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Where have all the 100% cotton sweatshirts and sweatpants gone?

Last month, we took our boys camping. The nights were predicted to dip into the 40s, and my husband suggested packing sweatpants and hoodies for our sons to sleep in. It was a great idea, but what he didn’t know was that I’d already been trying to find a pair of sweatpants and a new hoodie for one of my sons for a few weeks prior to the campout.

This should have been an easy thing. You can buy kids’ sweatpants and sweatshirts for $6.98 each at Walmart! However, my oldest son has a contact dermatitis allergy to polyester. I’ve discussed this before on the blog, and I’m very familiar with checking tags before I buy clothing for him. But sweatshirts and sweatpants present a different problem — nearly every well-known brand, whether it’s Hanes, Fruit of the Loom or Joe Boxer, makes their sweats with a blend of cotton and polyester. Hitting a big-box store for 100% cotton T-shirts is easy. Finding 100% cotton sweats are nearly impossible.

I visited a variety of stores prior to our campout looking for one 100% cotton hoodie and one pair of 100% cotton sweatpants, and I came up empty handed.

On the way to a recent Super-Couponing class, I passed five (count’ em, five!) Goodwill stores. Secondhand finds would be fine for camping, and surely, the prices would be good! So, on the way home, I stopped at each of them and browsed the boys’ clothing racks. Trust me, every Goodwill store along my route had plenty of hoodies and sweatpants to purchase for $2.99, but not a single pair that weren’t a cotton/polyester blend.

It really is strange that 100% cotton sweats have become so difficult to find. My son’s current hoodie came from Meijer a few years ago. I snapped it up when I saw what it was made of, and he’s worn it for three years. But he’s almost nine, and it’s a size 6/7. And I haven’t seen another 100% cotton hoodie sweatshirt there since. I even considered making him a new hoodie

(hey, I’m pretty decent at sewing, believe it or not) but guess what I couldn’t find at the fabric store? Sweatshirt-type fabric in 100% cotton.

So, I started doing some research, and I learned a few things. Most European children’s brands of sweatshirts and sweatpants are still made of 100% cotton. But there’s a significant price difference between the $6.98 Hanes sweats that Walmart sells and what you’ll pay for some of the European brands. Here are some of my finds:

Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson is a Swedish brand that’s been available in America for more than 20 years. Their website even states that they pride themselves on offering “beautiful quality pure cotton” clothes. Locally, there are Hanna Andersson locations at Woodfield Mall and in Northbrook and Oak Brook. Of course, you can shop online too, and here’s what I found:

100% Cotton Survivor Jacket hoodie sweatshirt: $32

100% Cotton Hanna Sweatpants: $28

I had no doubt that either of these would be of great quality, but these prices were simply more than I wanted to spend on campout gear.


Mini Boden

Mini Boden is a British brand that’s also available in the United States. Not everything they sell is 100% cotton, but you can find quite a few items that are, such as:

100% Cotton Colourblock Pullover Hoody: $38.00

100% Cotton Track Pants: $30.00

Again, these clothes looked great, but the prices were so much more than I wanted to pay for sweats.

Fleece Farm

Fleece Farm is a Washington-state based shop I found while searching for 100% cotton kids’ sweats. Their prices were better:

100% Cotton Pullover Hoodie Sweatshirt: $22.95

100% Cotton Children’s Sweatpants: $14.95

I hoped to find a sweatshirt cheaper than this, but I ordered his sweatpants from here as this was the best price I was able to find. When the pants arrived, I was happy to see that they were also made in the USA – rare to see these days! If you’re interested in ordering from here, I would order a size up as these do run small. I ordered size 10 pants for my son, who wears size 8 jeans, and they are just the right size for him to wear now.

Next time, I’d go two sizes up…

Other places I looked…

In the past, I’ve purchased 100% cotton sweatshirts and/or sweats from Land’s End, The Gap, Oshkosh and Gymboree, but I could not currently find any sweats that weren’t a cotton/poly blend on any of these sites at the time of this writing.

And, through my extensive Google research, I also learned that if you want 100% cotton sweats for adults, you should be prepared for some sticker shock:

As I continued to look, prices went up even more from there:

  • American Giant manufactures 100% cotton, American-made sweatshirts. A cotton zipper hoodie will run you $89.
  • Another made-in-America company, Flint and Tinder, has a 100% cotton hoodie for $99 which is made with American-sourced cotton and comes with a ten-year warranty. UPDATE: A reader emailed to let me know Flint and Tinder’s hoodies are no longer 100% cotton, unfortunately. She ordered one when they were all-cotton, then went to order another and was extremely disappointed.

I have to admit, both of these sweatshirts look pretty great if you want something for adults that’s American-made & will likely last and last.

But again, I was shopping for a child who will outgrow his new sweats in a couple of years. We’ve got a couple more cold-weather campouts coming up, and I really needed to find a new hoodie or two for my son. I headed to Ebay to look for 100% cotton sweats and found a couple sweatshirts to bid on:

I was excited to win this zipper Gymboree hoodie on Ebay for $3.99! While secondhand, it’s 100% cotton and looks to be in good condition. The total with shipping came to $8.74. After my several-weeks-long hunt for a cotton zipper hoodie, I’ll happily take it.

And, I used Buy It Now to purchase this new-with-tags pullover rugby hoodie for $13.24 on Ebay with free shipping. It’s also 100% cotton, and it’s made by a French brand. (I learned a lot about European brands during my sweatshirt research, and Z-Enfant.com was a site that carried some cool European brands of hoodies. That in turn gave me ideas of which brands to look for on Ebay!) When this sweatshirt arrived, the original price tag on it read 24,99 €, which is about $33.75 US dollars – so I think it was a pretty good deal. The quality of this one is great too – very thick and soft.

Lastly, I picked up this secondhand Hanna Andersson green zipper hoodie for $1.29 on Ebay. With shipping, I paid $5.79. (What a difference between the $32 this sells for new!) The seller noted that it’s a little faded, but I was okay with that considering the price and the fact that this will be a playing-outside sweatshirt. When it arrived, I was even more pleased to note that the fading the seller described is barely noticeable – it’s much more visible in the photo than in life. But that honest description also likely enabled me to pick this one up for a great price.

A note on sizing too: If you’re buying European brands, the sizing is different than it is in America. Kids’ clothes are typically sized in centimeters — the size being your child’s current height in centimeters.

So, this 130cm Hanna hoodie will fit my 130cm-tall son just fine. And, he’s got room to grow into the 138cm French hoodie.

My last tip for Ebay: Verify with your seller that the clothes you’re buying match the description. Prior to buying these three, I had bid on another secondhand pullover hoodie. It was listed as 100% cotton, but when it arrived at my house…

The seller did refund my money as she’d assumed the sweatshirt was cotton. After this happened though, I emailed each seller to ask that they please verify that the tag inside the item stated that it is 100% cotton. (Yes, I may have seemed like I was being a pain to them, but it’s easier to ask first versus having to send back an item that didn’t match the description.)

Did you have any idea that it would be so difficult to find 100% cotton sweats? I sure didn’t..!



The 9 Best Sweatpants For Women In 2021

In the search for the best sweatpants for women, always take comfort and style into consideration first. Nowadays, stylish sweats and athleisure make it easy to transition from your couch to running errands without ever changing your clothes. But, when shopping for sweatpants online, how can you tell if they’ll feel as comfy as they look?

For the perfect pair of sweatpants, you’ll want to look at the labels. Pants made from terry cloth, jersey, or rich cotton blends will feel soft and more lightweight. Fleece, in turn, is a good pick if you’ll be wearing these in cold weather or if you tend to get cold easily. And if they’re infused with a stretchy fabric, like spandex, even better. These sweatpants will have a little give so they won’t feel clingy.

