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The barrel is one-sided, so flying, stored and thus saves height: The caliber measures four fake breitling colt ocean millimeters in height and 33 millimeters in diameter.

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There is next to the AAA Replica Watches limitation number, that is the number of the best quality iwc clones individual copy within the edition of 50 watches: “Edition Watchtime.

For those who do not know what to do with the term Kinetic, rolex datejust steel and gold replica there is now a short digression: Kinetic watches are quartz watches that do tag heuer history replica not draw the necessary power cheap rolex for sale from a battery, but – similar to master gmt replica an automatic watch – from the movements of the Carrier being transferred to a flywheel.

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There is less often more. And this is the chance for the smaller providers to sail rolex rolex replica in quieter waters in cooperation and fair dealings with the retailer. At this point, no shareholder is already waiting tensely and nervously old rolex watch replica for the next quarterly figures.

The clone and tag heuer watch case of the watch has a diameter of mercedes ben swissexpert.netz watch power reserve display 43.5 millimeters.

The models shown here are representative of the entire watch line.

The temperature resistance technology guarantees that the diver replica watch U200 B is functionally reliable in a temperature range from minus replica rolex yacht master bands 45 the best replica rolex ° C to plus 80 fake watches ° C.

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The gemstone is used Daytona rolex for jewelry, artwork and as a healing stone in massages.

The wiki tag heuer replica first 20 minutes rolex datejust stainless steel + white gold // c. 1970s 1980s of the dive omega seamaster 2220.80.00 replica time are highlighted on the easy-to-turn bezel and divided best clone omega into minute increments.

Spacious kitchenettes are usually omega watch moon fixed models, rolex replica band while smaller modular kitchens can be transported using small wheels.

The organization includes several laboratories, which are independent from the end of the 19th Imitation Tag Heuer Aquaracer online century.

Best custom watches from china

In our website you will find the best luxury custom watches available in the market. We have been selling custom watches for many years and we are committed to provide the best service and the watches.

In our website, we have over 5000 different watches that you can buy. Choosing your custom watches is not easy but we have created categories in order to make this task easier for you. We have custom watches for more than 50 different brands including the biggest brands like Rolex, Richard Mille, Patek Philippe, Hublot, Breitling and Audemars Piguet. Inside this brands there are also other sub-categories depending on the watch models available.

The two brands that stand our from the rest are Patek Philippe custom and Richard Mille custom. This two categories are the ones that our users are more interested in. It is not strange that only this two categories have almost 1000 watches available, over 400 watches on each category.

Our custom watches have been created with the best quality materials in the market. This are not cheap customs that you can find in some websites for $50 or less. The customs you will here are top quality customs from China. Most of the watches are so similar to the genuine watches, that you will be able to exchange parts between then. We have heard from some customers that have changed the crystal, the dial or the bracelet to put the genuine in their custom watch and get even a greater feeling of wearing a luxury watch.

Custom Watches

Some terms have become very common when trying to differentiate the quality of different custom watches. AAA custom is used to say the watch is of high quality. Another reference for this is 1:1 which is used to show that the custom is the same as the original. While this has been used to know if a watch is of better quality, now some websites use this term without understanding the correct meaning which makes it more difficult to know the exact quality of the watches.

Our custom watches are from China and are of the best quality you will find in the market. We have access to several factories in China that provide us with the highest quality customs and those are the ones you can buy in our store. You can call them AAA custom or 1:1 custom as there is nothing better our there.

To know exactly which quality we provide, you can just check our pictures. The watches we delivery are exactly the same as the watches on the pictures. For each watch, we provide high quality pictures where you can see all the small details in the watch.

With this, you can check the watch quality by looking at the picture and comparing it with any other watch. We are currently also adding videos for many watches so you can have more information available about every watch before you buy it.

Custom watches from China

Our watches come from the best factories in China. We have access to the biggest custom factories in china that provide the highest quality custom watches at affordable prices. On top of this, we provide you with the information about which factory made each custom watch so you can choose the custom you prefer.

