stadium/advertising

4. Outdoor Laser & Landmark (30w-100w)

Application: Outdoor Largescale event/festivals/amusement parks/adverting

5. Laser man equipment

6. Laser bar

Application: KTV/music bar/family party/live laser show/nightclubs/DJ/disco/music bar/pub

Advanced, High-Quality 3d animation laser light and Equipment

Bring a glow to your stages and spread out the reach of the lights in your parties with the incredibly powerful and high-capacity 3d animation laser light at These 3d animation laser light are unique in nature with exciting features such as sound-activation, waterproofing and other options that set their stronghold in the industry. No matter how big your stage is, these 3d animation laser light are ideal for every stage size and come with different wattages.  

3d animation laser light are helpful for organizing stage shows in the most beautiful ways and the lights make it all the way more appealing to audiences. The 3d animation laser light featured here are moving lights and are powered with bright, powerful LEDs that glow brilliantly, spreading even light everywhere. You can use these 3d animation laser light for any type of wedding event, parties, social events, fashion shows and many more occasions to make those events aesthetically appealing. 

Each of these 3d animation laser light at are available in different shapes with individual capacities and illumination efficacies. These 3d animation laser light are covered with strong metallic cages and bodies so that the LED bulbs are unharmed by external interferences. The working lifetime of these 3d animation laser light may vary product-wise but average about 10,000 hours. The best part is that these lights are available in different colors and some products have multiple colored illuminations. lets you access a wide range of 3d animation laser light options so that you can go in sync with your budget. These products are BV, ISO, RoHS certified and require no major maintenance costs. OEM orders are available and you can also go for customized packaging on bulk orders.

Waterproof RGB40w animation laser light

The GAGA Laser Waterproof RGB40w laser light show laser projector comes with a waterproof new designed housing.

The GAGA Laser Waterproof RGB40w laser lightis a full color RGB laser system with analog modulation and a total output power of up to 40’000 mw and a minimum output power of 38’000 mW. The red laser source at 638 nm has an output power of 10000 mw, the green at 520 nm of 14000 mw  and the royal-blue laser source at a wavelength of 445 nm has an output power of 16000 mW. The laser sources ensure brilliant colors and powerful laser beams. The projector has good beam specifications with a beam diameter of about 9 mm and beam divergence of 1.3 mrad. The galvo system has a scan speed of up to 50 kpps.

Pattern size and the sensitivity of the microphone can be set by two rotary buttons on the rear side of the housing. 

Through DMX, in the automatic mode as well as in the sound-to-light mode about 200 preset patterns, like waves, tunnels, circles etc. can be projected in different colors and in various speed. If the automatic mode is active, the pre-programmed patterns run without assistance and in the music mode, the laser system projects according to the sound.

Next to the modi mentioned  above, this laser projector provides a master-slave-mode. Show lasers of the same series (slave projectors), connected via DMX to a main projector (master projector) project the same patterns like the master projector.

The GAGA Laser Waterproof RGB40w laser light is computer controllable through a professional ILDA interface. Thus own or pre-programmed laser shows, logos, texts or own graphics and animations can be shown in combination with a laser control software.

There are safety features like a key switch, an interlock interface and an on-off selection in LCD. 

Advantages of the GAGA Laser Waterproof RGB40w laser light are:

a low-cost yet powerful solution for power demanding laser applications

great for large nightclubs and medium sized stages

brilliant colors with great linear color fading behavior

ideal for long distance beam shows and basic graphics projections

Dtxbs – 500mW rgb laser light, beam/animation/gobos…

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Aluminium RGY Animation Laser Lights, Rs 11000 /piece Ramesh Electricals And Electronics

About the Company

Year of Establishment1962

Legal Status of FirmIndividual – Proprietor

Nature of BusinessWholesale Trader

Number of EmployeesUpto 10 People

IndiaMART Member SinceOct 2011


Exports to Tanzania, Lebanon, Australia, Spain, Brazil

With a vast industrial experience of more than 49 years, we have been recognized as a coveted firm engaged in trading, importing and exporting of LED Products, DJ & Stage Lights, Outdoor Light and Other Electronic Products.Our impeccable range consists of Water Proof Par Light, Led Mushroom Light and Moving Heads. Apart from all these products we also offer Par Lights, DJ Machines-Centre Piece, Sky Rose Outdoor Light, Head Search Light and 575W Scanner. These products are precisely engineered by our professionals quality material and advanced technology. Our lights are highly preferred for their features like reliability, energy efficiency, low maintenance and easy operation.
Our organization is greatly supported by a well-qualified and experienced team, of professionals in all the stages of our business process. The employees of our firm are masters of their respective fields of specialization. They duly check the entire range of lights and others products based on certain quality parameters. Moreover, we keep all the procured products of our firm in our spacious warehouse. This warehouse is well-knitted with various shipment modes due to which our products are delivered to patrons within due time.

