An honest mistake malaysia: Punk Band An Honest Mistake Return With New Single ‘All Over Again’ [Malaysia]


Punk Band An Honest Mistake Return With New Single ‘All Over Again’ [Malaysia]

‘My loneliness is killing me, and I…’, the ever so famous line from Britney Spears’ debut single in 1998 would have got you humming the tune. Fast forward to 2021, it has been almost 2 years since the pandemic hit. The whole world has been crippled while some have managed to get out of the hole, Malaysia is still struggling to get by. Nevertheless, there’s been a surge of creativity within artists in Malaysia, and pop punk band, An Honest Mistake too has kicked into high gear with music releases.

‘All Over Again’ is An Honest Mistake’s brand new single further solidifying a brand new sound, away from the previous happy pop punk energy they’re known for. This new sound started with #IDGAD in 2020 fusing electronic elements and trap beats. The band has gone a little darker moving away from bubblegum pop lyrical content as well; tackling issues that are closer to home especially in this tough period the world is going through.

While many are struggling with issues of mental health during lockdown, ‘All Over Again’ was inspired by Tomas, the lead guitarist’s experience of extreme loneliness seeing that he isn’t in a relationship. He laments and shares with lead singer, Darren, that if he could go back to the past to relive everything; he would and would do it differently. This was the spark that brought this song to life. The idea was built around thoughts of loneliness, regret and learning how to deal with it in the context of a relationship.

The band hopes that during this time, listeners will be able to reflect on their lives and to improve themselves to be better for their partners and for themselves; to grow and be better people. There’s no use living in the past and all we can do now is to be better. This song serves as a reminder of that.

With the aid of CENDANA’s quick funding program (CreateNow), the band was able to produce this along with a ‘Behind The Scenes/Studio Diary’ as well as a music video that will eventually be filmed and released. Due to the unending lockdown and restrictions, the music video, however, will be pushed back until further notice.

An Honest Mistake drops new single, “#IDGAD”

An Honest Mistake is releasing a new original single, “#IDGAD”.

4 Jun – Last fans heard of An Honest Mistake’s original music was in 2016, but that’s about to change when the band drops their brand-new single tomorrow.

“I Don’t Give A Damn”, stylised as “#IDGAD”, will officially go live on 5 June 2020 across all digital music platforms.

The song is described as one with trap beats, a big chorus with funky dance guitar riffs, melodic R&B inspired verses yet retaining their signature ‘gang vocals’ that can be heard in the first few seconds of the song as well as a resounding tag of “I don’t give a damn” to close the song.

It also features a guitar solo, something never really present in the band’s earlier material.

Listeners who are familiar with the 1939 film “Gone with The Wind” would easily identify in the song the glitch of a blurb that goes, “Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn.

The band was inspired to produce the song following bassist Sonny Wan’s recent experience with a painful breakup. “You don’t give a f*** about me”, he yelled out of frustration during a rehearsal. However, the line was later turned into something empowering instead by changing it to “I don’t give a damn about you”.

“When Sonny screamed those words, I knew it came from a place of pain and I wanted to tap into that,” said Darren, the band’s main songwriter, in a press release.

“Everyone has been in a painful relationship before, I’m sure. It could have been abusive; verbally or physically. It could be a relationship out of fear. It’s crazy the reasons why people stay in relationships sometimes. But I didn’t want it to end there. I wanted to write based off of those experiences to encourage listeners to stand strong and to be brave to exit such a relationship.

“Instead of playing the victim, they should be the ones calling the shots. Simply put, ‘I’m done. This is over. I don’t give a damn about you’. I know too many friends who are in similar situations so I dug deep to really put my thoughts together. I can’t take credit for all of it though because Sheryl, our ex-singer put her touch on it for the lines in the chorus. We’ve written cliché love songs for so many years and it’s about time we get real,” he added.

Story continues

Fans will get to enjoy the song “#IDGAD” and its lyrics video when An Honest Mistake releases both tomorrow (Photo source: An Honest Mistake’s Instagram).

The process behind the song’s recording, which started in early March, took an interesting turn when the Movement Control Order (MCO) was enforced in Malaysia later that same month. It had to be finished by recording some of the gang vocals at home, which were then sent to JD (guitarist of Pop Shuv It/Project EAR) at Studio 21:05.

Since the MCO also halted the music video’s production, for now fans will have to be content with the lyrics video that will be released along with the song.

The last time the band released original music was four years ago, which they followed up with a remix album in 2017, a covers EP in 2018 and a Christmas cover in 2019. So fans would be definitely “give a damn” when “#IDGAD” releases tomorrow!

An Honest Mistake is throwing a Christmas party and everyone is invited! | Showbiz

An Honest Christmas Party will feature more than 20 artistes and is set to take place on December 17, 2017 from 2pm onwards at The Bee, Publika. — TheHive.Asia pic

KUALA LUMPUR, Nov 29 — This December, come and join the most honest Christmas party in town as pop punk group An Honest Mistake (AHM) is roping in some of the freshest and coolest acts from the local scene!

Set to take place on Sunday, December 17, 2017 from 2pm onwards at The Bee, Publika, An Honest Christmas Party will be featuring more than 20 artistes ranging from acoustic to metal with the likes of Amrita Soon, Dragon Red, Ryot Jones, Army of Three and of course the organising band themselves.

Though music is the main attraction of the event, it is not the only entertainment available at the party.

The crew from Shipwreck Tattoos will be tattooing so if you feel like getting a new tattoo, An Honest Christmas Party is the place to be!

That’s not all, expert piercers from Attic Piercing and Jewellery will also be displaying some of their accessories and providing their services.

Oh! Did we forget to mention that Tiger Beer is the official partner of the event and they will be giving out free beers to quench your thirst? Well, Christmas is all about giving, right?

“How often do you get music, tattoos, piercing, fashion and drinks all at the same place at the same time? I think people are really curious on how things are done especially tattoos and piercing. I get asked all the time if it hurt when I got my tattoos or when I stretched my lobes. Now I want to show them how it’s done.” said AHM lead vocalist Darren Teh.

“The artistes that are performing are new and some are more experienced. I think it’s really the sharing of knowledge that we are aiming for with this party and that really puts it in line with the whole theme of Christmas; a time of giving,” he added.

The theme of the event is denim because Levi’s Malaysia is also on board and they will be showcasing a mini-art display of classic truckers, as well as a customisation station where attendees can get FREE iron-on patches done.

There will be 10 sets of Levi’s DIY Kit to be won, as well as the sale of the Levi’s Holiday Pin Collection. So, come in denim and you might just walk away with some amazing gifts courtesy of Levi’s.

Admission to the event is totally FREE, so remember to mark your calendars! — TheHive.Asia

Hype’s Exclusive: Talking About..Just About #Everything With An Honest Mistake

Like most Malaysian bands, their journey to becoming a festival staple and a household name was arduous, long, and hard. If we needed to chose just one word to describe An Honest Mistake as a band, it would be, “persistent”.

The band debuted back in 2008, during a time when the Malaysian live music scene was still booming. Venues like Laundry Bar at The Curve in Mutiara Damansara, for example, would constantly see a large headcount of music lovers storming the place for their monthly, if not weekly dosage of good ol’ homegrown tunes. Alas, all good things come to an end eventually and as the heat began to cool and the scene started to make way for the electronic dance music genre, we saw less and less of our local bands.

This, in effect, motivated bands like An Honest Mistake to think faster, work harder, push forth, and evolve. They not only looked for opportunities but also created a few of their own (we’ll get into this later), went on countless tours including several trips to Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, and the Philippines for shows both small and large, and continued to put out music.

And now, fast forward to 2016/2017, the band kicked into high gear when they cinched a deal with major music label Universal Music Malaysia, all the while juggling gigs at major music festivals including Ho Hai Yan Gongliao Rock Festival in Taiwan (July 2016), Zandari Festa in Korea (September 2016), and Manila Threadfest in the Philippines (October 2016). A crowd pleaser through and through, they show no signs of stopping 🙂

We caught up with An Honest Mistake’s Darren Teh (lead vocalist and rhythm guitarist) and Leonard Chua (guitarist) as soon as they had time to catch their breaths.

Here’s what went down:

Hi guys! It’s been a while. Congrats on being signed to Universal Music Malaysia and your new single.

Darren: Thank you! And yes, after a million years of hard work (laughs).

You guys go way back. How did you guys meet?

Darren: In 2008, I started a solo thing but later on I felt like I needed to start a band..

Leonard: We met through a forum, in a music thread. We just started talking and then Darren was like, “Oh, you’re from Seremban? My dad works in Seremban. When I come to Seremban, let’s meet up!” Then fast forward to one fine day on MSN Messenger, Darren was like, “I’ll send you some demos. This is my acoustic project. Hey do you wanna join me? Let’s make original music!” and I was like, “Okay, sounds good. Let’s do it!”

Darren: At first it was just for fun but it didn’t stay “just for fun” for too long because after got serious really quick.

Leonard: Yeah like within a year we were going for gigs and competitions.

Darren: I think it was also because of my brother (singer-songwriter Kevin Teh aka Broken Scar). .I saw all of that and how he did it, so I just translated everything that he did into what I did.

How has An Honest Mistake evolved from the initial inception?

Darren: We’ve had a couple of people come and go, as how all bands are, with different commitments and things like that. For the longest time, the band has always been known as a band with a guy and a girl who sings. And it’s always good to have a girl in the band. Sheryl, who recorded all the albums with us, had to leave to the UK to study and when she left, she told us that she’s not coming back. But we were like, let’s just keep going.

You’ve performed at multiple events. Do you still get stage fright? What do you guys do before going on stage?

Leonard: We get into our “game face” (laughs). Darren, before he performs, he likes to walk around and just feel the vibe of the people and the place. I sit in a corner and visualise what’s about to happen. Most of the time I prefer not to talk. Tomas, hmm..will probably be busy hitting on girls? (laughs) Ian..he’ll find his way among all of us. He’ll just be hanging around, watching the show from backstage.

Darren: My routine before going on stage will be..drinking a lot of water. Not alcohol, because I don’t wanna bust my voice. Alcohol will destroy my voice.

Leonard: I’ll drink Red Bull just to give me that energy. Not alcohol because, you wanna perform consciously, you know? And connect with the crowd. And not like when your head is in some..outer space..

I agree. I think that you’d want to be as sober as possible to minimise the mistakes that you could potentially make..ah, pun totally intended!

Darren: (laughs)

Leonard: Ba-dum-ppsshh! (laughs) Oh, on New Year’s Eve, because everyone was in a celebratory mode so in the waiting room there was beer and stuff. Tomas was warning me, “Leonard, don’t screw up, don’t make any mistakes” but as it turns out, he was the one making mistakes all night! And before the end of the show, he fell down on stage.

Darren: He tripped on me. (laughs)

Leonard: And that’s how he started his new year.

Which would you say has been your best gig to date?

Darren: Taiwan.

Leonard: Taiwan.

Darren: Okay, so for example, we’ve done all the local gigs and the local festivals, and they’re great. Then we went to Singapore and we were like, “Wow!” because the way they functioned like the team on stage, the sound, the lights, it was next level.

Leonard: And then we went to the Philippines. Because the Philippines had that too plus the crowd was engaging and all.

Darren: And then we went to Taiwan!

