Aesop hotel amenities: 15 Luxury Hotels’ In-Room Beauty Amenities


Don’t Worship Bulgari, These 14 Luxury Amenities are a Must Collection for the Hotelholics

The happiness of nowadays’ journey is soaring with the terrific airport lounge and box-like cabin along the way, but every time arrive at a different place, what I desire most is to go back to the guest room, nip into the bathroom, to scrutinize the hotel selected amenity brands just like checking the wine bottle label, and then wash all the tiredness with the help of its attractive fragrance.


Although we will buy wonderful scented candle or bathrobe in the boutique of our favorite hotel for the sake of continuing the wonderful feeling during our stay, but those sealed bottles and jars of pleasant fragrance with elegant packing is obviously the best souvenirs of the hotel, some hotels even custom engraved soapbox with their own Logo on it, this was to encourage you to pack the used soap back to home.


There’s a part in Tom Wang’s novel 61 x57 said that the leading lady Jinghui Lin found all kinds of soaps taken away from hotels around the world were piled up in the wash table containers in the washroom of a “flier” couple’s home. The small bathroom was thus filled with the hosts rich traveling experience. Amenities are indeed the most worth collecting souvenir of a trip, but with the exception of Bulgari and Ferragamo, there are many other brands that containing interesting ideas are awaiting you to pack them up and bring them home.

1. The Hermes


Hermes is not always using full set of dark green packaging + strong “spring of orange green ” (this amenity with the highest frequency of occurrence in the hotel select the eponymous perfume that was produced by Hermes in 1979).


Hermes, starting from leather products did not only depend on their brand name do credit to their bathing products in the field, but they have created the “cologne” and “garden” bath caring series with their own perfume line.

Hermes also made a refreshing short film, which makes bathing the most desirable thing during the summer time. Despite the fact that Hermes’s old acquaintance “Sofitel” has now only provided an amenity for LANVIN, Hermes is still very popular in the field of the hotel.


Dubai’s Burj Al Arab seven-star hotel has always been using the whole set of Kelly and “earth” series elegant skin care products and perfumes to attracted the guests habitually, the legendary Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental Hotel and one of the world’s most expensive hotel MAIA (MAIA in Greek mythology is the mother of Hermes) in Seychelles have all chosen the gentle fresh Nile series garden series to bring pleasant bath feeling to the guests. Hermes’s control over fragrance makes the process of a bath just as walking in an exotic garden.

Appear place: Dubai’s Burj Al Arab hotel, Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental Hotel, MAIA, Barcelona ABAC

2. Aromatherapy Associates

Great Britain

Don’t belittle Aman hotel’s amenity as the unbranded and dateless product by a nameless factory simply because they put them in the jars that cannot be taken away. In fact, what’s containing in the jars was the essential oil products produced by “the British radiotherapy association” (AA).

At the beginning of establishment in 1970, AA was just a beauty institution, later, it gradually carried the essential oil forward due to its advocacy of aromatherapy. In addition to Aman hotel, the most outstanding hotels in the hotel field like Mandarin Oriental hotel and Park Hyatt hotel are all uphold AA, even if most of their subsidiaries turned to other high standard salon perfumes, but both of them still using AA products in skin care.

At present, the most die-hard client to AA was Conrad Hilton family’s high-end line, although Conrad’s guest can select products from AA, Tara Smith and “Shanghai Beach” at liberty, what the hotel recommended and what the customer chooses at first are all AA.

In addition, I would like to recommend to all the travelers that the small bottle essential oil is omnipotence to the journey, which is worth keeping in the wash bag. 

Appear place: Shanghai Park Hyatt hotel, Conrad



Cathay Pacific Airways Limited which is famous for its good taste not only provide first-class guest box type seats, impeccable lounge and PYE pajamas, they distribute two custom toiletry bags to the male and female passengers respectively.


Founded in 1987 at Melbourne, “Aesop” advocate natural organic and laboratory aesthetics, they always transfer the exhibits to the stylish shop decoration, and they use the brown bottle to contain things, replace shopping bags cotton cloth bags. Aesop’s mouthwash bottle is the most beautiful glass container that I have ever seen, and I want to “buy the casket without the jewels” (of course the mouthwash is not speciosity, it has already become my most dependent mouthwash).


Such a special brand happen to have the same view with those hotels of high taste and with healing power, which has a cool style and a cure. In park Hyatt (Tokyo and Seoul), Capella Hotel (The flagship store in Singapore where singer Stefanie sun hold her wedding and the branch store at Shanghai Jianyeli which is about to unveiled) you can encounter the brown bottle of Aesop, their small bottle and skin care shampoo without any deliberate fragrant has already become the standard fittings of my wash bag when I go out.


Don’t try to hide your worship to Aesop, I remember one time in Tokyo when I checked into Park Hyatt hotel, I said some words praising Aesop, and the service beauty immediately sent three sets of Aesop to my guest room.


This Set of four small bottles is the Jet Set Kit priced at 41 Australian dollars ( around 200 RMB) at Aesop. 

Appear place: Park Hyatt (Tokyo, Seoul), Capella Hotel, New York Gramercy Park, Copenhagen Nimb



I can still remember that my first experience staying in Swire hotel was quite unpleasant, because of my preference towards the minimalist and woodiness bathtub in the Beijing Opposite House, I booked a room when I go to Beijing on a business trip, but when I arrive at the hotel that night, and open the wooden bathtub with merriment, but to find it could not put a drop of water.


So a long-anticipated bubble bath in a wooden tub at winter night end in a cold water bath, I do not know whether to cry or to laugh. But when I returned home and opened the body wash I haven’t got a chance to enjoy in the hotel, and it made me burst into laughter because the plant ingredients of the body wash smells just like Coca-Cola.


Recently in Chengdu, I stayed in the Temple House of Swire House Collective, and they provide the amenity of the same brand, but of different formulations, after checking the information, I finally made it clear that there are three series of this Australian natural skin care products.


At the time, what I used in the Temple House was a classic series four-piece suit with beige bottle mark, which was made of wheat raw protein shampoo, pod orchid conditioner, vitamin B5 moisturizer and Polymerized grass leaf shower gel. The “cola” flavor body wash that had delighted me was made of polymerization.


The Temple Hotel adopt black label series, make liquid shampoo, hair conditioner, shower gel, skin care products from black grass, Calophyllum inophyllum seed oil, Salix alba L.

and Hippophae rhamnoides Linn., the Temple House also specially selected material and made a black pepper soaps, echoing Sichuan spicy soaps in Chengdu. Besides, there is also a series that was made up of the flower of the goddess of the Luo River and the Egyptian plum, which are mostly based on the scene of wandering in a secret garden. I do not know whether the Swire hotel in Shanghai will introduce green label series in next year so that I can finish a complete collection. 

Appear place: The Beijing Opposite House, The Chengdu Temple House, Tianmu lake WEI

5. REN

Great Britain

In Swire’s three House of Collective, only The Upper House of Hong Kong adopted the skincare brand REN which was known as the world’s most pure, derived from the natural plant, only this can match Andre Fu’s simple and clean design for the hotel. Even the most sensitive skin can also use it without any burden.


To echo the hotel with the largest housing area in Hong Kong, the Upper House all use the whole set of REN 100 ml, and their famous wash bag even equipped with eye cream and lipstick, and it was enough to consume a for a good time at home. 

6. Sodashi


This is a rather low-key Australian organic brand, which is not very well-known compared with Aesop and Appellees. My first contact with this brand was stem from a set of Sodashi amenity one of my friend brought to me from the Mandarin Oriental Hotel in Hong Kong. Don’t assume that this black packaging is unimpressive, but once the natural aromatic essential oil that was extracted from plants flowing from the bottle, you will instantly understand that the brand truly earned the right to be called Sodashi (in Sanskrit it represents “thoroughly, pure and radiant”).


Sodashi is still the number one amenity in my mind, however, it is not easy to buy to Sodashi products, because it doesn’t possess brand boutiques like Aesop, and it’s also not willing to enter the store counters, I have only seen it in the Four Season Hotel Spa center’s display rack in Maldives, Milan and some other places, it was wrapped in black packaging, with a large freehand brand “S” Logo on it, it should be the Four Seasons Hotel Spa’s favorite partner. Besides, the most beautiful and reclusive hotel The Siam hotel in Bangkok also has a Spa that was running Sodashi.



WATERL’EAU was born in 1992 to the family businesses of Antwerpen, Belgium, thanks to Spain’s most legendary Alfonso XIII hotel chooses Waterl ‘eau out of hundred brands, so that we didn’t miss it, and it also let us remember the lion Logo that taking a bath in the vintage clawfoot tub.

Waterl ‘eau

Waterl ‘eau specializes in creating a relaxed atmosphere and healing scene for the bathroom. “Waters of the World”, its most famous line of bath care products, incorporates the best scents, colors, and imagery into the bathroom.