You also want to consider what you’ll need your sweats for. While I prefer to wear mine during Netflix marathons, you may want to wear yours for your morning jog, in which case a pair of cuffed sweatpants or joggers may be your best bet. But if you’re anything like me, some fleece-lined sweatpants with an open leg may become your new BFF.

Not sure how to narrow down your options? Here’s a roundup of some of the best sweatpants for women out there — bonus, they’re all under $40 on Amazon.


This Classic Pair Of Athletic Sweatpants

These athletic sweatpants are made from a French terry blend, which is soft and also absorbs moisture, so they make the perfect workout pants. Plus, the cuffed ankles keeps these sweats from budging. Reviewers love how these pants are lightweight enough to wear year-round.

According to one reviewer: “These pants are super comfortable! I’m in between a medium and large, and I went with a large! I wanted these to be looser than snug for optimal lounging comfort. […] The pants sit right at my ankle and the waist is right at my belly button/slightly above it.

  • Available colors: Black, dark gray, light gray, wine red, and navy
  • Available in sizes: Small – XX-Large


Some Cozy Joggers With Ribbed Detailing

These stretch rib joggers are made from a super soft cotton/modal blend with a touch of elastane for added freedom of movement. These cozy sweatpants feature two functional front pockets, and ribbed detailing on the cuffs and waistband that help elevate this fashion-forward basic. The interior has a classic French terry texture that feels great year-round, and the mid-rise silhouette is easy to style with crop tops or tucked-in tees.

According to one reviewer: “I absolutely love these joggers. Really comfy and warm. Perfect for running errands, walking the dog, or lounging at home.”

  • Available colors: 11
  • Available in sizes: XX-Small – 3X


A Pair Of Heathered Champion Joggers

These heathered sweatpants are made from a cotton-rayon blend, and they offer a super comfy stretch. They also feature an elastic band and drawstring, and a narrow fit throughout the legs so you don’t feel like you’re drowning in fabric. Unlike other joggers on this list, this pair has an open leg at the bottom (as opposed to a cuff), allowing for airflow to keep you cool while you chill.

According to one reviewer: “I like these pants. In fact this reminded me to order another pair. They are light weight with a comfortable tapered leg. I got them to wear on hot evenings when I walk my dog, and the bugs are terrible. They are just what I wanted; cool coverage.”

  • Available colors: Black, Purple, Blue, Dark Gray, and Light Gray
  • Available in sizes: X-Small – XX-Large


These Drawstring Straight Leg Sweatpants

If joggers aren’t your style, these loose-fitting sweatpants have a straight leg silhouette with an open bottom. These drawstring pants are made from a soft and stretchy polyester/spandex blend, feature a loose fit through the leg, and have two functional side pockets. They’re lightweight enough to wear in the warmer months, but cozy enough for winter lounging, too.

According to one reviewer: “If you are looking for travel lounge pants that are super light and comfy, look no further! I ordered a few others before finding this one. It is kind of silky, but cottony at the same time, and stretchy. Mid rise, not too wide legged or tapered, deep pockets, doesn’t attract hair, not sheer, nice enough to wear out or as Pjs. Win win win!”

  • Available colors: 43
  • Available in sizes: X-Small – 3X-Large


These Lightweight Terry Lounge Pants

If you prefer your pants for lounging, these terry pajama sweats are a must. They’re made from a cotton-spandex blend that’s flexible and lightweight, so you can even wear a pair of leggings under them if you’re feeling really cold. They also have a loose drawstring and cuffed ankles so they won’t slide up or down while you’re napping or working out.

According to one reviewer: “I wanted soft, comfortable but not voluminous pajama bottoms that are gathered at the ankles so they don’t ride up my legs during the night (that wakes me up, getting tangled in my bedclothes!). These are SO soft, they breathe, they fit comfortably without making me look like a balloon. I LOVE THEM, so much that I bought two more pairs. Thank you, Amazon Essentials!”

  • Available colors: Black, pink, aqua, gray, navy stripe, and gray stripe
  • Available in sizes: X-Small – XX-Large


A Pair Of $14 Sweatpants With Nearly 60,000 Ratings On Amazon

With thousands of glowing reviews, it’s easy to see why these ultra soft sweats are a best-seller on Amazon. For one, they’re both soft and stretchy, and they feature an overall looser fit so you never overheat when you’re wearing them. They’re also cuffed at the ankle and have a drawstring closure so you never feel like they’ll slip — no matter how soft and stretchy these pants are. Amazon reviewers insist these are some of the softest pants on the market.

According to one reviewer: “THESE ARE WONDERFUL. So soft and loose stretchy material just how I like it. I’m 5 foot tall so I had to measure my in seam and find these that wouldn’t be super long on me and they’re great! I mean they bunch up at the bottom a bit but not ridiculously like most do on me. Thanks!”

  • Available colors: 22 colors and prints
  • Available in sizes: Small – 3X


A Baggier Pair Of Men’s Sweatpants That Women Love

For a baggier fit, these men’s sweatpants are so comfortable and have an elastic waistband and cuffed ankles so you can roll the waistband and slouch the ankles to fit your frame. For just $11, these medium-weight sweats are an incredible deal and come in a bunch of bright and neutral colors you can choose from. The waistband has an internal drawstring you can tighten as needed, and this design is also pocket-less and machine washable.

According to one reviewer: “Bought these as my everyday lounge pants and didn’t take them off all weekend when they arrived. As a woman I love wearing men’s sweatpants and these are perfectly roomy but fit well. As people have noted they don’t have pockets but they’re so cozy I don’t mind.”

  • Available sizes: Small – 3X


Some Capri-Length Joggers For Warmer Weather

If you tend to run hot, these capri joggers are an absolute must. They cut off right below the knee, and feature cuffed bottoms to hold them in place. They’re also made from a stretchy cotton-spandex blend that’ll be soft while moving with you, so they’ll never feel too hot or clingy. And with the no-budge elastic band, you can be sure these sweats won’t slip, no matter where you wear them. One of the most popular features on these pants? The pockets.

According to one reviewer: “Just love love these pants. I have been looking what feels like for ever. The pockets don’t bulge like most do. Washed and fit great. Below the knee. I call them clam diggers, other people call them yoga pants. But what ever they fit great. The band below the knee is not lose at all. I just ordered another one.”

  • Available colors: Black, red, a range of grays, and a several shades of blue
  • Available in sizes: Small – XXX-Large


These Ultra-Warm Sherpa-Lined Sweatpants

You’ll basically want to live in these sherpa-lined sweatpants all winter long. The lining is extremely soft and feels like a dream against your skin — almost like you’re wearing a blanket on the inside. The outside, too, is made from a soft cotton blend that also feels cozy. On top of that, the padded elastic band keeps these pants in place without pinching your skin so you can wear them until they wear out.

According to one reviewer: “I got these pants to help me survive a mountain camping trip in some cold weather, and I am so glad I did. They are so warm and so comfy. They do run a little small, so I ordered a size up and they fit perfectly.”

  • Available colors: Black, navy, dark gray, and light gray
  • Available in sizes: X-Small – XX-Large

54 Best Women’s Loungewear Items 2020

54 items in this article 16 items on sale!

Photo: Tri-Star/Kobal/Shutterstock

If you’re looking for an inexpensive matching sweatsuit, artist Gabi Abrão, who runs the Instagram @sighswoon, suggests browsing the Hanes men’s section. “If you’re like me and enjoy an androgynous, practical streetwear look, Hanes’ menswear (and boys!) section is THE mecca,” she says. “They’re all made of durable cotton or cotton blends, so you can easily throw them into the washer and dryer — it’s just an industrial, practical, no-frills uniform for the house.” For a complete sweatsuit, Abrão recommends getting Hanes’s Men’s ComfortSoft Fleece Sweatshirt and pairing it with Hanes Mens ComfortBlend Sweatpants. “The sweatshirt has an incredibly soft fleece lining that remains intact through multiple washes,” says Abrão, who adds that she often cuts her sweatshirts into a cropped style, adding “It’s extremely easy and low pressure because of the price.” The sweatpants are made of similarly soft and durable cotton with fleece lining, and while they come in fewer color options than the sweatshirts, you could always do as Abrão does and get the classic all-black set.

