All of the reasons i love you: 100 reasons I love you. The uncensored list I made for my man | by Anita Kvaic

100 reasons I love you. The uncensored list I made for my man | by Anita Kvaic

My partner and me are doing a 30 days relationship challenge. One of the challenges we went through so far was to write 100 reasons we love each other. To make the list was really easy. The other part of the challenge was to read it out loud for each other. I tought that would be super-easy too.

Once I started to read my list something happened. My voice began to shake, my eyes were filled with tears and I felt a heavy sensation in my chest. Once I finished my list, it was his turn. Now I started to weep and could barely stand to listen to it.

It was so beautiful. And it made me realise how difficult it is for me to give and receive love in such an active way. Well, when it’s difficult, there is more work to be done. So I decided to share my list with people outside our relationship.

1. You make me happy.

2. You dare me to be a better version of myself.

3. You follow me and you push me.

4. You love me in the times when I’m not capable to love myself.

5. You love me in times when I act like I don’t love you.

6. You forgive me quickly.

7. You understand me. And when you don’t, you do everything and you go all in to get clarity about the things you don’t understand.

8. You respect my boundaries. And you dare to cross them when you are sure you know better.

9. You accept my sadness and my anger and you live in harmony with them.

10. You see and you love the next best version of me.

11. You open yourself up for me.

12. You are truthful and vulnerable with me.

13. You don’t play games.

14. You throw away the masks that don’t serve you.

15. You are doing everything to become a better man for yourself and for us.

16. You are courageous.

17. You listen to me when you know I’m right.

18. You go to therapy.

19. You take care of your body.

20. You nourish your relationship with your family.

21. You have the most wonderful eyes. Not just „beautiful blue eyes“. But the eyes I look into when I’m not sure if you love me and when I’m not sure if I love you and their answer is always „yes“.

22. You have a gentle, innocent smile that always comforts me.

23. You are sad and you share your sadness with me.

24. You have the smoothest skin. I could spend hours just watching and caressing it.

25. You have beautiful strong hands that turn me on and make me feel safe.

26. You have a beautiful cock that satisfies me, energies me and reminds me I belong to you.

27. Your beautiful back and shoulders give you the power to take me and to conquer me.

28. Your have a beautiful man’s butt for therapeutic squeezing.

29. Your energy is clean and bright.

30. You have a gentle and calming voice that soothes me when I’m upset.

31. The stories you’re writing amuse me and inspire me.

32. You are the only person who makes me laugh more then I can make myself laugh.

33. You amuse me, make me laugh and inspire me by reading me your stories out loud.

34. You know so much about everything and I love it when you tell me about history and all the other things I know little about.

35. You know how to calm me down when I’m sad.

36. You share your power with me when I’m weak.

37. You have a unique style and you’re cool.

38. You are handsome, sexy and attractive.

39. Your sexuality is strong and you share it with me.

40. You are smart and a fast learner.

41. You managed to gain more of my thrust then anyone before.

42. You are the first person I gave my financial dependence to.

43. You teach me how to love unconditionally.

44. You let me be myself and you encourage me to find more of myself.

45. You invest in yourself.

46. You trust my intuition.

47. You made the first move.

48. You care for me and you look after me.

49. You love and you care about our dog.

50. You respect my friends and you make an effort together with me to nourish that relationships.

51. When I’m stuck, you help me find a solution.

52. You always drop me off and pick me up when I travel alone.

53. You give your best to make it easy for me when life gets tough.

54. You care to know how I feel in every moment.

55. You love expensive and beautiful pleasures and you incorporate them in our life, when we can afford it.

56. You are reliable.

57. You bravely listen and accept my complaints.

58. You care about my relationship with my parents.

59. You care about my success and my happiness.

60. You care about my body, you love it and you accept it.

61. You have a strong faith.

62. You let me give you a massage and you dedicate yourself to give me a massage.

63. You chose me and you continue to choose me.

64. You kiss me soft and tender, always and everywhere.

65. You practice yoga with me.

66. You remind me to drink water.

67. You encourage me to write.

68. You are shy and you’re letting me see it.

69. You know how to take me boldly, wildly and strong while we have sex.

70. You know how to force me to the edge of fear.

71. You are gentle and thoughtful.

72. You dare to show me all your faces.

73. You write a journal.

74. You are clean.

75. You love and enjoy the nature and the sea.

76. You are ready to do any house choir I ask you to.

77. You wash the dishes more often then I do.

78. You are ready to take risk and make life changing decisions for me.

79. You threw away most of your chlothes I hated.

80. You are ready to build our big bright future with me.

81. You are ready to do anything to heal my pain.

82. You share with me all that you have.

83. I’m not afraid to fall, ’cause I know you are there to catch me.

84. You care about your male friends and you are actively working on those relationships.

85. People love you and everyone enjoys your company, especially the kids.

86. You know how to feed us when I’m not capable to do that.

87. You are strongly connected to your roots and your parent’s home towns.

88. You tought me to understand and enjoy nature on a deeper level.

89. You are able to live any life style life brigs us.

90. You kiss, love and take my breasts and my pussy.

91. You are tearing down my walls gentle and patient.

92. You don’t hesitate to hush me down and lead us when it’s necessary.

93. You wrote me two beautiful pieces.

94. You listened to your heart when we started our journey and you did all the right moves.

95. When you kissed me for the first time, it was at the right moment at the right place. It will always be one of my favorite memories.

96. You care about my opinion and we make all the important decisions together.

97. You call me all the sweet nicknames and you kiss me when you leave and come back home.

98. You hug me and hold me before we fall asleep.

99. You are wonderful for at least 100 more reasons.

100. I love you for at least 100 more reasons.

100 Reasons Why I Love You List and Gift Ideas

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Want to write a reasons why I love you list for your significant other? It’s easier than you think. I am here to help! 

For many of us, it’s difficult to put our love into words. It’s a challenge to say, “Here are all the reasons why I love you.”

I decided I’d sit down and think about it for myself. I spent some time thinking of my darling Nathan and listing all of the reasons why I love him (plus a few extras thrown in for good measure).

While I’m writing these with my husband Nathan in mind, my goal is that you can use as many of these reasons why I love you ideas or I love you because ideas as you need. Giving a list like this to your partner would be an incredible gift. Or, you can just pick a few reasons off the list that apply to them and tell them in person. I guarantee that they will appreciate what you have to say in a very deep way.

Feel free to borrow as many of these as you’d like! 

100 Reasons Why I Love You List 

I love you because you give me hugs when I need them and you know that sometimes you don’t even need to say anything at all; you just hold me and things feel so much better.

I love you because I’m happy just sitting next to you, doing nothing.

I love you because you make me feel safe and protected.

I love you for washing the dishes every morning, without complaint, and doing a fantastic job.

I love you because I know I’m incredibly lucky and blessed to have you.

I love you because everything is more fun and exciting with you there.

I love you for contributing so much to keeping our house clean and cozy.

I love you for being strong when I need it. I hope I’m strong for you when you need it.

I love you for how you drive safely and I can depend on you to be a responsible driver no matter who is in the car.

I love you because you don’t care about material possessions; you value memories more.

I love you for helping me become the best version of myself.

I love you because we have so many shared dreams together. I’m excited about them all.

I love you because you help me love myself and see what there is to love about me. 

I love you for introducing me to cool new music I never would have heard.

I love you because you are an amazing kisser.

I love you for choosing “us” and choosing our relationship every single day.

I love you because, like me, you can be perfectly happy just relaxing on the couch with a book and a cup of tea.

I love you because we can talk about philosophy and meaningful ideas. I love that you have depth.

I love you for your amazing, adorable laugh that warms my heart every time I hear it.

I love you because you’re a genuinely good person. From literally the first day I met you I could tell you had a good heart and you knew how to give yourself selflessly.

I love you because you have an awesome beard.

I love you because no one else enjoys watching fail videos quite so much as you and I.

I love you because you’re always willing to pop out to a coffee shop even if we have to drive an hour to get there.

I love you because you share my sense of adventure and we have had so many amazing travel experiences together.

I love you because of your adorable and attractive southern accent.

I love you because you may not be the first person I ever loved, but you are the last and the forever.

I love you because you’re really smart and you always challenge me.

I love you because I respect you. I’m always proud to tell people that you’re my husband.

I love you because you have great ideas.

I love you because you have gorgeous blue eyes and they have lots of kindness in them.

I love you because of your faith.

I love you because of your thoughtfulness.

I love you because you are able to admit when you’re wrong and apologize.

I love you for being able to argue in a healthy way that always prioritizes us as a team.

I love you for working hard every day to help support our family.

I love you for your sense of humor.

I love you for your strong arms because I feel super safe inside them. 

I love you for being sensitive to my needs.

I love you because you’ve made my life so much better by being in it.

I love you because you won’t make me watch violent movies and you’ll turn them off if they bother me.

I love you for being very affectionate.

I love you because you can be spontaneous. You’re very flexible and accommodating and it’s so nice.

I love you because you’re not stagnant. You value growth, like I do.

I love you because you have sweet nicknames for me.

I love you because you’ve given me some amazing gifts over the years.

I love you because you took vows with me and got married—that’s pretty awesome.

I love you because you are generous.

I love that you never make fun of me for silly things and I love that we never put each other down.

I love you because you have great taste in music.

I love you because you’re dependable.

I love you because you changed my life. Things will never be the same now that I know you, and that’s wonderful.

I love you because you’re intelligent and well-read.

I love you because you have goals and ambition, and I know you have the power to achieve whatever you go after.

I love you because you are so talented, and your creativity and abilities impress me every day.

I love you because you are very kind and I can see it in your interactions with others. It always warms my heart.

I love you because you’re good with kids.

I love you because, like me, you love animals and because you’re going to make a good dog dad.

I love you because you’re always willing to work on our marriage.

I love you for your interest in many different things. You’re never, ever boring. 

I love you for always standing by me.

I love you for being an incredible blessing in my life.

I love you because you make nerdy dad jokes… even though you’re not a dad.

I love you because you’re adventurous when it comes to trying new things.

I love you because I can tell you anything.

I love you because I can be vulnerable with you and feel safe.

I love you because you are emotionally intelligent.

I love you for helping me see things from a new perspective.

I love you because you’re incredibly honest. In fact, I’ve never met someone who was quite so honest and I always admire that about you.

I love you for always being so supportive.

I love that you tell me I’m beautiful.

I love you because of the way you look when you’re sleeping.  

I love you because you make me want to be a better version of myself and you challenge me when I need it.

I love you for the selfless things you do for me.

I love you because you understand how much I need to be told I love you and you never fail to say it to me each and every day.

I love you because you write beautiful things in cards for me on birthdays and holidays.

I love you because you make me tea every morning.

I love that you are so very handsome. It’s like an incredible bonus on top of you being an amazing person.

I love you because you worry about me. 

I love you because you’re brave.

20 reasons why I love you? There are thousands…

I love you because you know how to change a tire and I have no interest in learning how to do that.

I love you for being somewhat frugal, for wearing the same sweater till it has a giant hole in the front of it.

I love you for always helping me bring in the groceries.

I love you because there’s no one else like you in the world.

I love you for loving my family.

I love you for all that you do for my family and for my friends.

I love you because I can be myself around you.

I love you because I trust you.

I love you for your quirks and your idiosyncrasies: the little things you do that only I notice and know about.

I love you for your sincerity. You never say things that you don’t mean.

I love you because you hold my hand in the car.

I love you because you make great pancakes.

I love you because you make me laugh.

I love you for always being appreciative (and complimentary) when I make dinner.

I love you because you let me do mushy things like make lists about you and publish them on the Internet.  

I love you because you understand me. 

I love you for your open mind and your incredible listening abilities. You always make me feel heard.

I love you for always opening jars for me, and reaching high things on shelves!

I love you because we have shared so many wonderful experiences together.

I love you because you treat me with respect in everything you do.

I love you because you help teach me how to love.

Reasons Why I Love You Gifts and Crafts

Before we get into the actual list of reasons to love someone, let’s talk about what creative, sweet projects you might make with these loving words. One glance at Pinterest will show you there are lots of options floating around.

52 Reasons Why I Love you Cards

The 52 reasons why I love you list is perfect for turning a deck of cards into a memorable gift. I actually did this for Nathan for one of our first Valentine’s days together. I punched holes along the left edge of all 52 cards in a standard deck. Then I typed out the 52 reasons why I love him and even included some fun pictures that I printed, magazine cut-outs, and other add-ons. Use two packs of cards if you want to expand and make a 100+ reasons why I love you gift.