Waterl ‘eau

One of the most popular series is “The Green Deep”, which extracts the essence from green tea, and infuses it into bath and hair care products, and the refreshing aroma and soft texture has an effective healing power.The antioxidant content in green tea can also be used on the skin and hair care, and it will play a role in “rejuvenating”.

Waterl ‘eau

Its wine’s kettle-like bottles and cobblestone-like hard soaps (the soaps of its many types of soap have hooks) are all the epitomizes of the good taste of the bathroom. 

Appear place: Serbian Alfonso XIII hotel, Helsinki Kamp hotel


Great Britain 

COWSHED’s literal translation is “barn”, in these days, essential oils products seem all painted with black and white plants atlas on the body of the bottle, actually, it’s inseparable with the club hotel brand Soho House.


Yes, Samantha of the Sex and the City who applied for the membership card of the Soho House but failed repeatedly, and then picked up a card and enjoyed a summertime, high-order summer home. Celebrity socialite Olivia Palermo and her male model husband Johannes Huebl and some other celebrities are the Soho House members.


Cowshed initially was just a spa room of the Soho House barn style, because it is difficult to find a natural skin care products that full compliance with its tune, it creates its own Cowshed product line, and all of its raw materials are picked from the famous Walled Garden picking, injected aromatherapy oil that was gathered around the world, the Cowshed products are made from it and the still insist one hundred percent British manufacturing. 

In addition to its special bottle design, the name of the Cowshed series is also quite hilarious.


Grumpy Cow, Knackered Cow, Wild Cow, Horny Cow, Lazy Cow, Moody Cow…You can always find the one that suits you best.


So, if you stay in Soho House, must remember to bring the beautiful Cowshed amenities home, these bottles are enough to decorate your home into a grunge-like garden.

Appear place: SOHO HOUSE

9. Panpuri


The Mandarin Oriental Hotel should be the best hotel for its amenity, actually, I will pay particular attention to all the amenity brands it has been used and I am very concerned about it. When the Mandarin Oriental Hotel come out in Milan it has chosen a Thai brand Panpuri.


Panpuri is a combination of “sagacious” and “palace/holy place” in Thai. It was a newborn which was only started in 2003, but it still adheres to traditional method and now it has occupied in the apex of the pyramid in Thai Spa brands.


In addition to appearing in the top-level stores of the hotels such as the Four Seasons Hotel, The Mandarin Oriental Hotel, and Harvey Nichols, Panpuri is also been deeply loved by the Thai royal family.

At the moment, the hotel’s keenest requisition for Panpuri is the Thai jasmine and mint as a reserved fragrance, its refreshing smell can help you relax on a tired and irritable journey.

Appear place: Milan Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Chiang mai 137 Pillars

10. Jo Malone

Great Britain

Jo Malone is in the process of transforming to common perfume, but its perfume modulation power is still worth applauding. The founder Jo Malone love to blend perfume from an early age when her adult life began, she began to work in the daytime, and in the evening she doing face care for her clients in her kitchen. Once, she gave homemade myristica fragrant and ginger flower fragrance bath oil to her clients, and later it has a great vogue.

Ja Malone

Since then, this non-professional perfumer depends on her amazing perfume control and talent, created a large number of only 1 to 2 kinds of main perfume which are loyal to the plant itself, wrapping with black and white packing and suitable for many fragrances conjunction spray perfume.

Ja Malone

With a sense of smell fashion and absorption towards cross-boundary, HongKong land Mandarin Oriental Hotel is among the first hotels that start using Jo Malone amenities, after that, Shangri-la, London, and Hong Kong peninsula are all successively introduced Jo Malone amenities to its high order suite.

Appear place: Hong Kong Mandarin Oriental Hotel, London Shangri-la suite, Hong Kong peninsula

11. Diptyque

The French

In 1961, interior designer Christian Gautrot, painter Desmond Knox-leet, and theater director Yves Coueslant were at 34 Boulevard Saint Germain Avenue, Paris. Diptyque’s perfume has no fancy name and is usually named after its taste. The fragrances are pure, retro, and the aroma is not complex but reflects the uniqueness of each fragrance.


The Mandarin Oriental, who specialized in the preparations of bathroom amenities, made Diptyque their amenity supplier when Mandarin Oriental Hotel first hotel move into Paris, and it is the earliest hotel that adopts Diptyque. 

After that, the Taipei Mandarin Oriental Hotel also introduced the whole Diptyque series to its hotel based on the concept of the fantasy castle. 

Appear place: Paris Mandarin Oriental Hotel, Taipei Mandarin Oriental Hotel

12. Penhaligon ‘s

Great Britain

This brand’s amenity has got a roaring reputation when moving into the file of hotel salon fragrance. The motives of Penhaligon’s perfume mixture are extremely accidental. Founder William Penhaligon once opened a facial repairing shop next to the Piccadilly Avenue.


The hot and humid steam, the soap, the bath oil and Wilde-like British idealism inspired William’s passion for the perfume modulation. In 1872, Penhaligon’s first perfume was born, and the perfume’s name is called “ the Hammam Bouquet “.


This perfume seems to will lead you to an ancient room where there is the smell of rosin and old books lingering. The Blenheim Bouquet which was introduced in 1902 by Penhaligon’s, was Churchill’s favorite perfume, and it still got the two royal plaques.


My first time met Penhaligon’s amenity was in the Langham London hotel, and they chose Quercus fragrance at that time. Pen’s introverted England style is a natural counterpoint to the legendary antique hotel.

Appear place: Belmond Hotel Splendido, London Landmark


Le Labo

The United States

Le Labo is another salon-scented brand that has been taken away by Estee Lauder after Jo Malone, Le Labo, however, apparently still maintains a higher social status price, which is remaining at the price twice as expensive as Jo Malone.

Le Labo, meaning “laboratory” in French, and it was simple and crude in both its store, product image, and packaging. Every drop of Le Labo perfume is absolutely worthy of the high bills you paid. And the purchase of Le Labo will give you a sense of customization that is superior to other brands — the perfume will be filled on the spot, label your name, purchase date and place, and the perfume bottle can be recycled.

Le Labo

Le Labo’s focus on fragrance, personalized and unique style of the accused was favored by many luxury hotels, The Park Hyatt is one them, it adopt a large number of Le Labo 22 in its hotel in the Sydney, Beijing, and Guangzhou, its flagship hotel in New York also introduced perfume Tubereuse 40 which represent the characteristics of the New York City. Two years, Fairmont Hotels give up the cooperation with its long-term partner Miller Harris and switched to Le Labo’s most popular perfume Rose No. 31.

Le Labo The popular brand EDITION that was created with the cooperation of the godfather of design hotel Ian Schrager and the Marriott Hotel has bred Le Labo’s first perfume that does not contain numbers——EDITION, and the EDITION hotel Sanya that is opening soon has determined to put full set Le Labo EDITION perfume as its amenity in the guest room.

Le Labo

The brand new luxury hotel L ‘horizon Resort in California that is reinvented from a tycoon’s private residence has just introduced the perfume Santal 33.

Le Labo

Le Labo also made it to the world’s most luxurious “hotel in the sky” – Etihad Airways first class. In ten thousand high skies, you will be able to bath with Le Labo’s shower gel and find a full set customized Le Labo body care series in a stylish middle easterly stylish wash bag. 

Appear place: Park Hyatt Hotel, Fairmont, EDITION, L’horizon Resort, Gramercy Park, Etihad Airways

14. Lorenzo Villoresi


The Four Seasons Hotel does have a special interest in Oshudan, but in recent years, Lorenzo Villoresi has had a strong rising position in the Four Seasons Hotel.

Lorenzo Villoresi

Stars such as Brad Pitt are all loyal fans to Lorenzo Villoresi perfume. Founded in 1990 by a perfume master Lorenzo Villoresi who has been studied and lived in the Middle East for a long time, the mysterious oriental elements always occupy an important position in his perfume works.

Lorenzo Villoresi

Therefore, the Four Seasons Hotels of Florence (the birthplace of LV) and many other oriental cities (Shanghai Pudong and Seoul) have all specially invited LV to modulate perfumes for their amenity.

Lorenzo Villoresi

Most of their amenities will use the hexagonal bottle of LV perfume, and, of course, the hexagonal bottle is more likely to be removed due to its high cost. Andaz Hotel Shanghai and Rosewood Beijing are all using amenity produced by LV.

Lorenzo Villoresi

Appear places: Four Seasons Hotel (Shanghai Pudong, Florence, Seoul), Andaz Hotel Shanghai, Rosewood Beijing

After viewing the above 14 organic care, fragrance and designer brands that are now in the hotel bathroom. We will suddenly realize that the hotel bathroom is actually the showcase where all the major brands are the scramble to show and to display their products, meanwhile, it is also the most famous “cross-boundary” in the hotel world. So, have you find the amenity of your stock traveling wash bag?

