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10 Best 3-Ring Binders to Organize Your Work and Office (2021)

School years, household paperwork, art sets, and organization – binders are wonderful tools for wrangling all your papers. Finding the best 3-ring binders is simple if you know what you’re looking for.

Not all binders are created equal, and they certainly aren’t all designed to accomplish the same things.

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We’ve got our list of favorite binders designed to help you get organized, offer strong support, and build reliable systems. No matter what you need to get organized, we’ve got you covered for best binders.

How to Choose The Best Binder

When you’re choosing the best binder, there are a few things to consider. Think of how you’ll use this binder most often and make a few decisions.

Ring Size

The ring size allows you to store more papers, but it also makes the binder itself unwieldy and harder to manage. If you have a lot of documents to organize, but the binder will sit on a shelf most of the time, choose a large ring size.

If you plan to carry the binder often or you don’t have much to store, a smaller size should do fine. They make sizes as small as 3/4 of an inch, but a one-inch size is a good, all-purpose measurement.

Cover Material

Vinyl is a good option and is water-resistant. It will protect the contents a bit. Transparent coverings on the front, back, and spine allow you to insert labels and papers with designs, so you always know which binder you’ve got in your hand.

Additional Features

Binders can be complicated with included pockets, ring protectors, unique materials, and closures. You could choose one that zips all the around for privacy and keeps in contents. You may decide to get a binder with extra pockets for adding proposal information.

The Best Binders – The List

These binders offer functionality and blends durability with features. We can find something for every project you may have.

Best For High School: Case-it Mighty Zip Tab*

The Case-it Might Tab* is a durable three-inch binder with o-rings. It has a sturdy, tear-resistant body with a durable zipper and an integrated accordion file with five pockets. It also comes with a handle and built-in shoulder strap.

It may not look professional for a corporate workplace, but it can function as a standalone case for when you need to cut down what you’re carrying.

Best Design – Samsill Vintage Hardback Book Binder*

For a bit of design delight, Samhill’s bookbinder takes the leather-bound covers from classic libraries and turns them into beautiful storage. It features one-inch o-rings with a leather-like cover with small detailing. Two leather pockets allow loose-leaf storage.

It looks great on a shelf but may be impractical for day to day usage. It’s best for home decor storage where it will look beautiful and serve a purpose.

Best for Presentations – Toplive Padfolio Three-Ring Binder*

When you need to look professional and keep everything organized, Toplive’s option has the perfect blend of design and function. It features a one-inch o-rings with multiple interior pockets to wrangle handouts, brochures, and business cards.

It has a pen pocket and stiff back with a PU leather-like exterior and professional tab closure. It’s durable and comes in a few different colors.

Best Value – Amazon Basics Three-ring Binder*

Load up on binders in a flash with Amazon basics. These are all-purpose o-ring binders in black or white, and come in one-inch, one and a half, or two-inch ring sizes. Clear exterior pockets allow for labeling, and two interior pockets give you loose-leaf storage.

They’re durable enough to store home documents, but you may have to replace them if you’re hard on your school binders. For affordability, they’re top of the list.

Best Home Office Binder – Bloom Three-Ring Binder*

The Bloom collection is perfect for the creative home office. It features colorful and inspiring prints with a practical one-inch o-ring design and two interior pockets. 

It doesn’t give you much chance to label your binders, but the fun prints are a welcome change from standard office colors. Stiff sides keep it standing upright.

Best D-Ring Style – Staples Better Binder* 

The two-inch Better Binder holds up to 540 pages. It comes in a variety of colors and is durable enough to hold up to school bags and work organization. It features internal pockets and clear exterior label sleeves.

It has a broader design for nonstandard sized papers such as letters. The cover is flexible, which helps it hold up to bookbag storage, but it may not stand on its own.

