10 things about moms: 10 Things All Good Moms Have in Common


10 Things All Good Moms Have in Common

It’s easy to stress out about how imperfect we are as mothers and forget that we are already great mamas for our kids!

We get stuck comparing ourselves to other moms, thinking we need to do everything like them (or they need to do everything like us) in order to be a good mom and raise our children “right”.

That’s why I’ve compiled this list of 10 things ALL good moms have in common.

Cranky Kids

It doesn’t matter if you’ve literally written the book on parenting (or at least read every book on the subject), you will still have cranky and dare I say it, naughty, kids from time to time. Your child misbehaving or throwing tantrums doesn’t kick you out of the “good moms club”. If anything, it’s a requirement for membership, as it shows that you are, in fact, parenting a human child.

Bad Days

No matter how hard we try, how intricately we plan, or how desperately we attempt to just ‘go with the flow’ we all have bad days. It comes with the territory of being human, so of course, it’s a part of motherhood too. We may not let other moms see it (though I think we shouldn’t be afraid to) but we all have those days!

Feeling Sick of It (sometimes)

We all have days (or weeks) when we’re tired of this whole mommy thing. Sure, we wouldn’t trade it for the world…but the reality is, motherhood is exhausting. If you are a Stay at home mama, it’s tiring. If you are a mama who works out of the home it’s tiring. If you are a mama that works at home (shocker) it’s tiring!!! We all have our moments where we just need a break from all the needs of little ones. Needing a break does not make you a bad mom. It’s just evidence that you are constantly putting some one else’s needs above your own and at some point or another that catches up with you.

Mommy Guilt

Every last one of us suffers from mommy guilt. Whether it’s guilt from the way  baby entered the world, the cleanliness of the home, or guilt weighing on your mind because you needed a break one day, we all feel guilty. Yes, we have all made parenting mistakes, so I suppose you could say we all have reason to feel guilty, but if we decided to be as gentle and supportive of ourselves as we are with our close friends, some of that guilt would melt away, and we’d be freed up to focus on more important things like playing silly games with our babies and realizing that we’re doing a pretty great job, despite our mistakes! 

Feeling Inferior

Along with feeling guilty, most of us also feel inferior to the moms we see around us. Maybe it’s the friend whose house is always spotless, or the mom in the grocery store that’s dressed to the nines with her children calmly walking in a perfect line behind her. We all have other mamas that we compare ourselves to, while worrying that we don’t measure up. I have a secret for you though…even those perfect looking mamas that seem to have everything put-together,  suffer from feeling inferior and worrying that they aren’t measuring up to some one else. None of us are immune. We all have our faults, and our strengths. The real trick is finding ways to learn from each other, instead of feeling threatened or inferior because of our differences.

Moments of Temporary Insanity

Screaming children, 1000s of dirty diapers, toys all over the floor, preparing multiple meals a day, trying to convince the kids to eat… any/all of these things are enough to cause moments of temporary insanity in even the most calm of mothers! All mamas have those moments, don’t let them make you feel like you aren’t rockin’ this whole “motherhood” thing.

Messy Homes

It’s inevitable. If you have children, your home will be messy from time to time (or all the time). Toys all over the floor is not equivalent to “failure as a mother” status. Neither are dirty dishes or unfolded laundry. We’re all just doing our best, and sometimes that best means take-out for dinner so you have time to wash yesterday’s dishes or put away last week’s clean laundry. Do what you gotta do mama!

Just. Need. Peace.

There will always be those moments as we look on the messy home, and the noisy kids and all the other craziness that comes up during the day. All the chaos, the tears, the tantrums, the never-ending questions…sometimes we just need peace. A stolen moment of quiet. An early bedtime, a trip to the potty in solace. These are things we all crave (and miss), especially in the midst of a drama-filled day with the kiddos.

We Need Support

We all have our good days and our bad ones, we all feel like we could be doing a better job, and maybe we just aren’t ‘good enough’ for this motherhood thing… and we all need support. When you see a mama struggling, smile at her and tell her she’s doing well. Because she needs it. When you see that mama that seems so put together on the outside, remind her that’s she’s doing a great job, because you never know when she might be falling apart on the inside. Offer support, give smiles, and most of all refrain from silently (or loudly) judging. Because we’re all in the same boat.

And we love our kids unconditionally

Through all the bad days, and the crazy nights. Even with their naughtiness and all our worries, nothing can quench the love that we have for our kiddos. There is nothing in the world like being a mama, and even though we might want some time off now and again, the love good mamas have for their kiddos can’t be explained with words.

Despite our differences there are still many things all good moms have in common. So don’t let those bad days, insecurities or tantrum throwing babies make you believe, even for a minute that you are anything less than an extraordinary mama.

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10 Things A Mom Always Wants To Hear From Her Kids

Children wield great power in our households. They might be small, but their words and actions can transform a household — for the good, or for the bad.

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Every mom knows how her day can be changed by just a few words from her kid. However different us moms are from each other, there are certain universal expressions that will warm a mom’s heart across the globe. Here are 10 things that a mom always wants to hear from her kids, and they are sure to bring a big smile to her face.

10 “Mom”

With one word, a child can hold your heart forever. The first time a son or daughter utters the word “Mom” in some form or another (Mama, Meemaa, Moomoo, etc.) that little person has his mother wrapped around his or her finger forever.

“Mom” is something we aspire to be. It is who we are in the core of our hearts. It is our title, our credentials, our rank, and our heart. It is one word but it is the word that matters more than anything else.

9 “I love you”

There is no sentence in the human language that can transform another human heart than “I love you. ” When your child throws their arms around you and says these words to you, you are ready to face giants and conquer the world for them.

Usually, children say “I love you” based on how they see you interacting with others and with them. Just as you love to hear this from them, ensure you constantly remind them of your love for them, through words and deeds.

8 “You look cool”

Okay, so you might not actually hear your children use the word “cool” but you will love when they say something along these lines. The word to describe coolness changes with each generation, however, when your child tells you that you are cool or look cool, it makes you feel just a little young again.

You realize that you “still have it.” Yes, you can put on those sunglasses and lip gloss and look a little cool. If your kid thinks so, then that’s all that counts.

7 “I’m sorry, mommy”

It is a triumphant moment for any mom to hear her child apologize. For moms, it means we have done something right in our child-rearing.

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A child who says ‘I’m sorry’ with no strings attached reminds us of how beautiful this child’s heart is beneath all the superhero antics. And when the child adds “mommy” to the end of this expression, it is like music to a mother’s ears.

6 “I made something for you”

These words make a mother’s heart skip a beat and melt all at the same time. We know that our child has gone to some effort to do something special for us and it really means a lot to us.

Even if they bring in a weird cup of coffee with suspicious foam, and a burned piece of toast, just the sentiment, “I made something for you” is enough to make our day. Bring on the super bitter, foamy coffee!

5 “You are already beautiful, mommy”

When a mother stands before the mirror feeling tired and fed-up, because of lifeless hair, or tired eyes, and hears little feet behind her and the expression, “You are already beautiful mommy,” it’s a really special and sweet moment.

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A child has the power to redefine beauty with their words and the power to remind Mom that beauty is about so much more than appearance. It’s in the hug of a mom, or her kind words or in the way she tucks her child into bed or reads a bedtime story.

4 “I can do it”

Seeing your children grow up is a blessing. It is rewarding to see them learn to do new things and take on responsibility. It’s also a great moment when a child overcomes their fear of a situation or responsibility and takes it on with both hands, or when a child who has lacked courage steps up to task and says, “I can do it!”

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This expression demonstrates confidence and shows that your child believes in themselves and that you have succeeded in helping to build security and stability inside of them.

3 “That smells good!”

