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35 Best ‘80s Halloween Costume Ideas to Wear in 2021

There’s one Halloween costume theme that will never get old: nostalgia. And the 1980s was a decade we’ll never forget. The best part? Well, it’s hard to choose one best thing from those wild times, but we love that you can still find traces of the ‘80s colorful style influences lingering in today’s era. With the decade’s signature voluminous, permed hair, shoulder pads, and neon spandex (think leggings) galore, you have the perfect ‘80s Halloween costume with little-to-no effort.

Besides the rad fashion, it was also a booming era for pretty much everything else, ranging from technology to entertainment, including major pop-cultural events, iconic singers (M.J.!), and popular movie franchises. So if you find yourself longing for the days where MTV actually played music videos or reminiscing on childhood memories of playing with Cabbage Patch dolls—we can relate.

So, why not celebrate on Halloween? If you can’t find that old outfit you used to love—you know you (or your parents) have those old workout tights somewhere!—there’s no need to worry.

For the biggest and baddest ‘80s costumes, we’ve rounded up inspiration from music legends like Madonna and Prince, TV babes like Kelly Kapowski from Saved by the Bell, and silver screen beauties like Claire Standish in The Breakfast Club. Oh, and we also had to include an aerobics workout instructor! Whether you’re looking for a DIY moment or a costume to wear with your best friend, we’ve got 80s Halloween costume ideas that can get shipped to your front door. Go ahead, relive your favorite decade!

1 1980s Pop Diva

Party King amazon.com


Nothing screams the ‘80s more than a pop diva costume complete with a flashy, golden leotard, black tights, a signature high side ponytail, and a headset. Whether you’re a synth pop superfan or just feeling a little nostalgic for a golden moment in pop culture, this glamorous and edgy outfit will make you the star of any Halloween party.

2 “Ferris Bueller’s Day Off” Sloane Peterson

Fun Costumes amazon.com


Just because skipping school isn’t an option anymore doesn’t mean you can’t be the coolest girl at Glenbrook North High. That fringe jacket and tall white boots are everything. And if your partner wants to join in, Ferris is always up for an adventure. 

3 “Heathers”

Cosplay.fm amazon.com


Forget Regina, Gretchen, and Karen—this Halloween, it’s all about the Heathers. Channel that original mean girl energy from the 1980s dark comedy that made popular cliques look so cool with those classy pinstripe blazers and pleated skirts. Well, cool until their untimely demise. “How very,” indeed.




4 “The Princess Bride” Buttercup

Fun Costumes amazon. com


The love story between Buttercup and Westley just goes to show that if you find a partner who will always do “as you wish,” you’ve found an absolute keeper—especially if he’ll agree to dress up with you in this couples costume. Shop this long dress and add a blonde wig for an adventurous Halloween evening.

5 “Ghostbusters”

If you’re all about the paranormal (in the fun, comedic sort of way), these Ghostbusters Halloween costumes are a dead ringer for the jumpsuits worn by the original trio in this 1984 blockbuster. Strap on the inflatable backpack and you’re in ghost business.

Get the tutorial at Living After Midnite »

6 Prince

Smiffys amazon.com


If we had to credit someone with making the color purple an all-time favorite of ours, it would definitely go to Prince. And now you can pretend to be the pop singer in this costume of his iconic Purple Rain outfit. Complete with a mid-length purple jacket, ruffle dickie top, and pants, it’s perfect for any pop-themed Halloween costume party. 

7 “Beetlejuice”

Party King amazon.com


If Beetlejuice is the one creepy movie you watch again and again, you just have to dress up as the crazed trickster this Halloween. When people yell his name three times, make sure you pop out in this pinstriped getup and yell, “It’s showtime!”

8 “Beetlejuice” Lydia

Now you can’t have Beetlejuice without Lydia! Dress up as everyone’s favorite gothic icon in that terrifying red wedding dress. Not only will it be the scariest costume at the party, but it’ll blow away the competition in a room full of vampires.

9 ‘80s Mixtape

Hauntlook amazon.com


There’s no way we can’t talk about music when it comes to the ‘80s and back then all the beats came from a small box, a.k.a. the cassette. So if you and your partner are music lovers, celebrate the day by dressing up as mixtapes. You can also add your own neon shirt and leggings to jazz up the costume look even more. 

10 Pac-Man

Punny Cosplay Costumes amazon.com


Pac-Man: The game you spent way too much time playing at the arcade. Grab your friends and dress up as the colorful ghosts Blinky, Pinky, Inky, and Clyde for a fun group costume. Just get one of your pals to dress up as Pac-Man before the chasing begins!

11 Freddy Krueger

Secret Wishes amazon. com


You couldn’t sleep for a week after seeing A Nightmare on Elm Street

…but it doesn’t stop you from watching it on TV as an adult! Pay tribute to the horror film by dressing up as the paranormal serial killer who haunts kids in their dreams. It doesn’t get more nightmarish than this, folks.


12 “Wayne’s World”

Fans may love the hilarious movie, but die-hards know the phenomenon started with a skit on SNL. It’s so easy to pull off this rocker dude look. Just get Wayne’s hat, Garth’s drumsticks, and wear ripped up boyfriend jeans. Excellent!


13 Exercise Barbie

Rubie’s amazon.com


Ready to jazzercise?! Slip on this fun Exercise Barbie costume that resembles the workout attire of the decade—complete with leg warmers for extra limber potential! 

14 E. T. Elliott Kit

Fun Costumes amazon.com


E.T. phone home! If those three words don’t instantly bring back a slew of childhood memories, then it’s time to watch E.T. the Extressterial

again. This costume features Elliot’s signature red zip-up style hoodie and a cardboard fold-up box that looks like a milk crate with handlebars, as seen in the movie. Pair it with your favorite jeans and classic Converse sneakers to complete the look.

15 “Saved by the Bell” Kelly Kapowski

Fun Costumes amazon.com


Dress up as your favorite cheerleader at Bayside High School that’s known for her positive attitude and killer style. There’s nothing Kelly Kapowski couldn’t pull off and channeling that cool girl energy with a crop top, short skirt, and sneaks is the way to do it.

Oh, and don’t forget that feathered hair style!

16 “Top Gun” Goose and Maverick

Grab the Goose to your Maverick (a.k.a. your best pal) and suit up in these awesome fighter pilot costumes. You just need a jumpsuit and a few patriotic patches to resemble the look from the classic movie.


17 “The Breakfast Club” Claire Standish

Fun Costumes amazon.com


Your favorite rebel group from The Breakfast Club will never go out of style, so channel Molly Ringwald’s misunderstood character with this spot-on costume. All you’ll need to complete the look is a short red wig and a pink lip.

18 “The Shining” Grady Twins

Smiffys amazon.com

$30. 99

Going for a disguise that’s completely spooky? Call up one of your friends and dress up as the hauntingly scary Grady Twins from the 1980 horror film, The Shining. This kit makes the whole getup easy to assemble; it comes with the dress, a headband, and knee-high socks. The only thing you’ll need to perfect is their iconic line: “Come play with us, Danny.”