How Aesop Hand Soap Got Into Every Fancy Restaurant

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When you mention the brand Aesop to someone, you will get this enthusiastic response close to 100 percent of the time: “Oh my god, I love their hand soap so much,” usually followed by a sheepish, “But I know it’s so expensive.” The hand soap, officially called “Resurrection Aromatique Hand Wash,” costs $39. It smells like someone smashed an orange all over some freshly cut cedar and then sprinkled rosemary on it, but in a muted way. It is the chicest method of killing germs that you can find on the market right now.

The Australian company’s awareness has grown in the US over the past several years thanks in part to the over 40 stores in 16 cities that have opened here since 2012. But arguably it’s also because of the inclusion of those signature black- and cream-striped hand-wash bottles you’ll find in the bathrooms of certain types of restaurants and hotels. Is the decor vaguely vintage with interesting art on the walls? Is it locavore? Perfect Aesop habitat. As this delightful July Saveur article about the ubiquity of Aesop in a certain type of restaurant notes: “On any given night, diners all over the world are walking back to their table thinking, I should really get a bottle of that.” They must actually do it, because it’s one of the brand’s best sellers.

Restaurants refilling Aesop hand soap with Mrs. Meyers… I see you.

— May Kasahara (@maykallday) October 27, 2016

Aesop screens every restaurant and hotel it works with, and yes, it will turn places down. It’s purposeful. “Our relationships with restaurants and hotels are created from a shared affinity for exemplary food and hospitality. If that affinity isn’t present or reciprocated on both sides, we do not partner with a restaurant,” Suzanne Santos, Aesop’s general manager, retail and customer service, writes in an email. “We always meet with the founder to understand their approach to food, hospitality, and to experience the character of the space firsthand.”

Aesop believes that what you eat and how you live contribute to your well-being, which is why you’ll find it in restaurants so frequently. As far as specifically why it will decline to provide its soap to a particular establishment, well, it’s just a case of knowing a good partner when they see it. Cool people recognize other cool people out in the wild, apparently.

A few establishments explained the allure from their end. “Aesop was a great fit for us, as I believe we have a similar classic and unassuming aesthetic, as well as commitment to quality,” Kelly Schmidt, the innkeeper at Longman & Eagle in Chicago, writes in an email. “The woodsy-clean scent is perfect for all of our guests without being too perfume-y, which can be troublesome in a culinary environment. A simple everyday task such as cleansing & hydrating your hands after a meal turns into a special little luxury.”

Aesop amenities at the Gramercy Park Hotel in NYC. Photo: Gramercy Park Hotel

The Gramercy Park Hotel in New York City is Aesop’s longest standing US partner and has been stocking the brand’s hotel amenities such as shampoo and body wash since 2014. It uses 250,000 units a year. “The philosophy of Aesop as a brand is fully aligned with Gramercy Park Hotel’s vision for creating unique and luxurious experiences in beautiful settings,” Danielle Choi, Gramercy Park Hotel’s director of sales and marketing, writes in an email. “Just like Gramercy Park Hotel, Aesop always considers aesthetics, scent, touch, and nourishment.”

Hand soap and tiny shampoo might be some people’s first introduction to Aesop, but it’s actually a 30-year-old beauty brand that sells dozens of products including haircare, skincare, fragrance, and home scents. The $73 Parsley Anti-oxidant Seed Serum is Aesop’s best-seller globally, and US customers in particular have been fans of its $35 deodorant. The brand also sells a few unexpected things, like this sticky face gel that dries to a smooth finish, animal fur shampoo, hand lotion so attractively packaged that a Racked editor admitted to buying it just for Instagram, and even “Post-Poo Drops,” which add a citrus tang to your toilet bowl post, uh, poo. It also just released a toothpaste that is formulated with anise, wasabi, and cardamom oil. This month it launched its third fragrance, the tricky-to-pronounce Hwyl (a Welsh word with no direct English translation that has to do with emotion), a unisex smoky, woody scent. The price points are fairly luxurious, with most skincare in the $40 to $120 range. In addition to its own freestanding stores, it’s sold at Nordstrom, Barneys, Need Supply, Saks, and Net-a-Porter.

Aesop was founded in 1987 by a hairdresser named Dennis Paphitis in Melbourne, Australia, who started the line by mixing essential oils into hair products that had strong ammonia scents. (And for the record, the name is pronounced “ee-sop” not “ay-sop.”) Aesop started out by wholesaling its products to retailers; Fred Segal in LA was one of its first US stockists, in the late ’80s. It opened its first freestanding store in Melbourne in 2004, with more stores opening globally after that.

In 2012, Aesop sold a 65 percent stake in the company to the eco-leaning Brazilian beauty company Natura Brasil, which allowed the company to scale up. As of the end of last year, Natura Brasil fully owned Aesop. Aesop also credits its global expansion to the savvy of Michael O’Keeffe, Aesop’s CEO since 2003. Aesop has grown 30 to 40 percent every year since its inception and earned $178 million in revenue in 2016. Sixty-five percent of its sales come from its own stores, 25 percent from department stores, 6 percent from its website, and 4 percent from cafes and restaurants, according to an April article in the Australian Financial Review. One has to assume that those cafes act as marketing, driving smitten hand soap users into the brand’s stores.

It’s difficult to categorize Aesop, which might be part of its appeal. You know it’s definitely fancy, but not so fancy it won’t admit that people poop. While it uses many plant-based ingredients in its products, it doesn’t want to be known as a “natural” brand. It’s definitely well positioned in the current beauty market, which increasingly favors transparency and effective ingredients perceived to be safe.

“We’ve always been interested in botanicals and what they can do for the benefit of the skin or the hair in our formulations, and we use essential oils for the scents of all of our products instead of synthetic fragrances,” says Kate Forbes, the general manager of marketing and innovation, whose background is product formulation. “But we did realize a while ago that you have to still combine that with some synthetically manufactured ingredients to get that efficacy.” As one example, she points to vitamin C, an ingredient that’s tricky to work with in its natural form due to its extreme instability, but which performs well in a “modified” version.

But arguably, it is the design that pulls you into Aesop first. Paphitis, who is now an “advisor” and not involved in day-to-day operations, has given some interviews to the Australian press over the years that give some clues to why that soap is so damn appealing.

In company lore, every aspect of Aesop’s image — from the colors staff use in PowerPoint presentations to “approved toilet paper” — has been strictly prescribed and meticulously controlled. Some of the quirkier Aesop rules state that staff are not allowed to talk about the weather with customers — too superficial and banal. Only classic black Bic pens are used in offices. Staff aren’t allowed to eat lunch at their desks. It all contributes to an intangible experience. As Paphitis said in one memorable interview, “It’s why the philistine plagiarists who attempt to copy what we do always fail — always. Thousands of seemingly insignificant and bizarre actions accrue and collude together to become the essence of the product.”

So with that all happening behind the scenes, you can imagine the attention that goes into the final product. Aesop has partnered with noted architects and designer firms through the years for its store designs, none of which are exactly the same. They all have some signature elements, though, and feature a prominently displayed large sink and rows and rows of product neatly lined up on shelves, with the different-sized stripes on the bottles making the wall look like one giant art installation. The stores also pay homage to their locations. For example, a store on New York City’s Upper West Side recently opened in the former location of a French laundry that had been there for 40 years. The original dry cleaner’s sign is still up, and the plywood walls hold shelves that are meant to look like upside-down clothes hangers.

No matter your level of cynicism, it’s hard to resist the sanctuary that is an Aesop store. When you shop there, you will be greeted by an employee who will offer assistance in a soothing voice without being pushy. He will wash your hands in the tastefully appointed sink with a well-designed faucet, then apply a balm afterwards. He will give you packets of product samples with your purchase, thoughtfully chosen based on your skin type, which he has already ascertained because he has not wasted time talking to you about how cloudy it is outside. Your purchases are then all packaged up in a cream-colored drawstring muslin bag that you tell yourself you will surely use to store something special in and not just toss on the floor of your closet.

The distinctive bottles add to the allure. The dark amber glass is a signature of the brand, and not a mere design element. “Amber does filter out a lot of light so you are able to preserve the quality of the product [unlike] in clear [glass]. And glass is a much more inert material than plastics,” explains Forbes, meaning it won’t react with the product’s ingredients, though some products that are used in the shower have to be housed in plastic now for safety reasons.

That striking label came from a pragmatic place as well. Most Aesop products don’t come with any outside box packaging, so all the information needs to fit on the label. Forbes says the alternating black and white lines help to break up the text to make it easier to read.

Recently, the company’s facade was dented a bit by an intrusion from the real world. Aesop’s stores and packaging often feature quotes from famous people; Paphitis once only half-jokingly called himself the “director of quote-sourcing.” A Thomas Jefferson quote in a store recently received a few customer complaints, including a tweet that said: “Maybe don’t use this quote from someone who raped their slaves.” Aesop responded immediately on Twitter that it would remove the quote from all stores. “Aesop frequently chooses quotes from historical or literary figures to inspire our customers or highlight key attributes of our products. We recently used a quote in store and realized the insensitive nature of its inclusion, and have since removed it from all stores,” Forbes said in a statement to Racked.

