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13 Easy Native American Crafts for Kids

In American History, Thanksgiving Day is when Americans celebrate the day in which the Pilgrims met the helpful Native Americans (Indians) who gave them food, showed them how to tend to the land and prepare for the winter.

When studying about Native American Indians, children love making Indian art and craft projects.   Example of crafts included in this roundup of 13 Easy Native American Crafts for Kids are Native American Headbands, Native American Drums, Native American Tepees, Native American Handprints, Native American Totem Poles, and Native American Dream Catchers.

These crafts will not only keep little ones busy but will also help them learn about the rich culture of the Native American tribes.

13 Easy Native American Crafts for Kids

Native American Handprints – A Little Pinch of Perfect

These handprints can be a messy craft, but it’s simple and fun for kids! Create your own Native Americans this way!

Native American Drum – Candle in the Night

Make some music with this simple drum craft! The kids will love being able to color their own drums and play with them all afternoon.

Feather Necklaces – Early Learning Ideas

Another fun piece to create and learn about Native Americans while doing so. These simple necklaces are easy to make, even with little ones.

Mini Teepees – That Artist Woman

Use construction paper to help the kids create their own teepee homes. Teach them about one of the ways in which Native Americans lived while you make them!

Paper Plate Dream Catchers – Red Ted Art

Create your own dreamcatcher with the kids and tell them about how the Native Americans use them while you do it! These paper plate ones are simple to make and so beautiful to look at.

Easy Native American Headbands – Crafty Morning

Have the kids make their own Native American headwear this holiday season and tell of how Thanksgiving came to be!

Paper Buffalo Hides – VSY

Teach your kids about Native American traditions and then help them decorate their own buffalo hide in this simple craft.

Talking Stick Craft – Classic Play

Talk about this Native American tradition and create your own stick with this fun and simple craft.

Indian Corn Painting – Fantastic Fun and Learning

This is truly a simple craft. Use your thumbprints or even legos to create the kernels!

Rain Stick Craft – Buggy and Buddy

Another simple craft that keeps kids entertained. Create more music with this simple rain stick tutorial.

Native American Vest Craft – School Time Snippets

Tell the story of Thanksgiving while the kids make their own Native American vests to wear around. This craft requires simple tools and is easy to create.

Totem Pole Craft – No Time for Flashcards

This craft can be completed with simple household items and is one that the kids will love to be creative with! Teach them about the Native Americans traditions while they construct their pole.

Native American Puppets – Mrs Ayala’s Kinderfun

Puppets are always fun to play with and a really easy craft to complete. This would be a fun way to tell the story of Thanksgiving as well.

Happy learning together!



9 Meaningful Native American Crafts for Kids as told by a Native Person. Fun Crafts, Books & Resources to explore Native Culture without cultural appropriation

Making crafts can be a great hands-on way to learn about Native American people.  In fact, if you live in North America, Canada, or Central America, it is almost certain that you are in the ancestral homeland of a once-vital and important Native American tribe. 

Many of the names of cities towns, rivers, and mountains around you may come from an original Indigenous tongue and this can be a great way to discover more about where you live and how you can make a meaningful connection to the Native people of your region.

Native American cultures are so diverse

One of the first things you’ll notice once you start learning about Native cultures is that they are so diverse.  The Seminole Indians of Floride lived in swampy everglades. The Lenape of Pennsylvania lived in the forests and meadows of the Northeast. The Lakota, Dakota, and Nakota lived alongside the buffalo on the wide expansive Plains.

Other tribes across the country lived in deserts, mountains, by the great lakes, or even in the snowy and icy northern regions. Given those different conditions, you can expect that the items that were part of their daily life were quite different. We’ve selected a variety of fun and easy crafts below so you can see a wide range of cultural traditions and do some hands-on crafting at the same time!

How to know what Indigenous lands you’re living on?

Do you know who lived in the region you call home? If you don’t, you can easily google a phrase such as “which Native American tribe lived near Salt Lake City”.  Once you discover which tribe called your region home, you can google phrases like “Is there a museum of Navajo culture?”.  During the search, you will probably discover some great resources and develop a new respect for the tribe that lived in your area.  But don’t stop there…

Now, let’s explore some crafts!

Weaving played a part in the creation of so much of the beautiful regalia and clothing associated with almost every Native American tribe.  For that reason, young children learned this skill very early with simple projects that honed their skills. As they grew older, they might create belts, rugs, carrying bags or other clothing items. This post has wonderful examples of basic projects you can try that come from many diverse Native American tribes.

Wampum was the first original currency of what is now the United States. Traditionally made of two types of shells, it was used for storytelling purposes, as ceremonial gifts, to record peace treaties, and as a method of exchange. Making your own version of a wampum belt is a great way to learn about the Seneca, Cayuga, Mohawk, Onondaga, Oneida, and Tuscarora peoples, sometimes known as the Iroquois Confederacy.

Drums, rattle, and music played a huge part in the lives of all Native American tribes.  Drums used might range from small hand drums to water drums to large frame drums.  Aside from drums that one person would play, there were also group drums, such as pow-wow drums that brought many drummers together to play. Many of these drums were played by using a stick or a beater and this craft gives you different ways you can create a beater for playing any drum of your choice.

Rattles also can be found in almost every Native American tribe. They can be heard in personal or ceremonial music as well as social and celebrational music. As you can imagine, each tribe made rattles out of objects that were readily available, like dried gourds. Some of the more unusual Native American rattles were made of items such as salt and pepper shakers and the toenails of deer.   This craft shows you how to make your own version of a Native American rattle out of paper mache.

The Cherokee people have many distinctive rattles.  Here is a craft that lets you experiment with objects that create sound and make your own rattle in the same way.


Did you know that most Native groups made decisions by consensus, not by “majority rules”? For this to work, people must learn to be good listeners and to be quiet when another is speaking. Using a talking stick (or stone, or shell or object) is a beautiful tradition that helps people develop this important skill. Making your own talking item can be both fun and useful craft.