Company Video

Powerful 1.2W rgb Full color laser light beam and programmable animation laser projector analog show effect | Stage lighting effect |

Product Information

Product characteristics

  • Brand name:
  • View:
    DMX Stage Light
  • Model number:
  • Power supply:
    one.2 watts
  • Item type:
    Stage light effect
  • Event:
    Professional stage and DJ
  • Voltage:

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Disco Lasers, Laser Projector

Disco lasers 2021

Disco Laser
+ Free Disco Ball

2950 RUR

Disco laser
+ disco ball free of charge


Laser for discos
+ disco ball as a gift


Laser for discos
+ disco ball included

3600 rub

Disco Laser Projectors

+ More than 20 DMX modes

+ Connecting DJ controller

+ 3 colors and gradient

+ Reaction to Sound

+ Yellow

Laser Projector


7700 RUB

+ Azure

+ 930 points

+ 7 drawings

+ reaction to sound

+ Strobe

Disco Laser Projector

with blue glow


7 850r

Club Lasers

High-power lasers for discos

3D lasers with smoke machine

+ Laser Corridors

+ Green Laser Lens

+ Red Laser Lens

+ Yellow laser beam

+ Free Smoke Machine

3D Laser for discos with 400W smoke machine (set)

MAGNUM 3D (RGY) with free smoke machine

9 900 rub

+ 3D laser

+ 20 modes

+ Reaction to sound

+ 4 laser colors

+ 3D animation

3D RGB Laser for discos with a smoke machine 900W

MAGNUM 3D RGB (7 colors) with a free smoke machine

15 900 rub

Professional Disco Lasers

+ Own animation

+ Programming

+ Reaction to sound

+ 3 laser colors

+ 3D animation in the air

Programmable laser (Thermobox included)

You can create your own animation!

18 530 RUB

+ Laser advertising

+ Programming

+ Reaction to sound

+ 7 laser colors

+ 3D animation

Programmable laser projector EM-PREMIUM 1500
(Outdoor thermobox Free )

You can create your own animation!

55 100 rub

Smoke machine as a gift

DJ-console as a gift!

Coverage up to 500 sq.m

Free DJ controller

Smoke machine free of charge

Laser projector
+ DMX remote control for free, as a gift .
Smoke machine for free! Smoke machine fluid complete

Brand offer of this month with 15% discount

Powerful smoke machine free of charge as a gift!

Red Laser

Blue Laser

Green Laser

Set of single-color lasers for a disco

Branded set from our store of single-color single-color lasers and a smoke machine for disco decoration of premises, dance floor and stage

Gifts and promotions from the store

We free of charge give you a DJ-console to control
lasers for discos, when ordering for 30,000 rubles.

ALL ORDERS ARE INSURED . We will replace the product free of charge in 1 day. You are fully protected!

Which disco laser to choose?

Laser equipment for creating laser effects

Nowadays, high-tech visualization tools are used for almost any entertainment event.The scope of their application is incredibly wide, ranging from private parties to large-scale indoor or outdoor concerts. A variety of modern lighting devices can satisfy the most demanding and extraordinary needs.

Types of lasers for discos

The section presents models designed to create a bright, unique and saturated with images of the atmosphere. Today, there are practically no limits for creative exploration with Laser Effects .

The laser can draw any shapes indoors or outdoors, regardless of the complexity of the geometry, from simple lines to full-fledged projections of human figures and more complex shapes.

Today, most nightclubs and entertainment clubs use 5 main types of laser systems:

  • Graphic laser is a classic version of lighting technology with a semiconductor principle of operation.It creates simple graphic projections with a high frequency of movement due to a reflective mirror with a special coating. With the help of the projector, you can create various graphic shapes, simple animations and drawings, as well as text projections. These are standard devices that are sold in our specialist shop. For example, a laser for disco PIXEL ONE MAX, PIXEL ART, SPACE ART, WAVE ART.

  • Lasers-fireworks – appeared on the market relatively recently.The models are also semiconductor, but in them the laser beam is refracted through a prism, dividing into many thinner beams, which are spread in beams along the perimeter of the room. Technicians can use shooting star effects, gobo effects, create ray fireworks, or more complex animations. The beam opening radius in such devices is more than 100 degrees. In addition to club equipment, there are compact models designed for decorative effects in trading floors and other oversized premises.

  • Lasers with LED backlight – The design of the fireworks laser is supplemented with LEDs, which provides the formation of the fill light. This is a self-contained technique, so it can be used independently. The laser creates various patterns, and the LEDs provide the necessary illumination.

    For such disco lasers, it is necessary to use a smoke machine to develop laser disco effects. Secondly, the entire cloud, thanks to LED backlighting, will glow in time with the music, becoming an analogue of a strobe.It has an aesthetic value, and secondly, noticeable savings, you do not need to buy an additional stroboscope, you already have a device for 3 in 1 discos!

  • 3D Lasers are semiconductor devices that create animations with the depth of the projected figures. Volumetric drawings look great in dense room smoke.

  • Lasers with galvanic cells – used where high power is required.For example, large dance floors and concert halls with a projection area of ​​100 meters or more.