19 Lisa Frank

For a colorful dose of nostalgia this Halloween, you and your girl gang have to channel your favorite childhood Trapper Keeper brand. Lisa Frank’s vibrant style will totally bring a pop of rainbow delight to your costume, making it so much cooler than the traditional black cat disguise.


Get the tutorial at Studio DIY »

20 “Star Wars: Return of the Jedi” Princess Leia

Star Wars amazon. com


Carrie Fisher stunned audiences everywhere with her metal bikini outfit in Episode VI, and now you can too at your next Halloween gathering. This costume features a foam-lined bra top and boy shorts with a long drape that covers the front and back. However, if you’d rather wear a costume with a little more coverage while sticking with the 1983 Star Wars flick, you’ll look just as awesome as Hans Solo.

21 “Back to The Future” Jennifer Parker

Fun Costumes amazon.com


It’s a blast from the past! Marty McFly, Jennifer Parker, and even the ingenious Doc Brown come together to make this epic ‘80s costume ensemble a reality in 2020. To dress up as Jennifer, you’ll need these multi-colored leggings, a pink button-down shirt, and a jean vest.

23 “Baywatch” Lifeguard

Smiffy’s amazon. com


Dressing up as the original 1989 beach heartthrobs who kept California’s shores safe won’t let you down this Halloween. Whether you’re planning to dress up as Mitch Buchannon or C. J. Parker, just perfect your cheesiest run-on-the-beach moves before heading out the door.

24 “Flashdance”

Forum Novelties amazon.com

Before Dirty Dancing, there was Flashdance. And if you grew up in the ‘80s, you know this classic just made you want to get up and dance. Wearing this Alex Owens costume for Halloween will give you full authority to dance like a maniac.

25 “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

Rubie’s amazon.com


Now you can prowl through the streets on Halloween night just like the TMNT squad and take down the Shredder in this jumpsuit. Featuring a turtle shell decal on the back, yellow turtle stomach, and lime green sleeves—it’s the perfect costume for showing off your ninja moves. 



26 “Coming to America” Prince Akeem

Fun Costumes amazon.com


If Coming to America is still one of your favorite romantic comedies, dressing up as Prince Akeem is a no-brainer. You don’t have to do much to steal his look; if you have a black suit, you’re halfway there! If not, we have you covered with this costume that even comes with a hilarious stuffed animal that’s meant to resemble his fur wrap. 

27 “The Smurfs”

Rubie’s amazon.com


Sure, your kids may love Trolls, but our generation will always love our blue friends in Smurf Village. Dress up as the wise Papa Smurf or the cheerful Smurfette…without the blue paint. 

28 Indiana Jones

If you love watching action and adventure movies, you’ll definitely enjoy pretending to be Indiana Jones on Halloween night. And this costume will transform you into the iconic movie character from the 80s hit Raiders of the Lost Ark. The look includes his signature brown faux leather jacket and fedora. Don’t forget to add some handy accessories like a messenger bag and leather whip.

29 Rubik’s Cube

Smiffy’s amazon.com


You’ve spent hours playing with your Rubik’s cube, so why not dress up as your favorite (and sometimes infuriating) ‘80s childhood toy? This dress is so fun, and the costume even comes with a mini Rubik’s cube headband and bag!

30 “Where’s Waldo + Wenda”

While it may be a mission to find Waldo and Wenda in those legendary puzzle books, you’ll totally stand out in this candy-cane striped sweater and matching hat combo! Don’t forget to wear those circular spectacles—it totally makes the look.


31 Care Bears

Fun Costumes amazon.com


If you’re looking for a comfortable, family-friendly Halloween costume, this Care Bears outfit is the way to go. Its soft, fuzzy exterior will feel like a big ol’ blanket (ideal for cooler temps) and because you’ll feel at ease, we can almost guarantee your belly badge is always a cheerful one.

32 “The Little Mermaid” Ariel

Fun Costumes amazon.com


If you’ve always wanted a pair of fins after watching the 1989 VHS of the The Little Mermaid, now’s your chance. Shimmy on this mermaid-style skirt and the purple tank, plus add a few starfish clips to your hair and you’re ready to go as the most curious princess under the sea. Get your partner to dress up as Prince Eric for the perfect couple’s costume!

33 “Stranger Things” Eleven

Party City amazon.com


Netflix’s Stranger Things gave us all the nostalgia feels, but season 3 truly made us feel like we stepped into a real-life time capsule. Eleven’s mall outfit is classic ‘80s with its elaborate print and her crew socks. Brownie points if you add a scrunchie to your half up, half down hairstyle.

34 “Stranger Things” Robin Scoops Ahoy

Party City amazon.com


And if you want to get a whole group together, convince some friends to dress up as the snarky Robin Buckley and the lovable Steve Harrington. Oh, and their Scoops Ahoy uniform? Iconic. 

35 Madonna

Fun Costumes amazon. com


Pay tribute to the legendary pop princess by channeling her “Like A Virgin” days in this white getup. The costume comes with everything you need to make Madonna proud, from the dress to the fingerless gloves. All you have to do is nail that rebel attitude and red lip.

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Jessica’s ’80s Aerobics Outfit Photos + Glitter Milk ’80s Show

Hey! It’s Jessica-time again. I finally have some pictures of my 80s workout costume in its thongy entirety (at the bottom of this post), and another tale of a random local event that I decided to crash.

On Friday afternoon, Adam was checking Facebook and noticed that one of our friends was attending something called The Totally Awesome 80s Movie Show…and Possibly Zardoz!, hosted by Glitter Milk Gallery. The event description read:


Bring your radical self to Glitter Milk Gallery to celebrate blockbuster season with a most excellent movie tribute exhibit!

We’ve got artists depicting bodacious movies such as Akira, Heathers, Spring Break, 9 to 5, Labyrinth, Aliens, Gremlins, The Princess Bride, and more! 

There will most definitely be free sugary snacks and pop.

Also a truly outrageous award for best dressed!

Don’t be buggin!!! Come chill and check out the art!

The gallery is right down the street from us, and this super 80s-centric show was starting in a couple hours. Why the fuck had we not heard of this?! There was even a costume contest! And candy! I quickly donned my awesomely stupid 80s aerobics outfit once again and departed.

Several people with pieces in the show were artists I knew from college, these two ladies named Kat (LimningHouse Illustration, dressed as Jareth) and Claudia (Strange Teeth Illustration, dressed as Sarah) among them. Check out their costumes!

They said they threw these badass Labyrinth costumes together at the last second, only using things they already owned, and had never even dressed as those characters before. I was actually told that I won the costume contest while I was there. I’m not sure how I beat these guys. Their costumes and art won my heart.

You can see the art pieces for sale from the gallery show, here. There was some really cool stuff.

And here’s a gallery of more wacky 80s outfits people wore to the show.