This was a wonderful project that I had a blast making. I didn’t just use sappy, romantic love quotes; I got creative and used references from our life: silly pop culture things that we both liked, inside jokes we shared. PS: don’t be afraid to include funny reasons why I love you on this list for your person. For my card craft, I included photos of Ron Swanson and Lil’ Sebastian from Parks and Recreation, just to give you an idea of the silliness involved.

365 Reasons Why I Love You Jar

Another super cute craft idea is a 365 reasons why I love you jar. For this DIY romantic gift, you spend some time writing down 365 things you love about your partner on individual slips of paper and placing them in a jar. You can decorate the jar or leave it plain, it’s up to you. Your sweetheart can take out one piece of paper each day for an entire year and be reminded of the reasons you love them. This is such a thoughtful gift idea, and I know if Nathan made me one my heart would literally melt.

Want a jar already made? Check out this option on Amazon: Capsule Letters Message in a Bottle Glass Favor Bottle

The ideas for a reasons I love you gift are truly endless. And if you’re not great with creating things by hand—honestly, my card-making project was really a one-time deal, I’m much better at using computers—well, you can definitely make something digitally, for instance, having a book or a photo album printed with the what I love about you items included as captions. We recommend Artifact Uprising for beautiful printed products. (More ideas for romantic captions here).

Reasons Why I Love You Books

Finally, if you really want some help, there are pre-made reasons why I love you books available for purchase. You can check out some of our favorites on Amazon below. These books are super easy, allowing you to fill in the blanks and personalize them for your significant other. Definitely a thoughtful gift that can be created quickly.

Check out this collection of our favorite options:


What’s the thing you love most about your partner? I challenge you to go and tell them today! 


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100 Reasons I Love You

This is my “100 Reasons I love you” list, written 100 days into dating Ben. There are reasons to write your own and tips on getting started!

I came across this list I wrote for our “100 Days” (100 days of dating).

I edited the long love note slightly for the blog.

I think I need to write another one for almost 400 days of marriage – but I don’t think you’d want to read it all. But I should still write it – maybe not for the blog. Anyway, here is a glimpse into how wonderful my husband is.

For an anniversary

Commemorate a memorable anniversary, whether it’s one year of dating, ten years of marriage, or six months together –  Maybe one year from the first “I love you.” It will be neat to look back on a list and remember that period by what you loved about your significant other. It’ll be even more fun to see how the list changes as you go from one years to ten.

For a Birthday

Nothing is quite the ego boost as 100 reasons why you’re loved. Make your #1 feel extra special this birthday with a list detailing every reason they’re worth celebrating.

For a holiday

Valentines Day would be a classic but you could also come up with the  most thoughtful Christmas or Father’s Day gift! Just pair this with a favorite gift

Over Time

Writing 100 reasons all at once might seem daunting. So instead, what if you wrote the lists together, one a day and you’ll have your list in a few months. Or maybe you text each other one reason each week and it takes you a few years. Either way, how fun would it be to have the list with the varying dates by them?

  1. Habits he has that you love.
  2. Things you love doing together.
  3. Things he likes.
  4. Things you love about the way he looks.

I love the way our hands always find each others.
I love how you come up behind me and put your arms around my waist when I’m cooking.
I love when you put your arms around me to put the chalk around my waist.
I love listening to you be excited about things.
I love staring into your eyes.
I love when we laugh.
I love grocery shopping with you.
I love that you love poetry, and that you write it for me
and more than anything I love reading poetry you’ve written about me.
I love listening to you talk about the gospel.
I love seeing you interact with your parents.
I love when we dance in the kitchen.
I love it when you say ‘I love you.’
I love when you introduce me to people and they go “oh I’ve heard all about you.”
I love telling people about you.
I love how much you like pad thai.
I love browsing through the mall with you.
I love talking to you inches away from your face.
I love the way you hold my hands as we pray.
I love sitting next to you at church.
I love when you speak Spanish (and significantly more when I understand it).
I love when  you held my hand the whole car ride back from California.
I love when you randomly tell me how pretty you think I am.
I love it when you bring me flowers.
I love snuggling up close to you on the couch.
I love playing with your hair.
I love how sexy and smart you look in glasses.
I love listening to you play piano – I remember thinking, as I woke up to it in California to your music, that I could get used to this 🙂
I love how you never want to leave.
I love how you get along with my roommates.
I love how considerate you are.
I love when I come home and you’re already at my house.
I love jumping on the trampoline with you 🙂
I also love snuggling under lots of blankets on the trampoline with you.
I love how much you like eating my bread 🙂
I love how you put your arm around me and have me look up at a problem as you teach me how to work out the holds when we’re rock climbing.
I love it when we’re really goofy.
I love how you make me feel beautiful in sweatpants.
I love listening to you bear your testimony.
I love how generous you are with your friends.
I love watching you sleep.
I love how you twitch while you’re sleeping.
I love how motivated you are.
I love your work ethic.
I love falling asleep in your arms on the couch.
I love listening to you sing.
I love building forts with you.
I love how important family is to you.
I love it when you use my hands to drum 🙂
I love “when my phone goes off and its a txt from you :)”
I love waking up to texts from you.
I love telling people all about you.
I love studying in the library with you (and taking study breaks 🙂
I love that you love me for me – and don’t want me to be anything else.
I love kissing you.
I love the way you treat me.
I love how often you tell me you care about me.
I love how you wear sunday clothes all day 🙂
I love how you make me feel safe.
I love how much you loved and love serving the Lord.
I love the way you put my hand on your face.
I love it when you kiss me and I”m not expecting it.
I love when you tell me you miss me.
I love your smile.
I love the way you make me smile, all the time.
I love how when you hug me, I’m home.
I love your sense of integrity.
“I love how all I want to do when he’s here is be with him – and when he’s not here all I want is for him to be here. And when he’s here I never want him to leave. And when he leaves I just want him to come back.” (Feb 7)
I love how you need to be close to me – and I love it when you act on that need. (Feb 21)
I love how when you say “I love you” it makes everything okay.
I love how you always try and do the right thing.
I love just laying on the couch and talking to you. (Feb 27).
I love it when I say goodbye to you knowing that I”ll see you later that same day.
I love being in public with Ben – and holding hands and having our arms around eachother. (March 17)
I love when my friends tell me how much the;y like you.
I love when my dad talked about talking to you.
I love when I can guess what you’re thinking.
I love how sometimes I can read your mind.
I love when I ask you what you’re thinking and you have a sincere answer that catches me off guard.
I love when you play with my hair.
I love your generosity and how much you love to give.
I love watching you when you don’t think that I am.
I love it when you call.
I love knowing that you’re always going to be there.
I love talking about the future with you.
I love getting to know you better all the time.
I love it when you notice little things.
I love the person you make me want to be.
I love our dance parties.
I love writing your last name in cursive.
I love saying things and then realizing they were a completely you thing to say.
I love doing dishes with you.
I love hearing your mom talk about you.
I love when you just hold me.
I love finding myself smiling just because I’m thinking about you.
I love the person you are becoming.
I love you.

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20 Reasons Why I Love You

Millions of emotions and thousands of thoughts are circling in your head when you look at your sweetheart… But can you always find the right words to explain what things you love about someone? Do you know how to say it?

Never underestimate the power of words. I’m not talking about minimizing the importance of actions or neglecting caring attitude. I’m just trying to make a point that sweet words and compliments are always a good idea and never hurt – no matter if you’re only dating, engaged, or already 15-years-married.

Besides being a great way to show your love, thinking of 20 reasons why I love you is an effective technique of strengthening your feelings, adding more romance, and keeping the fire in your relationship.

Why do you love your girlfriend or boyfriend? Can’t come up with more than a couple of reasons? We’ve got some unboring ideas for you:

1. You love me for who I am.

You accept me for who I am. You accept my light and my shadow. You’ve never tried to change me, while others want to make me fit their personal expectations. Despite we’re different, despite I’m not perfect, you always accept me and love me for who I am.

I can behave naturally with you, instead of wearing masks and trying to seem better than I am – and anyway, you share with me your good opinion on my looks and appearance. And it makes me feel attractive.

2. You motivate me to be a better person.

I like the way I want to grow, become better, and improve for you. You inspire me to reach my goals, learn something new, do my best, and never give up.

You teach me something new every day and don’t even notice it… that’s a kind of magic, indeed. That’s how our chemistry works.

3. You were meant to meet me at that exact time in our lives.

You found me – it’s incredible! I don’t know how it happened, but you appeared at the right place at the right time there and noticed me. I love you because you came there for me without even knowing me. And I’m grateful for it forever.

4. You are my best friend.

I love how we can be lovers, friends, companions, and even a team at the same time. We’re just a perfect fit and an ideal balance. We can have fun, solve problems, talk about every little thing, walk, take care, support each other … and it’s never boring or useless.

We’re a superpower together – that’s what I love about you!

5. You always believe in me.

You support all my aspirations. You never doubt I should make a try and I’ll cope with it. You encourage me with your words and actions, helping me to turn my dreams into reality.

You’re experiencing my ups and downs with me – that’s priceless.

6. You give me the best cuddles and hugs.

Your hugs make me forget about all the problems in my life. When I feel you touch or kiss me, I forget the rest of the world exists. I love the way we get lost in each other when we’re alone.

7. You give me space and freedom when I need it.

You don’t make me do what I don’t like, don’t force me. I feel absolutely free and it’s awesome – like having wings to fly anywhere you want. You always encourage me to take as much time as I need outside the relationship to explore my individuality. You don’t mind my hobby despite it takes a lot of my time, attention, and money.

8. I love your attitude towards my friends and family.

It means a lot to me that you’re never possessive of my time and let me spend it with my friends I’ve made before I met you.

It means even more to me that you always try to bond with my family, treat them with respect – thanks to you, they’re sure I’ve made a perfect choice of the partner.

9. You make me laugh.

I love you because you’re the only person in the entire world that can make me laugh when I’m feeling down. You know how depressive I can be and you do everything to disarm my negative feelings and bad thoughts.

10. We have so much in common with you.

I love you for those moments when we together danced making our breakfast, cried when Hachiko was waiting for his owner, and laughed out loud like jerks at that strange joke.

11. You listen to me and hear me.

I love you because you know when I need to pour out my heart and silently listen to me. When I wanna share a great idea or thought, you hear me and offer your help. Every time when I can’t stop talking about something that’s bothering me, you take a seat and open your ears and heart to me.

12. You always have time for me.

I love you because you always make time for me and happy to stay with me, assuring that I’m your top priority. No matter how busy or tired you are, you always manage to send me a sweet message, call me and say how much you love me.

13. You never judge me.

I love you for always being by my side even when you disagree with my opinion. I love you for supporting me when I really need it. I love you for never blaming me. I love you for always being there for me.

14. It’s comfortable to say nothing at all when I’m with you.

Silence is more meaningful than words when I’m with you – and it’s a unique feeling. I love you for getting lost in our thoughts when we’re sitting hugging and looking into the distance, without saying a word. And it feels like home…

15. We have lots of sweet memories together.

All my best and sweetest memories are of you and with you. I love you for having such a great love story, which is going to never end.

16. You always know how to cheer me up.

I love you for all those numerous surprises and pleasant little gifts that you’ve made for me. You’re like a wizard, who rocks my world, adding bright colors and positive emotions to every day of my life.

17. I love your smile, eyes, and voice.

No matter what happens around me, your only smile or a glimpse of your eyes is turning me inside out. I adore looking into these two oceans and see the real you there that nobody else knows. I love the way your voice resonates somewhere deep in my soul. Nobody else can give it to me.

18. I love how I miss you every time you leave.

I miss you that very second you leave. Sometimes, I already miss you even before you leave – is it even possible? This powerful feeling makes me realize how deep and strong link there is between us.

19. You forgive me and never mention it again.

I love you because you’ve forgiven me those sarcastic remarks, harsh words, and some foolish deeds that hurt you. Thank you for you big and open heart.

20. I love you without any reasons!

Honey, I love you just because. I don’t need any reasons to give you all my tenderness, passion, and care all my life!

If you can say for sure: “I don’t need any explanations why I love him (her) – it just happened and I don’t wanna change anything”, you’re a lucky one! Appreciate where you are and don’t forget to let your sweetheart know how you feel.

There are 2 big turning points every woman experiences in her relationships with men and they determine if you end up in a happy relationship or if it all ends in heartbreak.