Disco laser power and color

The minimum power of the emitter green is 30 mW . For the red color , the required minimum is 100 mW . A high-quality blue laser requires a power of 150 mW. If the specified parameters do not match, the brightness of the beam and the range of its operation will be low.

single color laser systems have one emitter. The most commonly used emitters are red, green, blue and violet. Two-color models have two emitters and 2 independent reflective mirrors. Most often, a bunch of red and green is used. Tri-color models with three independent radiators. Their main way of working is an RGB scheme with green, red and blue colors. Not so often you can find a combination of green, red and yellow, as well as a scheme of green, red and purple.

Size matters when choosing the right laser systems for discos and other entertainment events. When choosing a laser projector , you need to consider three main factors that characterize the room where the equipment will be used. First of all, we are talking about the size and the geometry of room . It is important that the equipment is installed in such a way that the beam is diffused around the entire perimeter of the room .

The second factor is the overall illumination of the room.The more lighting devices are installed in the hall, the less the effect of the laser installation will be. The color scheme of the hall is equally important. When using dark and deep shades, the game of lasers looks more impressive.

The third factor is the presence or absence of artificial smoke. In the presence of smoke, the projector will use more power, but in the context of the lighting effect, this option will be more advantageous.

In addition, in the process of choosing laser equipment – you need to take into account the laser wavelength, which directly depends on the power of the equipment.All laser light equipment can be divided into low-power, medium-power, high-power and heavy-duty .

The first group is characterized by installations whose optical power is 150 – 200 mW . They are designed for small rooms up to 20 m long .
Medium-power projectors are usually installed on sites with a length of 30-50m . They are characterized by a capacity of 300 – 500 MW.
For rooms with a length of 60-80 m is the best option to use equipment with a capacity of 1000 MW.

Heavy-duty projectors are installed in large concert halls. Their power ranges from 1000 to 8000 MW, depending on the size of the site.

Laser systems for discos in 2021

Our company offers customers a variety of laser systems , which can be used to organize a variety of entertainment events, including light shows and discos.

The PIXEL ONE MAX Disco Laser Projector is one of the easy-to-operate laser projectors available in the store.The built-in microphone subtly responds to the ‘s music by producing a stroboscopic effect from laser beams. The device is portable, it can be taken to any party or celebration, where it will shape the stage light, create the effect of a starry sky and project laser beams. The stroboscope and sound activation modes work properly here. Of the advantages of the technique, one can single out the response to the bass and the ability to project more than 500 beams in a radius of 65 degrees.

PIXEL ART Disco Laser Projector is a portable setup where a red and green laser is cast through patterned patterns. It also provides a stroboscope mode and activation of the equipment using sound. The device is sensitive to rhythm, bass and is capable of projecting over 1000 rays , which are scattered in a radius of 75 degrees .

Projector Laser Projector S PACE A RT has a built-in cooling system.The kit includes a special mount, so the device can be wall-mounted. Perfectly is suitable for discos in small halls , celebrations in schools, kindergartens and other institutions, as well as for private parties and celebrations. The device is made in an aluminum case and is equipped with an active cooling fan.
Laser colors red and green.

Projector The WAVE ART Laser Disco Projector is more specialized and perfect for a calm romantic atmosphere, for wedding discos and for creating lighting effects on ceilings or walls.The device has a sensitive microphone and is able to pick up the maximum frequency range. Operating modes: speed, strobe, microphone, static and combination.

Disco Laser Sets

Lighting kits are a turnkey solution that allows you to organize a disco or other entertainment event anywhere, without the need to purchase additional equipment.

Disco Laser Kit for Home Party – This kit includes a disco ball, 2 strobe lights and a laser light music.Disco ball is a light and music device that reproduces software light patterns for musical accompaniment. The ball is able to immerse everyone in the room in the atmosphere of a nightclub. The stroboscope is designed to create bright, fast-repeating pulses. It creates a cool light effect that allows you to spend a spectacular and unforgettable holiday. Laser color music – a projector for creating lighting effects and stage lighting in a room where an entertainment event is planned.

Lasers for discos for the New Year’s Eve – aka “Big Party” set – a set with a wider list of equipment. The set includes two disco balls, two strobe lights, a laser projector and a smoke machine. All laser beams and light pillars will be clearly visible with the help of the smoke control device. This will provide an unforgettable atmosphere and unleash the potential of any party. The necessary aura is formed precisely due to the fog.The device smokes an area of ​​more than 50 square meters. m. A smoke shot is carried out at a distance of more than 5 m. Liquid for the smoke machine is provided free of charge.

Stage lasers – or stage set, this is set with high power laser for disco and smoke machine . The set includes spotlights – equipment for chic decoration of a disco. Powerful, large and rich RGB LEDs reproduce multi-colored lights to create a party and fun mood in your disco.The devices provide a control panel for light modes to control the speed of blinking, color matching, combination and smooth transfusion of colors, as well as turning on the strobe. The projectors are equipped with the function DMX-512 , can be connected to DJ consoles and communicate in a single network with other lighting equipment. Smoke machine fluid is provided free of charge.

RGB Laser Disco Sets

This category presents modern laser systems designed to interact with music of any rhythm.The devices adapt to the sound rhythm using a sensitive microphone, as well as fine adjustment of the power of the light rays.