Best Bulk Choice – Samsill Economy Three Ring Binders*

Samsill’s bulk choice offers standard three-ring binders in sizes half-inch to three-inch. They feature two interior pockets and clear exterior sleeves for labeling with multiple color choices to round out the pack.

The one-inch option is excellent for filling an office, classroom, or handing out. They come in packs of four, 12, and 24.

Best for Storage – Wilson Jones 3 Ring Binder 5 Inch*

For storage for almost 1000 pages, the D-ring style five-inch binder is a must. Wilson Jones uses a durable exterior with a one-touch open and close design. Outer sleeves allow you to label folders and you can choose from a few different colors.

Their custom formulated exterior lasts longer than classic vinyl. The design never leaves a gap and is easy to manage, even when full.

Best Recycled Option – Samsill Earth’s Choice*

The Earth’s Choice line uses 59% biobased materials with 25% plant-based renewable plastic. It comes in a variety of colors and features one-inch, one and a half, and two-inch rings. 

Two outer sleeves allow labeling, and two interior pockets hold loose-leaf papers. You also get a choice of several different colors to suit your preferences.

Best Home Organization Choice – DocIt 4-Pocket Binder*

The DocIt features a one-inch o-ring binder with four interior pockets for storage and an elastic band closure. Four accordion-style pockets on the front cover keep important papers right at hand.

It comes in a few different colors and includes a pen pocket. The materials are durable but won’t stand upright, so it’s best for shelves or bookbags.

Final Thoughts

Using a binder is essential for organizing life. Any of the best binders on our list will provide function and durability, so choose the design that fits your needs and stop losing your important papers! It’s time to wrangle your things and give yourself time to breathe.

Tan Cloth 3-Ring Binder | 1 Inch Rings

Tan Cloth 3-Ring Binder | 1 Inch Rings – Decomposition.com

Free Shipping over $50 (USA only)

Our binders are built with both elegance and durability in mind. They feature turned edges, matte-black rings and a variety of eye-catching cover choices. They also feature heavy-duty cover board, top-quality, tightly-woven book cloth and recycled, acid-free matte black liner paper.

  • Ring capacity: 1″
  • Holds 240 Sheets (480 Pages) of 20# Bond Paper
  • Matte-black metal binder rings in standard three-hole configuration
  • Product dimensions (closed): 10 3/4″ wide x 12″ high x 1 1/2″ thick spine
  • Woven book cloth cover
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
Weight 1. 5 lbs
Our binders are built with both elegance and durability in mind. They feature turned edges, matte-black rings and a variety of eye-catching cover choices. They also feature heavy-duty cover board, top-quality, tightly-woven book cloth and recycled, acid-free matte black liner paper.

  • Ring capacity: 1″

  • Holds 240 Sheets (480 Pages) of 20# Bond Paper

  • Matte-black metal binder rings in standard three-hole configuration

  • Product dimensions (closed): 10 3/4″ wide x 12″ high x 1 1/2″ thick spine

  • Woven book cloth cover

Our binders are built with both elegance and durability in mind. They feature turned edges, matte-black rings and a variety of eye-catching cover choices. They also feature heavy-duty cover board, top-quality, tightly-woven book cloth and recycled, acid-free matte black liner paper.

  • Ring capacity: 1″
  • Holds 240 Sheets (480 Pages) of 20# Bond Paper
  • Matte-black metal binder rings in standard three-hole configuration
  • Product dimensions (closed): 10 3/4″ wide x 12″ high x 1 1/2″ thick spine
  • Woven book cloth cover
Dimensions 12 × 12 × 2 in
Weight 1. 5 lbs

Ring Size & Sheet Capacity

Preparing for a meeting or important presentation is no doubt hectic. You have a lot on your mind – especially if your materials need to make the right impression on your boss or a potential client. Besides communicating main points and other important information, materials you provide need to be organized in a logical way that’s easy to use.

One seemingly innocent part of organizing your materials can have a powerful impact on the impression you and your team has on those receiving materials.