Many customers already know they want a custom watch from China factories. This customers will be able to search for their watch model and find which China factory has created that custom. Some of the most well known factories are Noob, JF factory or Z factory.

In the name of each watch you will find the letters to identify the factory. It will usually be 2 or 3 letters like ACF, ZF and so on. It can also happen that some custom watches from China are created by different factories. In that case it is possible to have the exact same model available from two factories. Sometimes you can even find several version of the same watch by the same factory. This is because they improve or change certain parts in the watch.

Luxury Custom watches

Wearing genuine luxury watches is something that not everybody can do. Luxury watches cost tens of thousands of dollars and that is not the kind of money everybody can spend. This watches are used mainly by celebrities, athletes and other wealthy people.

But luxury custom watches have a lower price and everybody can afford to war one of our luxury watches. Our customs are so good, that most people will never be able to tell the difference between our luxury customs and a genuine watch. Most of the time only a watch smith will be able to tell the difference after taking the watch apart or after looking at it meticulously.

Our luxury watches are much more than just a copy. These customs have been created with advanced techniques and using top of the notch materials and equipment available in the best china factories. This allows us to provide the best quality at cheap prices. There is no question that wearing our customs is a luxury that is available not only to celebrities, but to everybody.

Swiss Replica Watches | Super Clone First Copy AAA Quality Fake Watch

‘Swiss Watch Club’ – The Most Important Things You Should Know About Us:
1. We started selling Swiss Replica Watches Online in 2005, its been 16 years since we are in the business of selling Watches [If you doubt You Can Literally Ask Us For PROOFS – We can send you Hundreds of Courier Receipts as old as 13 to 14 years]. We Preserve all our Valuable Customer Records and strive to maintain a Long-Lasting Customer Relationship. And thus we have a ‘Regular Ordering’ Customer Base that we have managed to keep happy for more than a decade.

2. We Sell only High-End Super Clone Watches with Swiss ETA movements ‘Made in Switzerland’. These watches are Exact 1:1 Master Copy Swiss Replica watches with same Authentic Swiss Movements (used in Genuine Swiss Watches) that are made to perfection. You can ask us for the comparison videos of our Super Clone Rolex Watches Vs First Copy Rolex Watches to get an idea about our quality and why our super clone replica watches are costly if compared with Fake AAA grade first copy Rolex watches.

3. ‘We Do What We Say’ and we feel its utmost important to be as transparent as you can to your customers. You can Ask Us for All Detailed Photos of the Authentic Swiss ETA Movements inside our Super Clone Watches & We Will Happily Open the Back Cases of Our Super Clone Watches and Send You Photos, Videos & Other Details (about how our Swiss replica watches are literally same as the Genuine). You will also find a vast difference in quality when we compare our Super Clone Watches with cheap Fake First Copy Watches, videos available.

4. As for – We have our Testing, Packing and Shipping Facility based in Bangalore, India and we can send you testing videos of your ordered Swiss replica watch also – So, you can check the authenticity of the workings of the Swiss ETA movement. [We do this because most of the cheap Chinese AAA quality first copy watches sellers claim they sell Swiss movement watches but they do nothing to prove this!]

5. You can easily make out between a ‘High Quality Super Clone Replica Watch with Swiss ETA Movement’ and a ‘First Copy Fake Watch with Chinese Made Movement’ from our comparison photos and videos. We are always there to help you in this process, so that you find your most loved Swiss Brand Watch in the Highest Quality Replica version. It is very easy to get confused in between the different grades / versions of replica watches being produced in the world right now, and this is where we come in and help you by the right information so that you can decide about buying your perfect replica watch.