Leonard: Taiwan was like everything combined in one! The professionalism of the crew, the stage, the production, the responsiveness of the crowd, the hospitality. .I mean, for us, we were just a Malaysian band going over there to play, you know? They had all these big bands like Sodagreen and Mayday, and yet they treated us like how they treated them. It

It’s great that An Honest Mistake received equal treatment or that you were treated like an international artiste.

Leonard: Yeah! Or maybe it’s just their professionalism across the board like across all bands. In Malaysia, organisers tend to be a bit more choosy like..they pay more attention to the bigger bands. Taiwan was really the best experience that we’ve ever had.

Darren: One of the things that I like to tell people about Taiwan is that, I mean apart from the crowd..we played to 30,000 people, and it was at the beach. When we there for soundcheck at 10am, people were already there queuing up. It was insane! We didn’t understand it. On top of that, we requested for certain equipment, and we got them. We saw the amps lying on the side on stage and we asked, “Have any other bands used these?” and the organisers were like, “No, we got them just for you.”

Leonard: We have never gotten that equipment that we needed here. Ever. 2-day festival, 60 bands, and they got those amps just for us.

That’s amazing! Now that you’ve have toured quite a bit, what would you say was the strangest/funniest thing that has ever happened on tour?

Leonard: At high school gigs..we always love those gigs because the crowd is always very passionate. And this was like 4 years ago when this high school girl came up to me and asked, “Can I have your jacket?”. So she took it and she started tagging me in her tweets.

Darren: It was a nice jacket and it was more like she pulled him off him lah! (laughs)

Leonard: After that her tweets were like, “Should I wrap myself to sleep in this jacket?” (laughs)

As a primarily English band promoting in Malaysia, what are some of the challenges you face?

Leonard: Market size, the lack of supporters, and the fact that we’re always competing with international artistes. You can be the #1 English band in Malaysia but you’d still only get a small segment, and there are only so many gigs or events that you get to tap into. But we’re very thankful that, over the years, due to the lack of rave/electronic dance music events, events are turning to live music. It has opened up a lot of opportunities for us in the last 2 years as compared to the last 6 years.

Ah, because previously electronic dance music events took precedent over live music events, right? 

Leonard: That’s right. DJs, DJs, DJs. But for the first time they’re turning to live music so more musicians and bands are able to take the stage.

What do you wish the local audience knew about producing an album? (the cost, the work that goes behind it, etc.)

Darren: I think mainly, of course the money part. .which I will get into later. Sometimes bands give up because they don’t see themselves going anywhere. You know, they play some gigs and it’s always to the same crowd, and then they get to know only the same people, and they basically go around in circles. For me, when we were starting out there were opportunities that we were riding on, because I am my brother’s brother. It really opened up a lot of doors for me. But that opened my eyes to the fact that..if I’m going to just hope that they will always give me gigs, that’s going to kill me because I’ll be the one going around in the circles. So I thought, “Okay, if there’s a lack of opportunities, I need to start creating them.” which is what I did. I started organising gigs so that I would, in turn, be able to give other people opportunities. The main struggle initially was getting gigs. When you play gigs, you get some money, right? From there, where does the money go to? We started a bank account and all the money that we got went into the band fund. And for many years, we got nothing out of our band fund! But the fund was used to make our merchandise, banners, posters, albums..we rolled the money from our 1st album to the 2nd album. It was only after making the 3rd album that we started to earn a bit of money. We set aside some to go into the band fund, and some..we used to pay the band members. But it was only many years, like 6 years after we started.

Oh, you really struggled for a long time. Also, I think that at the beginning, not only did you get very few gigs, they also didn’t pay a lot, right?

Darren: Yeah!

Leonard: They still don’t pay a lot! (laughs)

Darren: It’s also because we weren’t in a position where we can demand. At least now we get higher paying shows and we get opportunities to play at shows that matter. We get to work with various brands that are looking into local music and really supporting it.  But now that we get higher paying shows, it means that we need to be good at money management too. When Leonard came into the picture, he helped set things in place where there’s more order in the band. That’s not to say that it wasn’t orderly, but it’s better managed now.

Since An Honest Mistake has been taking up opportunities wth so many brands recently, do you fear overdoing it or overselling yourself?

Leonard: So on this subject, Darren and I have conflicting opinions.

Darren: I don’t mind being everywhere. Everything is fuelled by passion when it comes to art, but you’d want to be able to make money from your passion. So now that we’re making money, I feel like, if the gigs are gonna pay us, if the brands are gonna pay us, let’s just be everywhere! It’s not just about money – we’re growing and we’re getting more reach. I think it’s fine. But..(looks at Leonard)

Leonard: I, on the other hand, I believe in. .you know, we only have 24 hours in a day. If we’re not wise in using our time and resources into performing, not picking the right shows to play, if you’re constantly out there and everywhere, it doesn’t give people that longing to want to see us perform. But of course, from a business standpoint, yes you can generate income and as long as you have money, you can do whatever you want. So I guess it’s a balancing act of what to choose and what not to choose, and being out there and not being constantly out there.

You know what #lifegoals are, right? So what’s your ultimate #bandgoal?

Darren: My #bandgoal know, I’m not even thinking about going to the US, the UK, or Australia. I mean, I’m not being racist but..those places are places where they could be like, “You’re a bunch of Asians playing white music and you weren’t even born here.” or whatever. I just feel that there’s so much that you can do here in Asia. When we played in India, it was a different vibe. When we played in Taiwan, they were like, “Wow! You’re Chinese but you’re singing in English. That’s so cool!” I’ve shared this with the band and the band has also agreed that..okay, we’ll just do Asia. And that’s my goal.

Thanks for chatting with us, you guys! Y’all are such gems. Go forth, the sky’s the limit 😉 We’ll leave you now with An Honest Mistake’s latest single, “Everything”.


For more information on An Honest Mistake, hit up their website or Facebook page. An Honest Mistake is also on Twitter and Instagram so feel free to stalk them 😉

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An Honest Mistake’s New Single Still Has More Surprises Coming Your Way

About a year ago, Malaysian pop punk band An Honest Mistake started writing what is now their single known as IDGAD.

It was their first original track since 2016 but much to our surprise, Darren Teh (lead vocals/guitar) tells us it happened by accident at one of their rehearsals.

“We’ve been talking about writing new material and during one of the writing sessions, Sonny, our bassist, blurted out ‘You don’t give a f*** about me’. It was strong. The melody felt right. But to make it all PG for everyone, we changed it to ‘I don’t give a damn about you’ instead taking a more empowering role as compared to a pessimistic one” shares Darren.

The band quickly got to work and started recording towards the end of February this year and well, no points for guessing what went down and in turn, messed up that one last session before the mixing process could begin. Thanks, Covid.

“Our last recording session at the studio was on 17th March” says Darren. “Initially, we thought, ‘Ok let’s wait for two weeks then we can head back to complete the rest of it’ but the two weeks turned to four and then that became months. So, I decided to record the final bits of vocals at home and sent it back to the studio. I recorded 20 layers of my voice in different varieties to simulate a crowd.”

When May kicked in, things were being finalized and they eventually released the original track in June 2020. The meaning of the song is rather clear (do give it a listen below if you haven’t already and if you have, just listen to it again) but there was something else that added on to the single’s whole


Darren recently told us that there’s going to be three remixes for IDGAD. “I had written about 10 demos. While sharing it with the band at home after not meeting since the lockdown, Ian, our drummer suggested we should have a DJ scratch while listening to one of the demos. It was a light bulb moment for me and I told the guys that I’ll get in touch with the DJ friend that we all knew. It started from there. Once I had gotten in touch with him, he started working on it.

I ended up making an 80’s version of it myself too taking inspiration by some of the 80’s remixes of current pop songs.”

The first remix which was just recently released is produced by Karazey, a self-taught 17 year old producer from Kajang who Darren discovered through Spotify.

“I usually do that every Friday since they’ve got the New Music Friday Malaysia playlist out then. It’s usually jumbled up with Korean, Singaporean, Indonesian, Japanese, Taiwanese and other international acts. I went through each of them and found Karazey. I hit him up on Instagram and I also got him on my show on AFORADIO. He asked for my vocal stems and within a day, he sent back a draft. As it was, it sounded good already and within two weeks, it was finalized and done. I also found out that he lives in the opposite ‘taman’ from my family’s house in Kajang. He’s also 17 years old, still in school and sitting for his exams. What a talented guy!” You can check out some of his stuff on Spotify below:

This really cool idea not only acts as an extension of the promotion of the single but at the same time, is pretty much a standalone project on its own.

If the original wasn’t your cuppa teh tarik, here, nah, have it in 3 different genres. But beyond that, Darren tells us it’s also to highlight the collaborators. “We’ve always been big on promoting fellow artists so this is one of our efforts in continuing that. We put out a remix album of 16 tracks featuring local and regional producers in 2017. All of which has always been to support and push these great talents.”

A pretty darn cool idea and if you’re as psyched as we are about the two other surprises coming our way, follow An Honest Mistake on Facebook and Instagram for updates.

Know of some other really awesome songs and/or collaborations? Hit us up! 

Lavish ‘Gaza’ mall is actually in Malaysia, Israeli military admits – Haaretz | Israel news, COVID vaccine data, the Middle East and the Jewish World

The Israel Defense Forces apologized Thursday for publishing an image of a mall in Malaysia with a caption falsely describing it as being located in the Gaza Strip.

Related Articles

The incorrect caption, which was posted alongside a photo on its English-language blog, was described by the IDF as an honest mistake.

The blog post resembled a tourism brochure that was meant to counter claims that Gaza is facing a humanitarian crisis. “Despite what you may hear from the media, Gaza is not an open-air prison,” the blog post said.

“This summer, Gazans are out in force, enjoying themselves in beautiful beaches and hotels, and doing their shopping in pristine grocery stores and markets heaving with fresh produce,” it continued.

The blog post included, alongside the photograph of the mall, images of fancy hotels, and young Gazans playing on the beach or enjoying the nightlife scene.

The true location of the mall was revealed by online media outlet Electronic Intifada, which said it was in fact the Suria KLCC Mall in Kuala Lumpur’s iconic Petronas Towers.

Following an inquiry by Haaretz, the IDF Spokesperson’s Unit apologized on its Twitter account for the misleading caption and photograph, saying it was “a mistake made in good conscience.”

“When the mistake was revealed, the picture was taken down,” the spokesperson’s unit said, adding, “It is important to note that the post contained 17 accurate pictures which properly reflected the subject in question.

The IDF Spokesperson’s Unit is not the only one to post pictures incorrectly described as being taken in Gaza. During Operation Pillar of Defense, Palestinian media outlets and social media websites published pictures they claimed had been taken in Gaza. One case involved a picture of a dead child published by the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas’ military wing. Later, an Israeli citizen proved the photograph was actually taken in Syria a few weeks earlier.

A screenshot of the photograph of the Malaysian mall on the IDF blog before it was taken down as a mistake. Petronas Towers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.Reuters
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An Honest Mistake Or A Clever Marketing Ploy? ‘Anak Malaysia’ Font Looks Like ‘Anal Malaysia’

An honest mistake or a clever marketing ploy?

Streaming platform iQIYI removed and apologized for their booboo on a poster meant to promote local shows for Malaysia Day which falls on 16 Sept. Movies including Lee Chong Wei- Rise of the Legend, The Journey and Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon were going to be featured as part of the celebration.

The typeface chosen by the Chinese company made it look and sound really, really wrong considering the entire design and the logo placement.

In a lighthearted statement, the Chinese company apologized for the design.

Hellooo guys just a clarification for those who’re confused about the logo hehe ??