Moms always feel pride when they’re making dinner and her kid comes in and says to her, “That smells good!”

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There is something in the mother’s heart that loves to nurture and care for her children and cooking is a part of this. When our food smells good to them, we feel good, and we’re ready to enjoy a nice meal and some quality time together.

2 “You’re the best”

Not that we were competing or anything but when our child regards us as something special, we feel ten feet tall. This encouragement makes us strive to be the best version of ourselves and become even better parents.

It’s not that we have to win a Super Mommy competition but as long as our children consider us with eyes that say we are best, then we know we have gotten the prize and we’re going to feel amazing.

1 “It’s just what I wanted!”

It brings great joy to a mother’s heart when her children open presents on their birthday or on Christmas morning and say that the present was exactly what they were hoping for. Of course, we want to give our children great gifts, and so this is so satisfying.

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We don’t always hit the mark in terms of doing this but when we do and we see their faces light up and hear them say, “It’s just what I wanted!” we feel like we have received a gift ourselves.

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What It Means To Kids When Parents Practice Self-Control

100 Reasons to Say I Love You Mom

By Stacey Donovan and Meghan Craig

on April 5, 2021

When we think about why we love our moms, it’s hard to pinpoint just one reason. Moms can be caretakers, teachers, coaches, doctors, therapists, snack-holders, personal assistants, friends and more. And while we love them for the big stuff, like never giving up on us or teaching us how to believe in ourselves, all the little things they do hold a special place in our hearts as well. (Birthday cake for breakfast, anyone?)

Here’s our list of 101 things we love about our moms…think of these as just a few flowers in the ginormous bouquet of reasons she means so much.

1. “I wouldn’t be here without her.”
2. “She taught me to stand up for others.”
3. “She ‘likes’ everything I post.”
4. “No matter what, she is in my corner.”
5. “She could always find my shoes.”
6. “Whenever something good or bad happens, she’s the first one I want to tell.”

7. “She helps watch my kids so I can have a career.”
8. “She connects me to my childhood and my roots.”
9. “She lets me know that I make her proud.”
10. “She learned how to use FaceTime to talk with her grandkids.
11. “She sends me links every day so I always know what’s going on in the news.”
12. “She brags to her friends about my accomplishments.”
13. “She always has advice (and most of it is pretty good!).”
14. “She tries to keep up with technology so she can connect with me.”
15. “She knows every family recipe by heart.”
16. “When I came out, she told me I was brave and that she loved me.”
17. “Her smile makes everything OK.”
18. “She’s the glue that holds us all together.”
19. “She taught me all I needed to know about being a good human being.”
20. “She is so good at shopping for bargains, it’s like a superpower.”
21. “I don’t need a weather app—I can just ask her.”
22. “Even when she was upset with me, I knew she loved me.”
23. “My mom was both mother and father.”
24. “She knows I’m weird, but to her it’s like, good weird.”
25. “No matter what you need, she probably has it in her purse. She’s prepared!”
26. “We can talk several times a day and not get sick of each other.”
27. “She fixed my bangs when I cut them.”
28. “She fixed my bangs again the next time I did it.”
29. “I can always get advice from her on home improvement projects.”
30. “She’s beautiful inside and out, has a great sense of style, and has always taken care to be well put-together. She taught me all about putting my best foot forward.”

31. “She always let me be true to myself.”
32. “She loves me even though she knew me when I was a teenager.”
33. “She works so hard and inspires me to do the same.”
34. “She raised us as ‘free-range’ kids with lots of time to roam on our own and build our independence.”
35. “She always answers when you call, no matter what time it is.”
36. “She asks how my cat is doing, and she doesn’t even like cats.”
37. “Through runny noses, fevers and heartbreaks, she was the best nurse ever.”
38. “She thinks of something I need before I even know I need it.
39. “Her love of travel taught me to appreciate the world and all its cultures.”
40. “She’s genuine…she doesn’t pretend to be anybody but herself.”
41. “She’s always up for discussing our latest trash TV show.”
42. “She never stops learning.”
43. “She can make anything fun.”

44. “She hugged me even when I didn’t hug back. Especially when I didn’t hug back.”
45. “She was my Girl Scout leader.”
46. “She’s been gone for years, but I still think of her every single day.”
47. “She took us to church every week so faith would be a part of our lives.”
48. “She has accepted the fact that I’m never going to eat my green beans.”
49. “She sends the best care packages full of thoughtful things.”
50. “There are still things she hasn’t told Dad!”
51. “She’s always believed in me.”
52. “She taught me to believe in myself.”

53. “She’s got a green thumb…and she can name a phenomenal number of flowers.”
54. “She’s the most patient woman in the world.”
55. “She helped me plan an awesome wedding.”
56. “She’s found new ways for us to stay close without being in-person over the past year.”
57. “Breakfast for dinner!”
58. “I admire the volunteer work she does.”
59. “She’s just as great of a grandma as she is a mom.”
60. “She taught me to persevere.”
61. “Even though I live halfway across the country, she’s there for me.”
62. “She’s an excellent seamstress, and she made lots of my clothes and Halloween costumes when I was growing up.”
63. “She treats my dog like her grandbaby.”

64. “She doesn’t mind hearing about every detail of your day.”
65. “We have a million inside jokes. She’s hilarious.”
66. “She instilled in me a deep love of ice cream.”
67. “She gives so much of herself to others.”
68. “She gives you real talk when you need to hear it most.”
69. “She would do anything for me.”
70. “She loves bright colors, and she makes life more colorful.
71. “A lot of times, she’ll call me just when I was thinking about her.”
72. “She loves my kids even when they are having meltdowns.”
73. “She’s my sounding board for all major life decisions.”
74. “Every time she visits me, she organizes one of my closets or shelves!”
75. “She shows me how to look for the silver lining and make the best of every situation.”
76. “She’s the one person who will never get tired of hearing me talk about my kids. (Or at least she never lets on!)”
77. “She still uses ‘real mail,’ as in envelopes in my mailbox for me and my kids.”
78. “She made me clean my room. Didn’t like it then, but now I appreciate the tidy streak she instilled in me.”
79. “She gives you cute nicknames that you’d only want her to call you.”
80. “Even though I’m an adult now, talking to her is still my comfort when I’m sick.”
81. “She plays word games with me on our phones.”

82. “She knew I was reading under the covers and let it slide.
83. “She’s a fun storyteller with lots of family history to share…and she’s not afraid to give you the uncensored versions!”
84. “She’s the one who makes birthdays and holidays happy.”
85. “Together we can make fun of the rest of the extended family.”
86. “She still has the trophies I got as a kid.”
87. “She can tell how you’re feeling just by hearing your ‘hello.’”

88. “She prays for me, though I’ve probably given her too many reasons to pray for me.”
89. “Sometimes I realize I’m becoming a lot like her…and I’m glad.”
90. “She knew when I really needed to be in my room with the music too loud.”
91. “When dad said ‘no,’ mom said ‘sure.’”
92. “She’s like a book club I was born into! Love talking about recent reads with her.”
93. “When life gets so stressful that I practically forget who I am, she reminds me.”
94. “Whenever moms do anything it’s just cute. Moms doing yoga, cute. Moms Youtubing just dance videos, cute. Moms and puppies, cute.”
95. “She has a hack for that—‘that’ being pretty much anything.”
96. “Mom hugs!”
97. “She always made sure I knew I was loved.”
98. “Everything she cooks just tastes better.”

99. “She’s my best friend.”
100. “She just ‘gets’ me.”
101. “Wherever she is feels like home.”

What are your reasons? We’re sure your mom would love to hear them!

50 Things I Love About My Mom • Healthy Helper

An ode to my mom…the most important person in my life! A celebration of 50 things I love about her for Mother’s Day.