Caroline Maguire, fashion director of Shopbop, told us that she’s been loving this cozy plaid set from The Great. “It’s the perfect comfy lounge look while at home,” she says. “The monochromatic set is so versatile — you can wear them together, pair the sweatshirt with a full skirt, or the pant with a cropped sweater.”

Starface co-founder Julie Schott told us she’s a fan of Gil Rodriguez’s line, which she says is “made locally by skilled workers who are paid a living wage in a safe environment.” Her favorite pieces are the velour half-zip and Beachwood pants, which she’s been wearing at home both for work and hanging around.


If you like the idea of wearing a matching set but want something a little lighter-weight, Abrão also told us about matching pieces from Hara the Label, whose colorful loungewear and underwear is dyed with natural plant dyes. “I get so much pleasure out of knowing their rich colors are actually derived from plants,” says Abrão. She says she loves everything she’s tried from the brand — from the underwear to the scrunchies — but that her favorites of all are the bandeau and flared pants sets. “Their best tube tops/bandeaus are the best in the game,” she says. “They actually stay on and are supportive on the chest, are perfect for lounging around the house, and can also be dressed up for a day or night out, when lockdown ends!” The pants can be bought in mixed or matching shades as the bandeaus and have a flared leg. “They come in both short and long styles,” says Abrão. “I’m 5’4, so the short style works best for me.” She adds that the pants are “super-flattering to the butt.”

“As a recently pregnant person, the Three-piece Lounge Set from Storq has been one of my favorite things to wear in lately,” says Erin Boyle of sustainable living blog Reading My Tea Leaves. “It was roomy and comfortable throughout my whole pregnancy and it’s still in heavy rotation.” Boyle says she appreciates the fact that she can imagine still wearing the maternity set in the future, and that it’s put together enough to wear on work calls. “I especially like the belted jacket,” she says.

“I basically live in these linen overalls,” says Elyse Inamine, the Digital Restaurant Editor at Bon Appétit. She says they’re soft and stretchy “like your favorite well-worn jeans — but also loose, baggy, and freeing, unlike your favorite well-worn jeans.” Inamine told us they’re presentable enough to wear on Zoom but still comfortable enough to wear while slumped on the couch watching TikToks or reading a book. “Plus, they have giant pockets that are perfect for holding everything I need as I’m pacing around my apartment,” says Inamine. “Including headphones, tissues, and even a bag of beans (true story).”

Chef and farmer Phoebe Cole-Smith told us that Dôen’s clothes have an appealingly “nostalgic feel. Their take on a union suit is right up my alley,” she says. “I wore the old-school version as a teenager at school in Vermont and at our family farm in Illinois.” The updated version available from Dôen is “perfect on its own or cozy as a layer under a skirt and sweater,” says Cole-Smith. “Or, of course, [under] a nightgown … Wellies optional.”

For social media consultant Rachel Karten, her sweats of choice are Entireworld’s reliably cozy sweatpants. Karten likens them to a piece you’d find in a “day-to-night styling spreads in fashion magazines” — she says she can wake up, put on the sweats to stretch, wear them with a slightly more put-together shirt for a Zoom call, and then wear them outside for a walk at the end of the day. We’re fans of Entireworld’s crewneck sweatshirts, as well, which you can pair with the sweatpants to get the full fit.

“I am staunchly on the team of only wearing soft, stretchy clothing while at home,” says stylist Emma Morrison. She says that wearing monochromatic sweats from Monday to Friday is her way of feeling “vaguely professional” and to “keep some sense of schedule and a little aesthetic pride.” Her sweats of choice are from Leset, a brand that sells separates that can easily be combined for a matching set look, as well. “They have a flattering fit and feel like cashmere sweatpants but don’t require dry cleaning or delicate care,” she says. Morrison likes to pair them with her favorite vintage black sweatshirt, but if you want a full Leset fit, you could add the Lori V-Neck.

When we asked actor Angela Kinsey about the things she can’t live without, this pair of cozy grey sweats was high on her list. “These are technically from the kids’ section, but I’m really short, so a size 12 or 14 fits me perfectly,” she told us. “They’re my daytime sweatpants, and I’ve had them forever.” Kinsey adds that they’re “really soft, really comfortable, and not expensive.” [Editor’s note: Kinsey’s exact pair is no longer available, but this pair, which comes in girls’ sizes XS to XXL are a close alternative. ]

Photo: retailer

Dancer and consultant Eva Alt says that these sweats from new lounge- and activewear line Ceres are “actually the perfect sweatpants” in every way, from their “fit to their fabric.” Alt, who wears them for yoga and sometimes over leotards for dance, appreciates that the sweats have a somewhat retro look to them, and that they’re sustainably made. “I’m trying to be a more conscious consumer and a lot of activewear isn’t made very sustainably,” she says. “These sweats are made from dead-stock fleece.” They’re good for wearing out of the house, too: “I think you can dress them up for the Princess Diana style, and tuck them into riding boots and pair with a sweater and a blazer,” says Alt.

Photo: retailer

Writer Stephanie LaCava told us about this surprisingly stylish pair of sweats last year. “My Jerzees sweatpants look like ’70s deadstock,” she wrote. “In reality, they’re 50 percent cotton, 50 percent polyester, with elastic bottoms and standard-issue white loop of string at the waist.” LaCava cites the gathered ankle as part of the appeal (“it allows you to push them up and change length”) and the fact that they don’t have pockets or a brand name printed on them: “they’re the purest sweatpants around,” she says.

According to Mary Childs, co-host at NPR’s Planet Money (and noted cashmere pants aficionado), these, from Naadam, are affordable, long-lasting, and extremely soft. “I’ve purchased a pair of these for my partner and for a friend and have worn them myself some about 300 times,” she wrote in her piece about compulsively buying cashmere pants. “In all that time, they haven’t stretched or pilled at all. Truly, these are exceptionally soft, wear-around-the-house-and-outside-both, cashmere pants.”

This cheery pair of tomato-red pants comes recommended by editor Molly Elizalde. “They’re comfortable enough to be worn as loungewear at home and cool enough to make me look pulled together while running errands because of the crinkle cotton,” she says.

Photo: retailer

“I’ve officially pulled my Juicy sweatpants out of the archives and don’t regret it,” says Jesse Lazowski, founder of Marlo Laz. If you want to take the nostalgia a step further, we suggest adding in a matching velour zip-up.

Photo: retailer

Amanda Hill, who does revenue strategy and operations at Twitter, calls this classic pair of Gap sweats her “most worn item of 2020.” The fit is what makes her go back to them again and again: “They look great on a curvier female body and manage to stay soft no matter how many times I wash them,” says Hill.

Vulture writer Devon Ivie says this “very groovy, very flowy” pair of velour sweats from Suzie Kondi are her favorite for when she wants to “pretend my apartment is CBGB and dance around to Talking Heads ’77.

Photo: retailer

“I bought myself these expensive sweatpants in the land of Before, and immediately, my husband and I began to battle over them,” says author and Books Are Magic owner Emma Straub. She says they like the pair for the pockets and the rainbow colors, which “make us both happy.” And now they own two. “Now that we are in the land of During, I ordered another pair,” says Straub. “Life is too short to argue over whose turn it is to wear them.”