With the exception of that post and a few scattered tweets about its new products, Aesop’s Twitter feed reads like NPR. It discusses podcasts, books, and pop culture moments like The Handmaid’s Tale. It has a literary blog on its site. In addition to the commercial properties it works with, Aesop also recently partnered with the Neutra VDL house in LA when it launched its home scent sprays.

What could seem massively pretentious for any other brand for some reason doesn’t when Aesop does it. Or perhaps it’s just accessible pretentiousness. Either way, Aesop brilliantly taps into that piece of us that needs the pleasure of using bougie $39 hand soap.

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Top 6 Hotel Beauty Products

When you stay in luxury hotels a lot, you really notice the fancy bath products. It’s a way five-star hotels can differentiate themselves. I don’t know what it is, but something about being in a new city, having an amazing hotel room, and seeing a luxe set of beauty products just makes me happy. Combine that with a deep soaking tub? YES.

Photo by Nefeli Kavvada on Unsplash

Disclaimer: I know it’s all the rage to stop providing single-use toiletries in the name of the environment. I think hotels are just doing this to save money rather than the environment, since it’s very possible to create biodegradable bottles. But even if this trend continues, I hope hotels will realize that luxury bath products are a big differentiator, and act accordingly. The ones listed here provide a lot more than just your soap-shampoo-conditioner sets, and it really makes a difference!

Just a few of the toiletries in our home – Yes, we take them from hotels and use them later!

Without further ado, here are some of the top hotel beauty products I’ve come across in my travels:

1. Aesop.

Found in: Park Hyatt Tokyo (detailed review of the hotel included!)

Aesop, based in Australia, puts out some amazing (and expensive!) high-end bath products. They have small stores in several major cosmopolitan cities. A large Brazilian company called Natura took ownership of Aesop a few years ago, so it’s been growing pretty rapidly recently.

This brand focuses on herbal ingredients and smells very natural, not flowery or fake-fruity. It rinses away very cleanly. (I’m a guy who really likes nice baths, okay?) You’ll either love or hate this brand because it’s so herbal. Regardless, any hotel that stocks this is a winner in my book because Aesop’s body wash goes for a whopping $45 per 16.9 ounce bottle in stores!

My favorite is the Geranium Leaf Body Cleanser

2. Le Labo.

Found in: Fairmont hotels.

If you’re into high-end fragrance (and I am), you’re familiar with Le Labo. Their unisex scent Santal 33 is really popular in New York and Chicago. Fairmont hotels in San Francisco and San Jose (maybe more) stock Le Labo’s scent Rose 31. A woody mixture of rose, cedar, carrot, and cumin, this scent is more feminine than the herbal Aesop products. It’s not overly floral or “girly,” though, so you will end up smelling like a million bucks.

Rose 31, in bottles made just for Fairmont hotels

A bottle of perfume of Rose 31 is slightly less than a million bucks, at $275 for your standard 3.4 ounce bottle. When you stay at the Fairmont, this brand is high-end enough that it’s totally worth it to ask for a couple of extra little soaps.

3. Malin + Goetz.

Found in: Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka

Malin + Goetz has been around for a long time, since I first started my first career in investment management right after the Dot Com Bust. (I’m dating myself.) I remember thinking, “How on earth can a company charge $25 for a small bottle of liquid hand soap??!” Nowadays, that’s…. Nope, actually, that’s still pretty crazy.

Anyway, Malin + Goetz focuses on hypoallergenic ingredients, and their scents are very clean. In particular, their Rum body wash is killer, as is their $36 Peppermint shampoo.

Malin + Goetz: Rum Body Wash is my favorite

Anyone know of other hotels carrying Malin + Goetz? I’ve only come across it at the Fraser Residence Nankai Osaka. If you’ve seen it somewhere else, drop me a line, I haven’t been able to find much of it and I’d love me some more Rum body wash.

4. Hermes

Found in: Sofitel – fanciest rooms only!

Yes, that Hermes. Sofitel hotels provide products with their classy scent, Eau d’Orange Verte, but get this: Only in the fancy rooms!

I know it’s ridiculous, but if you’re staying at a Sofitel without those bath products, you can and should ask Housekeeping to bring you some. I just love how realistic their orange scents are. Everything produced by Hermes looks like it’s made for a rich French person.

Photo courtesy of Hermes. I ran out of the little bottles of this one.

5. Shanghai Tang

Found in: Conrad Tokyo AND Conrad Osaka (check out my detailed reviews in the links!)

Shanghai Tang, who? Yeah, I hadn’t heard of them before either, but Shanghai Tang is a fashion house out of Hong Kong that makes clothing, home goods, and fragrance. At both the Conrad Tokyo AND the Conrad Osaka (click to see how I booked them both for free when I could’ve paid over $3,600), you can find their products in the rooms and also in the spas.

This Mandarin White Tea scent is phenomenal. It smells exactly as described, a lifelike orange scent paired with jasmine tea. If you like Killian’s Jasmine Tea perfume or the Hermes D’Orange line, you’ll love this scent. Fresh and juicy.

6. C.O. Bigelow

Found in: Eliza Jane New Orleans (click the link for my detailed review!)

C.O. Bigelow is based out of NYC and used to have stores all over the country. This is a brand with an amazing set of scents. Some of my favorites are their Lemon, Rosemary Mint, and Lime Coriander. As you can tell, many of their fragrances revolve around food. If you get a chance to visit NYC – perhaps while staying at the Conrad New York, which I got the chance to review – their original location in Greenwich Village is a must-visit destination. They collect some of the best beauty products around the globe.

Anyway, the C.O. Bigelow products provided at the Eliza Jane New Orleans were none of the original scents I’m familiar with. It was a much more herbal, almost masculine scent. I loved it though!

What are some of YOUR top hotel beauty products?

The 12 Best Boutique Hotel Beauty Amenities of 2021

Our editors independently research, test, and recommend the best products and services; you can learn more about our review process here. We may receive commissions on purchases made from our chosen links.

Hotels offer guests more than a place to stay while traveling. In-room amenities can make your accommodations feel more luxurious and ensure your overall stay is more memorable. And in recent years more high-end beauty brands have been making their way into boutique hotels’ sinks and vanity trays. Below, we’ve rounded up the best amenities to help make your home feel more like a hotel suite, no suitcase required.

01 of 12

Best Overall: Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Courtesy of Amazon

Some of the most desirable boutique hotels in the world offer high-end Dyson hair dryers to guests, including the chic 15-room Casa Palopo overlooking spectacular Lake Atitlan in Guatemala. There, colorful and culturally inspired details are complemented by modern amenities. Among them, Dyson’s Supersonic dryers—considered among the most coveted tools in the beauty world—are available for guests’ use. Fans love this dryer for protecting hair from heat damage while it dries miraculously quickly.

02 of 12

Best Budget: Kiss My Face Pure Olive Oil Bar Soap

Kiss My Face has supplied its products to the Standard hotels for guest rooms, but the line is also widely available outside hotels—and it’s extremely budget-friendly. A three-pack of its much-beloved Naked Pure Olive Oil moisturizing bar soaps costs as much money as you’d spend on a drug store impulse buy. Reviewers love this soap for its pureness and simplicity. They’ve noted that this product is gentle on their skin and leaves it feeling soft. It’s made with just three ingredients: olive oil, salt, and water.

03 of 12

Best Fragrance: Coqui Coqui Eau de Parfum

Courtesy of Saks Fifth Avenue 

Find yourself transported to Nicolas Malleville’s Coqui Coqui hotel in Tulum, Mexico with this splurge-worthy floral scent. The fresh and elegant Rosas Frescas has notes of red rosewater tinged with lemon—a formulation that results from extensive research into the flora of Mexico’s biodiverse Yucatán Peninsula. Layer it with the brand’s other scents to make it totally your own.

04 of 12

Best Eye Mask: Everybody.Sleeps Eye Mask

Courtesy of Everybody.World

Indulge in the same quality sleep experience that’s offered at the Ace Hotels by bringing home its Everybody.Sleeps eye mask. This mask feels like a weighted blanket for your eyes, which makes for a better night’s rest. The L.A.-based creative design house Everybody.World upcycles towels from Ace Hotels into this linen and terry eye mask, so you can sleep soundly knowing that your mask was made with earth-friendly practices.

Continue to 5 of 12 below.

05 of 12

Best Robe: Frette Shawl Collar Bathrobe with Piping

Courtesy of H by Frette 

Guests of New York City’s NoMad hotel will find custom bathrobes and slippers by the luxury linen retailer Frette in their rooms. You can snag a version at home with a shawl-collar bathrobe from H by Frette, its direct-to-consumer line offering the same products found in top hotels worldwide. This soft and fluffy robe comes in thick velour terry with piping, and it has two deep pockets. It’s 100 percent cotton and is manufactured in Turkey.