In the case of 3-ring binders, properly separating materials for easy reference using dividers is one important organizational item to bear in mind.

But more fundamentally, the size of the three rings in your binders is crucial to consider – if they’re too small, all your materials may not fit at all and if they do, your user will have much difficulty turning pages and likely will tear pages from the rings.

This will no doubt leave a negative impression on your boss or potential client and may put your entire effort in jeopardy.

To avoid this calamity, be sure the diameter of the rings on your binders you’re using can accommodate the number of sheets your handouts will include!

Your Binder’s Capacity is Determined by the Ring Type & Size

For O-Ring binders, the diameter of the ring (…not the width of the spine) is the determining factor of how many sheets a 3-ring binder will hold . Standard binder ring diameters range from 1/2 of an inch to 3 inches.

Sheet capacity for a D-ring binder on the other hand is based on the length of straight part of the ring , which generally ranges between one and three inches. 3-ring binders with D-shaped rings hold up to 25% more sheets.

The table below shows capacities for standard size/thickness paper. If your sheets are thicker, you will need to reduce these numbers. One of our sales consultants will be happy to recommend a ring capacity to you.

Ring Size
(Diameter for O-Rings)
Page Capacity
½-inch 75
1-inch 175
1.5-inches 250
2-inches 350
3-inches 570
4-inches 800 (D-Ring Only)


Remember, the ring must be large enough to go around all of your sheets. In other words, the thickness of your materials must be less than the diameter (O-ring) or length (D-ring) of your binder’s rings.

And another courteous thing to consider – give your users a little extra breathing room. Don’t try and stuff sheets to the maximum amount the rings can hold. Leave room so users can both effortlessly flip pages or even add pages to the 3-ring binder if they choose.

Regardless of what you need a 3-ring binder for – whether it’s for stuff you’re giving to others or for internal reference materials – making sure all of the pages fit comfortably and flip easy is quite a basic, yet vital part of collating a presentation or reference materials in a 3-ring binder.

Speaking with a specialist in 3-ring binders can help you get the right size to comfortably accommodate all of your materials. Discuss your particular needs with consultants at Binders, Inc. today.

Custom 3 ring binders | PurpleTrail

Invite your guests to view a virtual ceremony

Include a URL to your school’s online commencement ceremony. Example:

Attend Amanda’s graduation ceremony from afar!
Seattle High School will be live streaming a
commencement speech and name reading to
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Host a car parade

Invite nearby friends and family to a drive-by celebration. Ask attendees to bring signs or words of encouragement. Example:

Help us celebrate the grad with a drive-by graduation
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Host a virtual graduation party

Invite guests to join the grad for a FaceTime or
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Join us for a virtual party to celebrate Alex’s achievement! Wear your finest attire and help us
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Ask friends and family to send cards

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Even though we can’t be close, let’s honor the grad with a surprise in the post! In lieu of your
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Tactical 3-Ring Binder Cover System (Fits 1½” to 2″ Binders) – Tactical Notebook Covers

This super-sized rugged 3-Ring Binder Case System comes complete with a thick leather handle and optional shoulder strap. Made with Military spec. materials for rough use in the field. Great for soldiers in leadership roles, observer/controllers and course directing staff. 


This cover accommodates the standard 1½” to 2″ binders that are available at many office stores, or you can purchase one of our binder inserts.  Our binder insert securely fits into the right-hand side sleeve and sticks in place with Velcro for a very secure fit. This case is available in two sizes, to fit binders sized between 1.5″ to 2″, and 3-4″ (larger size available here)

  • The front of the cover features two pockets. Both pockets flip up to reveal a large area with elastic loops designed to hold pens and pencils. There are a total of 18 loops for storing writing instruments.
  • On the underside of each flip-up pocket is a clear window, which can be used to store maps, or notes for see-through viewing.
  • Front lower pocket flap has a see-through mesh pocket for visible storage of small items (cell phone, keys, etc…).
  • Inside this binder cover is over 155 square inches of Velcro real estate – to allow for Add-on customization!
  • On the interior left and right side are two pockets, which are great for storing notes, a tablet, or extra notepad. Both pockets measure 9.5″ wide, by 9″ deep.
  • Case is padded for protection of contents.
  • Rear zippered pocket (13 x 9″) holds contents securely.
  • Comfortable thick leather handle. There is an optional detachable shoulder strap available (+$15) for this case.
  • Made in the USA.