Laser Projector GEOMETRY PRO 200 is a tri-color laser projector capable of creating hundreds of different laser patterns and 3D corridors using smoke systems. The device can work in stand-alone mode and is versatile, as it is suitable both for large home celebrations and for work in clubs, cafes and restaurants.Beam propagation range up to 500 meters! The equipment is capable of projecting porches onto a full-fledged house. Rays color: green, red, combined yellow. They create hundreds of geometric shapes and their variations in motion.

Laser projector for disco STAR MAX-500 – blue light projector. Allows you to create chic light shows in clubs, restaurants or at home. Red and blue rays pass through many patterns with different patterns.The speed of changing patterns is adjustable. In addition, the device creates flash effects and sets the adjustment mode for sound. Strobe function is also supported. Lenses “DIGITAL STONE” – high quality, capable of projecting a rare blue and red laser with high output power. The device projects more than 540 beams with a spread of 75 degrees.

Single Color Laser Projectors

The unique laser systems are disruptive to light.Equipment with a subtle system that perfectly responds to the rise and fall of sound, forming a pleasant ripple.

Laser projector MAGNUM RED 1000 and G1000 – red and green lasers for discos with a beam range of 500 m, which are able to penetrate into the farthest parts of the room. They saturate any entertainment event with vivid special effects, to which you want to sing and dance.

The equipment does not overheat even when used for a long period of time.Combined with smoke systems, an unsurpassed light effect is formed.

Laser projector for discos MAGNUM BLUE 5000 – blue laser for discos with a unique glow and the ability to adjust the power of the light supply. The sensitive microphone responds instantly to any change in sound. The beam length is 500 m. The device does not overheat, therefore it is completely safe for people in the room. It is recommended to use the projector in conjunction with a smoke machine for maximum effects.

Club Lasers

This group includes devices intended primarily for professional use in nightclubs and other entertainment establishments, as well as for parties at home.

Laser for discos MAGNUM RG5000 is a two-color laser projector with a projection distance of more than 500 m. The power of the equipment is adjustable. The device has a sensitive microphone that responds to the slightest change in sound.With the help of technology, the room turns into an enchanting field filled with bright figures, especially with the use of smoke machines. The beams will cut through the smoke, creating full 3D corridors.

Laser for discos MAGNUM PRO7000 is a laser projector that will provide an all-consuming light effect around the entire perimeter of a club or other room where an entertainment event is held. A device with a sensitive microphone and a projection range of more than 500 m.The power of the light flashes is adjustable. With smoke machines, 3D hallways can be created on dance floors, providing an incredible club environment.

Disco Laser MAGNUM DINAMIC is a high-quality three-color laser system that will provide any entertainment event with a unique setting. The device is capable of projecting hundreds of multi-colored beams with high brightness and color rendering. The sensitive microphone picks up any change in musical rhythm.The presence of a function that excludes overheating guarantees the safe operation of the equipment in all conditions. When used in conjunction with a smoke machine, 3D corridors can be created – an effect that will delight any visitor to the entertainment establishment.

High Power Disco Lasers

Projectors in this category with a variety of modes of operation, capable of providing the desired lighting effects in large rooms and outdoor areas.

MAGNUM PHANTOM is a top-of-the-line tri-color laser system that can transform any party. The device provides 20 modes of operation, with the ability to adjust the power of each of them. The sensitive microphone reacts to the slightest change in sound. Hundreds of 3D corridors and laser shapes can be created with the equipment as it has excellent insight. Beam dispersion range – more than 500 m . Discount for equipment reaches 35% today, and when buying several types of equipment, it is already considered a small wholesale and equipment for connecting DMX as a gift, this promotion from the store is valid for and is carried out when you contact the manager!

Disco Laser MAGNUM PHANTOM RGB is the most powerful laser system in our range, capable of transforming any party, no matter where it is. The presented model is a three-color laser system with more than 20 modes of operation, a sensitive microphone and the ability to adjust the power .In addition, the equipment provides 8-channel DMX-module for DJ-console , which allows you to combine lasers into a single chain to form chic laser shows and special effects. Additionally, the device comes with a remote control .

Laser projectors with smoke machines

Laser projector kit with smoke machine allows you to create in clubs, cafes, restaurants or for private celebrations, vivid laser effects, 3D corridors and other light shows.


3D laser for discos with 400W smoke machine MAGNUM 3D (RGY) – set includes powerful projector , equipped with green and red laser lens, with the ability to project a yellow laser beam and create laser corridors . A device with 20 modes of operation and power regulation. The smoke machine provides indoor smoke and vivid visual effects.

For all 3D lasers there is a free smoke machine , for developing the rays (as in the photo) + liquid for smoke machines!

400 Watt

900 Watt

3D RGB laser for discos with a smoke machine 900W MAGNUM 3D RGB – the set includes a programmable projector with the ability to project laser beams in 7 colors .The has 20 operating modes, a sensitive sound response and a separate 3D laser. The smoke machine provides smoke on dance floors and other rooms, creates 3D corridors and other visual effects. The set of equipment can be used in any conditions, including large nightclubs and concert halls.