And finally, here are a bunch of pictures of my full 80s aerobics outfit that Adam took the day after GR8bit Live. Enjoy!

80s Aerobics GIFs | Tenor


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    90,000 helping a woman find spectacular party clothes

    Fashion tends to come back, so today we sometimes gladly nostalgic for the madness of the 90s, when, it would seem, we were wearing everything, but on the other hand, everyone clearly understood that this is “fashionable”, and this is a “scoop” and “yesterday”. The rebellious and daring 90s style is a great idea for a stylized party or disco.

    Fashion at a Crossroads

    The fashionable madness of the 90s in Russia was caused by the accessibility of things unprecedented for those times: everything that people saw only in magazines or on TV (and even then in very metered quantities!) Flooded into shops, markets and flea markets.

    General trends were borrowed from the world catwalks, but they were read in a very peculiar way. Issues of compatibility of things with each other, taking into account the peculiarities of the figure, the concept of “goes-does not go” worried few people: if the thing is bought – it must be worn! All this has formed a very special style, which today is still too early to record in the “retro”.

    Fashionable signs of the era:

    • Denim . Denim was at the forefront of fashion. It’s not just about trousers, shorts and skirts. Bags, accessories, shoes – from denim or with “denim” print – were the most popular and beloved. The nineties were the time of minimalism, sporty style, military, grunge, hippie – denim fits in all these styles better than anyone else.
    • Mini . By that time, fashion had already “gotten sick” with mini-skirts of the 60s and 70s, but this time everything was shortened – both shorts and even T-shirts (the notorious “tops”).
    • Prints. The brighter the better. The most popular ones are animalistic (leopard, zebra, tiger) and, of course, inscriptions. Best of all, in English.
    • Neon colors. Light green, fuchsia, canary, bright orange, violet. They were not exclusively party colors, things of such bright colors could well be worn on a daily basis.
    • Broad shoulders . As if in contrast to the “bottom” covered with leggings, the upper part of the garment with wide voluminous shoulders was at the height of fashion. The cut of jackets, jackets assumed voluminous shoulder pads. Every fashionista must have at least one such jacket.
    • Sports style attributes. Trousers with stripes, bomber jackets (popularly called “olympics”, “trowels”) and sneakers came into fashion.These things were boldly mixed with more neutral jeans or dresses.
    • Eye-catching accessories . Large colored earrings, bracelets, rings could be plastic, wooden, metal, woven from threads. A bright sign of the times – plastic badges and the prototype of the choker fashionable today – a necklace woven of plastic threads (“tattoo”).

    Women’s clothing

    The style of the 80-90s in clothes was dictated by famous supermodels, who are now considered “grandmothers”: Claudia Schiffer, Cindy Crawford, Linda Evangelista, Kate Moss.

    All of them starred in advertisements for “denim” brands, promoting fashionable denim clothing. The favorites of those times are considered to be banana jeans (straight-cut trousers, tapering downwards, often with an elastic band or drawstring at the waist), “boyfriends” or straight tight jeans. After Cindy Crawford starred in a Pepsi commercial, a classic “American” look came into fashion: straight jeans, a white tight T-shirt, a fluffy hairstyle.

    Another memorable image is Demi Moore in the movie “Ghost”: she is dressed in deliberately wide jeans, shapeless T-shirts and “killed” sneakers.

    With regard to color, classic light blue was considered the most fashionable. At the same time, whitewashed denim – “dumplings” came into use.

    To look sexy in jeans of these styles and colors, you need to have a very slender figure: shaping classes are becoming fashionable, which means that the appropriate clothes – leggings, “bicycles”. Leggings or leggings of a wide variety of colors were worn with denim miniskirts, tunics, T-shirt dresses, and even a coat.

    From clothes for fitness “came out” and then fashionable accessory – a bright knitted headband. She was worn simply with her hair down, under the fleece, with a tail. Perms, huge puffs and bangs, which were usually curled inward and literally “stood” from the abundance of hairspray, were in vogue.

    Sport-chic is a style trend that in the 90s was popular not only in street fashion, but also among the stars. The iconic Spice Girls, No Doubt’s Gwen Stefani, Charmed and Beverly Hills 90 210, wore bright cropped tops paired with high-waisted pants or denim skirts. A shirt or jacket was worn on top of the top.

    Leather clothing – jackets, mini-skirts – migrated from the 80s to the 90s. Women of fashion wore leather vests and trousers.

    Everyone loved sweaters – both children and adults.The women’s sweater of those times was, as a rule, from angora, the neck was a collar-collar. Flowers were knitted on it, decorated with beads, beads or sequins. Young girls tried to buy such oversized sweaters in order to achieve an oversized effect. And sometimes they were just stretched on purpose! Such a huge sweater was combined with leggings or colored tights.

    Fashionable dresses and T-shirts – printed. In the West, inscriptions were popular, in Russia – images of cartoon characters: Mickey Mouse, Goofy, Buggs Bunny, and after the release of the movie “Titanic”, a T-shirt or top with the image of Leo DiCaprio and Kate became the most popular item in the markets and in stores. Winslet.

    The make-up of the 90s can literally be called “war paint”. It was normal for a woman on the periphery and for a celebrity to paint brightly and catchy.The emphasis was on both lips and eyes. Eyeshadow with mother of pearl, colored eyeliner, dark lipstick – this is makeup in the spirit of the 90s. The eyebrows were made narrow like strings.

    Men’s fashion

    Fashion for a healthy lifestyle has done its job: men in the 90s massively put on sportswear. A tracksuit or clothing featuring the Reebok, Adidas, Nike logos has become part of the everyday look. Shoes – sneakers or sneakers.

    Jeans and trousers were wide enough. Men also wore “bananas” with an elastic band, and formal trousers had a lot of folds at the waist.

    In 1992, the Versace fashion house presented a collection of business clothes: raspberry-colored jackets combined with gray trousers. An unprecedented trend spread very quickly, and soon bright jackets were sewn not only in China, but also in Russian factories.The crimson jacket has become a symbol of a successful person, “the master of life.” Designers offered other color options – yellow, red, green – but they did not take root.

    A sweater with an ornament is a real must-have for a man from the 90s. In this one you could go to work, combining it with classic trousers or jeans, or you could go on a vacation out of town. It was not considered shameful to wear it with sweatpants.

    The youth tried to show their rebellious spirit in clothes: style icons were Kurt Cobain (his grunge negligence was adopted – stretched stale T-shirts, ripped jeans, oversized sweaters and plaid shirts), and, of course, Russian rock idols: Igor Talkov, Viktor Tsoi, Yuri Shevchuk.

    Fashionable men’s accessories of those years – a purse, an electronic watch on a metal strap. Wealthy people showed their wealth by wearing massive gold chains and rings.

    Party outfit

    For a theme party or a concert like “90s Disco”, it is best to find things straight from those years – they are probably still in the closet.Short bright tops, a T-shirt with “Titanic” or “D&G” appliqué are perfect for girls. The bold and slender can combine them with leggings and … that’s it! For shy women, denim shorts or the famous lambada skirt (a short denim skirt made of two frills with lace and Lambada lettering) will come in handy.