06 of 12

Best Shampoo and Conditioner: Le Labo Shampoo and Conditioner

Courtesy of Nordstroms 

Le Labo products and scents have made their way into an array of boutique hotels, including the Pontchartrain in New Orleans, Pulitzer in Amsterdam, and Editions around the world. Bring the brand’s products home by scooping up Le Labo shampoo and conditioner, both well known among travelers in the know. The shampoo is thick and rich, made with repairing macadamia; stimulating rosemary leaf; and strengthening rice extract. The conditioner goes on like a luxurious balm, leaving hair shiny. Both are free from parabens, phthalate, and artificial coloring.

07 of 12

Best Facial Cleanser: Aesop Fabulous Face Cleanser

Courtesy of Bloomingdale’s 

Guests of New York City’s glamorous Gramercy Park Hotel have delighted at in-room toiletries from Aesop, which comes in an appropriately chic minimalist packaging—and is available for at-home use, too. Fans love the brand’s Fabulous Face Cleanser, a mild formulation that won’t strip moisture from your skin. Botanical ingredients such as aloe, Bergamot, and rosemary leaf oil hydrate and calm. It’s a bit of a splurge, but reviewers love the way it lathers and pampers sensitive skin.

08 of 12

Best Face Oil: Lather Chia Seed & Passion Fruit Facial Oil

Courtesy of Lather

Lather is currently carried in more than 60,000 hotel rooms worldwide (including Four Seasons, Miraval, and Canyon Ranch) and it’s among guests’ favorites to stash in their toiletry kits. For super smooth skin, try the brand’s lightweight botanical facial oil, made with organic chia seed oil and passion fruit seed oil. Grapeseed, rosehip, and Tahitian monoi oils are antioxidant rich and great for moisturizing. Plus, this formula is free from parabens, sulfates, mineral oil, synthetic fragrance, or colors—and is never tested on animals.

Continue to 9 of 12 below.

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Best Lotion: Los Poblanos Lavender Lotion

Courtesy of Farm Shop

Los Poblanos Historic Inn & Organic Farm is set among 25 acres of lavender fields—and as you might expect, various lavender products are included in the rooms and available to purchase at the property’s farm shop or online. One product that stands out among the rest is Los Poblanos’ own luxurious lavender lotion, made with lavender farmed right on site. And if it works for the dry New Mexican high desert, it should work well as an everyday moisturizer at home, too.

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Best Suncare: Kiehl’s Ultra Facial Moisturizer SPF 30

Courtesy of Kiehl’s

Various boutique hotels over the years have included indulgent amenities from the cult-favorite product line Kiehl’s (the brand goes back to 1851 after all)—including L.A.’s storied Sunset Tower and Hotel Bel-Air. For your own travel and everyday use alike, scoop up Kiehl’s lightweight moisturizer with SPF 30. It’s quick-absorbing and softening, with broad-spectrum SPF 30 to protect against sun damage.

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Best Soap: Baxter of California Vitamin Cleansing Bar

Courtesy of Dermstore

The Line hotel—a cool and industrial-chic boutique hotel in the heart of L.A.’s Koreatown neighborhood—partnered with Baxter of California to create a soap for its rooms. That soap was a custom version of the brand’s Vitamin Cleansing Bar, which is available for purchase for home use as well. Made with aloe vera, marine complex, and sunflower oil, this bar soap is citrusy, fresh, and light. It’s a great match for an array of tastes as well as skin types.

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Best Shave Kit: Harry’s Truman Set

Courtesy of Birch Box

The Standard once teamed up with Harry’s to offer customized versions of its shave kits, conveniently located in hotel room minibars. Now, you can get a similar version delivered right to your doorstep. The budget-friendly Truman set comes with a comfortable-to-use handle, with a weighted core and textured rubber grip. You also get three German-engineered blade cartridges, each with a flex hinge and lubricating strip. And just like in the Standard kits, you get a foaming shave gel for rich lather with this well-priced kit. Of course, it comes with a travel cover to keep your blades covered while you’re on the move, too.


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Hotel Amenities: Hong Kong Five Star Hotels

In the world of luxury hotels, or in this case Hong Kong five star hotels, it’s the little things that count. That’s why the tempting array of miniature in-room spa amenities is a very big deal for guests and hoteliers alike. Here are the best of the best.

See our picks of the top 5 new luxury hotels here.

The Mandarin Oriental

The Mandarin Oriental’s suites feature Aqua Di Parma items, a staple for any high society devotee. Hailing from a quaint perfumery in Italy, the now LVMH-owned brand is a timeless symbol of Italian savior vivre. Alternatively, guestrooms offer a collection of Un Jardin Sur Le Nil amenities by Hermès. Not wanting their pint-sized guests to feel neglected, the hotel has introduced a range of children’s organic bathroom products by Melvita, a trusted French beauty brand.


The Peninsula

The Peninsula has great expectations of US luxury skin care brand Davi. Relatively new on the scene, its products are touted for its collagen-stimulating ingredients which are procured from grapevines. The range is also partly inspired by the experiences of co-owner Carlo Mondavi, the grandson of legendary Californian winemaker Robert Mondavi, at his family’s Napa Valley winery. Also, protecting the bathroom sanctuaries of guests is a beautifully crafted ‘Door God’ soap case replete with a Davi soap bar. The traditionally styled bespoke keepsake is emblematic of the hotel’s rich Chinese heritage.

Read more about fashion hotels around the world here.

The Grand Hyatt

New York-brand June Jacobs is the Grand Hyatt’s fashionable line of choice. Combining science and nature, its spa series is infused with a blend of powerful botanical ant-oxidants including green tea, goji berries and pomegranate extracts. The grapefruit purifying shower gel leaves the skin soft and smooth especially after a long flight or a day at work. Other products by Aesop and L’Occitane are available upon request.

Check out our pick of the 10 sexist hotels in the world here.


The Four Seasons

The Four Seasons invites guests at its suites to freshen up using Bulgari. Sharing a delicate yet distinct fragrance, the selection of shower gels, shampoos and lotions are part of its white tea set. While guests in other rooms can enjoy a choice of amenities from L’Occitane’s reenergizing Verbena range. The Verbena line is extracted from Corsica, and the fresh lemon fragrance helps to re-energise and revitilise the skin.


The Upper House

Swire’s Upper House uses REN, the British holy grail of skin care products. The contemporary brand specialises in clean bio active skin care. In other words, they are free of artificial fragrances, dyes, petrochemicals, sulfates, animal ingredients and other skin-unfriendly synthetic ingredients. Hence the thoughtful and stylish collection is safe for even the most sensitive of skin. In each room, a speacially prepared REN toiletry set is prepared for guests to enjoy. Inside the signature purple silk vanity case includes everything from REN cleansing gel, to eye cream, to a facial mask for guests. The REN bestseller, the rose otto oil is also available for guests to use.



KLoé Hotel Opens Its Doors In The Heart Of KL; A Hotel Fully Stocked With Aesop Products? Hell YES |

KL’s latest boutique hotel is an urban oasis for creative nomads

There’s a spanking new hotel in town, and its unlike anything you’ve ever seen. Introducing KLoé Hotel, a boutique hotel comprising of 85 rooms which are all designed in celebration of artistic pursuits. The hotel is perfect for creatively inclined independent travellers looking for a mini break amidst the hustle and bustle of Bukit Bintang in the heart of Kuala Lumpur.

The first thing you’ll notice about the place is it’s bold architecture. The hotel channels the spirit of Malaysian contemporary art and design rather effortlessly. This comes a no surprise given that it collaborated with local artists and designers to furnish every every aspect of the hotel with original pieces of art, from it’s lobby, aptly called “The Living Room”, to it’s many themed guest rooms.

The highlight of the hotel is without a doubt it’s five one-of-a-kind lofts, each outfitted to celebrate a particular creative pursuit; art, music, food, nature and books. To achieve this, KLoé teamed up with five different personalities, all of whom are well-respected thought leaders in their respective fields, to design the lofts’ guest experience. In Room to Listen, guests will find a vinyl collection curated to suit an array of musical tastes to be enjoyed on an audiophile-approved sound system. In the Room to Draw, guests may grab a brush and unleash their inner artist when inspiration strikes. If the love of nature fuels the soul, the Room To Grow is a verdant conservatory-like loft.

When it comes to guest experience, KLoé pulls out all the stops. The hotel is designed not just with aesthetics in mind, but also with guests peace of mind. Of the belief that luxury is in the touch, real oak floors and hand-poured terrazzo tables are featured in all rooms. Offering all the necessities for the savvy globetrotter, rooms come with apps to mirror your devices, in-house designed city guides, artisanal snacks and, a Malaysian hotel first, amenities by the cult Australian skin and bodycare brand Aesop. That’s right, the entire hotel is fully stocked with Aesop goods.

KLoé is also home to a selection of FnB outlets. In The Living Room is Lucky Coffee, which will offer sandwiches, ready meals and specialty coffee beverages. Next to the pool, you have Monroe, a breezy California-styled bistro set to serve comfort food based around family and community. To top it all off, KLoé is partnering with Empire Eats Group to bring its award winning cocktail bar, The Secret Mermaid, to KL.