So pay attention because the next step to take is vitally important. At some point he’s going to ask himself if you are the woman he wants to commit himself to for the long term…

Do you know how men determine if a woman is girlfriend material (the type of woman he commits himself to) or if he sees you as just a fling? If not, you need to read this next: The #1 Thing Men Desire In A Woman…

And the second big problem many women face: Do you feel he might be losing interest, going cold emotionally or pulling away? If so, then you need to read this right now or risk losing him forever: If He’s Pulling Away, Do This…

How to Create a Reasons Why I Love You Jar + pretty (& free!) printables

Disclosure: This post may contain affiliate links, which means I may receive a commission if you click a link and purchase something that I have recommended. Please check out our disclosure policy for more details.

Want to create a cute extra gift for your loved one? Super! Here’s how you can create a Reasons why I love you -jar with free printables. 

Today’s gift is all about good vibes and love! It’s a set of printables that you can use to create a Reasons Why I Love You Jar. 

I hope you’ll like it!

The I love you jar is so fun (extra) gift to give to your loved one. There are prewritten slips you can use, but also blank ones so you can write your own love notes.

This jar can be used other times too (not just on Valentine’s Day). And you can keep adding new notes to the jar, so it’ll never go empty!

What is a Reasons Why I Love You Jar? 

Reasons Why I Love You Jar is a fun gift you can give to your loved one. 

It’s a jar that you fill with notes – the “reasons” why you love your special some one. 

And the notes can be anything! 

They can show appreciation, they can let your loved one know how grateful you are of having him/her in your life – they’re fun little love notes.

Which printables are included

The Reason Why I Love You Jar printables that come with this post are: 

  • 2 sheet with 3 different labels to choose from for your jar
  • A sheet with blank love notes
  • 2 sheets (colorful and black & white version) with prewritten love notes that you can use

You’ll need to come up with the jar.  

The instructions for the Reasons Why I Love You Jar

Here are the detailed instructions for the I Love You Jar:

1. Choose a jar and print the label or make your own. 

Attach the label to the jar. (I use just double sided tape or a string. 

2. Print the prewritten love notes and a good amount of the blank notes and cut along the dotted lines.

2. Add the prewritten love notes into the jar or write your own love notes. Write one “love message” on one slip so you’ll have a lot of notes in your jar. You can also keep on adding love notes. 

3. After you’ve written a love note, fold the paper and add it into the jar. 

4. When you’re ready you can gift the pretty jar full of love notes to your loved one! 

Extra tips on how to create the I Love You Jar

Here are a few extra tips for the I love you -jar: 

Extra tip # 1 – Create one jar for the both of you

What you can also do is to create one jar that you share with your loved one!

This is actually a fun way to connect with your significant other.

Each of you can write love notes to one another. And before you place the love note into the jar write the name of your loved one on the other side of the slip.

Then when you have a date night you can take all the love notes out from the jar and read them together. 

You can even make this a tradition to read them on your anniversary!

Extra tip # 2 – make one for each family member

These love notes are perfect also for your kids! And you can make one jar for each family member – you included! And you, your significant other and your kids can all write “love notes” to one another and place them in the jars.  

Then when ever someone is feeling a little down they can read the notes and remember that there’s a bunch of people full of love towards them!

What to write on the love notes?

You can write anything! You can show appreciation, tell them something you love about them, or write how they make you feel.

And here’s what the pre-written love notes say:

  • I’m still wearing the smile you gave me.
  • Stop making me think about you. I’m busy. …Side note: this is my favorite! 🙂
  • You make my heart melt
  • All of me loves all of you
  • I love you more than I did yesterday. But not more than I will tomorrow.
  • It’ll always be you
  • All I need is you right here
  • Nobody’s perfect but you’re so close to it, it’s scary
  • You wanna know who I’m in love with? Read the first word again
  • I still fall for you everyday
  • I still get those stupid butterflies
  • You are my happy place
  • If nothing lasts forever, can I be your “nothing”?
  • You make my heart melt
  • I always wake up smiling. I think it’s your fault …Side note: this is my second favorite!
  • You so a million little things that bring joy to my life

Which ones your favorite? Share in the comment!

How to download the “I love You” Jar printables:

You can download these printables by clicking the download links under the images. These are printable gifts so please feel free to print out as many as you need for your personal use.

Materials I use and recommend for the printables

DOWNLOAD: Pink labels for the “I love you” jar PDF

Resize if needed.

© SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.

DOWNLOAD: Blue/green labels for “I love you” jar PDF

Resize if needed. 

© SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.

DOWNLOAD: Colorful prewritten love notes PDF

© SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.

DOWNLOAD: Black & White love notes PDF

© SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.

DOWNLOAD: blank love notes PDF

© SaturdayGift Ltd. For personal use only, not to be copied, distributed, altered or sold.

And hey! Here are a few other Valentine’s Day printables you might like:

Want to remember this or share it?  Pin this post – Create a Reasons Why I Love You Jar – to your favorite Pinterest board or share it on Facebook!

Gift Forward by Sharing This Post! <3

50 reasons why I love you ideas to melt your partner’s heart ▷

“Honey, why do you love me?” Sue asks a bemused Joe. “Uhmm…Uhmm…well, because…the reasons why I love you are too many to be engulfed in one statement” Joe stutters, quickly saving the situation. While Joe may have saved himself with this cute answer, it may not always be ideal to give your significant other such a vague answer. Well-crafted and ingenious ‘Why I love you’ responses should be thoughtful, from the heart, and in some cases, even humorous.

Source: Original

No doubt, you love and cherish your partner. I mean, she is all you think about when you are apart and he is the only one whose Face Time can make your day. You may adore them, but are so engulfed in your love that you cannot even form the words to show them what you feel about them.

50 reasons why I love you + many more

”I love you for so many reasons’, ‘I love you because you are all I think about all day’ or ‘You are kind and compassionate, this is why I love you ‘ are some of the most common responses to ‘What do you love about me?’. Here are some other ‘I love you because..’ quotes and messages that can brighten up your partner’s day.

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35 amazing love of my life quotes that will get them swooning over you

Image: legit. ng
Source: Original

  • I love the way you look at me.
  • I love you because one day you just decided to take a chance on me. I do not know exactly what made you decide to do it or what I did to deserve it, but I am always so happy that you gave us a shot. Such a great relationship has come out of it.
  • I love you because you are so cute and adorable that I could never resist loving you. From the charming way you smile, to the way you laugh and the little mannerisms that you have, it is just impossible to not love you.
  • You make me feel like I’m the only person in the world.
  • I love you because you want to know everything about me, including every little boring detail and memory. While most people would be bored by every detail of my life, you always want to know everything that there is to know about me.
  • With you I can be myself.

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The best you are beautiful quotes to make your loved one smile

Source: Original

  • I love you because I cannot even begin to imagine what my life would even be like without you. I could never go back to how things were before I met you. My life just would not be the same.
  • I love you because you always manage to laugh at my jokes, even when they are not all that funny
  • You always support me when I am upset and always laugh at my foolish jokes, you love me without changing me, I appreciate it.
  • You make me happy.
  • I love you because of how easily you can finish my sentences sometimes. It is like you know exactly what I am thinking or sometimes it even feels like we share the same thoughts before we even say them out loud.
  • You dare me to be a better version of myself.

Source: Original

  • You follow me and you push me.
  • I love how I feel when I look into your eyes, I see the universe in them, nobody and nothing matters when we are together
  • I love you because we are family and friends at the same time.
  • When we’re together, all my problems disappear.
  • I love you because you have such a special ability to see the good in everyone and in every situation.
  • I love you because even in the coldest weather you warm me with your love and warmth.
  • You make my heart smile.

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These loving you SMS will make your beloved smile

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  • I love you because we have so many great memories together that we share. All of our shared memories have brought us closer and have made us stronger. I cannot wait to make even more memories with you.
  • I love that I can just be myself with you. I do not have to pretend to be anyone else for you to love me

Source: Original

  • You can substitute friends, mates, and relatives for me, but nobody can substitute you.
  • I love your romantic nature, you always please me with little surprises.
  • I love you because you have always been so supportive of me and my dreams in ways that I could not have imagined.
  • You love me in the times when I’m not capable to love myself.
  • I love that I can enjoy simple things with you, the sun and your kisses make me happy, like the sense of security that I feel when you hold my hand, I understand that with your support and love I can do everything.
  • You love me in times when I act like I don’t love you.

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Source: Original

  • With you I can be myself, we fool around, take cute selfies and each time I feel as if we have never been so close.
  • You forgive me quickly.
  • I love to feel a little girl in your strong arms, you protect me and you’ll never let anyone hurt me.
  • The fact that you chose me makes me feel like the luckiest person in the whole wide world. To know how much you wanted me makes me feel so special and loved.
  • I love the way you look at me, I adore every wrinkle on your face, you are the man with whom I wanna grow old.
  • I love you because you have never allowed any distance to get between us or separate us. No matter how far apart we are, my heart is always with you and your heart is always with mine. And I love that I never have to worry about that.
  • You have given me the most precious gifts: your love and friendship, I couldn’t ask for anything more.
  • You look at me like I am the only person in a room full of people
  • You love expensive and beautiful pleasures and you incorporate them in our life, when we can afford it.
  • You understand me. And when you don’t, you do everything and you go all in to get clarity about the things you don’t understand.
  • Your words, glances, touches make my heart smile.

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Best friend poems that make you cry

Source: Original

  • You respect my boundaries. And you dare to cross them when you are sure you know better.
  • You make me feel like I’m the only girl in the world, you are able to see the beauty everywhere.
  • You have the most wonderful eyes. Not just beautiful blue eyes “But the eyes I look into when I’m not sure if you love me and when I’m not sure if I love you and their answer is always, yes“.
  • I love you because you are such a confident and courageous person. These are your qualities that I really admire and find attractive. I know that you can do anything that you put your mind to.
  • You accept my sadness and my anger and you live in harmony with them.
  • I love you because you are not afraid to open up to me about your feelings, both the good and the bad things. I love that you can easily trust me with how you feel, no matter what it is.
  • You see and you love the next best version of me.
  • We are connected, even in the crowd I’ll find your eyes and even ocean noise does not stop me from hearing your heartbeat.
  • You open yourself up for me.
  • You are the person, with whom I can dance under the rain, when we are together, all problems disappear.
  • You are truthful and vulnerable with me.
  • I like that I feel confident in our future with you, I see you as a perfect husband for me.
  • You don’t play games.
  • You listen to me when you know I’m right.
  • You are doing everything to become a better man for yourself and for us.

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Source: Original

  • You know so much about everything and I love it when you tell me about history and all the other things I know little about

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  • You respect my friends and you make an effort together with me to nourish that relationships.
  • I love you because of the incredible life that you and I have built together. Every memory, step, and journey taken with you means so much to me and all of it would not have the same meaning if you were not a part of it.
  • I love you because the world is a much better place with you in it.
  • Your compassion, generosity and your kindness are just a few of the qualities you possess that make the world so much better with you in it
  • You are a determined man, you work hard for the sake of our family and our future, I evolve thanks to you, you make me better.
  • I love you because you are not like any other person that I have met. There is something about you that is so special and precious.
  • I love you because in all life situations you remain yourself, you are wonderful when you are happy or sad.
  • I love you because you have given me so many priceless memories that I will always cherish, and you continue to give me many more memories to treasure.

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Funny reasons why I love you

If you wish to surprise either your partner with an awesome ‘Why I love you so much’ quote, try incorporating some of these funny ‘what I love about you’ messages that will ensure that your quote is not only romantic but also humorous and memorable.

  • You have a funny hair style, but I like your beard!
  • I love the way you eat your favorite food with your mouthful and stuff the big bites in my mouth too
  • You tell the truth even when you are asleep.
  • I love the way you lose a pillow fight with me and let me win.
  • No one knows how stupid you really are, except me.

Source: Original

  • I love the way you complain about people I hate with me. As if you hate them just as much, even though you don’t
  • Your smell like peaches and watermelon.
  • I love the way you watch my silly TV shows and romantic comedies and pretend to like them. We both know you are getting bored but you don’t leave any stone unturned to make me believe otherwise.
  • You think you’re in this adventurous movie! Every time. While driving.
  • I love the way you get possessive about me when a random guy hits on me. As if I am ever going to find someone better than you.
  • You always hide yourself when you do mistakes and be a stubborn-head.

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Sad quotes on love for Facebook status

Source: Original

  • I love the way you imitate me and my silly gestures. How perfectly you pretend to be me!
  • I love the way you fight off the monsters hiding under my bed and protect me.