MAGNUM PHANTOM RGB laser tested in LEDMART showroom

Professional laser projectors

This group includes Programmable Laser Projectors , capable of creating your own animation.The equipment is intended primarily for professional use.

Programmable laser PROGRAMMABLE BG SV 01 is a unique laser projector with red, green and blue lenses, with which you can create laser inscriptions and live animations at a distance of up to 200 meters . Drawings are projected not only on the walls, but in the open air, so the equipment can be used in any conditions, including outdoors. The device clearly reacts to sound and is completely safe for humans – thermobox included.The maximum quality effects are achieved with a smoke installation, the projector is operating at night and in low light conditions.

Programmable laser, Programmable laser projector

Programmable laser EM-PREMIUM 1500 – laser projector with scannable system up to 30,000 points per second . The device is capable of projecting lasers and animation in 7 colors , regardless of the place of use, including outdoors (outdoor thermobox is provided free of charge).The response to sound is instant thanks to the sensitive microphone. The projector is equipped with a functional LCD display and provides the ability to play files of personal laser graphics in the format ILDA (logos, images, text) from removable media. The device does not overheat even during continuous operation for several hours thanks to the built-in cooling system.

See the possibilities of the EM-PREMIUM 1500

The X-LASER SHOW X4C laser projector is a professional projector with bright and rich colors of the (green, red, blue, violet) lasers, which are several centimeters thick. The power of the allows it to be used in large indoor and outdoor dance areas, lighting any entertainment on a scale. Despite its size, the projector is portable and lightweight, allowing it to be mounted anywhere. The equipment supports the function DMX , which allows you to link the fixture with other lighting equipment into a single network and control it from a DJ console. Projection and animation range up to 500 m .In addition to all the basic options, the stroboscope function and are supported with 20 different 3D effects . Operational safety of the device is ensured by an efficient cooling system and reliable protection against voltage surges in the network.

Free smoke machine

Four-barrel laser for SHOW X4C discs with free smoke machine

Topical lasers for discos today

Laser effects is a modern lifestyle that has gained popularity in our country, both for organizing private parties and for holding full-scale discos.It is easy today to become an organizer of an entertainment event using special equipment. Using the presented technique, you can arrange a light show in any room – in a house, apartment, cafe, restaurant, nightclub, summer dance floor, etc.

Lasers for discos are so closely associated with any club and night discos that customers of cafes and clubs are just waiting for them, because beautiful laser effects are the quality standard of a discotheque:

In the photo: laser projector MAGNUM PHANTOM

If you decide to purchase laser equipment for discos, then you will receive special promotions from the store:

  • Optimal prices for all products, Discounts up to 35% .

  • Ability to install devices anywhere. Gift DJ-console for any size of the room and its features.

  • Ease of maintenance – the implemented equipment does not need a special form of operation.

  • Safety – each instrument is characterized by quality assembly, reliable operation, cooling system and other safety features.

  • Protective housing – all projectors and other equipment are equipped with high-quality and reliable housings that perfectly protect against mechanical damage.
    Weatherproof thermobox – optional *.

In addition, the presented equipment is distinguished by individual features that distinguish it from other lighting equipment. We are talking about the possibility of connecting various devices into a single network, without the need to purchase additional devices.Most of the models have the function of reading files from USB-media and SD-cards. The devices are sensitive to sound attenuation and increase, delivering laser beams and figures to the rhythm of the specified musical compositions.

Delivery of lasers for discos and laser projectors

If you need advice, then ask a question on our professional technician.
A laser projector technician will call you back within 30 minutes.

Ask our specialist about disco lasers :

  1. Free consultation with a discotheque laser specialist!
  2. Time of response to the request: 30 minutes.
  3. Possible: Pickup, showroom
  4. Delivery times are 3-5 days.
  5. Delivery of lasers for discos: Transport company, Post office with cash on delivery or Courier.
  6. Work addresses: Bagrationovskaya str., 7, Herzen 7a, Rokossovskogo 62, Mira, 55
  7. Working hours: on weekdays 08: 00-20: 00, 09: 00-18: 00 on weekends. The store works seven days a week.
  8. We conclude a supply contract with deferred payment.
  9. Payment by cash on delivery is possible, 1 year warranty!
  10. We work with government tenders, FZ-44, budgetary organizations, CBM.We install them in assembly halls, clubs, houses of culture.
  11. 1 year warranty for all types of laser equipment.

Comments and feedback on lasers for discos :

Actual catalog for tomorrow, in the warehouse of types of lasers for discos.

DIY laser show. Part 2 / Habr

Now that you have read (or did not read) all this boring theory from the first part, let’s get down to practical experiments.If you have an analog oscilloscope lying around on your farm, then you can display video on it with almost no effort.

You can see the block diagram of a simple laser projector below:

It is rather primitive and does not contain a system for thermal stabilization of lasers, a protective shutter and other joys of a real projector builder.