It’s ANAK Malaysia okay! Remember, award winning films & drama like Ola Bola for FREE only for this month! You just need to download the iQIYI App or go to https://t. co/sXoyRATMa2 #AnakMalaysia

— iQIYI Malaysia (@iQIYIMalaysia) September 13, 2020

Netizens had a ball of a time with the poster, making cheeky comments.

Naikkanlah tiang bendera anda!

— Ash Menon (@ashvinmenon) September 12, 2020

Yes we have the same question, Dayat.

yo who’s the designer ☠️☠️☠️?

— DAYAT ?? (@dideedayat) September 13, 2020

If that’s what floats your boat, sure.

oh this year’s national day will be very jolly indeed. ?

— ไอน ? (@_ainkim) September 13, 2020

Well, can’t help but agree with Weng here.

Hehe. This seems intentional. The overall design is not bad. The designer is obviously not a newbie. Any half decent designer would not have made this mistake.

— Weng (@weng_skapunk) September 13, 2020

Reporter’s Opinions: I raise you the question again. Is it clever marketing ploy or an honest mistake?

In the world of marketing, the first few seconds is very crucial to capture the attention of your audience. It will help generate the traffic you need.

And the best way to do that? Innuendos. Call it cheap if you wanna, but major companies around the world made their millions that way.

I honestly think that the designer was brilliant. Any designer worth their salt will be able to notice that the typeface will cause a misunderstanding when arranged that way.

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90,000 how “rollover elections” were held in Malaysia – RBK

Until recently, few people believed that Mahathir would be able to realize his plans. Political analysts wondered whether the fall in the electoral results of the ruling party will continue, as it has been over the past years, or whether they will be able to reverse the trend. But there was no talk that the National Front could lose its majority in parliament this May. For example, the most independent sociological center, Merdeka, claimed the day before the elections that the united opposition under the leadership of Mohammad would have no more than 83 seats.Meanwhile, the opposition Alliance of Hope, led by Mohammad, won 124 out of 222 parliamentary seats, and the National Front won 79,9003.

It is this kind of surprise that is the main symptom of the phenomenon of “rollover elections”, which can take place in one of three possible scenarios. In the first scenario, the decisive role is played by the evolutionary efforts of the opposition, which is gradually “bargaining” from the authoritarian regime for holding more and more honest and fair elections. At some point, the number of such small changes becomes critical and dictators lose power.The second scenario assumes a sharp change in the mood of the population under the influence of internal or external shocks, which the authoritarian regime underestimates and because of this is defeated in the next elections. The third scenario is associated with the intention to carry out partial liberalization by the authoritarian elite itself, either under pressure from the population and the opposition, or in the interests of a struggle for power between elite groups. As a result, the authoritarian elite, underestimating the risks, is losing control over the liberalization process, which leads to the fall of the regime in the next elections.

Read on RBK Pro

Elite Split

Events in Malaysia are close to the second and third scenarios at the same time. Mahathir, who left power in 2003, handed over the leadership of the National Front to his colleague, the author of the concept of “civilized Islam,” Abdullah Badawi. The new leader began the process of purging Mahathir’s former team, which caused discontent among the elites. To enlist support in the fight against some of them, he announced early elections, where the ruling party lost a majority of 2/3 of the seats in parliament, although it managed to retain control over it.Under pressure from the opposition and amid the 2008 financial crisis, Badawi resigned, leaving power to his deputy, Najib Razak, who ruled Malaysia until the current events. To cope with the crisis, Razak launched large-scale economic reforms, creating in Malaysia one of the most effective government systems in the world, according to the World Economic Forum. Its main distinguishing feature was the then widely replicated practice of government offices for the implementation of PEMANDU (Performance Management and Delivery Unit) reforms, built on the model of similar institutions in democratic countries, primarily the reform office in the cabinet of British Prime Minister Tony Blair. A key factor in the effective work of PEMANDU is the involvement of the population and interest groups in the development of a package of reforms and in further monitoring of their implementation. To implement such control, it was necessary to increase the transparency of the work of the authorities themselves, which was also partly fulfilled. But the opposite effect worked: the involvement of the population in assessing the actions of the authorities created a threat to the authoritarian regime.

The theme of corruption played the role of the trigger. Both Razak’s entourage and himself began to be accused of abuse and ineffective spending during the implementation of the reform program.The relative transparency of government finances has made it possible to launch investigations against Razak and his family members in several neighboring countries.

At the same time, the core of the authoritarian regime remained unchanged. The ruling coalition controlled the courts and law enforcement agencies, which made it impossible to conduct a real anti-corruption investigation inside the country. The legacy of the colonial past in the form of the right to detain people without trial prevented the growth of open protests in the country, which until the last moment gave the impression that the government was in control of the situation.Most of the Malaysian media are still owned by state-affiliated corporations and are not a problem for the regime. On the eve of the elections, Razak and the National Front used all the tools of authoritarian pressure at their disposal: they imprisoned opposition leaders, arranged a redrawing of electoral boundaries in their favor, organized the drive of loyal voters to polling stations and even increased interethnic tensions in ethnically complex Malaysia.

The Return of the Author

But all this helped little, because its architect Mahathir Mohammad rebelled against the authoritarian system.The political system of competitive authoritarianism built by him, despite all the above instruments of control and suppression, had a significant flaw. According to the classic study of political science by the American political scientist Tom Pepinski, the Malaysian authorities needed to constantly maintain a balance in order to keep numerous competing elite groups within the framework of general rules. From this point of view, the last elections were held extremely risky for the authorities. Some of the elite were offended, while the vote count of the parties admitted to the elections remained relatively honest.

Knowing about this Achilles heel and using the wave of popular discontent with corruption, and some of the elites, on the contrary, with problems with obtaining the usual rental income due to the reforms of Razak, Mohammad, apparently, decided to return to politics. Skillfully maneuvering between the interests of different social groups and armed with populism and Malay nationalism known to him from ancient times, Mahathir conducted an extremely active election campaign, despite his impressive age. After visiting all regions, promising to reverse Razak’s tax hikes and reinstate canceled petrol subsidies, the former dictator reinstated his rights as national leader. By leading the opposition, Mohammad gave it the necessary legitimacy in the eyes of elite groups, thereby creating a necessary condition for any “overturning elections” – a split of the elites.

As a result, Razak and his entourage missed Mahathir’s fast-paced gambit, without attaching much importance to it, focusing on the classic authoritarian instruments of control over the electoral process.

On May 10, Mohammad once again became Prime Minister of Malaysia, triumphantly continuing his almost half-century political career.The next day, the king of Malaysia exponentially pardoned opposition leader Anwar Ibrahim, whom Mohammad had already promised to transfer control to within two years. And here lies the main intrigue of the Malaysian political blockbuster: will the former dictator keep his word, thereby finally dismantling the authoritarian system he himself created 30 years ago, or, having managed to pick up the falling power, will be able to hold it, this time in the hands of more a skillful but equally authoritarian leader?

90,000 Kuala Lumpur. Secrets of a successful trip on your own

Kuala Lumpur is the capital of Malaysia, the largest and most developed city in the country. From the first visit, we fell in love with Kuala Lumpur and every time we stop to live here with pleasure. However, many tourists do not like KL. We reveal the secrets of how not to make a mistake when traveling to Kuala Lumpur on your own.

Kuala Lumpur City, Malaysia

  • Date of foundation: 1857
  • 90,037 Population: 1 million 800 thousand people.
  • Time: +5 hours Moscow time (UTC + 8: 00)
  • Season: All Year
  • Visa for Russians: not required, upon arrival stamp for 30 days

What mistakes do most tourists make, who then say that they did not like it in Malaysia, it is dirty, unsafe in KL, bags are ripped off, taxi drivers bred, etc.? We looked at what the guidebooks and travel sites recommend.Among the main recommendations are precisely those places that we personally try to avoid – the Bukit Bintang area, Jalan Alor and Petaling streets, Batu caves. With such advice, we would hate KL too.

1. Stay in a good area

Choose an area closer to the center and to the metro. So you can be within walking distance of all interesting places, but at the same time be in a decent area. We do not recommend living in the tourist area of ​​Bukit Bintang, in the Chinatown and Indian quarters.Otherwise, you will have to see crowds of people every day, dirt, inviting taxi drivers and other annoying individuals who feed on tourists’ divorce and theft.

We also do not recommend taking housing on the outskirts. In KL, only the center is clean and modern, and the sleeping areas are often some kind of dirty and uncouth.

Consider these excellent location options:

  • Regalia Suites with pool on the 37th floor
  • THE FACE Suites with pool on the 50th floor
  • Traders Hotel Kuala Lumpur
  • Apartments Summer Suites

2.Ways to get from the airport

KL Travel Guide advises to travel by train or taxi. But these are the most expensive options to get to the center. In fact, there are at least 5 convenient ways to get from the airport:

  • Bus – the most budgetary option, the cost is 12 ringit ($ 3). The buses are comfortable, air-conditioned; they run every 20 minutes from the ground floor of the airport practically around the clock (from 3 am to 0:30 am).
  • Express train is the fastest option. 30 minutes and 55 ringit ($ 14).Here you can buy a discounted ticket for ring 48 –
  • Taxis start at 80 ringit ($ 20). Through the Grab taxi app a little cheaper (from 65 MYR).
  • Personal transfer is possible when ordering online.
  • You can rent a car at the counter at the airport or order online. There are no motorbikes for rent at the airport.

Read more in the article: How to get from the airport to Kuala Lumpur>

3. What to see in KL

What is really worth seeing first of all – 1) Petronas Towers, 2) Merdeka Square, 3) Bird Park. This is at least. We do not recommend Petaling and Jalan Alor streets. Unless you’ve ever seen a market and tried street food in Asia. Batu caves are also not the best place, there is mud, crowds of Indians and a tiring road.

For more details on interesting places in the review – 20 attractions of Kuala Lumpur.

4. How to get around

On foot, by metro, bus or Grab-taxi. These options will be cheap, convenient and hassle-free. How not to do it – get into a regular taxi near the sights, where taxi drivers call you.Malays are the most honest and decent Asians, but taxi drivers in tourist places are no different from other countries.

Metro without driver

5. Weather and seasons

  • The weather in Kuala Lumpur is about the same all year round.
  • No significant rainy season. It rains most often every day. But sometimes they are absent for several days in a row. In any case, the rains are usually short-lived and not particularly disturbing.
  • The sky is often covered with clouds.
  • Cloudiness creates a comfortable air temperature. There is no stuffiness and strong humidity. Sometimes it is even chilly in the evenings. Optimal for walking on the street when compared with neighboring countries.

6. Where to eat

  • Malay cuisine for everybody. Not everyone can eat Chinese and Indian either. Therefore, nutritional difficulties can arise.
  • If you are not lovers of Asian food – go to the nearest shopping center. On the ground floor there are always decent cafes where Malaysians working in the nearest offices eat.
  • Normal food can be eaten at chain restaurants Secret Recipe, Nandos, etc. Prices are on average 20 ringit per dish ($ 5).
  • In KL cheap and tasty fast food. McDonald’s, KFC, Pizza Hut, Subway are in all areas. Tasty.
  • Especially popular are coffee shops with sweets, cheesecakes and other pastries that entice customers with delicious smells. In Malaysia, coffee shops prepare excellent coffee and delicious cheesecakes.