With Mother’s Day right around the corner and it taking place on a weekend, I wanted to make sure I posted something this week in honor of my mom. She’s a truly incredible woman, my best friend, and the most important person in my life. I wanted to share some of the things that make her so special and make me love her so much.

1. Her intuition and all-knowing ‘mom-ness’

2. Her gentle touch

3. Her ability to rationalize and work through any tough situation

4. Her generosity

5. Her selflessness

6. Her love of healthy living

7. Her empathy

8. Her silly sense of humor

9. The funny ways she pronounces words

10. How she lights up a room with her smile and eyes

11. The way she always puts others first

12. Her dedication to our family

13. Her work ethic

14. Her comforting hugs

15. The way she says my name

16. How she always puts others first

17. The confidence she has in herself

18. Her calming presence

19. Her ability to talk me through things

20. Her unwavering love

21. Her encouraging words

22. Her lovely laugh

23. Her willingness to sacrifice

24. Her fondness of fitness

25. Her amazing cooking skills

26. Her positive outlook on life

27. Her encouragement to never give up on my dreams

28. Her shared love of The Mindy Project

29. Her sense of style

30. The funny way she mouths what I say when I’m talking to her

31. Her constant support

32. Her belief in me

33. Her comfort in her own skin

34. Her willingness to help me out of a bind

35. The way she always has my back

36. Her love of being outside

37. Her respect for others

38. Her sarcasm and wit

39. Her warm embrace

40. Her love of animals

41. Her extensive medical knowledge

42. The way she always makes me feel safe a secure

43. How she will open our house to anyone and everyone

44. Her love for my dad

45. Her patience

46. Her frugality

47. The way she’s overcome hardships in her life

48. The example she sets for those around her

49. Her ability to diffuse a tense situation

50. Her epic capacity for forgiveness

Mom, thank you for being the first person who ever loved me and for being the first person I ever loved. I am honored that I have gotten to experience these past 22 years with you.

Happy (early) Mother’s Day, Mom! I love you more than you know.

Have a great day everyone! See you later this week with a regularly scheduled recipe post….it involves cookies! So get excited.

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44 responses to “50 Things I Love About My Mom”

  1. Mom’s are very special people. 🙂 I have a close relationship with my mom (she’s my best friend…no joke) so I think this article is the best! Happy Birthday to you mom!!

  2. That is beautiful and so is your mom, inside and out. Happy Birthday to your awesome mom!!

  3. Maryann D. says:

    This is so wonderful! I am sure your mom enjoyed reading about these 50 things. Happy Birthday to your mom!

  4. happy birthday to your momma! that old school picture of your mom and you – you look just like her! she’s gorgeous!

  5. This is such a sweet post, Kaila! #14 and #32… the best!

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  7. What a precious mama; I want to come back and read every single one after the work day. Your mom sounds like a beautiful woman.

  8. This is a beautiful post. Thank you for sharing your mom with us.

  9. What a beautiful post! Nice to see you at Welcome Home Wednesday!

  10. Awww this is so beautiful. Mom’s are so special <3

  11. Beautiful post. Your mother sounds amazing! My mom and I were estranged for so many years – and while I was small she worked. You’ve been blessed.

  12. This is such a beautiful post! I always love reading your blog 🙂 Your mom sounds amazing!

  13. Maryann D. says:

    That was truly wonderful! Your mom is terrific and she has a terrific daughter too!

  14. I love this post! So many of the them speak directly to me and how I feel about my mom. The funniest is “how you pronounce words funny”. My mom has a slight accent and it still cracks me up when she pronounces words funny. Thanks for posting!

  15. A great tribute! You are blessed!

  16. What a beautiful tribute to your mom. I hope you had a wonderful Mother’s Day. Thanks for sharing on Sunday’s Best.

  17. […] go to person is my mom or my close friends….they always have words of comfort and understanding to offer […]

  18. Elizabeth says:

    I love this website! I’m making something for my mom and this is just perfect!

  19. Zachary says:

    My mothers endless love and support, is what made me the person I am today and continues to help me develop. I kept on getting emotional reading this. Thank you for this article.

  20. […] She is truly the BEST. Our relationship is stronger than it’s ever been before and we seriously just laugh & smile the whole time ANY TIME we are together. I just love her so much and don’t know what I would do without her. Thank god there are people on earth like my mother. Selfless. Compassionate. Loving. And so darn, fun to be around. She’s truly my best forever friend. No shame in saying that AT ALL. […]

  21. […] She is truly the BEST. Our relationship is stronger than it’s ever been before and we seriously just laugh & smile the whole time ANY TIME we are together. I just love her so much and don’t know what I would do without her. Thank god there are people on earth like my mother. Selfless. Compassionate. Loving. And so darn, fun to be around. She’s truly my best forever friend. No shame in saying that AT ALL. […]

  22. jojo vito says:

    Every mother deserves such love and adoration. Your love for your mother will surely be given back to you in due time 🙂

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24 Awesome Things Moms Do.

Need a reminder of the awesomeness of a mom? Here you go. 24 things. Out of infinity, of course.

1. They have the ability to super clean the house when someone calls and says that they’ll be dropping over in five minutes. They know exactly where an empty box is to quickly dump things in, which room to put it in, can vacuum and clean at once while putting their hair up, and can start the coffee. Can you imagine if that superpower could only be harnessed and used at anytime? Wait. We kind of already do.

2. Will listen to the always overly descriptive drama like he took my baseball cards or she has more ice cream or it’s not fair that she’s sitting in that seat or I can’t go to school today because I don’t have the cool shoes or insert anything that kids love to argue about and then will apply more wisdom in Solomon in deciding the solution. And sometimes the solution means simply deciding to let them battle it out.

3. Drive here and there and everywhere and back to here and there and everywhere again. And again. And again. Thank goodness for Starbucks and Pandora

4. Can erase bad dreams at night. Often it involves waking up completely, holding children, tucking them in again, moving them to her own place of sleep knowing very well that at that moment on her sleep will no longer be real sleep but will rather be a martial art exercise in avoiding feet and hands from smacking her in the face as the child who had the bad dream now slumber peacefully while rotating.

5. Will cook meals. Will slave over meals. Will invent meals. Will make the best meal ever only to be met with I don’t like this and then the next night when it is boxed macaroni and cheese she’ll hear that this is the best meal ever.  Just let it go. I suppose when you’re five macaroni and cheese with dried powder is the best meal ever.

6. Know to replace things. Like the toilet paper roll that the child just left sitting on top of the roller. Or the paper towels. Or the hand towels. Or the light bulbs in the bathroom burnt out. Or the pencils that are now broken. Or the markers. Or anything. Moms know.

7. They understand the art of playing games. From those first games of slapjack where the moms hand is just a tad bit too slow. To the sneaky skill of playing Candyland and hiding that card where you have to go back to the beginning. To learning when it’s truly okay to win and that you’ll hear words of frustration but you teach the art of shaking hands and saying good game. Moms get games. It’s like life – a gradual teaching of how to deal with the world.

8. They are skilled negotiators and can make negotiating not feel like bribery. Even though, shhhh. . . sometimes it just might be. There are times when if you go to bed and fall asleep in the next ten minutes I will give you a dollar is perfectly acceptable. Grace, moms, grace.

9. The are the Orkin Pest Control person disguised as a mom. Creepy crawly things? Scream for mom. Things moving in the house that shouldn’t be? Get mom. It doesn’t matter that you use an entire wad of paper towels – enough to wipe up the largest spill – to dispose of that spider. The fact is – you did it. You are bugs in your home worst nightmare.