Even if you didn’t know their name, you’d probably recognize a kachina doll from the Native American tribes of the Southwestern United States. A kachina is a depiction of an ancestral spirit and can be represented by an actual dancer or by a kachina doll. Some are pretty, some are scary, but they are meant to teach kids about important beliefs held by the tribe and passed on from generation to generation. Some of the icons represented by kachinas and kachina dolls are the singer, the buffalo, the badger, the ogre, the hunter, the rainbow, the eagle, and the sun. You can find kachina dancers and rites in the Hopi, Zuni, Hopi-Tewa, and most of the Pueblo tribes of New Mexico.

Painted buffalo hides were an important part of Native American culture on the great plains of the United States. Buffalo hides were often worn for daily clothing but special ones were created and painted beautifully for special or ceremonial purposes. Sometimes a buffalo hide with special images was worn for healing or for help with childbirth. Social and political leaders would have unique and beautiful painted buffalo hide that they would wear.  If you were to pick out images that mean the most to you, what do you paint on your buffalo hide? This craft gives you the opportunity to create your own.

Totem poles are one of the most iconic images from Native and First peoples on the Pacific Northwest.   Sometimes soaring up to 40 feet in height, they tell of ancestry, the lives of specific people, or detail important historical events.  Each pole is adorned with images of beings or animals such as ravens, killer whales, eagles, thunderbirds, beavers, bears, wolves, and even frogs. Totem poles served several purposes including as territory markers, welcome signs and to remind people of great deeds or great times.

Keep Exploring And Connecting 

Here are some helpful resources so you continue to explore and learn:

Books for Kids about native people by native people

Can you imagine being in a room and having people talk about you but not including you?  That is how many Native American people feel when they are excluded from the very books and stories that tell their history or exploit their culture. One way to reverse this disrespectful trend is to look for books or websites that are about Native people written by Native people. In those books and websites, you’ll find a more authentic and respectful portrayal of what it means to be a member of a Native American tribe.

Books By Cherokee Author, Traci Sorrel

We Are Grateful (Bilingual – English With Cherokee Vocabulary) 

Purchase From Amazon –

Monique Smith Grey – Canadian Native American Author

My Heart Fills With Happiness
Purchase From Amazon:

By Haida Author, Sondra Segundo
Killer Whale Eyes Author

Lovebirds, The True Story of Raven and Eagle

Books By Inuit Author And Singer, Celina Kalluk

Sweetest Kulu
Purchase From Amazon:

What is National Native American Day?

Native American Day is a holiday celebrated across the United States in lieu of Columbus Day.  Within each of these states, Native American Day honors the cultural contributions of Native American communities to the respective state’s history, as well as to the overall country.

When is National Native American Day?

 In California and Nevada, the holiday is celebrated on the fourth Friday of September (25th Sept 2020), whereas in South Dakota and Wisconsin, it falls on the second Monday of October (12th October 2020).

Suggested Further Reading

The National Museum of The American Indian

8 Native American Museums You Can Visit Online

Crazy Crow Native American Trading Post (Craft Supplies, Books and More)



Ethnomusicologist and educator, DARIA (Daria Marmaluk-Hajioannou) has spent over four decades collecting, researching, and making music all over the world. Born in the USA, she spent many of her early years in Quechua Indigenous culture in rural South America. She is a fierce advocate for the rights of indigenous and first peoples and for broader respect for the ancestral and traditional cultures from all regions of the world.



American Crafts Studio Blog


Hello everyone, it’s Terhi here! Are you ready for some color therapy!? I know I am!

Watercolors are my favorite wet media. I’m not great at painting images with watercolors, but I sure love using them to give my creations extra detail. You can use them for so many techniques that I would dare say they are the most versatile media ever. 

Today I want to share a scrapbook layout with you! I created it with Shimelle’s Never Grow Up line. The layout features three different ways to include watercolors to a scrapbook page.

Watercolor Tip #1: The Flicking Method

The first and most visible tip I have for you is to simply flick the watercolor onto the background. The smaller brush you flick with, the smaller the drops will be and vice versa. As I don’t plan my layouts in advance, I always add the flicks as the finishing touch instead of adding them first.

To avoid messing up your whole creation, I highly recommend covering all important areas (such as the photo) with left over papers or tissues before starting the flicking process.

Watercolor Tip #2: Combine Watercolors with Other Media 

Here, I stamped tons of beautiful butterflies to the background and used the American Crafts Moxy Embossing Powder to emboss the images. Once everything else was on place, I colored the butterflies on the background. As the embossed images resist the wet watercolors, the pretty butterflies pop up even though they are as white as the background is. How fun!

Watercolor Tip #3: Use Watercolors to Make your own Embellishments.

Once I had the embossing powders on hand, I thought to use it for another technique as well. Again, I stamped on white paper, this time with the same butterfly stamp but also with a leaf stamp found from the same Never Grow Up Stamp Set. Then I activated the embossing powder by heating it up. Once it cooled down again, I colored all images with watercolors and fussy cut them. I attached all fussy cut elements with foam dots to make them even more dimensional.

What a perfect way to make your own embellishments!

Thank you for joining us today! Hope you’ve learned something new from watercolors. Happy scrapping!

Products used:

American Crafts Kelly Creates Plastic Palette (354725), Kelly Creates Round Brush Set (354722), American Crafts Paper Fashion Watercolors Basics (349306), American Crafts Never Grow Up Patterned Papers Fly Free (356155), Spring Awakening (356158), Flutter by (356162), Flower Meadow (356166), Dreams Come True (356170), Never Grow Up Embellishments with Foil Accents (356190), Never Grow Up Floral Ephemera (356183), American Crafts Cardstock White (71259), American Crafts Moxy Embossing Powder Opaque White (379570), Sticky Thumb Dots (340272), Sticky Thumb Runner (342039).

9 Amazing American Crafts Design Ideas For Kids And Adults

Be it 4th of July or Thanksgiving, to give things a personal touch and make the celebration more lively and fun, one has to be a little creative. With common household stuff and items, you can come up with great ideas of American craft. Celebrate any American holiday by making personalized and creative crafts.

Best American Crafts Design Ideas For Kids And Adults:

Let’s have a look at 9 such craft work you can try out.

1. Beaded Bracelet:

This loom beaded bracelet is a sticking example of Native American craft. You can easily find such bracelets online or make it for yourself. For DIY, you’ll need beads, needle and a specific American pattern in mind and get started. You can make this by handmade method too, get this craft or gift this craft to your friend or your dear one.