Use these reasons why I love you messages and quotes to show your partner why you appreciate them. Combine the quotes with a list of ‘what I love about you’ adjectives and watch them become happier and cherish you more. Do not be a boring partner, constantly remind your significant other why you adore them.


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  • Best birthday wishes for girlfriend that will melt her heart
  • Islamic birthday wishes for father and mother
  • Most touching love messages for girlfriend

Source: Legit

101 Reasons Why I Love You To The Moon And Back

Maybe The Beatles were right when they said, “All you need is love.” There is no denying that the best feeling in the world is to be with someone who wants you as much as you want them. But here’s the thing: love is not about being the same – it is about appreciating one another for what we truly are. It is about cherishing and valuing your partner’s quirks because it eventually all comes down to the little things. Right?

Here are 101 reasons why I love you even though I love you 3000.

1. I love your sense of humor and playfulness.

2. I love how you don’t wear a mask and keep it real with me.

3. I love how you inspire me to be more than I am.

4. I love the way your smile brightens up my day more than the sun ever could.

5. I love the way your eyes smile when you laugh.

6. I love that you are like the calm in the storm.

7. I love you for always making time for me, no matter how busy you get.

8. I love you for your immense intellect and wit.

9. I love the fact that you are the first person I want to talk to when I hear good or bad news (or any news for that matter).

10. I love how we can be absolutely weird and silly together.

Saying I love you is the ideal way to express your feelings to your partner. It helps open communication between you two and adds joy and meaning to your relationship. If you’re looking for ways to improve communication in your relationship, check out this course from! Aptly titled How To Have The Greatest Relationship Of Your Life, this instructional video class helps you create a meaningful and sustainable relationship. It will help you find loving ways to communicate with your partner and find true love with each other. Check it out here !

11. I love you for always taking such good care of me when I am sick or when I have one too many cocktails.

12. I love your integrity, sincerity, and the values you hold as a person.

13. I love your gorgeous smile (the real one).

14. I love how polite you are with servers and that you invariably leave a tip to show your gratitude towards their service.

15. I love the fact that you can cook like a boss (and the fact that you don’t mind my awful cooking).

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16. I love that you can fill up a room with your bright and bubbly spirit, yet never demand too much space.

17. I love that you listen to me when you know I’m right.

18. I love you for getting me the most thoughtful and heartfelt gifts that will hold so much meaning to me forever.

19. I love you for putting up with my tantrums and anxiety.

20. I love how we try new things together.

21. I love that you help me understand technology without ever being condescending.

22. I love how much you love and care about our dog.

23. I love the way you remember the smallest things about me.

24. I love that you don’t play games.

25. I love how you forgive me quickly with your giant heart.

26. I love how happy you make me.

27. I love that you relish food as much as I do.

28. I love that you send me memes to make me laugh.

29. I love that you have a way better memory than me and help me remember things when I forget.

30. I love your beautiful, strong hands.

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31. I love you for your inspiring vision of life.

32. I love that you allow me to teach you things that I know you have little interest in.

33. I love that you make my fears melt away.

34. I love the bond you share with your mum.

35. I love that you are as stubborn as I am, but we can still find a middle ground.

36. I love that you trust my intuition.

37. I love that you are far more patient than I am.

38. I love your taste in music.

39. I love your passion for learning and how you are such a fast learner.

40. I love how sensitive you actually are.

41. I love that you notice when I put in extra effort to dress up for you some days.

42. I love your way with words.

43. I love that you give me undivided attention when I feel needy.

44. I love you for giving me the best foot rubs and back rubs.

45. I love your advice on things, even though I don’t always admit it.

46. I love that you always remind me to wear my seat belt, even if I don’t always listen.

47. I love that you laugh like a child.

48. I love you for being my favorite beer buddy.

49. I love you for all the trips we took and the trips to come.

50. I love that I can eat as messily I want to when I’m with you, and you don’t get even mildly disgusted. You just act amused at how much I can eat.

51. I love that you can build things from scratch.

52.  I love you for being the worst surprise-giver ever, so much so that it gets funny.

53. I love you for smelling so good all the time.

54. I love your excellent people skills (that I lack). We balance each other out so well.

55. I love you for being so amazing in bed.

56. I love you for making me laugh with your stupid jokes.

57. I love you for being so utterly handsome.

58. I love your ability to laugh through all the worries that cloud your mind.

59. I love sleeping next to you.

60. I love you for being such a hard worker.

61. I love you for understanding when I need some alone time.

62. I love you for being such a fantastic shopping buddy.

63. I love you for motivating me to stay fit and healthy.

64. I love you for our tea-time every evening.

65. I love you for always making an effort to get to know my friends.

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66. I love you for letting me pick the movie so often.

67. I love you for our lazy Sunday afternoons in bed.

68. I love you for being my favorite gym buddy.

69. I love you for spoiling me rotten.

70. I love you for knowing exactly how I take my coffee.

71. I love you for calling me out when it is necessary.

72. I love you for checking in on me when you are far away.

73. I love you for always keeping your promises.

74. I love you for being my all-time photographer.

75. I love you for letting me sleep when I am tired.

76. I love how non-materialistic you are.

77. I love how often I know your thoughts when no words have been spoken.

78. I love how your hugs can always make me feel better.

79. I love that you always help me find the silver linings when my sky is full of dark clouds.

80. I love you for choosing a quiet evening with me over a crazy night out with your friends.

81. I love you for waiting for me to come back home every day.

82. I love how you share the smallest details of your day with me.

83. I love how you take time out to read the books I recommend.

84. I love how you learned my favorite songs on the guitar first.

85. I love you for always waiting for me to watch the next episode of our favorite show.

86. I love you for always being so helpful with errands and doing things around the house.

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87. I love how you make me feel like a part of your wonderful family.

88. I love you for loving my parents just like they are yours.

89. I love how determined you are to make our relationship work.

90. I love you for always pushing me to reach my goals.

91. I love you for being protective of me and making sure I am always safe.

92. I love that you open doors and pull out chairs for me.

93. I love how your voice resonates deeply in my soul.

94. I love you for loving and accepting me despite my bazillion flaws.

95. I love knowing that I can always count on you.

96. I love you for sticking around through all the tough times we have had.

97. I love you for never faltering and always having faith in us.

98. I love you for being my part-time lover and a full-time friend.

99. I love that you make me feel like I am home again.

100. I love you for always making us your highest priority. Thank you.

101. I love you for making it so easy for me to write this list.

These are just 101 reasons off the top of my head. I could write books, sonnets, and hundreds of pages about you. Thank you for being a Sunday kind of love. Thank you for growing with me, and as we grow, this list keeps getting longer. It has been a privilege being able to call you my person. Thank you, my love, for existing.

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90,000 Reasons why I love you for a boyfriend, husband, dad. List of 50, 100 reasons, templates

There can be many reasons to express feelings for a boyfriend, husband, friend or dad. I don’t want to be limited to a simple “I love you”, because originality always leads to admiration. Why not use template phrases that you can indicate on a postcard, poster, or simply say in words. It is not only beautiful, but also very original.

Top 10 reasons to love you!

Love for everyone has its own individual character.For some, the main thing in it is respect, care, guardianship, and for others, it is expressed in signs of attention, words, gifts.

Sometimes it is difficult for girls to answer the question “What do you love for?”. Having identified a few main reasons why you want to be with this particular guy, it becomes easier to answer him. Here are 10 phrases that will help you express your feelings:

  1. You are a soul mate who complements my inner world. The qualities that I lacked so much are in you.
  2. You have become my best friend. You will always support, give advice. It becomes clear that you are exactly the support that was previously lacking.
  3. Being at a distance from each other, I feel cared for. You even cheer up on the phone with a simple conversation.
  4. There is no room for boredom. We always have common themes, hobbies, activities.
  5. You don’t see flaws in me, and even if you notice them, you never talk about it.
  6. You forgive my whims and bad mood, without reproaching it.
  7. You are going through my problems and troubles with me.
  8. You take care of me when I am sick.
  9. You do not give reasons for resentment and tears. With you, my every day turns into a holiday.
  10. Confess your love like no other. I not only hear it, but I also feel that it is true.

These are not all reasons that can help you correctly formulate your answer. Supplement the template phrases with your own, then you will surely get a beautiful, and most importantly, sincere confession.

50 reasons why I love you boyfriend. List

Surely not only girls but also guys want to hear that you are loved. This can be done in an original way, for example, by writing in a notepad. It is better to make it with your own hands, such a gift will take on a special meaning. You can write in it the following:

  1. You combine all the positive qualities.
  2. You wish me good morning and good night every day.
  3. I always smile next to you.
  4. We have the same outlook on life and the future.
  5. You kiss me in my sleep.
  6. With you I feel protected.
  7. You perceive me as I am.
  8. When we are not together, I feel empty inside.
  9. You make my heart beat faster.
  10. You appreciate my care and attention.
  11. You know how to cheer me up even on the most difficult day.
  12. I want to kiss and hug you all the time.
  13. You are worried about me.
  14. We trust each other.
  15. You listen to my opinion.
  16. You are the dearest person in the world to me.
  17. You share my point of view, even if I’m wrong.
  18. You value me and our relationship.
  19. Make you feel like a little beloved girl.
  20. We share the same culinary tastes.
  21. You know what I love and what I don’t.
  22. When we are together, time passes quickly.
  23. You are my guardian angel.
  24. With you, even everyday things become joyful.
  25. Your smile for me is brighter than the sun.
  26. You are courageous and gentle at the same time.
  27. You evoke a storm of positive emotions in me.
  28. Nothing matters with you.
  29. Listen to my advice.
  30. You believe in any of my undertakings.
  31. You present all kinds of surprises for no reason.
  32. You have a great sense of humor.
  33. You like talking to me about our joint plans.
  34. When we meet, I see happiness in your eyes.
  35. Thanks to you, I’m getting better.
  36. You always find the right words to comfort me.
  37. Your arms keep me warm.
  38. You are a romantic.
  39. You are polite and courteous.
  40. I love your persistence.
  41. You are a role model for any man.
  42. You know what flowers I like.
  43. You have a sharp mind and quick wit.
  44. You remember all our anniversaries.
  45. My parents appreciate you.
  46. You feel when I’m in a bad mood and you know how to cheer me up.
  47. You always do what you promise.
  48. You can prove your feelings in practice.
  49. You dedicate poetry to me.
  50. You don’t limit my freedom.

Such an original gift will be a real surprise for a guy. Complete it with a delicious dinner and it will be yours forever.

100 reasons why I love you boyfriend.Continuation of the list

If it seems that these reasons are not enough to tell the guy “I love you”, why not add some more beautiful words to them.

  1. You love spending time with me and my friends.
  2. Show that my happiness is the most important thing for you.
  3. You never get tired of telling me how much you love me.
  4. Next to you, I don’t have to pretend, I can be myself.
  5. You guess my wishes before I can voice them.
  6. We can talk for hours about all sorts of little things, and we will not get tired of it.
  7. You give me hope that our relationship is forever.
  8. I’m not afraid of anything with you.
  9. My absent-mindedness touches you.
  10. You do not give cause for jealousy.
  11. You cannot be offended for a long time.
  12. I want to live my whole life with you.
  13. You say that I am beautiful, even if I am sick and look bad.
  14. You spoil me with sweets.
  15. Do you remember the birthdays of my relatives.
  16. You are always in my heart and dreams.
  17. You inspire me to new beginnings.
  18. You know how to get my attention.
  19. You do not leave me in difficult moments of life.
  20. You like to play with my dog.
  21. You learn to drive a car and don’t scream if something doesn’t work out for me.
  22. Planning a vacation with me.
  23. You have strong and courageous hands.
  24. I like to relax with you in nature.
  25. You spoil me with breakfast in bed.
  26. You share your thoughts with me.
  27. One glance makes your soul light and good.
  28. You say you want a child from me.
  29. You are not afraid of talking about family life.
  30. You tell others that there is no one better than me.
  31. You are very attentive to me.
  32. You are not pretending to be macho.
  33. I like going to theaters and movies with you.
  34. You are a multifaceted person.
  35. You know what gift I would like to receive for my birthday.
  36. You do not refuse me little whims.
  37. I’m comfortable with you.
  38. Even sitting in silence, we talk.
  39. I love to fall asleep on your shoulder.
  40. Stroking my hair.
  41. You often arrange small parties for me.
  42. You can suddenly leave and come with a bouquet of flowers.
  43. You go to parties with me.
  44. In any company you are the center of attention.
  45. You know how to be serious.
  46. I follow you like a stone wall.
  47. For my sake, you are ready to make concessions.
  48. Walking with you in the rain.
  49. You say that life before meeting me was meaningless.
  50. You are proud of me and our relationship.