10. The Orkin Pest Control person disguised as a mom with a heart of gold. You know what I’m talking about. You grab that gigantic wad of paper towels to dispose of that arachnid in your child’s bedroom only to be heard don’t kill it mommy. It eats mosquitoes. Or it’s good for the world. And in that moment you have the skill of the greatest animal rescuer as you carefully get that spider which has no place in your home and carefully bring it outside as your seven year old cheers you on.

11. They can open things. Like these fruit cup things that are filled with juice to the top. Or doors while they’re juggling a toddler on their hip while holding four bags of groceries and a grande caramel macchiato. Or cans when the can opener is broken. If it’s stuck a mom can open it.

12. Can answer to I’m hungry. I’m starving. There’s nothing to eat. When’s dinner? Can I have a snack? over and over and over. And then when you offer apples, carrots, or anything healthy and you hear I don’t want that you always know to reply well, then you’re really not that hungry.

13. Stay up late. No matter what. For the times when the teenager is out or the middle schooler needs to be picked up or when there is the crazy sleepover at her house and she’s uttered lights out a dozen times but still hears the giggles. (And then, moms are cool, they just let the girls giggle because they know that’s part of the whole sleep over thing.) Moms give up sleep. For 18 years a child.

14. Moms understand that every once in while that it is okay to say yes to the stuff at the end of the cash register counter. Sometimes it is gum. Other times the over priced bag of fruit snacks (especially when you know you could get a box of six for only 32 cents more). The lego stuff in the bags. Silly putty. Tape (yes, my kids have asked for tape). And sometimes a candy bar. Yes. Us moms get it. And for our kids? That’s pretty much the best day ever.

15. Have the ability to translate two year old talk. The world might hear a bunch of consonants and vowels strung together in a gibberish sound, but the mom? The mom knows. Oh, you want a fruit snack? You don’t want to nap? We get it. It’s a secret code.

16. They hide chocolate. No more words needed. Just know this is a brilliant survival tactic.

17. Are not afraid to dance in the kitchen, sing out loud, spin in circles, play music, and just have fun to music that they loved in high school  Us moms have those moments where we can just make the kids laugh. Let the dishes go for a moment. Or maybe just do the dishes while dancing and being happy. There’s power in that. So find your favorite oldies (hahah. . . aging) channel on Pandora or Spotify and just dance.

18. They can find the one pencil in the house that works during homework crunch time. It doesn’t matter that at the beginning of the school year you stocked up on pencils at Target when they were practically giving them away. You know that the day will come when there will be no sharp pencils and the 7 pencil sharpeners that you have purchased will be lost. When push comes to shove you’ll find that pencil. Or you’ll whittle away at the dull ones with a knife until the fourth grader can write.

19. Can take a teen age daughter shopping knowing what to suggest because that won’t be chosen so that the items that you think should be chosen will be chosen. Moms can also with grace redirect away from ridiculous clothing that should never be on a teenagers body. It’s a skill moms. Sometimes we’ll fail. But we do prevail.

20. They understand that slammed doors I hate you’s times of storming about and normal kids stuff are normal. And deep down moms know that they’re doing something right – setting limits – and that someday those kids will remember that mom fought for them.

21. Have the ability to find anything that is lost. It could be lost for a minute, months, weeks, or an undetermined amount of time. Moms can find it. It can be from I can’t find the ketchup in the fridge (which is always in the door on the right side next to the Italian dressing)  to homework that is lost (thank goodness for downloads on the school portal) to ballet shoes or soccer shoes or birthday invitations to that pencil. If it’s lost – mom is there.

22. Can make things work. Like getting the kite to actually get up in the air knowing that within 11 minutes it will no longer be in the air but rather in your neighbor’s trees. Then moms know the exactly the right pressure to exert while pulling on the string that cuts into her hands to release that kite from the trees. Moms can fix toys, make kids believe that once the battery dies that they can’t be replace on those loud toys, they can make meals from scraps, and Halloween costumes from the dress up box. Moms make things work.

23. Have story reading strategies. They know the exact variations on voices that makes the three year old’s laugh. They know which stories to choose and which to tuck away at the library. They also know how to edit stories that are too long without giving away that they’re reading the abridged version. Come on, admit it. . .

24. They believe in their kids and their dreams. Maybe you told them you want to go to the moon. Then moms have books from the library on space. A baker? We’re watching Food Network together. No dream is too silly for moms. In fact, that’s the cool gift that moms give their kids. Moms are the ones they come to when they decide they want to play soccer after you’ve just invested in pointe shoes for ballet. Moms understand the need to look through 42 college applications trying to find the perfect fit. Moms are there for their kids. Kind of like glue. They fill in the spaces, make connections, love no matter what, and believe that their kids are the most awesome kids in the world.

Bottom line?

Moms do awesome every day ordinary just what moms do things.

They are their kids number one fan.

And that? That’s priceless.


Celebrate moms and find your heart -> Get my book The Brave Art of Motherhood HERE



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10 Things Most Kids Don’t Know About Their Mother

It’s true what they say. The only time you know everything about raising kids and parenting is before you have them. After that, you’re plunged into the turbulent waters of parenthood, always thinking you can do better, always striving to be perfect ,always trying to do everything and failing.

I don’t think we truly understand what it means to be a mother until we become one. How it changes the very core of our being.

I know that our kids have absolutely no idea about our inner selves, our struggles with parenthood or indeed the rest of our lives, what we did or were before we became “mommy”.

I know they’re too young to read this and understand but this is what I would explain to them if I could.

She Loves You More that She Can Express.

Before your mother was born, she was young and full of the excitement of life. 

 Parachute out of an aeroplane. 

 Dive to the bottom of the sea. 

 Run a marathon. 

 She had the audacity and recklessness to try anything and everything, to seek that adrenaline rush, to tick it off her bucket list.

The moment you were born that changed. 

Her world shuddered, swung on a hinge and started spinning into a different orbit. You become the single most important thing (or things) in her life. You become the sun around which she revolved. You became her focus.

She stopped enjoying such nerve racking things because at the back of her mind she knew she had to be there for you. To care for you, to look after you but really just to complete your world.

Her most important task is just being there for you.

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You Hurt Her.

It was uncomfortable before you arrived and agony when you did. 

Breastfeeding hurt when you bit down hard with those boney gums and as you got older you didn’t stop inflicting pain on her. 

It hurt when you scratched her, pulled her hair, slapped her in the face and bit her again, this time with your tiny but very solid and sharp teeth.

You hurt her but she still loves you more than you know.

She Knows She’s Not Perfect.

Every time she makes a parenting mistake, she beats herself up about it. 

She is her own worst critic. 

She knows there is no such thing as a perfect parent but she still aspires to be one. 

She tries to not yell at you, to not shout at you, to always remain calm and composed.

She fails on a daily basis and although she knows she should forgive herself and move on, she’s not great at that either.

She Watches You When You are Sleeping.

In such contrast to the shouts and the screams of the day, one of her favourite times is to creep into your bedroom and watch your angelic face while you sleep. 

The rhythmical breathing, the peaceful slumber. 

She can forget the noise and chaos and plant a tender kiss on your sticky forehead.

You are her perfect children.

She would Trade Places when You’re Ill

The worst thing for her is to see her baby unwell, sad and miserable. 

She will look after you every second of the day, clear up your vomit in the night, change the dirty sheets and give you fluids drop by drop if she could. 

 She would rather trade places with you than see you unwell or hurt.

She Wants What is Best for You

At times she may go about it in a funny way but everything she does for you is because she wants to teach you to be an amazing person. A kind, happy and generous person. 

Most of all she wants you to be happy.

At times it’s difficult to know the best route to teach you happiness and “awesome human being” powers so please forgive her if you don’t agree with her methods.

She Once Had a Very Different Life Before You Were Born

Before you were born she had a totally different life. 

Perhaps she had a career, working long hours, weekends and nights. 