2. Aztec Sun Art:

The above sun art brings out Mexican culture and are great Native American crafts for kids. One of the best ways to make them aware of culture, maths, circles and geometric shapes that would go into the making of these crafts. This type of patterns defines their culture and thought too.

American Dream Catcher:

Using usual home supplies and materials, one can come up with a dream catcher like the above one which has religious beliefs and is a Native American craft for adults. They are easy to make and will definitely make your room look more beautiful. Get this craft for your home and make your wall beautiful.

4. American Headband:

Traditional American crafts like the above headband can be easily made at home with the help of colored or construction paper, glue and feathers. Simple isn’t it? DIY headbands are inexpensive and can be used for all specific occasions.

5. Popsicle Teepees:

Now teepees were Native American tents. Using the concept for crafts is a great idea. This teepee is made out of popsicles, card stock and glue and would be an ideal American craft idea for Thanksgiving ceremonies.

6. Totem Pole:

Using homemade totem poles for traditional events are impressive and nice American handicraft. Be it a school project or a function, you can be creative while making depictions on your DIY totem pole, using a lot of vibrant colors.

See More: Animal Craft Ideas

7. American Flag Party Plate:

Serve delicious delicacies on the 4th of July with DIY American flag party plate or get them from stores. These American craft ideas are cheap and disposable too. Plus they will add a tint of patriotic feel to your festive mood. Get this unique crafts for your next arranged party.

8. Printed Chair:

Show off American arts and crafts and crafts and a bit of their culture with the help of a printed chair like the above one. Easy to build with basic tools and instruments, set up such a chair in your backyard, for these chairs will definitely catch your guests’ attention. This is a low budget craft so looks nice and shiny too.

See More: Airplane Crafts For Children

9. Woven Basket:

If you’re into weaving, show your friends and relatives your work by weaving an American handicrafts basket like the above one. It will earn you praises for sure. Be creative and keep American designs in mind. This handmade will be good as a gifting option too.

Now that you have seen these fun and easy DIY American crafts, you can celebrate American holidays with a more creative way and a more patriotic feeling. So get started and have a great American themed party, Thanksgiving and 4th of July.

See More: Autumn Fall Crafts For Kids

Images Source: 2, 3, 4, 6, 7, 8, 9.

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When the day’s work was over, they issued in a stream from the orate, their hands and arms stained with all the colours of the rainbow, and they made the streets lively on the way home.

Wandering down cobbled wynds, up hidden stairs, going inside the wonderful green-roofed abbey and finding the tomb of Marjorie Bruce – what a revelation!

In a town that sees creeping influences of Mackintosh and Thomson amongst others, it very much extends the structural beauty of Glasgow to its neighbour in the west.

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Latin American Crafts for Spanish Class

Doing crafts in Spanish class is a fun way to mix language and culture. Kids get lots of input (colors, shapes, simple commands) while learning about folk art, handicrafts, and art from Latin America. Teachers can talk about the Latin American crafts, showing an example. Then, they can give simple instructions, while showing students the steps.

Becky Morales is an ESL and Spanish teacher. She started and and co-authored the Global Education Toolkit for Elementary Learners to give parents and teachers activities to teach kids about world cultures. She recently began the Language Latte Podcast, where she shares research and best practices for world language teachers. Becky is living in Mexico with her 5 kids, and loves connecting to parents and teachers around the world @kidworldcitizen on Facebook and Twitter.

Many thank to Becky for writing this article with ideas for using Latin American crafts in Spanish class!

I love to accompany the art project with real pictures and videos of the art being made in Latin America by real artists. When the students are finished, they can share their Latin American crafts and describe it with the vocabulary they know. Here are 17+ Latin American-inspired crafts for kids to do. Click on the pictures for a list of supplies and instructions!

Make a mola: a fantastic example of folk-art from Panamá! One of Panama’s best-known handicrafts is the mola, intricate reverse-applique handwork made by the Kuna, and now an important symbol of their culture. The layers of brightly-colored fabric form animals or geometric shapes. Kuna women, who live in the San Blas Islands north of Panama, use them to decorate their blouses.

Guatemalan weaving: I like to pair this simple weaving craft with Abuela’s Weave by Omar Castaneda. The story takes place in Guatemala and features an intergenerational, Mayan family, who weave elaborate and colorful designs to sell at the market. Guatemalan weavers are legendary for their intricate textiles, and have been weaving their clothing, blankets, and other pieces since pre-Columbian times.

Mexican Amate: first study where amate comes from, and what it is made with. The real examples are intricate and gorgeous!! Then use a brown paper bag and fluorescent paint to paint your own, following the flower and animal motifs you say in the real examples.

Frida Kahlo: Read this Mexican artist’s biography, and then create a self-portrait after you learn all about Frida Kahlo!

Diego Rivera: Have you heard of Diego Rivera, the famous Mexican muralist? This multicultural art lesson on Diego Rivera for kids includes a beautiful, collaborative art project perfect for classrooms and large groups! Teaching kids about famous artists can not only be fun, but can result in beautiful artwork.

Taíno Indian Petroglyphs: The Taínos left behind petroglyphs that are images created by incising, picking, carving, or abrading on the surface of the rock to create a form of rock art. With these images archaeologist have been able to understand their way of living, and the customs and beliefs of the Taínos. Observe the petroglyphs, learn about the symbols, and make your own rock art.

Shrinky-dink Flag Bracelets: Kids love this colorful craft, and it’s perfect for an international camp or after-school club!

Learn the Story of the Mexican Flag: Flags in their basic form are pieces of fabric flown from poles, that identify countries or groups of people. But the colors, symbols, and designs of the flags hold much more information about the people and cultures they represent. Read the fascinating legend behind the Mexican flag.

Make Latin America, or one of its countries! We made these fabulous Salt-Dough Maps to show kids the landforms of certain countries and continents for our International Night.

Multicultural Paper Dolls: It would also be fun to research what people wear in a certain region. Mexico, for example, has SO many different folkloric dresses that kids could research. This display was from our International Night, so it includes many different countries!