Note from Mark Wheeler (Designer): I designed this rugged cover to protect and securely hold a heavy 1½” to 2″ binder. If you are like most of my customers, you’ll need a heavy case with sturdy handle to hold all the weight from the notes these larger binders can hold. Sometimes we’ve seen customers with binders holding up to 10 Lbs of paper weight. With this cover you can be confident the case will handle the weight.

In addition, you can also outfit this case with many of the detachable cover options that will further individualize the cover to add even more functionality.

When ordering options for this cover, we will assume you want the color to match the cover. Cover options shown below can also be purchased separately. A much more detailed description of each cover option is available on the Add-on’s product page.

All contents attached to or shown with the cover in the images are there to show the functionality only and are NOT INCLUDED unless you choose to add these options to your order.

Dimensions (For 1.5″-2″ Binder Case)

  • When open: 26.5″ x 13.75″
  • When closed: 13.75 x 12″
  • Weight: 660g/1.5lbs


We manufacture this 3-Ring Binder cover and many other styles of Tactical Notebook Covers in our factory. We can add embroidery, printing and even customize the cover itself when ordering in quantities (36+). Please call or email for a quote.

Best 3-Ring Zipper Binders for Artists and Gallerists – ARTnews.com

If you’re looking for a way to tote around all of your desk essentials, you should consider a 3-ring zipper binder. They can double as a portfolio; they have places for pads, writing implements, documents, and files; they may also have a place for your tablet, phone, or laptop, and zippered compartments to use as you wish. Some can even function as a wallet, with pockets for money and credit cards. Size, material, and design can vary quite a bit, so take a look at our top five picks and select the best one for your needs.

1. Wundermax Portfolio

Made of artificial leather, this black portfolio is both presentable and practical. In addition to a detachable 3-ring binder, it has everything you need to store your office essentials, including a letter-size writing pad, three pen holders, a pocket for a tablet, six slots for business cards, and two zippered pockets. It also has an exterior pocket for quick access to important papers. The company says this product will stand the test of time, backing its words up with a lifetime guarantee.

Buy: Wundermax Portfolio $27. 99

2. Executive Office Solutions Professional Business Padfolio

With its two retractable handles, this 3-ring portfolio case mimics the look, feel, and practicality of the classic office briefcase, only smaller and lighter. Inside is not only a 3-ring binder, but also a large writing pad, pen and card holders, zippered compartments, and slots for your important papers. It is made of synthetic brown leather. 

Buy: Executive Office Solutions Professional Business… $19.99

3. AmazonBasics 3-Ring Binder with Zipper

For the student who needs to tote lots of stuff from class to class or between school and home, this zippered binder is a great choice. It has a huge capacity, with binder D-rings that measure 4 inches, plus a mesh pocket and a large folio section for loose papers and files, secured by a Velcro strap. The fabric is tear- and water-resistant, making it one of the more durable on the market, and the heavy-duty exterior zipper secures everything in place. Outside there is a handle and removable carrying strap, as well as a zippered pocket for small essentials. 

Buy: AmazonBasics 3-Ring Binder with Zipper $16.99

4. Case-it Executive Zippered Padfolio

This portfolio case strips it down to the basics, which is sometimes all you’re looking for. Included is a removable 1-inch 3-ring binder, a letter-size writing pad, document pockets, and slots for a phone, cards, and pens. There is also a handle along the spine for easy toting.