How can you differentiate between a ‘Super Clone Swiss Replica Watch’ Vs ‘China made low quality first copy watch’ ?
Answer: In the following 2 ways:
1. The ‘Technical’ Way to find out: Through the use of a ‘Watch Test Computer’. The Watch Test Computer tests the Seconds hand motion in VPH (Vibrations per Hour) & the Time keeping precision in -/+ seconds per day and several other factors. We can transparently show our Super Clone Swiss ETA Replica Watches matching Genuine Watches in every test. On the other hand the Chinese made fake watches fail these tests miserably!
2. The ‘Visual Look & Feel’ Way to find out: We can open the back case to show you the Super Clone Swiss movement and you will see all precise markings and engravings on it – same as the Genuine Watch. About the Chinese first copy AAA watches sellers – We Doubt they would do something like this – Firstly because they don’t even know how to open the case! And Secondly, even if they manage to open somehow, the internal parts are cheap quality with no markings, no same machine and with cheap plastic parts!

6. Most of the replica / first copy watch sellers online sell Chinese made fake watches, Period! They falsely claim they sell Swiss movements etc. In reality those watches are just made to look like a Genuine watch from the outside, and they merely increase the weight by using a heavy metal to show you its good quality. The machine is at the most a Miyota Japan movement or a Chinese flyback movement. All these things are faar away from the Genuine Swiss watch. If you compare a Genuine Swiss watch with the Highest Quality Chinese made watch – STILL YOU WILL FIND MANY DIFFERENCES.

7. Whereas in our Super Clone Swiss Replica Watches – we pay attention to even the minutest of details. The most important part is replicating and manufacturing the exact Swiss Movement – this is the Heart & Soul of the watch and our experienced watchmakers pay special attention to making the movement perfect. Making other things like Case, Dial and Bracelet is the easier part and we do that perfectly as well.

8. We are using only Original Swiss Parts and the Same Materials that are used by the prestigious watch manufacturers. They are carefully replicated 1:1, so even if inspected by a jeweller, it will be very difficult to tell that it’s a High Quality Super Clone Swiss Replica Watch! Also, we have selected only the most popular models to make and will be adding more models on a monthly basis. You will find all the specifications and actual details of our super clone Swiss replica watches on the respective watch pages, and we hope you enjoy browsing our site. Now you are one step away from owning a truly perfect Swiss ETA Movement Super Clone Replica Watch – a fantastic lifetime timepiece.

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Swiss Watch Club has supplied High Quality Swiss replica watches as wardrobe props, actor’s watch for many famous Bollywood block-busters. Bollywood Studios love our Super Clone Swiss Replica Watches as they are identical to the originals and offer less liability on set and avoid the studios underwriting heavy insurance premiums and the added cost of safe guarding an expensive watch on location. Over the years we have supplied hard to find vintage models & latest glitzy diamond watches to the film industry. So next time you are watching the latest block busters, check out the watch on the actors wrists, It might well be a Swiss Watch Club manufactured watch.

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AAA Family Gems – Orange County’s Premier Source for Fine Jewelry

Welcome to AAA Family Gems!

As a family-owned fine jewelry store in Tustin, we are committed to providing our customers with the personal care, attention to detail and excellent service that franchise jewelry stores cannot match.

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New & Antique Watches in Tustin

We understand that shopping for fine jewelry can be stressful.

You’re investing in a meaningful purchase that will stand the test of time. And if you’re shopping for a gift – for an anniversary, birthday, retirement, holiday or “Just Because” – you want to pick the right piece that the recipient will love.

Jaeger LeCoultre Master Compressor Diving GMT Diamonds Lady’s Watch

At AAA Family Gems, our mission is to make your shopping experience as enjoyable and stress-free as possible.

Our staff, led by store founder Tony Magnemi and his sister, Donna Magnemi-Russo, have decades of experience in all aspects of the fine jewelry business.

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Our wide-ranging selection includes new and antique watches. If you are interested in the latter, our team will provide you with any information we have about upkeep, maintenance and repairs, as well as the history of the piece.

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Alek Manoah Dominates Triple-A Start while GM Ross Atkins Watches

Six innings of one-hit baseball is certainly one way to catch your general manager’s attention. 