    90s fit jeans can be found in the ASOS, H&M, Bonprix collections. A large selection of wide-cut or banana trousers is sold through the catalogs of German firms such as Quelle.An authentic option would be “boiled” jeans Mawin (“Malvins”) or “Montana”. You can buy them online.

    Young people can wear the famous Boys sweater (Turkish-made sweater with the Boys Team logo), Montana jeans and the trendy mid-90s baseball cap with an eagle and the USA logo. To the place will be an unoriginal Adidas tracksuit with white sneakers. You can put on a leather jacket on top.

    To create a hairstyle, you will need a lot of hairspray – the most fashionable girls wore a lush pile and bangs necessarily! You can apply glitter varnish on top.

    Another popular hairstyle – “fountain tail” – on top, at the very top of the head. You can make it not from the entire mass of hair, but only from the upper bundle, and leave the rest loose.

    To create an entourage, the Dandy prefix, Tetris, Love Is and Turbo chewing gums, posters on the walls, and game pieces will also come in handy.The ideal drinks for such a party would be instant “Yupi”, “Zucco”, “Invite” (they are on sale on the Internet!) And sparkling water in cans.

    90,000 tigress divas, aerobics and bad guys

    eighties, and such that even 30-40 years later we try on these images again and again? Sexologist Vitaly AZUROV reports .

    From the free eighties was the time of the sexual revolution, marked by the cult of emancipation, and this manifested itself, of course, primarily in the female images of that time.

    That decade required more open body, and it had to be fit, tanned and flexible. Tight leggings, by the way, come from the 80s. The role model for the world at that time was the athletic Jane FONDA, who, with her aerobics workouts in multi-colored tight leggings, made men’s hearts beat much faster. The sexual revolution did not bypass the USSR either – it was at the end of the 80s that the first Soviet erotica “Little Vera” was released. Women from the USSR wanted to shout about their sexuality to the whole world, which they did, creating such liberated images in outfits.


    Specialist’s comment: “In the 80s we could observe the birth of several truly new images of a woman at once, and clothes only emphasized this, – says sexologist Vitaly Azurov … – One of the most striking images is “sexy”. The woman did not hide that she was seductive, was proud of it and declared her rights to intimacy for the whole Union. She “sounded” her manifesto-statement with clothes – bright tight leggings, short “balloon” skirts, blouses with lurex and a deep neckline.It was necessary to bare to the maximum everywhere and at once. The combination of ultra-mini and neckline did not bother anyone. Women are tired of being seen only as comrades and girlfriends, now they are sexual partners, and are not ashamed of it. Rhinestones, massive plastic ornaments or false jewelry helped to attract more attention. This image was complemented by a fleece, bangs “set” with a spray of varnish and bright makeup.

    This image was a novelty for the world as a whole and for the Soviet Union.Despite the fact that the sexual revolution in America took place more than earlier than in the USSR, it was only in the 80s of that they began to openly declare their sexuality with the help of clothes. “Sexy image” – it was in joint venture fishing line after many decades of “squeezing” women in the framework prescribed by society . About no, what is called , “got hold of” sex, and what, if not clothes , could indicate your intentions? ”


    Not all women of the 80s relied only on the image of sexy.No less attention was paid to sports.

    Specialist comment: “A beautiful, toned body in the 80s is one of the signs of a woman’s high social status , resembles sexologist Vitaly AZUROV. – Multicolored leggings and headbands for aerobics were worn by women not only during classes – they went to the store, went on a date and even to work. All in order to inform others that she is actively involved in sports.At the same time, the fashion for tanning also came, the solarium became an obligatory procedure for millions of women around the world. If the training did not bring the desired result, in America and Europe, ladies discovered the world of plastic surgery. Silicone implants, “beauty” injections, liposuction , – all these procedures come from the 80s. It became shameful and even indecent to be old. At 50, a woman was no longer ready to hide her head under a headscarf and expect grandchildren, she wanted a lot of other things from life.It was the 80s that gave the world the “second youth” of the ladies. It is quite natural that the ideal body, on the creation of which it took so much effort, time and money, did not want to hide in old clothes. ”


    In addition to the right to an intimate life, women in those years also won the right to work in leadership positions. And if in the 60s and 70s a woman director is more likely an exception than the norm, then the 80s is the time of the appearance of the first “business women”.

    Specialist comment: “A woman in the 80s really made a breakthrough in her career and work. But in order for men to perceive her “on equal terms” and with respect, a woman had to hide her femininity in every possible way, , sexologist Vitaliy AZUROV reconstructs the chronicle of those years. – “Business lady” dressed in a very peculiar way. Wide double-breasted jackets with wide shoulders and an English collar were in use. In addition to this, trousers flared from the hip were worn.Now such costumes seem awkward, funny to us, but then for women they were proof that she could in no way be inferior to a man.

    Margaret THATCHER, Princess Diana and many of the eminent ladies of the 80s not only were on an equal footing with men, they even ruled over them. And a strict business suit with wide shoulders became another proof of the strength and power of a woman of that decade. Shoulder pads helped to emphasize masculinity. Such linings were in all jackets and even under T-shirts.Many jersey shirts were sewn with a special Velcro, on which a shoulder pad could be attached from the inside. The only attribute of femininity that a businesswoman from the 80s could afford was bright makeup. It was another statement in the series “I know that I am a beautiful woman, but I demand to be treated like a man.”


    Was there really no romance at all in the 80s? Sexy women, business women, sportswomen … Is there still a place for romantic young ladies among them?

    Specialist comment: “Romance was not welcomed in the 80s, but there was ,” notes sexologist Vitaly AZUROV.- It was just then that the feminist movement became almost unstoppable, and romance was associated with female weakness. An 80s woman should not be an enthusiastic dreamer or a weak housewife. Princess Diana managed to change the situation. It was her wedding and, of course, the chic wedding dress that gave direction to the romance of the 80s. Fluffy skirts, no less fluffy sleeves, collars and frills. As a rule, blouses in the 80s had an intricate cut and were sewn from silk or synthetic satin fabrics.All kinds of flounces and ruffles on the chest – these blouses found their buyer. ”


    The eighties is a period of self-affirmation for women and the search for their “I” for men. Freedom of self-expression, of course, was emphasized first of all by unusual clothes and even more so by the hairstyle.

    Specialist comment: “During the period of the first“ bad guys ”, the entire male population buys leather jackets, banana jeans with rivets, metal badges, and fingerless gloves ,” says Vitaly Azurov, sexologist .- Another “squeak of fashion” is dumplings and trousers made of worn denim. During the period of shortage of foreign things in the Soviet Union, jeans were “brewed” in almost every family. The outfit was complemented by sneakers with neon multi-colored laces. The trends of this fashion in the USSR were especially acute and vividly manifested: after decades, when “sameness” was implanted everywhere, the time of freedom and the search for oneself comes. Haircuts-mohawks, directions “punks”, “rockers”, “informals” … In a word, everyone found a company according to their interests, and they had to look accordingly.Unfortunately, some “got used” to the image of the “bad guys” as much as possible, and this had to be paid for. It was the 1980s, , the time of the spread of HIV infection and the increase in the number of drug addicts ”.