Morpho butterflies: Kids love crafts, love glitter, and love butterflies! This butterfly craft is an easy activity that helps kids learn about an amazing creature from the rain forests of Latin America. In the post you’ll find geographical information about rain forests, where the morpho butterflies live. The craft also uses minimal supplies.

Nature collages: Kids can learn about famous land forms and natural wonders of the world, such as Angel Falls, Venezuela. Using a computer (to view the images), paper, glue, and some magazines we created our colorful masterpieces. Other ideas: the Andes Mountains, the Amazon River, the Galapagos, any of the numerous volcanoes, Copper Canyon, etc.

Monarch butterflies: I love learning about the monarch migration to and from Mexico every year! Pair it with the book Isabel’s House of Butterflies, by Tony Johnston, which tells a story about 8 year old Isabel, who lives in Michoacán, who wants to protect their habitat.

Sea Turtles visit the shores of Mexico and Central America to lay their eggs every year. Check out photos of sea turtles on-line. Notice how sea turtles have large front flippers (unlike land tortoises) for swimming, and have smaller back flippers. They use their smaller flippers for digging their nests in the sand. They have streamlined shells that can be anywhere from olive-green to yellow to browns, reds, or even black. We did these with oil pastels, and painted over them with blue water color paint.

Desert landscapes: After reading books in Spanish about the desert by Pat Mora, kids get to mix sand in brown & green paint to make their own desert landscapes. We had the kids bring in pictures of animals found in the desert. Then we glued them on the landscapes and labelled them in Spanish when our paintings were dry.

What is the biggest holiday Spanish teachers love? Day of the Dead! But we also love Las Posadas, and many others. Here are a couple of fun collections of crafts for these commonly celebrated holidays. They work great at the end of a unit about the cultural aspects of the festive days.

Day of the Dead decorations for your class: making, dressing up, and decorating skeletons and skulls is the perfect way not only to learn about this holiday, but also to create a festive atmosphere in your classroom! There are lots of easy crafts for all ages to enjoy.

Las Posadas Stained Glass Windows: these pretty decorations are available in many different designs, and are absolutely stunning when you put them up on display!

Again, many thanks to Becky Morales of Kid World Citizen for these wonderful ideas for Latin American crafts for Spanish class!

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Whether you’re an old pro behind the sewing machine or simply want to pay it forward, you can support this craft movement.

It should be noted that fabric masks can offer a basic level of protection against the spread of germs but are not intended to be used in caring for patients with COVID-19 unless as a last resort. Also, surgical masks should not be confused with more strictly evaluated forms of PPE like the N95 Respirator.

Ways you can help with the shortage of masks

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This national craft supply company wants to help you make fabric masks and are even offering free supplies available on a store-by-store basis.

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Patterns for fabric face masks abound online. Check out these step-by-step instructions from Sew Good Goods, a St. Paul-based organization working to provide fabric masks to Minnesota healthcare providers.

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Deaconess Health System has created this helpful listing of healthcare providers seeking fabric mask donations, which you can search by state.

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90,000 10 sites for those who can’t wait to create / AdMe

We are all creative and love to create something with our own hands. Sometimes this can be complicated, so clear master classes, examples and lessons can be an excellent support in the pursuit of beauty.

Bright Side has selected several sites for you that contain practical material on different types of creativity.

This site is completely dedicated to the Japanese art of origami.Here you can find interesting diagrams of different difficulty levels, videos and tutorials on paper and modular origami.

Handmade Idea is a blog review dedicated to ideas for home and garden, interior design and decor, crafts and DIY alterations.

On the portal you can study patterns, patterns, crochet and knitting patterns. The site is suitable for both beginners and advanced people in this occupation.

The site presents various jewelry made of beads and beads for every taste and for every level of training, which are made in a variety of techniques.

Scrapbooking for beginners and beyond. The site contains many unique articles and workshops, reviews and tips from the world of paper, digital and hybrid scrapbooking. Most of the publications are exclusive works specially written for this project.

A site about hand-made in all its forms: modeling, floristry, sewing, beading and all kinds of DIY crafts.

This is not just an Internet resource, it is an art project. It is dedicated to freezelight – painting with light.Its goal is to create a full-fledged direction in this contemporary art, combining photography and painting.

On the site you can find unique master classes and collections of ideas, as well as gain inspiration by looking at the work of recognized masters. In addition, you yourself can become one of the authors and add the results of your works to the site.

Learn how to choose a gift, how to wrap it, or find a great idea for a DIY gift on this site.

This resource is dedicated to everyone who loves to do something with their own hands.Here you can find original craft ideas that either simply delight the eye with their beauty, or are practical. Moreover, there is a special section for those who like to cook food.

DIY paper crafts: sculptures by Jeff Nishinaki

DIY paper crafts: sculptures by Jeff Nishinaki

Jeff Nishinaki is an American master known for his paper sculptures, who has amazed viewers with his creations for many years. According to the author himself, his do-it-yourself paper crafts are obtained as if by themselves.Paper has the energy it needs, and it has a life of its own. He only directs this energy in the right direction.

The famous American sculptor uses only paper in his work. Over the past fifteen years, his do-it-yourself paper crafts have brought the author worldwide fame. His works are known not only in America, but also in Europe and Asia.

Jeff graduated from the Art College of Design, Pasadena, California. She holds a BA in Fine Arts.Despite the fact that Jeff is an illustrator, he works in the field of paper sculpture. 3D sculptures by a recognized master are in great demand.

Many brands place orders for paper sculptures, which are then used with great success in advertising their products. Jeff receives orders from well-known publications and industrial companies: Playboy, American Airlines, Toyota, Sun Microsystems and many others. The works of the famous sculptor adorn private collections and world famous exhibitions.

These works are very similar to the painstaking art of carving by Jill Sylvia.

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90,000 expectation and reality “

The Internet is filled with detailed colorful hand-made instructions, and it may seem that every home now has some beautiful hand-made thing. Not really.People still can’t do what the bright pictures promise them, and it’s still very funny. Well, at least they tried.

Orange candle.

Children’s swing.

Lacy eggs.

Manicure with a border.

Winter hat.

Knitted hippo.

Curl manicure.

Candlestick made of autumn leaves.

Button bowl.

Composition of melted crayons.