With Blue Jays GM Ross Atkins watching in the wings, Alek Manoah made it look easy on the mound. The 23-year-old dealt six scoreless innings on just 76 pitches, allowing only one hit, walking two and punching out five on route to his second Triple-A win.

Manoah – Toronto’s third best pitching prospect – was in complete control the entire game and has yet to surrender a run in two Triple-A starts.  The Buffalo Bisons – who are currently playing in Trenton, New Jersey, and wearing the Thunder uniforms – won the game 12-0 over the Rochester Red Wings. 

Atkins’s presence at the ballpark is significant, as it indicates Manoah may be closer than anticipated to a major-league call-up. After tonight’s masterful performance, the Blue Jays may be forced to finally give the kid a shot. 

Manoah told the media post-game that he spoke with Atkins on Tuesday and knew he would be at the park Wednesday night.

“He just told me to go out there, have fun, and keep doing what I’m doing,” Manoah said.

Manoah worked with lightning efficiency in the first inning, needing just six pitches to retire the Rochester Red Wings in order. He threw a first pitch strike to all three hitters, getting a pop-up and two groundouts. 

The 6-foot-6 right-hander kept it rolling in the second, blowing three quick fastballs past former big-leaguer Yasmany Tomas and then snapped off a devastating slider to freeze Red Wings first basemen Raudy Read for his second strikeout of the inning.  

The third inning wasn’t as easy. Manoah flew open a bit with his delivery as he walked a man and then hit a batter – his fourth hit batsman of the year – before inducing a timely 6-4-3 double play. 

Manoah broke out the slider to punch out two more batters in the fourth. Red Wings second basemen Jake Noll jumped out of the way, only to have Manoah’s pitch break right down the middle for strike three. 

The Red Wings offense couldn’t muster anything in the fifth, as Manoah went one-two-three once again.

After a lead-off double broke his no-hit bid in the sixth, Manoah shut down the Red Wings lineup again, giving up one walk, but placing another perfect front-door breaking ball for his fifth whiff of the game.

Bisons manager Casey Candaele was asked why Manoah didn’t continue into the seventh inning.

“It’s a process right now of getting him to be ready to go to the next level,” Candaele said. 

“We’re here to compete, and we’re here to be successful at this level, and to teach the mindset of winning as well as development. But, you know, you do it in terms of what’s best for the player and what’s best for the organization.”

After making an impressive jump from Low-A ball in 2019 to Triple-A this season, Manoah appears to have seamlessly adapted to high-level competition – a good sign, especially for Blue Jays fans clamoring for his promotion to the Blue Jays roster. 

Manoah, like fellow Jays pitching prospect Simeon Woods Richardson, was nearly unhittable against MLB hitters in spring training this year. Manoah pitched seven innings, giving up just one hit, walking none and striking out 15 batters, including a remarkable seven consecutive strikeouts against several of the Yankees starters. 

Toronto hasn’t given a definitive timeline as to when we might see Manoah at the major league level, but with Nate Pearson’s recent demotion and a slew of injuries to the pitching staff, Manoah looks ready to contribute at the big-league level as soon as possible. 

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Reuters guide to credit ratings

 This Reuters guide is based on definitions and tables
available from the main ratings agencies. 
 Credit ratings are the international standard by which
investors can compare and assess the credit quality of bond
issuers and rated debt securities.
 An increasing reliance on these ratings by investors and a
decreased stigma attached to low ratings means that issuers are
finding it harder to issue bonds without first obtaining a
credit rating. This decreased stigma is due to narrowing credit
spreads over the last few years and the increased willingness of
companies to take on debt to fund payouts to shareholders and
make themselves less attractive takeover targets for private
equity firms.
 Issuer Credit Ratings are the key indicators used by
investors when looking at the security of return on a potential
bond purchase. These ratings are divided in to Long-Term and
Short-Term categories based on the form of debt instrument
 Long-term ratings concern medium or long-term notes in
either local or foreign currencies. Short-term ratings are
assigned to instruments considered short term in the relevant
market, such as those with maturities of 365 days or less in the
U. S. They also indicate the creditworthiness of an issuer in
respect of put options on long-term debts.
 Ratings fall into two categories: Investment-grade debt, in
which the historical rate of default is non-existent or very
low, and Speculative-grade debt, which has a relatively high or
imminent risk of default. Within these categories are multiple
ratings, ranging from borrowers with the most creditworthy AAA
ratings, to those with a D rating indicating that they are in
 These ratings are further modified by plus (+) and minus (-)
signs or numbers 1-3 to indicate their relative position within
the wider category. For ratings relating to defaulted
obligations, the different categories relate to the likelihood
of investors re-couping some or all of their investment.