Buy: Case-it Executive Zippered Padfolio $29.99

5. Pellicano Professional Portfolio Organizer

What sets this portfolio apart are the large and small zippered pockets inside, providing secure places to store your most important items. In addition to zip pockets, this portfolio has a removable 3-ring binder, notebook holder, six card holders, three pen holders, and a tablet sleeve. The entire portfolio measures 13 by 10. 6 by 1.5 inches.

Buy: Pellicano Professional Portfolio Organizer

Binder Sizes: A Guide to Standard US 3-Ring Binder Dimensions

Supported Article

CompanyFolders.com got in touch to see if they could write an article for me on the topic of US 3-ring binder sizes. I thought that would be a great addition to the site, so here’s the article.

On the surface, a binder might seem like a pretty simple, straightforward piece of marketing collateral; just snap in your documents and you’re good to go. But what some people don’t realize is that there’s not always a one-size-fits-all option when it comes to binders. Depending on the type of paper you’re using and the precise dimensions of your documents, you might need a binder that’s a completely different size.

We’ve assembled some of the most common questions that people tend to have when it comes to choosing the proper binder size for a particular project.

CompanyFolders.com offers an extensive selection of 3-ring binders; be sure to take a look if you need a specific style or size.

How do I measure a 3-ring binder’s size?

Binders are a little tricky compared to other forms of marketing collateral because there tends to be some confusion surrounding how they’re measured. It’s not always as simple as measuring the binder’s width or height, or even its spine dimensions.

Knowing how to measure a 3-ring binder’s size all comes to down the diameter of its rings. A binder with normal round rings that are 1 inch in diameter, for instance, would be referred to as a “1 inch binder.” For other ring types that aren’t exactly round (such as D ring and slant D ring), the size is measured using the length of the straight edge.

Many laymen, however, will still refer to “binder size” when they really mean to reference the binder’s dimensions (such as a width of 9” and height of 12”).

What are the most standard binder dimenstions?

Generally, the most standard binder dimension is 9″ x 12″ with 1″ round rings. This type of binder is suitable for holding letter-size materials, and it’s the type that people are most likely to see as the “default.” That doesn’t necessarily mean that this is the best size for you, however—particularly if you need to hold legal size documents or a larger quantity. Mini-binders (7″ x 9″) are also available to hold small materials, like a folded letter size sheet.

How many pages fit in a 3-ring binder?

Different sized binders hold different amounts of paper, depending on the diameter of the rings and the thickness of the paper. A binder with 3” D rings (one of the largest available sizes of 3-ring binders) has a capacity of approximately 750 pages of 80# Text Gloss stock. This helpful binder size chart will show you how much paper different binder sizes can hold.

How do the dimensions of a binder compare to the dimensions of the paper inside?

Binders are always slightly larger than the paper they are intended to hold. A letter size binder, for instance, is suitable for holding 8. 5” x 11” paper, which means the binder itself is likely to be somewhere in the ballpark of 9” x 12”. In general, it’s best to aim for a width and height at least one half inch larger than the original paper.

How should I punch holes into my paper so that it will fit into a binder?

The spacing between rings can vary from binder to binder. In most cases, standard three-hole punched paper has holes that are placed 4.25” apart, and will fit easily into a letter size binder. For a 7” x 9” piece, however, you’re going to want your paper’s holes to be placed 2.75” apart.

Before you purchase a binder for a marketing project, make sure you’ve done your research. Choosing the wrong one could be a costly mistake, especially when buying a large quantity. Take careful measurements of your documents and ensure that they will fit comfortably into the binder’s rings or pockets. Above all, make sure you fully understand how the binder’s size is measured; you don’t want to end up with something completely different from what you’re looking for.

Ring binder with logo

Sample ring binders

Ring binder white

Menu folder on rings with velvet endpaper

Ring binder white

Ring binder design world

Ring binder leather

Ring binder black

Ring binder

Hard folder

Hard ring binder

Solid file holder

Plastic ring binder

Production of folders-registrars.