Eldridge Tie Knot.

A rainbow of crayons melted by a heat gun.

“We showed my grandmother a photo with a snowman made of wood, and she sent us this in return.”

Expectation: cute knitted bird. Reality: she seems to be dead.

Glass ball with snow.

“My first attempt at tying something. The result is a stylish volleyball net. ”

Pineapple from a champagne bottle with sweets.

Leopard shadows.

Braided ball.

Homemade lamps.

Shorts from old jeans.

Hand-shaped garden sculptures say hello to their creator.

Printing in the form of a foot.

Door wreath made of socks.

Flowers painted with the bottom of the bottle.

Penguin-shaped milk jug.

Glass from a beer bottle.

Gradient eye makeup.

Pillow in the form of a van.

Dress with a cutout.

“Jack’s Lamp” for Halloween.

Still, you shouldn’t have thrown away the instructions.

“Space” sneakers.

“Soothing” tin of sparkles.

Hairstyle from braids.

Sweet lips from dragees.

Rainbow roses.

Paper flowers.

Denim basket.

Papier-mâché deer head.

Pastel valentines.

Christmas tree made of gloves.

Braided heart.

Dog from a set for creativity.

Coin top.

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90,000 DIY Christmas crafts – for school, garden and home

With the New Year approaching, store shelves began to overflow with various thematic decorations, most often of Chinese origin. Of course, you can buy one of hundreds of identical products, or you can make a New Year’s craft with your own hands.

Handicraft will definitely be highly appreciated as a gift or as part of a festive interior. And the manufacturing process itself is entertaining. You can make crafts with the whole family, children will be especially happy to do this.

In today’s article, we offer you 10 interesting ideas for New Year’s crafts 2018, which will be made by both adults and children.

1.Pine cone garland

A garland of cones is a simple version of a New Year’s craft with school-age children.

  • To implement it, you only need a long rope, preferably in tone with the cones, screw pins and fir cones.
  • You just need to attach the cones to the rope with the help of pins – and the garland is ready.
  • Use cans of paint (white or silver) to make some buds snow-covered.

The garland will become a topical addition to any room where it is planned to celebrate the New Year.

2. Ribbon garlands

People from the kindergarten still remember how they made chains from colored paper. We offer a small upgrade.

  • Make a long chain of various weasels from old clothes – feel free to alternate colors, patterns, textures, because the New Year is a bright kaleidoscope of fun.

This is a great option to keep your child busy on New Year’s Eve and a good choice for New Year’s crafts in kindergarten.

3.Santa Claus sock

Among the DIY New Year’s crafts for 2018, Santa Claus’s sock will always be an actual option. A child will especially be happy to sew it so that Santa Claus will like the product, and he will put the desired gift in his sock.

  • Red or colorful fabric is suitable for sewing, it can be in patchwork style.
  • Decorate the craft with ruffles or lace.
  • You can make several socks at once and hang them over the fireplace, and if not, then near the bed or Christmas tree.

4. Herringbone made of paper

A small Christmas tree made of colored paper will decorate the New Year’s table or add to the general festive atmosphere.

  • To create it, you just need to attach figuredly cut sheets of green colored paper to a solid rod with a base for stability.

This is a simple New Year’s craft for the garden, which kids will be happy to cope with.

5.Paper bag dog

Doggy bag – a great option for New Year’s paper crafts. It can be either a stand-alone souvenir or a package containing a gift.

  • It is fairly easy to make from a paper bag without a pattern.
  • Cut out the muzzle, ears and tail from colored paper and stick to the bag.

A variety of bag sizes will allow you to make the dog the desired size.

6. Felt herringbone

Herringbone is a good choice for New Year felt crafts.It is made quite quickly and easily.

You can make a flat product and attach it to a stele or a three-dimensional one (cut out fragments of green felt are glued to a cone), which will be part of the decor of the festive table. Cut out small Christmas tree decorations and gifts from colored fabric so that the tree is New Year’s.

7. Pine cone candlestick

Flickering candles are an irreplaceable attribute of the New Year. They can be beautifully shaped into large to medium sized buds.

  • Cut off the top of the cone with a secateurs.
  • Treat all flakes with transparent glue and sprinkle with colored glitter.
  • When the glue is dry, brush away any glitter that has not adhered.
  • Replace the top with the tablet candle.

8. Ball with snow in glycerin

This is a great New Year’s craft for school. Together with the teacher or with the family, children will willingly create beautiful compositions.

  • First you need to attach an artificial Christmas tree (a twig from a Christmas tree) to the lid and decorate it with decor.
  • The lid itself must be well greased around the edges with glue.
  • Fill the jar with glycerin and add sparkles to it, then screw on the lid with the herringbone attached.
  • Snow in the form of sparkles will smoothly whirl and descend on pins and needles.

An alternative to the tree can be a pine cone and a few small Christmas decorations near it.

9. New Year’s bell

For those who wish to make New Year’s crafts from plastic bottles, there is a great option – a New Year’s bell.What a holiday without him?

  • The essence of the production is to decorate the cut off top of the plastic bottle.
  • It can be wrapped with foil or colored paper, and the top can be decorated with a bow with pine needles.

A Christmas bell can be an addition to a wreath or an independent decoration, for example, a Christmas tree craft.

10 Christmas Wreath

The first thing that guests will see when they come to your house is a Christmas wreath.He effectively personifies the approach of the holiday and fun. The wreath can be hung both outside the front door and inside; or a story 2 pieces on both sides.

Supplement the finished product with sprigs of a natural Christmas tree so that it emits a pleasant forest scent.

Instructions – make a Christmas wreath yourself

And now we will tell you step by step and show how to make a New Year’s craft (wreath) yourself.

What you need:
  • Base.You can buy a ready-made base in a craft store or make one from thick cardboard or wood.
  • The cones are large and small.
  • Glue gun.
  • Artificial Christmas tree twigs, preferably with long needles.
  • A decorative Christmas bow or similar decoration.
  • Spray can of silver paint (if you want the wreath to be slightly snowy).
Manufacturing process:
  • Cut a circle without a core to the desired size, or take a ready-made base.
  • Apply glue to the cones just before their installation, and to the base, and then attach to it.