------------------------INVESTMENT GRADE------------------------

HIGHEST                     AAA          Aaa       AAA     0. 000
SUBSTANTIAL                 AA+          Aa1       AA+     0.000
PAYMENT CAPACITY            AA           Aa2       AA
HIGH PAYMENT                A+           A1        A+      0.012
CAPACITY                    A            A2        A
ADEQUATE PAYMENT            BBB+         Baa1      BBB+    0.107
CAPACITY                    BBB          Baa2      BBB
                         BBB-         Baa3      BBB-

------------------------SPECULATIVE GRADE-----------------------

PAYMENT CAPACITY            BB+          Ba1       BB+     0.744
VULNERABLE TO ADVERSE       BB           Ba2       BB
CHANGES                     BB-          Ba3       BB-
PAYMENT CAPACITY NOT        B+           B1        B+      3.317
SUFFICIENTLY PROTECTED      B            B2        B
AGAINST ADVERSE CHANGES     B-           B3        B-
THERE IS A POSSIBILITY      CCC+         Caa1      CCC+   13.216
OF DEFAULT, REPAYMENT       CCC          Caa2      CCC
RELIES ON POSITIVE          CCC-         Caa3      CCC-
CONDITIONS                  CC                     CC

OBLIGATIONS ARE IN          SD*1         Ca        DDD
DEFAULT                     D            C         DD

*  Moody's annual default rate over one year as a percentage of
rated issuers, based on figures from 1982-2006 

*1 Selective Default, where an issuer has defaulted on some of
its obligations but may continue to make timely payments on


------------------------INVESTMENT GRADE------------------------

HIGHEST                     A-1         Prime-1     F1

GOOD CREDIT                 A-2         Prime-2     F2

ADEQUATE CREDIT             A-3         Prime-3     F3
------------------------SPECULATIVE GRADE-----------------------

PAYMENT CAPACITY            B-1         Not        B
VULNERABLE TO               B-2         Prime
ADVERSE CHANGES             B-3         (NP)

HIGH DEFAULT RISK           C           NP         C

UNDER REGULATORY            R           NP

CURRENTLY DEFAULTING        SD*         NP         D
 *Selective Default, where an issuer has defaulted on some of
its options but will continue to make timely payments on
 As well as these ratings, all three rating agencies give
Outlooks.  These assess the potential direction of an issuer's
credit rating over the medium term (generally between six months
and two years). A Positive rating outlook indicates a potential
a credit rating upgrade. A Negative outlook shows a potential
downgrading, while a Stable outlook means there is little chance
of a change. 
 Each agency operates a rating watch (Watchlist-Moody's,
CreditWatch-Standard & Poor's, Rating Watch-Fitch). Issuers are
placed on a rating watch if an agency is actively reviewing
their current credit rating. These reviews are typically
completed over a short period of time such as three months.
Watches are also given a rating which can be Positive, Negative
or Developing/Evolving (indicating that a rating could go up or
 In addition to these core ratings, increasing significance
is being attached to Recovery Ratings (Standard & Poor's and
Fitch) and Loss Given Default Ratings (Moody's). RR's predict
the return an investor would receive should payments be
defaulted, LGDR's predict the potential loss. 