7. Religion Islam

I’ll tell you right away – forget all the stereotypes that TV and the media impose on us about Islam.Muslims in Malaysia are not like in Egypt, Tunisia or Saudi Arabia. Everyone dresses brightly, smiles, and easily makes contact. You can wear any clothes and no one will look askance at you or judge you. Local Chinese women sometimes walk here in such short skirts

8. Security

Malaysia is one of the safest countries in Asia, almost like Singapore. However, don’t forget about the standard precautions. Do not shine with a wad of money and jewelry, carry a bag over your shoulder in crowded places, do not leave valuables unattended, do not walk along dark alleys at night.If you get sick, contact the clinic for insurance, medicine in the country is at a good level.

Kuala Lumpur Reviews

Kuala Lumpur are two opposite faces. On the one hand, it is a developed and green city with business centers, cozy streets, businessmen hurrying along well-groomed sidewalks. On the other hand, these are dirty, untidy neighborhoods where dogs bark, garbage is lying underfoot, and moldy apartment buildings, where every centimeter of the window is hung with clothes, look at you and do not understand that you have forgotten here.Such an ambiguous, contrasting, multifaceted, and at the same time beloved city.

When you turn from the licked area, where the tops of skyscrapers have climbed far up, and expensive aromas of perfume come from the shopping centers, you will immediately find yourself in an area with low two-story houses, from which Indian music is heard, and the nose smells the spicy smell of curry.

You look at many things differently in Kuala Lumpur. You carefully scrutinize people, tourists, whom you may not see as often in other Asian countries as in the capital of Malaysia. You are interested in different cultures, customs, way of life. From the English-language videos, you will learn about the difficult and even dangerous life of young people who come to work from Bangladesh and Pakistan. And in the end you become imbued with the Malays, you notice how everyone in this world is different, but in some ways very similar.

Life in Kuala Lumpur is truly exciting. It is not necessary to constantly travel somewhere and travel actively. It is enough just to get out of the house, walk, walk to new quarters, pay attention to little things, pay more attention to details.

Bukit Bintang

In this case, even a banal trip to the store will be a small discovery, a source of knowledge. This is exactly what happens here. Every time we leave the apartment, we discuss something new, share our observations and, in addition, get new impressions.

Dormitory Mont Chiara

We believe that arriving in the capital of Malaysia, you need to plunge into life itself, and not be fixated on the sights, which, by the way, are abundant in Kuale. Parks, attractions, a zoo, museums, fountain shows, Chinese and Indian areas, a bird park, a butterfly park, an aquarium, observation decks in panoramic restaurants, temples, mosques and more. There are no less attractions in KL than in Bangkok and even more so than in Phnom Penh, Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City.

In our opinion, Kuala Lumpur is a special, unique, colorful and convenient city for life, work, study and development. You want to be here with all its pluses and minuses.

Hotels in Kuala Lumpur

Choose hotels newer and closer to the center.Pay for the hotel in cash or by credit card (you can use rubles). When checking in, they often ask to leave a deposit in cash (50-100 ringit). An additional tourist tax is paid – 10 ringit ($ 2.5) per day per room.

  • Impiana KLCC Hotel
  • WP Hotel
  • Regalia condo
  • Le Apple Boutique Hotel
  • Traders Hotel KL
  • Summer Suites
  • Prescott Hotel KL Sentral

All hotels in Kuala Lumpur

Kuala Lumpur on the map

How do we prepare for the trip

  • We buy tours on Travelata
  • We are looking for tickets at Aviasales
  • We rent hotels through Booking, and apartments for Daily rent. ru
  • We make insurance on Cherehapa
  • Airport transfers via Kiwitaxi website
  • Card with cashback for travel ALL Airlines
90,000 Malaysian Grand Prix: Comments after Race


Paul Hembry: “The rain that had passed just before the start made the work of the teams’ strategists noticeably difficult. The championship participants had to react quickly to changes in the situation, controlling the level of grip of the tires on the asphalt during the first segment of the race.As soon as the track dried up, we saw various options for alternating harder and softer compositions, however, despite different tactics, the leaders rode in a tight group.

The wear rate was quite high, but this is partly due to the characteristics of the Malaysian track, as well as the slightly better efficiency of the softer tires. However, only two stages are behind, and practice shows that teams, as the cars are refined, quickly adapt to the behavior of the tires. I am sure it will be so this season.”

Infiniti Red Bull Racing

Christian Horner , Team Leader: “Before discussing anything else, I want to acknowledge the phenomenal work of the team with the car and the mechanics in the pits, who made the pit stops incredibly quickly. Mark’s second pit stop was a record for us, perhaps the best in the pit lane.

Obviously, what happened at the end of the race is now being actively discussed. After the final pit stop, we decided to control the situation, save tires and cars in order to earn maximum points at the finish.Unfortunately, the personal interests of the riders sometimes conflict with the interests of the team. Sebastian was guided by his own interests and attacked Mark – fortunately, there was no accident.

I’m upset about what happened. Formula 1 – both team and individual sports, I have already said – sometimes the interests of the team and the driver do not coincide, but what happened today should not have happened. Sebastian has apologized, we will discuss this issue within the team. ”

Sebastian Vettel (1st): “Today I ruined everything myself.I would like to think of some kind of justification for my actions, but I can’t. I understand the upset of Mark and the team – I have to explain myself to him and our management.

We have discussed our actions in similar situations more than once and we usually follow preliminary agreements, but today I ignored the order of the team. We often fight with each other, but today we did not know how the tires would behave, what distance they would allow to travel, so the refusal to follow the order of the team was associated with great risk.If on those two laps the tires could not stand, I could finish eighth or ninth, I put my interests above the interests of the team and I apologize.

I am not happy about this victory. I made a mistake, if I could go back in time, I would have acted differently. Right now it’s very difficult for me and I have to apologize to Mark and the team.

Mark Webber (2nd): “I think Sebastian respects me, I respect him, but today the situation was not the best. It’s unpleasant now, after the race, to point a finger, but when we are fighting at the limit of possibilities – this is the worst scenario for the team.I suppose they themselves are scared, because they understand that today everything could end badly.

On the last 15 laps I managed to think about a lot, but this did not affect the piloting – I am satisfied with the way I ran the race. On the track, I tried to forget about what happened, but, of course, I can not be satisfied with the result.

Some will have a hard time, unfortunately, we do not have a rewind button. I know that after such situations, emotional words are expected from us, but we need to remain calm.Three weeks until the next race – we have time to figure it out. ”

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

Ross Brown
, Team Leader: “Last weekend the team took another step in the right direction. The car was fast, especially on a softer rubber compound, and the team applied the right strategy. On the third hard set of tires, there were balance issues, so we lost speed.

Fuel consumption in the race was higher than we expected, so steps had to be taken to ensure that both cars get to the finish line.We asked the riders to hold their positions, and they respected this request.

I understand how difficult it was for Niko, but we have a fast car, and this season he will still have the opportunity to achieve a good result. The team must maintain the pace of modernization of the car at a high level, but now we can be proud of the first podium of the season. I thank everyone who made every effort to make this result possible. ”

Lewis Hamilton (3rd): “Fantastic team work.The guys worked hard last winter, so the podium in the second race of the season is a great reward. It is especially pleasant that we achieved this in Malaysia, at one of the home stages.

I congratulate Niko – he had a fantastic race and deserves to be in my place. The team asked us to hold positions on the track, we both respect this decision.

The race turned out to be difficult, we fought with Red Bull, used an aggressive fuel strategy, but the rivals were faster.The third and fourth places are excellent results, now we are even more motivated to close the gap. ”

Nico Rosberg
(4th): “A great day for the team – we are pleased with the speed of the car this weekend. It’s nice to know that we are competitive and can show the best lap times in the race. I thank the team for their hard work – we deserve a similar result.

Of course, I’m disappointed that I had to hold the position, but I understand this decision – the team wanted the two cars to calmly finish in high positions.The result is especially important in light of past problems. There are still many stages ahead, given today’s speed, I think I will have the opportunity to compete for the podium.

Scuderia Ferrari

Stefano Domenicali : “Today’s result tastes bitter considering our starting positions. As soon as Fernando faced Vettel, it became clear that he would have to break through to the top. At that moment we decided that the front wing could hold out until the pit stop on the track, which was rapidly drying up, and we risked leaving it.Looking back, we realize that our attempt not to make two pit stops in four laps would still not work.

As for Felipe, the gap that widened in the early laps cast doubt on his chances of fighting the top four. Given the level of our rivals, now the main thing is to turn the page. We must leave this Sunday behind, calmly analyze the positive and negative aspects and focus on the next race in China. ”

Pat Fry : “The results of both pilots were influenced by the first lap of the race, and this is very disappointing, as the start seemed promising. In the second corner, we were not lucky: there was a contact between Alonso and Vettel. We knew that the front wing was damaged, but the car was fast, we decided to take a chance and stay on the track.

Of course, we could have played it safe and called Fernando into the pits, but then we would have been behind everyone, and would have lost even more after switching to slicks.In retrospect, we must admit that the risk was not worth it.

Felipe was struggling with balance on the wet track, which called into question his chances in the fight for the podium. When the track dried up, his lap times improved and he certainly had a good race, earning points. ”

Fernando Alonso (retirement): “Unfortunately, today luck was not on my side – after a good start, I crashed into Vettel in the second corner. I did not expect this at all, he practically stopped – I do not know how fast he was driving.Despite the damage, the car did not seem to behave too badly, and together with the team we decided to stay on the track, as if I had gone straight to the pits, and then again on the third or fourth lap to switch to slicks, then would have rolled too far, and would certainly have lost the chance of finishing in the forefront.

It is easy to criticize this decision now, but at that moment it seemed correct. It’s a shame, today we could compete with Red Bull, but the circumstances were not in our favor, and in addition to our decision, bad luck played a role.Remember how many cars flew off the track in Australia without consequences, and even here, during the formation lap.

We will now focus on the upcoming races in China and Bahrain, where we hope to do better than last year to come to Europe with the highest score possible. ”

Felipe Massa (5th): “Today’s race was really difficult. Starting on intermediate tires on the track, very wet in some places, and completely dry in others, did not allow me to achieve a good pace, and on the first lap I missed a lot of cars.The early transition to slicks was a little risky as the asphalt was still wet and cost me a lot of time.

Then, on a dry track, the car behaved better, the tires did not wear out too quickly, and I managed to achieve a good pace, but by that time all hopes for the podium were gone. I cannot say that I am satisfied with the result, but given the difficulties that I faced on the first lap, I am glad that I will take home a lot of points. ”

Lotus F1 Team

Eric Bouillet , team leader: “The day was not the best, but if you take into account the results of qualification, as well as the difficulties that both of our riders faced at the start, then 6th and 7th places is a normal result.

Unfortunately, in today’s conditions we were not able to fully realize the potential of the car, moreover, time was wasted at the start, and it is always difficult to recoup. At the finish, we did not lose so much to the leaders, so both drivers did a good job, and the team applied the right tactics. If the weekend went according to the normal scenario, I have no doubt, we could show better results. ”

James Ellison , CTO: “It was a weekend of wasted opportunities.On Friday, the car behaved very well, but, unfortunately, today we were unable to achieve a result that would correspond to its capabilities.

Based on the results of qualifying, we were in 10th and 11th positions, which cannot be called an ideal start of the weekend, and this resulted in the fact that seven laps after the start we were already about 30 seconds behind the leaders. But then we managed to achieve decent progress – all the more offensive that in the first phase of the race we lost so much. However, I am sure that in the next Grand Prix we will show better results. “

Roman Grosjean (6th): “I think we can be happy with today’s result. The race was difficult, starting on a damp track, ending on dry asphalt, but in Malaysia this was to be expected.