With such a list, declarations of love will become not ordinary, they will bring zest to your relationship, strengthen mutual feelings.

List of templates. The reasons why I love you – to my husband

The reasons why I love you for a guy can be called a hundred different phrases , but for a husband this list can be much more.After all, you are not just meeting, you are connected by family life, in which sorrows and joys were shared.

The reasons why I love you can be presented in an original way for a boyfriend or husband – in the form of small chocolates.

Having made a list and beautifully designed it, you will show love and gratitude to your other half. There can be many reasons for such a presentation: birthday, Valentine’s Day, anniversary. In the list you can write:

  1. For every day spent together.
  2. You fill my life with meaning.
  3. After many years of living together, you still treat me with trepidation.
  4. You know my preferences and tastes.
  5. I always feel your courageous shoulder next to me.
  6. You can fix any problem in the house.
  7. You are a breadwinner for our family.
  8. Gave me our beautiful children.
  9. You respect my parents.
  10. Helping me with the housework.
  11. We cook dinner together on weekends.
  12. You appreciate my efforts to create comfort in the house.
  13. You look at me with love and tenderness.
  14. With you, I am confident in the future.
  15. You can solve any problem.
  16. I have never regretted that I married you.
  17. Confidence in you is growing every day.
  18. Take care of me when I am sick.
  19. You are happy to go with me to visit your parents.
  20. You regularly give me flowers and spoil me with gifts.
  21. You are arranging romantic evenings for me.
  22. I love to spend the summer vacation with our family on the sea.
  23. You know how to cheer me up.
  24. You understand me perfectly.
  25. You are listening carefully about my problems at work.
  26. Help me raise our children.
  27. Like many years ago, you say you love me.
  28. We are like two halves of one whole.
  29. Without you, my life would be gray and boring.
  30. I want to live with you until old age.

Of course, this is not the whole list of confessions why you love your husband.You can add it endlessly, the main thing is that the words are from the heart.

List of templates. Reasons why I love dad

Having figured out what are the reasons why I love you for a boyfriend and a husband, do not forget about dad.

He will also be pleased to hear sincere and sincere confessions from his daughter. It can be a beautifully designed album with wishes and photographs, rolled up small scrolls in a frame, a poster.

A list of templates will help you correctly describe your love and gratitude to your loved one:

  1. You have been taking care of me since childhood.
  2. You say that I am that little girl, although I have grown up a long time ago.
  3. In difficult moments in life, I can always turn to you.
  4. You are the ideal man for me.
  5. You love and care for our family.
  6. Never punished me for pranks.
  7. You can give wise advice.
  8. You spoil me.
  9. I fondly remember my childhood next to you.
  10. I feel your support.
  11. Do not blame me for my wrongdoing.
  12. Take time to listen to me.
  13. Taught me many useful things in life.
  14. I’m not afraid of anything with you.
  15. You gave me education.
  16. For my children, you are the best grandfather in the world.
  17. You help me with any problem.
  18. You are a kind and helpful person.
  19. You are never boring.
  20. You share my positions in life.
  21. You can never simply say that I am wrong, but explain why.
  22. I love our evening gatherings over a cup of tea.
  23. Since childhood you have been interested in my hobbies and desires.
  24. Provided everything you need.
  25. You gave me a ticket to a happy adult life.

By giving such a confession to dad for his birthday, February 23, name day or just for no reason, you will show how dear he is to you.

A jar of 100 reasons why I love you. Original gift

How often do we look for reasons to say why I love you for a boyfriend, girlfriend, spouse and wife.Sometimes for such confessions it is not necessary to look for the right moment and wait for the opportunity. A handmade gift and given just for no reason will be a real surprise and show the fullness of your feelings.

Stages of preparing such a gift:

  1. We take a jar or other transparent container. It will be better if it is of an unusual shape.
  2. On a beautifully designed piece of paper, write the name “100 reasons why I love you” and glue it to the container.
  3. On small pieces of paper (it is better to take multi-colored ones) we write the reasons themselves, in which we indicate why I love you for a guy or other person whom you want to please.
  4. Roll up confessions and tie them up with satin ribbons.
  5. Place the scrolls in the container and close the lid.

In such a gift you can show all your creative abilities to the fullest. Using various decorative elements, it will be possible to create an original and unique design of the jar.

Be sure that your loved one will appreciate your efforts, and the gift itself will delight and remind him of you for a long time.

Reasons why I love you for a guy: video selection

The first video shows how you can make your own hands a gift “100 reasons why I love you” for a guy who will suit any holidays:

The second video contains 100 reasons “why I love you” for a guy:

https: //

The reasons why I love you for a guy or a girl, beautifully designed and presented with love, will be able to show how much a person is dear to you. This is not only your work, but also a way to express what is not always possible to say in words. 90,003 90,000 100 reasons why I love you boyfriend: lists, templates

Do you often confess your love to your man? Have you ever wondered what qualities you love so much? Instead of a thousand words, give the gift “101 Reasons Why I Love You” to a guy.It is not difficult to make such a present. How to make this surprise yourself – read the article.

This is a budget option for confessing feelings to a guy, husband, beloved man, at the same time, quite original. And exclusive! Since manual work is never repeated, and therefore each product is unique. A present for the following holidays will be suitable:

  1. Birthday.
  2. February 23.
  3. February 14.
  4. Relationship / Wedding Anniversary.

Also nice notes “100 and 1 reason why I love you” is quite acceptable to give just like that, for no reason.

In addition to making a surprise, you should think about serving it. It can be bundles in a beautiful jar, box. You can arrange everything in the form of a checkbook.

Consider such an original way of presenting a gift as a quest. Let the chosen one find the jar / box / book of love using the tips placed around the house.

Reasons not coming to mind? Then use this practice. Take a piece of paper with a pen and answer the following questions:

  1. What quality did you choose it for?
  2. What is your first impression of him?
  3. His best deed towards you.
  4. What qualities are you willing to live with him for your whole life.
  5. What is your favorite thing about him?
  6. What are you grateful to him for?
  7. Why does he deserve you?
  8. What are you ready for it?
  9. Recall all its virtues.
  10. What quality would you borrow from him?

After answering the above questions, there are enough reasons to design a gift.

It is not necessary to include 101 reasons.You can leave 10 main ones, add 1000 more – all at your discretion.

Anyway, nothing comes to mind? Use ready-made templates. However, don’t forget to add a couple of reasons related to your personal moments. For example, “I love you because when you didn’t have money, you gave me handmade flowers.”

Alternatively, present acknowledgment of your feelings with a voice message.

101 reasons why I love you, composed for a guy

When thousands of pleasant words are torn from the soul, when you want to confess your feelings every day, everything will be simplified by the text written on paper.And better on 101 pieces of paper. Better yet, in the original presentation. You can review this present at least 1000 times a day. And no endless words about love will be required.

Another option for recognition is well suited to those who are embarrassed to say everything they feel about their other half.

List of confessions of feelings for a guy

All the proposed texts for confessions will suit your second half, regardless of status. A guy, spouse or just a beloved man.This is a sincere gift that will give a lot of pleasant impressions and will remain for a long memory.

Not only women, but also representatives of the stronger sex need affection, romance and declaration of love.

It is enough just to imagine how much you would like such a gift. Your loved one will be equally pleased.

Yes, they love it not for something, but in spite of it. However, consider how pleasant it is for a man to hear about his merits.

Two things are important in such a surprise:

  • registration;
  • content.

Let’s start with the last point.

The preliminary phrase of each note is “I love you because you …”

An indicative list of reasons:

  1. Smart.
  2. Generous.
  3. Affectionate.
  4. Neat.
  5. You love cleanliness.
  6. You can joke.
  7. You know how to make me laugh.
  8. Can you cook.
  9. Protecting me from spiders.
  10. Don’t get scared when you see me in the morning.
  11. You make breakfast when you are guilty.
  12. You give me all your salary.
  13. Loyal.
  14. Most often kind.
  15. You forgive my mistakes.
  16. Strong.
  17. You always hold my hand.
  18. Alluring.
  19. Sweet.
  20. You rarely drink.
  21. You put your family first.
  22. You know how to stand up for yourself and for me.
  23. Brave.
  24. Self-confident.
  25. You love my cooking.
  26. You are not asking me to wash my socks.
  27. Courageous.
  28. You are making my life better.
  29. Fair.
  30. Good father.
  31. You love children.
  32. Judicious.
  33. You can sing.
  34. Fit.
  35. Can you play the guitar.
  36. Sometimes you help me with chores.
  37. Let me go for a walk with your girlfriends.
  38. Make me shine when you are around.
  39. You smell good.
  40. Making pizza cool.
  41. You kiss the best.
  42. Sports.
  43. You have good taste.
  44. You have the same outlook on life as me.
  45. Don’t look back.
  46. You make plans for the future with me.
  47. Stole me from everyone.
  48. An open person.
  49. Give me a good night’s sleep on your day off.
  50. Helping me with children.
  51. Providing me.
  52. Do you like the same films as me.
  53. Cheerful.
  54. Polite.
  55. Responsive.
  56. You surprise me from time to time.
  57. You don’t say anything when I secretly use your shampoo.
  58. You have put up with me for so many years.
  59. Strong in spirit.
  60. You support me.
  61. Great milkshake making.
  62. You respect my family.
  63. Helping to discover my talents.
  64. Share your knowledge with me.
  65. You treat my friends well.
  66. You worry about me.
  67. You have the most beautiful eyes in the world.
  68. Teaching me new skills.
  69. You’re influencing me well.
  70. You know how to surprise me.
  71. Not like everyone else.
  72. You have the same food preferences as me.
  73. You love honesty.
  74. The meaning of my life.
  75. From time to time you give me a fairy tale.
  76. You are not listening to anyone.
  77. You are not afraid to say what you think.
  78. You know a lot of jokes.
  79. You look after me when I am sick.
  80. You tolerate my tantrums.
  81. You often confess your feelings to me.
  82. Helping other people.
  83. Do not scold me when the house is not cleaned.
  84. You love cats more than dogs. As I.
  85. You are not afraid of work.
  86. You are dancing funny.
  87. You know how to immerse me in ecsta.))).
  88. You know how to cheer me up.
  89. You protect me.
  90. You share with me not only joy, but also sorrow.
  91. Helping me get stronger.
  92. You can comfort me.
  93. You always miss me.
  94. You look at me with love.
  95. You are jealous of me.
  96. You can listen to me.
  97. You respect me.
  98. I’m ready to give everything to me.
  99. You are writing me love sms.
  100. Don’t put pressure on me.
  101. Keeping promises.

Such a gift is also called “100 and 1 reason why I love you”. Since they enter 100 confessions and add the 101st phrase – “To love you, no reasons are needed.And to list your merits – there will not be enough pieces of paper ”.

This was a sample list that can be changed at your discretion.

Ready-made templates for confessions of feelings to a guy

Ready phrases in the table, which is simple enough to print and cut out rectangles according to the contours (see table 1).