Bell Ross watch. The most accurate replicas inexpensively with delivery in Russia

Bell & Ross is a Swiss company that has recently established itself as a reliable manufacturer of unique wristwatches. Despite the short existence on the European market, the brand’s accessories quickly found their target audience and gained great popularity in many countries. Such watches began to be used more and more often not only by ordinary citizens, but also by sportsmen, military men, pilots, extreme sportsmen and even special services.

Thanks to its well-developed functionality, Bell & Ross works even in the most difficult and extreme conditions. Sudden changes in temperature, changes in pressure, overloads and much more – all this can be transferred to any line of watches. Whether it’s BR Instrument, Classic, Professional or Vintage. You can always be sure of their reliability. If we pay attention to the latter, then it must be said that Vintage is one of the most popular watch lines, where there are both female and male models. The great excitement is connected with the similarity of these chronometers with the watches of the 60s. Such a move from manufacturers was appreciated by both experienced collectors and ordinary amateurs.

Brand history

Nowadays, this Swiss company easily competes with world famous brands. Occupying its niche in the global market, Bell & Ross continues to delight its customers with the highest quality products. However, things could have turned out quite differently for the company.

In 1992, the company was just starting its activity and was headed by young designers from Switzerland. Bruno Belamish (Bell) wrote a paper on the creation of a new watch brand while still at the university. The idea was approved and supported in every possible way by the then working designer Carlos Rosillo (Ross). Unwavering commitment to their goal has helped two talented guys create an incredibly reliable chronometer for pilots, which made Bell & Ross famous all over the world.

No other company known at that time could boast of such a rapidly growing popularity.Representatives of special services and NATO immediately became interested for hours. It was the great interest of government agencies that helped the manufacturer to determine his direction and throw all his energies into creating truly reliable and resistant watches.

Towards the beginning of the 21st century, a Swiss company signed a contract with Chanel, buying a stake from them. The line of wristwatches released after that helped Bell & Ross to quickly gain worldwide popularity.

Such a marketing move opened up new opportunities for the company, after which steel sports watches, which became very popular in Europe, began to go on sale.

Why are Bell & Ross watches so popular?

The brand loves to surprise its regular customers with original design. Various mixtures of black and beige shades resemble the dashboards of jet aircraft, armored vehicles and other military equipment. This helps to significantly stand out from the background of a large number of competitors. Thanks to this color, the information is very easy to read, which is also facilitated by the large hands and round dials.

Buy the finest replica watches from the AAA-clock online

Watches from this Swiss brand are still very popular. Their inimitable style, design and reliability have long been an example for manufacturers of luxury chronometers. Once you buy yourself such a watch, you will become a big fan of them for life. However, their cost can be very disappointing to you, because the original Bell & Ross cost from $ 1,000 apiece, which can significantly hit your pocket.

But the way out was found! Thanks to quality replicas, you can now enjoy excellent Swiss quality without spending significant amounts of money on it.Our copies exactly repeat the original models and are in no way inferior in terms of reliability or quality. It is for this reason that more and more Moscow residents prefer to buy replicas in our online store. Our watches are also very popular with athletes and extreme sportsmen, and can also be perfect for a person close to you, who will clearly appreciate such a wonderful present.

Buying copies of Bell & Ross watches, you not only save your money, but also get the opportunity to purchase watches from rare lines of the Swiss company, which are not so easy to find.Our replicas can withstand any kind of stress, which the originals do just as well. Thus, you do not just save, but you get the opportunity to buy several unique Bell & Ross replicas at once and get a discount from our company.

Order wonderful watches on the site, arrange fast delivery throughout Russia and get bonuses! Do you still have questions about the choice of accessories? Call us on the free number 8 (800) 775-1228 – we will be happy to advise you.

What is the watch quality class. AAA class watch that is

All copies of wristwatches are divided into classes: B, A, AA, AAA, and premium AAA +, depending on the quality of their assembly and performance of all construction details. Replica watches are replica watches.