Photo: retailer

Lisa Bubbers, co-founder of Studs, went on a long hunt for the perfect pair of sweats before landing on these from the Gap. “I wanted something plain, soft and inexpensive for when I inevitably spill ice cream on them,” she says. “These are those.”

“I’ve been rotating through different hues of these sweatpants every day during Quar,” says designer Susan Alexandra. “I have ones for lounging, ones for dog walking, and ones for sleeping.” And should you want to complete the sweatsuit, Lou & Grey offers a matching Signaturesoft Plush sweatshirt, too.

Pastry chef Natasha Pickowicz told us she’s a “big Champion fan” for the brand’s “timeless and trusty” gear. Recently, she’s been wearing this pair of Reverse Weave Boyfriend sweats. “They’re sturdy and structured enough to wear outside, there is no fussy drawstring waist, and the price point is reasonable,” she says.

Photo: retailer

Emilia Petrarca, Fashion News Writer at the Cut, is also a fan of Suzie Kondi’s velour loungewear, calling them her “fancy sweatpants.” Petrarca told us that she debuted a red pair (which are no longer available online) at a red velvet–themed holiday party she threw at her apartment last winter and wore them to host several dinner parties after that. “They make me feel like it’s a special occasion (even if I’m just cooking for one now),” she says.

If you like your loungewear to have a bit of structure, consider this pair of Pure Beauty pants recommended by author Mary H.K. Choi. “They’re made of this really stiff, twill-feeling fleece that almost reminds me of workwear,” she says. “When I wear the whole sweatsuit, I feel as though I’m making an effort.” Choi describes the sweats as having “a real day-to-night-to-the-next-day vibe” and notes, crucially, that “they have pockets for your garbage.”

Designer Emma Newbern (who gave us some minimalist furniture-building tips last month) tells us “I actually do not wear ‘comfy clothes’ — if you stay at my house, I’ll probably hand you a pair of slacks to sleep in.” These soft pants from Lett are an exception to the rule: “I recently got a set from Lett, and while, yes, they are comfy, I am still able to still feel productive in them. They’re very simple and very easy to wear.

Photo: retailer

Dani Griffiths, designer of Clyde hats and bags, says she’s had this pair of ALR sweats in her closet for two years and they still “look perfect.” They’re made in the USA and hand-dyed with pigments that Audrey Louise Reynolds makes herself. “The fit has a perfect high waist for tucking in a shirt, and they’re intentional-looking enough to wear out on your daily walk,” says Griffiths.

Photo: retailer

“All of my sweats are nostalgic and old and pilly from the early 2000s,” says Lauren Rodriguez, designer of Lorod. “My Freecity sweats are old and nostalgic, but they’ve actually only gotten better with age.” The current iteration has “LET’S GO” printed down the right leg.

A couple of the women we talked to named men’s boxers and boxer-briefs as a go-to for wearing around the house. “ I’m pretty much living in Hanes white boxer shorts, day and night,” says Jenni Lee, founder of luxury sock brand Comme Si, who adds that she owns “ten pairs.” She says that she plans her outfits around whether or not she has a video conference that day, and on days that she does “it’s business up top, comfortable on bottom,” which means wearing a button down shirt with the Hanes boxers, and a pair of her own cashmere socks.

Sticking with the menswear theme, Abrão says that buying Hanes ribbed tanks from the boys’ section is one of her “greatest life-hacks. ” She normally wears a medium in women’s clothes, and says that the boys’ medium fits just right. “It’s a chest-hugging, slightly cropped fitted tank that is so flattering.” If you’d rather order from the women’s section, Rio is a fan of this four-pack of ribbed tank tops, which are reminiscent of RE/DONE’s much more expensive version, and made of a slightly sheer, but not too sheer, cotton.

If you want something a little more opaque, Salter House founder Sandeep Salter says she loves Nu Swim’s organic cotton tanktops. “They’re supersoft and very comfortable for lounging,” Salter says. “The cut is really flattering too — it makes me feel strong even though I’m not doing anything physical!” The tops are made of a medium-weight ribbed cotton, which give them a bit more structure, and come in black and blue in addition to Salter’s preferred cream shade.

Artist Jeanette Hayes (who recently made a series of very cool puzzles) told us that while she’d much rather get dressed up than wear casual lounge clothes — “I’ve never been good at looking ‘casual,’ she says — her simple T-shirts and bodysuits from Forever 21 “seem to just last forever.” “They’re supercomfortable, and also they make your body look cool, a very rare combo,” she says. And while the exact pieces she has from the store are no longer on the site (“I probably bought them when I was literally 21,” she says) — these bodysuits are very similar to her favorites.

“I have this giant oversized hoodie from The Hundreds that I love,” says Vivier. “It’s a perfect weight because it’s not too heavy or too light.” She likes the script logo across the chest, which she says “feels classic,” and notes that the wash makes the sweatshirt feel sturdy. “You know how some sweatshirts can feel too washed?” she says. “This doesn’t feel too washed at all, it’s not too flimsy, which makes me feel a bit more put together, despite the fact I’m wearing a hoodie.”

If wandering around the house in a nightgown is more your speed, we heard about the grandmother-chic nightgowns of Salter House from two of the women we talked to. “The nightgowns from Salter House are some of my favorite lounge-y items,” says Lucy Weisner, the co-founder of Cafe Forgot (which is launching an online store in the first week of April). “They are a really good price point, and when I wear it I feel like I’m in a Victorian Picnic at Hanging Rock. ” Weisner has the crisscross-patterned Eden nightdress. “The material is a soft, semi-sheer, cotton, almost like wearing sheets or what I think of as 19th century women’s undergarment fabric,” she says.

Boyle is a fan of the shop’s nightgowns, as well, and says this short-sleeve number is her favorite of the bunch. “I truly adore mine,” she says. “If you’re after something to make you feel the heroine of an early 20th century novel, this is it.”

Photo: retailer

Cole-Smith is also a fan of the Victorian-inspired nightgown, and says she received this one as a gift from her daughter. “My mother had an endless collection of Victorian-ish nightgowns, and this is one she would have loved,” says Cole-Smith. “I wear this under a chore coat to the garden to clip early morning daffodils or harvest peas, cup of tea in hand.”

Photo: retailer

For a winterized take on the style, designer Batsheva Hay — who has her own line of lounge-worthy housedresses — wears a Lanz flannel nightgown. “I love the Lanz flannel because it is so warm, and Lanz has been a brand I’ve worn since childhood,” she says. “The flannel is the most comfortable, and the little white lacy collar is just perfect.”

Sometimes when you’re stuck at home, all you want to do is wear a robe. Lale Arikoglu, Condé Nast Traveler’s senior lifestyle editor and host of the podcast Women Who Travel, told us that “traveling all over for work has led me to develop a deep appreciation for a good hotel room robe,” and that this Turkish cotton one from Parachute gives a similar effect at home. “They’re supersoft and light enough to wear as the weather warms up, plus, they come in a bunch of chic colors, meaning that I don’t need to feel particularly ashamed if I’m still wearing it at, say, 3 p.m. on a Tuesday — which if I’m honest, is happening quite often at the moment.”

Leset founder Lili Chemla is another hotel robe fan, especially for stressful moments. “I’m addicted to baths, so I’ve been taking a lot to try and stay relaxed during this chaotic time,” she says. “I’m obsessed with Hill House Home’s Hotel Robe.” Chemla says the robe is especially “plush and cozy” and that once you put it on, “You kind of just don’t want to get out of it.” Chemla, who is 5-foot-8, says the robe comes to low-knee length on her and that the best thing about the robe is how absorbent it is. “It’s really hard to find a robe that has good absorbency so that it doesn’t just hold the water after you shower and feel gross.” The Hill House robe doesn’t have that problem at all, according to Chemla, and instead helps you stay dry and cozy after a bath.