    Not everyone in the 80s adopted new fashion trends, the older generation was at first rather wary of the hobbies of young people, but gradually life did its job.

    Specialist comment: “Films that were released at that time gradually form in the head of a citizen of the USSR an understanding that sex is an integral part of life, and a woman can and should be sexual ,” confirms sexologist Vitaly AZUROV …- The film “The Irony of Fate, or Enjoy Your Bath!” The main character, played by the charming Barbara Brylskaya, unexpectedly dispelled all stereotypes, because according to the plot she is a simple teacher of the Russian language and literature. But even in a modest dress, she exudes femininity and sexuality. Pole Brylska instantly became a Soviet sex symbol. And also the idols of the generation were Madonna and “Tender May”, “Modern Talking” and Michael Jackson.To feel the spirit of the 80s, just look at their photos or watch the video clips of . ”

    Clothing style of the 80s: photos, main features

    Party in the style of the 80s – today it is a very popular option for celebrations and events. After all, it makes it possible to plunge headlong into the atmosphere of that distant and colorful era. What was fashion like in the 80s? How did girls and boys dress then? What outfits did you prefer? After all, today’s trends send us exactly that decade.

    Bright eighties

    A little about the era

    What is associated with the Soviet era of the 80s? Collectivism, labor, friendship of peoples, political holidays with bright red banners … All this, of course, happened. However, life in those days was in full swing as violently as it is now. Girls and women dressed up in fashion, young people rested and organized noisy disco parties.

    The “Eighties” brought new idols to the Soviet people. The real icons of fashion and style of that time were Barbara Brylska, Alla Pugacheva and Valery Leontyev.From foreign stars – Joe Dassin, Madonna, Sophie Marceau, bright guys from the group “Modern Talking”, “Queen”, “Duran Duran”. All these people, no doubt, strongly influenced the behavior and worldview of young people in those distant years. Imitation of these stars gave rise to such styles of clothing as rock and disco.

    Images of the Madonna

    It should be noted that the fashion of the 1980s began to look back into the past, reviving and actively using classical styles. Clothing models of that time outwardly resembled colorful collages, in which the mass and the elite, the past and the present were intertwined.Many vivid images of those times were born in the bosom of musical, dance and even sports subcultures.

    Jackets and jackets

    “The more colorful, the cooler!” – this is the slogan that can be used to characterize the youth fashion of the 1980s. Bright inscriptions and prints, fringe sewn to clothes, rhinestones, sequins and buttons of different colors and sizes on outfits – these are the obligatory attributes of the Soviet fashionista-model.

    How did the girls dress?

    A typical outfit of the Soviet model of the “eighties” included bright colored leggings, a fluffy skirt, and a wide top with a print (it is very good if it falls off the shoulder sloppily).The fashion for other elements of the wardrobe was also stylish. A leather jacket, pumps and a wide belt at the waist are equally important elements of the clothing of this era.

    Leather jackets and their adaptation today

    High puffs, curls and voluminous bangs dominated the girls’ hairstyles. Today this style is called “vintage”. And in the 80s “models” of this kind walked the streets of every Soviet city.

    Along with the 80s, the fashion for lace gloves, bright plastic jewelry and multi-colored bracelets came.Moreover, the more a girl puts on such bracelets on her hands, the better. Numerous photos of young fashionistas of that time once again confirm the extraordinary passion for this accessory.

    In the early 80’s it became very popular to do aerobics, fitness or sports dancing. Of course, this could not but affect the clothes of the girls. First of all, there was a fashion for colored tight leggings and leggings, which were often worn in combination with baggy jumpers. Interestingly, the girls wore them not only at discos, but also in everyday life.


    In general, the female image of the 80s can be described with three epithets: bright, catchy, eccentric.

    Oversized denim

    Shoes in the time format

    For today’s adaptation of the spirit of that time, it is necessary to highlight: oversized jacket, oversized denim jacket, bomber jacket, leather jacket, high-waisted jeans (skinny, mum-jeans), sneakers, sneakers … From accessories, badges, stripes, bright plastic jewelry, a mono earring are required.

    Basic Attributes

    How did the guys dress?

    Boys of the 80s dressed no less daring and extravagant than girls.Creative disorder in clothes and on the head – these are the main “whales” of the male image of the “disco” era. The sports style in the clothes of the Soviet guy was often intertwined with demonstratively informal.

    Wide jeans, sweaters, slightly worn sneakers or sneakers – this is how young guys often looked in the 80s. In those days, young people had a fashion for laces in bright, poisonous colors – yellow, pink, light green or purple. Particularly aggressive individuals wore leather jackets with an abundance of zippers, rivets, and other metal objects.

    Male looks

    The rule of the highest pile was in force in the hairstyle of the guys. The level of “coolness” of the young man in the eyes of the opposite sex largely depended on this. In the absence of high-quality hair styling gels, Soviet guys actively used domestic beer or soap foam for this purpose.

    What was the makeup like?

    80s makeup was no less aggressive than the kits. At this time, the so-called “fox eyes” with the use of dark shadows applied with bold strokes were popular among girls.Too bright blush on the cheeks and a solid amount of mascara on the eyelashes – all this caused a stormy delight among those around at any disco party.

    Hairstyles and makeup

    The color of lipstick in the Soviet 80s could have been anything. However, nail polish was matched to her. The challenging and aggressive makeup was complemented by bright jewelry – huge plastic bracelets and earrings.

    Organization of a retro party: features and nuances

    Themed retro party is a great way to celebrate a particular holiday.At the same time, the scale of the party is not so important here. Organization is more important: script development, inventory selection, interior decor, etc.

    In some cases, a disco party is an excellent option for a birthday celebration. Especially if the hero of the occasion grew up at that unusual and colorful time. This will help the birthday man to return to the time of his youth and hopes for at least one evening.

    Atmosphere for a party and a photo session

    Interior decoration

    Vinyl records and other attributes of the era will help to decorate a room for a disco party.The walls of a room or hall can be decorated with posters or clippings from Soviet magazines, you can specially order a photophone. The following things will also help to create the appropriate atmosphere of those distant years:

    • mirror rotating ball;
    • cassette recorder (even if it is not working), decorative elements from cassettes;
    • rare porcelain figurines, etc.

    Looks and costumes

    Fashion of the “eighties” puts forward its own requirements for the preparation of images for a disco party.It is best for guys to wear jeans or wide leg pants. The ideal outerwear is a T-shirt, leather or sports jacket. You can wear slightly worn sneakers on your feet.

    The most fashionable female image of those times was a bright skirt and a top, casually slipping off one shoulder. Colored leggings on a girl will also be very appropriate. You can decorate your head with fleece or fluffy styling. High-heeled shoes and aggressive makeup are essential attributes of the traditional style of girls from the “eighties”.