Here are the main differences:

  • Replica class A watches are watches that use the cheapest materials, their mechanisms are very simple. If there are additional dials, then these are dummies.The strap in this watch is made of artificial leather. The rubber in the rubber straps is not of high quality. Class A watch cases are made of cheap steel. Such watches cannot even be called copies of any original brands because they have no resemblance to the original.
  • Replica AA class wristwatches are watches of a higher quality. For their manufacture, higher quality materials are used in comparison with class A, straps are usually leather or made of high-quality leather substitutes.The mechanisms are already better and more complete, so all additional dials work. The copies of AA class watches have 85% similarity to the original. Such watches are mechanical and quartz, with or without self-winding, mechanisms are used different depending on the watch manufacturer.
  • Replica watches of the highest AAA class, such as the Tag Heuer Space X quartz watch, are manufactured according to the highest quality standards. In their manufacture, materials of the highest quality are used, they have high-quality steel cases, durable spraying using PVD or IPG technology, reliable high-quality movements: ETA (Swiss) or Miyota (Japanese), good sapphire or mineral glass.AAA class watch straps are made of genuine leather or rubber, bracelets – of brass, steel, high quality titanium or their alloys.

These watches are as close to the original as possible, and in order to distinguish them from genuine products, professional equipment is needed. And of course, the build quality is excellent and very obvious. Therefore, copies of AAA class watches of famous watch brands have the same charisma as the original, for example, a real original men’s wristwatch like “SHARK”, or a quartz watch “Infantry”.

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What you need to know about chronic pain syndrome

Don’t agree to endure pain

Pain, especially chronic (manifests itself systematically for 3 months or more), can and should be under control thanks to the intake of well-chosen drugs ( the patient is observed on an outpatient basis at the place of residence ).

Principles of Pain Management

Only the patient himself knows everything about his pain.Only together with the patient can the doctor develop a treatment plan and evaluate its effectiveness. Tell the doctor where your pain is, what is the nature of the pain (sharp, pulling, burning, etc.), and how intense your pain is on a scale in points – choose an adjective that characterizes your pain intensity:

1 BALL mild pain. Night sleep is not disturbed by pain, conventional analgesics help for 4-8 hours.
2 POINTS moderate pain. Night sleep is disturbed by pain.Conventional analgesics help in less than 4 hours.
3 POINTS severe pain. Night sleep is disrupted due to pain, weak opioids (tramadol) help for 3-4 hours.
4 POINTS intolerable pain, urgent help required.

Pain management should be based on the principles of the World Health Organization (WHO):

  • “non-invasive” – ​​avoid injections;
  • “by the hour” – analgesics are taken on schedule, without waiting for the pain to intensify;
  • “ascending” – analgesics are prescribed, ranging from high doses of a weak analgesic to low doses of a strong analgesic;
  • “individually” – taking into account the patient’s individual reaction to the drug;
  • “with attention to detail” – you need to monitor the effectiveness of the analgesic and its side effects.

Medicines for the treatment of pain

(WHO pain relief ladder)

1. LEVEL – mild pain

Analgin, paracetamol and non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drugs NSAIDs are used: diclofenac, ibuprofen, ketoprofen, lornoxicam, etc.

2. STAGE – moderate pain

A weak opioid analgesic is used – tramadol. Tramadol is not a drug, it combines the action of a pain reliever and an antidepressant. In older people, it can cause anxiety, agitation, high blood pressure.

3 STEP – severe and unbearable pain

Morphine (usually in extended-release tablets) or fentanyl patch is used. If not, it is advisable to inject morphine subcutaneously.

In addition, NSAIDs, analgin, dexamethasone, laxatives and other symptomatic agents can be used at 2-3 steps according to indications.

Side effects of analgesics

Each of the medicines used to treat pain has its own side effects.Usually they are indicated in the instructions for use of the drug, which must be read before using the drug.