Her spare time was hers to do whatever she liked.

Read a book. 

Go to a party. 

Travel the world. 

Now she considers a solitary trip to the bathroom as “me time”. She gets 2 whole minutes to look at herself in the mirror, to remember who she was, to see who she is now.

She Was a Child Once Too

Even before that, your mother was once a child too. 

 She played in the dirt, bounced a ball, cuddled her teddies, sat on her grandmother’s knee. 

 Perhaps she even dreamt about having children of her own but it seemed like a dream that would never happen.

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She Used to Fight With Her Brothers and Sisters 

You know how she’s always always telling you to stop fighting with your brothers and sisters? 

 Well, here’s a little secret. She used to fight with hers all the time. Bicker, argue and squabble!

She still wishes you wouldn’t do it though!

She Dreads the Passing Of Time

Although there are times when your mother is angry or cross or sad or overcome, she cherishes this time when you are small and need her.

This time when you’ll still hold her hand and sit on her knee and turn to her for a cuddle when you hurt yourself.

The thing she most dreads is the turning of time. The passing of years as you grow up and find your independence and no longer need her help for all those little things in life.

She also dreads the wrinkles and dust that will happen to her.

When you next look at your mother, you only see one person. The person who loves you and tells you what to do, who provides you with food and clothes and love. 

 But your mummy is all of these things. She is that child, that teenager, that young adult. Now she is that mummy and one day, chance permitting, she’ll be that wrinkled old lady.

Your mommy is all of these things and she loves you beyond words.

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10 Things Mean Moms Have in Common

It’s no secret that at some point in your job as a mom you will for sure be called THE MEANEST MOM IN THE WHOLE ENTIRE WORLD. That’s because you probably are mean. At least in the eyes of your kids.

But what good, mean moms know best is that sometimes being mean is the thing that helps our kids grow up to be respectful, decent humans.

I don’t know about you, but I’d rather be called a mean mom than a pushover any day of the week. And, if you’re not mean from time to time, you just aren’t doing it right.

So, here are 10 things mean moms have in common.

We make our kids clean up their own messes.

Much to the dismay of my first-born who is now 9 year old, I’m so mean, sometimes I make my kids wipe the counter and clean up their own crumbs. If they walk around while simultaneously destroying the kitchen by eating cookies because they are doing jumping jacks, they will have to get out the vacuum and clean it up.

Mean Moms make them take responsibility. 

Forgot your homework? That’s fine the first time, but the next time, sorry. You’ll have to turn it in late. And, I’m so mean that if I catch my kids in a lie there is a punishment. If they break something, they have to make it right. In other words, I’m so mean, my kids have to be accountable for their actions.

We make them wear clothing that will protect them from the weather and/or help them not look homeless. 

While wearing a jacket seems like some sort of corporal punishment to my kids, I’m actually just trying to keep them warm, which means I’m also the meanest mom ever. I even take it so far as to make them wear clothes without stains and holes. Some days I even make them wear socks.

Mean Moms sometimes don’t play with them so they’ll use their imaginations.

I’m so mean, my kids know it’s not my job to entertain them. Yes, we do fun stuff together, but sometimes I say no, and they have to use their imaginations. Sometimes, if I’m feeling really mean, they get shooed outside so I can have some peace and quiet.

We make them earn their rewards.

While kids in 2016 think they deserve a cell phone at the ripe old age of 8 years old, mean moms know better. We let them know that they have to earn that right, and they also need to have a few more years of existence before that’s going to happen.

When I wanted to start driving, my dad said, “get a job.” I’m so mean, my kids won’t get something just because they want it. They have to earn it. Good grades, good behavior, whatever. Nothing is free when you’re a mean mom.

We make them do chores (sometimes without an allowance).

Mean moms love to make their kids do chores. We don’t even pay them for it sometimes. Instead, our kids learn that being in a family means everyone chips in. And, that means sometimes they don’t get to play until they finish their work.

Mean Moms don’t allow stuff other parents are doing.

Mean moms know their kids best. And, we aren’t afraid to say no even when other parents are saying yes. Your friend got to go to a midnight showing of the latest action movie at 8 years old? Good for him. But, we have different rules. What works for another family may not work for us, and mean moms don’t care what other moms are doing.

We make them eat something other than mac and cheese for every meal.

We also make them finish their dinner, and say no to snacks when they eat 1.5 bites. I know it sounds awful because it would be a tragedy for my kid to have to eat a vegetable, but mean moms know that sometimes, you just have to eat something green to get a little Red Dye #40 in your diet.

We ignore them sometimes

When they throw a massive tantrum, or are screaming because they didn’t get their way, mean moms walk away and ignore it. If they keep begging, we’re experts at locking ourselves in a closet and pretending they aren’t there. And, if they start banging on the door, we put in our headphones.

Mean Moms teach them that the world, does not revolve around them

By definition, mean moms don’t put up with any crap. And, the world doesn’t revolve around our kids. OK, it kind of does, but we don’t need to let them know that do we? Of course we don’t. Because we’re mean the meanest moms ever. And we kinda like it that way.

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90,000 10 touching facts about our mothers that we do not attach importance to

Mom is a person who is ready to do anything for you. And with what coin do we pay them in return? Often these are just reproaches and rude statements without regrets.

Here are 10 facts about our mothers that you need not only know, but also appreciate.

1. She cried because of you … And very often

Mom will never tell about shed tears. When she found out she was pregnant, she cried.When she gave birth, she cried all the more. When I saw you for the first time, she also cried. Your mother cried because of your every fall, cried with pride, cried with happiness for you, cried when it hurt, when you were hurt, and when you hurt, she also cried … And now she often cries because of you. When it’s your next birthday, and she feels how quickly those years have flown by. When you achieve something and when you have problems. Only you don’t know about it …

2. She still wanted that last piece of pie

If earlier she could eat it herself, now everything is for you.She knows that she will be much happier if she sees with what pleasure you will eat it.

3. She was in great pain

Yes, mom is often hurt, but she will not tell about it. She was in pain when she was waiting for you. She was tormented by nausea, her back hurt, you kicked her. And in what pain she gave birth to you … When you were born, it was painful for her when you bit her chest, scratched her, pulled her hair. And you often beat her out of resentment, when you were very young.And she was silent …

4. She lives in constant fear

As soon as your mother found out that you were going to be born, she began to fear for you. That can lose you, that something can go wrong. When you were very little, she was afraid to injure you, she was afraid of your falls, bruises, tears. She was afraid of wounds, both physical and mental. And today she is also afraid, even when you just sit behind the wheel of a car …

5. She knows she’s not perfect

Moms are the harshest critics for themselves.They know that no one is perfect and they let their kids not be perfect, but they are overly hard on themselves. They always want to be the best mothers in the world for you and do not forgive themselves even the tiniest mistakes that we all sometimes make …

6. She watches you while you sleep

There were nights when your mom tried unsuccessfully to get you to sleep before 3 am. When you finally fell asleep, she lay down exhaustedly beside you and just watched … All mothers, without exception, watch their children sleep.It doesn’t matter how tired they are or how many things await them.

7. She carried you on her arms much longer than you think

You spent much more time in your mother’s arms than the first nine months, until you learned to crawl or walk. Oh, believe me, she wore you much longer! Moreover, with you in her arms she did the cleaning, she ate, holding you in her arms, with you in her arms she went to the store and spoke on the phone. Sometimes she even slept and held you in her arms … and you slept too!

8.Every time you cried her heart would break into thousands of pieces

Every time your mom sees you cry, it breaks her heart. Because the worst thing that a mother can see is the tears of her child.