    In general, the clothes of both guys and women for such a party should be bright, colorful and interesting.

    Music and entertainment

    A good retro party is, first of all, an adequately composed playlist. Any music in the disco style, both foreign and domestic, will do. Laskoviy May, the Mirage group, Yuri Antonov, Modern Talking, Alla Pugacheva and Valery Leontyev – this is a classic that must be heard at the evening of the 80s.

    During a disco party, you can successfully use slides, foreign clips or excerpts from old Soviet films.This will help you to plunge into the atmosphere of the era.

    Photos for memory

    A good photo session is the best way to keep a disco party in memory for a long time. To do this, you can (and should!) Invite a professional photographer.

    Silhouettes of the 80s

    Perhaps it is quite obvious that all photos can be black and white. This option will not only be historically correct, but also a win-win. Black and white photos always look better and more atmospheric.

    The image for such a survey must be thought out in detail. Style, makeup, hairstyles and outfits should all be in keeping with the spirit of the times. In addition, models for photography must behave correctly in the frame; facial expressions and movements will also have to be worked on.

    Photo in retro style – this is aristocracy, enthusiasm, a sense of taste and romance of the Soviet era. Such a photo session will be a wonderful and juicy ending to a retro party.

    Fashion of the 80s: women’s clothing of the eighties (photo)

    Current trends in the fashion world are very ambiguous.Since fashion, like any other life phenomenon, represents certain cycles, it is quite logical that each of them will repeat itself sooner or later.

    Every stage in the history of any country is determined by the characteristic styles of clothing. Moreover, they are closely related to the social development of society and the technological features of production.

    From the 20th century, the world fashion history began to experience important changes. This is the time when almost every decade is characterized by new trends and trends not only in styles, but also in materials and colors.All these changes have a philosophical rationale and a serious ideology, which are inextricably linked with the development of society.

    Fashion of the 80s is one of such cycles, which is very memorable, original and bright enough. In this article, we will look at the main directions and styles of that time, features of textures and combinations of clothes.

    Historical background

    The assertion of historians that each decade of the 20th century has its own unique “face” has good reasons.Moreover, this “look” is associated not only with political influence, but also with the attitude of citizens of a particular country, their social preferences and economic situation. Creative personalities represented by designers and stylists embody these trends in clothing collections, in the creation of fashionable images that reflect the general mood of society at one time or another.

    The textile industry of the eighties showed itself quite brightly. This is the time when new fashion houses and brands are being created en masse.At the same time, young designers are beginning to actively crowd out eminent masters, offering inexpensive street style things. Since the founder of the entire fashion trend of the eighties was American fashion, which proclaimed freedom and equality of the sexes, things were filled with brightness, a combination of narrow and very wide models, colorful and catchy accessories.

    What was fashionable in those years? Details in the video:

    The style of the 80s is characterized not only by the emergence of new trends in the fashion world.At this time, for the first time, the characteristic features of the previous decades began to be used. Using familiar clothing elements and trends, the designers played with them in accordance with the requirements of their time.

    The eighties brought new synthetic materials to the fashion world, the most popular of which were lycra fabrics. They were used to sew sportswear, which was used not only for professional sports, but also as everyday clothes.

    The revolution of relaxedness and free behavior led to the popularity of mini-skirts that did not hide the delights of women’s legs, corsets and very high heels.At this time, the images of seductresses came into fashion, who attracted increased attention with their open and defiant outfits.

    Characteristics of clothing

    Considering that in these years designers began to give new life to previous trends in clothing, women’s fashion of the eighties was a modernized classic style. Popularity was gained by neoclassicism, where classical forms were transformed into ultra-modern styles that met the needs of the time.The things that designers created, using new ideas brought to grotesque forms, were in special demand.

    The main feature of those years was the mixture of retro images, which were redesigned by stylists, and youth subcultures. Hip-hop, techno and post-punk music, aerobics, snowboards and roller skates – all these popular trends are reflected in the fashion trends of the eighties.

    Sportswear of the brightest colors was an important distinguishing sign of the fashion of that time.

    Denim, from which not only pants were sewn, but also skirts, jackets and dresses, did not give up their positions. Sporty windbreakers, synthetic leggings and sneakers became an integral part of the girl’s image of those years. At the same time, catchy accessories were an obligatory attribute, on which many of the most intricate patterns were present.

    Another characteristic feature of the eighties was the desire for a healthy and active lifestyle. Images of slender beauties doing aerobics called on TV screens to play sports.Fashion could not ignore this trend. Therefore, for women who wanted to look slim, while combining work and childcare, comfortable models of wide sweaters and long, slightly flared skirts were developed.

    Innovations of the eighties

    The clothes of the girl of that time were rebellious, often combining very ambiguous things.

    So, jackets with overhead hangers, which visually increased the shoulders, were especially popular in those years.The silhouette of a woman lost its femininity and looked like a man’s. At the same time, the image of Princess Diana, who used cute hats and clothes in a romantic style, was no less popular.

    However, women of fashion in their everyday style used not as elegant outfits as the representative of the royal family. Elegant shirts and jeans, often of a rough cut, were used to make the look feminine.

    Considering the special popularity of punk and disco music, fashion items were filled with their elements.For example, leather jackets, which have become an integral part of the wardrobe of all fashionistas, are at their peak of popularity today.

    Demonstration of femininity

    Speaking about the fashion trends of the eighties, one cannot but dwell on a dress that made it possible to look feminine and at the same time stylish. The “hourglass” style has remained the same. But stylists began to emphasize the line of the shoulders, waist, hips. Thanks to this, the silhouette of a woman in such a dress looked very slender and graceful.

    The highlighting of the shoulder line, which was achieved with the help of shoulder pads and draperies, was considered especially fashionable. The belt was an obligatory attribute of the dress, with its help the waist line was emphasized.

    The length of the dress was chosen so that the shins were visible: it was customary to demonstrate the impeccable shape of the legs. The collars of dresses were designed in a very original way. One example of such collars is “apache”, which adds a special chic to the owner of the dress.

    Sleeves were created in the form of flashlights or “bat”.Pleats and lots of draperies reinforced the V-neck impression. All these combinations gave the dress a special sophistication and incredible femininity.

    Soviet tendencies

    In the former USSR, the eighties were marked by important political events: the country began to live under the slogans of Perestroika. The first cooperatives begin to develop, as well as small enterprises that produce things that imitate Western trends. In the late eighties, people appeared who brought fashion goods to the Union from Western countries.

    1988 was marked by the first beauty contest, which was the beginning of cooperation between the USSR and well-known Western modeling agencies. A massive fascination with beautiful Russian fashion models begins.

    You will also be interested in:

    Soviet fashion of that time was a very peculiar understanding of good taste, bordering on caricature. She was presented with vulgar, often cheap things that were striking in their brightness and tasteless eclecticism. No less cheap plastic jewelry, bright makeup and huge fleeces on bangs drenched in varnish – this is how Soviet women of fashion imagined the image of a fashionable Western girl.