Glue the cones tightly to each other, leaving the lower part of the base free. You can randomly alternate their sizes, or you can in the desired order, for example, large cones on the bottom, and small ones on top.

  • When the cones are in place, wrap the lower part with artificial branches from the Christmas tree and beautifully straighten the needles.
  • In the center of the bottom, attach a New Year’s bow or other decor.
  • Part of the wreath can be sprayed with a can of silver paint.

That’s all – the New Year’s wreath is ready! Even an elementary school student can easily and quickly make such a New Year’s craft for 2018.

Video – how to make a New Year’s craft – Christmas wreath

✽ ✽ ✽

The holiday is coming! It’s time to start making DIY Christmas crafts for 2018. You will not only decorate your apartment (kindergarten, school) with beautiful handicrafts, but also spend your leisure time in an interesting way.

DIY Christmas crafts

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DIY crafts for the garden (50 photos)

Beautiful and original handicrafts for the garden, made with their own hands and installed in the local area, decorate its landscape, make it special and unique. Therefore, if you want your summer cottage to look stylish and fashionable, you should pay special attention to this type of activity.

However, despite the variety of creative ideas for decorating the garden, you should not overload its space with a large number of various crafts. It is advisable to preliminarily think over the image of future products, and then draw a detailed plan of the site, noting their locations on it. This will create a perfectly balanced yard design.

You can emphasize the beauty of the garden with hanging garlands of luminous balls and lanterns

Interesting ideas for flower beds (photo)

Old furniture can serve as wonderful flowerpots.It will emphasize the natural charm of the suburban area, give it a sense of style and a noble look.

If you open the drawers of the chest of drawers and put pots with your favorite plants inside, you can get an economical vertical gardening next to the house or gazebo.

The original stand for the flower garden will also serve as a wooden pallet, a dilapidated bed or an unnecessary cart, the main thing is that all these items harmoniously fit into the overall landscape.

Original use of old chest of drawers

A little imagination and an unnecessary curbstone is again useful in everyday life

Interesting and unusual use of the old chair

Beautiful miniature flowerbed organized in an old car

You can make a flower bed at the dacha with your own hands from a decorative cart

Man’s fantasy knows no bounds, this photo is a confirmation of this

Interesting! They create flower arrangements using as pots: watering cans, teapots, pots, bowls that have served their life.For decoration, their outer planes are painted, painted, pasted over with stones or shells.

Garden decor from improvised means (photo)

  • The compact vertical garden can be easily constructed from plastic pipes or gutters. To do this, it is enough to hang them on a vertical plane so that they are located one above the other, thereby creating a natural living wall of flowers and plants.

The composition of wooden pallets placed vertically and pots with flowers fixed on them will look no less beautiful.As a result, you get a stylish green trellis that will look impressive in your garden.

Vertical flower bed from a gutter

Suspended flower bed made of plastic gutters

Vertical flower bed from a wooden pallet

Original composition from a wooden pallet, which became an excellent shelter for blooming petunias

  • Very often, a cheerful hanging garden of flowers is made from unnecessary buckets. To do this, each bucket is painted in bright colors and hung along the fence using plastic or metal hooks.

Wooden boxes nailed to the walls in the form of shelves, on which flower arrangements are installed, will help to give the old gazebo a new image.

Colorful buckets with flowers add bright colors to your garden

A fence decorated with flowers will not look as boring as before

A large flowerbed in a country house will look quite unusual, the perimeter of which is decorated with decorative flower pots, which will serve not only as a fence, but also as a kind of creative border if low-growing flowering plants are sown in them.

Also, the role of a fence for a flower bed is perfectly performed by tree branches installed vertically into the ground, plastic or wooden dies.

DIY decorative fence installation

Plastic sections for flower bed fencing look very stylish and beautiful

A small garden will comfortably accommodate a multi-storey flower bed made of vertically stacked flower pots of different sizes.

You can make such a flower bed with your own hands in less than an hour

Placed on iron fittings, flower pots look very exclusive and original

Non-standard solution for the use of flower pots

Advice! The stumps remaining after cutting down the trees can be easily turned into stylish flowerpots if you make a depression in their center for containers with greenery.

Attractive arrangement of stump and fern

Multicolored stump flower garden

A beautiful flower pot made from the bark of a tree

Crafts from plastic bottles (photo)

Plastic bottles of various sizes and color shades are a convenient material for the embodiment of ideas for the manufacture of crafts that serve as the decoration of the garden landscape.

Plastic bottles make beautiful and unusual crafts for the garden

What can be made from plastic bottles
  1. Luxurious palms, beautiful spruces and pines, lush and bright flowers are often made from this waste recycled material for a summer cottage.
  2. By adding the necessary details, craftsmen transform plastic containers into funny piglets, fancy hedgehogs, exclusive butterflies, beetles, bees, dragonflies.
  3. Hand-made masters create from bottles large and voluminous images of various animals and birds, such as horses, donkeys, giraffes, peacocks, ostriches.
  4. Self-made compositions of frogs, swans and water lilies will help to turn the garden and the space around the decorative ponds into a favorite place for relaxation.

Important! Before you start making crafts from plastic bottles, we strongly recommend that you read the step-by-step guide on how to create them.

Funny figures in the garden will add a positive mood

Just one hour of operation and stylish bird houses ready

Bottle bottoms make cute turtles

  • Plastic bottles – attached to a vertical wall in a horizontal direction, create an amazingly beautiful waterfall of greenery.It is done very simply. Using a clerical knife or scissors, the upper part is cut out in each bottle, then the container is filled with earth into which your favorite flowers and plants are planted.

Bottles that are turned upside down and buried at half their length around shrubs, flower beds, playgrounds or playgrounds create eye-catching graphics and great fencing. There are even gazebos and greenhouses made from plastic bottles. They are also used for making sofas, armchairs, ottomans.

Clay pots are not cheap. Want to save money? Make them from

plastic bottles

5 minutes of work and your garden will sparkle with new colors

An experienced summer resident will always find useful use for recyclable materials

Suspended greenhouse of exotic plants

Crafts from bottle caps

  • An exquisite mosaic is created from bottle caps , which are glued or nailed to the base with small nails and varnished.These can be wall panels, picturesque paintings, cute rugs and other decorative items that decorate your garden.