For more info and room rates, head on over HERE. 90,000 Royal Christmas • DARSIK travel & lifestyle

22 December 2015

Copenhagen is beautiful during the festive season: the streets are burning with the lights of joy, as if they have descended from the illustrations of Andersen’s fairy tales, it smells of vanilla and cinnamon, Santa Claus orchestras are playing and shop windows are beckoning with discounts. I told why everyone who wants to feel the spirit of Danish Christmas should stay at the Nimb Copenhagen Hotel.

Nimb Hotel Suite

Entrance to the Tivoli Gardens with Christmas illumination

Copenhagen is a compact city. It is convenient to walk on it, saving on taxis and delighting the pedometer built into the iPhone with its activity. The Nimb Hotel is very conveniently located: it is easy to get here in 15 minutes by train from the airport – the entrance to the hotel is located across the street from the Central Station. Do not be afraid of the proximity to the train station – the area is very calm, moreover, most of the hotel rooms face the park.The city center, shops, museums, restaurants – 15 minutes on foot. Trendy districts with trendy boutiques, vintage shops and a wonderful market are also 15 minutes away. Wherever you go, the hotel is always conveniently located. With its Moorish façade, the Nimb overlooks the Tivoli amusement park, which hosts an excellent holiday fair. This is very convenient if you come with children – you will not waste time on the road and you can always return to your room immediately if the baby is tired.

View of the Christmas market in the Tivoli Gardens

The fairs dedicated to Christmas usually close on the eve of the holiday, leaving only memories for the guests arriving for the new year.But in the Tivoli Park the fair is open until January 3! Tivoli is the oldest amusement park in Europe, wrapped in a pleasant vintage flair. There is no too loud music or too shining lights – it is fabulous, calm, cozy, intelligent, in a word, in Danish. Several times during the evening, music from Tchaikovsky’s ballets is heard over the park, and fountains, illuminated by a laser, begin to dance over the pond. Music performances take place in the concert hall, old-fashioned carousel rides for young guests, exciting roller coasters for older guests.Warm pavilions spread across the park sell hot wine and sweet almonds, cozy knitted mittens and designer Christmas tree decorations. Be sure to ask the Nimb’s concierge for a ticket to the park, which is usually included in the room rate.

Fireplace in the hotel bar Nimb

It is incredibly pleasant to return to the hotel from the cold, and all because many rooms have real fireplaces. One call to the concierge – and in five minutes you are sitting on the softest sofa in a cozy robe, putting your frozen fingers in the warmth of a living fire and looking out the window at the lights of the Christmas market.You can also go to the hotel bar (Nimb Bar) – it also has a fireplace. This is where the five-hour tea is served with a basket full of freshly baked pastries, or an aperitif. The bar is loved not only by hotel guests, but also by the townspeople, and therefore in the evening it is almost always lively here. Let’s say more – the bar is also loved by the Queen of Denmark, who is no, no, and you can also meet here.

Interior of the Nimb Suite

Nice little thing – cosmetic set from Aesop

In addition to the fireplace in the rooms, guests will find many pleasant surprises, including antique furniture, fresh flowers (orchids and lilies – the floral brand of the hotel), a Nespresso coffee machine, a spacious bath of exquisite design, a cosmetic compliment from the wonderful Australian brand Aesop and, of course, a stunning the view from the windows to the Christmas lights of the Tivoli gardens.

Christmas is a family holiday for Danes. How can a traveler feel its atmosphere and how to taste traditional dishes for the main day of the year? Do not ask to visit passers-by! If you find yourself in Copenhagen before Christmas, be sure to book a table at the Nimb Terrasse restaurant, located in Tivoli Park. Chef Yves Le Le, familiar to Muscovites from the cuisine of the Strelka bar, interprets the main Christmas dishes in a modern manner: tender salmon with caviar, cod with mussel sauce, traditional baked duck with red cabbage garnish and melting under hot tart sauce cherry rice sphere, reminiscent of the rice dessert that always rounds off a Danish Christmas dinner.A rare amusement park boasts a gourmet restaurant! And, what is nice, it takes only three minutes to get to the room from the table.

However, Nimb Terrasse is not the only gastronomic establishment that the hotel can boast of. Gourmet tourists and city dwellers will find the Fru Nimb restaurant, whose chefs masterfully interpret traditional smurrebrods, the Bar’n’Grill, which specializes in outstanding steaks, the Vinotek snack and tasting room with an inspiring selection of wines and, of course, a banquet hall for special occasions. lush events.

What better way to start your day on vacation with a glass of sparkling wine and discussing plans? And if outside the window, the winter park that has not yet woken up, smells of fresh bread, and on a plate – poached eggs and the freshest salmon from the Faroe Islands? The eggs served for breakfast at the Nimb are from the hens that live in the park. Yes, yes, the ecology in the Danish capital is such that there is no need to order farms! Honey, too, from our own apiary – incredible! And you will never be too noisy at breakfast: the hotel has less than 30 rooms.

Breakfast table at Brasserie Nimb

Honey from the Tivoli apiary in Brasserie Nimb

Breakfast at Brasserie Nimb

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How Christmas is celebrated in Finland

December 21, 2015

How to get a postcard from the real Joulu Pukki, is Christmas being celebrated in a sauna, and is the herring vinaigrette delicious in Finnish? Today we go to the pre-holiday Helsinki to find out everything about how… read more

Bath Shelfie: Nastya and Yani’s cosmetic bag on the trip

The other day we told you about our room at the Grand-Hôtel du Cap-Ferrat, which, in addition to chic views, soft beds and the most delicious berries and croissants, had a large bright bathroom every girl’s dream. It took us a second to understand that it is in these interiors that we want to shoot the long-planned material and share with you that from the care products and decorative cosmetics we took with us on our journey this time.

You may have already heard from us about some of the products listed below, but this only says that we are really ready to vouch for these compact tubes and jars.

Care cosmetics

Cellular Eye Contour Cream, La Prairie . Probably, there is no need to say once again that you should start using eye cream BEFORE the first wrinkles appear, but you definitely do not need to wait for a miracle to happen when the wrinkles have already appeared.The cream has a pleasant texture, absorbs quickly, is almost odorless and perfectly moisturizes. You can / should use it in the morning and at night.

Primrose Facial Hydrating Cream, Aesop , but in a travel tube. It is convenient to take it with you so as not to lug a large and heavy jar of day cream in a small suitcase for a couple of days. The smell of the cream (like the entire Aesop line) is harsh, but you quickly get used to it.

Control Anti-Rash Gel, Aesop .It is difficult to say how the gel works against serious rashes on the face, but copes with the beginning disgrace with a bang. It is best to apply at night and locally (exactly at the place of the disaster)! During the night he will dry and heal everything, and most likely (in 9 out of 10 cases) will help.

Parsley Seed Anti-Oxidant Eye Serum, Aesop is instantly absorbed and perfectly moisturized! Why exactly, we think, it is not necessary to explain? In general, we should probably make a whole article dedicated to Aesop to tell about our favorites of this little-known brand in Russia.

Dahlia Divin toilet water, Givenchy . We have already talked about it too. It remains a constant favorite since January 2016, and such a travel option is generally love!

Gel for washing Amazing Face Cleanser, Aesop. Name to the point! Great gel for daily washing. Perfectly cleanses the skin, does not dry out. And no surprises at all that can sometimes be expected from organic cosmetics.

Ultra Facial Cleanser, Kiehl’s. When you don’t know what to choose, but you need to wash your face today, you can safely go to the Kiehl’s corner straight to the stand with bestsellers. It is very difficult to make a mistake and, most likely, the tool will suit you. Like this gel, it simply and consistently cleans well and does not dry out.

Hair cosmetics

We have known shampoos of the Australian brand Kevin Murphy not so long ago, but we fell in love with them at once. This brand was opened for us by our friends – Authentica Club, in the salon where you can buy products.For Yani, this is the Plumping line, and for Nastya, it is Luxury.

Shampure Dry Shampoo, Aveda , which we talked about in the post with new products for April, is also our common favorite. When traveling, this is an ideal option to freshen up your hair and add volume in a minute after a train or plane, when there is no time and you have to run to see a new city.

Sea Salt Spray for voluminous loose styling, Davines . First, it has a divine smell! Secondly, be careful in use, because if you overdo it, you will have not just volume on your head, but a lion’s mane! Despite the fact that the jar is impressive and weighs decently, it was simply impossible not to take it with you on a trip.

Hair Oil Bamboo Kendi Oil, Alterna. Hair oil is an indispensable remedy for hair ends that are constantly striving to become dry and start to split. Apply only to ends for extreme hydration, immediately after shampooing. But this product can be distributed over the entire length to add shine, eliminate the frizz effect and moisturize. This small tube lasts a whole year if used only for the ends.