If you’re padding around your apartment, it’s crucial to keep your feet warm. Salter’s wear-at-home sock of choice is Patagonia’s lightweight merino crew socks, which she says are “super thick, so a good slipper replacement. ” Salter adds that Patagonia’s wool holds up very well, and the company’s “really ethical practices” don’t hurt, either.

Lots of the women we talked to told us about favorite slippers, as well, including some classic Ugg slippers, which come recommended by model and writer Imani Randolph. “I’ve been living in these UGG slippers, in grey,” she says. “They’re practical in that they’re comfortable for wearing indoors all day — and a bit frivolous because of their fluffiness … to me, they resemble the Lorax’s moustache.”

“I got my first pair of Haflinger wool clogs in the early ’80s at Barneys New York while moonlighting there (with a day job at Simon & Schuster) to pay rent,” says Cole-Smith.  “I asked for them for Christmas to wear as slippers, then wore them pretty much everywhere I went.” Years later, the Harflingers haven’t lost their appeal. “They last forever,” says Cole-Smith. “If you know, you know.”

For ultimate coziness, Vivier recommends this pair of sheepskin slippers from Westerlind. “They’re like wearing two sheeps on your feet,” she says. “With the exterior sheepskin, they’re quite remarkable.” Vivier told us she puts these on first thing in the morning and at night, and lately all day. “They really are like animals on your feet, and they’re just super warm and cozy,” she says.

Chemla is a fan of a fuzzy house shoe, as well, and her favorite is Birkenstock’s shearling-lined Arizona sandal. “The bottom feels like you’re wearing a real shoe, which is a good reminder that it’s still a workday,” says Chemlas, who notes that the sandals are also homey enough to wear all day. If you prefer a closed-toe option, Lingua Franca founder Rachelle Hruska MacPherson says she’s “living in” her shearling-lined boston Birkenstocks. “They are like a more robust house slipper,” she says.

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Best Sweatpants For Men and Women 2020: Work From Home Outfit Ideas

Products featured are independently selected by our editorial team and we may earn a commission from purchases made from our links; the retailer may also receive certain auditable data for accounting purposes.

With more and more people staying at home these days, switching from slacks to sweats has never been more popular, as the rules around “work-appropriate” outfits start to blur. But even if you’re working from home — and only taking video calls from the waist up — you’ll still want to look put together, if not for your own upkeep and sanity then for those who have to share (tight) space around you.

What Are the Best Sweatpants?

Gone are the days of baggy (and saggy) sweats, replaced by trim, tailored looks you could wear out for errands (or even brunch) if you wanted to. Look for options that eschew splashy logos and graphics for simple, clean colorways and streamlined designs. Here’s what else to consider when buying sweatpants.

Fit: The right pair of sweatpants can actually be part of a smart and polished look, provided that they fit well. Look for sweatpants with a more tailored fit; you don’t want them clinging to you like workout tights or leggings, but you shouldn’t be swimming in them either. Baggy sweats are best left for bed.

Materials: Most sweatpants are made from a cotton fleece material, which is super soft and cozy. But cheap cotton often leads to pilling, and some sweatpants lose shape and elasticity the more they are washed. It’s fine to have that pair of old sweatpants you like to lounge in, but throw on a fresh pair the next time you’re running errands or taking video calls. Look for soft, breathable materials that repel, rather than absorb sweat. Consider cotton blend materials too, which can add structure and shape. Most of the options on our list included a touch of elastane, for a stretchy, comfortable fit that’s as suitable for a yoga session, as it is for work.

Style: These days, brands are making sweatpants in all shapes and styles. We’ve listed some classic sweatpants, as well as jogger-style sweats that are cropped and cuffed at the ankles. We’ve also found sweatpants for women with a flattering flared style, along with some streetwear-inspired looks as well. And, because, you can’t just lounge in pants all the time, we’ve found a cozy T-shirt dress that promises the same ease and comfort of sweats, in a slightly more sophisticated finish.

We’ve rounded up some of our the best sweatpants for men and women below, based on comfort, construction, versatility and fit.

1. Champion Graphic Powerblend Fleece Jogger

Made from a 50/50 cotton and polyester blend, these fleece sweatpants have ribbed cuffs for a more trim fit, plus two side pockets to stash your snacks, earbuds and other “work from home” essentials. We like the old-school Champion logo, though Amazon has more than 20 different colors and styles available.


Champion Powerblend Fleece Jogger, $15.99+, available at Amazon

2. Todd Snyder x Champion Lightweight Slim Jogger

If you want a more premium pair of the classic Champion sweatpants, pick up these joggers, part of Champion’s long-standing collaboration with New York menswear designer, Todd Snyder.

The joggers feature a slimmer fit than your basic sweatpants, and are made in Canada from a super soft French terry material. The material holds up better to repeated washing, and won’t pile or lose its shape. The sweats are garment-dyed for a cozy, lived-in texture, and finished with elasticated cuffs, two slash pockets, and a convenient drawstring closure. More than 12 colors available, in sizes XS to XXL.

Todd Snyder

Todd Snyder x Champion Slim Jogger, $118, available at Todd Snyder

3. Athleta Sutton Jogger

Made from a recycled polyester material sourced from plastic bottles, Athleta’s “Sutton” jogger is great for lounging, but put-together enough to wear out for errands or brunch as well. The silky material is light and soft against the skin, with a touch of spandex for comfort. Two front pockets, two cargo pockets and two back pockets give you room for your phone, wallet and accessories.

What we like: the “Recycled Featherweight Stretch” fabric is super breathable and dries easily, making it ideal for a light jog or workout too.


Athleta Sutton Joggers, $89.99, available at Athleta

4. Wolven Men’s Onyx Jogger

If you prefer the coziness of joggers (I.e. sweatpants that are looser on top and tailored and cuffed around the ankles), you’ll want to skip the crazy prints and patterns for a more streamlined look, like this pair from Wolven. The eco-minded company makes these joggers from recycled plastic bottles, with just a hint of stretch for easy mobility, whether you’re on a run, at a festival or going for a climb. Further proof of Wolven’s commitment to sustainability: all of the company’s packaging is carbon-neutral and biodegradable, and for every purchase made on its website, Wolven says it removes one pound of waste from the ocean.


Wolven Men’s Onyx Jogger, $86 available at Wolven

5. Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpants

We’ve written about our love for Mack Weldon before, and the online retailer’s best-selling pant is the Ace Pant, a more grown-up take on your classic pair of sweatpants. Unlike the baggy (and saggy) sweats you’ve been lounging in, these ones have a more tailored fit, with ribbed ankle cuffs and a drawstring waist. They’re super comfortable too, sanded down for a smoother, softer finish (read: no annoying pilling or loose threads here). Multiple colors are available online.

Mack Weldon

Mack Weldon Ace Sweatpants, $78, available at Mack Weldon

6. Zella Getaway Flowy Crop Wide Leg Sweatpants

These wide leg pants are an easy and versatile step up from basic sweats. They’ve got a comfortable elastic waistband and flattering shape. Throw on a sweatshirt or cardigan up top and you’ve got yourself an instant Zoom-ready outfit. Pair it with some cozy slippers while you’re at home, and with a pair of sneakers the next time you head out, for a simple transitional look.


Zella Getaway Wide Leg Pants, $59, available at Nordstrom

7. Rhone Guru Pants

One of the most popular leisurewear pants for men right now are these “Guru” pants from Rhone. They feel like gym shorts or yoga pants, but are built with a little more structure, to let you wear them post-sweat session as well. The fit is tailored, but won’t hug as tight as some of the other pants on our list. The four-way stretch material gives you plenty of room to move.