Preliminary phrase for templates in table 1 – “I love you for …”

Table 1 – Gift templates “100 and 1 reason why I love you”

# Reason # Reason
1 what you give me the best in your life 51 your love for my flaws
2 your responsiveness 52 your laugh that sounds like music
3 what you turn my mistakes into a joke 53 your tender kisses
4 that you are with me in spite of everything 54 your consolations during my tears
5 our future 55 that you praise my burnt concoction
6 your support your longing for me when not far away
7 what you keep me warm when I’m cold 57 that you are my personal hero
8 your look 58 your inspiration for me
9 that you have the courage to endure my tantrums 59 your increased attention to me
10 feeling of security next to you 60 your jealousy
11 your uniqueness 61 your courage
12 morning coffee with you 62 beautiful smile
13 always in a good mood 63 problem-solving 90,770
14 mutual understanding 64 what you make my days unique
15 that is as crazy as me 65 that with you I can always behave naturally and at ease
16 what you don’t care what others say about me 66 every happy minute next to you
17 your listening skills 67 that you are always near, even when far away
18 your wisdom 68 that you are only mine
19 your sense of humor 69 your trust
20 raising my self-esteem 70 meaning of life
21 your shoulder, which is always at my service 71 feeling of “butterflies in the stomach”
22 that you hold my hand tightly during walks 72 that for your sake I am ready to change for the better
23 a sense of integrity next to you 73 that you cannot be angry with me for a long time
24 what you give me to be a little girl next to you 74 what my mother approved of you
25 that you love me when we are at odds 75 feeling like wings have grown
26 that, you will not get bored with you 76 that with you “in sickness and health, wealth and poverty”
27 that for my sake you can skip the broadcast of the match of your favorite team 77 your curls
28 disclosure of my femininity 78 your touch
29 that in the photo with you I always have a happy look 79 your gesture, look and word
30 your devotion 80 that I am yours
31 your most delicate hands in the world 81 a feeling of joy from anticipation and sweetness from every meeting
32 dreams with you 82 that you think I am special
33 is what you protect my sleep. 83 that you know how to keep secrets
34 that you put me in bed from the couch 84 our children
35 your courtship 85 your help
36 your patience 86 that you love my cat
37 that with you I can be myself 87 that it is interesting with you even to be silent
38 what you come up with original nicknames 88 what makes my heart beat harder
39 stroking my head affectionately 89 colorful life
40 your hugs 90 that you will not be lost with you
41 that you apologize even when I am 100% to blame 91 that you appeared in my life
42 that you tolerate my lack of punctuality 92 that you know how to surprise me
43 that you are my oasis of peace and tranquility 93 that saved me from loneliness
44 that you tolerate my friends 94 your cute sms
45 your generosity 95 your musical taste
46 your compliments 96 what you hug when I cry during the movie
47 your pleasant aroma 97 your generosity
48 me next to you 98 that next to you I am a real queen
49 your cute snoring 99 that you always have time for me
50 That you will not regret the last slice of pizza for me 100 that you are my half, which I have been trying to find for so long

The last reason can be formatted with similar text as shown in the picture.

How unusual is it to present 101 reasons for love to your chosen one?

We figured out the content, now let’s move on to the design. First you need to figure out the method of filing:

  1. Box with parcels / notes inside.
  2. Jar with scrolls inside.
  3. Slideshow. Here it is advisable to add pictures to each confession.
  4. Photo collage with text. Photos must be added suitable for reasons.
  5. Book.On each page, you can arrange for one reason or several at once. It is advisable to add pictures or just emoticons.
  6. Business cards. Each business card has one reason. Can be packed in a business card holder or in a box, like a deck of cards.
  7. Balloons. Each has one note. As you may have guessed, 101 balls are required.
  8. Sweets with reasons written on the wrappers.
  9. Mini tiles with messages on the wrappers.
  10. Fortune cookies.Just write confessions instead of predictions.
  11. Poster with messages and pictures.
  12. Photo quest. Ask friends to take a picture with signs in their hands, on which they will write confessions.
  13. Decorative bottle with messages inside.
  14. File cabinet with reasons inside.

Bank design

Just a way to present 101 messages in an original way. It will take a little time and at least



What you need:

  • glass jar;
  • white and colored paper;
  • acrylic paints;
  • double-sided tape;
  • scissors;
  • pencil, marker;
  • braid or satin ribbon;
  • blanks for decoupage (optional).

Use special decorative paper to make a main label.

Print the reasons, cut into even strips.Roll the messages into tubes and tie them with ribbons.

Place the bundles in a jar. Arrange the container at your discretion.

Any container will do. However, a can of an unusual shape looks more aesthetically pleasing. For example, for bulk products.

Love box decoration

Similar to the decoration of the jar. All kinds of materials at hand are also suitable. Lace, rhinestones, wrapping paper, fancy fabrics, etc.e. You can use boxes of candy, shoes or build a container with your own hands.

When you design the box in the style you want, fill it with parcels of love messages.
A simple decoration option is to glue it over with beautiful paper, tie it with a gift ribbon.

Consider a more complex idea, which is in the picture below.

Don’t forget to fill the beautiful container with confessions.

Women dream of 101 roses.How can men respond to such a gesture? Give them 101 reasons for your love. Let feelings be kept not only in hearts, but also flaunt on the shelf.

Video: Jar “100 Reasons Why I Love You”

Author: Julia Doronina.

90,000 100 reasons why I love you with my own hands

Do you love me? This question can be easily answered – either no or yes. But they say that it is impossible to answer the question why you love me if love is real.Why is that? Because there are infinitely many reasons and no matter how many we name, it will be only a small fraction. However, we will try.

So, 100 reasons why I love you!

Valentine’s Day is like no other holiday suitable to announce them all, so let’s not delay and tell our beloved or your beloved, all these “100 reasons why I love you” and remember that this is only a small part.

We all remember the quote from the cartoon “My best gift is you.”For a loved one, this is true, but this does not mean that you need to limit yourself on February 14 only to yourself. Therefore, these very 100 reasons why I love you can be a wonderful gift or addition to it.

This gift is good because it is always very individual, although many people copy and reproduce its image. After all, these are exactly your words, feelings and emotions, only your reasons, concerning only the two of you. And therefore, we take a piece of paper, pen or pencil, or open the computer and start writing those very 100 reasons why I love you.

Write not just “You are beautiful”, “You are smart” – although it is difficult to invent something beyond the original 100 times and you will have to use them – something is better suited individually “For your mole not on your neck”, “For dimples on your cheeks”, “For the fact that you, like me, do not know how to roller-skate,” “For your ingenious borscht,” and so on. 100 reasons why I love you can be very different, not logical, even fantastic – the main thing here is sincerity and feelings.

Now we either print or rewrite them carefully on small pieces of paper, fold them into small scrolls and tie them up with ribbons.If you have beautiful handwriting, it’s better to write it by hand – it will be cool!

If you are too lazy to come up with reasons for yourself, then here’s a ready-made version:

1. Happiness is to be with you
2. It’s never boring with you
3. You know how to make me smile
4. You always feel my mood
5. You love me with all my flaws
6. When you hug me, everything is fine
7. I can be myself when you are near
8. Passion for you makes me lose my head
9.We can do anything when we are together
10. The best day spent with you
11. You have such beautiful lips
12. You like me even when I grumble
13. You understand me perfectly
14. You will never tell that you hear this story for the 10th time
15. We can talk about everything and about nothing
16. You are my inspiration
17. There is no one more beautiful than you
18. You give me confidence in myself
19. You know how to give I am happy
20. You always feel if I feel bad
21.I am never afraid, because you are with me
22. You are always on my side
23. It is so nice to chat with you about anything
24. I can trust you
25. You always help me if necessary
26. When I with you, everything else does not matter
27. From one of your smile all my sadness disappears
28. You always listen when I speak
29. Together we can work miracles
30. When you are near, the world around blooms
31. We are a perfect couple
32. I am touched by your appearance when you sleep
33.The thought of you fills every moment with love
34. You understand me, even when I whine
35. Every moment with you is filled with joy
36. The best night is the one that we spend together
37. I don’t understand how you can live without you
38. You at least pretend to obey my advice
39. My heart beats for you
40. You believe in me
41. You always look great
42. You can call to say that you love me
43. Your embrace is so affectionate
44.Your support is everything for me
45. Your jokes are very funny
46. Thanks to you I become better
47. It is impossible to be offended for a long time
48. You are the most amazing person on Earth
49. I see love in your eyes
50. I love your smile
51. The book of my life has the best chapters about you
52. You always know how to please me
53. You take care of me and do not demand anything in return
54. You will understand if I forget about something important
55. When I look at you, my heart skips a beat
56.You are my dearest treasure
57. You have the keys to my heart
58. Sometimes I just need to hug you
59. When we are together, time does not matter
60. You are interested in all the little things in my life
61. Your love is me protects
62. Everything has become beautiful with your appearance
63. You can brighten any gloomy day
64. When I take your hand, it becomes easy for me
65. You make our life happy
66. You turn me on
67 …I want us to be always together
68. You always make me happy just that you are
69. We know the most beautiful sides of love
70. You know how to find the right words
71. Your happiness is most important to me
72. It’s good with you anywhere
73. Even your little actions are very important to me
74. I want to hold you in my arms
75. Looking into your eyes I understand: my dreams have come true
76. You teach me to love
77. I love listen to your voice
78.You are the most gentle
79. I love everything you do
80. I don’t want to get out of bed with you
81. You are my best friend
82. You are always on my mind
83. I’m crazy about you
84 You wake up passion in me
85. You are like a magnet, I am drawn to you
86. You are my most beautiful dream
87. When you are not afraid to look stupid
88. For me to enjoy being with you
89. You can come off from any business to be with me
90. I can ask you stupid questions
91.All I need to know that you are near
92. Your advice helps me
93. You know my secrets and keep them
94. You are my sun
95. You and I look great together
96. All my friends are from you are delighted
97. You know how to comfort me when I am sad
98. There is nothing sweeter than your kisses
99. Our desires coincide so often
100. I want my life to belong to you
101. The reasons are endless, but most importantly, that I love you because I cannot help but love !!!

We are looking for a suitable container.Any clear, pretty glass jar will do just fine. We load all the scrolls into it with 100 reasons why I love you. We decorate a jar or any other chosen container a little.

There is another option, but it is more complex, although many times more effective. You need many, many balloons to be filled with helium. This can be done at home as well. We tie a scroll or a note with the reason why I love you to the thread of each ball. We release the balls to float freely around the room.

Or just put notes inside the balls, inflate the balls and lay them around the room. From the outside it looks great!

Please your loved ones and know, 100 reasons why I love you, this is just a drop in the ocean!

90,000 100 reasons why I love you: a declaration of love to a guy – notes, a list of confessions, design options in a box, jar | Heaclub Heaclub

To make your loved one happy, just tell him how you love him.This can be done in the form of reasons.


An unusual expression of your feelings will be an excellent surprise for your beloved boyfriend on any occasion – “100 reasons why I love you “. To do this, you just need to come up with reasons and print using a printer on paper and cut into small rectangles. To make the gift look beautiful, the notes can be rolled up and tied with bright satin ribbons, and folded into an original jar.

Phrases and reasons should be unusual, which you will come up with yourself based on your feelings and the habits of your beloved. So you show your sincere feelings, and not templates that are taken from the Internet or other sources.

100 reasons why I love you: list of reasons for a boyfriend

Reasons why I love you: list

  • Everything that I say, you understand perfectly.
  • I don’t need to say much, you mean what I think about in advance.
  • You try to settle all my problems at once and help in any situation.
  • You are responsive and always ready to support me in difficult times.
  • You are very good. I remember every moment that we spent together.
  • You are the decoration of my life.
  • Every day is like a fairy tale for me.
  • You are very soft. Hugging you, I feel your warmth.
  • When you hug me, I feel happy.
  • One glance makes me feel warm.
  • For an evening spent only together, I am ready to sacrifice a lot.
  • I just love listening to music with my arms around you. It makes me happy.
  • I sense your sincerity.
  • When it hurts, you always calm me down.
  • Our relationship of trust brings me peace of mind.
  • You always appreciate my work.
  • Every day next to you is unforgettable.
  • Every thought that revolves in your head, you bring it to life.
  • Everything that you promise, you keep.
  • You are a very smart guy, I am pleased to just listen to you.
  • When we are together I feel peaceful.
  • From your look, the soul immediately becomes warm.
  • You can lift my spirits in an instant.
  • You cook great. I’ve never met a man who cooks so divine.
  • You are ready to help in any situation.
  • I feel happy with you.
  • The day when we saw each other will remain forever in my memory.
  • You are the authority among your friends. Everyone treats you with respect.
  • When you are not there I feel sad. At this moment, all my thoughts are occupied with you.
  • You have a good sense of humor.
  • You always call me and ask how I feel, if everything is all right with me. I love your concern.
  • You’re wondering how I spent my day.
  • I feel your sincerity.
  • You are the most handsome man I have ever seen. And that’s why I’m jealous of you.
  • I love to snuggle up to you in bed.
  • You can always find a way out even from the most difficult situation.
  • You are so strong. I feel like a stone wall next to you.
  • You snore so gently. I like to watch when you sleep.
  • When we are together we can do everything.
  • I like it when you smile. Any girl can fall in love with you.
  • Together we are never bored, you always know what to do.
  • I don’t feel complete without you.
  • You are my life and my heart.
  • When we met eyes for the first time, I realized that this is forever.
  • Your light touch makes me shudder.
  • My love for you is unlimited. I have never felt anything like this.
  • Any of our quarrels ends with reconciliation. We yield to each other in any situation.
  • We’re planning the weekend together.
  • I’m calm with you.
  • We spend our holidays together and plan ahead.
  • You have a talent for everything. Everything that you start doing, you do well.
  • Our future is together.
  • You help me achieve my goals.
  • You motivate me not to give up.
  • You are a gallant person, unlike most guys who don’t think about girls when they are with their friends.
  • You appreciate and respect all my ideas, even if sometimes they are ridiculous.
  • You give me confidence and it helps me cope with problems.
  • You try to please me every time we meet.
  • You know all my taste preferences and always try to please me with something tasty.
  • Every time I cook, I think about you, what you love, or will like you.
  • I am in the first place in your life.You can put off even the most important things for me.
  • A romantic evening takes place in an instant when we are together. This happens to those people who experience an unforgettable feeling of love.
  • We feel happy even when we are silent.
  • You are the dearest person to me.
  • You are a real psychic, you know all my thoughts and actions in advance.
  • Even a simple trip to the cinema for two turns into a small celebration.
  • I often see you in my dreams.
  • You always talk to me honestly.
  • I love it when you compliment me. I’m trying to iron beautifully for you.
  • Even without words, we understand each other’s desires.
  • In any situation, you stand up for me. I appreciate it very much.
  • You do everything to make me feel happy.
  • The most beautiful seaside holiday is associated with you.
  • All my future plans are connected only with you.
  • I like hearing your voice.
  • You are giving me original gifts.
  • You give flowers for no reason. I really like your spontaneity.
  • I like your crazy actions.
  • I love to walk with you holding your hand.
  • My feeling of love every day more and more.
  • You are the most charming in the world.
  • I want you to be always there.
  • You make me do crazy things. Being next to you, I cannot control myself.
  • Your feelings for me inspire me.
  • Our relationship is so strong that no one can interfere with our happiness.
  • You kiss so softly. Our first kiss will always be in my memory.
  • You make me feel needed.
  • It is you who decorate my everyday life.
  • You appreciate what I’m passionate about.
  • You are a hero to me.
  • You are a prince from a fairy tale who rides a white horse to save his beloved from the clutches of a dragon.
  • Everything turns into a masterpiece in your hands.
  • My heart melted under your spell.
  • I love sniffing you. Your body is like honey, it just attracts.
  • You know all my innermost thoughts and are also open to me.
  • We can satisfy each other’s wishes.
  • If you now offer me to leave with you to live in another country, I will agree without even thinking.
  • Your hands are so strong. I like to feel helpless in your arms.
  • Every moment spent next to you is unforgettable.
  • I only need you and no one else.