In the middle phase of the race, I drove for a long time behind Felipe Massa and I am sure that if I managed to overtake him early, I would be able to hold this position, but at the end of the distance the tires were worn out, so it was more correct to miss him.

This is not the result that we planned to achieve before the start of the weekend, but in any case, the team earned points. But in Shanghai we will try to recoup. ”

Kimi Raikkonen (7th): “Although everything was fine with the car on Friday, yesterday and today we faced serious difficulties. Starting on Saturday morning, the E21 for some reason did not behave as we expected, especially on a wet track, and we really lacked grip on the asphalt.

The race was not easy, even at the start a part of the front wing was broken off on my car, which also did not contribute to the speed, but at least we earned a few points – this is better than nothing.If we, working with the machine, manage to return to the level at which we were in Australia, I am sure we will again be in the group of leaders. ”

Sauber F1 Team

Monisha Kaltenborn , team leader: “We are pleased with the result, because the weekend was more difficult for us than we expected. Despite this, the team is gradually progressing. Now we understand better in what aspects it is necessary to add, which will help us to unleash the potential of the machine.

Tom McCullough , Chief Race Engineer: “Both riders handled the difficult conditions very well at the start of the race. They constantly exchanged information with the engineers in order to choose the right moment to switch to the right tires. It’s great that we earned the first points. The team has collected a lot of useful information for analysis, so we will be stronger in Shanghai. ”

Niko Hulkenberg (8th): “I am quite satisfied with the results of the Grand Prix: I earned four points driving a new car in the first race with Sauber [the German missed the stage in Australia].I’m happy with how it went, especially in the first phase of the race when the C32 was fast on the intermediate tires. Then I found myself in traffic and couldn’t get ahead of the competition. The eighth position is a well-deserved result, it was not easy for me. The car has great potential, now we need to get more out of it. ”

Esteban Gutierrez (12th): “I am satisfied with 12th position, although, of course, I would like to earn points. At the end of the race, I lost a lot of time due to staying on one set of tires for too long.We adjusted our tactics, and I gave my best. Overall, we have made a lot of progress this weekend, and now we need to put everything together to earn points. ”

Vodafone McLaren Mercedes

Martin Whitmarsh Team Leader: “After finishing ninth and eleventh in Melbourne, today’s Sepang race has confirmed that our incredible performance throughout the past week has resulted in a noticeable increase in speed.However, we are extremely saddened that Jenson lost a well-deserved fifth – if not even third – place due to a hitch at the pit stop caused by a broken wrench. Jenson himself was not at all involved in the incident, he absolutely correctly reacted to the signal to get under way.

Sergio did a great job, earning the first points with the Vodafone McLaren Mercedes, showing, among other things, the fastest lap of the race just before the finish line.

Even though we are very sorry for Jenson, the facts speak for themselves – he could well have finished fifth. And although this possible result cannot be considered sufficient for us, we systematically confirm that we are moving in the right direction in working on the machine. “

Sergio Perez (9th): “Today the engineers planned the race very well, which allowed me to get ahead of several cars already in the first laps. Thanks to them for that! However, closer to the finish, the tires were very worn out – especially the front left, and we decided that it was extremely risky to ride this kit up to the checkered flag.I had no choice but to go to an additional pit stop, costing me another position, but I finished the race in ninth – two positions higher than a week ago in Melbourne, which can be considered proof of progress. Hopefully in Shanghai we will add more. “

Jenson Button (17th, descent): “I had a good race, we followed the right strategy, changed tires on time and controlled their wear. for the podium.It’s a pity we couldn’t verify this.

We still had a chance to earn a point, but by that time we started having problems with the left front tire. The wheel was constantly blocked, there was a dangerous vibration – the team feared that the suspension would break if the race continued.

Apart from a pit stop mistake, we worked pretty well. The team has made progress, we looked much better than a week ago in Australia, and this can be considered a positive outcome of the weekend.Hopefully, in China we will continue in the same spirit and earn points. “

Scuderia Toro Rosso

Franz Toast, team leader: “An intense race that the whole peloton started on intermediate tires. We switched to slicks in time and Daniel played several places at once. The fight in the middle of the peloton was very intense, with Daniel riding at the head of the dense group, and Jean-Eric closed it.

Unfortunately, we inadvertently let Jean-Eric out of the pits, he collided with an approaching Caterham car, and we had to roll him back to replace the nose cone.The stewards fined us for creating a dangerous situation, and we do not dispute their decision. Later Jean-Eric worked very confidently and broke into the top ten, which on a dry track can be considered an achievement. Our pace in this race was perhaps the most positive outcome of the entire weekend.

Daniel flew off the track on his way to the grid and raced with a damaged bottom. Considering this circumstance, his aerobatics along the distance deserves a positive assessment. Unfortunately, closer to the finish line on his car there were problems with the exhaust system, and we decided to remove him from the race.

In general, our racing pace was quite acceptable, but in qualifying we are seriously inferior. We need to find a way to be more competitive on Saturday so we can get our best odds on Sunday. ”

Jean-Eric Vergne (10th): “It’s nice to finish in the top ten, but it’s a shame that the hitch at the pit stop took so much time, because I could have achieved more. I feel not joy, but rather annoyance, although one a point is also not bad.

After these two races, we will have a short break, and we must use it to evaluate the results and understand how we can add. There is potential for improvement, because in Melbourne and Sepang we largely missed our chances. On the positive side, when we managed to cope with the problems today, I took a good pace and still managed to break into the top ten. “

Daniel Riccardo (18th): “I ruined my race even before the start, when I ran into aquaplaning on the formation circle in the third turn, drove into gravel and damaged the bottom. Obviously, this played a role.

I had a good start, played a couple of positions and had a good first couple of laps, but then the speed was not enough to contain Lotus and fight in the top ten, although we switched to slicks in time.As I have already noted, apparently, damage to the bottom affected the overall pace … “

Williams F1 Team

Mike Coughlan , Technical Director: “After a mistake on the first lap, Valtteri confidently ran the race, broke through the peloton and finished one step away from the top ten. behind the new nose cone after taking off the track on the fifteenth lap. Later, his car had problems with the KERS, and we had to remove it from the race for safety reasons. The team is now closely examining the causes of the problems. In general, we have improved a little compared to Melbourne, but there is still a lot to be done. “

Valtteri Bottas (11th): “I had a good start, but, fighting with Van der Garde, I left the dry trajectory and rolled to the end of the peloton. As soon as the track dried up, I overtook my rivals and finished the race without any problems.

The team chose the optimal strategy, and if the distance was several laps longer, I could well compete for points. Today we did everything we could, but I have no doubt – we can add. “

Pastor Maldonado (exit): “It was not easy to start on intermediate tires, and the track remained slippery for a while – especially in the first sector. damaged the front wing.

In the second segment with a fresh set of tires, things went a little better, but the race had to be finished ahead of schedule due to problems with KERS. Well, we will try to prepare ourselves as best we can for the next twin stages. “

Marussia F1 Team

John Booth , Team Leader: “As usual, the Malaysian Grand Prix created a unique combination of challenges for us. The rain that had passed before the opening of the pit lane made it difficult for our riders to get to the grid, and we had to get nervous about the choice of tires, as both cars were aquaplaning in the third corner.

The start and first laps were not the best, but Jules did a good job to stay ahead of Caterham. After switching to slicks, we unfortunately got stuck behind van der Garde again. However, thanks to the good strategy of the engineers and the good work of the mechanics, after the second stop, Jules got operational space again and made maximum progress, given the lag behind those who rode in front, which formed due to this delay.

In the final part of the race, we enjoyed the battle with Maldonado, until he unfortunately got off, leaving Jules alone. Max, unfortunately, was the worst on the first lap, and then he had to wait his turn at the first pit stop, which turned out to be a waste of time. In some moments, he demonstrated his speed, but the period of blue flags began too early for him, and then Max was detained by Riccardo, who was ahead of him by a circle.

Once again, we can be pleased with the progress made. However, although the vehicles of the middle group are already within reach, there will be significant progress in the development of the vehicle in the next three weeks.You need to play a few more tenths to really compete with them. ”

Jules Bianchi (13th): “I am delighted to finish in 13th place, after 15th in my first race a week ago, I hope this trend continues! The day was not easy, although I made my life difficult with a bad start and the first laps. In the first segment, the lap time was not very important, but I was stuck behind the Caterham and could not do anything. After about 18 laps I was able to regain the position and then everything went fine.

It was nice to be ahead of Maldonado and to keep the lead for so long. This shows that in the future our machine will allow us to fight them. The race and the weekend as a whole showed that we still need to add, but on the other hand, we have already achieved noticeable success in comparison with Melbourne, and must continue to progress. I thank the team for their hard work and hope that we will add even more to China. ”

Max Chilton
(16th): “I’m disappointed, today everything was against us.First, there were problems at the start and I lost a lot of time on the first lap, then I got stuck behind Caterham – these events predetermined the course of my race. I knew that early enough to see the blue flags.

The car has a speed, my pace is also fine, but we still need to work to combine all this, having achieved the maximum from every segment of the race, including tactics during the blue flag period. I am sure that attention to these issues will help us become stronger already in China. The team did a good job this weekend, but it was not easy for me. “

Caterham F1 Team

Cyril Abiteboul
, Team Leader: “Given our form this part of the season, finishing with two cars in the first two races, including the home stage in Malaysia, is an honest reward for our efforts. Both riders had a good start again and had a confident first leg of the race. In the incident at the first pit stop, Charles was the victim of someone else’s mistake. It is a pity, because otherwise he could have fought with Bianchi, but the team reacted well, I am proud of the efforts of all employees in the first two races – we knew that it would not be easy here and in Melbourne.

Although the overall reliability of our machines is higher than that of the higher ranking teams, we have to deal with a large number of difficult situations that affect the chances of performing better. This time, there were problems with radio communication, which did not allow the engineers to exchange information, telemetry hung, the timing program malfunctioned, so we could not accurately track the progress of the race. All this is hidden from the viewers’ eyes, such things do not affect the speed of the car, but they complicate the work.We need to make sure this doesn’t happen again in China.

Considering the team’s strategy for this year and in preparation for the next season, we knew that the first races of the season would be difficult, but we are not going to retreat from our plan. Although in the first three races we are using a transitional version of the chassis, we are close to the form we want to be, and the car updates that the team is preparing will be beneficial. We have ambitious plans for the Caterham Group of which we are a part.These plans are realistic, economically justified, in the future they will allow us to improve our position in the championship. ”

Charles Peak (14th): “I had a great start, the first few laps I rode in front of Guido when the track was quite wet. On the first stretch, the team called me for Medium tires, and when I entered the pits, I saw Jean-Eric Verne on my right, who was being released onto the track. I couldn’t do anything – I had already rotated and couldn’t fix their error. The guys did a great job to replace the nose cone and tires, but I wasted 25 seconds on it – pit mechanics are trained specifically for this, and today these skills are useful.

It’s a shame, because if not for this incident, I could finish in a higher position. Probably, we lost one place on this, but it’s nice how the team reacted to what happened, did not give up and continued to fight. After that I stopped three times in the pits, spent two stretches on the Hard, and the final thirteen laps on softer tires – the car was fast throughout the course. I attacked to the checkered flag, I am sure if it had not been for the incident in the pits, the result would have been different. “

Guido van der Garde
(15th): “I had a great start, just great, in the first segment the car was fast on the intermediate tires. When the track began to dry out, I heard in the headphones that I had a puncture in the front left wheel. Since at that moment we were about to switch to slicks, I didn’t waste much time. I returned to the track on Medium 17 tires and the car was perfectly balanced.