Rhone Guru Pants, $98, available at Rhone

8. Nike Sportswear Woven Swoosh Pants

This is a great time to swap out your usual threads for something different, and we like the bold, streetwear-inspired look of these unisex pants from Nike. The “Swoosh” pants have a looser fit with a cropped ankle, buckle-style waistband and a ripstop nylon-type material. Just because you’re stuck at home doesn’t mean you can’t show off a little sartorial flair.


Nike Sportswear Woven Swoosh Pants, $70, available at Nike

9. Goodthreads Slim Fit Jogger

If you want something a little more presentable than sweatpants, consider picking up a pair of joggers, like this cotton-blend pair from Amazon’s in-house brand, Goodthreads. Like a cross between a pair of sweatpants and classic chinos, these joggers come in a slim fit, with tapered, elastic cuffs at the ankle and a drawstring waist. There’s no sacrificing comfort for style here: a touch of stretch lets you easily move around in the pants while still looking like you actually gave a damn when you woke up for work this morning.


Goodthreads Slim-Fit Jogger, $9.54+, available at Amazon

10. Western Rise Spectrum Jogger

For a pair of joggers that are slightly more structured (I. e. presentable enough to wear to lunch), pick up these jogger pants from Western Rise, which are halfway between a pair of sweatpants and trousers. The company says its “Warp Knit” material “exists somewhere between knitting and weaving, giving you the soft, stretch feel of a knit fabric, combined with the weight and durability of a woven fabric.”

What you get: a super comfortable, breathable pair of pants that are great as activewear, with water and stain resistance properties if you’re wearing the pants out for slightly more sophisticated occasions too. Multiple colors available.

Western Rise

Spectrum Joggers, $128, available at Western Rise

BONUS: Everlane Cotton Side-Slit Tee Dress

Hear us out: Everlane’s T-shirt dress is just as comfortable as any pair of sweatpants — and just as easy to slip on. If you’ve got an important conference call or interview, the dress adds instant polish for a more put-together, professional look.

The 100% cotton dress features a relaxed fit and cap sleeves that’s flattering for all body types and perfectly embodies Everlane’s philosophy of clean, minimalist basics. Like the brand says, “this sleek staple can easily take you from meetings to margaritas.”


Everlane Cotton Tee Dress, $50, available at Everlane

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15 Cute Lounging Sweatpants for Women

Support TFG by using the links in our articles to shop. We receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) so we can continue to create helpful free content. As an Amazon Associate, we earn from qualifying purchases made on Amazon in addition to other retailers featured on the blog. Thank you, we appreciate your support!


When you’re traveling, the dispute of fashion vs. comfort can be a conundrum. But with these sweatpants women travelers love, you can have the best of both worlds!


Written By: Laura Pulling





If you’re going to be taking a long flight, you want to be comfortable. For the ultimate lounging look, cute sweatpants for women are a wardrobe must. And they aren’t just the baggy and slouchy styles that used to be associated with this type of pant. 

Womens sweatpants outfits have evolved, loose-fit sweatpants are a snug staple for all body types and womens skinny sweatpants are now becoming a new option. Teamed with simple white sneakers, this easy-to-wear ensemble could be your next airport outfit. And, you can obviously wear these as part of your at-home wear too!


We asked TFG readers to share their top picks, and this is what they said!



Comfy n’ Cute Womens Jogger Sweatpants for Travel



Amazon Essentials Terry Fleece Pants in Light Grey Heather | Sizes XS-XXL and 1X-6X Plus


Amazon Essentials Womens Plus Size Sweatpants 


These Amazon Essentials womens fleece sweatpants are made from soft, fleece material. They’re comfy and ideal for traveling from colder to milder climates. Available in a few color options, like this grey sweatpants womens style, TFG readers, “LOVE, love this pants.”


You’ll want to look your best when you travel! Read my travel tips to Pack Light Stylishly!



Lululemon Women’s On the Fly Joggers in Cassis


Lululemon On the Fly Joggers


Take adventure in your stride in these relaxed-fitting loose sweatpants womens style from Lululemon. Ideal for travel, the wrinkle-free fabric is quick-drying and stretches well.  

One TFG reviewer says, “These are lovely.” But others warn that the fabric can catch and pill easily. In a range of choices, this brand’s red sweatpants for women definitely catches our eye!



Icebreaker Merino Crush Pants in Jet Heather


Icebreaker Merino Women’s Crush Pants


Travelers love these Icebreaker fashion sweatpants womens style. Their super stretch, but warm fabric, make them a versatile option, and they are super lightweight to throw into your suitcase (or packing cube!). 

One TFG reader explains, “These merino wool joggers are AMAZING!!! They feel like you are wearing a cloud and you can wear them for days without smell because you know, merino.



Champion Women\’s Sweatpants in Pink Candy


Champion Women’s Reverse Jogger


If you want to be cozy and comfortable, these womens sweatpants get the thumbs up from our readers. They say, “If I need heavier sweats, Champions are the ones I buy.” 

With a thick elasticated waistband and hemmed ankles, this classic street-wear style of womens baggy sweatpants is available in four color options.



32 Degrees Joggers in Gray | Sizes XS-XXL and  XS-2X Plus


32 Degrees Womens Cuffed Sweatpants


These 32 Degrees womens sweatpants with pockets have a balance between being fitted and looser. They have a wide adjustable waistband with drawstring and banded bottom hem. Made from a polyester blend fabric, they have a silkier feel.

TFG readers say these are “very comfy joggers”, but warn they run on the larger size, so you may wish to size down, unless you prefer a baggy sweatpants womens fit.



Vuori Women’s Performance Joggers in Pink


Vuori Performance Joggers


These short sweatpants womens style from Vuori have an ankle skimming style that looks great with clean white sneakers for a relaxed look.  A TFG reader raves, “Vuori! Hands down—their joggers are nothing short of amazing.” They come in a range of colors to choose from.



Lou & Grey Upstate SignatureSoft Sweatpants in Green


Lou & Grey Upstate Sweatpants


TFGers cannot get enough of these womens tight sweatpants! The reviews speak for themselves, One shares, “I got these joggers for a 12-hour flight and they are the MOST comfortable pants I’ve ever worn.” Another explains, “I travel in them exclusively. They are well made and last for years.” 

While a third feels “they are the most comfy pants,” and she owns them in three different colors. They do tend to run large, so maybe size down.



Eddie Bauer Sightscape Horizon Joggers in Smoke Grey


Eddie Bauer Sightscape Horizon Jogger Pants 


TFG readers “love” these women’s sweatpants with pockets by Eddie Bauer. They have a relaxed straight leg and are made of Flexion nylon/spandex for an active stretch. The fabric has FreeShade UPF 50+ sun protection, and a StormRepel DWR finish that sheds moisture, making them ideal for a hiking trip.


We’re sharing our readers recommended as the best white sneakers for travel!



Lands’ End Sport Knit Pants in Radiant Navy


Lands’ End Sport Knit Trousers


These long sweatpants womens style, have a high-waisted, straight leg fit. They pull on easily, but have a dressier appearance than other sweatpant styles. 

TFG readers love them, they say, “ Lands’ End makes a great pair of cotton pants called Sport Knit. They have pockets and come in varying lengths. They run big, so size down.” Other readers say they can’t live without them!

Shop regular, petite, and plus sizes.


Check out our readers’ recommendations for leggings with pockets!



PUMA Womens Sweatpants in Blackcat | Sizes XXS-3XL


PUMA Women’s Essential Sweatpant


For the classic, sporty look womens Puma sweatpants work super well for all-around comfort. Their slimmer style leg helps to elongate your frame and they have pockets to slide in travel essentials. 

One TFG reader shares, “I have one pair of Puma sweats I found at Costco before Christmas 2018, pockets and all! Wish I’d grabbed four more pairs”.