Bottle caps are even used as miniature paving slabs, laying out mosaic patterns on a layer of carefully leveled and compacted sand. garden paths , paved with cut-off bottoms or whole bottles, which are pre-filled with earth, look no less impressive.

Interesting to know! By stringing the covers onto the line through the pre-drilled holes, you can create a bright screen or curtain that covers the doorway.

Instead of nails or glue, to fix the lids, you can use a thin line stretched across the fence

Beautiful wall panel made of covers

The path lined with plastic covers looks very original

Pictures from the lids can be done absolutely on any topic

Practical foot mat made of scrap material, always useful on the farm

Crafts from car tires (photo)

Crafts for the garden made from scrap material have always amazed with their variety.Absolutely any material that was once used for a completely different purpose is used. One such material is the old car tire.

Interesting to know! From car tires, local craftsmen have long learned to make real masterpieces of art, which, with their beauty and original appearance, cause admiration and delight.

A large car tire easily turns into a miniature pond when covered with plastic and filled with water.Pebbles, sand, bricks, tiles or cobblestones are laid around the edges, which can be painted in any color.

Step-by-step guide for making a reservoir from a car tire

Very often, resourceful summer residents use car tires to equip sports grounds. They make excellent obstacle courses with obstacles and game elements on which your children can not only have a good and fun free time, but also develop their agility and endurance.

When creating a playground for children, it is important to pay special attention to its safety

Tires with a large diameter are perfect for obstacle course

Children should definitely appreciate the unusual sandbox made of tires, organized in the form of a flat-laid tire filled with washed river sand.

To protect from the sun over the sandbox, it is advisable to build a small shade canopy made of polycarbonate or a piece of thick fabric.

Sandbox made by hand from the tire of a heavy-duty car

Of car tires, staircases are equipped in areas with elevation differences, and their side parts serve as durable material for laying out garden paths. With a large number of small tires, a solid original fence can be assembled.

Using the tires as the base for the bench and table makes it easy to create a garden dining area. Even poufs and comfortable chairs are made from old tires; this material is easily converted into a suspended children’s swing.

Beautiful tire swing in the shape of a funny deer

It is very easy to make a swing for giving out of old tires. Just hang them on a tree branch using the construction anchor and rope

Children’s swing balancer from an old tire

A beautiful DIY ottoman will complement the soda set

Step-by-step master class for making a ottoman for a garden

In just a few hours, from tires, folk craftsmen will be able to make an original flower bed or vase for flowers, which will certainly become a decoration of your garden.

Original flower bed made of ordinary tires

Nice flower garden in the form of a teapot

Two-level country flower bed made of tires, painted in bright colors

Unusual garden figures and sculptures for the garden (photo)

To make garden figurines on their own, use a variety of materials. They are cast from polyurethane foam, concrete, gypsum, they use bizarre forms of driftwood and tree branches, they are made from car tires and unnecessary bowls, pots, containers for mayonnaise, eggs and other food varieties.

Plaster figures of cute rabbits will help give the garden personality

The fence or walls of outbuildings will look different if you place carvings of pets cut out of plywood with a jigsaw

Clay flower pots can be excellent materials for making garden crafts

With the skills of carpentry, you can carve funny ducklings from wood

You can make unusual figures of ladybirds, roosters, chickens or chickens from ordinary balloons and concrete mortar.Here’s what you need to do this:

  • Balloons;
  • Water, seeded sand and cement;
  • Paints and brushes.
  1. Pre-inflate a balloon and dilute a thick solution of equal parts of sand and cement with the addition of a small amount of water.
  2. Next, the ball is carefully covered with a solution, forming an even and smooth surface.
  3. After drying, it remains to pierce and remove the ball, and paint the resulting spheres and use as a material to create delightful figures.

To create spheres from balloons, only high-quality cement should be used

Bright and beautiful ladybugs made from homemade concrete balls

Hand-made garden figurines always look stylish and beautiful

High-quality painting will emphasize the naturalness of its products

Bright snails crawling along the stones to the water will look very impressive on the house plot

Having impregnated a textile rag or burlap with a concrete solution, they can be put on any cylindrical object, draping the hanging edges beautifully.

After drying, the cement product is removed, turned over, painted in bright colors or decorated with various decorations (stones, shells).

For the cement to dry faster, it is advisable to carry out all work in the air and in clear weather

It will take at least 24 hours for the solution to dry completely

Simple and quick in execution, burlap vases will be a great decoration for your garden

  1. By wrapping any plastic container with a reinforcing mesh and applying a layer of cement to it with the addition of a small amount of gypsum, you can create any image you like.
  2. After complete drying, the stucco products are painted and placed on alpine slides or flower beds. They can take an equally worthy place in a gazebo or a recreation area near a pond.

Beautiful statuettes are created using the same technique. These can be old dolls, rubber or plastic figurines of birds or animals. All you need is to coat the ready-made templates with cement mortar and paint.

Beautiful plaster composition in the form of a little girl watering a flower bed

It is not easy to make such a hare; this will require certain skills in working with plaster and concrete

Original bird feeders and birdhouses

Bird feeder or birdhouse will become an additional design element of the garden landscape if they are made in an interesting and unusual style.

They are made from wood cuts, cardboard boxes, plastic containers, the rest of the boards and other improvised material. If you show imagination, you can even weave a birdhouse from branches.

  1. By attaching the glass to a wooden board with a slight backward tilt, we get a simple and practical bird feeder.
  2. All that remains is to hang the finished product on a tree and fill it with food (seeds, crushed nuts, bread crumbs.

Important! In order not to arrange competition among the birds, you can make several such wonderful feeders in the garden.

As you can see, an old porcelain mug and saucer can still be useful

Stylish feeder from Lego

Sometimes, for birds, close proximity to a cat can be absolutely safe

Original bird feeder in the shape of a kind gnome

Arch of birdhouses – a rather unusual and creative solution

If you do not have the opportunity to pour feed every day, then the trough is best made from a plastic bottle, using a little ingenuity.

  1. For this, a plastic container is filled to the very top with cereals.
  2. Then fasten with the neck down above the horizontal shelf, leaving a small gap.