Nourishing styling cream Smooth Infusion, Aveda. Caring cream creates a smooth, soft and very lively styling. It doesn’t make hair look cold, does not create the effect of not fresh hair, but at the same time it really moisturizes perfectly. Even if you just apply it to the hair after washing and dry it, without too much styling, the hair looks well-groomed and healthy. They say that it is able to make wavy hair smooth and straight, but we cannot test this on our hair.

Decorative cosmetics

Historically, we are both big fans of the Bobbi Brown brand.Therefore, it is not surprising that most of our favorite products are duplicated in cosmetic bags. We even have the same blush color.

Blush Illuminating Bronzing Powder, Bobbi Brown . This is our favorite for many years. The color matches the face so perfectly that it creates the effect of a natural natural blush, without exaggeration.

Cosmetic brush Face Blender Brush, Bobbi Brown. You can fall in love with her simply for the combination of colors with your favorite blush.But seriously – great for applying and shading blush.

Mascara for eyebrows Natural Brow Shaper & Hair Touch Up, Bobbi Brown. Stored in both cosmetic bags again. A favorite and irreplaceable thing, because you can always go out at home with a clear conscience without mascara in front of your eyes, but your eyebrows must be in place.

Shimmer Shimmer Brick Compact, Bobbi Brown. Favorite building block for the most beautiful shine and accentuation. Perfectly matched shades allow you to achieve the effect of natural and radiant skin, the main thing is not to overdo it.

Mascara for eyes Sublime De Chanel, Chanel – mascara for an amateur and quite controversial, but we definitely advise you to try it at least once, it may well become your favorite. We have another favorite from Chanel that didn’t make it to the photo – Inimitable. Ideal mascara for every day – separates, lengthens, gives a small volume. And everything is very delicate.

Base Shadow Palette Naked 2, Urban Decay. This six-shade baby is not at all a scaled-down version of the 12-shade large palette.It features gray-brown matte shades ideal for everyday makeup. From daytime to evening.

Lightscapade Mineralize Skinfinish Pearl Powder, Mac. In summer or on vacation, when you really don’t want to burden your skin with makeup once again, this powder will easily add a slight glow, refreshing your makeup. We checked!

Select Cover-Up, Mac. Perfectly conceals minor imperfections on the skin (minor inflammation, dark circles under the eyes).It is presented on the site as “light”, but in our cosmetic bags it is an SOS-tool. Even lighter textures are suitable for everyday use, such as under the eyes.

That’s all the most important and favorite at this moment. And tell us about your favorites and new finds among decorative and care cosmetics?

90,000 Reviews Marktgasse Hotel, 4 stars

Hotel services

  • Internet

    Free! Wi-Fi is available in the entire hotel free of charge.


    Public parking nearby (reservation is not needed) is possible at CHF 40 per day.

  • General
    • Wi-Fi is available throughout
  • Sports and Leisure
    • Fitness Center
    • Solarium
    • Spa and Wellness Center
    • Massage
    • Whirlpool bathtub2 sauna
  • Food and drinks
    • Food and drink delivery to the room
    • Bar
    • Packed lunches
    • Restaurant (menu)
    • Restaurant (buffet)
    • Special diet menus (on request)
  • Transport
    • Airport shuttle
    • Airport shuttle (paid)
  • Front desk
    • 24-hour front desk
    • Press delivery
    • Express check-in Airport departure
    • Safe
    • Tour desk
    • Ticket service
    • Luggage storage
    • Concierge services
  • Public areas
    • Terrace
    • Library shared lounge
    • /902
    • Entertainment and family services
      • Babysitting / childcare
    • Cleaning services
      • Dry cleaning
      • Ironing service
      • Shoe shine
      • Business cleaning
      • -center
        • Conference / banquet hall
        • Fax / photocopying
      • Miscellaneous
        • Non-smoking rooms
        • Facilities for disabled guests Opportunities
        • Elevator
        • Heating
        • Smoking is prohibited throughout the territory
        • Air conditioning

      Check the availability of the services you need on the booking website.

      Whare Kea Lodge in Lake Wanaka: description and living conditions


      Whare Kea Lodge is a comfortable and welcoming lodge with first-class service, nestled on 70 acres of private grounds on the shores of Lake Wanaka, amidst the majestic Southern Alps and scenic New Zealand countryside. Opened in 1996, the lodge is a member of the prestigious Relais & Chateaux Boutique Hotels association and a 2004 Relais & Chateaux Environment award for respect for nature and the environment.The name of the lodge – Whare Kea – translates as “Kea Bird House”. The lodge is designed for 12 guests. The central area of ​​the lodge includes 3 lounges, a library, a corner with a fireplace, a bar and a dining area, a billiard room and video room, a massage room, a cellar and a communications center. All rooms have access to an outdoor veranda, and from the living room of the lodge you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of Lake Wanaka. There is an outdoor jacuzzi and many places to enjoy your time.
      Pleasant calm atmosphere, comfortable rooms, exquisite cuisine disposes to a splendid rest, first of all for those who value peace and an atmosphere of complete privacy most of all.Hunting, fishing, horseback riding, water skiing, canoeing and kayaking, rafting, and much more are waiting for those who like active rest.


      The hotel is located near the city of Wanaka, on the shores of the lake of the same name, 18 minutes by helicopter from Queenstown.


      For accommodation Whare Kea Lodge provides 6 comfortable rooms and luxury suites with unique views of the lake and mountains.All rooms have access to an open veranda from where you can enjoy the beautiful panorama of Lake Wanaka. The luxurious bathrooms are equipped with a bathtub and separate shower stall and are equipped with a set of toiletries from AESOP. The lodge can accommodate a maximum of 12 guests at a time. The lodge can also be fully reserved for exclusive group accommodation.

      There is also a new luxury chalet, The Chalet, located high in the Buchanan Mountains, near the Mt.Aspiring, accessed by helicopter from the Whare Kea Lodge entrance lawn. The chalet includes two double bedrooms, living rooms, a bathroom and a sun terrace. Your comfort and safety are guaranteed by personal service workers, guide services are provided.

      • Deluxe Rooms – 4 comfortable rooms, which consist of a bedroom with a king size bed or two twin beds, a comfortably furnished living area with an armchair, a work area with a desk, a dressing room, a bathroom with a bathtub and a separate shower cubicle.
      • Master Suites – 2 luxurious suites located at the ends of each wing of the hotel, which consist of a bedroom with a king size bed, a separate living room, a work area with a desk, a dressing room, a bathroom with a bathtub and a separate shower, a terrace.

      All rooms have: bathroom, hairdryer, safe, Bose stereo system, radio, tea and coffee making facilities, internet access.

      Cafes, bars, restaurants

      The dining room invites you to delicious contemporary European cuisine made from the freshest local ingredients.Complement your meal with a glass of French Champagne or fine New Zealand wine from a private wine cellar.

      Beauty and spa centers

      There is a massage parlor and an outdoor jacuzzi.


      For outdoor enthusiasts, there are 3 18-hole golf courses within a 10-minute drive of the lodge. In addition, Whare Kea Lodge is located between two of New Zealand’s top ski resorts, Cardrona and Treble Cone, and close to the Waiorau Nordic ski area.
      During the summer months, guests of the chalet can enjoy alpine walks with a professional guide, accompanied by a picnic in nature surrounded by high rocky mountains, snowy glaciers and alpine meadows. Winter and spring are great times for Heli-skiing and cross-country skiing.


      You can take interesting walks in the mountains, see New Zealand landscapes from a bird’s eye view during a helicopter tour, hunt, catch rainbow and brown trout and Australian salmon.

      For children

      Children under 15 years old are not allowed in the lodge. Accommodation with children under 15 years old is possible with the exclusive booking of the lodge.

      Additional amenities

      The hotel also has a TV lounge, library, billiard room, laundry. You can use the telephone, fax.


      Credit cards accepted are Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Diners Club.

      Tours with accommodation at Whare Kea Lodge, Lake Wanaka. Special offers at Whare Kea Lodge, room reservations at Whare Kea Lodge – UNIVERSAL TOURS

      Capella Singapore 5 * Tours & Prices 2021-2022 Singapore, Sentosa

      One of our top picks in Singapore – and a guest hit.
      You can walk to the beach in just 5 minutes.For guests of Capella Hotel, Singapore, excellent service starts even before arrival. Personal assistants contact guests to arrange a safe check-in at the hotel. This luxury hotel is located in the rainforest of Sentosa. It features 3 outdoor pools and an award-winning spa. All rooms offer free Wi-Fi and sea or garden views. The hotel accepts Union Pay cards.

      The rooms are stylishly decorated in a modern Asian style.They offer free drinks, including juices, soft drinks and bottled water. In addition to a wide selection of free daily newspapers, including Chinese, delivered to your room, guests can read 5 more free newspapers per stay. Personal assistants are also always ready to help you with any questions. The private bathrooms include free toiletries and slippers.