9. You always come first for her

To the detriment of all her interests, she has always put, is and will put you in the first place. She could go without food, sleep, shower or rest if your comfort required it.Only mom can stay up all night and carry you in her arms, and then stay up all day and play with you, and as soon as you fall asleep – clean up, wash, cook …

10. She would love to go through it again

The most amazing thing is that after all that would seem inhuman, terrible, unbearable to many, your mother would have gone through it hundreds of thousands of times! And without hesitation!

Appreciate and love your Moms, dear readers!


There are many opinions – some people think that being a mother is hard work – washing, feeding, sleepless nights, etc.e. In contrast to the first opinion, there are supporters of more life-affirming explanations, who consider motherhood to be a real sacrament, priceless wealth.

No matter how many questions and opinions arise, one irrefutable fact will always be important, summarizing all the previous statements: being a mother is real female happiness and one of the most symbolic destinations of a woman. Especially today, when becoming a mother has become even more difficult.

By the way, Mother’s Day is celebrated annually in Russia on the last Sunday of November.It is important to remember this day, not to forget.

Motherhood – as we have already found out – is an amazing condition, familiar to almost every woman. However, even women themselves do not know some interesting facts about motherhood. So:


1 The word “mother” was invented by … the children themselves!

The word “mother” in almost all languages ​​sounds the same or very similar. Both Russian, Spanish and Chinese children call their mother the same – mother.English-speaking children say “mom” – “mum”. Amazing, isn’t it? The secret is that the children themselves have chosen how to call their mothers. One of the first syllables spoken by a child is ma. That is why in almost all languages ​​of the world this syllable is used in the word meaning “mother”.

2 The physical bond between mother and child never ends

artist: Vladimir Volegov

A woman carries a baby under her heart for nine months, and then the baby is born and the obstetrician cuts the umbilical cord.Do you think this is where the physical bond between mother and child ends? Not at all. During pregnancy, the mother and baby’s body exchange cells through the placenta. Sometimes these cells remain in the mother’s body for a long time, they can be detected even several years after childbirth.

During one of the studies, geneticist Diana Bianchi of Tufts University discovered the cells of her 27 year old son in the body of a woman! So far, science does not know how the baby’s cells affect the mother’s body.However, some researchers suggest that these cells can both provoke autoimmune diseases and protect against these diseases.

3 Motherhood changes the woman’s brain

artist: Vladimir Volegov

A study back in 2011 showed that pregnancy can cause changes in a woman’s brain. The scans have shown that the brains of women who have recently given birth contain increased amounts of gray matter for up to four months after giving birth.In addition, scientists conducted experiments on rats and found that pregnancy provokes the growth of special cells in the brains of rodents, associated with the sense of smell.

Some scientists suggest that changes in hormonal levels can provoke permanent changes in the woman’s brain, just as hormones produced in adolescence contribute to the development of the brain of teenagers.

4 Mother’s portrait changes

artist: Vladimir Volegov

The world is changing and mothers are changing too.In Soviet times, they became mothers much earlier than in modern society. On top of that, the mother’s education, even taking into account the availability of all the information on the Internet, does not make modern mothers more educated. Our mothers listened to the advice of their mothers and grandmothers, listened to their life experiences. Independence in the upbringing of their children and the lack of an authoritative opinion of the older generation are now firmly entrenched in the minds of modern mothers … Good or bad is another question.

The portrait of a mother is also changing with the fact that the percentage of full-fledged families to this day is undergoing a sharp decline, and the number of single mothers is increasing.

In addition, the researchers report that the average age at which women become mothers has increased over the past 30-40 years. Today, according to statistics, they began to give birth on average at the age of 30 and older. At the same time, the annual birth rate remained the same.

5 In ancient times, mothers asked goddesses for help

And today many pregnant women and mothers turn to religion for help. In ancient times, this was even more common. In many ancient religions there were special deities that protected women during pregnancy and childbirth.

For example, in 2001, during excavations, scientists discovered a stone depicting Hartor, a cow-headed goddess who was considered the patroness of women in labor.

Ancient Egyptian women sat on this stone during childbirth. The ancient Greeks had many other deities – the patrons of pregnant women and women in labor. The pregnant woman and the mother of the newborn feel helpless. It is not surprising that women in this state turn to God for help.

6 “40 km per day”

The European public organization “Mama” conducted a study and found out that a woman who “sits at home with a child” actually does not just sit, but “winds” an average of 40 km a day, performing up to 200 cases! For comparison, the traditional marathon distance is 21 km.

7 The relationship between mom and baby is unique.

Not like the fathers. Mothers care for their children as much as they care for themselves. Why? This is what nature has ordered. The relationship between mom and baby is unique. Scientists research suggests that a baby stops crying if he hears sounds recorded on a cassette in his mother’s womb. There he was under protection, and when he came to our world, he was faced with a lot of the unknown. The sounds of the uterus tell him that nothing has changed, he is protected.This is one of the proofs that touch plays a big role. The more the mother touches the child, the more he feels her love. They receive evidence that they are under their mother’s protection.

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5 surprising facts about motherhood.Salon network “Grazio”

Motherhood is a wonderful condition familiar to almost every woman.

However, even women themselves do not know some interesting facts about motherhood.

1. The word “mother” was invented by … the children themselves!

The word “mother” in almost all languages ​​sounds the same or very similar. Both Russian, Spanish and Chinese children call their mother the same – mother.English-speaking children say “mom” – “mom”. Amazing, isn’t it? The secret is that the children themselves have chosen how to call their mothers. One of the first syllables spoken by a child is ma. That is why in almost all languages ​​of the world this syllable is used in the word meaning “mother”.

2. We can stay in mom for a long time

A woman carries a baby under her heart for nine months, and then the baby is born and the obstetrician cuts the umbilical cord. Do you think this is where the physical bond between mother and child ends? Not at all.During pregnancy, the mother and baby’s body exchange cells through the placenta. Sometimes these cells remain in the mother’s body for a long time, they can be detected even several years after childbirth. In one study, geneticist Diana Bianchi of Tufts University found cells from her 27 year old son in a woman’s body! So far, science does not know how the baby’s cells affect the mother’s body. However, some researchers suggest that these cells can both provoke autoimmune diseases and protect against these diseases.

3. Motherhood changes the woman’s brain

A 2011 study found that pregnancy can cause changes in a woman’s brain. The scans have shown that the brains of women who have recently given birth contain increased amounts of gray matter for up to four months after giving birth. In addition, scientists conducted experiments on rats and found that pregnancy provokes the growth of special cells in the brains of rodents, associated with the sense of smell. Some scientists speculate that hormonal changes can provoke permanent changes in a woman’s brain, just as hormones produced during adolescence contribute to the development of the brain of teenagers.

4. The mother’s portrait changes

The world is changing and mothers are changing too. If in 1976 90 percent of American mothers gave birth to a child before entering the age group from 40 to 44, then by 2010 this figure had dropped to 80 percent. In addition, the researchers found that between 1990 and 2008, mothers became more educated. It was also found that during this period there was a decline in the number of complete families, that is, an increase in the number of single mothers. In addition, the researchers report that the average age at which women become mothers has increased during this time.Compared to 1990, the number of women giving birth to a child between the ages of 35 and 39 has increased by 47 percent. In the 40 to 44 age group, this figure has become even more impressive: the birth rate in this age group has increased by 80 percent in 18 years! At the same time, the annual birth rate (about 4.3 million newborns per year) remained the same.

5. In ancient times, mothers asked the goddesses for help

And today many pregnant women and mothers turn to religion for help.In ancient times, this was even more common. In many ancient religions there were special deities that protected women during pregnancy and childbirth. For example, in 2001, during excavations, scientists discovered a stone depicting Hartor, a cow-headed goddess who was considered the patroness of women in labor. Ancient Egyptian women sat on this stone during childbirth. The ancient Greeks had many other deities – the patrons of pregnant women and women in labor. The pregnant woman and the mother of the newborn feel helpless.It is not surprising that women in this state turn to God for help.