Drowsiness, weakness, dizziness usually disappear within a few days after starting to use the drug. You may need help climbing stairs and walking.

Constipation , caused by opioids suppressing intestinal motility. Your doctor will prescribe laxatives for you.

Nausea and vomiting – usually go away within a few days after starting to use the drug. Your doctor may prescribe medications to suppress nausea and vomiting.

Tolerance – Over time, the dose of the analgesic prescribed by the doctor stops helping. This is because the pain has worsened or a tolerance to the drug has developed (the body’s sensitivity to the drug has decreased). In this case, the doctor will recommend a slight increase in the dose of the medication or prescribe another analgesic.The development of tolerance does not mean that opioid dependence has appeared.

Side effects may occur when using opioid analgesics. It is imperative to inform the doctor about the occurrence of side effects!


Cancel . It is impossible to abruptly stop taking opioids, this can lead to a deterioration in overall well-being. The doctor will help you gradually reduce the dose of the drug to avoid unpleasant symptoms.

Alcohol .Drinking alcohol while taking opioid medications can cause complications. Talk to your doctor about combining your pain reliever with alcohol. Also, without consulting a doctor, it is impossible to take tranquilizers, antihistamines and other drugs with a hypnotic effect together with opioid analgesics.

Storage . Opioid medications must be kept out of the reach of children. You should also not allow the transfer of drugs to other people.Medication taken without a doctor’s prescription can be very dangerous, especially for children.

Opioid analgesics are generally non-addictive if prescribed by a doctor and used correctly. If you think you are developing an addiction, tell your doctor.

How to get a prescription for strong pain relievers

1. The patient is observed on an outpatient basis at the place of residence
  • In the case of severe pain syndrome, the patient or his legal representative can, without an appointment, get an appointment with the attending oncologist, who will prescribe the drug, and then with the general practitioner who will write a prescription.In some cases, you can apply for treatment recommendations to room 7 of the polyclinic GAUZ “Bryansk Regional Oncological Dispensary”.
  • After receiving a prescription, you should contact the pharmacy at the place of registration, where the medical institution submits lists of patients who are prescribed strong drugs (prescription).

IMPORTANT. With a prescription, you can only go to a specific pharmacy, you need to check its address with your doctor.

The patient is discharged from the hospital

In some cases, by decision of the administration, you can get some drugs on hand upon discharge from the hospital (no more than a five-day dose as prescribed by a doctor).

Myths that interfere with full pain relief

MYTH # 1: Pain relievers are addictive.

True: The use of powerful painkillers does not lead to mental dependence and “drug intoxication”, since they are used by the body only to block pain receptors and relieve pain
.Do not be afraid that a person experiencing severe pain becomes dependent on pain relievers used for a long time. Dependence manifests itself when taking narcotic drugs in the absence of pain, when the drug is used without a doctor’s prescription. If the main treatment is successful and the pain decreases, then the dosage of the drug can be reduced by the attending physician.

MYTH # 2: Only weaklings go to the doctor for pain relief, or “it will pass by itself”

Truth: Pain cannot be tolerated. In addition to weakening the patient and significantly reducing the quality of life, it can lead to depression, fatigue, loss of sleep, anxiety, inability to work, and deterioration in relationships with loved ones. Lack of control makes the pain unmanageable: it builds up faster and is more difficult to relieve. If you think pain relief is a sign of weakness, consider using drugs to free up your energy for more important things.

MYTH # 3: The use of powerful pain medications shortens life.

True: Severe pain is exhausting the body. Effective pain relief improves the quality of life and prolongs it.

Where to go if you have difficulty prescribing pain medication?

Anesthesia hotline:

GAUZ “Bryansk Regional Oncological Dispensary” (on weekdays 9.00 – 17.00): 8 (4832) 41-47-43

GAUZ “Bryansk City Ambulance Station” (17.00-9.00 daily, weekends and holidays around the clock): 8 (4832) 74-09-50.

Department of drug supply of the Department of Health (on working days 9.

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