      Guests at Capella Hotel, Singapore are free of entry fees to Sentosa Island.The hotel is a 15-minute walk from Universal Studios Singapore. Changi International Airport is a 45-minute drive away. A shuttle service is available to / from VivoCity Mall and Harbourfront MRT Station.

      The Auriga Spa offers rejuvenating treatments and massages using natural products. The library offers free snacks and drinks at any time of the day, as well as DVD rentals, board games and magazines.Hotel guests enjoy privileges when booking a golf course at Sentosa Golf Club.

      The Knolls Restaurant serves gourmet local and international cuisine throughout the day. Gourmet Chinese cuisine is served at Cassia Restaurant, housed in a colonial-style building. Both restaurants have terraces.

      Delicious breakfast at Hotel Margot House

      House of Margot
      Barcelona, ​​Catalonia, Spain
      A whimsical boutique run by Wes Anderson, this hotel has been tastefully decorated in a Scandinavian palette to create a unique style that feels completely unique.Its only flaw is the lack of natural light in the cheaper rooms, but the design, service and breakfast are exemplary.
      With the Passeig de Gràcia metro station in the immediate vicinity, public transport is a convenient location and the hotel is also great for Gaudí fans and thrill seekers. It takes about 20 minutes to go down to the old town, and in order to get to the beach it is better to take a bus or taxi.
      The style and character of the hotel
      A nine-room boutique that feels extremely discreet.The design was inspired by the character of The Royal Tenenbaums and it is difficult to determine exactly how successful this is, the hotel has a very faint citrus scent.
      Hotel Service and Amenities
      The staff know exactly when to fade into the background and when to communicate, but most of the contact is minimal given that mini Barcelona guides are in every room and provide most of the information you need.
      In the large living room, which doubles as a breakfast room, you will find more detailed guides, art and design magazines, DVDs and a huge iMac for guests.
      Hotel Rooms
      Rooms are simply decorated with light brown wood and gray linens. The furniture is a mixture of street finds and a scandinavian designer’s rush. All rooms have docking stations for iPhones, complimentary water and DVD players. Gorgeous aromatic toiletries from Aesop, brush towels are the kind used in Turkish hammams.
      A huge catch, however, is that all rooms have windows, the function of which is mostly decorative, through which almost no light comes in.People who are not going to go out all day every day may feel a little uncomfortable. Food & Beverage
      Breakfast is included and includes pastries, farm cheese, cold meats, fruit and more. Eggs can be ordered in any style you like. Tea, coffee and cakes are available all day, and room service offers a simple list of sandwiches, soups and platters of cheese or meat. The living room also houses a bar with decent brands of spirits and good wines.
      Value for money
      Double rooms (including breakfast) from € 225 (£ 196) in low season and € 245 (£ 214) in high season. Free wi-fi.
      Access for disabled guests?
      Room 8 is wheelchair accessible.
      Family from this hotel?
      Not particularly. While babies are allowed, they are not particularly encouraged and there is a 25 € (£ 22) charge for cots. All older children will be charged € 50 (£ 44) with breakfast for extra beds.

      ★ 9 Best Hotels in Taiwan ★

      • Xinhuang Hotel Chateau de Chine, New Taipei (Prices and Photos)
      • Just Sleep Kaohsiung Station, Kaohsiung (Prices and Photos)
      • Eklat Hotel, Daan District, Taipei (Prices and Photos) )
      • Mandarin Oriental, Taipei (Prices & Photos)
      • Bayview Hotel, Hualien (Prices & Photos)
      • Dandy Hotel Tianmu, Taipei (Prices & Photos)
      • Grand Hotel, Zhongshan District, Taipei (Prices & Photos)
      • Fleur de Chine Sun Moon Lake Hotel, Nantou (Prices & Photos)
      • Morwing Hotel, Zhongzheng District, Taipei (Prices & Photos)

      Taiwan generally doesn’t see tourist traffic like other Asian destinations, but it’s beautiful a place to visit national parks, beautiful landscapes, delicious food and incredible temples.Taiwan is also a great place to visit night markets, experience a new nightlife, explore hiking trails and relax along the coastline on beautiful beaches. As the tourism market in Taiwan continues to gain momentum, hotels are becoming more interesting, luxurious and unique. Here are our top picks for hotel reservations for your trip to Taiwan.

      Xinhuang Hotel Chine de Chine, New Taipei

      Spacious room at Chateau de Chine Sinjhuang

      Xinhuang Hotel Chine de Chine, New Taipei (Prices and Photos)

      This is an upscale hotel inspired by Art Nouveau design and a combination of French and oriental aesthetics.Inside the hotel there is a romantic atmosphere, and outside – the European square. There are superior rooms, deluxe and business rooms, as well as executive suites and locks. It offers free Wi-Fi, free launderette, gym and sauna access. You can make an appointment at the front desk to use the separate bathing area with steam room and shower room. There is also a lounge and chess area for hotel guests. For dinner, head to Joie Café in the lobby for a modern Asian and Western buffet.Paradise Cantonese Restaurant serves delicious Chinese cuisine. There are also rooms for meetings and events.

      Just Sleep Kaohsiung Station, Kaohsiung

      Cozy Place in Just Sleep Kaohsiung

      Just Sleep Kaohsiung Station, Kaohsiung (Prices & Photos)

      Just Sleep is a modern hotel just a few minutes’ walk from public transportation and close to from Luohe Night Tourist Market. It also has easy access to the Houyi shopping area, Pier-2 art center, the former British consular residence at Dagu and the dome of light.The Just Sleep Hotel has 135 rooms, each with original art, custom-made furnishings and a Wellspring bed and shower. The lounge has snacks and magazines, a launderette and a gym for guests to use. Guests also have free internet access, a business center and breakfast baskets.

      Eklat Hotel, Daan District, Taipei

      Beautiful decor at Éclat Taipei

      Eclat Hotel, Daan District, Taipei (Prices & Photos)

      Hotel Éclat is a chic boutique hotel that is decorated with beautiful artwork and has 60 numbers.Guests also receive exclusive VIP butler service, Aesop toiletries, Nespresso machines and more. These include Bang & Olufsen audio equipment and MontBlanc stationery kits. It is located in the fashionable Da An District of Taipei and is decorated with contemporary art such as Salvador Dali and Gao Xiao Wu. There are three conference rooms that can be used for various events. At the same time, B1 Bellini Café and 1F Éclat Lounge serve drinks and food.You can reach Taiwan Taoyuan International Airport in about 40 minutes by car and Song Shan Airport in about 15 minutes.

      Oriental Mandarin, Taipei

      Dining at Mandarin Oriental, Taipei

      Mandarin Oriental, Taipei (prices and photos)

      Mandarin Oriental is one of the most elegant hotels in all of Taiwan, as a five-star urban resort in the heart of Taipei. This is a great place to stay if you are looking for spacious suites and modern luxury with a classic oriental flavor.On-site restaurants include Bencotto for Italian cuisine, Ya Ge for Chinese cuisine, Café Un Deux Trois for an international buffet, Jade Lounge for afternoon tea, and MO Bar for cocktails. There is also a spa on two floors, six treatment rooms, four couple suites and two VIP suites.

      Bayview Hotel, Hualien

      Right on the Beach in Taiwan at Bayview Hotel

      Bayview Hotel, Hualien (Prices & Photos)

      If you want to stay near the beach when traveling to Taiwan, be sure to consider booking a room at the Bayview Hotel …Here you will find a friendly and relaxed environment and rooms with beautiful ocean views. Book the honeymoon suite for the best views of the bay right from your private bath. There are also family suites here if you are traveling with children. You can also easily play sports and explore the area while staying here because the hotel is right on one of the best bike trails in Taiwan. Hotel guests have access to bicycles when they stop here, so get out and explore the scenic route all the way to Beibing Park and Nanbing Park.

      Dandy Hotel Tianmu, Taipei

      Open Space at Dandy Hotel – Tianmu Branch

      Dandy Hotel Tianmu, Taipei (Prices & Photos)

      If you want to stay in a trendy area and truly experience Taipei during your travels, then Dandy Hotel is a great choice. It is located in a prestigious expat neighborhood and a luxury boutique hotel with Italian décor. It has 55 rooms, each with a 42-inch TV, internet access and in-room safes.Enjoy an international breakfast buffet in the morning and enjoy a signature cocktail at the end of the day in the open-air café. Other amenities include a launderette, dry cleaning service, lounge, printer workstation and some parking spaces. The National Palace Museum, Taipei Fine Arts Museum and Beitou Hot Spring are nearby.

      Grand Hotel, Zhongshan District, Taipei

      Grand Hotel Exterior

      Grand Hotel, Zhongshan District, Taipei (Prices & Photos)

      This hotel is definitely magnificent, housed in a luxurious high-rise building with beautifully decorated rooms.The hotel was founded in 1952 and features iconic red columns and gold tiles. It has 500 rooms that offer a unique view of the bustling city and the fusion of East and West. The Grand Garden Restaurant serves authentic cuisine. Songhe Room serves an à la carte Western and Chinese buffet.

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