Folder with the company logo – Multi-profile printing house “Bystry Tsvet”

Printing with foil externally gives the same effect as embossing, but does not require a stamp, but is carried out on a special printer. Silver or gold foil is standard.

Cons of foil versus embossing:

  • The quality is lower.
  • The list of materials for printing is less than for embossing.
  • Foil printing area less (max.print area 50×150 mm).
  • The accuracy of aligning foil printing with other types of printing or processing (punching, hot stamping, etc.) is low – about 3-4 mm.

Plus – no stamp is needed, from which several conclusions follow:

  • Samples can be taken.
  • Can be customized with foil.
  • Fast execution time – from a few hours.

Scope of use:

  • Certificates, diplomas, invitations, etc. in small editions.
  • Products where you need to personalize with foil – for example, write your first and last name with foil in letters.
  • Small circulation products with a production time of “several hours”.
  • Products embossed over a large area do not require alignment (eg silver snowflakes by invitation).
  • Printing on dark materials.

Foil stamping – pressing of colored foil to the material. Due to its spectacular appearance, this operation is very popular in the printing industry and has many modifications.In hot stamping, using a stamp heated to over 100 degrees, the foil is pressed into the material and adheres due to high temperature and pressure. In turn, hot stamping can be flat (when the sheet is not deformed) and embossed (convex), and the embossed is single-level and multi-level. There are other embossing options. Hot stamping requires the manufacture of a special cliche.

Selective UV varnishing is a process of partial coating of a printed sheet with liquid varnish, which polymerizes immediately under the influence of UV rays. The resulting coating performs decorative and protective functions. Typically, selective varnish is used to highlight any design elements of products – logos, graphics, photos, etc. Selective varnishing is a popular way of elite finishing of printed products, often used in combination with matte lamination. We use 2 types of varnishing – standard and embossed.

Lamination is the process of gluing a plastic film to a sheet of paper. In this case, the entire sheet as a whole over the entire area is glued to the film so that it is impossible to remove the film later without damaging the paper or the paint layer.This is a fairly popular type of processing of printed products, which has a not too high price and gives a significant protective and decorative effect.
In our company, lamination is carried out by the method of hot lamination with two types of films (glossy and matte) of three different densities – 32 microns, 125 microns and 250 microns. For thin lamination, there are also special Ultrabond films with a density of 40 microns, which give better adhesion to digital prints with dense fillings. For luxury finishing of representative products, we offer a special film “under the tachuver”, which creates the effect of a rubberized surface.


  • Protection of the surface from environmental influences (primarily from moisture – from rain to spilled tea) and protection of the paint layer from mechanical damage (scratches, scrapings, etc.).
  • Additional reinforcement of the sheet of paper against tears, jams, etc., some increase in rigidity.
  • Decorative effect – laminated products look much more noble and impressive.


  • During lamination, color shades may change (this is due to a change in the direction of optical refraction of light when passing through the film, as well as the fact that digital printing toner changes optical properties when heated).
  • The print is not completely protected from moisture – moisture can still absorb into the paper around the perimeter of the laminated sheet.

Plastic pocket for CD-DVD is a transparent pocket with a size of 130 × 130 mm with a self-adhesive backing. The pocket can be glued to brochures, catalogs, folders and other products for later insertion of CDs.
Plastic pocket for a business card is a transparent pocket with a size of 100 × 60 mm with a self-adhesive backing.The pocket can be glued to brochures, catalogs, folders and other products for later insertion of business cards.

CD / DVD holder (spider) is a round polystyrene (soft polymer) “tablet” of white color, 15 mm in diameter. It is glued with one side on printed products so that it is convenient to put / remove CDs on it. Due to the fact that the diameter is slightly larger than the diameter of the hole in the disc, the CD is securely fixed in the holder.