25 facts about my mother

1. When my mother found out that I was smoking, her first phrase was “what a horror”, and the second was “let’s smoke”

2. My mother is a desperate woman. In her youth, she jumped out of the car on the move, escaping with a concussion. The friends who drove her wanted to make fun of her too and pretended that they were taking her to the wrong place

3. About 30 years ago, my mother wore such short skirts that she did not dare to get on the bus not the last

4.Mom loves crosswords and scanwords, she can solve them all night long

5. My mother is very kind, I have never heard her raise her voice to anyone

6. At the age of 17, my mother destroyed all her photographs. My grandmother miraculously managed to keep one, and even then indistinct. Now you will never know what my mother looked like before coming of age

7. Mom loves to play computer games from the “I’m looking for” series

8. Mom (like dad) never forbade me anything

9.If you come to visit my mother, she will certainly bake notes or echpechmaks for you

10. Mom can write words in mirror

11. She can also move her neck left and right, it is difficult to explain what I mean, but it looks impressive

12. At the age of 17, my mother worked in a hospital, somehow she was given a tool that looked like a fork, so that she would hold the edges of the patient’s lacerated wound with this thing. Mom fainted, she was no longer asked for such a thing

13.Mom always wanted to work as a driver, but her father, my grandfather, forbade her to learn to drive, saying that she needed to choose a female profession. Mom was offended, tore up educational books (she often tore up something) and out of harm didn’t go anywhere at all

14. When I no longer lived with my parents, my mother started repairs in my room. “What color should I make the room?” She asked. I looked around and said that I like the color of the beak of the plush duck. Then it turned out that my mother went to hardware stores with this duck, and applied her beak to the wallpaper, curtains, etc.Or just waving a duck in front of the sellers’ noses, explaining what color is needed

15. Mom loves Indian films, especially with Mithun Chacroborty, and knows some Indian songs by heart

16. Together with a friend projectionist, they cut out the frames they liked from the films … Mom had a whole box of these frames

17. Mom told me: “Marry whoever you want, I will accept any of your choices.” But then she added “But only try, please, not for the negro”

18.They say that mom and I laugh in the same way

19. If mom is sad, she is still cheerful

20. Mom doesn’t like sweets. With one candy she can drink tea for a whole week

21. One day my mother took a book from my shelf to read at random. By chance it turned out to be Shiryanov’s “Aerobatics” – a terrible thing about screw drug addicts, with a bunch of obscenities and other things. One of the first pages described how the girl satisfied herself with the button accordion. Mom, of course, did not know that the button accordion was a syringe, so a strange picture loomed in her head.Mom shared with me her impressions: how she could shove a button accordion! – she admired.

22. Since my mother did not know a single lullaby, in order to put me to bed, she would open any collection of poetry and to the melody “or the top will come” she sang any verses that came to hand

23. When the doorbell rings, mom immediately opens it wide, never asking “who is there” and without looking through the peephole

24. Both mom and I have always liked men with long hair, but we happily live with short-haired beloved husbands

25.I really love my mom

25 facts about my dad

25 facts about my grandmother

50 facts about your mom, if you love her then you will write

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  3. 50 facts about your mom, if you love her then you will write

1. My mother’s name is Veronica.
20. I love her very much <3
21. I was very lucky with her 🙂
22. She is always by my side in difficult times
23. I cannot express in words how much I love her
24. You rarely meet such wonderful, awesome, kind, cool, fashionable, sweet, sympathetic mother like mine)
25. Although, no, I have one
26. And there is no one like her
27. She is the best
28. When I sang to her the song for the birthday at the beginning of the song she started crying and she was so happy, showed this video to everyone and even posted it in the honeycomb.network)
29. I can tell her everything
30. My mom is my ray of sunshine, she always smiles and laughs no matter the situation.
31. When I was in the 2nd or 3rd grade for my birthday there was a competition, she had to find me by smell from all my classmates, I had no doubt she found me with the words “Here, my child”) )
33. I can’t imagine what my life would be without her
34. When something happens, I immediately run to my mother)
35. She is the person who will always listen to me and comfort me
41.She is very smart
42. I like walking with her)
43. She has a pleasant voice
44. I am very proud of my mother)
45. And I love my family very much <3
46. Everyone says that we are with she is similar)
47. She is my idol
48. I try to be like her
49. To be the best in everything and everywhere
50. Seriously, I am very glad that she is my mother, I would not want to have another mother.

The answer hasn’t got any rewards yet.

90,000 Top 15 facts you didn’t know about BMW

BMW cars are reliable, prestigious and popular all over the world.There are many interesting facts connected with the legendary Bavarian brand.

No. 1. Name

Bayerische Motoren Werke, abbreviated as BMW, was founded in 1916 in Munich, the capital of Bavaria. This name is translated into Russian as “Bavarian Motor Plants”. Despite the fact that the company has long been involved in the automotive industry, its name has remained unchanged to this day.

№ 2. Brand name

BMW emblem is a circle divided into 4 equal parts: 2 white and 2 blue.Since at the dawn of its activity the company was engaged in the production of aircraft engines, there is a version that the sign depicts a white aircraft propeller, and the blue color symbolizes the sky. But in fact, when creating the emblem, the developers combined the Rapp Motorenwerke logo with the colors of the Bavarian flag.

No. 3. The first car

The very first model to come off the assembly line of the company was the BMW 3/15 PS. The basis for it was the then popular German car Dixi (Austin 7).The engine power of the novelty reached 20 liters. with., complete with the internal combustion engine was a 4-speed gearbox. The maximum speed of the BMW 3/15 PS was 80 km / h.

No. 4. The first electric car

BMW 1602, equipped with a 12 kW electric motor, appeared in 1972. Despite its good driving characteristics, the model did not become popular. The problem was in a weak battery, which was discharged after 20 minutes of operation of the power unit.

No. 5. Headquarters in the form of an engine

The headquarters of BMW-Vierzylinder, where the corporation’s management is located, has an interesting architecture: the four towers, when viewed from above, give the object a resemblance to a four-cylinder engine.

№ 6. Ups and downs

There are also many interesting facts in the history of BMW. The termination of the production of aircraft engines was due to the ban on their production in Germany, which lost the First World War. Then the management redirected production facilities for the manufacture of motorcycles and engines for them. The first model released by the concern was the BMW R32, which has repeatedly won international competitions.

Gradually the company switched to the production of passenger cars.In 1936, the BMW 328 was released, marking the first major success. This model has become a legend among sports cars.

A serious crisis associated with the destruction of BMW factories came with the end of the Second World War. The company saved itself by launching the BMW 1500 into production. Already at the beginning of sales, more than 20 thousand orders were received for this model.

№ 7. Little Savior

The second post-war crisis overtook the company in 1952. To improve financial affairs, BMW began production of small cars Isetta, which consumed less than 5 liters of gasoline per 100 kilometers.Due to such economy and affordable price, the model was in high demand. This allowed the company to obtain the funds it needed to develop and manufacture new vehicles.

No. 8. Turning point

Another fact: the twin grille, which is equipped with any modern “Bavarian”, first appeared on the BMW 303. This happened in 1933.

No. 9. Secrets of motorcycles

BMW motorcycle engines consisted of 2 cylinders, which were not installed longitudinally to the direction of travel, as on models of other brands, but across.This provided better cooling by the counter airflow.

No. 10. Racing cars

The production of models for participation in auto racing began in 1936, when BMW 328 roadsters rolled off the assembly line. In 1940, one of these sports cars in the Mille Miglia competition overtook all competitors, even those equipped with turbo engines …

Modern BMW sports models can be viewed at of this page.