100 reasons why I love you: design options in a box, in a jar

Reasons why I love you:

  • Notes can be put in beautiful transparent jars or decorative boxes.
  • Designed as a newspaper. On a large sheet of paper, glue your little notes and decorate them beautifully.
  • Make a sweet gift. All 100 reasons can be pasted onto 100 different chocolates.
  • Put all the notes together, as a result you will receive a notebook with declarations of love.
  • Make a photo collage. Each reason should be filled out on A4 sheets.
  • You can also take a picture with these pieces of paper in your hands. Make the most important reason for your love the greatest.
  • In the form of cards. They can be made of thick paper and placed in a beautiful box.

Jar Design

Jar Design

Box with the reasons why I love you

To do this you will need:

  • small box
  • decorative paper
  • satin ribbon
  • 3 elements for the box Box

    You can take a simple box from under the shoes and decorate it at your discretion.

    Jar with reasons why I love you

    Required materials:

    • Small glass jar.
    • Any color decorative paper.
    • Gouache paints.
    • Double-sided tape.
    • Sharp scissors.
    • Plain pencil.
    • Silk ribbon.

    BankWith reasons

    BankWith reasons

    Work progress:

    • Take a glass jar for bulk cereals. Such a jar will look prettier than a plastic one.
    • The lid can be painted or decorated with colored paper or decorative sheets.
    • Print your reasons and carefully roll into tubes, and tie with satin ribbons, making bows.
    • The jar can be decorated with your photo.
    • Decorate the jar with any decor you like. It can be beads, rhinestones, sequins.
    • The jar can be painted with stained glass paints.

    About reasons Hundred

    About reasons Hundred

    A jar with a surprise for your beloved is ready!

    Why do I love you? 100 reasons beloved why I love you!

    Original declarations of love are always positive, sincere emotions that will definitely make your day unforgettable.

    In addition, an unusual and beautiful confession will be the best gift for any guy or man! Give him these hundred reasons and you can be sure that it will conquer your chosen one!

    100 reasons why I love you beloved boyfriend and man!


    1. You can understand me perfectly.
    2. You are responsive.
    3. You are kind.
    4. The days with you are the best.
    5. You are gentle and touching with me.
    6. You care about me all the time.
    7. Your embrace is very warm.
    8. You have great taste in music.
    9. You are always sincere with me.
    10. You appreciate it when I try for you.
    11. You will always support.
    12. We trust each other.
    13. You are successful in all your endeavors.
    14. It is interesting to talk to you and to be silent.
    15. You keep you warm even on a cloudy and cold day.
    16. You are good at cooking.
    17. Helping to cope with difficulties.
    18. You know how to cheer up.
    19. Getting to know you is the most beautiful thing that happened to me.
    20. You are smart and resourceful.
    21. You never grieve me.
    22. I feel lonely without you.
    23. You have the best sense of humor.
    24. You are always worried about me.
    25. You are the best for me!
    26. Waking up next to you is great.
    27. Know how to find a solution to any problem.
    28. You sleep well.
    29. You and I are a perfect couple.
    30. You have a sweet smile.
    31. We always have something to talk about and keep silent about.
    32. You are my real defender.
    33. I love to review our joint photographs, because they are so light and warm.
    34. You are very charming.
    35. You can find a common language with a stranger.
    36. I love your gentle and affectionate touch.
    37. You know how to surprise me.
    38. Our love is the first jewel I have.
    39. You and I are not fighting.
    40. I love it when we talk together about a joint future.
    41. I always feel more comfortable with you.
    42. You have very beautiful hands.
    43. We fit together.
    44. You are talented in everything.
    45. I love your persistence and perseverance.
    46. You always remain yourself.
    47. With your support, I always want to move forward.
    48. You know how to behave with others.
    49. You like my ideas.
    50. We never have difficulties, and if they ever do, we will definitely cope with them.
    51. You managed to find the key to my heart.
    52. Drive me crazy.
    53. You know my taste and know how to please me.
    54. I love to cook for you.
    55. You can rush to my aid, even if you’re busy.
    56. Time passes with you unnoticed.
    57. You are my closest friend and I love you very much.
    58. We are never bored together.
    59. You can calm me down even when it seems that everything is very bad.
    60. You can guess my desires.
    61. You know how to create a festive mood.
    62. You can endure my whims.
    63. I dream about you.
    64. You are always very honest with me.
    65. You want to try and grow on yourself.
    66. You are the kind you can’t find anymore in this world.
    67. Let’s catch each other without words.
    68. Protecting me all the time.
    69. I want to help and support you.
    70. You make me understand what real happiness is.
    71. My best memories are of you.
    72. You always do the right thing.
    73. You have a charming voice.
    74. You know my interests well and you are not mistaken with the gift.
    75. You are the one I want to wait for.
    76. You find time for me, even if you are busy.
    77. I love it when we walk holding hands.
    78. Every time I fall in love with you more and more.
    79. Our relationship is what I have always dreamed of!
    80. You are the most attractive in the world.
    81. I don’t need anyone but you.
    82. By your side, I become a true woman.
    83. You know how to inspire and guide me.
    84. I appreciate our relationship for its purity and sincerity.
    85. Every minute next to you is important to me.
    86. I love it when you hold me in your arms.
    87. Your tender kisses turn my head.
    88. You always stay by my side and you can support me.
    89. I don’t care where to be, it is important to be with you.
    90. With you I become needed.
    91. You decorate my life with bright colors.
    92. You respect my interests.
    93. You know how to please me.
    94. We have similar interests.
    95. You are a real hero to me.
    96. You are like a prince on a white horse.
    97. I love it when you look at me.
    98. You are bewitching me.
    99. Your scent is so delicious.
    100. You managed to open my heart.

    101 reason why I love you!

    You are amazing, my man, you simply cannot but Love!

    Registration of 100 reasons for a loved one

    There are many options for designing these sincere confessions. In addition to the fact that you can order and buy (inexpensive in price) ready-made gifts with reasons in cool boxes or jars with inscriptions and original text, you can make a gift with your own hands.

    Samples of original labels with notes can be seen in the photos below. There are many videos on this topic, where the reasons can be in the form of a table or even a whole poster. You can get ideas not only on this page. On the Internet, you can find templates to print in pictures not only serious reasons to love your loved one, but also funny, comic statements about your chosen one.

    If he really appreciates humor, this will be just the way.

    100 sweets – 100 reasons

    If your partner loves sweets, you can hide notes with reasons in candy. 100 candies – 100 reasons. He will appreciate your efforts!

    Continued. … …

    Add to the list + 50 more reasons why I love you!

    And more. … … + 55 reasons beloved why I love you very much!

    And more. … … + 100 reasons for love – beloved husband!

    Do you know + 100 reasons why I love my parents?

    Get to know him better! + 100 questions to your beloved for communication …

    Video: “100 reasons why I love you”

    Poems about 100 reasons for love

    I will give you 100 reasons from the bottom of my heart!
    100 reasons + one star in the night sky,
    Why do I love? – I can’t live without you,
    Why can’t I? – Because I love!


    It is impossible to love without a reason,
    Excitement of the heart in spring,
    It is not difficult to become infected with Love,
    It is difficult to be ill with only one forever!


    One hundred reasons are like a hundred phrases about Love!
    You do not hesitate now, but Give them to Love!


    And more…. … do not miss and find out:

    90,000 101 reasons why I love you: we are preparing a surprise for the guy

    Good day, dear ladies. Do you want to be able to independently make a gift “101 Reasons Why I Love You” for a guy? Then you are on the right track. In the article you can find information about what is required for a surprise, as well as approximate words for love messages.

    Is there a holiday coming? Do you want to add new colors to the relationship? Not sure how to confess your feelings? A magical idea with a hundred and one reason will help solve your problem.

    You will need to choose a way of submitting touching notes. However, you must first prepare a text with a certain number of reasons why you love your soul mate.

    To make it easier to write, answer yourself the following questions:

    • Why did you choose it?
    • Are you ready to be with him all your life? If so, what is the reason?
    • What are the best qualities of your boyfriend?
    • What are you most grateful for?
    • Why does he deserve love?
    • What are you willing to do for him?
    • What traits of your lover piqued your initial interest?

    In cases where fantasy does not work very well, download ready-made templates.At the same time, it is still recommended to dilute them with a couple of your own phrases related to the personal moments of your relationship.

    An excellent option is to send a voice congratulation

    101 reasons why I love you, composed for a guy

    Sometimes you want to really surprise your soul mate with a sincere confession. After all, thousands of words are torn to the address of the dear, and you want to say them endlessly. However, beautiful legends can be presented in an interesting way.For example, it’s unusual to have 101 reasons why you love your boyfriend. Then your thoughts will forever remain in the memory of a dear person.

    List of confessions of feelings for a guy

    Most girls, by their nature, are gentle and romantic personalities. At the same time, the stronger sex also needs to be shown care and attention from the side of his passion. Just imagine how nice it would be for you to receive a love message in the original presentation. The man will like it no less.

    While most guys aren’t particularly sentimental, everyone wants to love and be loved.Try to touch the depths of the soul of your chosen one. Explain to him why you have strong feelings. Let him know that there are reasons for this. More specifically, 101 reasons.

    Before you start making a surprise, you need to make a list of the qualities for which you feel.