This system works as follows: Files with vector pictures / videos in a special format are loaded into a computer or graphics controller.The control program converts these files into a stream of points, each of which is characterized by the angle of deflection of the galvanometer mirrors vertically and horizontally, as well as the radiation power of the lasers. The DAC generates analog signals from this stream to control a laser projector according to the ILDA standard. All DAC outputs are differential pairs, with ± 10Vp-p for driving galvanometers and ± 5V for laser drivers. The galvanometer control circuit, having received new values ​​of the angles of rotation from the DAC, instantly changes the position of the mirrors and stabilizes them in a new place (galvanometers have feedback on the position of the mirror and a smart PID controller).The drivers provide a beam intensity proportional to the input voltage at the output of the laser diodes. The laser beams, mixing on a special mirror system, hit the mirrors of the galvanometers, and at the output we have a drawing (scanning) laser beam of the color and brightness that will only be pleasing to us.

The simplest DAC for a laser projector

To build and admire this wonderful unit, you will need:

  1. Unpack LFI Player, and edit the file EzAudDac in its directory.ini for your system:
     ; An example of my configuration, for a computer with one sound card
    [Sound Card Selection]
    UseCardNumber = 1
    LowLatencyBuffering = no
    SampleRate = 48000
    RepeatFrameWhenOut = no
    [Channel Invert]
    X = no
    Y = no
    R = yes
    G = yes
    B = yes
    I = yes
    [Channel Selection]
    X = 1
    Y = 2
    R = 0
    G = 0
    B = 0
    I = 0
    AL = 0
    AR = 0

    Using the UseCardNumber parameter, select the number of the sound card with which we will work.

  2. Connect the oscilloscope probes to the left and right channel outputs of the sound card using the audio connector with a wire, switch the oscilloscope to X / Y sweep mode
  3. Start LFI_Player_V1_1_6_EzAudDAC.exe, open the ILD file in it, and click Play. On the oscilloscope, you will be able to observe vector animation.

You should get something like this:

The picture is slightly distorted due to the presence of isolation capacitors at the DAC output of the sound card, which do not pass the DC component. If you remove them and add the simplest op-amp amplifier (slightly modified output stage from the circuit below), you get a full-fledged DAC for laser graphics. Its only drawback is its low sample rates, which will not allow you to draw complex multi-element pictures or raster.

High Speed ​​DAC

A more serious DAC, devoid of these drawbacks, can be assembled according to the schemes given below.
DAC board:


Adapter for standard ILDA connector:


DD1 CY7C68013A microcontroller provides USB 2.0 communication and contains FIFO buffers for USB endpoints. The logic automaton GPIF built into the controller is configured so that without using the controller itself, by a clock signal, instantly load data from the endpoint buffer into the corresponding DACs.It turned out something like a high-speed sound card, with sampling up to several megahertz. All DACs and voltage reference were ordered from Texas Instruments as samples.

This is how it looks when assembled:

There will be firmware, but a little later.
In the next series, I will show you how to build an analog driven laser driver.

Laser animation – the last word in the world of fireworks

High technologies have reached the good old fireworks.The traditional scattering of real lights and sheaves of splashing sparks are now being replaced by a “multimedia show”, an integral part of which is laser fireworks.

What is a “laser show”. Operating principle

Laser show is a modern presentation in the form of original special effects and visual series produced by a laser system. The principle of production of laser effects is based on the action of a laser – a high-intensity beam of light that is not scattered like usual, but is capable of being transmitted over a long distance.

Laser installations or projectors project a given image onto a prepared surface. This can be a special screen made of mesh, the ceiling of a room, smoke or snow, the surface of a reservoir, etc. In essence, a laser fireworks or show – a more familiar name – are images on a given theme or plot, presented to a specially selected musical accompaniment. That is, it is the synchronization of visual images and music that makes an indelible impression on the viewer.

A laser projector creates the most diverse pictures: colorful, expressive, original – which only the human imagination can create. These are multi-colored or monochrome static or moving images and scenes, three-dimensional figures and various inscriptions, ornaments and drawings – a huge number of spectacular effects.

Historical background

This art form is very young, but thanks to the rapid development of high technologies and software, it is also developing by leaps and bounds.The impetus for the development of laser shows was given by the development of optical quantum generators in the 60s of the twentieth century; so to speak, their introduction to the masses, availability for a wide user.

Specificity of laser fireworks

Laser action is a large-scale event in all respects. There are a number of conditions that must be met for its successful implementation:

  • Darkness. This indispensable condition is easily explained by the fact that the principle of operation of a laser is based on the production of a light beam, which will be more clearly visible at night.This will require a complete or partial shutdown of street lighting in the area where the show is being held.
  • Smoke. In order for the laser beam to be better seen, it needs a scattering medium. Smoke is perfect for creating 3D laser figures and paintings.
  • Optimal duration. The recommended time for a laser show is 3-5 minutes. You can also break it down into 2 stages of 1.5-2.5 minutes.
  • High quality equipment. To conduct a successful show without overlays, it is necessary to use high-tech, professional equipment.Quality projectors can create a huge variety of clear and beautiful images.
  • Coordination with city services. Street performances require various types of permits. The event must be approved and carried out under the supervision of the city administration, police, fire brigade, electrical networks, etc.