BALEAF Active Yoga Sweatpants in Navy | Sizes XS-5XL and XLPlus-5XLPlus


BALEAF Active Yoga Womens Cotton Sweatpants


These fitted sweatpants womens style are highly-rated and get rave reviews. They’re a cotton material, but have a four-way stretch for flexibility. The leg style is tapered, so they can be worn long, or pushed up for a slouchy look. 

These pants come in a rainbow of colors. One TFG reader raves about hers, “I’ve been rocking these weats from Amazon every day… while planning future trips.” 


Read on to learn which black sneakers our readers favor for travel!



Woman Within Fleece Sweatpant in Black | Sizes S-L and 1X-6X


Woman Within Better Fleece Sweatpants


These wide leg sweatpants womens style has a casual, comfortable look and feel. Perfect for sightseeing or running errands.. One reviewer says, “Fabric is a nice weight, definitely warm, also soft inside and outside. The pockets are a nice depth, my smartphone fits without me fearing it will fall out.”

These are plus size womens sweatpants, as well as, it comes in regular sizing.


Find the right joggers for your trip!



Old Navy Breathe Joggers in Georgia Pink


Old Navy Mid Rise Breathe Joggers


These tapered leg Old Navy womens sweatpants are made from a soft, breathable knit, that allows free movement for any activity.  Available in a huge range of sizes, XS- XXL, and as petite or women’s tall sweatpants, there are options to find the right one for you. A TFG reader shares, “Old Navy has some ones that are great, they don’t have elasticized ankles and are super dooper soft.”



Athleta Salutation Jogger in Black


Athleta Salutation Jogger in Powervita (Variety of Sizes)


These Althleta womens workout sweatpants are highly rated. Their moisture wicking fabric means they can dry quickly and are suitable for everything (not just exercise), from yoga to a tour around a street market.

Reviewers love them! “Athleta Powervita joggers are amazing! So soft and the fit is 100%”. The only wish is that these black sweatpants womens style came in more color options.

You can buy these in regular, tall, petite, and plus sizes too!



Athleta Studio Women’s Joggers


Athleta Studio Joggers


The draped look of these Athleta baggy sweatpants for women allows for a comfortable fit and covers up lumps and bumps. Perfect as yoga or dance pants, this style can also be dressed up for casual days of sightseeing, or to keep cozy on the airplane. One TFG reader says, “I love these. I’m wearing them right now.”



Best Womens Sweatpants Comparison Chart


Amazon Essentials Terry Fleece Pants | Sizes 1X-6X Plus  in Light Grey Heather “LOVE, love this set.” Check Price
Lululemon Women’s On the Fly Joggers “These are lovely.” Check Price
Icebreaker Merino Crush Pants “These merino wool joggers are AMAZING!!! They feel like you are wearing a cloud and you can wear them for days without smell because you know, merino.” Check Price
Champion Women\’s Sweatpants “If I need heavier sweats, Champions are the ones I buy.”  Check Price
32 Degrees Joggers | Sizes XS-2X Plus “Very comfy joggers” Check Price
Vuori Women’s Performance Joggers “Vuori! Hands down—their joggers are nothing short of amazing.” Check Price
Lou & Grey Upstate SignatureSoft Sweatpants “They are the most comfy pants” Check Price
Eddie Bauer Horizon Adjustable Joggers The fabric has FreeShade UPF 50+ sun protection, and a StormRepel DWR finish that sheds moisture, making them ideal for a hiking trip. Check Price
Lands’ End Sport Knit Pants “ Lands’ End makes a great pair of cotton pants called Sport Knit. They have pockets and come in varying lengths. They run big, so size down.” Check Price
PUMA Womens Sweatpants | Sizes XXS-3XL “I have one pair of Puma sweats I found at Costco before Christmas 2018, pockets and all! Wish I’d grabbed four more pairs”. Check Price
BALEAF Active Yoga Sweatpants  | Sizes XS-5XL and XLPlus-5XLPlus “I’ve been rocking these weats from Amazon every day… while planning future trips.”  Check Price
Woman Within Fleece Sweatpant | Sizes S-L and 1X-6X “Fabric is a nice weight, definitely warm, also soft inside and outside. The pockets are a nice depth, my smartphone fits without me fearing it will fall out.” Check Price
Old Navy Breathe Joggers “Old Navy has some ones that are great, they don’t have elasticized ankles and are super dooper soft.” Check Price
Athleta Salutation Jogger in Black “Athleta Powervita joggers are amazing! So soft and the fit is 100%”. Check Price
Athleta Studio Women’s Joggers “I love these. I’m wearing them right now.” Check Price



Compass Rose Packing Cubes


How to Pack Your Sweatpants


Many of our readers use packing cubes to roll up and organize their clothes. Compass Rose packing cubes allow you to do so by number and color so you know where you packed everything, even when you use the cubes to separate outfits. Learn more in the video below.


Learn about our hacks with packing cubes in this video!


We also put together a five-part YouTube series showing the different methods to use packing cubes for travel. If you use this specific packing strategy, packing cubes can also compress your belongings. This is the secret to traveling carry-on only!



What do you think are the best soft womens sweatpants? Share your picks below!


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90,000 Women’s sweatpants (111 photos): models from Armani, Reebok, Puma and Nike

Clothes in a sporty style have become part of our life. Just like, for example, jeans, they are in the wardrobe of every self-respecting fashionista, regardless of whether she goes in for sports or not.In this regard, women’s sports pants are very popular, which for many girls will become a more acceptable option than a full-fledged suit.

What are the features of sports trousers

Now you will not meet a person who is sure: sports items are intended exclusively for sports. The popularization of a healthy lifestyle and sport chic style has led to the merger of these two trends.

In recent years, sportswear has been used not only for its intended purpose, but also for creating spectacular casual looks.

This is due to its extraordinary comfort and stylish designer, in the development of which, at times, world-famous fashion designers take part.

Women’s sports pants fit perfectly on the figure, emphasizing its dignity, can be easily combined with almost all wardrobe items, create a feeling of lightness.

Fashion trends allow their use not only in training, but also for walking, shopping, club parties and other informal events.

Moreover, some girls wear stylish sweatpants to work, but, of course, not to the office – there is a strict dress code, and sportswear is unacceptable.

Fashionable models of women’s sports trousers

According to stylists, every girl should have sweatpants, and ideally not alone. The lineup is wide, among which every woman can choose the best option for herself, based on personal preferences.

  • If we talk about the fashion trends of women’s sports trousers, then a characteristic feature of recent seasons is the simplicity of the cut.
  • Pants should be not only stylish, but also practical, as comfortable to wear as possible, made of high-quality natural textures.
  • Of course, there are such elements as a low waist, but the preference is given to a high waist.

The category “sporty chic” presents models that are noticeably different from street styles with perforations, draperies and other decorative elements.


The most popular cut of sports trousers is still the classic straight line.Straight trousers are suitable for almost every woman, regardless of body size. These pants go well with bandeau T-shirts, longsleeves, sneakers.


Wide pants, as a rule, are chosen by overweight ladies, as they perfectly hide body imperfections. But even on slender girls, such a model looks dignified, due to the fact that the armhole and low waist allow you to demonstrate the press and a pumped up belly.

With cuffs

Models with ankle cuffs are of interest to girls who follow fashion trends.Tailored to match the main garment or contrasting cuffs look extremely stylish, and in addition, ideal for very tall women, as they slightly “cut” the height. Popular models include carrot, bananas, and wide trousers.


Flared models – the golden mean between straight and wide pants. The flare can come from the hip or from the knee – it all depends on the girl’s preferences.


Slim sweatpants available in two versions.

  • The first is a product that is loose in the hips and narrows towards the ankles.
  • Second – fully skinny leggings.

Tight pants look great on slender, slender girls, but not suitable for ladies whose figure is still on the way to ideal.