№ 11. James Bond favorites

In the films about agent 007, the protagonist controls three BMW models: Z3, Z8, V12.

№ 12. Hidden doors

Model BMW Z1, produced in the amount of 8 thousand copies, had fully folding doors that did not go beyond the body.

No. 13. BMW and LEGO

Parts of many cars of the Bavarian concern, as in LEGO sets, are interchangeable. So, instead of a number of BMW E30 elements, you can install spare parts of later releases.

No. 14. Aircraft Design

In cooperation with Singapore Airlines, BMW specialists are developing the interiors of Class 1 aircraft.

No. 15. Records

Some interesting facts-records related to BMW:

1919: an aircraft with a Bavarian-made engine (Motor-4), piloted by Franz Diemer, set an altitude record of 9760 m.

1937: at In motorcycle racing, Ernst Jakob Henne accelerated the BMW motorcycle to 279.54 km / h, which became a world speed record.

2017: The BMW M5 has driven 374.2 km in continuous drift. This achievement took its place in the Guinness Book of Records.

As a bonus, here’s a fact about BMW 3 Series . This series holds the record for sales: from 1975 to the present, more than 15 million models of different generations have been sold.

10 stars who became mothers after 45 years :: Health :: RBC Style


Ulyana Smirnova

May 19, 2021

Supermodel Naomi Campbell first became a mother on the eve of her 51st birthday.Despite the risks, many stars prove by their own example: it is never too late to give birth. The oldest woman on our list became a mother on the eve of her 55th birthday

Modern medicine has gone far ahead, and therefore even those women who are well over forty can bear and give birth to a healthy baby today.For example, Naomi Campbell became a mother a couple of days before celebrating her own birthday 51 times, and 47-year-old Cameron Diaz shared the good news about the birth of her daughter Raddix. We tell you who else from the famous women was not afraid to become a mother in adulthood, and most importantly – what are the pros and cons of a “late” pregnancy.

Marcia Cross – 45 years old

The star of the series Desperate Housewives, who played the red-haired Bree Van de Kamp, could not get pregnant for a long time.To become a mother, the actress decided to undergo the IVF procedure – in the first month after the wedding with the broker Tom Mahoney. Cross later revealed that they had to sacrifice their honeymoon to try to get pregnant. As a result, just before the 45th birthday of Marcia, the long-awaited twins appeared in the young family – the girls Eden and Savannah. “I dreamed of a child at the age of 30, but then I did not have my husband. It’s sad to have children at a later age – I want to stay with them as long as possible, ”says the actress.

Monica Bellucci – 45 years old

Unlike Marcia Cross, Italian actress and model Monica Bellucci, on the contrary, is glad that she did not rush to have children. She gave birth to her eldest daughter Virgo at the age of 39, and at 45, Monica had a daughter, Leonie. The father of both girls is French actor and producer Vincent Cassel. Just six weeks after giving birth, Bellucci was already walking the streets of Rome in a luxurious black dress from Dolce & Gabbana and filming for a new commercial.“I would not want to be 20 years old again. I am much happier now than I was before. I managed to do a lot, visited many interesting places. And now I know exactly what I need, ”says the actress.

Susan Sarandon – 45 years old

Oscar-winning actress Susan Sarandon was married only once – to her colleague Chris Sarandon. For 12 years of marriage, children in this marriage did not appear. Doctors diagnosed the actress with infertility.As Susan admits, she was not very upset, because she did not want to have children. Knowing about this feature, the actress did not use contraception. Needless to say, pregnancy at the age of 39 was a huge surprise for her. The second child appeared four years later, but Sarandon decided not to stop and made up for lost time over the past years. The actress gave birth to her third son a couple of months before her 46th birthday.

Maria Poroshina – 46 years old

Russian actress Maria Poroshina is a mother of many children.Last year, her fifth child was born – her son Andrei. In addition to him, the 46-year-old star is raising three daughters: Seraphima, Agrafena and Glafira. The eldest daughter Polina has been living separately from her mother for a long time. Poroshina admits that she rehearsed the appearance of the boy on the set of the series “Parents”.

Gina Davis – 46 years old

Virginia Elizabeth Davis (the real name of the American actress) was married four times. But she decided to try on the role of a mother only after 45 years – she was married to a plastic surgeon Reza Jarrahi.The star of Beetlejuice and Thelma and Louise gave birth to their first daughter, Alizeh, in 2002. Then she was 46 years old. And two years later, the boys Kian-William and Kais-Stephen were born in the family of the Hollywood actress. The first pregnancy was surprisingly easy and comfortable, but the second time, Gina Davis needed a cesarean section. “Now I am 100% aware that I would not have become such a good mother five, ten or twenty years earlier,” the actress admits.

Halle Berry – 47 years old

Halle calls her late pregnancy a miracle.According to Halle Berry, it happened by accident – during menopause. For the 47-year-old star and her husband Olivier Martinez, the news of the baby came as a big shock. “To be honest, I didn’t think it was possible at my age. Now I have learned to never say never, ”shares Berry. By the time Maceo’s son appeared, the actress already had a five-year-old daughter, Nala, from ex-boyfriend Gabriel Aubrey. She had asked her mother for a brother and a bunk bed for a long time. Later, Halle Berry also admitted that, like her eldest daughter, she was breastfeeding her son.

Lera Kudryavtseva – 47 years old

Russian TV star Lera Kudryavtseva gave birth to her first child Jean at the age of 19. She was lucky to become a mother again in her third marriage – with hockey player Igor Makarov. In May 2018, the 47-year-old TV presenter became a grandmother, and in August her little Maria was born. It is interesting that the difference between the son and daughter of Lera Kudryavtseva is 28 years, and between her son and husband – three years. The star pays special attention to Masha’s upbringing.For example, a girl attends swimming training and works with an experienced early childhood educator. “I gave birth myself. No matter how much you would like to hear something else, ”Lera Kudryavtseva replies to her ill-wishers.

Kelly Preston – 48 years old

Actress and model Kelly Preston is the wife of John Travolta. For almost 30 years of family life, they went through a lot, including surviving the death of their son in 2009. The teenager was autistic and was diagnosed with Kawasaki syndrome at the age of two.The birth of baby Benjamin helped the couple cope with grief, which Kelly, 48, and John, 56, perceived as a miracle. The actress said that she used the Scientology practice of “silent birth”, which forbids talking during childbirth. According to her, this makes the children “calm and peaceful.” By the way, the daughter of actors Ella Blue Travolta, who is now 19 years old, was born in the same way.

Ingeborga Dapkunaite – 53 years old

Ingeborga Dapkunaite is one of the most secretive Russian stars.She prefers not to tell fans about her personal life. So, in 2013, the actress secretly married. And for a long time even her colleagues did not know that Dapkunaite has a little son Alex. The actress was credited with childfree supporters. You can see her fair-haired, curly-haired son in the documentary “Everything that is written about me is not true”, prepared for the anniversary of Ingeborga. As it turned out later, Alex was born in 2017, when his mother was 53 years old. The father of the first-born Dapkunaite is businessman and restaurateur Dmitry Yampolsky, with whom the actress lived for five years.

Brigitte Nielsen – 54 years old

Danish Brigitte Nielsen is familiar to many from the film “Red Sonja” with Arnold Schwarzenegger. She also entered the Guinness Book of Records as the tallest actress to star in a movie. By the age of 56, the star managed to be married five times and become a mother of five children. Moreover, she gave birth to her last daughter, Frida, on the eve of her 55th birthday. According to the actress, she thought about the fifth child 15 years ago – as soon as she met her husband Mattia Dessi.For this purpose, she froze her eggs. “I want women to know that anything is possible. But you have to stay realistic – there were many disappointments, ”the star shared.


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