The race went well. The rain did not continue – it’s a pity, because I was fast on this rubber.But, like yesterday, the car was fast on both Medium and Hard tires, which I got in the second and third pit stops.

In the race, I did not have such problems with oversteer, as in the third part of free races and in qualifying, but we still have to work on so that it was neutral at the entrance to the corner. It is necessary to conduct free races as efficiently as possible in order to achieve more in qualifications.

I want to thank the team for the good pit stops.I actively fought with Chilton, but each time I stayed ahead after the excellent work of mechanics in the pits. After the finish, I thanked the team on the radio, and Tony Fernandez said that we can be proud of the pit stops. ”

Sahara Force India F1 Team

Vijay Malia
, Team Leader: “Disappointing end of the weekend, during which both cars showed high speed. We successfully passed that phase of the race, which took place on the wet track, and after switching to slicks, Paul was one of the fastest drivers on the track.

Unfortunately, then everything did not go according to plan – there was a problem with the wheel attachment at the first pit stop, because of which both riders lost time. The problem repeated itself again at the second pit stop – after that it became clear that we would not be able to claim something in the race.

For safety reasons, we took down both cars to conduct a thorough investigation of the incident. It’s a pity, but sometimes it happens in races. However, the car was fast and we will be preparing for the next stage in China with a positive attitude. “

Adrian Sutil (did not finish): “The promising race is over too early. Both cars had a wheel nut problem, which resulted in a lot of wasted time in the pit stop. We’re not entirely sure what happened, so the team decided to remove the cars from the race to find the cause.

It’s a shame that it all ended this way, because the car was fast, and on the drying track I felt very comfortable. We need to remain calm, positive and remember that there are still many races ahead, in which we will have a chance to forget today’s disappointment. “

Paul di Resta (did not finish): “It’s a pity that it all ended with a retirement, because during the weekend we were very competitive. At the first pit stop Adrian had problems, I lost 15 seconds waiting for the team to release him on the track. My second pit stop also had a wheel nut problem and as a precaution the team pulled us out of the race.

The good news is that the car is fast, but today we missed a great opportunity to earn a lot of points.This race is over, and in China we will return to the fight. ”

90,000 Main cause of Mh27 crash named :: News :: TV Center

The main responsibility lies with the Ukrainian side

The non-closure of the airspace by Ukraine was the main reason for the fall of the Boeing of Malaysian Airlines in Donbass in 2014. It is Kiev that remains the main responsible party in this matter.

As noted by a source familiar with the situation, Russia shares the “commitment of the Netherlands to the search for truth, justice and responsibility” in this matter.It is noted that only honest and impartial work of the Joint Investigation Group can ensure justice. It must take into account all the data that can help the investigation, “including from parties that are not members of the JIT,” RIA Novosti reports.

Meanwhile, in the technical investigation of the crash, which was carried out by the Netherlands Security Council in accordance with the requirements of the International Civil Aviation Organization, it is said that Ukraine did not take into account the risks of overflying civilian ships in the zone of armed conflict.Therefore, it did not close the airspace.

Earlier, the Netherlands, Australia and Russia held the first trilateral meeting on the situation around the crash of the Malaysian Boeing 777. The event was held behind closed doors. According to the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Netherlands, Stef Blok, “confidentiality is vital” in this matter.

At the same time, the Russian side can draw the attention of Western partners to the data of ex-SBU officer Vasily Prozorov. They testify to Ukraine’s involvement in the crash of the Boeing 777 flight Mh27.As noted by the director of the Museum of Air Defense Forces, military expert Yuri Knutov, what everyone heard from Prozorov may be “just a part of the information that he possesses.”

A Malaysia Airlines plane en route from the Netherlands to Kuala Lumpur was shot down in the skies over Donetsk on July 17, 2014. There were 298 people on board. All died.

The disaster is being investigated by an international group, which includes specialists from Australia, Belgium, Malaysia, the Netherlands and Ukraine.They found that Boeing was shot down by a missile fired from a Buk air defense system. It allegedly belonged to the 53rd Anti-Aircraft Missile Brigade from Kursk. However, the Russian side established that the Buk missile that hit Boeing belonged to Ukraine. However, foreign investigators did not pay attention to this information.

90,000 Malaysian Grand Prix: Comments after Race


Paul Hembri: “We watched with interest if the two-pit-stop strategy was faster than the three-change tire we called the preferred one.The fight between Mercedes and Red Bull Racing turned out to be exciting, moreover, Red Bull Racing decided to split strategies in the calculation of defeating rivals, but in the end a lot was decided by the virtual safety car mode.

We saw different approaches, with some of the riders starting on the Hard and Medium lineups – all made possible by keeping wear controllable throughout the course despite the very high asphalt temperatures. ”

Red Bull Racing

Christian Horner , Team Leader: “An incredible day.The first and second place in Malaysia is beyond the wildest expectations. The start turned out to be interesting, Sebastian caused some commotion in the first corner, which cost Max a loss of time. Then the pilots found their rhythm, and during the first virtual safety car we decided to take a risk and have an early pit stop for Max, which put him on a different strategy compared to the rest of the leaders.

Daniel was doing well, after switching to Hard it seemed that it was quite possible to drive the race with one stop.Our pilots fought each other tough, but correctly, the only request from the pits was the desire to fight cleanly. We saw a great battle, at some point they went side by side on the 5th and 6th turns.

Then, unfortunately for Lewis, his engine spawned yet another virtual safety car, and we took the opportunity to upgrade the pilots to a new set of Soft tires. After that, our riders fought all the way to the checkered flag, but Daniel was able to maintain the lead, thanks to which Red Bull Racing won the first take at the 2013 Brazilian Grand Prix.

This is the culmination of great teamwork both on the track and at base. An amazing result for Red Bull and all our partners. Our thanks go also to all the employees at Viry for their hard work, who have supplied us with excellent motors under the TAG Heuer brand. ”

Daniel Riccardo (1st): “What a day, what emotions! I have not drunk the victorious champagne on the podium for a long time! I recently promised to win the race this year, but did not expect it to happen here. It was probably the hottest race of the season, so I feel a little guilty to the others for having to drink from my boot, but the audience demanded it!

Today we have a chance that we should have taken, and I was not going to miss it.Max and I had a great fight, because he is a strong racer. We fought hard and aggressively, but showed that we are able to go to the limit, while remaining on the track. It was a fair and clean fight, and we both enjoyed it.

My tires were a little more worn out than his, but I was going to defend myself as long as I could. Then the virtual safety car came along and we both went to the pits for new tires, which made the situation a little more comfortable for me.

This is an amazing year for our team. We started it, taking a step forward compared to the previous season, constantly improving and eventually won on this track – really great. I want to thank the team for making this possible. After Monaco, I had mixed feelings, it was difficult to accept, but I knew that the team was getting stronger.

I want to thank my parents and my sister for their support, they helped me to grow up. I want to dedicate this victory to Jules Bianchi – I was waiting for a victory to do it.After that incident, my life has definitely changed, so this is very important to me. ”

Max Verstappen (2nd): “Two riders on the top two steps of the podium is an amazing result for the team. I was very pleased with my start, finally everything worked well again – right up to the first turn. Then Sebastian’s maneuver made the task difficult for me – I had to dodge Niko’s car, and I lost several positions. Ultimately, this time was not enough for me to finish, but such are the races.

Having switched to Hard, I began to catch up with those who were driving in front. The fight with Daniel turned out great. We respect each other – you could see that we left enough space on the track, but the fight was still tense. I drove close enough to activate DRS, but the rubber was a little worn out and overheated, preventing me from reaching attack distance.

The team allowed us to fight for positions if the fight is clean. And so we did. It’s good to hear that on the radio.I think my pace today was enough to win, but I have to accept the team double as an excellent result. ”

Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team

Toto Wolff , Team Leader: “It’s hard to sum up on a day like this – after the incident with Lewis, I just have no words, we understand his disappointment. Formula 1 is a technical sport, but sometimes it is difficult to find a rational explanation for problems. This is an unfortunate coincidence, that it is Lewis’s car that accounts for most of the engine problems this season – like betting on red six times in a casino and winning six times.The team will carefully analyze, analyze all stages of the construction of the motor and the nature of the breakdowns – we have done this many times, we will do this time too. The guys will figure out the reasons and draw conclusions, but I would not want to talk about the investigation – more important is how Lewis reacted.

Today we let him down and do not absolve ourselves of the guilt. When you lead the race, hoping to catch up in the individual competition, and then the engine explodes in your car, the emotional words in front of the TV cameras are understandable.But instead of expressing chagrin, Lewis returned to the pits and shook hands with each employee. We talked with a small group, after which Hamilton returned to the team and found words of support for everyone, helping the team to perk up before the stage in Japan. This is what true champions do, and I have great respect for his reaction.

Niko played brilliantly today after the incident in the first corner. On the one hand, he was unlucky enough to get hit by Sebastian Vettel, on the other hand, the collision did not end with serious damage.As a result, Niko managed to break into third place due to error-free aerobatics.

Rosberg’s fine? I would not like to draw your attention, especially since it did not lead to the loss of seats. Nevertheless, the decision of the stewards personally seems strange to me: we all agreed that we want to see an open fight on the track, and if none of the riders made an obvious mistake, we should let them continue the battle. However, in the end we got this solution – however, let others comment.

The main priority now is to prepare for the stage in Suzuka. One of the qualities of our team is the ability to become stronger after failure – we will do this by next weekend. “

Paddy Lowe , technical director: “The Malaysian Grand Prix is ​​one of the most difficult stages of the season, and we knew even before the weekend that it would be difficult to win. And so it happened. Nico collided with Sebastian Vettel in the first corner – fortunately, without serious damage, after which we had to help him get through the peloton as quickly as possible.The loss of one of the cars in the battle for victory automatically weakened our chances of successfully repelling attacks from the Red Bull Racing, who decided to outplay us through strategy. Even if they succeeded in the end, our guys showed a good pace and confidently controlled the condition of the tires.

Lewis had a high chance of winning when his car had an engine failure. We are all extremely annoyed. In previous years, we worked hard to improve reliability and achieved considerable success, moreover, this season it was for us the first loss of the power plant during the race.We set ourselves the goal of providing our riders with equal opportunities in the final stage of the season, so that their rivalry would not be hampered by technical problems – unfortunately, today we did not cope with this. Lewis spent the weekend more confident than ever – this applies not only to qualifications and races, but also preparation on Friday and Saturday. It’s very unfair that a car let him down at such a moment.

While deeply disappointing for Hamilton, our hats off to Rosberg after his fantastic breakthrough made possible by his steady pace, impeccable tire control and genuine racing prowess.Niko convincingly proved everything in the final segment, when, after a controversial incident with Kimi, he created a gap that allowed him to keep his place on the podium even with a 10-second penalty.

Nevertheless, the overall promising weekend ended in disappointment. We will carefully examine everything in order to take revenge in Japan. “

Nico Rosberg (3rd): “I came to Malaysia with the thought of winning, I couldn’t do it – I can’t say that I’m satisfied. After the first turn, the situation looked very sad – I thought I would not be able to continue the fight after of how an unguided torpedo from a four-time world champion crashed into me. I informed the team that the blow was quite strong, but I gritted my teeth and was able to fight my way through the peloton in some interesting battles. It’s nice to be back on the podium – to be honest, I still can’t believe it.