    Of course, this is due not so much to the general lack of taste in the beautiful half of the country, but to the complete absence of good goods on store shelves. When the “iron curtain” opened a little, and women saw a variety of colors, textures and models, so unusual and attractive, they wanted to use everything at once.

    This, of course, does not mean that there were no women in the Soviet country who dressed elegantly and stylishly. For example, many consider the country’s first lady, Raisa Gorbacheva, to be the standard of taste.

    Modern designs in the style of the 80s

    Despite the ambiguity of combinations and styles, fashion from the 80s is still in demand today. We have already talked about the cyclical nature of fashion trends, and the use of things of the eighties today is the best confirmation of this. Here are examples of the use of things in a modern wardrobe that are an echo of that interesting era:

    • Combination of a jacket with shoulder pads and a small short dress.If you want to recreate the image in more detail, use one of the elements of clothing in a bright neon color.
    • Skinny jeans or pencil skirts will look great with oversized sweaters.
    • Patterned tights or leggings are perfect for almost any dress.

    As you can see in the photo, such images look quite feminine and elegant. The main thing to remember is that in the 21st century the choice of clothes is very large, and you should not be like Soviet beauties, putting on everything at once.When choosing things from the eighties for everyday use, remember that you can focus on this time with only one thing.

    Trends from the 80s. Details in the video:

    Trend of the season: sports items in clothing from the 60s and 80s | VOGUE

    In recent years, fashion each season finds favorite sports and very ingeniously quotes the uniform of each of them. A healthy lifestyle has long been the norm, however, this does not mean at all that it has been fashionable to look healthy all this time.Sometimes designers were overcome by melancholy or even painful blues. Then the girls, who spent hours and days in fitness clubs, put on shapeless clothes and began to do their best to portray languid pale-faced young ladies with bruises under their eyes. But this season is not the case. The upbeat sixties and fit eighties remain the main trends, and designers cheerfully cite their favorite sports of those years.

    The sixties are, of course, cycling and motorcycling. Romance of high speeds and a tailwind.In the Acne collection, leather biker pants with quilted knee pads coexist peacefully with fluffy skirts of the sixties. Alexander Wang’s windbreakers and bicycles are perforated as if specially so that the wind blows over hot bodies. The fabrics, by the way, were ordered from a factory specializing in materials for sports shoes.

    At Altuzarra, windbreakers, leggings and parkas made of technonylon seem to fill the body with a smooth gloss: this is how the suits of cyclists cling to the body, which should not leave space for air between clothes and the body – otherwise the speed of movement decreases.Quilted leather jackets in the same collection are already from the arsenal of motorbikers, powerful heroes of the sixties: the clash of mods on mopeds and rockers on motorcycles was the main cultural confrontation in London at the beginning of this revolutionary decade.

    In summer, you can’t do without the main hobby of the eighties – water sports. Remember all these Olympic sailing regattas, kayaking and canoeing, the breathtaking records of the stayer swimmer Vladimir Salnikov? But now we are not talking about swimsuits at all, but rather about dresses that look like bathing suits.

    Anthony Vaccarello’s long dresses seem to be composed of geometric fragments of thin shiny knitwear, held together only by strips of fabric. At Max Mara and Peter Pilotto, dresses resemble suits not even for swimmers, but for divers: they fit the body so tightly and so deliberately protect it. BCBG also has memories of the athletic chic of that time, but these dresses are more inspired by aerobics suits, another queen of the eighties: colored blocks, layered tops, hoods. Miraculously, it all turns into evening gowns worthy of more than just a beach party.

    At Balenciaga, trimmed with contrasting piping, these briefs fit perfectly into an almost couture context. At Givenchy, knit polos are paired with beautiful skinny pencil skirts. And at Marc Jacobs, rough sweatshirts are worn with skirts draped in the style of the jazz twenties.

    And finally, the Victoria Beckham collection – that’s what no one expected from! Her creations, always cultivated with elegance, have never had a place for sports. This time there are no literal quotes either, but thanks to the wide, rough shoulder straps, vaguely reminiscent of parachute equipment, her chiseled dresses gained vigor and energy.This is exactly what we all expect from sports. Well, not Olympic records, in fact!

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    Photo: Terry Tsiolis; Jason Lloyd-Evans

    80s Fashion (34 Photos)

    In the 80s, bright colors in clothes and makeup became popular. In Russia, pop stars enjoyed the authority, which ordinary people so wanted to be like.

    Alla Pugacheva, Valery Leontiev and other performers were the first to show themselves independent in clothes.After the first broadcast of the concerts, the groups “Modern Talking” and “Scorpions” also became famous, their styles were immediately adopted. People also wanted to be like Michael Jackson and Madonna, paying attention to their looks and behavior.

    At that time, styling with flecks, decorated with large bows, was fashionable. They wore numerous rings-bracelets on their hands, and large round earrings on their ears.

    Informals dressed in 80s fashion

    Evening dresses from the 1985 collection

    Girl in a tweed jacket and silk scarf

    Modern fashion show a la 80s

    Fashionable Europeans on a city street in the mid-80s x

    Florentines in fashionable double-breasted jackets with wide shoulders in the 80s

    Men in double-breasted suits with wadded shoulder pads

    Women’s clothing collection in the style of the 80s of a modern fashion designer

    Models in bright outfits with flecks

    Two girls in disco -images from the 80s

    Disco dancer in a suit of the 80s

    People in the collection of sportswear from the 80s

    Fashion model in a tweed jacket from the 1982 collection

    Girl in a yellow dress with a black leather jacket

    Fashionable girls in vintage sweater and leather jacket from the 80s

    Icon of 80s style – Lady Dee

    Models of haute couture outfits from the 80s collections in the Fashion Museum

    9 0003 Biker jacket with a dress and a jacket with wide shoulders for women of fashion in the 80s

    A dress in fuchsia fashionable in the 80s at the Fashion Museum

    Women’s clothing collection of 1988 in the Fashion Museum

    Fashion show from the 80s in Lipetsk

    Three young men in 80s fashion

    Fashion model in a denim jacket and a sequin top in the 80s style

    Model on the runway in a denim jacket and chunky gold jewelry

    Model in an acid pink denim jacket fashion of the 80s

    Girls doing aerobics in suits

    Blonde in a shirt with wide sleeves and high-waisted jeans

    Trendy 80s double-breasted fuchsia jacket

    Blonde in 80s fashion makeup

    Fashionable 80s jacket colors fringed tobacco leaves

    Rainbow print on leather mini dress

    Girl in 80s disco

    Womens 80s party fancy dress 9000 2

    A girl in leggings and a skirt with flounces in 80s disco style

    80s style in a woman’s clothes: photos, genre features, images

    Contents of the article

    Every 25 years, fashion returns to the catwalks.The basics are similar, but the clothes are becoming more modern. It is in our days that we are witnessing the “dominance of things” from the Soviet period of the last century. What is the style of the 80s in a woman’s clothes? Photos, interesting options for ensembles, how to choose “your image”, we will tell you in this article.