    Sample list, “I love you because you …”:

    1. Inspire me every day;
    2. You make my life better;
    3. Courageous;
    4. Handsome;
    5. Alluring;
    6. The sweetest;
    7. Can you make me laugh;
    8. You will be a good father;
    9. Fair;
    10. Moderately generous;
    11. Judicious;
    12. Smart;
    13. Make me shine when you are around;
    14. You smell good;
    15. You cook meat and potatoes best of all;
    16. Great kissing;
    17. You give me your smile every day;
    18. Stylish;
    19. Sports;
    20. Able to protect us;
    21. Don’t look back;
    22. You have the same outlook on life as I do;
    23. Stole me from everyone;
    24. Every day you show your love for me;
    25. Help with household chores;
    26. You are killing spiders so that I am not afraid;
    27. Prepare breakfasts periodically;
    28. A person with an open mind;
    29. Devotee;
    30. Strong in spirit;
    31. Believe in me;
    32. Can you listen;
    33. Support at any time;
    34. You will always be for me, no matter what happens;
    35. You discover talents in me;
    36. Amazing;
    37. Special;
    38. You add colors to my life;
    39. Not like everyone else;
    40. You can be very funny sometimes;
    41. Teach me something new;
    42. You change my character for the better;
    43. You have the most beautiful eyes in the world;
    44. Honest;
    45. You are the meaning of my life;
    46. You will always help those in need in difficult times;
    47. You give me a feeling of happiness;
    48. Taught me to love truly;
    49. Do not depend on someone else’s opinion;
    50. Affectionate;
    51. Delicate;
    52. Hard-working;
    53. Cool dancing;
    54. You tolerate my whims;
    55. You know how to immerse me in ecstasy;
    56. You appreciate me;
    57. Protect me;
    58. Don’t let me get bored;
    59. Share joy and sorrow with me;
    60. Make me stronger;
    61. You accept my flaws;
    62. You know how to comfort me;
    63. With me, no matter what;
    64. You always miss me;
    65. Praise me even if something goes wrong with me;
    66. You care about our future;
    67. You know how to warm me in cold weather;
    68. You look at me in a special way;
    69. You sit with me and chat while I cook;
    70. Wash the dishes;
    71. You are jealous of me within reason;
    72. Can solve problems;
    73. Do not fall for me in difficult times;
    74. You take responsibility;
    75. Able to understand me without words;
    76. Let me be myself;
    77. Always hold my hand;
    78. You kiss me a thousand times a day;
    79. I found a common language with my family and friends;
    80. More often than not, you come up first;
    81. Make me a priority;
    82. Cook me soups when I’m sick;
    83. You call me affectionately;
    84. You listen to me;
    85. You respect me;
    86. You give me a great head massage;
    87. Don’t let me feel lonely;
    88. Write me nice messages;
    89. Unpredictable;
    90. Prefer the same films as me;
    91. Ready to give me the last;
    92. You spend almost all your free time on me;
    93. Nice sniff at night;
    94. You come to me in clear and colorful dreams;
    95. Meets all expectations;
    96. You love like no one has ever loved;
    97. You have a beautiful voice;
    98. Very dear to me;
    99. My soul mate;
    100. You arrange unforgettable dates for me;
    101. You never put pressure on me.

    All romantic messages should be sincere. Rephrase the templates to suit you. Surely you have already experienced many moments that no one knows about. If you use the personal secrets of your story, the text will be unique.

    How unusual is it to present 101 reasons for love to your chosen one?

    There are several ways of making a gift with confessions:

    • Box or jar with cute bundles inside;
    • A book with colorful pages about feelings;
    • Slideshow with photos and text.An example can be seen in the video. Information on how to arrange a photo to music can be found on the Internet in training videos;
    • Unusual collage with the addition of pictures suitable for every reason;
    • In the style of a deck of cards or business cards;
    • 101 balloons inflated with confessions inside;
    • Notepad with pages about love;
    • Candy with messages on the wrappers;
    • Poster with written reasons.

    Bank design

    There is nothing complicated in the design of a gift jar.If you have a great desire to please your beloved, then you can not worry about the result.

    Any surprise made with your own hands from a pure heart is always considered the best present.

    The following items are required:

    • glass jar;
    • double-sided tape;
    • paints, pencil, marker;
    • ribbon, braid, lace, decoupage details, etc. (optional).
    1. Pre-create face label and 101 reason rolls.
    2. It is better to print pictures and words on a colored sheet. Decorate the vessel with love notes to your liking. You can wrap it with beautiful paper, lace, attach flowers, hearts, etc.

    Do not forget to decorate the lid. There are many variations for its decoration:

    • Self-adhesive paper;
    • Packaging material;
    • Lace or other decorative fabric;
    • Floral tape;
    • Burlap fabric with regular rope garter;
    • Drawing with acrylic paints, etc.

    Decorating a box of love

    Decorating a box is similar to decorating a jar. The essence remains the same. Various beautiful details are used: beads, rhinestones, buttons, bows, etc. The inner part consists of scrolls decorated with a ribbon.

    For making a gift, you can take any box of shoes, souvenirs, etc. The main thing is that it is small and in good condition.

    The box must be brought into its proper form according to your choice:

    • should be pasted over with interesting paper;
    • Trim with fabric;
    • paint.

    Next, arrange it in the desired style.

    The final step will be to put beautiful curled leaves in the box.

    Many girls dream of getting one hundred and one roses from their beloved. And what, then, to give the guys? Let this be the 101 reasons for loving them.

    Write all the good qualities of the cute, prepare decorative elements and go ahead to make your man happier.

    Bookmark the site and you will always know how to please your loved one.If you find the article useful, then we suggest you share it on social networks, and bookmark the page with sms to your beloved.

    Best regards, Natalia Krasnova.

    beloved boyfriend, husband. Print templates

    How long mankind has lived, so much time, it asks the question – why do we love each other. At different times, philosophers, poets, psychologists were looking for an answer to this exciting question. Each prospector gave his reasons, found his own answer, but, oddly enough, they never came to a common opinion.

    But, despite all the search for an answer, we, humanity, loved, we continue to love, and in the future we are not going to give it up. And is it worth it? A man in love, capable of much, he becomes internally cleaner, and outwardly more socialized. Actions, in relation to the partner, are more liberated, unsophisticated, and in relation to others, more voluminous and peaceful.

    Very often, girls in love do not know how to properly confess their feelings for a guy. There are many reasons for this – insecurity, a sense of shame, and the moral and ethical side of the issue, also plays a role.But you must admit, for sure everyone asked herself a question – what are the reasons why I love you, beloved?

    It is this question that will run like a red thread throughout the article, it is he who will become the cornerstone, in laying your recognition, to your loved one.

    Today, we will offer you a win-win option, how best to express your love to your dear man. It should be noted right away that this option is suitable for absolutely all representatives of the strong half. We are sure that such a confession can be given both to a beloved man, in whom you do not like a soul, and to a husband, with whom you have been together for more than one year, and perhaps you decide to present a surprise to your dad for his birthday.

    If you want to make a pleasant surprise for your beloved man, you should prepare in advance. We suggest that you make a list of 100 reasons why you give your preference to your chosen one. In order for the recognition to make a splash, it is better if you express your reasons on paper and prepare for printing, writing in a beautiful font, originally decorating with patterns or your joint or individual photographs.

    100 or 101 reasons why I love you (text)

    1. Dear, we understand each other at a glance.
    2. I love, because your strong shoulder is always there, I can rely on you.
    3. Even in our moments of disagreement, you show signs of attention to me.
    4. I adore you for never leaving me alone in the most difficult moments.
    5. In any conflict outside our home, you always take my side.
    6. For giving me the opportunity to love and be loved.
    7. Even in the most severe frosts, I am never cold, as your strong hands are always ready to warm me.
    8. Your willpower amazes me – you never blame me.
    9. Your eyes are always directed only at me.
    10. I always feel protected in your presence.
    11. Baby, my most wonderful man, you have no equal in the entire universe and even beyond.
    12. I love the coffee you made, the flavor I have never tasted like.
    13. With your appearance in my life, two suns lit up in the sky during the day, and the nights became brighter, because of the two moons under the sky.
    14. You, my dear, do not have trifles, everything that concerns me is in the first place for you.
    15. My golden, I love, because the most unusual ideas and designs, we embody together.
    16. You don’t care about the opinions of others, your mercy is above that.
    17. You never interrupt me, but on the contrary, you listen to the end.
    18. My most sensible person, there is not a single question that would baffle you.
    19. You never lose heart, and jokes always make you smile.
    20. Always, I feel necessary and invaluable.
    21. For the fact that when tears flow from my eyes, you always put your chest up and press it tightly to you.
    22. My hand, always in your palm, wherever we go.
    23. Your tenderness towards me has no boundaries.
    24. You allow to feel like a carefree, complacent child.
    25. One of your most important virtues – after a quarrel, I still feel your love.
    26. You don’t know the word – sadness, you always find a reason to smile.
    27. Because of me, I am able to refuse to watch the game of my favorite team.
    28. I adore you for opening my eyes to the existence of disinterested and unconditional feelings.
    29. Let me be just a woman, sometimes weak, and sometimes reckless.
    30. Every day, day after day, you demonstrate what devotion is.
    31. By far you have the most powerful hands under the blue sky.
    32. The most beautiful and vivid dreams, associated only with you, my love.
    33. And when, after a hard day, I fall asleep on your lap, you gently stroke my head and whisper gentle words.
    34. Falling asleep on the couch, I never worry, because I know your strong arms will carry me to bed.
    35. During illness, I always feel your concern and concern.
    36. I love and thank you for your angelic patience.
    37. Honey, I don’t need to pretend to be someone, because you love the real me.
    38. As you call me, it just pleases the ear, never in my life have I heard so many affectionate synonyms of my name.
    39. For the fact that your palms gently and tenderly touch my hair.
    40. The worst nightmare I dreamed seems like a simple trifle in your arms.
    41. My dear, after every quarrel, it is you who are the first to take the step towards reconciliation, even if you are innocent of anything.
    42. Your patience can be envied by anyone, how many times he waited for me in stores or when I had to be late.
    43. My mister calmness, you constantly give me hope when I am overwhelmed with nerves and worries.
    44. I love looking at our photographs over and over again, they emit light and warmth.
    45. You seem to be the most beautiful woman of all living in this world.
    46. I love the most attractive man on earth.
    47. Your smell drives me crazy, and perfume has nothing to do with it.
    48. Always ready to put my shoulder on my tired head.
    49. Without your invisible presence, I’m always cold and empty.
    50. For your most pleasant and affectionate voice, which is music to my ears.
    51. Crazy about your compliments, even if they are a little exaggerated.
    52. And your loud, rolling and infectious laugh, gives a huge mass of positive.
    53. I can’t imagine myself without your constant kisses.
    54. Only you can calm me down when tears are pouring from my eyes.
    55. In my absence, you are always sad, although you do not admit it.
    56. Darling, you eat everything that you have prepared for you, even if the dish is not quite successful.
    57. Kitten, very often I compare you with superheroes saving our land.
    58. Thanks to you, I am getting better, I look at the world with completely different eyes, I notice even the smallest joys.
    59. I love your arms hugging me from behind when I wash the dishes or clean up the house.
    60. For your suspicions, which are unfounded.
    61. You, my love, breathe with courage and strength.
    62. How I like your ingenuous sweet smile!
    63. Your distinguishing feature is determination, passion, passion.
    64. We do not have similar days, in every day we find something new, interesting.
    65. Thank you that our life has not become a daily routine.
    66. Every moment spent together is a unique moment of life for me.
    67. If you are not around, I still feel you with all my heart.
    68. Besides you, I don’t need anyone, it’s even hard to imagine another man nearby.
    69. Your sincerity, honesty, makes me proud.
    70. My life became like a filled cup after we met.
    71. Your touches, even if accidental, make the butterflies in my belly spin furiously.
    72. Kitten, how has become dependent on you, like a drug addict, when alone, I feel bad.
    73. At times, it seems to me that you simply cannot be thrown off balance.
    74. Together, we are able to step over any obstacle that comes our way.
    75. It is extremely difficult to find people like my beloved boy all over the world.
    76. Thank you for sharing all the responsibilities of the house, all the worries about caring for our children equally.
    77. Darling, for your sake I want to live forever.
    78. Each touch of your gentle hands excites a storm of feelings in me.
    79. I like everything about you – every word spoken on the fly, every gesture directed towards me, every breath taken together.
    80. I love you because I am proud to be next to you, because you inspire me every hour.
    81. I love the moments of trepidation before each of our meetings.
    82. It is thanks to you that I become special and everyone around me notices it.
    83. With you, I can talk about the most intimate topics.
    84. Baby, the wings given by you become larger and brighter from the awareness of your presence.
    85. I know that you will drop everything and rush in when I feel bad or a difficult situation has arisen.
    86. We can just be silent, but in this silence fill each other.
    87. My heart is ready to jump out of my chest just after hearing your voice.
    88. With your appearance, my life turned into a rainbow – the dark colors disappeared, their place was taken by bright, full of life shades.
    89. Even on the most cloudy days or when the weather outside the window – your smile warms and gives hope.
    90. I love you because your words never disagree with deeds.
    91. Unbeknownst to me, my beloved has become the meaning of my whole life.
    92. Thank you because your inexhaustible energy charges everything around.
    93. Thank you for believing in our happy present and no less happy future.
    94. You always find time to call or send a message.
    95. No one has ever done as much for me as my dear boy.
    96. For watching your favorite films together and always finding something new.

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