I was surprised that after the attack on Kimi I was fined. At some point, I had to make a maneuver, saw an opportunity and rushed to the attack – sometimes you need to be inventive, and if a chance comes up, don’t miss it. Yes, the maneuver turned out to be aggressive, but quite correct – for this we are performing! Fortunately, the decision of the stewards did not affect the result, as our pace was higher than the pace of Ferrari.I had to give all the best to create the necessary gap of ten seconds and save the motor – after the problems with Lewis, we were afraid to use it to the limit.

I’m sure Lewis has a very difficult day today. I know how you feel at such moments – it happened to me a couple of times, in particular, in Abu Dhabi in 2014. Feelings are terrible, but Lewis is a fighter, he will definitely return to the fight. Well, it remains for me to act from race to race. You never know what the next step will bring, but I will not change my approach.The next stage will be in Suzuka, I will return to the cockpit and try to win the race. “

Lewis Hamilton (descent): “Max Verstappen could get ahead of me during the pit stop, I tried to create the necessary gap and practically did it when the engine suddenly lost power on the straight line. I heard a pop and had to stop.

Just try to understand me. On the one hand, over the past two years we have achieved incredible success, for which I am immensely grateful.The guys worked to the limit, and now each of us feels the bitterness of failure. When you are in the lead in a race, and then something breaks in the car, it is difficult to think positively – that’s why in a television interview I said that 43 power plants were built in Mercedes, but it was me who had most of the failures. It’s hard to come to terms with this.

Nevertheless, I have 100% confidence in the team and our staff at the base, with whom I am spending the fourth season. Without them, I would not have won my two titles, and even though the season is not easy, I take it as a test whether I can endure everything and continue to fight.What matters is not how you stumbled, but how you returned – this applies not only to me, but also to our team. I saw tears in the eyes of my mechanics, we all feel pain now, but we need to gather strength, remembering what we have already been able to achieve. Even though everything does not look the best now, as well as the season as a whole, we have many reasons for optimism. There are still five races ahead, and if I can perform as confidently as this weekend, there is still a chance.

The car will be returned to the pits, where the team will definitely figure it out, as it happened in all previous cases.This will allow me to avoid something like this next year, but I just have to act the same way as here – to maintain the utmost concentration, demonstrate a high pace and hope that all factors coincide. I have faith in success, and that means a lot.

I was lucky to work with these amazing people, have won two previous championships, won many victories and rewrote many records. Even though the sensations are now painful, I am immensely grateful to the team. If at the end of the season, after all the efforts, by the will of fate, I do not become the world champion, I will accept it, because I will know that we have done everything in our power.Remember, I’m still the world champion, so I’ll be fine. “

Scuderia Ferrari

Maurizio Arrivabene (team leader): “Obviously, the result was not what we wanted. After seeing what happened to Sebastian, we turned Kimi into a very aggressive strategy, but the others did the same.

It is a pity that some damage to Kimi’s car affected his speed. First, a piece of rubber fell between the planes of the rear wing, which reduced its effectiveness, and after a collision with Rosberg, the aerodynamic body kit received additional damage.

As for the incident at the start with the participation of Sebastian, I will talk to him, but I will not comment on the decision of the stewards. ”

Kimi Raikkonen (4th): “The fourth place is not the result we expected, unfortunately, we didn’t manage to achieve more. Overall, the car was not that bad and handled well, but the lap times left a lot to be desired. There was not enough speed, and we did not have a chance to impose the fight on the opponents in front.

When Rosberg attacked me, I suddenly had to take to the right in order to avoid a collision – we could both get out of the race.As a result, the bottom at the rear was damaged, and Niko was fined for this.

After that I did everything to stay ten seconds behind, but, unfortunately, this was not enough to achieve a better result. Of course, we want to occupy higher positions, but now we must accept what we have. The team is trying to improve – we will attack to make the car faster and be able to fight the rest.

Sebastian Vettel (retirement): “I started well and then fought side by side with Max – we both fought for a position in the first corner.Niko was ahead and chose a certain trajectory – it was fair, he had every right to do so. At that moment, I had such a speed that I could no longer slow down, and Max pushed me to the right. It was an unfortunate chain reaction that ruined the race for me and Nico.

There is nothing more I can do but apologize to Niko as he was ahead and the incident had nothing to do with him. I think the situation is different from what happened in Spa between Max and Kimi – today Max and I fought for a position in the first corner, and Niko was in front.I will not comment on what Max said after what happened. ”

Williams Martini Racing

Robert Smedley , Chief Engineer: “Today, at least with Valtteri, we have been able to demonstrate what we can achieve. Considering yesterday’s problems, this was the highest possible result that we can be proud of. Bottas’ single pit stop strategy might have seemed risky, but it worked great. He started well, we made the right decisions, and he had a brilliant race.

It’s a pity that Felipe had to start from the pit lane – you need to understand why the engine stalled before the start of the warm-up lap. On the third lap, due to a puncture, Felipe had to return to the pits, which finally brought him out of the fight. Felipe had a good race and was close to the top ten at the finish line.

Overall, as a team, we did a good job today. We earned as many points as we could, losing only two points to Force India. The next race will be in seven days and our goal in Japan is to do more on a track that suits our car better. “

Valtteri Bottas (5th): “Nice day. It was difficult to count on the best result. I had a good start, implemented the strategy developed by the team and finished ahead of the Force India riders, which was important.

I have earned some points. It’s a pity that we lost a few more due to problems with Felipe’s car, but I’m happy with my race. I will try to repeat this result in Japan. ”

Felipe Massa (13th): “It so happens that everything goes against you.The gas pedal did not work. The motor stalled. I tried to start it, but it started only when I was rolled back to the pits, and I had to start from the pit lane.

When the virtual safety car mode was announced for the first time, I switched to Hard tires, but after two or three laps I got a puncture in the front left tire – apparently on some debris. At that moment, my race was lost. The only chance was for the safety car to drive out, but that didn’t happen.

It is a pity that we did not manage to earn points today.Valtteri’s result speaks volumes about what we could achieve today. We were both supposed to finish in the top ten, unfortunately, we didn’t succeed today ”.

Sahara Force India F1 Team

Robert Fearnley , Deputy Team Leader: “In Malaysia we earned twelve points – great team work! The race was eventful, but we managed to avoid trouble and achieve a confident result.

A bit unlucky with the first announcement of the virtual safety machine mode, but the team reacted quickly and made the right decisions.The car showed excellent speed and both drivers were very competitive throughout the weekend. The points earned made it possible to create a small reserve in the fight for the fourth place in the Constructors’ Cup, but today has shown that the fight will be very tight in the remaining five races. “

Sergio Perez (6th): “Not a bad race, but a little unlucky. Everything looked great at the start: I got off the ground perfectly, moved to the inner edge and after the first corner was third.There were several faster cars behind me, and I realized that there was no point in actively resisting attacks and destroying tires. The key moment was the first announcement of the virtual safety car mode – this gave an advantage to those who started on Medium tires, and after a pit stop I rolled back.

It’s great that we managed to get to the sixth place – in the fight for the fourth place in the Constructors’ Cup every point is important. I will not say that today we made a mistake in something – just the circumstances were not in our favor. “

Niko Hulkenberg (8th): “Considering the circumstances of the race, eighth place is not a bad result. The day was very difficult: I had a good start, but in the first corner I had to dodge the colliding Rosberg and Vettel and lost two positions. Then, in the course of the first two segments, I drove after the Button and could not pass it in any way, wasting a lot of time.

When you lose ground in the early phase of the race, it is difficult to finish high enough, even if the car is fast.I am sure we chose the strategy correctly, just overtaking in Sepang is not easy, and the race was not in our favor. Nevertheless, we can be happy with a double productive finish: the team has increased the advantage in the fight for fourth place in the Constructors’ Cup, which should help in the end of the season! “

McLaren Honda

Eric Boullier , Race Director: “The double scoring finish after one of the cars started from the last row is a positive outcome, indicating the continued progress of McLaren-Honda. Splitting the strategy worked for both Fernando and Jenson, and the mechanics made five pit stops flawlessly, including one double, which always comes with high pressure.

Fernando’s breakthrough was helped to a certain extent by the virtual safety car mode, he successfully used aggressive tactics with three tire changes and piloted with full dedication, already playing ten positions in the first laps.

Jenson had an equally impressive 300th race, but he was unlucky that his second – final – pit stop took place several laps before the stewards again announced the virtual safety car mode, due to which the rivals were able to change tires without serious loss of time.

Let me explain: the tactic with two pit stops was the fastest, and Jenson would have been able to keep quite high until the finish line, if not for the virtual safety car. Well, these are the races, but we understand that Jenson’s aerobatics deserves more than ninth place – I am sure that in the remaining five races Button will achieve a really good result.

Just seven days later, we will have a race in Suzuka. For Honda, this is a key stage of the season, and after today’s results we will try and work just as well in a week. “

Yusuke Hasegawa , Honda Project Manager in Formula 1: “I really liked the confident aerobatics of both of our drivers – each of them had a lot of battles. The team also worked great, choosing a strategy that allowed both cars to score points.

During the race, we actively fought with Williams and Force India – it’s a pity, we didn’t manage to stay ahead, but the car showed good speed, which can be considered a positive result ahead of our home race in Suzuka.

The virtual safety car and Jenson’s pit stop were unsuccessfully close in time, but the Button, nevertheless, piloted very well and kept a steady pace. Fernando, as usual, had a great start, made his way through the peloton and finished the race in seventh place – another amazing result, as was the case in Belgium. The flawless performance of the riders and the double finish in the top ten will add motivation to everyone in McLaren-Honda! “

Fernando Alonso (7th): “An exciting race with several interesting battles! Starting from the last row, I immediately won a lot of places – fortunately, I was lucky not to become a participant in the incident in the first corner. I was surprised at my position – after a couple of laps I was already in the top ten.

At that moment, the team and I were actively discussing how to deal with the strategy – to follow the aggressive option or to act conservatively. As a result, we decided to attack, using all the sets of soft tires that remained after qualification. The latest announcement of the Virtual Safety Machine mode played into our hands, as we were able to upgrade to the last of the saved kits. After numerous penalties, a certain amount of luck was required, but today luck was on our side! “

Jenson Button (9th): “The race was good, but I was clearly unlucky with the VM mode.The drivers behind me drove with three pit stops, I had to stop twice, but three laps after my visit to the pits, a virtual safety car mode was announced, which allowed the opponents to recoup. It’s a shame, of course, that in the last races I didn’t have luck.

After the start I was in fourth, but then a couple of riders managed to get ahead of me. The tactic with two pit stops was clearly better, but with the mode of the virtual safety car it turned out to be too difficult to implement, although at first I claimed to be seventh place.Hopefully the remaining five races will have better luck. “

Renault Sport F1 Team

Frederic Wasseur , Team Leader: “Congratulations to Jolyon, who earned the first point in Formula 1. After a bad qualification, he worked hard and had a good race. We used an aggressive strategy, Jolyon did everything that was required of him – he and the team did a great job.