    How did the fashion of the late Soviet period mark itself?

    A real revolution took place in the clothing of that time. It was then that modesty faded into the background and the wardrobe of fashionistas began to dazzle with bright things.This became an echo of the development of leading subcultures: music, dance, sports. Such contradictory images with an abundance of bright inscriptions and prints on clothes, fringes, rhinestones, sequins, multi-colored buttons, acid-colored fabrics, and oversized things have become popular.

    The advantage was 4 bright images: aggressive business woman, sexy clothes, romantic and fitness fans. Business ladies dressed in a miniskirt, a wide, loose jacket in the style of a club blazer or a double-breasted jacket with pronounced shoulders.

    The icon of the 80s style is Princess Diana, who often appears in jackets with wide shoulders. Celebrity trend is also her merit. She introduced the fashion for evening dresses and hats, which have become part of everyday life. They have ceased to be an attribute of only aristocrats.

    80s – the era of contrasts. One of the most popular was the sexy style. Too popular at that time lycra and stretch, young people loved to tighten the body to show their figure. Leggings, knitted tube dresses, short balloon skirts were increasingly preferred by the Soviet people.The typical fashionable outfit of the 80s consisted of unimaginable things: bright pink leggings, a lace short skirt, a wide top with a flashy print and a drop shoulder, a denim or leather jacket to the waist, a wide belt on the hips, pumps.

    Physical fitness came into vogue in the style of the 80s in women’s clothing. Photos in fashion magazines confirm this. After the release of the video course of aerobics to the masses, the entire USSR “fell ill” with fashionable sports things. The tracksuit of mostly bright colors quickly gained popularity among those who did not even think about playing sports.

    Clothes had already lost their practical meaning, and acquired a demonstrative character. During these years, the Soviet people learned about well-known foreign brands in clothing. Women began to follow the ready-to-wear fashion and in every possible way tried to imitate the fashionistas from TV screens and magazines. The names of famous brands have become of great importance. They even began to sew them to ordinary clothes from the front side. However, an insane shortage of clothes reigned in the country, and everyone took out branded items as best they could.

    At that time, people had the opinion that a semi-sports windbreaker was the top of Parisian chic, then a passion for voluminous shoulder belts arose, and jackets similar to men’s women’s jackets began to take on a new life. The foundations of the new style were laid, that is, the struggle of opposites began openly. Dramatic color combinations appeared: against the background of black, red, blue, white.

    Fashion dresses

    Designers imagined the ideal figure of a woman in the shape of an hourglass, therefore, such a cut accompanied fashionable dresses from the period of the end of the USSR.Liberated aggressive-sexual models were popular, but romantic styles of pastel or rich colors were also worn. The popular style of the batwing dress, baggy models and sheath dresses were worn by women of fashion who prefer the style of the 80s in women’s clothing. Photos:

    The collar was always designed in an extraordinary way, often a technique with one bare shoulder was used. Wide sleeves, a deep V-neck with pleats or drapery gave the silhouette lightness and carelessness.Cage, polka dots, flower motifs were welcome. Decorated dresses with lace, sewn products from the following fabrics:

    • tulle,
    • guipure,
    • silk,
    • crepe de Chine,
    • cashmere,
    • tweed,
    • cotton,
    • gabardine,
    • jersey,
    • lurex.

    Pants & Jeans

    Banana trousers of various colors were popular – wide at the top with folds or gathers narrowed at the bottom.They were often accompanied by a quirky print.

    In the mid-80s, boiled jeans came into fashion, which the Soviet people made on their own by boiling ordinary jeans in water with whiteness. It was analogous to expensive foreign models that the common man could not afford.

    At the end of the 1980s, pyramid jeans came into fashion. These are trousers that are voluminous at the top and tapered to the bottom with a roll-up in the form of a cuff on the lower leg. Light blue models with the image of a camel on the back pocket were considered the most fashionable trends in the style of the 80s in women’s clothing.Photos:

    Jackets, coats, jackets

    Since the sexual revolution took place in these years and women strove to be like men in everything, similar moods were displayed in clothes. The era of the 80s was distinguished by women’s jackets with a wide shoulder belt, which resembled a man’s image. This effect was achieved thanks to the voluminous shoulder pads.

    Wide coats in the 80s were made of leather, cashmere, drape.They were narrowed from top to bottom, wide at the hips or loose double-breasted models under the belt.

    In winter, they wore “dutik” – brightly colored quilted jackets with zippers with buttons. They were made of soft, non-rustling nylon with insulation.

    Jackets-leather jackets, which are the heritage of rock musicians, are in fashion. These were short leather items with oblique zipper.

    Transformation of the 80s into modern fashion

    The versatile clothing of that time fits perfectly into modern realities, when a woman can afford to be absolutely democratic in appearance.However, a wider range of color combinations is possible today. In the 80s, this did not happen yet. They only served as the beginning of experiments with clothes.

    The principle of the transformation of things was quite relevant in the 80s. This is also popular today. A collar scarf today is nothing more than a tube scarf in the 80s, which served as both a scarf and a headdress.

    Men’s wardrobe is also actively present in women’s looks, as it was 25 years ago.Women love leather jackets, oversized sweaters and coats, overalls, and tapered trousers.

    Leggings and leggings are back in fashion. They are less colorful and more practical these days. They can now be worn in winter and summer.

    Clothes wide at the shoulders are popular today, as in those years. We see not so voluminous top in women’s everyday outfits, but designers tend to fantasize about this topic.They want to see women with a wide shoulder girdle, which is not applicable in real life. These clothes are more suitable for catwalks and bohemian parties.

    In the late 1980s, knitted and fabric ponchos came into fashion. Nowadays there is a wide variety of this comfortable and practical wardrobe item.

    A blouse with a bow, wide-leg trousers, a tatyanka skirt, denim wool with a high waist, fishnet leggings in combination with massive shoes, a year skirt, a leather jacket, jeans-dumplings, a cockerel hat, a bat dress, a sweater with deer , multi-colored denim – all this can be seen in modern fashion, as an echo of the past.If such things are found in the wardrobe of a modern girl, then she will certainly be the most fashionable among all.

    Tips on how to choose an image

    To look in the spirit of the 80s and not get lost in the present time you need:

    • Combine a modern wardrobe with some topical items from the eighth decade of the XX century;
    • have clothes with shoulder pads;
    • Wear shiny asymmetrical clothes to parties;
    • wear sweaters and dresses with flounces in bright colors;
    • Have skinny jeans or pyramid pants in your wardrobe.

    This is the style of the 80s in a woman’s clothes. Interestingly, when choosing this style, modern girls prefer more matte and pastel shades to bright ones. And if you are impressed by this genre, be sure to try it.

    Variants of images in photo

    Video examples of 80s style

    More on the topic:


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