Laser fireworks are often combined with other types of performances. Including with the usual fireworks.That is, they are part of an extensive program. However, if you want to combine a laser show with the usual fireworks, you need to approach this issue wisely, think over every volley, every beat, so that the laser pictures are not lost against the background of the spectacular fireworks, noise and brilliance it produces. After all, as a rule, a person’s attention is primarily riveted to the fiery pyrotechnic extravaganza. And it will be a pity if so much effort and such beauty are wasted.

Laser animation in 3D, multimedia laser show order in Moscow, prices from 9990 rubles

Currently, advertising technologies in Moscow are actively developing, and it is now impossible to imagine it without modern technologies.Often, laser projectors are used to create it, which allow projecting an image on the facades of a building, asphalt, sky, etc. You can even hold a show with special effects to attract the attention of the audience.

How to Create Laser Animation

With the use of projectors you can make an advertisement unforgettable and bright, as well as:

  • increasing customer loyalty;
  • increase in profitability and sales;
  • attracting attention.

Animation using laser technology

Currently, there are several types of laser animation in Moscow:

  1. Outdoor advertising – animation on buildings (these are flickering flashes, moving signs, other effects).
  2. Various shows as part of promotions and campaigns. This requires the selection of the necessary buildings for video projection and laser technology.
  3. Colored images on surfaces. Thus, even a simple logo will attract the attention of the audience, as it increases the memorability and brand awareness.

Features of Laser Animation

Any presentation can be turned into an enchanting show by adding animation elements and bright pictures to it. To do this, a projector is installed on the street, and the image itself attracts the attention of passers-by. Thus, a logo, signature or hologram is created on any surface using a laser.

There are no limits to the use of such advertising. Just imagine how your logo will look if it is illuminated with laser beams.This type of advertising is projection – that is, an image is projected onto a surface using special equipment. Moreover, any color scheme is used to multiply the effect. This creates a billboard that is hard to miss.

Why contact us

Our company offers to order a laser show in Moscow from us. We offer the following benefits to our customers:

  • Professionalism.The work will be organized clearly and professionally at all stages of joint cooperation. Our experts will necessarily study the advertising space, draw up a project. We strictly control the work of all employees.
  • Quality. We have only certified hardware and licensed programs. We have every opportunity to perform any range of tasks. Each project is unique and is made for a specific customer.
  • Entertainment. A laser show, even in the form of advertising, creates delight among the audience.Our qualified employees are able to create an image of any complexity.

Our company has been operating in this market for over 10 years. During this time, we have accumulated extensive experience in creating a beam laser show in Moscow. All performances organized by us were of great success and demand. Our park has all the equipment necessary for its creation, including 25 lasers with a power of 5-13 watts.

Several color or green lasers are suitable for a typical show.Their rays are displayed on a special screen. The projected animation gets three-dimensional, the drawing seems to hang in space. Our company operates in the electronic trading system, and carries out the work on a contractual basis. It is advisable to make an order a month before the event, so that we can prepare a bright and memorable show. If desired, the space can be filled with smoke or fog to make the presentation clearer.

Laser animation

Quality assurance Free shipping Payment upon receipt

Order 24/7

Brand Names

Best quality

Express Delivery

Laser animation

Laser animation Moscow St. Petersburg Novosibirsk Yekaterinburg, Laser animation Nizhny Novgorod Samara Omsk Kazan Chelyabinsk Rostov-on-Don Ufa Volgograd Perm Krasnoyarsk Voronezh, Laser animation Saratov, Krasnodar Togliatti Izhevsk Ulyanovsk Yaroslavl Tyuchkal Vladivostrkala Laser animation Khabarovsk Novokuznetsk Orenburg Kemerovo Ryazan Tomsk Astrakhan Penza Naberezhnye Chelny Lipetsk Tula Kirov Cheboksary Kaliningrad Bryansk Kursk Ivanovo Magnitogorsk Ulan-Ude, Laser animation Tver Stavropol Nizhny Tagil Belgorod Arkhangelsk Vladimir Orambov Sochi Kukazman Sterlitamak Laser animation Grozny Yakutsk Kostroma Komsomolsk-on-Amur Petrozavodsk Taganrog Nizhnevartovsk Yoshkar-Ola Bratsk Novorossiysk Dzerzhinsk Mines Nalchik Orsk Syktyvkar Nizhnekamsk Angarsk Stary Oskol Laser animation Veliky Novgorod Blagoveshchensk Bingelsk alakovo Severodvinsk Armavir Podolsk Korolev Yuzhno-Sakhalinsk Petropavlovsk-Kamchatsky, laser animation Syzran Norilsk Chrysostom Kamensk-Lyubertsy Mytishchi Volgodonsk Novocherkassk Abakan Nakhodka Ussuriysk Berezniki Salavat Elektrostal Miass Rubtsovsk Almetyevsk Carpet Laser animation Maikop Pyatigorsk Kolomna Odintsovo Kolpino Kopeisk Khasavyurt Railroad Novomoskovsk Kislovodsk Serpukhov Pervouralsk Novocheboksarsk Nefteyugansk Dimitrovgrad Neftekamsk, 90,410 laser animations Cherkessk Orekhovo-Derbent Kamyshin Nevinnomyssk Krasnogorsk Moore Bataysk Novoshakhtinsk Sergiev Posad, Schelkovo Noyabrsk Kyzyl Oktyabrsky Achinsk Seversk Laser animation Novokuibyshevsk Elec Arzamas Obninsk Novy Urengoy Pushkin Zhukovsky Kaspiysk Elista Artem Mezhdurechensk Leninsk-Kuznetsky Sarapul Essentuki Votkinsk Noginsk Tobolsk Ukhta Serov Laser animation Velikiye Luki Michurinsk Kiselevsk Novotroitsk Zelenodolsk Berdsk Solikamsk Ramenskoye Domodedovo Magadan Glazov, Laser animation Kamensk-Shakhtin sky Zheleznogorsk Kansk Nazran Pushkin Gatchina Sarov Voskresensk Dolgoprudny Bugulma Kuznetsk Laser animation Gubkin Kineshma Yeysk Reutov Ust-Ilimsk Zheleznogorsk Novouralsk Usolye-Sibirskoye Tchaikovsky, Norilsk, Surgut, Laser animation Vorkulya, Lazer-animation Nizhny t. , Anadyr, Elista, Laser animation Astrakhan, Laser animation Rostov-on-Don, Krasnodar, Laser animation Volgograd, Volzhsky, Akhtubinsk, Znamensk, Laser animation Saratov, Samara, Novorossiysk, Sochi, Vladikavkaz Laser animation