Sports trousers differ not only in style, but also in length. Standard long pants, which are practical and versatile, do not lose their relevance, since they can be worn at any time of the year.


Cropped trousers also differ in length: above the ankle by 2-3 centimeters, 7/8, above the knee joints.

Models of capri pants, bermuda shorts, culottes, cropped leggings are relevant for training in the gym, outdoors in the warm season, as well as for outdoor activities.

Used invoices

When buying trousers, be sure to pay attention to the material from which they are made – this determines their purpose in relation to the season and belonging to a particular type of sports training.

  • In the cold season, for skiing, skating, snowboarding and other winter activities, choose insulated models with a lining.
  • For outdoor workouts in the summer – light linen, cotton pants, for the gym – jerseys with a small addition of elastane.

Summer pants

In the hot season, the body must breathe, therefore the main requirements that summer trousers must meet are lightness and hygroscopicity. The best option is cotton clothes, which are perfectly breathable and comfortable in the summer heat.

You can wear cotton pants with a crop top, polo shirt, fitted T-shirt. Shoes, preferably lightweight, for example, sneakers, slip-ons.


The jersey pants are suitable for the gym and outdoor workouts, if it’s not too cold outside. Knitwear is very often used for sewing sportswear, as it stretches well, allows the skin to breathe and does not retain moisture inside.

So that the knitted fabric does not deform ahead of time, synthetic fibers are added to it.


Particularly popular are velor trousers – a soft and dense fabric visually reminiscent of velvet. Velor suits are designed for sports in cool weather, but will also be appropriate as part of a casual look.

Winter insulated models

Winter trousers, which are required by athletes for training in the cold season, are made of dense fabrics and have a lining that creates additional insulation.Warm pants on fleece have proven themselves well in this regard – a material that girls fell in love with because of its lightness, softness and comfort.

In addition to fleece, special materials are used for insulation – synthetic winterizer, membrane fabric, goose down, thinsulate. Warm trousers with thinsulate are preferable, but they cost an order of magnitude more.

Pants with a fleece are suitable for sports both outdoors in cool weather, and in rooms where there are drafts. In designer collections, you can find products with fleece in different versions – from breeches to hipsters.


Wool trousers, depending on the thickness of the woolen thread, can be used at different times of the year. Woolen pants usually contain synthetic fibers that increase the strength and elasticity of the garments.

From raincoat fabric

Raincoat fabric is a durable fabric that is used for the manufacture of winter and demi-season trousers. Raincoat pants are highly resistant to adverse weather conditions, waterproof and hygroscopic.

How to choose sweatpants

When choosing sweatpants, first of all, you need to be guided by the peculiarities of the figure.

  • Any style, cropped leggings, capri pants, loose-fitting trousers will go slender.
  • It is better for full girls to focus on straight, wide and flared models from the hip, which do not fit the body.

If trousers are needed exclusively for sports, they must meet certain requirements.


Pants should fit the body as much as possible, as wide legs create resistance when riding and can contribute to injury in the classroom.Leggings, leggings, tails, cropped pants will do.


For fitness, as well as step-aerobics, shaping, zumba, tight-fitting models are also preferable. They are not only very comfortable, but also allow girls to showcase their figure, in particular, seductive curves of the hips and slender legs.


For jogging, you need trousers that do not restrict movement. Good in this regard are straight, wide, flared models, harem pants with elastic or ankle cuffs.


Fans of go-go, hip-hop, strip plastics, as a rule, approach the formation of a sports wardrobe with great care. Some girls prefer to study in:

  • Bloomers, Bermuda;
  • someone loves leggings and leggings;
  • The third loves funky pants with floral prints or patterns.

In any case, you need to remember that the basis of the lesson, regardless of the dance direction, is choreography, so clothing should provide complete freedom of movement.

Fashionable colors

The color palette of women’s sports trousers is more extensive than that of men’s. Traditional colors do not lose their relevance, but bright, saturated colors are in no way inferior to them in popularity.

Depending on personal preferences, a girl can choose trousers made in a conservative color, or original trousers, the highlight of which is given by bright colors, unusual prints and catchy inscriptions.


White sweatpants look extremely attractive, adding glamorous chic to the look.However, they have two drawbacks: if they choose the wrong model, they can get fat, and besides, they do not belong to the category of practical clothes.

Conservative girls choose models of straight cut, wide or cropped bell-bottoms, but young ladies who will not miss the opportunity to demonstrate a magnificent figure will not refuse snow-white leggings.


Black pants are more practical, neutral and appropriate at any time of the year. Another advantage of black trousers is their excellent combinatoriality with other colors and styles.

The most popular models made in black are straight, bloomers (wide trousers), breeches.


Gray trousers are no less popular than black ones and are considered by most manufacturers to be preferred for sports. Slender girls can choose light shades, overweight women are better off choosing dark models with vertical stripes on the sides, which visually stretch the silhouette.


The popularity of blue has recently been breaking all records.The trend is shades such as indigo, ultramarine and mirror blue, which make the girl the most visible in her workout.


Red sweatpants are perfect for a girl with the makings of a leader. But romantic young ladies should give preference to delicate pink shades, for example, marshmallow.

With stripes

Print trousers are not a very common option, as the sporty style does not imply the use of plant or animal prints.The only exception is, perhaps, camouflage.

But various stripes, logos, inscriptions are welcome. Pants with stripes look very stylish, which add a sporty harmony to the silhouette.

What to wear with sweatpants

If a girl understands fashion trends, then the question of what to wear sweatpants with should not arise in principle. It is quite understandable that trousers designed for training should be combined exclusively with sportswear and shoes.This is done solely in order to increase the effectiveness of training and to avoid injury.

But democratic casual not only allows, but also welcomes a mixture of styles, in particular, sports and classic. For example, straight sweatpants look great with a long-sleeved turtleneck and high wedge sneakers. In warm weather, they can be worn with sandals, tops, vests.

Leggings and leggings can be combined with tunics, long shirts, elongated hoodies.Keep in mind, however, that the groin area must be covered. The duo of tight-fitting pants and a short jacket is allowed only in training.

Sports linen or cotton pants go well with jersey long sleeves, loose sweaters with raglan sleeves.

Side breeches look interesting with a thin tight jumper and other casual wardrobe items.

As for footwear, you shouldn’t limit yourself to sports sneakers and trainers. In everyday life, trousers can be worn with loafers, moccasins, ankle boots.

You can wear adorable ballet flats or seductive mules to the party, which will make a great pair with black velor pants.

Brand sweatpants

Trade marks specializing in the production of sports equipment offer girls a wide selection of trousers, combining sports aesthetics and fashion trends in their products. Consider the best-selling models from well-known brands.


Designed by Yohji Yamamoto, the Adidas Matte model is crafted from smooth black jersey with a form-fitting fit.A bold Y-3 logo on the hip creates a minimalist look. Side pockets, elastic waist with adjustable drawstrings create additional comfort for the athlete.


The NikeLab ACG Tech Woven Women’s Track Pants are an enhanced chinos with a wide waistband. A snug fit, tapered legs with ankle zips provide comfort and freedom of movement.

Thick cotton with a water-repellent coating protects the body in the cold season.Reflective ACG logo on the lapel makes the girl more visible in the sports team.


Puma Urban sports Sweat Pants are a versatile combination of functionality, high-tech textures and fashion trends.

Trousers with a standard fit have a loose fit, the ankle legs are intercepted with cuffs. The product is equipped with an elastic belt with a drawstring, side pockets. On the left leg – the graphic color PUMA Cat logo.


Sweatpants Reebok Elements Fleece have a high rise, tapered in the leg, pockets on the sides, an adjustable drawstring waist.The hem at the bottom provides a snug fit for the trousers.


Modern sweatpants Emporio Armani EA7 made of stretch cotton jersey.

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