Kevin was unlucky enough to be the victim of an incident on the first lap.After an excellent qualification, he had a good chance of earning points, but in that situation he could not do anything. In the five remaining races, we will continue to fight for every point. ”

Jolyon Palmer (10th): “Having earned points in Formula 1 – sounds great! I am happy, the whole weekend was positive, and the race went without problems – it’s a pity that it doesn’t always happen that way! I was disappointed with the results of the qualification and I am very glad that I was able to recoup the race.

The car gave me everything I needed, we controlled tire wear, the team did an excellent job with the strategy and pit stops.Failures were finally left behind, everything worked out as it should, and I managed to finish tenth! ”

Kevin Magnussen (descent): “At the start, I was caught between other cars reacting to the incident between Vettel and Rosberg. Everyone braked and shifted inside the turn, which is not too great when you are there, and you are still being pushed from behind. But sometimes it happens in races.

We changed the front wing and continued the fight, but the brake cooling system was damaged, the temperature began to rise – we had to withdraw from the race.

Nevertheless, it has been a promising weekend. We are squeezing more and more out of our car and will continue to make every effort to stay at this level. I earned points in the previous race, Jolyon today. Glasses are what we want. ”

Scuderia Toro Rosso

Franz Toast, team leader: “First of all, I would like to congratulate Red Bull Racing on the winning double in Sepang – the guys worked fantastic! As for us, the speed was not enough from the very beginning of the weekend, so we started only from 15 and 16 places.Unfortunately, Daniel immediately after the start in a combination of the first and second turns touched Kevin Magnussen’s car and was forced to go to the pits to replace the nose cone, after which the race was actually lost.

Carlos had a good start and already in the course of the first round played a lot of positions, moving up from sixteenth place to eleventh. Before his first pit stop, he rode sixth at all and held this position for quite a long time, but in the final phase of the race we were not fast enough, Carlos finished only eleventh.Sepang’s long straight lines worked against us – well, that’s life. We should try to perform confidently in Japan in just a week. ”

Carlos Sainz (11th): “I was close to the points! The race was eventful from the very beginning – just what was required. My start was nervous: I was warming up the clutch, but when I got to the grid, the engine suddenly stalled, I was able to start it just as the traffic lights went out – because of this, the jerk was so-so, but I worked well in the first corner and overtook five or six cars at once!

Then we tried to use different tactics than most of our opponents.When the first virtual safety car mode was announced, we decided to stay on the track – a risky move, but that’s how we got into the battle for points. In the end, the race turned out to be glorious, and if it did not work out to earn points, it was only because there was not enough speed, and not from lack of effort.

Of course, we need to continue to work, and I am looking forward to the stage in Japan – after a year ago I first performed in Suzuka, this race has become one of my favorites. I can’t wait to meet the incredible Japanese fans – their support always gives strength! “

Daniil Kvyat (14th): “Unfortunately, the race was ruined by contact on the first lap.I damaged the front wing and, in fact, could not count on a good result. It’s a shame, but when starting from the back rows there is always a risk – you either avoid trouble or you don’t, and today was the second scenario. Fortunately, the stage in Japan is just a week from now – you can start preparing right away and forget about today’s failure. ”

Sauber F1 Team

Monisha Kaltenborn , Team Leader: “We knew the race would be difficult, but the team did a good job.We chose the right strategy, both drivers did their best, but Felipe was unlucky. This performance adds confidence that we can earn points in the next races. ”

Markus Erickson (12th): “I am pleased with today’s performance. I started well, having played several positions, during the race I had a decent speed. Obviously, we have made progress, closing the gap with the teams in the middle group. Of course, we strive to earn points, but today we were not close enough to the top ten.

My water system was not working and I was unable to drink throughout the race. It was very hard! With regard to the upcoming racing weekend, we must continue to work well. I’m looking forward to the stage in Japan, Suzuka is my favorite track. ”

Felipe Nasr (retirement): “Not the best day. After the start, Rosberg turned around in the first corner – I had to dodge to avoid contact, and I lost time on this. After that I managed to win back well and adhere to the strategy of one pit stop.Unfortunately, then there were problems with the brake-by-wire system, because of which I had to get off. Nevertheless, at the end of the weekend there are some positive aspects. I am looking forward to the race in Suzuka. ”

Manor Racing MRT

Dave Ryan , Team Leader: “I want to thank the whole team for their hard work after the Singapore Grand Prix. It gave results – we made a big step forward. I especially want to acknowledge the work of our team in the pit lane. We needed to make progress in this area and had a great time in all five pit stops!

Last but not least, both riders have done an excellent job in a grueling race that is demanding on technology and pilots.The team is on the rise, in Japan we will try to take the next step. ”

Pascal Wehrlein (15th): “I started well and from 21st position very quickly climbed to 15th, but after that there was not enough speed to conduct a tight fight, and I began to gradually lose ground. If we really assess our chances, then yesterday I understood that I would mainly fight with my partner – and that is what happened.

The conditions were very difficult. It’s hot in the cockpit, drinking water was heating up during the race.However, everything is in order. I think I had a good control over the tires. The temperature of the track was very high, but this did not cause any particular problems. We just didn’t have the speed to do more. ”

Esteban Ocon (16th): “On the first segment on Soft everything went well, but after switching to Hard, problems began. I had a good fight with Erickson, but I could not get ahead of my team-mate who used a different strategy, and the penalty completely deprived me of my chances.

Hopefully tonight’s race will be a good sign for the rest of the Grand Prix. In Malaysia, we looked better and made some progress compared to Singapore. I have to thank the team for a great job this weekend, we keep moving on. ”

Haas F1 Team

Gunther Steiner , Team Leader: “After yesterday’s qualification, in which the team performed very well, it seemed to us that there was light at the end of the tunnel, but today are dark times again.

We do not yet understand what happened to both cars – brakes on one failed, a wheel flew off the other. We need to find out what exactly was the problem with the brakes on Roman’s car, but with Esteban everything is obvious – the car has lost a wheel, however, it is not clear why. The pit stop was confident, Gutierrez continued to move – we need to figure out whether there was a breakdown, or the wheel was not fixed enough. In Japan we will try to do better. “

Roman Grosjean (descent): “The brakes have failed.The reasons are still unknown, the pedal just went into the floor, and I had to dodge the car in front. Before that, there were no warning signs of a possible refusal.

It’s a shame, because I confidently drove the first lap and claimed points, since I was in the top ten. It just didn’t work out. I fought with Fernando Alonso, but his car had enough power, it was difficult for me to contain the onslaught, and later I tried to keep up with McLaren and hoped to stretch on one set of tires as long as possible.Unfortunately, I just didn’t reach the target circle. ”

Esteban Gutierrez (exit): “Today I had a fantastic start, and everything went great before the first turn, but there I got a blow from Magnussen and a puncture in the rear right wheel. I had to go to the pits with a damaged bottom, on returning to the track I tried regaining positions, but driving was very difficult, but after the second pit stop had to get off due to mechanical problems. The weekend left a feeling of disappointment, but you need to stay focused and prepare for Japan. “

90,000 “Miss Moscow” Oksana Voevodina confirmed divorce from the former king of Malaysia Oksana Voevodina

The personal life of 26-year-old Oksana Voevodina has been widely discussed for eight months by both Russian and foreign media. First, “Miss Moscow-2015” talked about happy family life and feelings for her husband, but in mid-July it became known about the separation of the couple. The model’s lawyers denied the divorce, but now Oksana herself decided to discuss the situation.

The star did not deny the separation, and in the comments to the post on Instagram noted that she is now in Russia.Voevodina thanked everyone who supported her in a difficult period, and promised that in the future she would talk about a new stage in her life.

“I am writing and cannot hold back my tears. This is not necessary, as these are tears of happiness and gratitude! I still don’t believe that I received so many kind and warm letters from you. From people from all over the world! And, of course, I want to say to all the people of Malaysia: you have huge hearts, because you accepted and supported me. I am very proud that Malaysian blood flows in my son’s veins, ”Oksana shared her emotions.
The birth of the first child did not save the spouses’ marriage

At the same time, the model did not talk about the reasons for the family crisis, and also did not disclose the details of the divorce proceedings with Muhammad V. It was previously reported that the 49-year-old ex-king and “Miss Moscow-2015” divorced on July 1. A copy of the divorce certificate even appeared on the Web, but the parties contentedly commented on the information.

Voevodina announced that she would not change religion and would remain a Muslim. She published several new photos of her two-month-old son, promising that she would raise him based on the laws of Islam.

do not miss the wife of the former king of Malaysia first spoke about meeting her husband
“I have come across slander, anger and hatred against me more than once. But you convinced me that there is still a lot of good left in the world. I feel supported, which is very important. My direct is just blown up, I will continue to share with you all the events taking place in my life, and conduct an open, honest dialogue, ”the model emphasized.
Soon after the wedding, Muhammad V abdicated the throne

It is not yet known on what conditions Oksana and Muhammad V parted, and with whom their two-month-old son will now live.However, some fans of Voevodina are still sure that the rumors of a divorce are not true, and soon the model will return to her husband in Malaysia.

Photo: Instagram

Infrastructure war – Power – Kommersant

As in the area of ​​trade liberalization, the struggle between the United States and China unfolded on a more specific issue – stimulating the development of infrastructure projects in the APR. In October, China announced the creation of the Asian Infrastructure Investment Bank (AIIB), which should partly become an alternative for projects of international structures like the World Bank and the Asian Development Bank (they are dominated by the United States and its allies).However, the AIIB was not co-founded by all the countries that initially showed interest in it, due to political pressure from Washington. In addition to China itself, Bangladesh, Brunei, Vietnam, India, Kazakhstan, Cambodia, Qatar, Kuwait, Laos, Malaysia, Myanmar, Mongolia, Nepal, Oman, Pakistan, Singapore signed an agreement to establish a bank with a capital of $ 50 billion (most of the funds will be provided by Beijing) , Thailand, Uzbekistan, Philippines and Sri Lanka. Under pressure from the United States, Indonesia, South Korea and Australia were forced to abandon, although earlier they expressed interest in the AIIB.“Barack Obama called Prime Minister Tony Abbott, and his national security adviser Susan Rice called various officials, and demanded that Australia not participate in this. As a result, we are not participating, and this is a mistake,” says one member of the Australian delegation.

As an alternative, on the eve of the APEC summit, President of the People’s Republic of China Xi Jinping announced the creation of a $ 40 billion fund to finance infrastructure for the development of the Great Silk Road economic belt project.The project, which Xi announced during a 2013 visit to Kazakhstan, involves investment in transport infrastructure. Some of the projects will connect the center and north-west of China (many companies are transferring production there from the eastern provinces of the PRC due to the difference in salaries) with European markets through Central Asia and Russia. The rest of the funds will be invested in port and rail infrastructure in Southeast Asia.

Russia previously supported neither the AIIB nor the Great Silk Road project.AIIB aroused suspicion – like any fund with a Chinese domination, and the Great Silk Road project was seen as a threat to plans to load the Trans-Siberian and BAM, for the reconstruction of which Russian Railways will receive funds from the National Wealth Fund. However, due to the sanctions, the position of the Russian Federation is changing. Now Moscow itself is looking for sources of external financing for infrastructure projects, and therefore may be interested in AIB. Exactly for the same reasons, Moscow supported the creation of the BRICS infrastructure bank in the spring, which it had previously opposed because of Beijing’s tough negotiating position.Along the Great Silk Road, Beijing is trying to allay Moscow’s fears – at the September SCO summit, Xi Jinping proposed to Vladimir Putin to include the Transsib and BAM in the perimeter of the Chinese megaproject.

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