Laser Projector – Wiki

The Laser Projector [1] is a device that projects changing laser beams onto a screen for professional or consumer use.The projector housing contains: a laser, a galvanometric scanner or an acousto-optic color array, dichroic mirrors and other optical elements. A laser projector can have one laser source for projection with only one color, or three laser sources for projection in RGB.

Laser projectors allow you to draw on various planes laser graphics of high intensity and clarity: holograms, text information, 3D volumetric drawings and figures, logos.Laser projectors are controlled via DMX protocol or by means of a DAC controller (digital-to-analog converter) using a computer [2] .

Types of lasers used

Laser projectors use:

Diode lasers (direct injection)

Red: 635nm, 642nm, 650nm, 660nm;
Green: 515 nm;
Blue: 445 nm;
Violet: 405 nm.

Solid State DPSS Lasers (Diode Pumped, Frequency Doubling)

Red: 671 nm;
Green: 532 nm;
Blue: 473nm, 457nm.

Gas lasers (practically not used after 2006)

Red: He-Ne (helium-neon) @ 632.8 nm, Krypton @ 647.1 nm;
Green: Argon @ 514.5 nm;
Blue: Argon @ 488 nm or 457.9 nm;
Multi-color (WhiteLight): Argon / Krypton gas mixture 647.1 nm, 514.5 nm, 488 nm, 476.5 nm, 457.9 nm.

Galvanometric scanner

Galvanometric scanner is an electromagnetic device in which moving mirrors (attached to the end of the rotating shaft) reflect the laser beam and thus create the desired laser projection, animation and text.The main characteristic of Galvos, as a rule, is its speed, which is measured in Kbit (kg points per second) and is usually expressed in the following values: 8 k, 12 k, 20 k, 30 k, 35 k, 50 k, 60 k. The faster the speed of the galvanometric scanner, the faster and more clearly the laser image will be projected, which is the main characteristic when demonstrating the show. Another important indicator is the optical angle (up to 75%). The wider the angle, the larger the scanned area will be, but the less clear the projected image (due to the physical limitations of the mechanical nature of the scanner).

Dichroic mirrors

Dichroic mirrors used in a laser projector are necessary to combine laser beams of different colors, for example, they allow to combine red, green and blue beams into one white light beam. Or letting the red light passing through it reflect green and blue, and green light reflecting red and blue.

Laser Projector Modes


In this operating mode, the laser beam is turned off and the mirrors change their position during the creation of animation or text.Blanking is an ultra-fast operation that typically occurs hundreds of times per second. New technology in solid state lasers uses direct electronic control of the laser source to provide quenching. With gas lasers such as argon or krypton this was not possible and quenching was done by using a third galvanometer to mechanically interrupt the beam. The new Poly-Chromatic Acousto-Optic Modulator, or PCAOM technology, allows a high-speed electronic plug to be inserted and control the intensity and color of the laser beam in a multicolor laser projector.


This mode of operation is supported by DPSS projection lasers (analog modulation, TTL modulation, or both). Modulation is usually specified in kHz. 2 kHz is considered low modulation, 30 kHz is high. Manufacturers do not indicate the exact relationship between this indicator and laser performance.

Analog Modulation

The analog signal is used to control the intensity of the output beam (this voltage is in the range from 0 to 5 volts).With an analog modulation RGB laser projector (with an 8 bit system), you have 16.

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