In this design, the grains will spill out as they decrease, and when the feed runs out, you just need to fill it up.

Beautiful birdhouses in the form of small houses, made of second-rate lumber, will be a wonderful home for feathered friends

Garden decor from scrap material

Hand-made crafts for the garden will not only bring pleasure from the process of their creation, but will delight you for a long time creating an aesthetic addition to the garden, and will certainly become the subject of your pride.

Anything can be useful to create a garden decor, here the main thing is to give free rein to your imagination and tune in to the creative process.

For example, tin cans make attractive flower pots when painted in vibrant colors and hung from a string. Such a flower arrangement will undoubtedly decorate your soda area, as well as add bright and rich colors to where they are lacking.

Decor with the addition of live plants

Children get a special pleasure from participating in the independent production of something new; they are the ones who are able to inspire to create amazing things from scrap materials.

Funny iron man with a big heart

With the help of scrap materials, you can decorate a pond at a summer cottage

An unusable watering can on the farm will serve as a pendant lamp for a flower bed

The finishing touch to any design is the decor. Simple, but incredibly beautiful crafts made from river or sea stones will decorate any garden and focus on themselves.

There is nothing difficult in creating such a decor, everyone can cope with coloring the stones, in addition, there is an excellent opportunity to attract the whole family to an exciting activity that will simply become a fascinating pastime, and bold ideas will inspire new crafts.

An interesting option for transforming the territory of the summer cottage will be hand-made articles from stones

Creative ideas will not go unnoticed

Do not get upset and abandon your venture in creating a decor if something did not work out the first time. A little time and effort spent will help achieve the desired result, and hand-made crafts for the garden will bring incredible pleasure for you and surprise your loved ones with their unique design.

Panel “American Heron” covered with eggshell mosaic |

Panel covered with eggshell mosaic

Materials and tools necessary for laying eggshell mosaics:

– rectangular sheet of thick cardboard

– eggshell

– aniline dyes for fabric

– transparent varnish

– black varnish (XV-784 “Ebony”)

– paint brushes

– tweezers and thick fabric

– black and gold marker

• Cover the surface of the cardboard with black varnish and dry thoroughly.Draw a colored sketch of the future mosaic according to the dimensions of the cardboard base or increase the template to the desired size.

• Using any of the suggested methods, transfer the drawing from the sketch or template to the prepared base surface. Trace parts cut out of paper or “chalk” prints with a gold marker.

• Dye the shells with fabric dye. To fill the background, we need shells of various shades of warm green and light green, for water lilies – several shades of emerald and pink.To lay out the bird, prepare some shells of burgundy, light and dark scarlet, yellow, brown, orange and blue. To set the branch on which the bird is sitting, give the shells different shades of reddish-brown.

• Get started making a mosaic of eggshells by breaking the shells of the colors you want into pieces just before filling in any part of the image. This time we will not fill the entire surface of the base with mosaics, but lay out only the main drawing in the middle of the composition.First of all, type in the smallest details of the drawing – the beak and eye of the bird, using yellow and brown pieces of shell. If you fill in such details last, then it will be very difficult to do it neatly: to fit into a small space, while maintaining clear contours.

• Then line the head of the bird with pieces of burgundy, dark and light scarlet shells. Crossing

colors are not here – the borders of the colors are clear, laying out the pieces, just fill in the necessary areas.

• Further – the back. In the heron, it is black, and since the surface of the base on which the drawing is applied is already tinted black, the back does not need to be filled with shells.

• Moving on to the plumage. To make the bird look more voluminous, break the blue shells into pieces and create a shadow by placing them along the inner edge of each feather. Also, use blue pieces to shade the upper part of the right wing. Fill the rest of the space with pieces of unpainted white shells.Line the heron leg with orange shells.

• Now, with shells of red-brown shades, type the branch on which the heron sits: the upper part is light, the lower part is dark. Try to let the shades flow smoothly into each other.

• Then line the water lily flower and the back of the leaves with pink shells of two shades. This will give them volume. Fill the upper side of the leaves with pieces of light and dark shades of emerald color.

• Space around the heron – background – pick up in warm green hues.First, lay out the darkest shades around the heron, then a little lighter and lightest around the edge of the composition. The closer you come to the edge, the more sparsely glue the shells so that the background does not break off abruptly, but disappears smoothly.

• A panel decorated with eggshell mosaic finished. Cover it with two or three coats of colorless varnish, drying each one thoroughly. Then, with a black marker, outline all the details of the image, draw the plumage, set the pupil, etc.

Examples of eggshell mosaic work

What a beauty: a flashlight from an unnecessary plastic bottle – Do it yourself – November 23 – 43173430130

Many will agree that light plays a significant role in creating an atmosphere. For example, the dim light of candles and small lanterns can undoubtedly be considered the most comfortable.

If you want to add coziness to the atmosphere, then make such a wonderful flashlight.

You will need:

  • plastic bottle;
  • foamiran;
  • cardboard;
  • hot glue;
  • electric candle;
  • decor;
  • tools

We take a bottle of a suitable size, in our case it is 0.5 l, and cut off the neck and bottom of it, leaving an even central part. In our case, the height of the resulting part – 10.5 cm – is a cylinder without top and bottom.

Next, take a sheet of foamiran and cut out a rectangle 21 cm by 13 cm from it.Instead of foamiran, you can also use thick paper or thin cardboard.

We line the resulting rectangle, a line of 1 cm will be enough. Then we make cuts along this marking, a little, about 1 cm, not reaching the top. Then we glue the “skirt” obtained from foamiran to the plastic blank from both ends. When you glue both sides, a “flashlight” is formed.

Next, cut out 4 circles with a diameter of 10.5 from the cardboard – for the base and for the lid.We glue them in pairs. We also cut out 2 circles with a diameter of 9 cm from cardboard, we also glue them together – this is the second part of the cover.

Next, cut out circles with a diameter of 5 cm from foamiran, after which we cut each of them into 2 equal parts.

Glue each of the parts together in the “eyelet” with the shiny side inward, if you use glitter foamiran. Thus, we prepare a sufficient number of “ears”, which we then glue together, forming such a flower.

Since the flashlight will use a candle powered by batteries, we need to have access to it to replace the batteries.

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