“Corner” is a transparent corner pocket measuring 150 × 150 mm with a self-adhesive backing. The pocket can be glued to brochures, catalogs and other products for future insertion of any materials.

Metal corners are widely used in souvenir diaries and notebooks, in the manufacture of elite bindings of books and document folders, etc. products.Initially, after the invention, they carried a protective function, after the main reason for their use was a spectacular appearance (primarily on the skin and leatherette). In operational printing, this operation is used much less frequently than in the souvenir business, and is usually limited to the use of book covers and menus.

Mechanisms are split metal rings rigidly fixed to a metal bar and to each other so that when the mechanism is opened, all rings open at the same time (and, accordingly, all close at the same time). They are mainly used for filing binders, diaries and other office supplies. The metal strips themselves are attached to metal rivets to the base – this means that a lined binding board with a thickness of at least 1 mm must be used as a base (riveting will simply break ordinary thin cardboard).
Mechanisms can be of different lengths (from 12 to 28 cm), with a different number of rings (usually 2, 3 or 4), with different ring sizes and different shapes (round O-shaped, rectangular Q-shaped, D-shaped).
Ring (arch) mechanisms are a highly specialized type of binding and are used almost always only in filing folders.

Lamination – the process of gluing an image (liner) printed on thin paper to thick binding cardboard or other material (base). In a more general case – generally the operation of gluing any thin sheet to another (usually denser). It is used in cases when you need to get a full-color image on a material on which printing is technically impossible.
Scope of use – hardcover book covers, quarter calendar hard headers, filing folders, POS materials, etc.
A special case of the operation is Lamination with magnetic vinyl, where self-adhesive or paper with a laminate acts as a liner, and magnetic vinyl of various thicknesses serves as a base.
As standard, our printing house uses 2 types of vinyl (with and without an adhesive layer) in two different thicknesses (0.4 and 0.7 mm).

Holes can be drilled in the printed run up to 9 cm from the edge of the sheet with drills of various diameters.
Scope of use:

  • Price tags, tags.
  • Bindings on rings and ring mechanisms.
  • Sheets of menus and similar products in which the binding goes to tape or cord.
  • Design element in some editions.

Index punching cuts off a part of the sheet in multi-page editions so that you can easily open the catalog on the desired page by pressing your finger at the nibbling site. Alphabetic die-cutting in diaries and notebooks is a classic example.

Cased ring binders, ring binders, menu binders

Folders with a ring mechanism (folders-menus, folders-registrars) are produced only with the customer’s logo and only on order.

Advertising folder on rings a convenient way to create an archive in the office, indispensable for demonstrating and storing product samples, often used for catalogs.Common formats of folders on rings – for attachments A5 or A4.

Ring binder design:

  • face liner
  • revolving (internal) liner
  • base
  • ring gear

As front liners and back liners for filing folders , ring binders (binders) , binders , as a rule, offset-printed coated paper is used.Lamination (matte or glossy) must be applied to liners made of coated paper. Design papers can also be used (most often “Efalin” “Imitlin” and Baladek).

Base – binding cardboard 1-3 mm thick; binder board with foam rubber that gives the folder surface a softness (often used for menu folders ).

Ring mechanisms can be with 2 and 4 rings, less often mechanisms with 3 rings are used. The size of the ring varies from 13 to 80 mm (the thickness of the hemmed block is 10-70 mm).The profile of the ring can be D-shaped, O-shaped, if the block being hemmed is thick (from 50 mm), ring mechanisms with a Q-shaped profile are used.

Additional finishing on ring binders

Finishing folders on rings (binders) can be: application of selective UV varnish, foil stamping, blind (depressed) embossing, silk screen printing, etc.

On the ring folder can be installed:

  • metal corners;
  • plastic or paper pockets for attachments, business cards, CD-disks;
  • disk spiders;
  • 90,033 magnets;
  • buttons;
  • plastic handle, etc.

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